How to Root Galaxy S3!

For those of you who want to get most out of your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, you will certainly want to root your Galaxy S3.  Rooting your Galaxy S3 gives you lots of benefits like full control over your phone, ability to install custom ROMs, and a whole lot more.  (If you would like a longer video explanation of what rooting does, please see this video “Why Root My Android Smartphone?”.

See updated new root method for Jelly Bean and ICS!

See update new root method for Android 4.4.2 KitKat and 4.3 Jelly Bean!

For AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (or Canadian dual-core S3), please see How to Root U.S./Canadian Galaxy S3!

For Verizon, please see How to Root Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 instead!

So, let’s root our Galaxy S3, it only takes about 5 minutes, very safe to do.

Before we begin, you will need a Windows computer (For Mac, please see How to Root Galaxy S3 on Mac OSX! and For Linux, please see How to Root Galaxy S3 on Linux/Ubuntu!), micro-USB cable, and make sure your phone has at least 50% charge.

Step 1. Hold down Volume Down, Home Center, and Power buttons together for about 20 seconds until your phone resets and shows you an option to get into download mode.

Step 2. Next hit Volume Up button to enter download mode.

Step 3. Once in Download mode, you can connect your micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S3 to your computer.

Step 4. Next, download and unzip, you should find 3 files like below screenshot. (Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip.)


Step 5. Next, make sure you have drivers installed, you should see “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” in Device Manager.  If you don’t, simply download Samsung Kies and install it.  (Then unplug, plug the micro-USB cable.)

Step 6. Double-click on odin3 v1.85.exe file to start ODIN.  You should see a yellow highlighted box with a COM number.  The number doesn’t matter just so long as you see a yellow box.  If you don’t see yellow box, your drivers are not installed correctly OR try killing Kies in Task Manager as sometimes it can interfere.

Step 7. Choose “PDA” and choose “CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar” file in GalaxyS3Root folder.  Then hit “Start”.

Step 8. In about 10 seconds, your phone will reboot and give you ClockworkMod Recovery and full root.

Step 9. You will get a “PASS!” if everything went correctly.

Step 10. Your phone will automatically reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and install root/Superuser files.

Step 11. Once your phone reboots, you will find “SuperSU” app, which is the Superuser app.

Step 12. You can verify you have root by running a rooted app such as Titanium Backup app, you will see Superuser request window pop up.  Hit “Grant” everytime you see this.

Step 13. You can now get into ClockworkMod Recovery anytime by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button together for 20 seconds.

Congratulations!  You’ve rooted your Galaxy S3!  That was easy right?


Q: Does this root method erase my settings and apps?
A: No, it doesn’t touch a thing, very safe to do.

Q: ODIN does not start on my computer, what do I do?
A: Sometimes various Windows programs and drivers interfere with ODIN, try closing/killing any programs before running the program.  If that does’t work, just use another computer.

Q: I ended up in Kernel panic mode, what do I do?
A: Relax, that’s same as ODIN download mode, simply run ODIN again and flash the files again, it will work.

Q: Does rooting break my phone in any way?
A: No, this root method actually does not change your Galaxy S3 except install custom recovery and give you root.  Everything else on your phone will stay the same.

Q: I cannot enter ClockworkMod Recovery, I get stock Android recovery instead!  I’ve followed the root guide to the T and same thing is happening after doing it 100 TIMES!!!
A: Newer software updates on the Galaxy S3 sometimes may overwrite the ClockworkMod Recovery you just installed, you can get by this by simply reflashing ClockworkMod Recovery with ODIN, then hold down Volume Up and Center Home button together for 10 seconds as soon as you see “PASS!” in ODIN.

More questions?  Please leave in the comment section below for help from author and other users.

More on this Root Method

This root method simply installs ClockworkMod Recovery to the recovery partition and installs Superuser zip file, very safe to do.  With Galaxy S2, recovery partition was part of the kernel and was a bit dangerous but with Galaxy S3, Samsung has made recovery parition separate from the kernel, making it much safer just like how Galaxy Nexus works.

Credits – ChainFire at XDA for Awesome Recovery!

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499 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Ramos Jr. says:

    1st again! Hope to use this method if i win the contest!

    • Jan Wels says:

      You’ll not have to, it will already be rooted and custom ROM’s installed.

        • Danl Hall says:

          Hi, I know i have been around for a while I think since the Samsung Galaxy 4 S. I’m having a issue with my S 3, I can’t get to that ClockWorkMod recovery. I keep getting into the Android System Recovery. I got into the ClockWorkMod once when I did the root made for the USCanada root that you gave a example for, I took the battery out did what you said and it went in to ClockWork Recovery. After that though it always goes into the Android System Recovery. Can you tell me what is happening. Do I need to factory reset and start from there? Please give me some info, sorry I haven’t been around, I know I used to help members that was having problems with their S 2’s, I just been really busy.

    • Name says:

      my samsung galaxy s3 don t open

  2. ralf miller says:

    Easy to use rooted in 3.4 minutes. Excellent work. Now all you need to do is delete all the uneccessary battery hogging tracking apps with something like root explorer.

  3. Karl Jones says:

    Well done, Max!

  4. Rick says:

    Is there an equally simple way to “unroot” the S3? That is, to put it back to “factory” should this become necessary?

    Also, how are Updates handled?

    • Max says:

      yes posting that soon.

      • Kaung Myat says:

        Hello bro Max! I have galaxy s3 GT-i9300T and I don’t want to root but I want to install CWM on my galaxy s3! How can I do? Is it possible to flash CWM on stoke without rooted? I tired a few times already but can’t! Plz reply me Bro!

        • Andrew Fiction says:

          Hi Kaung, it is not possible on the GT-i9300, to install a custom ROM, without CWM. CWM is very stable, so you can safely use it and enjoy the truely experience of your GT-i9300.

          Hope this helps.

          Best Regards.

      • Svanur says:

        Where is your unroot post?
        Thanks for all your rooting info 🙂

  5. Vinny says:

    Hey Max,
    Great video as usual. Will this method and same files work on the T-Mobile version of SGS3?

  6. martin says:

    Great! one question, once you nave erything ready, can you just enter recovery using rom mánager?

  7. yngwie says:

    Where to find stock kernel 3.0.15-554454-user se.infra@SEP-74#1 SMP PREEMPT Sun May 13 06:36:17 KST 2012 if i want to restore to previous state. Or if i want to unroot.

  8. yngwie says:

    If insecure kernel is XX NEE ALE8, will that kernel match to mine wich is XXALE8

  9. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Very informative video, I wanted to ask if I root my s3 will I be able to use my phone as a mass storage ?

  10. C.Marton says:

    Hi, we’ve followed your instructions exactly rooting an S3, and everything happened as you said it would, down to the #icon application etcetera being there, we updated it and all. Anyways, we tried to install and run Gemini App Manager, which mostly works but we can’t get it to change boot options because apparantly she doesn’t have root on her phone, which like I say we do… Any thoughts?

  11. timle says:

    Very nice piece of work on the Windows install path!! It worked as you show and stated.
    Nice first positive experience into the Samsung world of rooting and romming.
    – Signed –
    A newbie ‘My first Samsung’ pilot coming from HTC Desire with BCM ICS

  12. SteveL says:

    After i root what are some things i can do with my S3 compared to when its unrooted?

    • Wizard Prang says:

      Ah yes, the old “why root” question.

      Root gives you access to the system files that are normally hidden from lesser mortals. Obligatory warning: These are normally not to be trifled with, and messing with them when you don’t know what you are doing can brick your phone. Once rooted:

      you can install custom versions of Android, such as CM7 or the excellent MIUI.

      you can freeze/remove the useless bloatware/shovelware/crapware that cellcos love to bundle with the phone.

      you can backup and restore individual apps and their data. This means that if an upgraded app is broken you can roll it back to an earlier version that works. Useful if you are moving a game to another phone and want to keep your settings and high score…

      you can change certain “baked-in” aspects of your phone’s behavior, such as brightness, boot-up animations and sound, etc.

      Hope this helps

  13. markikswabe says:

    Hi Max, Since you have used galaxy note alot. What would you think of SGS III compared to galaxy note in terms of responsiveness. Gaming capability and stabiliy?

  14. Boon says:

    Thanks for the simplified version and screen shot shown.

    Loving the rooted version now!

  15. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hello Max,
    I have a very simple question for you, can I use my samsung s3 as a mass storage device after I root my S3…
    I just like the option of copy and paste and its very easy to do …

    • Max says:

      Yes rooting doesn’t do anything to your S3 but give you root, everything on your phone stays the same.

      • Gurpreet Singh says:

        Hello max
        I meant to ask you that if I root my Samsung s3 will I be able to connect it to any system like a usb and and can transfer data without installing Samsung Kies application on the system. Or do I have to still install the Kies app to use it as a usb mass storage

  16. Ken says:

    WIll this root procedure work on the Verizon version (is that the SCH-I535?) of the S-III?


    • Max says:

      Not sure it might for rooting as recovery should be same on verizon s3. If it is rooting will work u just have to get custom verizon recovery for installing custom roms but rooting will still work.

  17. Nick says:

    If i have official SGS3 for Russia, will this method work for me too?
    for *#1234# we have this:
    AP: I9300XXALE8
    CP: I9300XXLE8
    CSC: I9300OXEALE1

  18. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hello Max,
    really disappointed that you have no answer for my question…. you did not even replied to my question…
    I was hopping to get a quick response from you …………

  19. Amos says:

    Hey max thanks for the awesome video really Appericate it:) Hmm just wanna check that all my phone data ESP contacts will be erase if I root it?
    Thanks Max.

  20. Amos says:

    Hmm what do you mean my dog??

  21. Rob says:

    I notice in this guide you don seem to flash insecure kernel, is this done with the root tar ?. XDA seem to have a similar guide but with more steps.
    Use odin to flash insecure kernal, then the root bit looks a little tricky. Is your guide all I have to do to a new untouched s3 ?

    • Max says:

      You don’t need to flash insecure kernel, this root method simply installs custom recovery to recovery partition and you can install supersu zip file, that’s it. Much safer method.

  22. Amos says:

    Hey max, how do I get to the galaxy s 3 root folder???

  23. markikswabe says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you make a comparison video between SGN and SGS III. In terms of UI responsiveness, camera, and gaming capability like using emulators (Fpse, nes, snes and so on). I just want to see if their is a big difference between the two. Used the best ICS Rom for SGN and compare it to SGSIII. I hope you can have time to do this 🙂

    Thanks in advance

  24. Amos says:

    Hey max sorry to disturb you again.. Is the downloading process from the phone a long process? How long does it take?:)

  25. Amit says:

    Does this void the warranty?

    • Wizard Prang says:

      Technically, yes, and understandably so – cellcos don’t want to have to fix phones bricked by botched rooting attempts.

      However, once the phone has been unrooted back to “stock”, there is no reason that the warranty service should not be honoured.

  26. resver says:

    how save is it to do because i don’t want to break my new smartphone

  27. Alex Yeung says:

    will this method increase the counter which Samsung people will know we have rooted the phone? thanks.

  28. Christopher says:

    I only get the FAIL! error message on now 4 different ROMS. I just purchased the S3 from a Chinese Store and now only shows that the firmware has encountered an issue. When I go into Download mode, it shows that I have been using ODIN MODE, and that CUSOMT BINARY DOWNLOADS: Yes (16 counts)

    Why is this happening as I have followed every step to the letter, trying different versions of ODIN and ROMs (all supposedly stock ROMS from UK, Orange carrier / Vodaphone / Unspecified)

  29. Zar Ni Thant says:

    OK,I get up!I am very happy.Thank you very much.

  30. Clint Mayes says:

    Max, Thanks for your well done videos and instructions on rooting. I follow the threads over on XDA and I must say you are much more down to earth and willing to help answer questions than some of those guys. Im not sure what one expects when you develop a method and throw it out for thousands to use and get bent out of shape when hundreds of people want to ask the same question over and over again, its going to happen. Again, thank you.

    • Max says:

      thanks I just try really hard to help everyone as much as possible but if it does get redundant and I’ve answered the same question a bunch of times, I will probably not respond. Lol but thanks for noticing and complements.

  31. Andy says:

    Does rooting has to be done each time after firmware is upgraded or is root privileges preserved during firmware upgrade?

  32. Ian says:

    Will rooting my phone void the warranty?
    how hard is it to quote brick the device or what happens if u don’t do the install correctly?
    Will i be able to uninstall thos pesky apps that come preinstalled on the device like blockbuster?

    • Max says:

      You can always unroot to get your warranty back. It’s nearly impossible to brick the Galaxy S3 as recovery partition is separate from main OS, a design change Samsung made with GS3 from the GS2. Yes you can remove bloatware easily once rooted with Titanium Backup app.

  33. Falken says:

    Worked like a charm…… Thanx a lot.
    This was my first time root and without any problems 🙂
    Ceep up the good work man 😉

  34. xunil says:

    First of all thank you for this good documentation. I successfully rooted my S3 with your help. But there is an issue about S-Voive. At first, S-Voice gave me a “Network Error”. I googled a bit and saw that this is occuring on non-S3 phones where S-Voice is installed. There are some fixes for that. None of them worked for me. Now, everything is in their original state (of course my S3 is still rooted). But for now, S-Voice does not respond and crashes. What else can I try?

  35. Andi says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for the easy root on my S3. This is my first android phone (I have now seen the light!) and I’m just getting used to everything.
    Had an OTA firmaware udate from Samsung today but it wouldn’t install correctly ( Dead Android on screen) and defaulted to the original firmware via CWM. Would I have to unroot, install updated firmware and re-root? If so, how would I go about it.
    Many thanks for your time and effort, us newbies really appreciate guys like you parting with your knowledge 🙂

  36. Evgeniy says:

    Hi Max. You is really cool. Thanks a lot.
    Please tell me how can i made ad hoc after root?

  37. M.F-K says:

    Hey man! Thanks a lot for this article. I am kind of a noob when it comes to Android … I have successfully installed The file from Odin, got SU and CWM manager … BUT when I boot the phone to recovery mode, I can only still access the old recovery. When using CWM manager it prompts me that “This version of CWM manager should be used with CF-CWM v1.1 or newer. It appears you are running a different recovery. Various features have been disabled.”

    I will appreciate any help regarding this issue and thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Max says:


      Edit: I mean don’t use ROM Manager to flash ClockworkMod Recovery, ROM Manager isn’t compatible with most Samsung phones. But you can use it for booting into recovery, installing ROMs.

      • M.F-K says:

        and btw 🙂 No I didn’t use anything like that. I was talking about the software that came with the root, which is indeed CWM manager and Super User. Not ROM manager …

        • Max says:

          Oh cool just was a bit worried there my advice is just use the buttons. That is thebest way not to get into trouble.

          • Anthony says:

            I had the same issue as M.F-K due to the fact that I installed ROM Manager after rooting which prompted me to install its own recovery. I re-run the Clockwork Mod rooting process to fix CWM. Avoid ROM Manager! Max, thanks for the really easy to follow guide and Chainfire for his awesome rooting tool!

            • Guilherme says:

              Hello Max. I also have them same problem.
              Rooted fine, tested it great.. but when I try to access CWM I cant.
              Also tried the Volume Up + Home after Odins PASS! but also with no success.

              How can I get CWM on this?
              (I have GT-I9300)


    • M.F-K says:

      Hi, Sorry to have bothered you, it’s fine now! I don’t know if I am allowed to post links here, but for anyone with the same problem type into google CF ROOT v6.3 🙂 Flash it through odin … And Voila … Make sure guys the file you download is from XDA developer forum and it is directly from Chainfire, just as a precaution 🙂 Well, Max, you’ve helped me to root it so thanks again, I guess this problem is only occuring with certain phones, that try to update on start and reverse the CWM recovery back to stock!

  38. Clint Mayes says:

    Max, I have read through several threads regarding “unrooting” or bringing back to stock. I believe you just download your stock firmware and flash it to the phone if I am not mistaken. You should do a short vid and explain this more thoroughly. It makes sense but seeing your videos explains things a bit more.

  39. Wilfredo Ramos Jr. says:

    Hey Max, I will be receiving my S3 pre order tomorrow from sprint and I cant wait to root it! I was just wondering if you will be getting the sprint version so that you can post videos on it. I would hate to have to use another source for all my Galaxy S3 Rooting tutorials!! I have been following your EVO 4G and 3D Hacks website ever since launch date! (almost 2 yrs)

  40. Shamih says:

    This is a very good and well explained.
    But I have an issue with my phone. When it is in Download mode, my phone is not detected by PC. I already installed Samsung Kies and it is working well in normal condition.
    Also I wan to know, where can I find file?

    • Max says:

      Turn off the Kies program while you do this.
      Try Step 4 for the file.

      • Shamih says:

        I tried without kies at the first time. Then it did not work. From where to download the zip file? If it is downloaded automatically when the phone connects to pc, where the zip file going to be saved?

        • Hirak says:

          Max same problem….pc is not detecting my sgs3 in download mode no matter what i do…plz help 🙁

        • Hirak says:

          Max same problem….pc is not detecting my sgs3 in download mode no matter what i do…plz help :((

          • Max says:

            Do you have another computer to try with? We can spend 5 hours trying to solve this problem or you can probably get this done in 10 minutes using another computer.

  41. dean says:

    Hey Max, thanks for the guide!
    I’m new to the world of Android, I come from… another company.
    Now, I red that it is possible to brick your phone while rooting..
    How is that possible? I mean it’s software, why can’t I just restore it to manufacture settings?

    I thought the days of bricking was over, there was no way I could brick my iPhone, I could always restore it.
    This is a major concern for me. 🙁

  42. Евгений says:

    How about ad-hoc Max?

    • Max says:

      Yes adhoc is possible you will need to root and mess with the wifi suplicant files.

      • Evgeniy says:

        You couldn’t explain in more detail how me to change suplicant files. Or to lay out already changed suplicant files that I could replace with them available.

  43. Evgeniy says:

    Tell please ad-hoc is possible on SGS3?

  44. Robin says:

    Hi there. I’ve been on Android for a few years now and always been tempted with rooting. Previously the risk potential was too high for me to accept, but it sounds like the method you have described so well is more-or-less risk-free. I’d like to try it on my S3 on Orange (UK) but I have two questions: 1. By doing this will I be able to ‘de-brand’ my phone, and make it ‘unlocked’ – do I need to flash a particular ROM to do this? 2. I have a problem with my phone in that there is no option to check for software updates in the ‘About phone’ section. Will doing this solve the problem, or again would I need to flash a new ROM?

    • Max says:

      1. SIM Unlocking is separate from rooting but some developers are working on that. Yes, you can have unbranded phone with custom ROMs.

      2. With custom ROMs, you don’t need software updates you usually get updates months ahead of official updates. Just flash the new custom ROM over the previous version (for upgrading from same custom ROM).

  45. TJ says:

    Im stuck in download/firmware encountered an error and cannot get out i’ve tried flashing different roms through odin and nothing is working

  46. Brenden says:

    Tried root with windows… Im getting a fail from odin

    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  47. Brenden says:

    also my phone wont boot up now

    it says firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode.

    Please help asap!!!

  48. chix says:

    Can you tell if it is ok to update a rooted S3 with today’s firmware updates or will this break root?

  49. Keyhan says:

    Could you please upload a “how to unroot” video?


  50. MikeNeedsHelp says:

    Will this work on the Sprint Version?

  51. brenden says:

    My phone is broken now!!! how do I recover?

    Refer to earlier posts I made. Why isnt anyone responding.

    • Lino says:

      ok this is how fixed mine, go back to download mode and from there connect to kies, then reset the phone again and that’s it

  52. Lino says:

    can you use this method for SGH-T999? US tmobile S3

  53. Emmanuel says:

    I have the T-mobile version of the galaxy s3 (I got today). I tried this method and it failed. Now I have a message saying the “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recover mode in Kies & try again.” I can’t exit this screen even when I take out the battery.

  54. Jacob says:

    I have my s3 rooted but when i try and boot into cwm it takes me into “manual mode”. Any idea why it does this? i followed the steps and everything went good except for that. I have a cwm app now though, but when i try and use that it still takes me to the same mode.

  55. Peter says:

    Hi Max WOW! Thanks so much for your rooting procedure, you are a genius and so incredibly patient with us and our stupid repeat questions…. that you have answered numerous times 🙂 I have a question not related to rooting, but actually rooting may be the answer. I changed from S2 to S3 and love it in every way except that the screen is less sharp and bright, after extensive Googling I find this seems to be an issue. So my question, is it possible to use root access, perhaps an app, to force extra brightness ie say 120% would this be damaging to the screen?
    Many thanks

  56. Evgeniy says:

    You couldn’t explain in more detail how me to change suplicant files to get ad-hoc. Or to lay out please already changed suplicant files that I could replace with them available.

  57. Jackson says:

    this method is reversible or not? I say to be on the level of factory warranty still

  58. Shamih says:

    I tried without kies at the first time. Then it did not work. From where to download the zip file? If it is downloaded automatically when the phone connects to pc, where the zip file going to be saved?

  59. peter says:

    awesome, thanks.

  60. Jackson says:

    please this method is reversible or not?

  61. Maybuz says:

    Easiest ROOT I’ve used. (apart from old z4root on SGS1)

    Failed first time, but forgot to kill kies. Did that, no panic – worked like a charm second time.

    Thank you very much.

  62. Nick says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve tried to find the answer to this in the comments but I could not figure it out. I have rooted my galaxy s3 using the instructions on the site. Today I got a notification that there is a firmware update. So I’ve downloaded it through the phone and the phone rebooted. Then the boot loaded screen appeared and I clicked on reboot. Then when the phone rebooted I got a message saying that the firmware was not applied.
    What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?


    • chix says:

      I had the same problem, and if you read all the comments here you will find the solution! You need to reroot with CF ROOT v6.3, then I was able to install the update. After that you need to reroot again.

      • Nick says:

        Thanks for the reply chix. Can I use the same process as the first time as described on the site?
        I’m using ubuntu so I don’t want to mess anything up.


        • chix says:

          I used the exactly same procedure just yesterday and everything works just fine. But even though I am a Linux User I did it at work with windows…

          • Nick says:

            Thanks chix,

            Did the same thing. found a windows computer and got it sorted. The firmware updated fine after that. However, got another little issue now.
            SuperSU does not work anymore. It seems like the phone is not rooted. Am I missing something?


            • Nick says:

              Sorry for being stupid. Had to reflush after the OTA upgrade. All working fine now.
              Thanks for all your help.


    • Emmanuel says:

      From what I know, you have to completely un-root your phone before the update can be applied.

  63. Jack Gold says:

    The rooting worked well.. But my 4 g still doesnt on T mobile with my new galaxy S3 from Hong Kong..

  64. armin says:

    hi .i want to unroot my s3 for ota updates,i use triangle away and my cunter in download mode return to 0 an normal,my rom is stockrom,then i reset factory my device and in statuse my device status turn to normal from modified.i turn on my wifi an ota update is availabe.i download.but when i press install botton dvice restatt an in recovery mode i recieve error cant install update.please help please

  65. Shan says:

    I have rooted my android as you taught above.
    However, I don’t have the same ClockworkMod Recovery as you do in the picture.
    for instance, I don’t have the backup and restore option, nor install zip from sdcard option.
    I don’t see the CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4
    could you tell me what is the problem

  66. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the awesome instructions and congrats on successfully changing your screen!
    I am from Canada and bought the phone from Canadian carriers, so do I follow “the other root method” or do I follow this root method? Thanks!

  67. saad says:

    max i cant reboot in clock work mod recovery i tried several times but it shows android recovery instead and it also shows csc – code …. plz help

  68. Mohammed says:

    sorry that’s doesn’t work with my kernel XXLF2 🙁

    Can any one help me with this plz….

  69. Paulo says:

    Hi Max…You have been making a wonderful job.
    I rooted my galaxy s2 from one of your tutorials and now i bought one S3 and i want to root it.
    My question is if i root my S3 the way you explaind will the yellow triangle appear like in the s2?
    Thanks for your attention.

  70. javi gutier says:

    maintain/re-rooting root post OTA update??

    is there an app for protecting root while keeping up with latest OTA

    since voodoo root keeper does not work with the galaxy S3, If someone can recommend a procedure/process to follow to maintain root and keep up with sprints updates please?

    I’m just trying to figure out what the best & least time consuming way to maintain root and keep up with sprints updates please?

    hopefully my questions made sense to you all…thank you all (in advance) for helping/answering my questions…


  71. Falken says:

    In order to update my phone to I9300XXLF5 I had to use kies. It did not work with wireless.
    Then I had to use “dont send information to samsung” otherwise it didn`t work.
    Then I had to root over again. It worked perfectly 🙂

    sorry about my lousy english……. hope you understand 🙂

  72. _____homz says:


    I successfully rooted my S3 I9300 but when i tried to get into recovery mode by pressing holding vol up, home button, and power button, my phone just keep on rebooting.

    • _____homz says:

      This is what it displayed:

      Android system recovery

      Volume up/down to move highlight:
      power button to select.

      reboot system now
      apply update from external storage
      wipe data/factory reset
      wipe cache partition
      apply update from cache

      I already did re-rooting it but the same problem. What do you think, did i missed something?

    • Max says:

      So u have root already try reflashing recovery right bbefore using it the stock android might be overwriting it on reboot my suspicion.

      • _____homz says:

        how do i reflash recovery? I can’t even get into recovery mode… trying to unroot my new s3 but damned so many files to download bro…lol

  73. Paulo says:

    I have rooted my galaxy s3 with this method and everything worked 100%
    My galaxy s3 is from portugal (TMN)
    Thanks man, you are Number 1…
    From now on every thing i do with my S3 is by your way.
    Max is the MANNNN!!THANKSSS

  74. Fabiano says:

    Hi, my GS3 is rooted. Today apears a message that was a upgrade for it. It downloaded and when restart to install, the instalation was aborted. Than i tried with kies, and kies says that it is with the last firmware, but if i go to the phone and try again the update, it download, restart and the same abort happens, what could be the problem?

  75. cj says:

    i did click LIKE on youtube after rooting s3, im mailing u this wiv gratitude b4 i move on to unlock next hopefully with your help but so far so good…
    u r a legend mate!

  76. Mario says:

    Hey max !
    In my country they blocked the quad core unfortenetly… will it be unlock by rooting my phone ? I live Québec, Canada

  77. Nels says:

    Max did you fix your cell stand by batt consumption in stock int version? if yes maybe vid tut?

  78. Brett says:

    I cant get the PC to even recognize that ive plugged in the SGS3 once its in download mode. It works fine if the phone is on normally and I plug it in, as soon as its in download mode nothing detects it, I’ve tried different usb plugs, cables, re installed Kies, downloaded just the Samsung drivers, restarted the PC, set the phone in developer options, stopped all antivirus.Basically searched the web for around 2 hours, but could not get it to be detected by my PC.(Windows7 64bit).

    any advice with be greatly appreciated.

    • Rory says:

      If your still on this and havent rooted it. all you have to do is install everything, like u did, and go into Odin. when you connect your S3, if it doesn’t say Added, thats fine. Mine was the same way. Just prep Odin as if you were going to flash CWM, and flash. Instead of flashing it’ll just say failed, phone added. Then you can flash again and u have CWM on your phone!

  79. imranchishti says:

    Max can we get the official software update and update firmware easily as default by samsung after root or does rooting has to be done each time after firmware is upgraded or hard reset to factory of galaxy s3.Thx

  80. umar says:

    how i can root s3. its not T/AT&T/ Sprint. its simple S3. what procedure should i adopt?

  81. umar says:

    Got the link on the page . Thanks max for replying so patiently . You are truly very helpful

  82. imranchishti says:

    Max can we get the official software update and update firmware easily as default by samsung after root

  83. Ian says:

    I heard verizons s3 cant be rooted. Is this true?

  84. dev says:

    i have s3 & frem. xxalf2
    baseband ver. I9300DDLEA
    plz tell me this frem. will root.

  85. juanc says:

    I have a question if i have a Telcel S3, from Mexico does anyone of this files work with my cell for rooting?

  86. Amos says:

    Hey max!:) really ipmt bro.. I had a rooted s3 in hand now thanks to your guidance. However can I update my software anyway with a rooted phone?

    • Max says:

      Yes you can re-install stock recovery OR unroot. I only have unroot directions on my site right now but will post stock recovery method soon also thx for being patient, I’ve got million tutorial vids to make!

  87. Randy says:

    hi max…i follow all the step and get pass at odin but when phone reboot i go to recovery mode and there are still the android recovery. i i need your advice … thank you

  88. Robert says:

    hi, my phone says its rooted, but there is no cwm?????????????????? please help man!

  89. kipdeontdekker says:

    Hi max,

    I have only one question about Build Version..
    In various tutorial videos they show a build number like IMM76D.I9300XXALE8, but mine ends with ALEF..

    what does this say, and will i need a different file from the one posted above? does this change anything whatsoever?

    • kipdeontdekker says:

      sorry, did not mean to waste your time..

      as you said in various replies, if i have an I9300, it works..

      And so it does!!

      you should change your name to ObiWandroid or something..

  90. paha77 says:

    Thanks for the guide, it was simple but worked.

    One question: what happens if there’s a factory update (OTA Update) from Samsung?

    • Max says:

      You can install custom ROM with the update, never need to go back unless you really want to. Or UNROOT!

      • paha77 says:

        Yes I know. But currently I’m satisfied with Samsung’s factory ROM but needed rooting. What happens if I try to update with their OTA rom?

        • Max says:

          You will pretty much give up OTA updates but most custom ROMs update to OTA updates very quickly and there’s usually a rooted OTA custom ROM you can install once rooted. If you ever need to get back to complete stock, you can also unroot.

  91. Sandeep says:

    I tried to use your guide for the Mac and was unsuccessful three times (once with 6.1, once with 6.2 and finally with 6.3).
    The I tried it on Windows and failed to get root with 6.1. Version 6.3 worked like a charm and now my phoe is rooted and I have CWM recovery.

  92. FIRAT says:

    hi Max,

    Thanks for inf root. I got it awesome. how to ROMs with OC support, try FoxHound?


  93. paha says:

    My rooted S3 says, a 73.51 MB OTA update is available for download.

    Should I enable it to download and install?

    If not, how can I install this update to my rooted s3?


    • Max says:

      Don’t install, I don’t think the update brings much, not worth it.

    • Falken says:

      I just updated this OTA. There is just some small bug fixes…. nothing big.
      I had to use kies. It doesn`t not work with wireless.
      Then I had to use “dont send information to samsung” otherwise it didn`t work.
      Then I had to root over again. It worked perfectly

  94. Erwin says:

    Well my phone succesfully rooted, thanks. But it feels a bit lag when pressing the home button, is it normal?

  95. Jade says:

    Hey Max, please help…my new s3 is lagging I tried to do a hard factory reset but every time I do it. It show “recovery booting” then goes black!!! then nothing after that. Much appreciated your help.

  96. Falken says:

    Hello Max.
    Thanks for your great job.
    I`ve only got one question. Do you think this method will work after upgrading my S3 to android 4.1 ?

  97. Raul says:

    Hi Max. My international S3 is rooted by your tutorial, it works. And i’ve downloaded this ROM. But upon installing, I get an error in clockwork recovery saying that E:signature verification failed. Do you know what I should do so I can install this ROM?

    • Max says:

      Do you have clockworkmod recovery? does it say at top? If so, it could be just a bad download, also check the size of the ROM file.

  98. vml says:

    hey max, i have a rooted s2, so i know what rooting does and all.. but with s3 i tried this/your method of rooting. i followed steps, but after odin says “pass” it reboots and its still unrooted, the clockworkmod step didnot happen. step 10 didn’t come for me. i have supersu(#) app but am still unrooted. HELP

    • vml says:

      i also have installed ROM manager

    • Max says:

      Reflash in ODIN, then when you see “PASS!”, immediately hold down Volume Up and Center Home buttons, you should be in CWM!

      • vml says:

        didn’t work. i pressed VOLUME UP+Home Button and it didn’t give any reaction. just did the same reboot! i did this when it said “pass” and also just a little before “pass”

        • vml says:

          I hope u dont mind me blabbering all my info at u.
          my s3 was rooted already once, it got unrooted( i dont know how/ forgot) BUT it didn’t unroot fully, i found superuser installed and no busybox. so now i used this app called “ginger unroot” to unroot s3 completely. NOW still same problem, NOT ROOTING :”(

        • Max says:

          Or just pull the battery immediately after “PASS!” if u can’t get it to work then do enter recovery, that works also, OR you can also check “auto-reboot” off.

          • vml says:

            hey, u just copied my comment! i posted a comment saying that i did that exact thing. it said “waiting for moderation” on the comment. ur a real jerk!

            • Max says:

              No, it must have been a coincidence, I have been commenting the same thing, way before plus my U.S. root method has that already in the instructions:

              Please don’t call people names without proof, people are innocent until proven guilty!

              • vml says:

                Well i did post it here and this is YOUR website rite? wat moderation dosent include you?!?
                I said that at the heat of moment.U may be innocent but let comments be posed as is. and be “moderated” soon!

                • vml says:

                  Hey zedomax, I am sorry for all those crap.. I have been a subscriber for a long time and i signed the youtube petition and i really respect you, so sorry bout that 🙁 Now i know you are a great guy. i got these replies on my email, so i just wanted to clear my guiltyness of accusing/shouting at you for those above comments.
                  And you are awesome 😀

  99. vml says:

    Just for info- I updated OTA update.

    • hayamz says:

      Is everything okay after the update?

      • vml says:

        It Works,
        but IF and ONLY IF ur s3 does not work with the process like mine did i.e the clockworkmod-recovery does not show up, Then untick/uncheck ‘auto-reboot’ in odin and flash again.

        ONLY IF CWM-Recovery/Step10 dosent show up on s3!
        other than that, Works like a charm 🙂

  100. george says:

    hey mate, great tutorial. quick question.

    I am on stanard android 4.0.4 base LE8 factory everything. if you root once, you never need to do it again, correct? it’ll be there always, even when resetting to factory or install factory firmware?

    also please explain firmware, roms and kernels, like a gingerbread stock firmware (or is it a rom? like win7 is an OS and internet explorer is a program). what is what? roms are the OS and kernels are programs (internet explorer?)

    I hard bricked my note by doing something silly. so I want to start fresh again with understanding to prevent bricking my s3 haha.

    thanks heaps.

  101. Paulo says:

    Hi Max!!
    got a question…Can i flash siyah-s3-v1.3.8a.tar on my s3 with mobile odin pro.
    My s3 is rooted by your way and i’m just asking so i dont mess mi phone.
    i made an backup of my phone with rooted stock rom and stock kernel.
    if i flash siyah kernel can i go back to rooted stock rom and kernel by simply restore with CWM?
    Answer when u have some time.

    • Max says:

      Yes of course you can, Mobile Odin pro is same thing as Odin w/o computer.

      Yes you can also restore kernel by restoring ROM with CWM.

      • paulo says:

        Once again thankx for your help.
        Flashed siyah kernel and so far has good batery life, good cpu performance and tweaks because of the extweaks app and nice sound amplification too…
        Do you know what s the best kernel for s3?
        I heard that franco kernel is very good, have you tested it yet?

  102. Pappa says:

    So like an idiot I updated my phone via OTA and now have lost root privileges. Do I have to wait for you to release an update or can I use the same one as I did on this thread? I have the international Galaxy S3 I9300. Thanks in advance.

  103. Shr says:

    MAAAAAAAX! THAAAAAAANX 😀 So easy n awesome! 😀 people use the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 if u have problems entering Clockworkmod recovery mode! 😀 Thanks again Zedomax ! 😀

  104. pannerra says:

    Hi total noob here. I tried rooting my international S3 via the mac instructions but got worried and aborted after going into “download” mode and waiting over 5 mins after plugging it to the computer without seeing the “” file.

    Am I supposed to set the USB mode before going into recovery? I find that AndroidTransfer seldom works.

    After rooting, if I don’t install a will I still be able to use the phone as it was out of box? For now I really just want to block app ads, run titanium backup, have the soft UI navigation keys, and have more options on my lock menu, ie hold power enables flashlight.

    I bought my Galaxy Note second hand and it came rooted with the AKOP rom, which I liked, but I want to maintain touchwiz for now. How would I best achieve enabling the soft keys etc?


  105. David Cave says:

    Hi Max, I rooted the phone and all went well after following your great instructions. Thanks however there is one challenge I am having. My computer is no longer seeing my phone. Each time I plug the phone in the computer, the computer tries to install the driver Samsung Mobile MTP Device and fails. Which means I can no longer drag files from my computer to the phone. Can you help me resolve this issue?

  106. Matt says:

    Hi, what firmware would I use to root a Telstra Australian S3 as not sure to use sprint or AT&T

  107. kenny371 says:

    hello,If I root my phone,will the warranty be voided?.

  108. BlackZac says:

    My phone won’t enter clockworkmod recovery. Please help.

  109. ferdz says:

    just rooted mine a while ago. followed your steps to the letter. no issues encountered.

    thanks max!

    gonna try those customs roms you featured here.

  110. Mark says:

    Anyone have a list of safe to remove Bloatware?

  111. zonedodi says:

    I have question i did all steps but i cant access to the new recovery i mean just i can access to usual recovery (android system recovery (3e) )

    • Max says:

      Turn off auto-reboot in ODIN then run it again. After it finishes, take battery out then in, then hold down Volume Up + Center + Power, you should be in CWM.

      Once rooted, you can use ROM Manager to get CWM and install ROMs easily:

  112. Neville Solomon says:

    Tried root with windows… Im getting a fail from odin

    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    This is happening to me… help please?

    • vml says:

      did u do all the steps PROPERLY?
      did u check the usb debugging?
      and did u go to recovery mode and Then do the odin?

      • Neville Solomon says:

        Yes I did all of those things

        • Max says:

          Make sure kies is off and try another usbport.

          • Neville Solomon says:

            Still not working, I made sure Kies was off in the processes tab on task manager. And I tried all 3 usb ports on my laptop.

            On my phone when it fails it shows in red “SECURE CHECK FAIL : recovery”

          • Neville Solomon says:

            I apologize. It seems that my phone is not a I9300. I guess I assumed since my phone was verizon and not any other of the ones you listed, that that was its model. Mine is a SCH-1535. You should post a link to rooting that model at the top.

            • Max says:

              See FAQ, it’s all there:

              Good thing you failed otherwise you would be sitting with a brick if you did succeed.

  113. Kandan says:

    Fantastic article for a Noob like me.
    Worked like a charm on my International I9300.


  114. jmbernabe says:

    Hello Max, First of all thanks for this guide. I have followed each and every steps here. My S3 was rooted the only problem is, when I tried to made a back-up/storage on CWM Recovery, I don’t have the option BACK-UP/STORE. I can’t made a Nandroid backup. Any help will be great. Thanks a lot!!!

  115. Noobme says:

    Hey Sir max, thank you for the worked like a charm however, i always get this message when i open CWM manager :
    This version of wm manager should be used with CF-CWM v1.1 or newer. it appears you are running a different recovery, various features have been disabled.
    i just want to ask…
    Should i update CWM manager? how will i update it?
    Hope to hear from you soon.. thanks!

  116. Susan says:

    I root my phon today…everything great!!! tranks

    now quetion?? when I connect my galaxy to my laptop doesn’t recognize the device!!!

    • Max says:

      try installing drivers:

      and set to MTP mode.

  117. Jay says:

    Hey mate, after I root the phone i didnt get CMW. When I get to recovery mode it, it shows: Android system recovery. I tried to root it again but when i get to recovery mode, odin doesn’t show the phone in the application. My phone is the International Version and I follow the step one by one correctly and download the correct file. Any help?

    • Max says:

      Try checking auto-reboot on in ODIN, reflash it in ODIN, then when it’s done, take battery out/in, then boot into CWM.

      • Jay says:

        When I reboot in to recovery mode, the phone shows Android recovery mode and I plug it in to the pc; It shows nothing in the odin. What can i do?

  118. Jay says:

    Does this cause the hardbrick problem thats around? Also does it leave a warning triangle like on the S2?

  119. Lawrence says:

    i’m sure you get asked this a lot, i have a carrier branded international gs3 (uk network orange)
    i was wondering if i were to flash my gs3 to the stock unbranded firmware would i be able to get automatic updates from samsung via kies or ota?

    thanks 🙂

  120. Amit says:

    I wanted to know after rooting my phone.
    Can i transfer the apps to my external sd.
    If yes please help me!
    It would be a great pleasure! 🙂

  121. frozenboss says:


    Guy, I’d like to ask: Does this root or any one can break the tracking by SamsungDive, if I got my phone lost? There is how to cancel the tracking?

  122. Efren Sy says:

    I followed the step by step guide you posted on your website.
    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
    ICS 4.0.3

    The Root was flawless and I got CWM and SU
    I did everything you said

    When I tried Flashing the Criskelo Rom

    E:/ signature verification failed

    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help!

    • Max says:

      try ROM Manager:

  123. shuffler says:

    am finding it hard to install a new rom (titanium back up) , my phone becomes really laggy and the screen shuts down completely after a minute or 2 after rebooting.i cant acces anything on the very sure i did everything all right except the last step which is installing a new rom.can you please help me??am really going crazy….please reply asap.

  124. galaxy says:

    What version phone do I have?
    I’m with Bell in Canada and the info in the about page says SGH-I747M. Does that mean I should follow the AT&T I747 guide?

  125. zero says:

    dear i re flushed the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.3 through oden but still when i run CWM it gives me the CF-CWM V1.1 error and while rebooting im getting the stock recovery

    i need your help

    • Max says:

      Try checking auto-reboot OFF in ODIN, then when ODIN finishes, take the battery out, in, then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power together to enter CWM Recovery.

      • zero says:

        thanks dear i fixed it by re-flashing CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 now CWM works.

  126. Pedro says:

    Thanks for your help! It worked beautifully.

    PS: What is the name of that wallpaper you are using which flips thought your pictures?

  127. Reuben Ng says:

    Hi Max..followed exactly this tutorial and all went well with root excess. But each time i boot into recovery, it goes to the stock recovery and not clockworkmod recovery. Please tell me how to fix this Max. Thanks again..

  128. itin says:

    sir after flashing of clockmod recovery touch when i m try to boot my mobile into recovery mode it booted into android recovery mode…..plz help me how i install clockmod recovery

    model no GT0-I9300
    android version 4.0.4
    baseband version I9300DDLH1
    KERNEL VERSION 3.0.15-928452

  129. remi says:

    hi max
    after rooting the s voice is not responding… its working but no voice response is available.. its fully mute… please help… is there is a way to revert back the changes made.. i have tried factory reset but still no luck…
    awaiting your response..

  130. Lucas says:

    Very easy and works just fine.

    Thanks a lot.

  131. Eddy says:

    Hey Max!

    have watched your videos a couple of times 😛 but i just can’t deside which rom i’m going to flash! Do you have a suggestion which is the best? I’d like it to be vanilla!

    Love your vids man keep it up greetings from holland!

  132. Lijo John says:

    I rooted my Galaxy S3 in this method. It shows success. But the problem is droidwall, GameCH are not working.
    Can you explain why?

    • Max says:

      I don’t think it’s root related, those apps probably didn’t work before rooting. Rooting method shown here does not affect your apps in any way.

      • Lijo John says:

        Ya but i rooted my phone. then also it is not working. I checked with root check basic. its shows my phone is rooted. And one more doubt dear friend, after rooting can I upgrade my phone os with official Jelly bean

        • Max says:

          Probably an unrelated problem, sorry but it’s not root related, rooting doesn’t interfere with apps in any way. Try finding re-installing the app, probably something wrong with the app. Yes you can upgrade your OS to Jelly Bean by re-installing stock recovery at any time, see here:

  133. Jason says:

    Hey i have the samsung galaxy s3-GT300T from Australia on vodafone will this method still work

    • Nick says:

      No this is for the international S3 if I’m not mistaken I have an unbranded S3 I purchased mine from allphones you will have to find the method that matches the model ie Vodafone also I searched for your phone I could not find it are you sure it’s a gt-300t. If you need more help the best bet is search car forums or message max through Facebook.
      Aussie Aussie AussieAussie

    • Max says:

      if it is an i9300 yes, typo? should work on i9300T also.

  134. Eddy says:

    hey man awesome vids. I recently rooted my phone and unrooted it and flashed the wrong stock rom. Can i install another rom thats 4.0.4 this way? (or in other words: is it possible to flash other stock roms this way if you’re not rooted?) thx

  135. willie says:

    I can’t buy apps after I rooted!!! Any help?

  136. David S. says:

    Hi, I just tried downloading the files ( but for4 some reason when I try to open them (using WinRar) it gives me a pop up in windows that says “File has unknown format or is damaged” any chance it might be something on your end? I just tried opening other files and those work fine. Mind emailing me the files or something?


  137. malkawi says:

    i did exactly whats here.
    it gave me PASS.

    now i am trying to get into clockworkmod recovery by pressing the 3 buttons mentioned but it keeps taking me to “Android Recovery System”! and i just want to back up the stock rom before putting a custoom one.
    can anyone please help ?

    • anton says:

      what version of CF Root did u use??

      You may want to try again using

      I had the same problem when trying to get to CWM and ending up in android recovery system because i used a version below the one stated above.

  138. Beshoy says:

    Hey Max, can you please help me or give me a tip… i installed and did everything but the file keeps failing to install on my tmobile s3… it keeps saying signature verification failed…i really don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it.

  139. mike tate says:

    Hi….I can’t get my phone into download mode. I have the GT-i9300. I hold down the vol down – center – power button combo and I get the dead android (Android with a red exclamation triagle) icon. IThe phone runs fine but will not enter download mode. Is there a way around this?

  140. Marko says:

    I’ve rooted my GS3 before but all of a sudden I couldn’t update SU. A notification prompted “No binary SU installed and can’t install update” So I thought there something wrong with Busybox so I tried updating that too but it wouldn’t let me bcuz something was improperly rooted. Naturally I got mad and did a factory reset thinking I could start over. But this time I ran Odin again to download CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1 and faild to process. I looked at my phone on Download mode there is a text that says “Unsupport dev_type” So that’s where I am right now. I’m stuck now what?

  141. Hossein says:

    Hi my version is XXLF2 (Build Number: IMM76D.I9300XXALF2).
    Some other User Commented that this doesn’t work with this Version. I want to make Sure that does this work with this version or not. if not what could happen if i use this method?

  142. Nikkita says:

    I’ve been using Android for years, and this is the first time I have rooted.
    So easy. So simple. Thank you for making such an easy to follow awesome tut.

  143. Eldad says:

    My S3 is rooted with CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4. and the OTA still crash on 30%.
    My baseband ver. I9300XXLFB.
    The other thing is that there is an update in the phone options (about phone > update software) but on kies the firmware is the most updated.

    Max is there any solution ?


  144. Fabian says:

    hello Max

    i change my galaxy note for a sg3, but the sg3 comes with a stock version with some apps from Claro, this is the gt i 9300 version, if i want to swicht to stock samsung, do i have to root ? i want to root anyways but i want to try stock for a few days, and right now which is the best custom room for the sg3?

    thank you for your time and regards.

  145. carlos says:

    hola max ,creo que tu puedes aclarar mis dudas , quiero rootear mi s3 y entiendo el modo con odin pero no estoy seguro que archivo poner en el PDA ,tu pones un archivo cf-root-sgs3 …… , pero en otro foro me dicen que debo de buscar un firmware ,yo lo que quiero es tener permiso de superusuario , y lo que tu me dices en tu tutorial para ser super usuario solo debo de poner el archivo cf-root-sgs3….., nada mas no ,ya con eso soy super usuario,ahora los firmware que estan en samMobile son oficiales ,instalando esos firmware es solo para flashear no es asi, con es no se puede tener permisos de super usuario ?,ahora primero rooteo mi s3 para ser super usuario ,rooteando no modifico la AP , CP , CSC seguira igual o cambiara con el rooteo ?ahora despues de haver rooteado e instalado un firmware oficial cuando haya una actualizacion la podre hacer automaticamente por kies, o no ? espero me puedas ayudar y disculpa por escribir en español es que soy de peru ah me olvidaba para rootear mi sgs3 debe de estar liberado o no ? porque mi celular pertenece a movistar peru ahora gracias

  146. benjamin says:

    terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rooted it and it lost all my contacts and gmail said it had none and i synced it all right before the modding and now that i unrooted it my messaging app wont work anymore!!!!! :((((( i tried the I9300 Optus australia firmware so i dnt know im gonna try the just Australia firmware no carrier. dissapointed in how slow that samsung site is to for the stock roms it only goes at 200kb .

  147. OzzieB says:

    started odin3 v1.85 but it failed,is there a way to go back my phone is on Odin mode says Do not turn off target!! ?

  148. OzzieB says:

    I push power button for 10 sec and it powered off, but went back to “Firmaware upgrade encountered an issue. Please slect recovery mode in Kies & try again.” So I tried again followed exact steps open odin3 v1.85, hit PDA, choosed file and hit Start. it says it failed. Im using a new laptop with windows 7.

  149. OzzieB says:

    Okay so I pulled the battery out and restarted holding power/home/volume butons and its working again.

  150. Yamakasi says:

    Hey Max, I rooted and unrooted mi S3 (GT-i9300) just to unlock it by using the app by Supercurio (Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock). And here comes my big question, right now Jelly Bean is available via OTA, after I unrooted and unlock my S3, can i receive this update or unlocking the phone by using and app means that i’m still depending on the mobile factory?

  151. Allen says:

    Will this work on the international version

  152. Andy says:

    Hi, before I root do I need to back everything up first before I begin step 1?

  153. Fabian says:

    hello Max

    i updated my gs3 yesterday to official jb 4.1.1, can i still use your method to root?
    ty and regards

  154. Ace says:

    HELP! I cannot get into CWM Recovery please help. I did everything correct i swear..

    • Max says:

      Newer software updates on the Galaxy S3 sometimes may overwrite the ClockworkMod Recovery you just installed, you can get by this by simply reflashing ClockworkMod Recovery with ODIN, then hold down Volume Up and Center Home button together for 10 seconds as soon as you see “PASS!” in ODIN.

  155. Ace says:

    You’re the best Yo! Shit works now

  156. Roger83 says:

    Hi guys! why my Galaxy s3 GT-I9300T cant work in odin? always Fail… this not for I9300T? thx…..

  157. carlos says:

    bueno no me respondieron

  158. Christian says:

    I live in Korea and just bought the e210 can I use this method?

  159. Greg says:

    Help Help
    I hard brick my Samsung Galaxy S3 ( Sprint )
    I root it,
    I install ClockworkMod Recovery,
    Then I flashed the wrong Rom.

    I used the I9300 Omega V27.1 ( WRONG I know now )
    Now, the phone wont turn on.
    Please advise

    • Max says:

      That’s a hard brick, you will have to return to Sprint store for a new phone. Do you have insurance?

      • Greg says:

        I purchased this in Craigslist for 350.00
        any other ideas?

        outsource this to someone ?


        Thanks for your help.

        Great stuff you have here…
        Keep up the good work.

  160. ammar adel says:

    i reaaaaaaaaaaaally thank you dear……..u r doing a great help

  161. paulo says:

    why does my comments never show up when im trying to reply some issues that people have?

  162. mario says:

    can you pls help me i have bricked my phone and i dont know how to unbrick it. im trying to loade the jelly bean files with odin, but it gets stuck with setup conection and i dont know what to do. please help

  163. yuval barel says:

    if i have (Galaxy S3 android 4.0.4) languge fonts (hebrew) , after the ROOT its stay or dissapere ?

  164. Vova says:

    hi i have at&t version of galaxy s3, i tried this method, but its not working for me, i selected the recovery.tar file from odin, pressed start and its not working, its just stuck, i followed the tutorial, did exactly what it said, i dont know what im doing wrong?

    • Max says:

      This isn’t for AT&T version, try this other method for AT&T:

  165. Prasad says:

    After rooting can I get ota updates
    But I guess update will unroot my phone
    So would there be any other problems in updating
    how do I keep root after every ota update

    Jellybean yet to arrive in my country

    • Max says:

      yes you can update by re-installing stock recovery or unrooting or also you can update straight to that update with ODIN when it comes out.

  166. yuval barel says:

    after i install the ROOT there was an update version for android 4.1
    what are the step that i need to do for update 4.1 and ROOT (with all my apps – mybe need to backup/restore) ?

  167. KIK says:

    In your FAQ you said Newer software updates on the Galaxy S3 sometimes may overwrite the ClockworkMod Recovery you just installed, you can get by this by simply reflashing ClockworkMod Recovery with ODIN, then hold down Volume Up and Center Home button together for 10 seconds as soon as you see “PASS!” in ODIN.

    Can you please explain more how to do that ???

  168. darkcaliber says:

    How can I root sprint galaxy s3 with android 4.1.1 is there a way..or should I down grade my sgs3 to 4.0.4. And then reroot and download voodoo root keeper n upgrade to 4.1.1…what you think max plz help me on this one…

    • ashkan says:

      if you root a galaxys3 that is unlocked will it stay the same or do you lose the unlock option… my phone is unlocked so i could use different sim card.. i would love to root my phone but dont wanna lose the unlock option

  169. ss3 says:

    can this same method of rooting the s3 be used to root the international 4G version? GT-I9305?

  170. Johnny Pearson says:

    I tried to root it with version 6.1 on my PC for my Galaxy S3 AT&T and it’s failed several times. The phone just says “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again.”. Kies on my MAC and my PC won’t recognize the phone. So I tried it with v 6.3 and it’s the same error. It’s my friends phone and so he’s going to have to reactivate his iPhone until we figure this out. Did I brick this phone? My laptop that I’m using ODIN on is a PC running windows. If I wanted to upload the stock firmware through ODIN, then where would I find it? The version of ODIN3 is v1.85. What do I do?

  171. Dave says:

    Hi Max, where in your web-site can download the file “”, i can’t find it. Please help. Tks lots!!!

  172. johnny says:

    hEY mAX!!

    First of all i love you site and it is the BEST and MOST INFORMATIVE site i have found so far and I appreciate the work that you do. So i just updated and rooted the new jelly bean 4.1.2 version and I am loving everything about it. The only issue i am having is that i can’t import my contacts that i had with the original settings. Is there any way i can import them or do i have to literally input every contact again?



  173. Siva says:

    Hi, Will I be able to get the official updates ?

  174. LuckyM says:

    Hi there!!! I have a Galaxy S3 already rooted “model GT-i9300″… I got it rooted and now I can upgrade the software, please I need to upgrade to the latest Jelly Bean but it keeps failing

    • Jonathan Cha says:

      You need stock recovery when you root you likely have clock work mod recovery which needs to be replaced by stock recovery if you want to update again. After you install it and you want to keep root download this app from the play store its called voodoo rootkeeper it allows you to keep your root after an update.

  175. pete says:

    Can you root a galaxy s3 with a tablet running android (asus transform) instead of PC?

  176. Dazzle says:

    So I just upgraded to jellybean here in Canada and now I want to root to get rid of bloatware. Am I able to root the phone yet?

  177. kevin says:

    Hey, Im not sure what version I have but im guessing its the international version. Im in china and the phone has been rooted now my problem is this, my friend has the same phone as I and he gets updates but they always stop before finishing but he isnt rooted, what can i do to find out which version i have and if i can install foxhound and will i recieve ota updates without any hassle?

    btw i had an htc one x and i gave it p for this cuz it was too slow and im getting the same bs with my s3 but still marginally better

  178. Jae says:

    Hey guys, I have the AT&T Galaxy S3 and I just updated to JB 4.1 and I lost my root access.. Can I root it again by using this same process? Any answers would be highly appreciate it, I really want to re-root my phone. Thank you!

    • Jonathan Cha says:

      No the root methods are now different I have tried 5 times now and still ended up with a boot loop. I cleared my cache and all that but it still does not work. But i found this a couple days ago and it works

  179. samer khabour says:

    hi i wana ask is this for 4.0.4?

  180. Allister says:

    Hi max,

    My friend got a Galaxy S3 i9300 from Orange in france. I have tried plugging it in to help him unlock and root it and it shows up as a CDC device.

    I know this means that i am missing a driver. When i looked up this problem the solution seems to be that I am stuck in modem mode when it needs to be set up as PDA mode. However the codes to enter to get into the phoneutil menu don’t work on the Orange variant. I have looked high and low and i cant find the drivers or a solution.
    Can you help?

  181. Rod says:

    Hello im getting fail on the box is there any reason that you might know is affecting this process??

  182. karim says:

    hey max hru please look at this rom this is the one im looking for waiting for the fix
    [ROM][OFFICIAL]Team-Venum Wicked Sensations v1.3.1 SGH-T999 (T-Mobile)
    please do a review on this one thanks for all the help got my first root from your website thanks again

  183. Dave T says:

    odin3 v1.85 crashes with Windows 8 while trying to update recovery. Never had an issue in 7, but recently upgraded to 8, and now my phone will not boot.

  184. Kabir says:

    I tried to root a gti9300 with this method and the phone will not boot to the OS it continues to say “firmware upgrade encoutered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” Kies will not recognize phone. When odin attempts to connect it fails and the phone says unsupported dev type.

    Can anyone tell me what version of odin to use??

    • Kabir says:

      I followed the video exactly and now the phone will not boot. I can get in to download mode but it continues to say unsupported dev type when I try to install the recovery…….

      I havent found any threads about this problem or how to fix it. Someone please throw me a bone here…..

      What does usupported dev type mean???

  185. khalil says:

    heyy i got in my laptop ‘Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device’ not Samsung Mobile USB’ CDC’ Composite Device so its fine??

    • khalil says:

      heyy man reply plzz im waiting

      • Kabir says:

        update the samsung drivers on your laptop or download samsung kies and install which should do the same. I believe that if you are running W7 or higher the driver should have updated its self. W

        Have you tested to see if odin recognizes your phone with the ‘Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device’ driver? If you plug the phone in and the little box in odin is yellow and says “com:any number” you should be fine, just run through the technique that max posted.

        Honestly just update the driver and save yourself anymore waiting or effort. Good luck!

  186. nev says:

    hey im trying to root my s3 i9305 ive followed all the steps however superuser doesnt install any help?

  187. Carl says:

    Just tried to flash this using EZrecovers and getting the System software not authorized message. The phone keeps booting back to the same screen when I boot up-what needs to be done?


  188. Carl says:

    OK-was able to get back to download mode & reloaded another rom and I’m back to where I was-

  189. Justin says:

    I have a Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 from Korea. The model number is SHV-E210L. Will the root tutorial you provided above work on this model?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  190. SEBASTIAN says:


    • Waleed says: did you rooted it?Whenever i extract .tar .rar file it have 2 files (recovery and cache ) instead of 1 .tar file.please help me.or if you have .tar file kindly email me.thanx

  191. rousan says:

    WORKED !!!!! thanks man!

    • Waleed says: did you rooted it?Whenever i extract .tar .rar file it have 2 files (recovery and cache ) instead of 1 .tar file.please help me.or if you have .tar file kindly email me.thanx

  192. Ola Badmus says:

    pls will this method work for international version. I’m in nigeria and my phone is GT- I9300 running 4.1.2. Pls reply me urgently cos i need to root my phone as fast as possible

  193. Akash says:

    Rooted my galaxy s3 successfully… but now i am unable to open any google service (play store, G+….) it says no connection but net works properly….. what to do now??

    • Waleed says: did you rooted it?Whenever i extract .tar .rar file it have 2 files (recovery and cache ) instead of 1 .tar file.please help me.or if you have .tar file kindly email me.thanx

  194. Hoveen says:


    i have drivers installed but when i open Odin i dont see a yellow highlighted box or any numbers in it.


  195. thomas says:

    i need help,i wanna root my S3 so badly but i get confused with these zip files and extracting junk.. is there anyway you can help me Max.. your videos are helpful and i know you try to make as easy as possible but im confused.. wish you could come by and do it,lol but any answers pplease email me back.. thank you

    • Leon says:

      I think Max has stopped looking here and updating it.

      What exactly is confusing about a zip file? You right click the zip file and extract it. If you look thru some of my comments to others then you will see what I have told others that had issues finding the download files. Most of the questions you can come up with have been answered here by myself and others replying to users issues.

  196. Eduard says:

    I used this version on how to root and install CWM recovery: after this one has failed to many time. cheers

  197. david says:

    I have a? If anyone can help would be awesome I had my s3 rooted on jb 4.1.1 until yesterday my phone asked me to update to 4.1.2 shortly after the update I noticed my phone lost it’s root what can I do to get my phone rooted again? Also for what ever reason Odin will not read my phone when I run Odin and hook up my phone nothing happenes in the activities slot can any one help me please I will donate for the help For sure.

  198. mark says:

    Hi, First I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and instructions on rooting the phone. Is it possible to root my sprint s3 after the screen has cracked and not working? And backup my data to transfer to a new s3? I apologize if this information has already been posted, but my google searches only say how to fix the screen. Thanks for any information.

  199. adam west says:

    dude… you have sooo many adverts on your site….. and where the hell is the root file…every time i hit a link your trying to sell me a flipping credit card… what a joke

  200. joe hen says:

    Max how do i install cwm touch from cwm. Can i just download it to my phone and flash it like a rom or do i need a pc???
    Thanks man

  201. firdaus says:

    Hi Max,
    i have rooted my phone as taught by you.
    However, if i enter into recovery mode, the screen appears to be different..
    not like yours. the backup/restore features is not there..
    here are the list that is being displayed in recovery mode,

    1. reboot system now
    2. apply update from ADB
    3. apply update from external storage
    4. wipe data/factory reset
    5. wipe cache partition
    6. apply update from cache..

    thanx in advance

  202. Ramzzey13 says:

    Hey Max, I’m having some problems here. I just got a S3 and the device was already rooted but the owner wipe it to get cyanogen off of it. It has Teamwin Recovery mod on it and I tried to install Jellybomb from .zip and that failed (in Teamwin). I then thought I needed to reroot it so I tried this method above and this failed in the odin screen. Now my screen is displaying firmware upgade encontered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again. I’m not sure what to do now as I can’t get it to boot at all. It has 4.1.1. Any help or suggestions that I can do. THanks Max.

  203. jacob walters says:

    I cant get the “install zip fir sdcard ” to show up or the “backup/restore” to show up in the menu

  204. classssssssss says:

    if i root my s3, how install samsung leaked updates?

  205. Atul says:

    thanks brother…

  206. asif says:

    my baseband version is
    karnel – 3.0.31-488302
    build no. – JR003C.I9300XXDLK1

    give me latest rooting firmware for this

    here is no firmware to root this karnel………….

  207. khalil says:

    heyy my phone was root n was working fine but after i update it from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 my ol root app doesnt grant with super su. i download 3 root check app to check root access 2 app showin no root bt 1 app showing root access. wat must i do plzz rply asap.

  208. Joel Cruz says:

    I have a rooted SGSIII. I am married and have a girl friend. They know about each other. Is there anything i can do to my phone so the calls and texts do not appear on my phone bill, not even “private number”. This sounds stupid but i dont want them checking to see who gets most of my calls. This is not a joke.

  209. Ankit says:

    i am from india, just before a day i have received Samsung S3 Alpha (Japanese ) SC-03E on my hand,
    now i wanna root my handset, i saw this thread and tried a lot to understand the procedure, but sorry i am noob in all this.

    please someone help me out with step by step simple procedure to do this.

    also i am facing problem in wireless tethering, as soon as i start tether my phone signal lost data connection…

    please help me out some expert,
    i will be thankful to him.

    Model Number : SC-03
    Android : 4.1.1
    Baseband Version : SC03E0MALK5
    Build Number : JRO03C.SC03EOMALK5

  210. iZi says:

    If i done a root , and Samsung issue an update , will my device receive it and i can update ?!
    Note that i have GS3 GT-i9300 international, android Jelly Bean 4.1.2

    Thanks ^_^

  211. max says:

    hey max i love your website. Just yesterday i was trying to root my gs3 now i also have the gs4 and gs2 and used your methods to root them they worked perfectly except the gs3. for some reason the .tar file is a zip im not sure if its sapposed to be or not but in the stages of odin it failed and not i get a *firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in lies and try again* if u can advise me on how to fix this that would be great. thanks once a again.

  212. Madfan says:

    Im a newbie in the world of rooting and am wondering if this works for 4.1.2.
    Thank you and great article!

  213. fernando says:

    no e podido hacer root de ninguna forma se queda atascado en get pit for mapping ya e intentado de todo y nada mi s3 es i9300UBELL1 NUMERO DE COMPILACION JZO54K.I9300UBEMA1

  214. Daisy says:


    but i have one question,
    how i can remove the root later !?

    i haven’t done the root yet, i just wanna know how to unroot before rooting my galaxy S3

  215. bullit says:

    Can someone help me please. It doesn’t work for me. I followed all the steps and everytime i hit start i get this message:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  216. Yasir says:

    I am having a problem in the 13th step where in my phone I won’t get the clockwork mod recovery, instead I get the normal recovery mode initially when my phone was unrooted……. Can you please help me

  217. Leonard says:

    Hey, I have got a problem.
    I can’t acces cwm recovery, even though I uncheck auto-reboot, ran odin correctly, then removed the battery and usb, and pressed and hold volume up + center + power. Somehow it just goes into installing the root, then it boots but then i can’t acces cwm recovery it will just run the stock recovery 🙁 Please help, cause I’d really like to install some different roms.

  218. Nanase Quek says:

    Woah, thanks for the method. I got stuck at the odin exe part because I never put them into the folder with the right name. Maybe u would like to highlight that

  219. Waleed says:

    hey max.I want to root my s3 GT-i900 because i want to install leaked android 4.2 version.I downloaded the s3 rooting files i.e CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar these files are in a rar format.whenever i extract them it doesn’t have any .tar file.Instead of .tar file it have 2 files named cache and recovery.Please help .what should i do.I want to root it.I have also installed a firmware 4.1.1 from via odin.If you have the .tar file kindly email me.thanx.

  220. DENNIS MILLER says:

    SPRINT GALAXY S3. Titanium backup installed, backed up, Clockworkmod done, rom mamnager installed. but nothing.
    Please help

  221. hüseyin says:

    galaxy s3 gtı9300 çekirdek sürümü soft@android#3 android 4.1.1 harvarde version 1.1.0 software version mocorDroid4.1.1w12.20-p20.01_s93+_end_lclt_v006 korea tek hat buna daha önce imei kopyalamışlar *#06 yaptığımızda çıkan imei kopyalandığı farkedilip kapanmış imei sorgulamada yazan bu teli 1 ay oldu alalı 1 aydır telefoncu telefoncu dolaşıyom imei şifresini çözemediler pek anlamam yazılımmı bişey atıyolarmış tuşlar kayboluyomuş tel kiltliyomuş kendini bende kendim bu verilen şifrelerin hepsini denedim ensonki *tuşuna basınca yazdığım şifre ekrandan kayboluyor *#*#82043036#*#* *#*#9826835#*#* *#*#3646633#*#* *#112#* ve 1011 başlayan bişeydi olmadı kiesle pc ye bağlanamıyorum driver dede çalışmıyor denetim masasında aygıtlar yönetiminde spreadrum phone diye gözüküyor yanında sarı levha içinde ! işareti tıklıyorum güncelleme istiyor yap diyorum uygun güncelleme bulunamadı diyor birde şu ses açma tuşu menü tuşu ve açma/kapama dügmesine aynı anda bastığımdada hiçbirşey çıkmıyor açılışta androidin resmi çıkıyor kayboluyor tekrar velcom diyerk çıkıyor tkrr sinir krizleri geçiriyorum bulunduğum yerdeki telefoncular olmuyo diye geri verdiler şifreyi bilen veya nasıl bu imei değiştirebilme yöntemi bilen varsa lütfen gece gündüz başındayım pc nin bu işle uğraşıyorum

  222. Jay says:

    So I followed step by step instructions and it didn’t work. It gets all the way to and fails like this:
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    I am running windows 8 its for a us cellular phone could either or those have something to do with it not work? First time rooting a phone

  223. Gsmoove says:

    will this work for my GT-I9305?
    please reply

  224. Tellson says:

    Dear Max,
    I have an S3 GT-i9300.
    It is a ‘branded’ version…..French, ‘Orange’, to be exact…firmware PDA:MF1/PHONE:MF1/CSC:MF2 (FTM)
    It is not ‘rooted’
    I would really love to put UK stock firmware onto the phone.
    I have already downloaded the UK stock firmware (4.3) from the samsung-updates website.
    Do I have to ‘root’ the phone to enable me to do this???
    Thanks in advance for advice.

  225. Alessandro says:

    I cant get my driver software to install!!!! i have downloaded samsung kies but it never connects to my phone!

  226. uxaar says:

    So basically your rooting option for lots of linux users is in the end a Windows option since lots of users cant get CWM recovery to work and as i can see above where you answer questions, you send them back to windows to use ODIN
    Well …i don’t have access to a Windows computer and like lots of people i cant get into CWM because it always goes into stock android recovery mode..
    Basically reading your article and trying to use your method was a complete waste of time.
    Your article is misleading.

    • Max says:

      you can use vmware on a mac or linux to run odin also. i do recommend having vmware if u plan on rooting phones as mac or linux isnt well supported.

  227. richy says:

    will these work on the gs3 i9305

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  229. Nelly says:

    So, I tried to root my phone and everything went well except now I keep getting errors about processes stopping and the phone is really laggy. I’m sure I did something stupid but would love a bit of help on what I did wrong?

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  232. Himanshu says:


    Thanks for the step by step procedure. I am on JB 4.3 on GT-i9300. Are you certain that rooting won’t delete “any” app/game or any other file from the phone?


  233. Dário Costa says:

    I need help, my s3 does not recognize the usb, tested everything up to use the apk USB HOST CHECK and notice missing some files on usb, I cant fix without root and I dont have usb from the root 🙁 some light to save me from this problem?

    Sorry my english

  234. PoppyAnn says:

    Hi there many thanks for all the work you have put into this, i did everything that it says to do but my S3 still says not routed when i tried titanium backup so i am not sure where i went wrong, my phone is with UK T mobile.
    when i ran Odin3 it came up with passed i clicked on PDA and then put in CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar it all seamed to work so i have no idea what to do next any help would be gratefully accepted.

    regards PoppyAnn

    • Max says:

      Try installing CWM recovery using ODIN then install SuperSU:

  235. Sophie says:

    Hello Max and thanks for the simple windows method. Hope this thread still is alive 🙂
    After a few tries it seemed to have worked.
    I have the Superuser installed. So am assuming it’s all good. Though i cannot seem to reboot in Recovery Mode and keep getting the Android one (samsung logo + ATT intro) and it says “Android recovery” not CRM, this seems suspicious
    Though Busybox asked for granting permission etc.. When i tried to do a Nandroid bckup with Online Nandroid Backup app. It completed too fast so I know it did not work. Are those 2 issues related?
    How do I know that I am rooted for sure and to make sure i reboot in custom recovery and not stock?
    Thanks a lot!

  236. eric yow says:

    Max,can i use this step to root my device?
    GT-19300 international running the new update from samsung
    jelly bean v4.3 pls help ,pls pls
    thank you thank you

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  243. sumit says:

    hii..Max thanks for the info…but I am facing serious problem that whenever I am trying to open SuperSu…a message is being flashed that….”There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it, This ia a problem!
    If you just upgraded top Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root-consult the relevant forums for your device”

    and then it closes…..Now you please let me know what is this and what should I do….???

    • Max says:

      Try flashing this in CWM recovery:

      • sumit says:

        Hiii…Max it tried flashing superSU update In CWM recovery by pressing volume up key, power key and home key simultaneously and then install zip from sd card ……
        But after that superSU app disappeared and my mob still not rooted…..checked by root checker……so please guide me step wise step as I am not very good in it….snd also its my first time…..thanks

  244. sumit says:

    There was no error while installing the zip…..moreover I repeated the whole rooting procedure 3-4 times and every time I got it pass In green….as shown in your explanation… there any other way of rooting for GT i9300 with 4.3 jelly bean…??

    • Max says:

      Try reflashing this SuperSU zip in recovery:

      If my answer helps, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. thx!

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  246. arulkumar says:

    Hi Team ,

    I am using galaxy S3 I9300 and planned for installing custom ROM .so i have installed CWM recovery and rooted the the phone and confirmed the root acces on Root Checker apps it shows “congratulation This device has root access” succesfully rooted .Then i have followed the steps before installing Custom ROMs as below :
    1 .wipe data/factory reset
    2.wipe cache
    3. Advance > wipe Dalvik Cache.
    Then Selected install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Locate the CUSTOM ROMS package and tried installed but its giving error as follow
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…

    Installation aborted..

    i am not sure what is wrong i have done properly and followed step by step but still i am not able to install Custom ROM tried with 2 or 3 ROMS but still the same .
    Please help me to install the custom ROM on my phone .

    Thanks ,
    Arulkumar ( )

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  248. ElenaH says:

    Hi all! guys, I swear I tried all possible methods to root my phone. It just doesn’t work. I followed the instructions PRECISELY. Everything looked exactly like on the photos and videos on youtube. When I check the root status- it says “Not Rooted”. But I don’t have the external MicroSD. Maybe that’s why I can’t root it?
    Device: Unlocked Galaxy S3 SGH- i747 AT&T
    Build: KOT49H.i747UCUFNJ1
    Android:4.4.2 Kit Kat
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0-1514807
    dpi@SWDD6208 #1
    Wed Oct 1 21:09:24 KST 2014

  249. david jemmieson says:

    it didnt work for me not sure why tho can anyone help me with it plz

  250. mohammed salih says:

    deos this root work with galaxy s3 4.3 or not??

  251. oduwe says:

    after rooting my superSU keeps saying unfortunately has stopped…… pls what i can i do to this

  252. Majical Knight says:

    Hi, at first i had trouble downloading the CWM files so i ended up rooting my gt-i9300 using kingoroot software, uhm.. any ideas on how i should proceed, should i go back and root the phone using your way to get the super user or (i noticed that they have an app) should i just download thier app. and what is the difference between the different rooting methods and how will it affect what you want to do next? thanks

  253. paulinegr11 says:

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