How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999!

For those of you who want to root your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999, here’s a specific fail-safe noob guide.

UPDATE: Please use the update root guide here!!!
UPDATE: Please see new root guide!

Step 1. Hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power button together for about 10 seconds until your phone reboots.

Step 2. Let go of only the Power button when your phone resets.  You should see a warning screen like below:

Step 3. Press Volume Up to enter ODIN Download Mode then connect a microUSB cable from your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to your computer.

Step 4. Download and unzip, you should find 4 files like below under GalaxyS3RootSprint.


Double-click on the ODIN EXE file to run the ODIN program.

Step 5. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with random COM number.  If you do, you are good to go.  Otherwise, you don’t have the correct Galaxy S3 drivers, download Samsung Kies and install it.  Then unplug/plug your phone and you should see it now.  (Also turn off Kies program, don’t have it running at the same time with ODIN!)

Step 6. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the “PDA” button, choose the file “clockworkmod.TAR” and hit “Start”.

Step 7. This will flash ClockworkMod Recovery into the Recovery partition of your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T999 then your phone will reboot.

Step 8. Once rebooted, copy the file “” to anywhere on your Galaxy S3.

Step 9. We will now reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery, hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button for about 10 seconds.

Step 10. Once your phone reboots, only let go of the Power button.

Step 11. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.

Step 12. Next choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 13. Next choose “”.

Step 14. Next choose “Yes”.  This will install SuperSU superuser app and root your phone.

Step 15. Once it’s done, simply reboot and you will have root!




Q: Does this root method erase my settings and apps?
A: No, it doesn’t touch a thing, very safe to do.

Q: I ended up in Kernel panic mode, what do I do?
A: Relax, that’s same as ODIN download mode, simply run Heimdall again and flash the files again, it will work.

Q: I don’t get ClockworkMod Recovery like you do, just get Android with belly open.
A: If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot.  To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN, then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN.  Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away.

More questions?  Please leave in the comment section below for help from author and other users.

More on this Root Method

This root method simply installs ClockworkMod Recovery to the recovery partition and installs Superuser zip file, very safe to do.  With Galaxy S2, recovery partition was part of the kernel and was a bit dangerous but with Galaxy S3, Samsung has made recovery parition separate from the kernel, making it much safer just like how Galaxy Nexus works.

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141 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Fine….so I rooted it a few days ago, CWM doesn’t support it, there are no roms yet…only thing it’s good for at this point I think it titanium….

  2. darek says:

    Max.. which app do i freeze in the titanium backup to allow me to do tethering?

    Please respond for i need it.

  3. Max E. says:

    Greetings from Canada,
    I just got my phone today from Videotron, Model# SGH-T999V.
    Do you think it’s safe to assume I have the same model as T-Mobile and that I can “Safely” attempt to Root it in the same way? Thanks

    • Max says:

      yes safe.

      • alexrobot says:

        Rooted my own T999V today using your method, pretty excited, however, Titanium Backup is telling me I don’t have/it won’t recognize root because Busybox is not included. Is this expected? How can I resolve this?

      • prabjeet says:

        hey i have Canadian version of galaxy s3 baseband version SGH-T999vvlle6.i tried to root my s3 via method of rooting t-mobile galaxy s3 version.Whenever i start the odin it get stuck at getting pit mapping….Pls help me in that.thks in advance.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey, I also have the same phone model (SGH-T999V). I wish to root it and install some roms that could give me longer battery power and stuff.. do you know any ways to install them on that phone model? Thanks alot

      • prabjeet says:

        How to root galaxy s3 SGH-T999V.Is it the same way as t-mobile SGH-T999.coz i trying to root my phone but above method is not working.

        • Max says:

          Yes same method try again slowly it works.

          • Jonathan says:

            Hey Max, do you know where I can download Roms for the T999V? Thanks alot. I can’t find the answer anywhere…

            • Max says:

              T999 roms are compatible with T999V. 🙂

              • Jonathan says:

                can I use roms for T999 even if it says it’s for T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint? Mine is a Videotron.. Feel free to share any links with roms I could use ( like one with extended battery power and stuff) .. and thanks alot!

    • Max E. says:

      Thanks again, it went smoothly and I was able to back up my stock ROM the way I wanted too!
      Coming from a buggy Nexus1 this baby is awesome and now I’ll wait till a few weeks for more custom ROM choices become available.

      • Max E. says:

        Thanks again, it went smoothly and I was able to back up my stock ROM the way I wanted too!
        Coming from a buggy Nexus1 this baby is awesome and now I’ll wait a few weeks for more custom ROM choices become available.

  4. Ben says:

    Is there a way to unroot yet? Does the unroot method for the GT-I9300 work the same for T-Mo version? Also, I don’t have to care about the Binary counter unless I’m doing a warranty claim, correct?

    Thanks in advance! Rooted my S3 with this guide and using the Redrum Lean StockROM

  5. Abhi says:

    Is there a un-root method??

  6. Holyrat says:

    Hey on step 7 it says galaxy s2

  7. Phat Nguyen says:

    Hey Max, after rooting and installing CWM. I’m trying to install ROM from my external SD but CWM doesn’t recognize or allow me to mount the external SD. Is there a solution for this?

  8. Alex says:

    Max are there any roms for the gs3???

  9. holyrat says:

    I have the tmobile 16gb blue version and it worked just fine. Finished in about like 6 mins haha.

  10. abel says:

    Does it erase anything

  11. Tak says:

    Hi Max. After Step 7(This will flash ClockworkMod Recovery into the Recovery partition of your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T999 then your phone will reboot.) My SGH-T999V Canadian S3 didnt reboot successfully, and it just kept being blackscreen so long time until now, even i rebooted it manually, or redid step 1-7 again. seems like it gonna be blackscreen forever. Please respond , and thank you so much!

  12. Jade says:

    Hi Max, it’s me again. I rebooted my T999 and want to give it another try…but when i extract this i got this >>>odin3 v1.85
    >>>clockworkmod (rar)
    >>>CWM-SuperSU-v0.87 (rar)
    What do i do?

  13. romen says:

    hey max i did root the phone ..but when i flash any rom i get error (installation aborted status 7) if u can help ..i have tmobile galaxy s3 …

    • Max says:

      Only install tmo roms r u trying to install i9300 roms?

      • romen says:

        i wish someone told me b4 ..i think i just brick my phone ..lollll it wont turn on no matter what i am pressing ,,,, any suggestion? b4 i report it stolen and get anther one lol

        • Max says:

          Are u sure u downloaded correct files? I did check on xda this works for sght999v just fine. Try redownloading the files for tmo and try again.

          • romen says:

            i dont know what happen i kept getting error (installation aborted status 7) and now my phone wont turn on power no light no nothing ..any thing i can try to bring this phone back to life ??

  14. Paul says:

    I am rooting currently got to where i copy the cwm file into the phone through the desktop but the desktop only recognizes my phone as a camera and will not allow me to copy into the file folder, is there a driver i can install or maybe select usb debugging on the phone i dont want to proceed and misstep. thanks

    • Max says:

      change USB mode to MTP.

      • Paul says:

        yes i tried in both with and without debugging, i looked for new drivers for my desktop it still only reads as a camera and only so i may transfer from and not to the internal storage. blah i wish i had another computer to try on but its just not the case. any other ideas? could i send the file to the phone through email or something or does it need to be executed on the desktop?

        • Max says:

          There is a way i will post it soon bud.

          • Paul says:

            hey max still having trouble with this. i know you have a lot going on, it just baffles me that i can look into my internal storage and sd card contents but nothing is accessible. i cant move or modify contents or import any files without using kies or wmp (only for music)

  15. Vinny says:

    Hey Max,
    I have used CWM Touch Recovery in other phones but have not seen it out for the SGS3 T-Mobile. Have you seen or heard of it yet?? Would love to flash it , just like the big font , this dog is getting old in the tooth if you know what I mean.
    PS, Nice Telescope.

  16. aaron says:

    I want to root my T-mobile S3 but I dont know what files I need to download. I understand the instructions but I cant find the files i need to download. Can you please help me max. Where do i find the correct galaxy s3 root zip file for TMOBILE. I dont want to brick my phone like romen. Can you please guide me. thanks

  17. Vinny says:

    Hey Max,
    I am sorry to hear about your account being removed from the YouTube files. I find it outrageous that they can allow some of that trash I see but they penalize you for just saying the truth. I guarantee some Apple fan boys got together and made a bunch of complaints and that opened a can of worms. Your videos are the most educational for the Android noob. I know how much work that goes into putting together quality videos like yours. The more I think about it the more fucking pissed off I get. Hope you get it straightened out, always watching, keep them coming.
    PS, You have one beautiful daughter, you are a very lucky guy.

  18. earthforce_1 says:

    I have a SGH-T999V Galaxy S3: The linux method does not seem to work, the step
    sudo heimdall flash –recovery recovery.img

    gives a protocol error when ran under 4 bit Ubuntu 12.04 I saw on another website, this particular variant doesn’t work yet on heimdall?

    • Max says:

      It might be that yes, I actually haven’t tried on the U.S./Canadian models but will have an update. Heimdall might not be compatible with the Qualcomm S4 chip.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Hey, PLEASE reply to this.
    I’m running on Ubuntu 12.04, and I have a US Cellular variant of the Galaxy S III.
    I’ve seen your How to Root tutorial on Ubuntu, but I’m pretty sure that’s for the international version.
    But how would I root my variant on Ubuntu?

  20. kc says:

    everything is working fine until step 11. i couldn’t get into the clockworkmod recovery it keep going into odin mode please help.

    • Max says:

      Try this updated guide instead bud:

  21. David says:

    If I root but keep my stock ROM, will I still get OTA updates? If not, can I use Samsung Kies to update firmware manually? The fear of not getting software updates is the only thing that keeps me from rooting right now. Please help, thanks.

  22. Joe poudel says:

    First of all, I wish I have enough words to thank you enough for your helpful videos.
    I have had all galaxy phones and I have been following your videos. I now have a galaxy s3, rooted with your instructions and use free tethering, thanks to you again
    I bought an app Phone Locator Pro few days ago. it actually becomes the administrator of the phone and access everything. What I really wanted was it to be able to turn my GPS on with a command. I talked to the developer of the app and they said, The plpro.apk file has to be moved from other regular apps folder to system app folder. But I couldnot find a single app in the path /data/app (apparantly where it should be). I talked to the developer again about the issue and they said may be my phone was not rooted properly (that i dont believe because I can use all the apps for rooted phone very well).
    Since you are very knoweledgable in this, my question for you is how do i find all the .apk files that i downloaded from market? where are they supposed to be? and just incase I messed up while rooting, where can it be ?

    • Max says:

      Download ES File Manager, enable “Root” and “Write” in Settings, then you will be able to go to /data/app folder, I think you can copy that app to /system/app folder. Cheers.

  23. William P says:

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me get into recovery mode. I did all the steps before the recovery mode part correctly, I think, and every time I try to get into recovery mode it does not get to that recovery mode screen. I know for a fact that I press the right buttons. When I press the buttons down together I sometimes see the Samsung logo and a small blue text above it that I never catch to read because it only shows up for like a second and it goes away. I keep holding it down afterwards and it just vibrates every like 10 seconds with nothing than a black screen. And thanks for taking your time to read this. Oh and great tutorial by the way, I just had to be the outcast for this -_- lol.

    • William P says:

      Ha figured it out lol. It works now, what happened was that I left the phone on the charger when attempting to go into recovery mode but the next day when I tried it off the charger it worked. And now I have SU =).
      Thanks so much, you made it really easy to follow along with each individual step. Great tutorial. Anyway I can donate?

  24. Ken says:

    Thanks. Worked like a charm.

    Now I can remove the b/s bloatware 🙂

    Thanks again!

  25. Angital says:

    I got to step 8 and my device is missing from my computer and windows reports an this error upon plugging in my t-999. Everything was followed correctly, I even tried again with the same results. I reinstalled drivers on my windows 7 for my phone. How do I get the file on my phone if MTP and PTP aren’t even detected upon connecting to the pc?

    This sucks I was so close… Please advise!

    • Angital says:

      “Hardware Id Missing
      Windows cannotthe device plugged into the SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device .

      For assistance, contact the hardware manufacturer.”

  26. denzil says:

    i have a Galaxy s3 T999 using T-Mobile USA. I have watch your tutorials they are okay but then you do not have any download for Mac users for the heimall tool to root the phone.
    I am thinking list all the proper downloads for Mac users, exe files will not work on Mac.

  27. denzil says:

    I am using a Galaxy s3 T999 T-Mobile USA using a Mac, you do not have any download for Heimdall tool to root the phone for Mac users.

  28. Tom says:

    I just received a notification for an OTA update today from T-Mobile. I’m not sure if I should just apply it or if I should unroot before applying it and then reroot after the update. Can you please help me?

  29. Huong says:

    Hi i did the root thing but when i try to download and install the supersu it says verification failed, can you help me how to get it to pass.

    • Max says:

      try the new root guide:

  30. Sam says:

    Hey max,

    i also rooted my tmo sgs 3 using your method. I received an ota update that failed and I’m wondering if it was jelly bean but could be the little update tmo released it failed nonetheless saying couldn’t not unpack or install update. But then I tried to manually update with the zip from Samsung and with basically the same method minus Odin and I’m getting the same error msg. I remember the superuser zip was from Sprint would that have anything to do with updates falling out just the root in general.

  31. Kim says:

    My rooted t-mobile GS3 is keep telling me there is update that i need, and i cant get rid of that notification other than doing it. I tried doing the update, but it brings me to the page that i seen when i root my phone.
    Anyone know what this update is about? Jelly Bean?
    Any fix? Please help

    • Max says:

      new software update you can ignore or re-install stock recovery to update:

  32. THE LB says:

    I want to root then install a custom rom on my T-Mobile SGH-T999 But I don’t wanna lose my ability to make wifi phone calls and send text messages over t-mobile servers. Does anyone know if I will lose this feature or if there is a rom that supports it?


  33. dor says:

    my gs3 after i did the odin it diden’t rebooted. help

    • Max says:

      just try it again, use this guide instead tho:

  34. William says:

    Hi! Love your site. T-Mobile S3 I’m having a problem: I rooted a couple weeks ago, and wifi tether worked fine, then I got alerts for a software update that wouldn’t go away. I read that you couldn’t get OTA updates with CWMod recovery, so I used your method of returning to stock recovery. That worked fine, software update worked, but then my wifi tether (really my only root-required app) stopped working. “Started with errors” and such. But the “SuperSU#” app is still there and active. So today, I tried using odin to put CWMod recovery back on. I followed the instructions like last time, and odin says it was successful. But when it rebooted, and I went to enter recovery, it wasn’t CWMod, and I think it’s the stock recovery still. Any idea’s of what I did wrong? I really appreciate your help, wifi-tether is one of my most important apps for school. -William

  35. Matt says:

    Hi Max!

    I tried you method, but I’m not getting that highlighted box with random COM numbers. I do have Samsung Kies installed already but it’s a newer version than the one you link (2.3.3). So I removed it and installed your version. Still nothing. Please help!


  36. kurt says:

    While installing I get a ERROR: E:signature validation failed!
    I replace the ZIP after redownload. and suggestions?

  37. Steve says:

    Every time i try to hold the volume up, power, and home button i get a screen snapshot capture and the phone just powers off without rebooting… Been t it for like an hour and still nothing different. Any suggestions?

    • kurt says:

      I had same. Solution: press Volume, Home, then Power in sequence. Next problem is with T-Mobile as soon as the screen darkens; release ONLY the Power button.

  38. Ramone says:

    I have a problem. Im on T999UVLH2. I followed your instructions but entering CWM was a no go. It keeps bringing me to stock recovery. I install through odin 3 times now and still nothing

    • Max says:

      Please use the updated guide here:

  39. Dee says:

    what up Max! First timer right here, just got a S3 with tmobile. I saw some of your vids already = high on android. you probably had this question before. If i root my phone, would that void any warranty or insurance. i’m under a contract.


  40. Mike Snyder says:

    Great site….thanks for all the valued information! One question though… when I load the from Odin and don’t immediately reboot, I am able to access CWM recovery. However, if I reboot the T999 I only have access to the Android System Recovery (3e). Any ideas here?

    Also, when I flash the and immediately access CWM, I have no access to the external SD Card. I had none of these issues with the AT&T variant I747.

    Thanks in advance for any insight….!

    • Max says:

      try the updated guide here:

  41. sunny says:

    hi max?
    i rooted tmobile samsung galaxy s3 through you video
    everything okay!
    but accidently, i super wiped the phone without back up my files and datas.
    im stuck in samsung logo and samsung galaxy3 letter
    it trying to boot but doing over and over?
    i can go back to download mode and recovery mode but files not exsit
    there is anyhow i can get files and back up through odin?
    there is file for the galaxy note but i can’t find with samsung galaxy s3 tmobile version
    please help me one this

    • Max says:

      Did you do a factory reset in stock recovery? That’s what I assume happened, that will erase your internal storage and not sure if there’s an easy way to recover. There are undelete apps but I haven’t tried them.

  42. Kim says:

    Hi, so i rooted my phone with this guide. Thanks! and now i want to factory reset it, but do i need to unroot first before i can do that? or can i just factory reset when i am rooted?

    even if i factory reset, i will root it again, so what is the best way of doing this without causing much problem?


  43. Marco says:

    Hey Max i just wanted to thak you first of all, I’ve been your fan for a while sience i had my s2. I’ve never wrote to you before. and now i have a question. I just rooted my T-mobile s3 and install titanium backup, rom manager and android tether. everything seems to be working fine except, that kies does not recognize my s3 and i still have the same stock rom … I never had that problem with the s2. and i do use kies a lot. please help

  44. enrique renteria h says:

    ok everything went great until i had to put in the sdcard the file a nd did not install properly and on the phone screen it would say the file not sign both upper one and onother one that is filed name superuser 3.0.7 efghi signed. zip and it didnt work either it says e failed to verify whole file signature
    E signature verification failed

    what should I do and let me know thanks

    very thank full for you r work thanks
    enrique renteria

  45. Ruayly says:

    i did everything as you said max but one i reboot into cwm i get android recovery system insteaf any help?

  46. Kim says:

    Hi I just downloaded the jelly bean update from tmobile via OTA while my phone was rooted. and now after that it says my phone is modify, so i am wondering do i need to unroot it first? or can i root it with jelly bean root?


  47. joon says:

    Hey max. I want to thank you greatly for all that you do. This made my life easier.

    i know you get hundreds of replies, comments, or emails a day. But in case you happen to come across my reply, I rooted successfully and installed the CM10 M2. Everything is great but I have a camera problem. Everytime I try to open the camera app or after i take a picture, the app freezes or does not pop up. Sometimes it would indicate that gallery has stopped working. I have not been able to save any pictures I have taken. I do not kill the apps either.

    thanks for your help.

  48. Bell says:

    I’m trying to unzip the file but my screen is showing different then yours, is showing android system recovery , I’ve tried several times and still getting that. Need help.

  49. Natalli K says:

    Ok so I just got yet another S3 from Tmoble because my other ones sucked. So this one came straight from Samsung and it already has Jelly Bean on it.

    So every I reboot it always go back to downloading mode…. it does not boot into CWM….

    You said “Q: I don’t get ClockworkMod Recovery like you do, just get Android with belly open.
    A: If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot. To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN, then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN. Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away.”

    If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot.


    To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN,


    then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN.


    Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away. <—- HOW DO ACHIEVE THIS….



  50. zxdfr says:

    i cant seem to git it to work and i think it might be because of the fact that i have the gs3 RELAY would that effect it?

  51. taylor says:

    the link for the zip file is broken

    that one V

  52. taylor says:

    the link for the zip file is broken


  53. antony says:

    Hey max,i did all the step but not in stock on the zip file i press the file but when is intalling say (E.SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FAILED) what i can do now?

  54. Iman says:

    Hey Max
    A great instruction
    Was able to get into the recovery mode. Every time I chose ‘install from SD card”, then “choose Sd card”, i get an error message at the bottom of screen
    E: can not mount SD card
    The super user file is copied on on the internal SD card.
    I repeated the installation process few times, but it just fails to see the zip file either on the phone or the external SD
    By the way, my phone is encrypted, if this makes any difference!
    Can you please help?
    many thanks

  55. Joseph says:

    I did the instructions but in the CWM, when i select choose .zip from sdcard it wont read my sd card and instead reads the phones internal memory…

  56. Joseph says:

    I used their instructions for installing the jedi invasion rom

  57. Akif Ucmak says:

    Would this software work on Windows-8?

  58. Akif Ucmak says:

    Would that software work on windows_8?

  59. Tarun says:


    I got everything right upto step 11. when i go into clockwork recovery mode, It shows different options than what you have mentioned in the pics above 🙁 I have a t-mobile galaxy s3 which i got about 2 months ago. it shows REBOOT SYSTEM NOW, APPLY UPDATE FROM ADB, APPLY UPDATE FROM EXTERNAL STORAGE, WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, WIPE CACHE PARTITION, APPLY UPDATE FROM CACHE. can you please tell me what to do at this point? i dont think i have put in a sd card into my phone. Thanks in advance!

  60. masi says:

    I got everything right up to step 11. when i go into clockwork recovery mode, It shows different options than what you have mentioned in the pics above I have a t-mobile galaxy s3 which i got about 4 months ago. it shows REBOOT SYSTEM NOW, APPLY UPDATE FROM ADB, APPLY UPDATE FROM EXTERNAL STORAGE, WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, WIPE CACHE PARTITION, APPLY UPDATE FROM CACHE.
    when i do exe zip file it say certificate validation fail….
    can you please tell me what to do at this point?
    Thanks in advance!

  61. cris says:

    e signature verification failed

  62. Dynesha says:

    what should i do if my phone doesnt reboot after pressing PDA and start in ODIN

  63. Jeff says:

    First off thank you for all you’ve done! Your work is much appreciated by all of us android users. I don’t know if this question was ever answered, however I’m sure you’re fully aware that the OTA 4.1.2 update is available for Tmobiles S3. Does this same method of “root” work for 4.1.2 s3s that have received and installed this new update?

  64. Phat says:

    I didn’t see the “install zip from SD card” when I had held down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3. I didn’t see back up and restore too. This is my second time of rooting.

    Here are some pictures of my problems

    Last time I unrooted my phone in this website

    Please help

  65. Orlando says:

    I have a question? It is true that if you root tmobile galaxy s3 4.3 and gets a custom rom for example (4.4.1 or any other rom) I can’t go to previous version.

  66. rainbowpun says:

    why i can not find the at my sdcard when i running stap13?plz help~~

  67. richard luciano says:

    please help me. i bricked 3 samsung galaxy s3, I followed every step except for not checking auto reboot on odin. everything is fine but I dont have root access I erased every file I downloaded and started over except now on odin it says cant make a com connection..

  68. etorruella says:

    Now has the Android 4.3 stock and can not change the new version baseband

  69. anny says:

    hey, so i did all your steps and its truly helpful, but only issue am having is getting the workclockmod.tar. am getting it as image. and i cant turn it in to a .tar file.
    please help

  70. Jasmine says:

    I have a T-Mobile S3 SGH-T999L Android Version 4.3

    I passed the first step of the video and copied the zip file to my microsdcard. However I am stuck at the second step. After I press Vol Up, Home Button, and Power Button and get to the CWM -based Recovery screen, I see the following error on the bottom of the screen:

    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t open/cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount/cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can’t open/cache/recovery/last_log.

    However when I used my volume up/down keys to select ‘install zip from sdcard’ then ‘choose zip from sdcard’ I got the following error on the bottom of the screen – ‘E: Can’t mount/sdcard/

    Please help. 🙁

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    […] ka deadboot ang phone nginig tuhod mo dahil 46k mahigit ang halaga nito read here —> How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! root file here —> GalaxyS3RootSprint -God bless- Rooting….. take note: kapag tick ang […]

  5. December 31, 2012

    […] sallam ! i m trying to unlock my t999 but allways error i allrady root with this mathed How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! | Galaxy S3 Root modem drive also installd z3x giving this error Reading phone info… no answer from phone […]

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