How to Root Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3/4.4.2! [NEW]

Here’s an updated tutorial for rooting all Galaxy S3 models including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Canadian, US Cellular, MetroPCS, Cricket, GT-i9300, GT-i9305, and even Galaxy S3 Mini.   (It will not work on Verizon S3 as it has a locked bootloader.)

This will work on the following S3 models:

  • AT&T SGH-i747
  • T-Mobile SGH-T999/SGH-T999L
  • Sprint SPH-L710
  • Canadian SGH-i747M
  • US Cellular SCH-R530
  • MetroPCS SCH-R530M
  • Cricket SCH-R530C
  • GT-i9300
  • GT-i9305
  • Galaxy S3 Mini GT-i8190/GT-i8190N

This root method will work on all Android versions including Android 4.4.2 KitKat, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Android 4.1.2/4.1.1, Android 4.0.3 ICS, etc…etc…

Step 1. Power off your Galaxy S3.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below.  Let go of all buttons.


Step 2. Hit Volume Up to enter ODIN Download mode then connect a micro-USB cable from your S3 to your computer.


Step 3. Next, download the appropriate TAR CWM recovery file on our Galaxy S3 CWM/TWRP Recovery page.


Step 4. Next download ODIN zip file and unzip the files.


Download ODIN


You should get a folder called Odin3v185 with two files like below.

Step 5. Double-click on “odin3v1.85.exe” to start ODIN program.


Step 6. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you don’t see this, you don’t have proper drivers installed.  Download and install Samsung Galaxy S3 USB Drivers.

Once you see the yellow-highlighted box you are ready to go, hit the “PDA” button.


Step 7. Find the TAR recovery file you downloaded earlier in Step 3 and choose it.


Step 8. Hit “Start” and it should take about 5 seconds for ODIN program to flash CWM Recovery to your Galaxy S3 and you will see “PASS!” when it’s done.  Your phone should reboot.


Step 9. Once your phone has rebooted, download SuperSU zip file and copy it to anywhere on your phone’s internal storage.


Download SuperSU zip file


Step 10. Power off your phone.  Then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button together.


When you see the Samsung logo, let go of Power button but keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home buttons.


Step 11. You should now be in CWM Recovery.  Choose “Install zip”.


Step 12. Choose “choose zip from /sdcard”.


Step 13. Choose the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier and install.



Step 14. When done, simply reboot.


Step 15. You should see a new app called SuperSU in your app drawer, run it.  If you get any messages asking to update binaries or disable KNOX, say “yes” for both.  (If SuperSU app freezes, just reboot and try again, it should work the second time.)


Step 16. Verify you have full root by running a rooted app like Titanium Backup app.  If you see a Superuser request window like below, congratulations!   You have fully rooted your Galaxy S3!



Q: Will this erase any apps or settings on my Galaxy S3?
A: No, this root method does not touch your apps or settings, it simply installs custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP then root using SuperSU zip file.

Q: I don’t get CWM Recovery, I just see stock recovery after flashing CWM with ODIN!!!
A: On some S3 models,  there is a script that overwrites the recovery you flashed. If you get stock recovery, just simply flash recovery again using ODIN, as soon as you see “PASS!”, pull the battery before your phone reboots.  Then do the buttons to get into CWM recovery and do the rest of the root instructions.

Put the battery back in and boot straight into CWM recovery, then when you reboot in CWM recovery, it will ask you to disable recovery script. Do that and you should be good to go.

Q: I am having trouble with Knox!?!
A: After rooting, open up SuperSU app, it will ask you to disable Knox, say “HELL YES”.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!


Thanks to Koush for CWM Recovery and ChainFire for SuperSU.

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195 Responses

  1. dylan says:

    How long will/ should all of that take?

  2. vane says:

    How long is “disabling Knox” supposed to take? I feel like its stuck on disabling Knox at the moment…

  3. JP says:

    Hi. I’m currently on rooted SGH-i747M(Rogers) 4.1.2(baseband: I747MVLDMF1). So I guess I should install 4.4.2 first and then follow this method to root? Since my device is already rooted it won’t let me update to the latest firmware. What would be the proper procedure in my case? Thanks so much in advance.

    • JP says:

      Anyone please give me some advice on how I can move to rooted 4.4.2 from my current 4.1.2(rooted).

    • brendan says:

      You can usually still update thru Samsung Kies. I imagine you are talking about OTA updates not working on a “modified” device. If not then just go to and download 4.4.2 and then flash that md5 file with Odin v3.07. That is what i would do if i was trying to update.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi, Mr. Zedomax I have tried to contact you for a long time, I have an AT&T galaxy s3 which i bought on ebay and whenever I connect it to the computer i get the charging notification, but the computer does not detect the phone, Everytime i want to upload music or anything I have to take out the sd card and transfer everything there. Do you know how to fix it? I have tried different usb cables, different computers, different windows versions, installing and uninstalling the usb drivers, KIES and nothing works. If nothing can’t be done, is there a way to root my s3 without a computer? you know uploading the files to the SD card and try it from there? I really want to be able to root my S3 and use custom roms and everything.

    PS: thanks for all the tutorials and help with android I have been getting “high” on android ever since the S2 came out. You Rock dude!!

  5. Michele Jones says:

    I have the sprint galaxy s3 and I have installed cmw recovery flawlessly but every time I install the root supersu file and reboot the phone the app is no where to be found. I have redone the process and nothing is working. CMV keeps saying fix the file but I havent done that because said its wrong. I cant figure out why my phone wont root. Can you help me please.?

    • Calvin says:

      I have the same problem samgsung galaxy s3 sprint. clockwork mod loads but intsalling super su doesn’t work in clockworkmod.

  6. Mike says:

    I was unsure if the rooting procedure should be first then the flashing of CWM. According to the instructions, you are flashing with CWM first, then using the CWM to install SU. this is where I am a bit stumped. I first flashed the CWM using Odin, did reboot after, no problem. Rebooted out of stock ROM into recovery mode but still have the original recovery. When I boot into the download mode then push the up volume, there is some info up in the upper left which states:
    Odin Mode
    Product Name: SGH – T999
    current binary: custom
    System status:custom
    Qualcomm secureboot :enable
    Warrant bit:0
    Bootloader rp swrev :1
    This is a T-Mobile s3.
    I can boot fine, but cannot bring up the cwm only “Odin mode”
    Any ideas or have you come across this before? Thanks

    (btw, thanks for the s2 emails, have carbon rom on my s2, works great. So different.)

  7. Mike says:

    Well, my great uncle used to say, “when all else fails, read the directions”. I read the question and answer section above where it was asked, “…. flashed cwm, but always goes back to odin”. That was my problem, you said yank out the battery right after the “PASS”. Worked perfect! Moving on now!

  8. Mike says:

    Just hard bricked it. Dang! When I was flashing a new rom it Saif for an s3 with jellybean 4.4.2. I thought, uh oh, I have JB 4.3. Well, would not power up at all and no battery icon showing charging. Just a red light with the battery out while plugged into the USB cable on my desktop. Did some quick research and there are places I can send the phone off to to up-market brick it for 50 bucks, but watching on YouTube now how this guy’s can do it using a class 10 SD card (which I have). Will keep you posted.

  9. Mike says:

    No, my English and grammar isn’t that bad, it’s the word completion courtesy of SwiftKey on my note

  10. Jon says:

    hey. I have a mac. can i get ODIN on mac. i tried using the cyanogenmod installer but it didnt detect my gs3. Does that mean i have to root my phone for it to work? this is my FIRST TIME trying anything like this. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  11. Salvador R says:

    Hey i did your step by step tutorial and it all went great up until after the SuperSu and reboot the devise and it goes to the Android boot menu. i tried to plug back in to repeat the Odin but the first menu before we plug to the computer does not pop up, it does give me the warning but after i continue it just boots up. please help. Thank you.

    • Saul G. says:

      I am actually having the same issue, I dont get the first step no more after the initial Pass and attempting to do what was answered in the Q&A. As described in order, the first picture does not appear no more to allow me to re do the step. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Could be the T-mobile model T999L?

      • Saul G. says:

        Everything worked after I just removed the battery (was being a little derpy) , 4th time around I was able to re do the steps. Fully functional s3 now rooted 😀 Thanks for the guide !

  12. Peter says:

    I am getting stuck on step 1 itself. I am not getting that warning page. How long I need to hold the three buttons or do I need to stop any service like Samsung Knox? I have a US Sprint version with 4.4.2. TIA

    • Peter says:

      Perhaps I found what may be the problem (I have not tested it yet). Step 1 on this page says hold the Volume Up button. In the video, you say hold the vol down button. Which one is correct? Please correct the page or video as necessary. TIA.

      • Peter says:

        Yes, it should be Volume down for Step 1. Now I have another problem. Under step 11, I am in Android System rrecovery and not CWM recovery. I see an android image with a red triangle and below, No Coomand and much below # Manual Mode # etc. What went wrong? Please help. TIA

    • Peter says:

      Useful for others:
      The video seems to be the most recent, accurate and has more information
      Step 1 on this page: It is volume down button and not UP button..
      For Sprint phones, it looks like you need the battery trick which is mentioned in the video only. So, see the video as well first.

  13. E.T says:

    Thank you so much.The rooting method worked fine on my SGHI747 running on jelly bean 4.3 but Knox is still “Enforcing”
    Is there anyway to disable it after rooting using your method?
    Thank you

  14. kenon says:

    I dont see cwm recovery all mines says is
    Android system recovery
    plz help me with this problem

  15. kenon says:

    new problem when i click the file i dont see yes or no all i see is the sub folders but the file is on my s3 tho

  16. androidfriend says:

    I get PASS every time I flash CWM recovery with ODIN but when I boot in recovery I still have stock recovery not CWM recovery 🙁

    • Paja says:

      and with me is the same
      zedomax please help
      high on android

    • djackle says:

      Comment worked for me– don’t let Odin autoboot(uncheck), pull the battery/usb after completion, then do the volume down+power+middle-button. Also I let CWM fix root on exit (not sure what that meant but all seems okay).

  17. joe says:

    flashing recovery with odin fails. s3 mini stock 4.4.2. any suggestions? thanks

  18. Sama Vim says:

    >>> “A: On some S3 models, there is a script that overwrites the recovery you flashed. If you get stock recovery, just simply flash recovery again using ODIN, as soon as you see “PASS!”, pull the battery before your phone reboots. Then do the buttons to get into CWM recovery and do the rest of the root instructions.”

    This is a really great tip, thanks so much for adding this to your article. Saved me from a lot of frustration.

  19. Angelo says:

    Hi Max, I’m stuck in step 10. The samsung logo is not showing up, and CWM recovery is not showing up either.. please help!!! Thanks in advance! ((=

  20. Angelo says:

    I’ve done it, I rooted my phone, I just need to download the CWM recovery.. thanks! ((=

  21. Chandra says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m from Australia and have an S3 with Optus Network.

    Followed your video step by step. Was able to do everything. However after installing the SuperSU zip file and rebooting, i do not see the SuperSU app in my tray.

    When I go to Settings–> Application Manager, I see SuperSU in the downloaded apps.

    Not sure where to go from here. You’re assistance would be much appreciated.

    • Chandra says:

      Just downloaded latest SuperSU Update file (v2.16) and installed through CWM. Again SuperSU did not appear in my Apps after rebooting.

      I then tried to install SuperSU from Play Store, and now everything is working successfully!!
      (I did try this process on the Super SU V2.0 Update and 961 error occurred when trying to install from Play Store)

      I have verified this using ES Explorer and checking the “Root” option in settings.

      Could this initial problem have occurred as I am already on Jelly Bean 4.3?

      Regardless, I would like to say this was the first time I have root’d an android device and this has been a great tutorial. You’ve made it seem very safe and easy to do so..!!

      • Böhr Himself says:

        Like you, SuperSU was missing from my app drawer after installing it via CWM. I also used ES Explorer to confirm I have root access. I then installed SuperSU via the Play Store and it seems to work! (Knox froze once for me too, but it’s all good now)

        Interestingly, when I first tried using my desktop browser to install SuperSU onto my device from the Play Store, it told me that I already had SuperSU installed and thus couldn’t install it that way. Very strange because when I used my device to install SuperSU there was no such indication.

        Using AT&T SGH-i747
        First time rooting
        Thanks for the guide

        I also tried installing SuperSU from the Play Store !

  22. Chandra says:

    Now for my next stupid question… I’m noticing that for different carriers, that there are different ROMs. As I am from Australia and on the Optus network, what ROMs am I able to install?

    I notice ROMs like CyangenMod and LiquidSmooth that look interesting and upgrades to Kitkat.

    Could you please advise.

  23. Niko says:

    Hey, Max

    Thanks so much for the well done tutorial, it worked great on my SCH-R530M. I have a few questions I would love your input on.

    1. I also have a SGH-T999N (Metro PCS) 4.3, will the tutorial work on this model? If so, which CWM TAR file?

    2. Everytime I go to reboot from CWM it says “Root access possibly lost. Fix? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.” It doesn’t seem to matter if I choose yes or no, do you have recommendation on yes or no, or nothing to worry about?

    3. I performed a nandroid backup, and after making some changes I decided I wanted to
    reverse I decided to do a nandroid restore for the first time. Upon rebooting I was bombarded with error messages “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” over and over and messages for a bunch of apps being stopped. I ended up factory resetting and now everything is fine. But, do you know what went wrong? I’m affraid to do nandroid restore again.

    Thanks for all your awesome work, Max.

    • Niko says:


      I flashed Carbon rom and the issues for 2 and 3 are now resolved. Was a 4.3 problem I guess. Was also told a recovery based on cwm by philz would fix nandroid issue for 4.3, but I don’t intend to go back to jb.

      Would still like some input on if this method would work on SGH-T999N metroPCS 4.3?

  24. pai mei says:

    hi i want to try your video does it work on rogers and model SGH-I747M 4.4.2  what cmw should i get??

  25. Need Help! says:

    Hi! I went step by step through the tutorial, however i got to the part when you boot it up with the SuperSU zip in it. When I go into the install zip from SD card, the file doesn’t show up. Please help!

    • Niko says:

      If I remember correctly, the was off screen due to alphabetical order. Make sure you scroll down to bottom of O/screen with volume down.

  26. Justin says:

    Volume up, power key, and home key is recovery mode. Volume Down, Power key, and Home key is Odin or Download Mode. the top of this page is incorrect.

  27. ET says:

    I’m not even sure why we bother posting and asking questions here since Mr Max never bothers to answer any of them!
    Is there somewhere else to ask questions that he would answer?
    I even emailed him but nothing!

    • Niko says:

      Well I would imagine Zedomax is a pretty busy guy. I would also keep in mind he doesn’t charge us a dime, so you can’t really expect anything more from him. We’re pretty damn lucky to have him.

      With that said, the best way is probably through the Twitter link at the top. If you do could you kindly ask him to come here and answer other questions? I’d don’t use Twitter and don’t want to create an account just to get his attention.

  28. km says:

    once i open Odin, a dialog box with korean lettering and “ok”, once i click “ok”, Odin screen opens and immediately closes. It won’t stay open.

  29. BRIJESH KUMAR says:

    hi…. i am stuck after 9th step…i found TAR file and rest process completed its passed…then my device rebooted and i pasted update file..after that i hold volume up key home key and power key…samsung s2 flashed on screen…but after that it stuck there only its not going forward from that step…help me what to now….my phone is not turning on now.
    email me the whole procedure please.

  30. owi says:

    will this work on samsung galaxy s3 ntt docom s3 sc-03e 4.3 jellybean baseband sc03eomumbnd2? if not.. is there a way i can root my device? tnx..


  31. rizwan says:

    i m not getting that yellow mark in the odin inspite of installing samsung drivers properly which u gave via link!!!!!!!!

    plzzzzz help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Niko says:

      Can you see device connection outside of odin?

      Is debugging turned on?

      Try different cables, different usb ports. If still no connection, it might be usb port in handset is damaged.

  32. rizwan says:

    what if i start with step 9
    il that gimme any kinda problem

    coz inspite of installing proper drivers itz not giving me the desire result!!!


    plzzzzzz help me out…..

    • Niko says:

      No. You need to flash the Recovery Tar file in odin (step 8), to be able to flash the SuperSU Zip you load on handset in step 9.

      Could look for root methods that don’t require odin, if you can’t get odin to work.

  33. monba says:

    HELP! I installed the UCUEMJB 4.3 rom. But my at@t Galaxy s3 DON’T TURN on,download mode and recovery mode.What happening,how to fix?

  34. Adhemar says:

    Hey There I can have the USB drivers installed properly and have tested multiple usb ports on my pc If the phone is turned on I can see it fine and acess the files and under Odin i see the yellow com when I reboot it into odin mode I cannot see it at all and I cannot find it in windows explorer but the pc makes the sounds it would when installing a Driver I have debug mode on and I am in MTP mode any other suggestions for settings that could be affecting me its a I747M

    • Max says:

      Try reinstalling the drivers and if that doesnt work try another computer since you’ve tried everything.

      • Adhemar says:

        Ok Im gonna try another Cable aswell and if that dose not work Ill try a windows 7 PC as Im using Windows 8 ( not that that should make a difference but ive seen crazier things happen)

  35. Sarah C says:

    HELP!!! I’m new to this.. how do I do this on a macbook???

  36. BrianG says:

    how would i install clockwork mod on a galaxy s3 i535 (the verizon one)

  37. arulkumar says:

    Hi Max,

    I am using galaxy S3 I9300 and planned for installing custom ROM .so i have installed CWM recovery and rooted the the phone and confirmed the root acces on Root Checker apps it shows “congratulation This device has root access” succesfully rooted .Then i have followed the steps before installing Custom ROMs as below :
    1 .wipe data/factory reset
    2.wipe cache
    3. Advance > wipe Dalvik Cache.
    Then Selected install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Locate the CUSTOM ROMS package and tried installed but its giving error as follow
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…

    Installation aborted..

    i am not sure what is wrong i have done properly and followed step by step but still i am not able to install Custom ROM tried with 2 or 3 ROMS but still the same .
    Please help me to install the custom ROM on my phone .

  38. gm says:

    Worked for me!

    AT&T S3 Stock 4.4.2

    (I did have to pop the battery straight after doing the update before the reboot to stop the script running)


  39. arulkumar says:

    Didnt get you can u pls help me on this

  40. Tony Ng says:

    I download S3 AT&T tar file, but the it img file rather tar file , anyone have same problem?

  41. SBPabloP says:

    I get the “Fix Root” option in recovery reboot and I keep saying no, but on reboot the message “Android is Updating” appears and the phone is not rooted. SuperUser is not installed and Root Checker returns Not Rooted. I was able to get the CWM recovery in by pulling the battery after Odin, but no root.

    SGH-I747 with 4.4.2

    Any suggestions? – This newer version of software appears impervious to rooting.

  42. Momoko Akatsutsumi says:

    Will this work for the AT&T Galaxy S3 with an updated kernel after a OTA patch update?

  43. wan says:

    After I root my phone, and install it shows “root access possibly lost” when I want to reboot. What should I do?

  44. Erasto says:

    After i have done all the steps and i go to reboot system now, it doesnt reboot. It takes me back the recovery page. What can i do?

  45. Malvin says:

    i in the CWM Recovery ady~
    but no Install zip ~
    how come like tis???

  46. Jason says:

    I have the AT&T version of the SGS3, updated to 4.4.2, baseband version I747UCUFNJ1. I have tried using Odin as well as Kingo to root this device, but to no avail. I’m using this phone on Straight Talk. When I used ODIN, it said that it installed the proper recovery, but when I try to go into CWM, it doesn’t take me there. It takes me just to the regular Android recovery. Any ideas about what is happening? Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

  47. Joey says:

    Hey Max,
    first off thanks for your site. it is by far the easiest i have found and you seem to really know your stuff.
    I may have goofed while trying to root my s3 (sph-l710) mid way though the process I lost internet connection and tried t finish by memory. I installed the .tar file on the “bootloader” instead of the “pda” and now when try to install the supersu file from zip in the recovery mode it goes into “manual mode” and doesnt give me that option. I think i need to reflash the bootloader but cant seem to find the sprint version (if i even need that one) Any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  48. Spencer Lawrence says:

    Hello, wonderful tutorial; I recently switched over to a Straight Talk ZTE android, 4.3 Jelly Bean. I was wondering if there is a way to root this phone. I mean, I know there’s a way, but I have no paper trail or even a hint of how I should go about this. If anyone will tell me how or at least enlighten me and give me tips, you will be appreciated GREATLY. I’ve been looking into this but I can’t find a tutorial anywhere that isn’t a Galaxy tutorial for this OS. Anyways, please let me know if you can help and thank you!
    – Spencer

    • Spencer Lawrence says:

      By the way, I subscribed to your YouTube. I have to say, you know what you’re doing when it comes to Android phones. #TeamAndroid 😛

  49. yudi says:

    my karbonn a5 turbo is not rooting plz help me .

  50. Eric says:

    Thank you for your helpful information. I have a problem that maybe you can help me with.

    I have a I747 that I am using on Tmobile. I am trying to convert it to a T999. I unlocked it, put in a tmobile SIM, and set it up to get 4G LTE. I rooted it using Odin 3.07, and disabled Knox. All this went okay.

    I still can’t get it to load the Tmobile ROM. Odin returns an AUTH error after starting NAND Write, and the phone returns a SB12 error. The phone is on 4.3 ATT and I am trying to load TMobile 4.3.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Pratyush says:


    When i am doing the first step, it says ‘no command’ and i dont see anything like downloading dont turn off the target. It simply jumps over to the options reboot system now, etc. What should i do ?

  52. klemllh says:

    Hi Max,
    when i am on step 10 to step 11, i didn’t see “install zip” section, any problems or step i missed?

  53. klemllh says:

    Hi Max,

    When i am on step 10 to step 11, i didn’t see “install zip” section, and i am sure that i already download the SuperSU zip file and copy it to my phone’s internal storage. Any problems or step i missed?

  54. Gareth says:

    Hi guys. I loaded up odin on my pc, chose the PDA / .tar file, clicked start, and now its sitting at Recovery
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    This is as far as it got. What can I do? Can I unplug and try again? or is it bricked?

  55. HOAOA says:

    hi max
    i cannot install custom recovery on my galaxy s3 i9300
    when i install whit odin is writes pass and then when i want to reboot in recovery is appears stock recovery

  56. Shuyi says:

    I got a question.
    Does this method work for the Canadian T999V since I didn’t find this model in the list.


  57. niko says:

    Will that works on my internation S3? I see lots of people here saying that doesen’t work so.

  58. niko says:

    i have this problem and i cant fix it
    Q: I don’t get CWM Recovery, I just see stock recovery after flashing CWM with ODIN!!!
    A: On some S3 models, there is a script that overwrites the recovery you flashed. If you get stock recovery, just simply flash recovery again using ODIN, as soon as you see “PASS!”, pull the battery before your phone reboots. Then do the buttons to get into CWM recovery and do the rest of the root instructions.
    whit these. what to do?

  59. rickey says:

    I don’t get the yellow highlighted box in step 6 even after installing the latest Samsung drivers. The USB debugging mode is on. When I connect my phone normally to my computer with the micro USB cable, it does connect and show up on the computer. In this mode if I start the odin3 v1.85.exe, I do see the yellow highlighted box.

  60. ajay says:

    i have a s3 i747 atat and it 4.4.2 and i follow the stepto root it but am not gettng throug everythng i do but it just not working can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  61. Don says:

    Rooted S3 i747 ATT on 4.4.2. On first try, I couldn’t follow the instructions, bricked it. Re-flashed to get it working but somehow reset and lost everything on the phone. Second time successful. Step 1 says press Volume up, Home and Power but it should be Volume Down like in the photo. Remove battery after seeing Pass ( I unchecked Auto Reboot option.) Installed SuperSU from zip file in sdcard (had to look around to find the folder where I stored it) but it hang and didn’t get installed. Powered up in normal mode and installed SuperSU from Play Store. Updated binaries with CWM option. SuperSU hang again. Restarted phone, re-ran SuperSU and it asked to disable KNOX but hang again. Repeated running SuperSU and all good.

  62. radler says:

    in step 11 i dont see “install zip”, i just see:

    “reboot system
    apply udate from adb
    —//—-from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache”

    what me do? what i shud choose? pls help

  63. Brian says:

    As soon as Odin is done flashing the Recovery file, your phone will reboot. as soon as the screen goes black, hold down the home button and the volume up button to load the recovery you just flashed. If you allow the phone to boot normally you will lose the custom recovery (and boot into the stock recovery) you just flashed and will need to re-flash.

    You will know things are going as planned with you see the Cyanogenmod guy during recovery boot.

  64. Jared says:

    when i try to transfer my SuperSu file to my phone file it says not responding, any help?

  65. Ty says:

    hey could you skype me i need help please

  66. Jeff says:

    “Step 1. Power off your Galaxy S3. Then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below. Let go of all buttons.”

    Should be ” Volume Down”, not “up”.

  67. abhs says:

    i flashed cwm after rooting with flashify. after that i rebboted my s3 and after that it is dirrectly going to cwm recovery menu and i cant switch on my phone.please help me fix i cant switch onn my phone everytime it is going to the cwm recovery and even if i selet rebbot from that menu..the same repeats..please help!!

  68. Nick says:

    when do step 13 the supersu folder is not there ? do I need a sd card ?

  69. Jammar says:

    I have a Tmobile T999 wouldn’t I download the tar T-Mobile Galaxy S3 CWM Recovery v6.0.4.5 instead of the GT – i9300 Galaxy?

  70. Kyle shoestock says:

    You said this should take like 5 seconds to say pass? Well Im waiting right now and it’s been about 10 minutes lol. Did I do something wrong?

  71. Kyle shoestock says:

    Currently says “get PIT for mapping” I just downloaded whatever this page says to download soo what do I do?

  72. William says:

    I got to step 6 and i didn’t have a driver for my phone so i tried to download one and it said that it failed, and I don’t know if its my fault or if the program doesn’t work with my phone. My carrier is AT&T

  73. Nikhil says:

    I rooted the same way according to the video above . My s3 is rooted. But many apps are not working like freedom, game cih, game killer , lucky patcher. But titanium backup is working. What may be the reason?

  74. Jorge Ballinas says:

    ¡EXCELENTE! Un gran manual cuate. Pa’ “Chuparse los dedos”. Muuuchas gracias.

  75. Anand says:


    Tried rooting my wife’s S3. Everything works fine but for the fact that the camera hangs after taking around 3-4 photos. After that the camera refuses to start again till you reboot the phone. Any solution to this issue will be really helpful.

    Thanks & Regards, Anand

  76. Bradley says:

    Everything went through fine….was able to put my phone into odin mode, I went through odin and got the “pass” in green to show up. I moved super su to my phones internal storage. and my problem is it does nothing but go back to the stock recovery. so I did as the “Q and A” said ( go through odin and try again taking the battery out before it reboots…). my problem is that odin never finishes. it stops at either ” SetupConnection..” ,or,” Get PIT for mapping..” It never continues on to say “pass” this is my problem… I’ve tried 10 different times currently on my 11th…Help?

  77. Zack says:

    I have a virgin mobile galaxy s3 lte (model SPH-L710, hardware L710.14, software L710PUCNJ3) and I would like to know if I am compatible with the provided program. I know that virgin mobile uses the sprint service and that the phone is the sprint model however I have not been able to confirm whether or not they run on the same firmware. At bare minimum the start up animation is different but that does not indicate a major difference. Also are the recovery files compatible with the LTE version?

  78. anass says:

    i cant find install zip

    • Satya says:

      clockworkmod is not installed, do it as explained in the video, removing battery after stocking the cwm using odin …..

  79. Satya says:

    Hi Max
    I have a at&t gs3 with android version 4.4.2. I followed all the steps above to root my phone. I could see the app SuperSU, but when I open it, it gives an error message
    ” There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root- consult the relevant forums for your device!”

    I checked if my phone is rooted and it is not.
    Please help!

    Thank you.

  80. francisco says:

    Hola que tal espero puedan ayudarme con la siguiente pregunta sucede que he instalado blekota room s5 lite en mi s3 i9300 sucede que tuve que instalar boeflia kernel y se encuentra 100% operativo pero no consigo ser root por ninguna de las aplicaciones las que normalmente se ocupan incluso las chinas desde que actualize a 4.4.2 se me ha hecho imposible ser root.

  81. pat says:

    I followed the instructions. after installing the recovery file, I tried to reboot but it does not come up in the recovery mode. it will ask if I want to reboot system, apply update from ADB, data factory reset, ect but I have no install zip files listed. what do I do? Phone still works just wont root. please help!

  82. Manuel says:

    Hi im not sure if anyone is still checking this or not but im having a problem with the cwm recovery part. Every time I get to this part and go to install zip – choose from /sdcard i dont get the supersu folder instead i get 0/ legac/ and obb/ i cant find the supersu folder anywhere (i’m using a tmobile sgh-t99l model)

    • Sonitex says:

      I had the same problem.
      What I did was copying the supersu zip into the download folder.
      When I pressed “installing zip” and looked for the supersu zip, it was in the download folder.

  83. Hugo says:

    The CWM file “Download AT&T Galaxy S3 CWM Recovery v6.0.4.7 – TAR (Use this for Canadian SGH-i747M)” is not working. Could you please upload it again?

  84. Brian Kilburn says:

    I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (i747) and rooted it successfully….BUT my MMS is NOT working now. I can’t send or receive picture messages. It says it can’t find the network….Please help!!!

  85. Mike says:

    This above root process does not work on a Rogers networked Samsung Galaxy S3 4.4.2. SGH 1747M. Do you have a rooting solution for this phone ?

  86. Cameron says:

    when i hold the power volume up and home it says recovery booting…. and doesnt go any further what do i do?? its an SGH 1747M

  87. Barney Rebel says:

    Worked fine for Telus Galaxy S3

  88. Nael says:

    i don’t see a yellow highlighted box in the Odin program..what could i do?

  89. osamah says:

    hi everyone i want to root my galaxy s3 verizon 4.4.2 anyone can help me to do hat

  90. Spyros says:

    i have a big problem with this…i made all steps one by one every thing ok but when open the phone using home button volume up and power button it shows me this
    please help me..although i think phone works fine….

  91. James Gregory says:

    I have a s3 mini and when I look at the model number I says SAMSUNG-SM-G730A would this work for my phone?

  92. Zain says:

    Could I try all the steps again

  93. Brandon says:

    Thanks for making my phone get factory resetted. Still isnt rooted

  94. Isaias says:

    I have a sprint s3 and after i did all the steps the super SU app is not there what can i do?

  95. fabrice says:

    i have download all things i need thank you for your help if it work i will let you known

  96. fabrice says:

    i have a t mobile s3 and the cwm is not doing but odin is writhingb pass

  97. Mahmoud says:

    Hi Max
    I did all the steps for rooting my S3 but after I pressed volume up+center home+power button, my phone didn’t show the clockwork MOD and always It shows me “Android system recovery”. What should I do?

  98. Jonathon Cowley says:

    I installed the Galaxy S3 USB driver, as instructed, and still don’t get the yellow box with the COM id in it. What now?

  99. Margo says:

    It worked on my Galaxy S3 GT – i9300, no operator lock, Android 4.3. But several things are important, that are not stated explicitly in the above guide:

    1. Before you start with anything else and while your phone is still working normally, do step 9 ( without the reboot). Download SuperSU zip file and copy it to anywhere on your phone’s internal storage. Or external SD card, it does not matter. You don’t need to connect with a cable, I just sent the file over bluetooth from computer to phone and then used a file manager app to move it from bluetooth folder to SD card.

    2. Where the files are linked (TAR, ODIN download etc), you need to go into every link. There’s a captcha protected download option there. Several times I just right clicked and choose “save link as …” from the guide, ending up with wrong files and errors in unrooting. So make sure your files are right.

    3. In Step 6, I had to download proper drivers from the link. But still ODIN did not show the required yellow COM information. Next, I switched my micro USB wire for the official one that came with the phone. The previous one I had used had charged the phone fine, but gave me no data connection. I also had to do a minor Windows Update for the drivers to install properly. Once I got the windows message “Drivers installed successfully” I was good to go. Finally, in this step, the order of actions has to be correct.
    a) put phone into download mode
    b) connect cable and wait for a second or two. Instead of recognising the phone as a USB media device, Windows then recognises the phone as a USB modem.
    c) then start ODIN exe
    Now I was able to get the yellow COM information.

    4. In step 7, before hitting “Start”, make sure to uncheck “Auto Reboot”. This is very important to know – !!!every normal reboot of the phone (that is reboot into your normal Android start screen, for me this was the SIM card pin code screen) wipes the flash you have done with computer!!!. So once you have flashed with ODIN, don’t let the device reboot. If you uncheck “Auto Reboot”, the phone remains in download mode, but a blue bar will appear on the bottom of the screen, if the flashing is complete (and the computer screen will tell you, that it is complete). Now hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button together and once you see the Samsung logo, let go of the power button, but keep holding the other two. This takes you to the CWM Recovery menu, as shown in Step 11. If for some reason you accidentally do a normal reboot and end up in regular Android startup, then you need to do everything over again from the beginning.

    5. I completed the guide, everything went as it should have, and yet when I rebooted, there was no Super SU app anywhere to be found. So I went into App Store and downloaded Super SU, because I noticed, that the file you install from CWM Recovery is called Super SU Update. And sure enough, once I had installed Super SU from App Store, everything fell into place. Super SU asked me a few questions, where I had to say Yes and Continue, but then it gave me root access. NB! This happened _AFTER_ I had succesfully completed the guide.

    • Mark J. says:

      This was an excellent explanation. However, I didn’t understand step two very well. Could you explain it better please? Are you clicking on the phone or the computer? Where or how does one find these links to “save as”. I don’t understand where the TAR ODIN download is.
      Mark J

  100. Jibin says:

    I have a SGH-T999L running Android 4.3, baseband version T999LUVUBNF4. I tried a lot of ways to root my device, but failed. Please help me to root my device.

  101. rajibhasan11 says:

    I rooted my S3 at&t version using this method and then installed SlimKat 4.4.4. I checked the root access and everything was fine except the wifi and mobile network was not working. I checked that the baseband modem was missing. Then I installed the modem (d2att_I747UCUFNJ1_bootloader_modem_4.4.2_12-3-14) again and that solved the issue.

    But now I have lost the root access. I checked it with root checker, titanium backup, etc. and the root access is gone! I tried to root the device again following the method mentioned here. the after flashing CWM with ODIN, it showed a “PASS”. Still I do not have the root access.

    Please help. Thanks

  102. Samsung user says:

    If this does mess up can I factory reset the phone to its original condition?

  103. Gene says:

    I have tried this on other S3 phones with success. I have one now that I can’t get to work It is I747 with 4.4.2.

    I can get the zip file to load to root the phone. I have checked the drivers and fololowed all the steps. Help asap!


  104. flo says:

    When I “Volume Up, Power and Home” buttons – I get the Android logo on its back when a message “No command” – I just get the following options …
    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cach

    • Daniel says:

      The magic command to load the zip file with adb.exe (installed with android sdk) from the PC to the telephone is:

      C:\Users\DanyKrasi\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools>adb sideload d:\proj

      And you will get this result:
      loading: ‘d:\projects\samsungs3\’* daemon not running. s
      tarting it now on port 5037 *
      * daemon started successfully *

      sending: ‘d:\projects\samsungs3\’ 100%

  105. Maseeh says:

    Hi sir! hope you’re fine. I have a little problem here; “SuperSu” icon is not showing in GS3 GT19300.
    I followed all the instruction & steps you’ve given it on step 14, in step 15 SSU icon is not present in there. 🙁
    Will you please elaborate what to do.
    Even though i started 2nd time from the Step1 but the ODIN thingy is not showing Yellow highlighted box. Then i started from the step 10 upto 14. again it did not shows. :/

  106. dibas says:

    How to root Samsung Galaxy J100H

  107. dibas says:

    How to root Samsung Galaxy J1

  108. Nains says:

    I cannot update the file, everytime i try to install from sd card it says cannot mount sd card, any idea what to do?>

  109. Bobby says:

    I have a question and could not find any other place on this website to contact Max or other experts. So here it goes

    I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 and thanks to your youtube video I was able to root it. I then went ahead and installed Cyanogenmod 11. I see that we can install the later versions of CM based on other posts on this website. However, I am just a newbie and find CM11 good enough. The phone is already out of contract period and I was wondering if I could now use it with a CDMA carrier in India. What would it entail to use the phone with another carrier. When I go to preferred network type in CM11 settings I see several other APNs already listed (boost , verizon, freedom pop, etc). Lets assume I find the APN for an Indian carrier and add it to the list what else would I need to do to use this phone in India?

    Thanks a lot for your response in advance

  110. Sam Hassan says:

    on my s3 it doesn’t let me access the internal storage and keeps saying E:Can’t mount /sdcard. but when I put in the sd card it comes up with sdcard1

  111. Deivid says:

    Muito legal
    Da hora

  112. Jaafar says:

    Hi, after rooting my s3. now i want to install an official custom rom from cyanogenmod CM11 for i9300. but the cyanogemod installer was supposed to make it easier to install, but now i do not think that the app exists anymore. can you please help with step by step instructions on how to install the rom properly. will appreciate it a lot . Thanks

  113. David says:

    Hi Max Lee. I ran into a bit of a problem. I followed all the steps correctly but when I try install the Update superSU zip file it says failed and then just reboots. I don’t get the app launcher either. Please help asap

  114. Mohit Mulchandani says:

    I tried rooting my International S3 using the above method and I get a failed in yellow on the ODIN application when the CWM flashing process ends.

    I tried it twice but the same problem occurs.
    Is there a specific reason behind that?
    What is the solution of the problem anyway?

  115. Luiz Fernando says:

    Man, you’ve saved the day! Thank you! I’ve tryed to root with another guides but it was incomplete. CWM and superus were troubled. The last step was missing, now I got root acess confirmed.

  116. Filip says:

    Kedy sa mi to stahne

  117. Deepak Jarag says:

    Hey max,
    thank you for your tutorial for rooting the phone. I am proudly owner of samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300.
    I follow the all the step. using all your file. But for your SuperSU update file it gives me error. so i downloaded the SuperSU-v1.25. i got an error of status 7 .. So please help me for that. because in application tray SuperSU app shows. when i open it shows SU binary not installled.

  118. Agus says:

    Hola tengo un S3 gt-5210 y lo he roteado pero luego kiero jugar al xmodgames y me dice ke no esta roteado …pero luego voy al root checker basic y me dice ke esta roteado….me podria decir alguien cual es el problema ke tengo?

  119. JWood says:

    When I download the cwm and/or twrp recovery for the Sprint Galaxy S3 the download is only an .img file rather than a tar file so Odin doesn’t see it. Does anyone know where I can find the tar file instead? I’ve searched everywhere.

    • PJGee says:

      If you can’t find the .tar file, there are instructions online to convert the .img file to .tar using cygwin (also found easily online).


    Bon jour votre ami dans Twitter et Google + a besoin de développer son Galaxy s3 sgh TMOBILE

  121. PJGee says:

    This worked perfectly, first time, with Sprint GS3 L710VPUCMK3 and Android 4.3. I (think I) had to remove the micro SD card from the phone before it would boot into download mode. Put it this way – tried twice and it didn’t work, removed the card and it worked fine. Followed the other steps outlined and everything is great. Installed SuperSU from the SD card, after replacing it in the phone. Told SuperSU to disable KNOX, but ELM Agent, KLMS Agent, KNOX and KNOX Store still show as installed Apps (ELM Agent as a running app) in the App manager. So far they are not bothering me so I’ll leave them alone for now, can freeze them with Titanium Backup if necessary. There is so much misinformation on other websites that I read-and re-read everything I could find, for fear of bricking my phone. That didn’t happen, so Thanks!!! BTW also just re-rooted a Sprint GS4 4.2.2 following your instructions, AOK as well. (as usual, you should still attempt any of this at your own risk – YMMV)

  122. dteber Loudness says:

    I like it… !!!’

  123. Yudhoyono. says:

    Yang tab 3V ada gak?

  124. Sighmyn says:

    Oknow I know how to

  125. eddy says:

    Hai n hai hccufuc hcyfuc y

  126. adjafajar says:

    Xmodgames tidak lancar

  127. christian says:

    im not the only one that have this problem…what i do now?
    When I “Volume Up, Power and Home” buttons – I get the Android logo on its back when a message “No command” – I just get the following options …
    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cach

  128. alley says:

    How to root?please help me….

  129. Jer P says:

    I have S3 SGH-T999 UVUEOH1 Android version 4.3 I get to step 11 and the the phone comes up in Android recovery, not CWM Recovery. I followed each step with no problems. Any Idea what I do now?

  130. Malcolm says:

    Hey Max, got a question. I have copied to my S3, entered into the recovery of the phone however when I select choose a package to install, I hit the … SuperSU… which is located on a SD card and all it does is drill me down to directories. Did I miss a step along the way?

    I’d like to see if I can got this rooted before I see about my Samsung tablet.


    • e Ninjago says:

      Can anyone help me ? I didn’t know how to get PASS … in the box I think I didn’t miss out but I try many hours it can’t solve …

  131. e Ninjago says:

    Can anyone help me ? I didn’t know how to get PASS … in the box I think I didn’t miss out but I try ma
    ny hours it can’t solve …

  132. Cypher says:

    Can you use a mac to root a phone…s3 and note 3

  133. Gabriel Odvářka says:

    I am right now on step 8 and it says failed. It says that it cannot be opened :-((. Please replay (sorry for my english)

  134. kenneth says:

    127 cupang muntinlupa city

  135. ‫باسم الكنعاني‬‎ says:

    Abnsgnwgnganhwgjwgjgwjwnjwg cafbqbgffqhwtfhhwhqhfqqjwgjgwhfjwjfb avafbqfgwjwfhwf

  136. Eri Shyti says:

    did everything also installed supersu from play store when press volume up+center home+power button(samsung logo shows)i release the power button then downloading mode pops up not the other thing what should i do???pls reply quick…

  137. gaith says:

    Thanks to everyone

  138. bryan_orc says:

    Necesito ayuda… Mi sph-710 cada vez que hago el proceso me tira un error… completo todo bien pero cuando quiero acceder al Recovery siempre me borra todo como que no a pasado más porque las eso? Algún experto que me ayude

  139. bryan_orc says:

    I need help … My sph -710 every time I make the process throws me completely wrong … all well but when I want to access the Recovery I always deletes everything as not to last more because that? Some expert help me

  140. ciprian says:

    It works on s3 neo GT i3001 5.1.1 lollipop

  141. says:


  142. Rianne says:

    I’ m trying to root my samsung galaxy s3 (GT-I9305) but I’ m stuck at step 11. The page I get is different than what you are supposed to have. I tried to do it with short removal of the battery but still I do not get the right view. I followed all the steps – I think correctly – but now I’m stucked. Can someone please say what to do.

    The view I have when I arrived at step 11 is a page which says Android system recovery and some other things. You can move from highlight by pressing volume up/down and furthermore you see an android sign laying down with an exclamation sign at his belly.

    Someone please help me… thanks in advance

  143. David says:

    I followed the steps but when I enter recovery mode it doesn’t go to CWM. It goes to the stock recovery. I have a i7474m (canadian version) with 4.4.2. Thanks!

  144. Hafez says:


    I’ve rooted my Phone exactly the way you said. Unfortunally the camera doesnt work, and whatsapp was suddenly removed after I installed and used it. I installed it again, and i hope it will work.

    Thereby I don’t know how to get the latest android update on the Phone. Can you tell me how I can install it?

  145. Bill Bayer says:

    Hey Max,

    Is there any way to do this with a non functioning volume up button? Ive been trying through adb but I can’t figure it out. Thank for your help.

    • Bill Bayer says:

      To all without the use of volume buttons, I got it to work!
      Google kingroot.ask, install on phone, once you run app for first time go to play store and download rom manager from chain fire. Open rom manager and have it install cwm recovery. Then choose reboot into recovery! Viola, I now have root. I’m now running Android 6.0.1 on this phone!

  146. Mike says:

    In response to some previous commenters I have some notes. Click on the word Tar to get the correct tar file. Watch the video carefully and be ready to pause it a lot as he goes quite fast through the procedure. After the Odin flash and getting the Pass in green box I immediately pulled the battery. ie as soon as I saw Pass I flicked out the battery. I was ready with the back cover off and my nail in the battery slot. This was the 2nd time I ran Odin as it didn’t work first time. I have also seen a little confusion in here where some users don’t realise android phones / devices have an internal SD card. Hope some of that helped somebody.

    • Landon says:

      Hi can you help me for some reason super SU app doesn’t open it force closes instantly once I open it help I have tried it everything nothing works it ethier bricks my phone or the super su app doesn’t work

  147. rob says:

    how about Samsung galaxy s3 straight talk?

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