How to Root U.S. and Canada Galaxy S3 AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint/US Ceullar! [Fail-Proof][Noob-Proof]

So, you want to root your U.S. or Canadian Galaxy S3 with the Qualcomm dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU?

UPDATE: Please see updated root method here instead!

If your Galaxy S3 model started with SGH-T999, SGH-I747, or SPH-L710, you can follow this step-by-step guide and root your phone within about 5 minutes.  No, this will not erase any apps or settings on your phone and does not affect your phone in any way other than install ClockworkMod Recovery and give you root.  (So if you have problems after rooting, don’t just assume it’s from rooting, it’s not.)

Works for all Gingerbread, Android 4.0.3/4.0.4 ICS, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat!  (For 4.3 and 4.4.2 please use the other SuperSU zip provided in Step 3.)

For Android 4.3 or 4.4.2 KitKat, you can also use Towelroot, which does not require a computer!

UPDATE: Users have verified this root method also works for U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3, BootMobile.

If you have an international Galaxy S3 (non U.S. and Canada) with model number starting with GT-i9300, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE but see How to Root Galaxy S3! instead.

This guide is for Windows, for Mac and Linux, please see this root method here.

Step 1. Connect your Galaxy S3 to your computer via a micro-USB cable and make sure USB PC connection is set to “Media device(MTP)”.  If you didn’t change it, that’s the default settings on your Galaxy S3.

Step 2. Download and unzip! (Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip.)


Step 3. Copy in the unzipped folder to anywhere on your phone’s internal storage.  This is the file that gives your phone root and SuperSU app when you flash it in ClockworkMod Recovery.  We will use this file later on so note where you copied this file to on your phone.

For Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or 4.4.2 KitKat, please download and use this SuperUser zip file instead!!!

*Note – This file is also compatible across any Android device.  If you have custom recovery on any Android device, flash this in custom recovery to give your Android device root.

Step 4. Next, go to your Galaxy S3 and take the micro-USB cable out.

Then hold down Volume Down, Home Center, and Power buttons together.

Step 5. When your Galaxy S3 reboots, the screen will turn off, keep holding down Volume Down and Center Home buttons while letting go of the Power button.

Step 6. When you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button.

Step 7. Your screen should now say “Downloading…”, re-connect micro-USB cable to your phone from computer.

Step 8. Double-click on Odin3 v1.85.exe to run the ODIN program.  This ODIN program allows you to flash ClockworkMod Recovery into the recovery partition on your phone.

*Note – You can also use ODIN program to flash kernels, stock ROMs, and more.

Step 9. Click on “PDA” and choose “RecoveryGalaxyS3USCanada.tar”.

Step 10. You should see a yellow highlighted box with a COM and random number.  If you don’t, download and install Samsung Kies.  After installation, DO NOT RUN Samsung Kies. We are only installing Samsung Kies which will automatically install drivers for your Galaxy S3.  After installing Samsung Kies, simply unplug and plug your phone back to your computer, you should see the yellow highlighted box now.

Next, un-check “Auto-Reboot”.

Step 11. Hit the “Start” button.  In about 5 seconds, the ClockworkMod Recovery should be flashed and you should see a green box with “PASS!” on it like shown below.

Step 12. Take the battery out of your Galaxy S3.  This is because newer stock software updates overwrite your Custom Recovery upon reboot.  We can get away from losing our newly-flashed custom recovery (ClockworkMod Recovery) simply pulling the battery out and booting straight into our new custom recovery.

Step 13. Put the battery back in and immediately hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together.

Step 14. Keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home buttons while letting go of the Power button after 2 seconds.

Step 15. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, use the Volume buttons to choose “install zip from sdcard” then hit the Power button to select.  (Same thing from here on.)

Step 16. Next choose “choose zip from internal sdcard”.

Step 17. Next choose “”.

Step 18. Next choose “Yes – Install”.

Step 19. You should get “Install from sdcard complete” message.

Step 20. Choose “+++++Go Back+++++”.

Step 21. Choose “Reboot system now” to reboot your Galaxy S3.

Step 22. You should now find an app called SuperSU in your app drawer.  Congratulations! You’ve rooted your Galaxy S3!  Pat yourself on the back if you did this in about 5 minutes, the beauty of Samsung Android smartphones.

Step 23. You can verify that you have full root by downloading root apps like Titanium Backup app and opening it, you should see “Superuser request” window pop up.


Q: Does this root method erase my settings and apps?
A: No, it doesn’t touch a thing, very safe to do.

Q: ODIN does not start on my computer, what do I do?
A: Sometimes various Windows programs and drivers interfere with ODIN, try closing/killing any programs before running the program.  If that does’t work, just use another computer.

Q: I ended up in Kernel panic mode, what do I do?
A: Relax, that’s same as ODIN download mode, simply run ODIN again and flash the files again, it will work.

Q: Does rooting break my phone in any way?
A: No, this root method actually does not change your Galaxy S3 except install custom recovery and give you root.  Everything else on your phone will stay the same.

Q: Will this root method work on newer updates?
A: Yes, this root method will work regardless of new updates.

Q: I keep getting stock Android recovery instead of ClockworkMod Recovery!
A: After rooting, erase /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ using ES File Explorer with Root and Write enabled. That will make CWM stick.  This is due to newer software versions overwriting your stock recovery on reboot.

More questions?  Please leave in the comment section below for help from author and other users.

More on this Root Method

This root method simply installs ClockworkMod Recovery to the recovery partition and installs Superuser zip file, very safe to do.  With Galaxy S2, recovery partition was part of the kernel and was a bit dangerous but with Galaxy S3, Samsung has made recovery parition separate from the kernel, making it much safer just like how Galaxy Nexus works.

Credits – Huge Thanks to Team Epic for the ClockworkMod Recovery at XDA!

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992 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Is there anyway to permanently install clockwork mod?

    • Max says:

      Yes, I am working on it. You just need to delete two files after rooting with ES File Explorer.

      • Jarred says:

        any update on this? kind of annoying to have to redo it everytime i want to get clockwordmod recovery again

      • Josh says:

        What are those two files? I already posted below, but I have an update ready for AT&T and won’t bring able to reroot again for another three weeks..

      • Joseph Kim says:

        ? Which two files do we need to delete?

      • Nick says:

        hi max i have followed all the steps in the guide while watching the video, and odin completely works, i get the yellow box for the drivers and i get the green pass, but when i unplug my phone, and take out the battery, then as fast as i can turn it on with volume down home and then power, but i still get the android download manager pls help!

        • Max says:

          Try volume up!

          • Paul says:

            Hi I get the same thing actually and yes I did volume up but I can never get into the clockwork recovery mode…..can you please help simply put I followed your instructions, I have no sd card, I simply copy and paste into my phone as you’ve mentioned but I still get into the stock rather than the clockwork recovery mode………..

            • Paul says:

              Nvm sorry I fixed it

              • Mike says:

                How did you fix it? im in the same situation as you are

              • Dan says:

                Can you tell me how to fix (can’t never get into the clockwork recovery mode) I need to do a backup. Thanks

                • grace says:

                  honestly i got stuck here too! it was so frustrating but you just have to keep flashing and keep trying to boot into CWM i mustve tried about 10 times before it went from android to CWM follow the steps it can be frustrating but it works!!! thanks max!! 🙂

                  • Senya says:

                    You have to remove the files /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/
                    then repeat the process from the guide all over and flash new CWM, as the system probably already restored stock recovery manager.

                    Hope that helps

      • Dylan says:

        Did you ever get a video up on the permanent installation of CWM, or even the name of the two files?

      • judson says:

        i have the latest version 4.1.1 from T-mobile, and none of those method is able to root my phone. galaxys3

        • stabler says:

          Same with me.I have a 1747M,and every “root” method failed because of the “PIT partition”!!!!
          Everything freeze at “Pit mapping”….
          I dont know how to get this (or these,idk!) PIT partition-file.
          Need help.

          • agFinder says:

            I think the -M model is covered in the tutorial for international models?

            • stabler says:

              Tnx agFinder,
              But I tried multiple way to root my phone (tuto for the SGH-1747M) and it always stop at PIT mapping!!!
              Idk,maybe theres something wrong with my PIT partition?

              • stabler says:

                agFinder,I was just abt to send my 1747M to get serviced,and last night I tried one last time but on ANOTHER PC (win 7,64b)….it worked!!!!

                Stupid me…I did not do this “method”.I did the MrRobinson’s one on XDA….So all I did was root my 1747M…(I was SO sure it wasnt going to work!).
                So last night I was granted SUser right…and this morning I was not! (un-rooted iguess!!!).
                I am such a noob,its not even funny.

      • haik says:

        is there any guide how to root galaxy s3 T-Mobile on android 4.3 seems its complicated at this moment due to the extreme security from Samsung , any help please !.

      • Ethan Tran says:

        i did everything but then when i get to the (apply update from .zip file on SD card)

        i couldn’t access the (choose zip from internal sdcard)

        can you help me please

    • Rogers says:

      I followed this method and was successfully rooted my ATT Galaxy S3 I747 before. I used it again when I received the 4.3 via OTA. After finished, my phone showed the KNOX had blocked the SuperSU. May I ask anyway to get around it? Thanks.

  2. Stuart says:

    I use Linux and I can’t wait until the weekend. Can I just do
    heimdall flash –recovery whateverthatfilewas.tar

  3. AT says:

    The ( seems to be invalid.

  4. Dailyn says:

    I can confirm this guide works perfectly on a Rogers’ Galaxy S III SGH-I747M (Canada).

  5. Sim-X says:

    Thank You Max, another wonderful guide. Your work is awesome & very helpful. This was MUCH easier than rooting my sprint evo3D. I hope YouTube gives you your account back soon.

  6. Brian says:

    Does this method work for the Verizon Galaxy S3 (I535)?

  7. dave says:

    I’m (hastily) trying to root my i747 on my mac. I have heimdall, and have the recovery.img from this, but it still keeps failing to connect. is there a possibility that i just need a different .pit file from the one on your original s3 package for mac? (I was told the recovery.img is different for the i747, but didn’t know if the old .pit was incompatible too).

    heimdall just keeps returning with:
    [Initialising connection…
    Detecting device…
    Claiming interface…
    Setting up interface…

    Checking if protocol is initialised…
    Protocol is not initialised.
    Initialising protocol…
    ERROR: Failed to initialise protocol!]

    and yeah, I already purged the stupid kies kexts, but it didn’t seem to help me any. Any advice would be great

    • Matt says:

      I’m with you on this Vinny, exact same problem even post-kext. Tried it on both my macbook and iMac (both running Lion).

      • noname says:

        I had the same problem. Have you (or anyone else) tried this with a prior version of Heimdall Suite? I read something about incompatibility with some devices on the 1.3.2 release.

        • Max says:

          U.S./Canadian Qualcomm S4 isn’t compatible with Heimdall, you will be better off using VMware or borrow your friend’s Windows computer as far as I know, let me double-check though but I am pretty sure.

  8. Vinny says:

    After flashing CWM on the T-Mobile SGS3 is the ext sd card able to be seen in the CWR? Also after doing a back-up and putting it in the ext sd card will we be able to flash the back-up from the ext sd card? I ask because I have seen in other forums some not being able to use their back ups from their ext sd card and some not being able to see their ext sd card from CWM.
    Thanks, Vinny

  9. koooltrini1 says:

    The link does not seem to be working. I live in the US, not sure if that makes a difference. I just get page cannot be loaded. I am on Win 7 Ultimate 32bit. Tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE9. Same error message. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  10. koooltrini1 says:

    Nervermind, I just used my SIII to click on the link and download the files..I love this phone.

  11. AK says:

    Just did this with the Canadian Telus Version. Worked great. I was wondering if this unlocks the phone accross carriers. If not then what should I do to do so.

  12. Joseph Kim says:

    How about a Un-Root method? My friend needs to return his for a warranty issue and needs to find and un-root guide…please help. (please post links and/or email, thanks!)

    • Joseph Kim says:

      At least I found it for the T-Mobile…

  13. Josh says:

    There is an update for my S3 (I have AT&T) is it safe to update?

  14. Daniel says:

    Is there a way to root my GS3 for AT&T on a mac book pro? I have seen your other tutorial but it says it just for the international version. Thank you.

    • Max says:

      yes I am posting that most likely today, thx for being patient!

      • Adam says:

        AFAIK the Heimdall incompatibility with Qualcomm S4 (per Max’s earlier posts) make this impossible

        Also, VMWare Fusion has problems running a windows instance that will recognize a connected Android device. This is also well documented.

        If anyone is actually sucessful with either of these (OSX/Heimdall on i747, or in VMWare), though, please share!

  15. Burger says:

    I also have an update ready for my galaxy s3 through AT&T. Can I update without losing root?

  16. Gulliver says:

    Hey Max, I rooted my gs3 bout 3 days ago for sprint and now it’s asking for an update fix but I can’t seem to find any unroot methods for sprint, should I just keep declining the update?

  17. Adam says:

    Thanks for the fantastic directions! Quick questions, how do I enable free tethering. I DL titanium backup and installed the tethering option under backup/restore. Now, when i go to the tethering menu under setting and turn it on, it says “unfortunately, setting has stopped”


    thank you

  18. Wally says:

    Great tutorial, does this trip the counter located under about device/status/device status after rooting?

  19. Ryan says:

    I get message – signature verification failed?

  20. brennen says:

    Didnt work for me, i cannot get into cwm to flash. my counter says custom firmware and i have 4 flashes on my counter.

  21. Anthony says:

    Does this root method work still even if we installed the OTA update?

      • Chris K says:

        I just installed the most recent OTA (Hit my phone on August 24th). I had to revert back to stock recovery obviously for the OTA to install. Now, even with taking out the battery, every future reboot resets the recovery image.. The first time I was able to install SU, and I confirmed I do have root access still after the reboot, just no clockwork recovery..
        Can someone confirm they have the latest August OTA installed and that you are keeping Clockwork?

        • Chris K says:

          Update to myself: The latest ClockworkMOD has an option to disable the auto-flash of the stock recovery. I ran that and now I’m good to go. Thanks for this great website and the work you do keeping it current!

          • Ben says:

            can you explain what you did differently?
            I’m having the same issue with my T999, ever since the OTA I havent been able to get root privileges or Clockworkmod to install even when Odin says the flash passed.

  22. Brandon says:

    Will this work on US. Cellular’s SCH-R530U?

    • Max says:

      Yes users have reported it works on U.S. cellular.

      • Brandon says:

        Just tried it on mine…..Success!

        • Christopher says:

          My SCH-R530U rooted but it’s not recognizing it rooted. I looked around online and could find an answer to this. When I run SuperSU *updated* it tells me to update my binary, I do, and use the “normal” command then it ask me to attempt to disable knox I attempt and it says “Failed to disable knox” That’s as far as I can get, I’ve been searching for an answer for the past two months but nothing.

  23. Kyler says:

    Hey Max,
    Not to be naggy, but any news on the mac tutorial? I have been waiting anxiously all week for it….

    • Max says:

      Most likely heimdall, which is ODIN open source program for Mac, will not work on U.S./Canada Galaxy S3 variants with Qualcomm S4 processor. It’s not compatible as far as I know but I will verify this later today.

  24. Winston says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the great guide. I’m having a little trouble with Odin3.

    After pressing start with everything in place, the program starts then gets stuck at the “recovery.img” phase. After a while it just fails. Any idea on why this happens?

    Using the “Wind Mobile” SGH-T999 version. Should be the same as US T-Mobile

    • Max says:

      Try turning off Kies (turn off the program not uninstall), make sure you are not using a USB hub, try another USB port, if all else fails try another computer but should work.

  25. Tony says:

    Hey, great writeup and video. Made everything a breeze. I went ahead and rooted my S3 and installed a custom rom shortly after. However, my question is how do I go back to a stock rom? Is there a specific stock rom file I would need to download and flash through CWM? If so, would there happen to be a link on your website for future use? 🙂 Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      You can always unroot, check the unroot for your GS3 model number in FAQ:

  26. sameer says:

    Hey, thanks for a great way to root on updated att galaxy s3! now can you tell me how to install custom roms? when i enter cwm, it is in manual mode or something and i can’t flash anything. can i do it thru odin? if so how?

    • Max says:

      You are probably seeing the stock recovery. Try reflashing CWM right before you install a new ROM just like you rooted. Once on custom ROM, you will have permanent CWM.

  27. sendalot says:

    Sometimes when I connect my phone to computer via usb it gives an error on the computer ‘USB Device not recognized’ even though Kies is installed. I tryed uninstalling it and installing it, same thing happened.

    Any thoughts, Max?

  28. wilfredo pagan says:

    i have installed kies on 2 computers but neither installed the drivers needed.
    what can i do? i have the att s3

  29. Mercy says:

    Hi MAx, I love all your videos. They have all been Super helpful. Quick question. I have just rooted my Sprint GalaxyS3. A systems update continues to pop out. Do I update it ? Or will it mess up my root. Its currently running on Android 4.0.4 Kernel 3.0.8-618049.. Thanks You’re the BEst!!!

    • Max says:

      Don’t do the update, it won’t install without stock recovery anyways, might mess up ur phone. I will post an OTA with root if you really want it.

  30. Mercy says:

    Ok, Is there a way to stop the Systems update from popping up as a reminder? I select install later and it comes up every 10 mins. Thanks Max

  31. Mercy says:

    okay, thanks max

  32. James says:

    I also replied to another’s post with the same issue, but I thought I would post separately as well. Everything went just fine until I went to install the SuperUser file from external storage.

    I got the following error in red lettering:E: signature verification failed
    Then, in yellow, beneath that: Installation aborted.

    Where to go from here?

  33. Emir says:

    Before your presantation I tried from another site and it was for international phones and my phone get an error and it didnt opened I was panicked and I found this site.

    I did what you said and I rooted my phone also I fix the error.

    Thank you very much

  34. Vinod says:

    Thanks Max i rooted my phone here in India. got my S3 SPH-L710 from US.

  35. Kelley says:

    Any word yet on those files to delete in order to keep cwm?

  36. mertin says:

    DANGER! I followed this guide to the letter on my rogers i747 and it WIPED MY IMEI!!! I did nothing else other than what is listed here. I had to swap out my 2 hour old SGS3 for replacement. I would not use this method if I were you, go to xda there are better methods.

    • Max says:

      Are you sure? This root method does not touch your IMEI in any way. It installs recovery to the recovery partition that is all. IMEI only can happen if you did something “after” flashing recovery in CWM.

    • Max says:

      Also there’s a way to fix this posted if it does happen to you:

      You did not have to return your phone FYI.

  37. Justin says:

    I’ve tried to delete the files through Astro File manager but i get an error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for posting the tutorial. It worked like a charm.

  38. Selman says:

    I accidentally rooted my sgh t999 through a verizon root. I’ve tried everything but i can’t get it back can anyone help me. Please, I really need to fix it.

  39. deebs says:

    So I couldnt find the files…how can i confirm I am perma-root?

    just reboot and see what happens? if SU is still there or whatever…

  40. Ken Woo says:

    nice.. got it rooted in less than 5 minutes A+ guide

  41. Jade says:

    Hey Max, I’ve decided to give it another try. But when I extract, i’m not getting this “RecoveryGalaxyS3USCanada.tar”. Why? I got two more .rar file

  42. Dusty says:

    Can I root on a friend’s PC and then carry on as usual with my Mac? (Probably a stupid question)

  43. Fire says:

    How do you put your phone back to stock and remove the clockworkmod totally??

  44. wilfredo pagan says:

    hi max
    i just tried to install a custom ROM on my ATT s3 and apparently it was for an i9300, it said there was an error when flashing the rom so i went back and hit reboot now. Now the phone wont even start or do anything at all. what can i do?

  45. Robert says:

    I want to root my Rogers S3 I747M. I have several questions.
    1) I want to get away from the rogers stock firmware since I am running the phone under the fido network and rogers does not allow me to save the apn for fido. I can enter it but as long as I do not restart it is there. if I restart or pull the battery the apn settings are gone. Rogers does this purposely. I assume rooting will fix this ?
    2) what other benefit will rooting give me ?
    3)can I do update from Samsung or once you root there are no more updates ?

    I can manage to do the root as it does not seem difficult, I just need to understand the concept. Why do some user state they need to reload the CWM. when does this happen and why ?
    sorry for the long winded questions.



  46. Dani says:

    SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!! I was given a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 by my boyfriend since he thought his was defected and he got a new one from AT&T. He was told to keep the old phone which he gave to me. My problem is that my network is covered by T-Mobile. I want to find a way to unlock the sim/ phone so I’ll be able to use my T-Mobile sim card in an AT&T phone. Can anyone help?

  47. asaad says:

    Hey Max. If i follow this \How to Root U.S. and Canada Galaxy S3 SGH-T999/SGH-I747/SPH-L710! [Fail-Proof][Noob-Proof][U.S. Cellular] will this method trip the flash counter or will it not. Thanks. I am coming from iphone any help will be appreciated. Thanks……

  48. dcl1908 says:

    Hey Max, how do I remove “recovery booting” ?

  49. Robert says:

    I want to root my Rogers S3 I747M. I have several questions.
    1) I want to get away from the rogers stock firmware since I am running the phone under the fido network and rogers does not allow me to save the apn for fido. I can enter it but as long as I do not restart it is there. if I restart or pull the battery the apn settings are gone. Rogers does this purposely. I assume rooting will fix this ?
    2) what other benefit will rooting give me ?
    3)can I do update from Samsung or once you root there are no more updates ?

    I can manage to do the root as it does not seem difficult, I just need to understand the concept. Why do some user state they need to reload the CWM. when does this happen and why ?
    sorry for the long winded questions.



    • Max says:

      custom roms will solve ur apn and rogers problem and you can use rom manager from play store if u lose cwm this happens as android 4.0.4 has a security measure that overwrites recovery on reboots.

      • Robert says:


        Thanks for the quick reply. So just to confirm when I root, I can still get samsung updates and still download apps for the Play store.
        Can I store the CWM that you provide on my sim ? and reload it if it happens ?
        WhatHow does the Rom Manager help me or work . I coming from an Iphone and before that the blackberry.
        I am still learning android OS. Thanks

        • Max says:

          Once rooted u need to unroot to get ota updates usually but i dont really recommend ota updates they usually remove a feature than adding, better to stick with custom roms the whole point of rooting. cwm gets stored on ur phones hardware so…. just take it slow it will all come to you eventually dont rush things thats how u get into trouble just have fun.

          • Robert says:

            I finally rooted my phone BUT it does not solve the problem I was having with the phone.
            When I add an apn to my phone, when I restart the phone the APN I entered gets lost. This is still happening even after I root the phone. Samsung claims it is a bug in their software and it will be corrected once a new update it out.
            I assume that by rooting my phone this would solve the problem.It has not.
            Any ideas ?

            If I wanted to go back to the original way the phone was (unrooted) How do I go about it ?



            • Max says:

              You can unroot, which GS3 do you have?

              • Robert says:

                I have a GS3 from Rogers.
                The APN still has the same problem that I cannot save any new APN and as well I thought that when I did the root that certain program that were built into the OS like the visual voice mail and shopping and rogers account program (those extras) will be gone.
                They are still there. and cannot deleted or uninstalled.

                • Max says:

                  try a custom ROM, should solve the problems.

                  • Robert says:

                    Thanks again for the reply. BUT since I am a Noobie to Android, I need your help in recommending a good custom rom. if oyu can provide me a link please to a custom rom.

                    As well I I decide to unroot the phone can you help me in guiding me with a link to to a rogers stock rom and instructions on how to unroot the phone.

                    • Max says:

                      try this for now:

                  • Robert says:

                    Can you point me to a good custom rom that will work on my rogers S3. Can you provide me a link ?
                    Also does the custom rom install the same way as rooting ?
                    If not is there a video as well ?


                  • Robert says:

                    Good Morning ! my phone is still rooted and I have not gone back to the stock rom.
                    Can you please provide me a link of a good custom rom that you recommend and provide me a link. I want to install a custom rom today.

                    • Max says:

                      I am posting a good AT&T rom later today, check that out when I post it!

                    • Robert says:

                      Max when will you be posting the new att rom ? is this a new custom rom ?
                      also when installing a custom rom do I need to wipe the phone and then install ?

  50. Jordan says:

    Hi Max,
    So if I were to delete those files to make CWM perminant would that prevent my phone from receiving Samsung OTA updates? Like the upcoming Jelly Bean one?


    • Max says:

      Probably but I will post Jelly Bean rooted ROM so, either way you will be able to upgrade.

      • JT says:

        can we back up those 2 files and keep them local on a PC? i just rooted my Tmo SG3 today and im reading through several posts and I’m seeing that CWM doesn’t stick when u try to go to recovery? i am still on stock rom. if i delete those 2 files in /system and /system/etc will CWM be “permanent”? thanks again Max!

  51. jamesj says:

    Can’t phone to enter download mode I press the 3 buttons as suggested and only thing that happens is my phone takes a screenshot and reboots. Overtime same result I have sprint gs3 white model what should I do please advise. Thank you.

  52. rfb813 says:

    Max, will get my SIII tomorow and am looking to root. Have followed you with my SII and did a lot of flashing.
    Question? If I root and backup, then remove the two files and do a second backup, I assume that I would have permanent CWM with the second backup. If I wanted to get back to stock I could restore the first backup and reboot. which would get me to the original state. If I then wanted to get back to the second or other backups later I would have to install CWM again and restore a different backup.
    Is this correct?

    • Max says:

      No, CWM is in the separate partition with Galaxy S3 (unlike Galaxy S2), so backing up ROM will not backup any CWM. However, unlike GS2, Galaxy S3 is compatible with ROM Manager (due to the fact that recovery partition is separate from kernel) so you can just use ROM Manager to reflash CWM once you have root, easier.

  53. Foo says:

    When I try to “choose zip from internal sdcard” in step 16, I get “E: Can’t mount /emmc/”. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  54. Karnold says:

    Confirming this rooting method worked with the Telus S3.

  55. John says:

    Since yesterday my phone keeps wanting me to install a new samsung update. If I install it will it unroot my phone?

    • Max says:

      Don’t recommended it. Try this if you want to disable updates:

  56. Ken says:

    how do we know if clockworkmod recovery is installed?

  57. Chris says:

    I’ve been trying to root my SGH-i747m and when I go to flash it, odin just gets stuck on SetupConnection. I tried installing Kies and that didn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

  58. Eric says:

    I’ve followed the directions so far but I still haven’t gotten the PASS sign after pressing start. Is it okay to close ODIN or disconnect my phone? I’m really worried and dont want to risk bricking it. I’m stuck at Get PIT for mapping..

  59. clark says:

    great tutorial Max. I successfully rooted my phone, however, now that I try to manually boot into CWR, the phone takes me directly into the android recovery mode. I followed all the steps carefully and this is really bugging me because I can’t install custom ROMS. please help, thanks

  60. Cecilia Gonzalez Mesa says:

    Hi I want to ask when I root and flash a new rom , do I also unlock the sim to use it with any GSM carrier. thanks a lot

  61. matt says:

    Ok iv’e been trying to root for 2 days now and haven’t succeeded yet. it fails saying get PIT for mapping or something to do with com. Don’t have exact quote on the com problem. I am on sprint and model SPH-L710 and i noticed in the video it had com 7 and mine says com 4. Any suggestions?

  62. matt says:

    ok i just got a pass by trying it on a different computer but when i pulled battery and tried to load clockwork it only went to odin mode.

  63. Tundra Todd says:

    Outstanding tutorial !
    I love it when everything works right — the first time !
    Simple, clean, perfect.
    Take the rest of the day off 🙂

  64. Justin says:

    does this rooting method unlock the bootloader? if yes, is there a way to not unlock it? I don’t want to void my warranty just yet.

    • Ricardo says:

      I have the very same question, I want to flash it, but the rom says I MUST have unlocked bootlader, and I dont know if this method unlocks it

  65. KTyree says:

    I was wondering if you had completed your instructions on doing this procedure on a Mac and if so are you going to be doing it on 10.8 Mountain Lion or Lion? Because so much i have found isn’t compatable with 10.8.

  66. True says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for the tutorial. I followed it and have successfully rooted my Rogers SGH-i747m.
    I want to preview a JB custom rom. I read somewhere that the CWM is only for ICS based sammy ROMS. Do I need to upgrade CWM to the latest version for my device If so, how do I do that? With ODIN? Through CWM itself?

    PS. The root guide over at XDA > [HOWTO] [ROOT] No Tripping Flash Counter – Updated [ATT / Bell / Telus / Rogers] is so different from your method and I uses a more current version of ODIN + CWM, does this matter?

    TLDR: I want to try kyanrom, AOKP, CM10, CM9, and a few other custom ROMs but I am unsure how to proceed with so much conflicting information out there. I’m rooted (using your method), I made a nandroid, but am clueless on how to flash CM10 and then another mod or just restore my nandroid. Please help

  67. Joe says:

    I just got the S3 and am trying to root. I got the pass on Odin and when pulling the battery out and replacing it, I am not able to get the CWM. I have done it a few times and nothing. I have also tried by holding volume up, home and power buttons and nothingg happens. When I let go of the power button after a few seconds I just get continuous vibration whille continually holding volume up and home buttons. I am getting frustrated to bits. HELP ME PLEASE

    ps I dumped my Galaxy Note for the S3, got tired of the Note’s size.

  68. Matt says:

    So I followed the link to stop the update pop up and it’s still popping up. the file fota.client.Apk was not there but I deleted the other file. Any other way or did I miss something?

  69. Clark says:

    great tutorial Max. I successfully rooted my phone, however, now that I try to manually boot into CWR, the phone takes me directly into the android recovery mode. I followed all the steps carefully and this is really bugging me because I can’t install custom ROMS. please help, thanks

    • Max says:

      You can use this guide after rooting:

      • clark says:

        yeah I thought of that too… but if I wipe the data and the installation of the rom doesn’t go through how can I access my backed up rom to reinstall it if I can’t get into CWR mode?

        • Max says:

          You can usually get into CWM using the buttons or if you lost it completely for some reason, you can re-install it using ODIN like you did when rooting the phone.

  70. David Shipp says:

    I’ve read from some blogs that Google Wallet will cease to function if you don’t erase it before rooting. Is that a current issue too?

  71. Badr Ali says:

    Hi thank you so much for your help. I wanted to know how can I download an arabic ROM or add arabic language to my language list in my galaxy s3 at&t? and how can I unlock the SIM

  72. Badr Ali says:

    Hi thank you so much for your help. I wanted to know how can I download an arabic ROM or add arabic language to my language list in my galaxy s3 at&t? and how can I unlock the SIM?

  73. Paul says:

    Thanks man. Brilliant guide. Works better than a lot of “one-click” roots I’ve used. Really does only take about 5 min if you read the directions a few times and make sure you understand.

    I also found that once you’re done and have root, installing Rom manager off of Google play, and having it flashcclockwork mod (first option in the app) will make clockwork mod recovery persistent. Just a way to save people mucking around the root of their phones looking for files to delete.

    Don’t know if it’s a universal fix or not, but I got quite hooked on cwm touch, so it was the first thing installed. Ironically, after a backup and a quick pass with root uninstaller, I’m still on the stock Rom and loving it.

  74. Dazed & Confused says:

    Max, really nice on the instructions, until I got stuck. I’ve tried step 13 and not getting traction from the reboot after battery-back-in. I keep getting the Downloading screen. Is the usb plug supposed to be in still???

    • Bill & Ted says:

      I figured it out. While the instruction says to take the battery out – I didn’t look at the picture… I found that taking the usb plug out also was what I needed. Thanks for everything!

  75. Allan says:

    Excellent video. One small problem. Right at the beginning of the video you asked us to make sure that USB PC Connection was checked. I have searched through ever menu I can find, yet I can’t find that menu. This is an S3 with Telus here in Alberta. I have no idea how to get to that menu.

    • Bill & Ted says:

      I had that problem too, but pulled the notifications menu from the top and there was – but you have to be connected by usb to see it.

  76. Joe says:

    Hey Max,
    How long should it take once I get to the Cyanogen (mod) 9 animation? I’ve been here for 10-15 minutes or so lol, Is it stuck in a loop? I didn’t clear cache, should I go back, clear cache and reinstall Cyanogen mod 10?

  77. Eduardo says:

    Not two days after rooting S3 via your excellent instructions AT&T wants to update phone, and I also see that in September they will be rolling out JB (4.1). When AT&T tries to update, the CWM menu comes up and I choose reboot, after which AT&T says update failed. Do I want this update and JB next month? Do I have to unroot phone to get them? Is it worth it? (I’m doubting it is but feel better at least asking.) Thanks Max!

  78. ddice says:

    I can’t unlock my SaskTel Galaxy S3 i747m by code since I get no prompt for a different SIM. I’m hoping I can root and then what will I need to flash in order to get around this problem? Thanks.

  79. Satya Chowdary says:

    Hi Max,

    Followed all your steps till like step 15. I have an att sgs 3. When i try to “Choose Zip from Sd card” i get an error message E: Can’t mount /sdcard/.

    I tried going into mounts and storage and tried to “Mount /sdcard”. I get an error message “Error mounting /sd card”
    Please advice… BTW i am using 64gb sdxc card( hope this doesn’t have much impact on the process).

    • Eduardo says:

      I think it has to be the internal card, not the external, where the zip is located.

    • Max says:

      Did u try internal option?

      • Bambalino says:

        im having the same problem and i placed the super user zip on the internal storage but when i try to install from zip that message appears ”cant mount sd card” any help?

      • Boogie says:

        Yeah, I am having the same issue with not being able to mount internal/external

        This also appears at the bottom of the recovery screen:

        E : Can ‘t mount /cache/recovery/command
        E : Can ‘t mount /cache/recovery/log
        E : Can ‘t open /cache/recovery/log
        E : Can’ t mount/cache/recovery/last_log
        E : Can’ t open /cache/recovery/last_log

        Would love some help with this.

  80. Eric says:

    Works perfectly on Rogers Galaxy S III (SGH-i747M)
    thanks !

  81. james says:

    my CWM isnt the same as the one in the video or on the pictues the menu options are
    “Reboot System now
    Apply update from ext storage
    wipe data / fact. reset
    wipe cache
    apply update from cache”

    I tried apply update but that didnt work.

    any way u can help me root this damn phone -_-
    this is my first time rooting and im just doing it because the samsung touch overlay is the worse thing i have ever seen and want to install jellybean on my phone as the OS

    any information you can give me to help me achieve this would be appreciated

    • james says:

      also my windows says “hardware id cannot be found” when i plug my phone in and i cant open the phone internal memory from my desktop to add files.

      and my text tones are only playing for a small BLURT of sound and then cutting out.

      i dont know how i messed this much up following this guide

    • jack says:

      omg i got the same freaking problem!! and now i can’t even get it to work on odin (detect)

  82. Marco says:

    Hi, I’m from Mexico, recently I bought one of the Galaxy S3 sprint model (SPH-L710); I can send / receive phone calls and SMS, however I not able to connect the device to the mobile data.
    Do you think this problem could be solved If I do the root with your tutorial ?

    Thank you very much

  83. rfb813 says:

    Rooted my ATT Galaxy SIII today wiithout a problem. Then removed the two files in oder to maintain root. No problems. Backedup the Stock ROM and then flashed your High on Android ROM, also no problem. The only thing is that CWM will not mount my External SD card and the dates on the Backup are 1970+. I read on XDA that this is a problem which they are aware of and that Koush(the developer of CWM) is working to resolve this.
    The Phone is working fine and I am planning on trying out a few other ROMS but will problably use yours as my Daily Driver.
    Keep up the good work.

    • rfb813 says:

      Forgot to mention I tried to use various versions of CWM (flashed) but they all seem to not recognize my SD Card. I did reformat the 64gb card so it is not exFat but Fat 32. I hope they find a solution since I prefer to use the Externat SD Card for backups.

      • rfb813 says:

        Just wanted to update. I inserted a 32gb FAT32 sd card into my SIII and CWM worked except for the date. I guess my 64gb card was not reformatted to Fat 32.

  84. 1UpGuy says:

    I just got my Tmobile GS3 yesterday, and I wanted to know if I can root it since it came preloaded with LG1 ver instead of LEM ver… I don’t want to brick it up.

  85. jack says:

    I followed all the instructions but when i took the battery and powered it off i didn’t see apply zip blabla external sd card there was just apply update from sd card. i think i messed up. now when i try to run odin it doesn’t detect my device. what did i possibly do wrong and how can i fix it zedomaxxxxx? 😮

  86. Super n00b, Apparently says:

    On Galaxy III for Sprint (SPH-L710), I cannot for the life of me get to the CWM recover menu. I use Odin to flash NAND, disconnect USB, pull battery, put back in battery, hold down home/vol-, then press and release power once it reboots. It always and without fails brings me back to the warning screen [step 6]. (and if I continue, I’m back to the flash download screen [step 7].

    Any advice?

  87. Super n00b, Apparently says:

    Sorry!! I am a n00b. Should learn to read (and listen). Hold volume UP… UP, I say!! 🙂

    Never mind.

  88. Karan says:

    Samsung Galaxy SIII user with Bell Canada here, I’d like to confirm that this works and thank the author for a great guide

  89. sonny says:

    thanks, it works perfect on bell server 🙂

  90. Andy says:

    I didn’t read carefully enough- I shut the phone off before I removed the battery, and my clockwork mod got overwritten with the stock mod. Now, however, when I go into odin I don’t get anything- no com, no yellow, no nothing. Any idea how I can get this thing back to odin?

  91. LG says:

    I am having trouble with my tmo S3 clock time and date resetting itself, It has done it for 3 times already. Do you know what can I do about it?

  92. Cooper says:

    Worked like a charm and easy to follow, thanks a bunch!

  93. Onur says:

    Will I have Turkish language available after rooting my AT&T galaxy s3? Thanks

  94. Terrell says:

    Just rooted my phone but when I try to open up Titanium back up, it says “Error Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This aplication will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox, and try again. This attempt was made using the “/system/xbin/su” command “. Did I do something wrong? I clearly have the “SuperSU” app in my app drawer though so I don’t know what I did.

  95. JM says:

    It works perfectly on my ROGERS i747m S3. I had to try it a few times because Kies was running in the background the first 2 tries. So I had to reboot my machine and make sure Kies wasn’t running, then everything works like it’s suppose to. THANKS.

    • El Yuki PR says:

      Next time:

      Start Task Manager
      Go to Processes Tabs and find KIES in description
      Right Click – End Process Tree

      Kies should close by now.

  96. Brian says:

    Thanks for the great video and instructions. I am having a problem though, I get through the Odin step and then, evenn though i follow the directions, the phone boots into android recovery instead of clockwork. Therefore, I cannot install select and install super user. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Max says:

      Make sure you followed everything, I think u skipped the auto-reboot step.

      • Brian says:

        Thanks. That worked, and I am rooted. However, I now I can’t boot into clockwork recovery mode to make a backup as you suggest I do before I install my first ROM. Whenever I attempt to enter recovery, android recovery comes up, not clockwork. I have tried several times with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

  97. Hong says:

    I rooted the phone following the instruction here with a little tweak. My T-999 had an OTA update few days ago which might be the cause of my problem. I too am unable to access Clockwork Recovery instead it goes directly to Android Recovery 3e. When I followed the instructions step by step, it would not allow me to go to clockworkmod, I had to UNCHECK auto-reboot in odin, and reboot manually (power+vol up+home after turn off the phone) to access clockworkmod thus enabling me to install superuser and root the phone, that was the little tweak I had. Problem is I don’t want to have to do this everytime which I’m afraid might damage the phone. I tried access recovery directly through ROM manager, went straight to Android Recovery.

    • Hong says:

      My bad on this one, I followed another video where it asked to leave it checked not this one. but I’m on the same boat as Brian where I can’t access clockwork mod.

      • Max says:

        Just do this:

  98. Onur says:

    I rooted my phone with your instructions and everything went smoothly, thank you! I have a question roms. Is there any way to add more languages with stock rom? If I need to flash with a Rom just for having more language options just like international model which Rom do you recommend?

    • Max says:

      I am actually working on a new ROM with support for more languages, which GS3 do you have and language u r looking for?

      • Onur says:

        I have SGH- I747. I’m looking for Turkish language. It would be amazing If I had Turkish in a ROM that close to stock ROM

  99. Ray says:

    I followed the instructions in this guide and it rooted successfully but now when I try to connect my Sprint S3 to my Windows computer it won’t register. A bubble comes on my computer screen stating that the Hardware ID is Missing. It was connecting correctly before I tried rooting.

  100. Ray says:

    I followed these instructions to a T and now my internal memory is completely gone. It won’t register when I plug it into a Windows computer. It says that the hardware ID is missing and when I tried running through odin again and re-installing the opting for internal memory is not even there anymore.

  101. Brock says:

    Hey Max! could i use odin to flash CWM i downloaded it as an image file not tar. can i still flash it over i want to install cm10 nightly for i747 and will not support that rom! thanks

  102. MelB says:

    I tried to root my new Samsung Galaxy S3 from Sprint and I get to the point where I see the yellow window and press start after following all the instructions to 11 and I get a BSOD in my windows 7 home premium. I never gets to update my phones roms or anything I get the info on the screen but the large box never goes PASS and my computer gives me a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH after about 4 min of waiting. I just got this phone a week ago and just wanted to root it to stop the crappy SPRINT stuff from loading on my phone. Please help..


    • Max says:

      Do you have another computer to try with? It seems to me something is wrong with your Windows OS, which isn’t uncommon.

      • MelB says:

        Unfortunately not at this time. I will try it next week when I get home. I am on my ASUS gamers laptop and have tried it multiple times with no success. Each time I get the same crash error BSOD which I have never received on this machine before. However I am running the 64 bit OS and I am thinking maybe that caused the error.


        • Kayton says:

          Did using a different computer fix your issue? I am also having this exactsame issue and i have an asus computer.

  103. El Yuki PR says:

    Very good guides! But for those who installed Titanium Backup Pro, you need to install BUSYBOX first. Just download it from the market, run it (install it), reboot, an you’re DONE!!

  104. Alex says:

    Hey Max,

    Is there anywhere that I can get the original stock ROM for the sgh-t999 wind mobile version? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’d like to restore my phone.


  105. EricB says:

    thank you very much … “dont buy an iphone it’s suck” ahahahah luv it

  106. Joe says:

    Is it just me or is this phone the hardest phone to put into recovery mode once it’s rooted??

  107. Mike says:

    the link to download the file is not working….is there a new link?

  108. jamie says:

    do you have a video to root the SGS3 I747 on a mac?????

  109. Robert says:

    Hey I have a quick question I’m trying to get into clockwork recovery mode but I can’t. I’m trying to install a custom wrong and stuff but everytime press top volume, home button, and power button it just shuts off my phone. and when I release the power button it takes me to the screen that says reboot device, upgrade something external storage. help me please

  110. leutrim says:

    ok so I unrooted my phone when I heard the new ota came out and installed official uvalh2 i tried to reroot using the same tar file i used to root the old baseband version, and when it flashed i tried to pull out battery, and go into recovery but it kept going into stock recovery and when it rebooted it kept force closing so I had to reboot and now it messed up again HELP!!!

  111. JT says:

    so i just rooted my tmo version with the uvalh2 update and i can confirm that this method still works flawlessly for me. thanks Max!

  112. Max says:

    I followed the instructions and it rooted my at&t Galaxy 3. Now i cant connect to the internet,.
    This is terrible and i need my phone for work tomorrow.
    My name is Max as well. I really need some help a quick as possible. I am sorry to bother you but I need your assistance in getting this fixed.
    I thank you very much!

  113. Max says:

    Okay, after the initial freak out, it seems that i can use the att data plan but my wifi connection on my phone does not work.
    Any advise to fix this???

  114. Robert says:

    Hi Max,

    I had my phone rooted using your video and it went like a charm and then I used triangle to reset the count. Now an update came from Samsung PDA:LH1/Phone:LH1/CSC:LH1(RWC)
    I was using recoveryGa;axyS3USCanada.TAR

    Is there an update ? or will this version work to root the phone after this update ?



  115. palluk33 says:

    Hi is this root work with latest T-mobile update? Thx

  116. scott darrell says:

    MAX to the MAXIMUM youre the best bro…..thanks alot for making it easier for all of us GOD BLESS.

    ill buy youre galaxy note 2…. will you sell it lol.

  117. bucketball78 says:

    Has anyone tried this with U.S. Cellular after the update ending in build number LG4?

  118. Locksmith says:

    Rooted AT&T S3, ICS 4.0.4. Flawless.

  119. Sonny says:

    will this work with he new LH1 update?

  120. Gx86 says:

    Hello Max,

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. It all worked fine. I do have one question that I hope you can help with.

    My clockwork recovery is persistent, even after rebooting

    I didn’t modify recovery-from-boot.p or, I, fact I cannot even find the files in /system

    I am on a Canadian i747M from Rogers running the latest update (just a few days ago)

    I am worried that this will cause me ota issues even if I flash the stock recovery. Unless the two previously mentioned files are unneeded for ota.

    Thank you!

  121. Anon says:

    Gets stuck on Installing Hotfix… Not Idiot proof. Or bad luck proof

  122. sal says:

    Hello Max,
    I am having trouble booting to clockworkmod recovery mode. Everytime I attemp, it boots to stock recovery. The only solution I have found for this issue is that I have to flash clockworkmod recovery through rom manager then power off the phone then press volume up+home+power. I am only able to boot to clockworkmod recovery through this process. Do you have any other solutions to this problem ? If I keep flashing cwr is it going to mess up my phone?

  123. palluk33 says:

    Got my T-mobile SGS3 today morning, check for update with Kies 4.0.4 update the phone, after the follow Max video and 5 minutes later ROOT with out any problem thx Max !!!

  124. bill says:

    hy max.. i followed the steps but still cant boot in to keeps going into the stock recovery. i have the tmobile sgs3.. pleazzzzz help!!!

    • CHAD W says:


  125. Sleepy_Eyes says:

    This worked for Bell Mobility Galaxy S3
    Thank You

  126. faizan says:

    so i have super user but when ever i go to recovery mode i can’t boot into clockwork mod. i noticed in one of your other videos you downloaded clockwork mod app. i did that and installed clockwork mod through the app, but still when i go into recovery mode I don’t see clock work mod, i aslo went looking for the system files on es file explorer and I can’t find them either. please help, i hate to be so close to flashing a custom rom yet so far.

  127. rfb813 says:

    Max, I just installed Twrp on my ATT Galaxy S3. Really great! I suggest you look into it and put out a video on it. It works with the Sprint version and I believe all other S3 variants.

  128. Neldarin says:

    I use this root method for Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 and work great. I still having LTE feature working perfectly. In future update of this, can be rooted rebooting with Odin reboot option?

  129. Sebastien says:

    You mention about 2 files in system to delete in order to avoid having to reflash the *.tar everytime. Which files should we delete?


  130. Yan says:

    Works great for Videotron Galaxy s3 🙂 Thank you so much!

  131. CHAD W says:


  132. John says:

    Hey max glad to see you got youtube going again:)
    there’s just 1 question I have to ask before I root when I backup my stock rom can I flash back to that and after I root that’s when I have access to back up stock Rom a.nd if I mess up I can get stock Rom?

  133. Tim Evans says:

    Success on a Sprint S3. At first, my Odin got hung up on PIT for mapping so I tried another USB port on my desktop running windows 7 pro and it reloaded the Samsung driver and I was able to get it to run odin correctly then. Thought for a while there that I was going to have to go to another pc. Now I have Wifi Tether!!

  134. Dante69 says:

    Hey Max,

    My wife just got a Galaxy S3 L710.14 Version. You were really helpful with my Evo 4G Lte. I was having lots of trouble Rooting that one and i couldn’t have done it without you i just wanted to thank you for that. Well my issue is and always is, I have a MAC so i usually get my instructions last. Have you made a Video for that yet? I really want to do this tonight. Whats the difference between these Windows instructions and the Mac instructions. Last time the only difference was a line in the shell script. If thats the case let me know and ill do it tonight. Or maybe you can inbox me some quick written instructions. Either way….HELP! I need to root this using a Mac!!!….lol


    • Max says:

      Heimdall for Mac doesn’t support U.S. versions of GS3 as it comes with Qualcomm instead of Exynos processor, there’s a root method that doesn’t involve a computer, you might be able to use that.

      • hasseng says:

        Max, what is this method? Where can I find it? and, is there any manual? I just switched from an iPhone and I want badly try CM10, wallet etc… Thanks

  135. T says:

    I successfully rooted my phone, however, now that I try to manually boot into CWR, the phone takes me directly into the android recovery mode. I followed all the steps carefully and this is really bugging me because I can’t install custom ROMS. please help, thanks. If it helps I deleted the 2 files as well. Also redid the odin part as well. I’m also on 4.0.4

  136. Shan says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for posting this tut (first time using android) 🙂
    I made a mistake in rooting my galaxy s3 (wind mobile SGH-T999v) I rooted using the wrong the SuperSu File
    Sprint version, saw the USandCanada version too late. How should i go about rooting it with the CanadaUs Version.
    unroot it then re-root it?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance 🙂

  137. RJ says:

    Why is this method preferred for ATT SGS3 to the Specific Root guide for the ATT version (SGH-i747)

  138. Bob says:

    I missed the step of taking the battery out. How do I get to Clockwork Recovery mode?

  139. Sarah says:

    Worked great on my TELUS Canadian SGH-1747M using Windows 7 =D
    THANK YOU!!!

  140. Bob says:

    I want to install flash a rom and it wont let me get to clockwork recover!

  141. Mando says:

    Thanks to Max for putting out an awesome tutorial! Everything seems to be working very well with the exception that my battery appears to be draining slightly faster. Still troubleshooting.

    I am brand new to rooting so I have a few n00b questions for everyone.
    I have only done what is explained in the tutorial, so what “ROM” am I running?
    What is meant by making CWM permanent? And once it’s done can I still unroot?
    If I preform a restart does it affect anything having to do with the root?

    Sprint GS3, rooted with no issues on the first try.

    Thanks to everyone for posting on here. It’s been a lot of help!

  142. Sean Asten says:

    After rooting the signal on my phone went to crap. I am sitting on either no signal or edge all the time and I can barely call anyone or receive calls. It takes 10 minutes to receive a text. Can you please help? I changed the sim, unrooted and factory restored, nothing helped. Please help.

    • Knoxstar says:

      Sean Asten…I hate to give you bad news, but the same thing happened to my S3. I called tech support, went to AT&T stores several times, unrooted, restored etc and nothing worked. I was stuck on Edge/no signal for a couple days. Ultimately there was nothing I could do and I had to send it in for a replacement, after I told At&t they sold me a brick of course, and that fixed it. Hence why I am so apprehensive about rooting this phone because it works the way it’s supposed to.

      Did your IMEI number change to zeros too? That’s what happened to me. The phone no longer communicates with the 4g towers and the IMEI is required for that to work. Should have seen the look on the att rep when I explained my phone doesn’t get 4g and the IMEI is 0’s.

  143. wilfredo pagan says:

    Hi, Max
    i have a rooted i747 and cannot complete the factory update should i unroot to perform the update?

  144. kori says:

    hey max, great video, i have rooted my phone, but for some reason the whole wifi thether to turn my phone into a mobile hotspot is still not connecting, i have the sprint version. it will read the connection on my computer, will connect but still says no internet access, im really frusstrated with this, this is one of the main reasons why i wanted to root my phone in the first place, any help would be greatly appriciated
    thank you for your time

  145. Ozzie says:

    Hi Max, I was able to install odin, but got a fail read on the superuser. That happened twice. Third time, I tried to install superuser through internal memory instead of sd card, hit the cache button and started /. Now my phone has android figure with gyrading triangel hexagon figure spinning to no end. HELP.

    • Ozzie says:

      Nevermind… was able to ROOT!! Thanks for your work! Any suggestions on how to use phone as a hotspot or tether without going through att?

  146. G says:

    Hi Max and all I install so meny deferment ways and never have meager problem once i install ROM and without rooting and i got root and new ROM install and once i formatted everything there is to format and install eny ROM and work to so i don’t under-send lot of this problems and i am 70 y old and not super save on computer you instructions are sow simple (common sens) that you cant make mestak sorry for my English no time to corrected
    Good lock to all be brave !!

  147. David says:

    It works!! Thanks alot! you are the man!

  148. Ronnie says:

    Ok I downloaded everything fiddling all steps when I click PDA and hit start it start and then stop over in the message box it stops at ( get PIT for mapping..) and it goes no farther what is the problem???

  149. tony rico says:

    i followed every step when i get into recovery ode i click on superuser and i dont get the option to say yes, it say it fails any advice

  150. Steven says:

    so … I wasnt intending to root My sgs3 until after I received the jelly bean update, but I encountered what seems to be a common MAJOR bug in the s3 … crashing when copying text to the clipboard. there are two ways to fix this: a full factory reset! ugh or using root to wipe the /data/clipboard folder … guess which method I opted for 😉

    I used this wonderful page’s method and files … simple … 4 minutes … happy to confirm that this rooting process works perfectly for SGH-T999V on Videotron in Canada … major thanks Max … buy you a beer? 😉

    needless to say, after rooting, I was able to wipe /data/clipboard in es file explorer and reboot and find that My copy+paste woes were fixed 🙂

    extra info : superSU binary in the zip is version 0.70 … it installs & updates the binary when you launch the app to version 0.87 … and then on google play store, you get the ability to Update to latest and greatest version 0.96 (29-aug) enjoy 🙂

  151. P says:

    i747 Canadian Bell version
    unable to root. Boots up in safe mode when following video exactly. No warning screen.. There was a firmware upgrade the other day…

  152. Steven says:

    ok… so as I posted yesterday, I rooted no problem and after rooting, I was able to wipe /data/clipboard in es file explorer and reboot and fix My copy+paste issue..

    well, today I can no longer see the into the /data, /efs and some other folders, altho I can see into /system and others !! the folders only have permission d——— !!

    also, despite setting the super su toast msg that permission was granted, es file explorer says it cannot get access on this phone! a root check app confirms I still have root

    why the do the folders no longer have even read permission? prob with es? super su? phone?

    I have booted into cwm recovery and run fix permissions.. no change

    all of this happened after I paid for the super su pro key

    please help


    • Steven says:

      turns out … this is something wrong with es file explorer and/or superSu and/or ICS … clearing es and supersu data worked … at least once more, lol

  153. Steven says:

    got a minor (stability) firmware upgrade … which failed authentication at the cwm recovery screen … but succeeded via Kies … still 4.0.4 … but build has moved from LE6 (may) to LH2 (aug) so at least there’s some movement, lol

    anyways.. the upgrade wiped out cwm recovery and su and replaced them with samsung stock (says download mode screen) altho conveniently left the counter at 1, lol …. re-used this method of flashing cwm recovery and then supersu … and rooted again 🙂

  154. Rey Lopez says:

    sup dudes! I’m trying to root my S3 T-Mobile. Installed Odin3 v3.04 (instead of yellow hightlight on com it was blue. I hope this was due to a lastest version of Odin.) It installed successfully. I copy paste Superuser on SD card. First, I do not get an install from sd card command. I get the usual commands except for “apply update from external storage” Aha this is da difference from v1 and v3 of Odin. I’m hoping. I proceed. to go to apply update from external storage. I see da SuperUser zip file ( ahhh I’m almost there). But I get E: signature verification failed. ( Noo, I #$%! up. Please help. I hope I didn’t #$%! up and there’s hope, so please again hhhelp.

    • ImortalDragon says:

      Try moving superuser to your phones memory instead of your sd card. I just did mines about 30 minutes ago, no problem. Let me know how that goes.

  155. Mr.Lex says:

    Thank you for this guide it works beautifully max. my Sprint Galaxy S3 performs amazing with root now, best guide on the web!

  156. Peter says:

    Hey Max, Just wondering if it’s possible to root the S3 (SGH-I747M) which is on Canadian Rogers from a Mac computer yet. Any help would be appreciated.


  157. KB 927 says:

    Please help. I rooted OK, was tinkering and now the phone won’t boot.

    Brand new T999

  158. Adam says:

    Hi was wondering if this method of rooting would work on a SGH i747 running jelly bean firmware 4.1

    Please let me know

  159. Yan Wang says:

    Hi max, why i cant root my phone, i used to be able to root. After i use kies to restor my phone i cant root it

  160. Robert says:

    hi max
    I am using a rogers I747 samsung GS3 and I have rooted my phone with no issues just followed your video.
    I am having problem with skype. it seems only after I reboot the phone i am sometimes able to log in. and sometimes not and it it just keeps spinning and nothing, no login.
    Does anyone have this problem after rooting the phone ? any ideas on how to fix it ?


  161. Jonathan says:

    Hello, I just purchased an At&t Galaxy S3 for At&t, to use on T-Mobile. Is there anyway to flash this phone to use the T-mobile Software? I need the Wifi Calling features, and the Tmobile 4g, which is not working on the phone with At&t software. If someone can please help me, I would appreciate it.

    • T says:

      Hey if I’m not mistaken you would need to unlock your phone so that it can be used on any carrier. Once unlocked it should work. You can unlock it via

      Also you can get the required APN settings needed for 4g and SMS for your carrier via xda developers.

  162. G says:

    Hi Max and everyone ? do the files and recovery-from-boot.p are the same in Galaxy S2 to delete i have same problem with GS2 i swap the card back and fort and i get up date is generated to phone number and serial number of the phone . please let me know? thanks for all you work and dedication .

  163. Roni Versano says:

    I have a AT & T Galaxy S3-i747
    I bought it in the United States
    I can connect my phone to one of my computers
    But cannot connect it to another.
    I am getting a message:
    MTP USB Device Failed

    Both Computers have windows 7
    What do I have to do?

  164. ImortalDragon says:

    WOOOHOOOO. Got my T-Mobile GS3 2 days ago and just rooted. I still have my ROOTED GS2 and knowing how awsome rooting your phone is i decided to get the SG3 done. Nice. Now find a ROM i like. MAX Thanx, absolutley AWSOME. Keep up the good work.AOKP here i come.

  165. John Mann says:

    Thanks for publishing this guide! It worked perfectly, and was very easy to follow – made things much less intimidating for a ssg s3 rookie.

  166. Metropoliptical says:

    Great guide Max! Canadian Telus SGH-I747M all worked smoothly. tyvm!

  167. Fr8r says:

    Max – thanks for all the detailed help, but HELP!!! I rooted about a month ago with no trouble. Then yesterday I kept getting the OTA update box. It kept coming back. So I searched for answers all over the net about stopping that. None of the answers worked except one: It said to let the update run, and then it will fail.

    I did that and the OTA update was successful – rather than failing. Now I’m not rooted anymore!!! I have SuperUser but no root apps work.

    So – I started these instructions above – and when I got to number 15 I didn’t get the same menu as you show!!! My menu gives these choices: reboot system now; apply update from external storage; wipe data/factory reset; wipe cache partition; apply update from cache. I’m stuck! Apparently Clockwork didn’t boot for me.

    AM I BRICKED???? What can I do?

    • Fr8r says:

      The impossible happened. I actually figured it out on my own. There is a long list of people who would be stunned I was able! Sometimes these instructions either aren’t carried out right or the phone doesn’t do what is expected when following them. I say its the latter. I started over and it worked the 2nd go. If at first you don’t succeed… blah blah

      • fr8r says:

        Didn’t restore correctly from unroot after OTA. I was wrong. My phone is bricked! Is there any way to restore this phone?

        • Max says:

          did you try a factory reset?

          • Fr8r says:

            I did. Luckily I was able to limp through getting the stock rom back (although not working). I didn’t have SuperUser though, and when I went to the Sprint Store they didn’t suspect rooting – I told them I had a failure as a result of the push and that’s true. So, I don’t have insurance on it – but since its a software issue I got a new S3 for $35.

            So in a way, even when it looks like all is lost there is a way out…

  168. Mina says:

    When I downloaded the zip file and extracted it, the SuperUser file did not say .zip
    I followed the instructions anyway and copy pasted the SuperUser folder into the phone’s SPH-L710 folder. Everything was working but step 18 looked different. Instead of the No’s and Yes, it only showed two options: META-INF and system. Help please? I actually just want to get rid of the camera shutter sound, if you know another (easier) way of getting rid of it, do share!

  169. JLH says:

    Thank you for the instructions! I wanted to let you know that I updated my galaxy s3 sgh i747 (at&t) last night when the new update came out. I was still able to successfully root using this method.

  170. james says:

    will it work with android 4.1 jelly bean? does it matter what version of android? tks.

  171. christopher says:

    having a problem when i extract the files and the four of them appear the .tar file and the superuser file are not showing like yours. i use winrar and it just shows the little books stacked help please. im using windows 7

  172. Sikuta says:

    I am totally noob, follow the step by step guide … and now I have my SGH-i747 SGS III AT & T, fully root … THANK … and I assure you that my recommendations will …


  173. sy006 says:

    hi max. i just brought a s3 its on telus and i use rogers so im waiting on my new micro sim to come and then get it unlocked by the many ways on ebay.( unless some 1s know how to do it for free?) is it safe to root it n install cwm b4 i get unlocked by the imei number or should i wait to after its unlocked? thanks.

  174. Aaron says:

    I am rooted but I cannot get to CWM. I erased the two files as indicated in the FAQ but it still boots to stock Andoid recovery. Help please.

    • JM says:

      Did you try pressing Vol UP + Home + Power until reboot and then let go Power while still holding Vol UP + Home? I didn’t know that before and had the same problem until I use that method to reboot into CWM recovery.

  175. UrbanRootz says:

    Max…….you’re the eff’ing man bro’……… your first option on rooting TMOs SGS3 didnt’ work for me, but this option worked like a charm….and I’m running Sammie’s JB4.1.1 firmware update (T999UVDLI8).
    Cheers bro!!!

  176. Sikuta says:

    First of all, thanks for the tutorial on rooting the SGS III, SGH-i747.

    I followed step by step, and now I have my SGS rooteado. everything worked as it should, until I run a game (simple games eg angry birds), the game does not load (and falls into a repetitive cycle, wanting to load it), and if successful, a short time (1 or 2 phases), the game takes me, or repetitive phases begins again, not letting it load.

    Why should this be a problem in the process of root, or some corrupted file when making root?.

    I would appreciate your response.


  177. Chris P says:

    Hey man, appreciate the help,

    I for some reason after doing this cant connect my phone to my computer and access files. Any ideas?


  178. DadinDebt says:

    Max I just got my S3 last night from Sprint. Do I still use this method just to root my SPH-L710. The hardware version is L710.14.

    I just want root and nothing else, no fancy roms or jellybeans =) Can you recommend another tutorial? I’m worried that upon successful root Sprint will ask me to update this and that.

    As always thank you for your time and keep it up!

  179. Mike says:

    Hi guys am where is the

  180. Bruno says:

    Hello there 🙂 really like the site it’s very helpful ty…I hope it ok to post this here…I got my new Galaxy S3 on Bell Canada carrier model number SGH-I747M and followed these step here in this tutorial to Root it and it all worked great! 🙂 I can boot into CWM recovery no problem and all is good there but omg no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the nightly CM10 JB or Siyah Kernel on there at all! lol and it was all sooo easy on my S2…any advice from anyone to point me in the right direction would be greatly apreciated…ty so much for this great site!

    • Max says:

      try installing this recovery here:

      then re-install!

  181. iknowaeiou says:

    Hi Max. My phone is already rooted; I just like your work and check in from time to time. Stuff here is very thorough.

    And I see, after browsing the comments, that you’re a very patient person as well.

    Thanks for teaching people and for maintaining a great attitude throughout –

  182. Bruno says:

    ok wow lol that was a pain but I finally got it…it was all in the way I was holding the buttons…I wasn’t letting go of the power button while still holding home and vol up buttons….sheesh well I’m glad it worked…ty 🙂

  183. Claude says:

    Hey Max

    very nice and easy tutorial.

    I never write comments on this but you done a realy good job.


    GS3 T999V

  184. Jose says:

    I have some questions in my head, if i root my phone using this method and i delete the 2 files to keep CWM permanently, is theres a way i can unroot the phone to the original state and files for warranty purpose?

    the other one is, will you post the OTA update to use in rooted phones after the update comes out?

  185. G says:

    Dont delit Chang name so you can have for later
    Grat job evriome

  186. Kris Ho says:

    Hi there i just did this and i went to play store installed rom manager and flashed. it worked well i tested it did a nandroid backup but when rebooting and trying again it went back to stock recovery and rom manger says it cant flash recovery anymore. checked super user looks all good granted permissions. help! do i need to run odin again?

  187. Jose says:

    I did this and everything worked fine, then the phone reboot because on an app and when the phone try to boot it get stuck in samsung glowing logo and don’t do nothing. I really don’t what to do and it, can somebody help me step by step what to do to fix this.

  188. CraigK says:

    Hi Max and everyone else,

    I got the s3 a couple of weeks ago and rooted in the next day – just can live
    without Titanium Backup and Ad Away!

    I have two related questions:

    1) With CWM, the OTA update AT&T has started pushing will not install. However,
    it sounds like it has some useful features. Any thoughts on how to install this? Ive
    read that it requires a manual install, but after doing the download, I can’t find a zip
    that looks like the install.

    2) AT&T is supposed to make JB available later this month (although I’ll believe
    it when I see it). If they do, will CWM get in the way of that? Or does Kies (the
    usual way of installing a full OS update) get around that? Just trying to think


    • Steven says:

      regarding part 1) … when an ota fails and tells you it requires a manual install (which happened to Me).. it is usually cuz the downloaded update failed to verify the signature of the file ( possible corruption during download) or maybe cuz the cwm recovery doesn’t do things exactly as samsung stock recovery does (I know this for a fact cuz the backup options in My cwm recovery do ridiculous, useless things.. backups from version are useless)

      all you have to is plug in to kies and the ota firmware upgrade will be available .. let it go.. it will download, unencrypt, decompress, then it will put your phone in download mode and after it reboots it will tell you the upgrade its done .. took 30+ minutes for Me

      make sure to backup first!

      you will have to re-root cuz it returns recovery to stock .. so 5 more minutes using this wonderful thread and you are upgraded and re-rooted 🙂

      note: this assumes you used this thread, are rooted, and on stock rom .. if you are on a custom rom, you will have to return to stock kernel (probably) before kies allows upgrade

      • CraigK says:

        Thanks for the info! It sounds as if you have done the new OTA that AT&T
        released in the last few weeks. If so, do you like it??

        I’m guessing that when JB arrives it would be much the same thing – use
        Kies to install. We shall see.

        By the way, I found the video to be very easy to follow – clearer (and
        better produced) than the ones I used to root my old Captivate. Good


        • Steven says:

          I’m in canada, on videotron, model T999V which is the same as tmobile

          the ota was still ics 4.0.4 but it was aug 15 build date, so it changed only afew settings and added a brightness slider into the notification shade. the original build date was may 27, so it was a necessary update towards the eventual end-sept or oct build date that JB 4.1 will have

          the video and thread are by Max.. I’m just part of the “everyone else” lol

          • CraigK says:

            It turns out that the newer version of CWM can handle the AT&T OTA, update, so I used ROM Manager to update CWM. It takes a bit of fiddling – one has tell it to install the unknown package, but it works without using Kies (of which I’m not that big a fan). However, as you point out, you do have to re-root. Not a big deal. Now I’m just waiting for JB.


            • Anthony Lim says:

              How do you re-root? I have us cellular and I accepted the update while i was rooted with the stock rom and it screwed up my root. Could you please help me out or point me in the right direction.


  189. Rudy says:

    Great video but I have a question. This the second time I have root my S3 and it gives me superuser access and all but when I download titanium backup I open it and grant it superuser access I get a warning: “this device’s ID has changed”, it goes on to show me the adroid number and also the previous number. I get three options to choose ignore, ask me later, restore the previous ID. When I hit restore it tells me that the feature is available on the donate version. I don’t want to donate just want the free version but will selecting the ignore option damage the phone in any way? Thanks.

  190. Ken says:

    Hi Max,

    I am having a problem with galaxy s3 sgh-i747m – the goal is to use this rogers phone on mobilicity. I am coming from the iphone and I am new to android. I have followed your how to root to flash. It worked like a charm. However, my problem is I do not have the option of selecting from an internal card. I have copy the super user file to the phone already using drop box. When I tried to get into cwm i am in android system recovry
    my options are
    reboot system
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    Can you please help me?

  191. Dickson says:

    Hi Max,

    I rooted my phone but after rebooting for the first time, I cannot seem to find the folder /system/ to delete the two files you mentioned nor access data/clipboard/ (I wanted to root my phone to fix my phone from freezing when copying text). when I boot to CWM, it loaded the stock page. I am not sure what did I do wrong there since I checked with Titanium and Directory Bind and they seem to verify that my phone has been rooted.

    Help please?

  192. Jorge says:

    i successfully rooted my phone but after I rooted it, I installed wifi tether and is keeps saying ad-hoc mode failed in the log settings. Any idea why it does that?

  193. Matt says:

    I installed the root on the phone and SuperSU is on the phone and root apps work. The only problem is that CWM does not seem to be installed on the phone. Once ROM Manager is running there is no recognized version, once I use the app I cannot flash it since it does not recognize the phone (does not say SGS3). Can someone help me? There is no contact information for anyone on this site so I figured I’d write here. Thanks

  194. dzzpapi says:

    Mine is Wind Mobile, and the mdoel is SGH-T999V, Android version is 4.04, Base band version is T999VVLLH2,
    and the Kernel version is 3.0.8 -CL1030062-user.

    Can this GS3 be rooted?


  195. chris says:

    Rooted phones should be tested for various components to be operable before stating it works.
    1. Wifi work
    2. Contacts and Calendar fully operable with syncing and editing.
    3. Messaging and phone are operable

  196. Joe says:

    Worked to me. Only problem is the reboot process at very beginning. Pressing three buttons together doesn’t work for my phone. I just simply pushed the power button to restart the device.

  197. Genia says:

    For those who cannot get into CWM after flashing it:
    what you need to do is after doing the steps above to rename 2 files using root explorer:
    /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/
    (i added ORIGINAL at the start of the filename)

    after, download ROM Manager from the play store, grant it superuser permissions and click on the first option – Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
    this will flash it again on the phone, but this time it will alow you to boot into it either using the key combo or the more simple way- clicking on “reboot into recovery” in the app

    • Dave says:

      Where do i go in ES File Explorer or Root explorer to delete or rename these files /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ I used ES File Explorer and can’t fine the files.


      • Genia says:

        after you root the phone,
        you use root explorer to go exactly where i said:
        system dir to rename recovery-from-boot.p
        and then inside the system dir you go inside the dir etc and there you rename the file

        • Dave says:

          Worked perfect! Thanks. Plus the touch recovery is nice and fr me it’s better to use rom manager than the key combo to go to recovery.

        • Scott says:

          My CWM recover got overwritten by the Android Recovery. Do I need to start again from Step 4 and delete the file afterwards? Thanks!!!

  198. Carmen Tsang says:

    Thanks Max, i am using SIII from Wind Mobile Canada and my phone is working great and your rooting method is absolutely working. Now i am have one question. What two files i have to delete after rooting? I cannot find any information about it (previous you mentioned that you would update about how to remove these two files in the website but i can’t find it). Thanks you so much again

  199. JM says:

    In case some of you can’t find those two files. If you can boot into CWM without any problems by pressing all 3 buttons and letting go the power button, then there’s no need to delete/rename them. Mine is an i747m from Rogers and those two files are not in my phone and I can boot into CWM with no issues.

  200. alvi5 says:

    so now how do we fix the battery cell standby drainage after rooting?

  201. G says:

    Hi I installed new updater T999UVALJ4

    no more files = /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/

    i wonder if we looking with new files ?

    to install this T999UVALJ4 up date you need to bring this 2 files to original sate !!

    then day disappear and you have to root you phone again !!!


  202. Max says:

    Worked flawlessly on my at&t galaxy s3, thanks dude!

  203. Armen Janetsian says:

    Hi, I used this root method and everything went well and really easy.. as soon as I had root access I went to tmobile and removed wifi hotspot cuz there is no need to pay extra now.. well today when it took full effect, I can’t give out wifi from any app at all… what can I do??

  204. G says:

    Hay Max do You ever sleep (insomniac) LOL

  205. thecityboy781 says:

    i get a “Error Status 7” when i flash a ROM anyone know why? thanks in advance

  206. Anthony Lim says:

    Hi everyone. I made a noob mistake and now im having a bit of trouble. I rooted my device a couple of months ago but kept the stock rom. A few weeks ago I received the OTA update for our phones and now it appears my root access doesnt work anymore. Can someone tell me how to re-root or correct this issue because I would like to add a 4.1.1 Rom to my galaxy s3.


      • Anthony Lim says:

        Thanks. I ended up doing that right before you posted this. Worked great. I installed cm10 m2 on mine.

        • frank mar says:

          Hey Anthony, I have tmobile also…. I had rooted my phone and also kept stock rom.. only reason I rooted it is to get free wifi tether.. well tmobile made an update recently and me thinking my root would stick didnt.. so now my phone is unrooted and now the process of rooting it doesnt work.. any ideas?

  207. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this how to.

    I’m stuck at the very beginning.
    I have the T-mobile Galaxy s3 and I don’t see any mtp. Is there a driver I need to download to enable usb to pc downloads?

    • Bruce says:

      I download and installed the samsung usb driver but that didn’t make any difference.
      Would I be able to use dropbox instead of usb to transfer the needed files?

  208. Jamie Languedoc says:

    This root worked great for me, but now I need to take my phone in for warrenty and I can’t find find an unroot guide for the US Cellular R530U version. Can you help me unroot?

  209. vivek says:

    I tried rooting my AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G using a similar method. On running ODIN, i got two com ports. One the COM4 and another one I forgot. Although the guide mentioned that only one com port will be shown on ODIN, I went ahead and rooted my Infuse. The rooting worked but the WiFi seemed to develop some issues and I was not able to connect to my home WiFi afterwards.
    I will be getting my new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 in a few days and needless to say, i will root the phone as soon as I get hold of it. But just wanted to make sure that I won’t loose the WiFi capability on my phone, eventhough I have an unlimited data plan. Any users experiencing WiFi issues or for that matter any issues after rooting the AT&T S3?

    • Deb says:

      Hi, did you ever figure this out? I know this was a long time ago that you posted this but I just rooted and the WIFI won’t turn on on my Sprint GS3 either. Also I can’t get the WIFI tether to work!!!

  210. shaun says:

    I have been using this method for a while now on my sprint gs3 and it works great! But I just got an Emil saying that an ota update is now available to upgrade to jellybean but I haven’t got it yet? could this be because I’m rooted? if so How can I fix this? Thanks!

    • RikoMenzies says:

      OTA updates roll out in batches. Once your device exits the queue you’ll receive the notification as long as you’re running stock, rooted or not.

      In order to install it, though, it’s highly recommended that you’re unrooted and running a stock ROM with stock recovery. There have been cases of people successfully installing the update while rooted and running CWM, but you’re better safe than sorry.

    • Max says:

      You will still be able to receive updates. You will need to reinstall stock recovery to actually install once it downloads.

  211. Roger says:

    After I installed the jelly bean update can I still use this rooting method??
    I actually manually installed sprints jelly bean update instead of waiting for it.

  212. Ozzman says:

    Absolutely incredible. You guys rock. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post this information. My phone is now rooted, and I can get rid of all the crapola software that came with it.

    Love guys, do you have a “contribute” account with paypal?

  213. Dom says:

    did you ever find a fix for the tmobile boot into cwm. do i still have to pull the battery?

  214. ynr says:

    Hi i have 2 important questions first I installed the LH9 ota update from att can i root now . Also it appears your method shows not to check is that correct?

  215. Aidan says:

    Hi Max i went through this process of rooting before using this method and everything worked fine, 2 weeks ago i unrooted my phone cause i was gonna gave it to someone but i ended up keeping the phone, now im trying to root it again but after i flashed the recovery in odin everything passed and was fine but when i used volume up power and home button it keeps booting into android recovery, how can i boot into cwm cause without that i cant flash superuser and get rooted. Thanks

  216. William says:

    Hello Max,
    I am using windows 7 along with winrar. Can I use this program to unzip the files to root my SG3? I saw on the video that you icon on the zip file looks different. Help!

  217. Jason Anderson says:

    How do i un-root the phone so i can update. I Have t-mobile and got a notification that an update is available. When i try to update, it rebotts then stalls on the CWM-based Recovery Screen with the following command lines:
    CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4
    E: Invalid command argument
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  218. Adam says:

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that it’s sketchy to backup apps and restore them from ROM to ROM. I use Titanium Backup for all apps + system data…is that a bad idea?? If so, what should I do to continue to backup apps + system data that I update from ROM to ROM? Also, should I do nandroid backups of every ROM that I successfully flash before moving on to a new ROM? I’m currently running Cyanogenmod 10 M2 and LOVE IT!!!!

  219. Nader says:

    is rooting destroy my warranty?!

  220. Jae says:

    After rooting, I cant connect to my wifi anymore.. I tried the *#0011# trick but that didn’t work either… The whole rooting process went perfectly.. Any problem to this solution? I just got this S3 and it’s the AT&T one.

  221. Hoang Tri says:

    Thank you very much , i was rooted my S3 T999.

  222. willis B says:

    i took me a few attempts on a GS# that was formerly rooted. I had to delete all old root files and save the superuser profile to the externel SD card to install it while in CWM. it woudl not recognize the internal sd after the ODIN restart. Just a suggestiong if anyone has that issue. i am running the current L710VPL13 update. once i figeured that out it worked like a charm!!! Thank you for the pointers and the hard work you guys do!!!

  223. jalascoo says:

    I rooted my phone (bell galaxy s3) successfully. But I found some of my widgets do not work any more, like Samsung music play. Some widgets become invisible, like Jorte calendar, calendar 8 etc.
    Any idea why and any fix?


  224. jalascoo says:

    also, i rooted the phone, installed the CWM rom, busybox, what do i supposed to do after that? thanks.

  225. ronald says:

    max friend goodnight Ecuador salute you, I have a samsung s3 i474m version of canada but I get the language to Spanish, please help me as I put it in Spanish.
    thanks ….

  226. John says:

    Max – thanks so much! I was able to flash and root very quickly. I did run into the issue where stock Android Recovery kept happening, but after I installed ES File, and gave it root, I deleted the 2 files in the FAQ, but it didn’t work.

    I still kept getting stock recovery, so I reflashed it using Odin, but not installing su, and when I turned the phone off, and went into recovery mode, I got CWR – so that was a way I found to get past losing Clockwork mode recovery. You end up having to flash it twice, but, it sticks after the second time.

    Thanks again!

  227. ronald says:

    buenas noches amigo max Ecuador te saludo, tengo un samsung s3 versión i474m de canada pero not me sale el idioma a español, por favor que me ayude como lo pongo en español.
    gracias ….

  228. jason says:

    Hi Max:

    I got Bell G3 and rooted smoothly according to your instructions. Thanks.
    Everything worked fine untill yesterday that I got “not enough space” when installing or update apps from google. I knew I have tons of space in my phone. I tried to fix using “lucky patcher.apk”, but this app itself cannot install on my phone. I clearly remember I installed a bunch of apps after rooting.

    Do you have any fix about this?

  229. Oscar says:

    I did root to my galaxy S3, then i hade to unroot to be able to install jelly bean, now i have jelly bean installed but i can root again, i tried this metod but it didnt work. now the Custom Binary sais 2. how can i root my gallaxy S3 with Jelly Bean and is it bad that Custom Binary has a number 2?

    • Steven says:

      when you boot into recovery .. is it still cwm recovery? if yes, then you only need to install the from recovery to get root back

      the counter that shows in download mode only matters if you need to bring the phone in for warranty repair.. otherwise, who cares 😉

  230. Danielle says:

    I keep getting “e signature verification failed” I tried the older version and I thought that might be why, then I tried this one and still the same thing.
    Do you know what I can do?

  231. Oscar says:

    Hi Steven. I tried yesterday and it showed the same error Danielle said. Thx

    • Steven says:

      signature error is usually from an

      when in recovery mode.. do you have the option “install zip from sd card” ?

      • Oscar says:

        In the recovery mode i have this options:

        reboot system now
        apply update from ADB
        apply update from external storage
        wipe data/factory reset
        wipe cache partition
        apply update from cache

        any of this help?

  232. Oscar says:

    I followed the video again. i saw how to get to recovery, i see the option ” install zip from sd card” , i click yes, and it installs, but when i reboot nothing happens, it didn’t get rooted.

    • Steven says:

      which zip are you installing?
      at that point, in recovery, you should be installing the

      if you did that.. how are you testing if you are rooted? you need to open the superSu app or run something that requires root

  233. Oscar says:

    I”m installing the that comes in the folder, i copied to my phone as the video said, i also copied to the sd card, i tried to install as it said on the video, everything looks normal, i reboot but when it starts it doesnt show the superuser on the phone.

    i have titanium already installed from the first root, but it only say waiting for root , but nothing happens, i also downloaded root checker, but it freezes.

  234. Oscar says:

    I checked again, titanium freezes, i got superuser on my apps but it doesn’t detect any apps, bussybox doesn’t respond, root checker freezes too. the only way i see i might have root its because Google wallet says “Unsupported device” the same as the first root.

    remember I’m using Android Jelly bean.
    I first rooted, then unrooted, then installed jelly bean and here I’m, I can’t get it to work. Thanks

    • Steven says:

      who isn’t running jellybean? lol
      I’m running Xquizit xD jb 4.1.1 😉

      it doesn’t matter.. root is root for all os and versions

      so you have SuperSu app.. but it doesn’t open

      ok.. I recommend that you boot into Recovery..
      then wipe cache.. then go back
      then advanced.. wipe dalvik cache.. then go back
      then reboot

      the phone should say optimizing apps or something similar before you see your desktop

      then try to open SuperSu
      if it opens properly, it will probably update the binary and everything should be ok

      btw.. SuperSu updated in the store today, so you can update it again 🙂

      good luck

  235. Harris says:

    Just redid the whole process again, still no supersu in app drawer, and now when I try to software update it shows the device has been modified, but going into recovery is not CWM but Android.

    • Steven says:

      if you installed from sd card from cwm recovery … then the superSu app should be there .. dont know what to tell you … cant see your phone

      if your recovery is back to stock, then you probably have to rename/delete the two files mentioned near the end of Max’s guide

      the device is modified cuz you are not stock (you’re on custom jb rom and/or flash counter is not zero)

      after you rename/delete those two files … you should be able to re-flash cwm recovery with odin in the 2.8 seconds it usually takes 🙂

      you are doing install to sd card of the … right ?
      you didnt UNzip it prior to flashing ???

      • Harris says:

        Didn’t unzip it. Might be because my phone was rooted when I did the OTA update. I’m just going to Odin root66 stock rom and go from there.

        • Steven says:

          rooted has nothing to do with probs like this.
          if being rooted was a prob … it wouldnt have let you do the ota update

          I guess you dont have a nandroid backup from BEFORE you did the ota ?

          if it was Me … I would nandroid backup before the ota .. then, if any probs, I would restore to that point and redo the ota update, then cwm + re-root

          I have more faith in the reliability of the cwm recovery (simple an img actually) and root (simply an app + su binary) … than the that most ota’s are

          in fact, I dont like ota … I prefer to nandroid backup and then plug into kies … unless the firmware update is available at that same moment, for download so I can do it Myself

  236. William says:

    I want to thank you for posting such an easy turorial on rooting SG3 i7474 (Canadian). I’m a rooky coming from an iPhone, and rooting was a breeze! I have alredy installed Titanium backup and made a back up of all my apps and system files, but there are 2 things I would like to know: Should I delete the folder that is on my phone? and second, I would like to install Jellybean on my SG3 i747 (Canadian). Since I am not experienced with roms I don’t know which rom (Jellybean) would work well in my phone. Thank you.

    • Steven says:

      no … keep the … you will need it to re-root after each stock/rom that you update or install, unless the rom already has root injected

      there are MANY jb roms out there lol
      you need to decide what you would like to try …

      pure android (google/nexus) is much more bare and minimalistic than your samsung version … small, lightweight, blazing fast … and usually uptodate faster … 4.2 in some cases

      touchwiz (samsung) android is very beautiful, but somewhat heavy (almost 7x the size of pure roms) … personally I LIKE touchwiz 😉 most touchwiz roms are currently at 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 … with samsung and carrier bloatware removed which makes them faster, smoother, than your current stock phone

  237. DJ says:

    So is there a way to root the new jelly bean update on the tmobile s3? Or does this method still work?

    • Steven says:

      this method will always work … so bookmark it 🙂

      as Max describes in the OP (opening post) … all this method does is :

      1 – replace the stock recovery.img with the clockworkmod recovery.img
      why? cuz the stock recovery was designed to allow nandroid backup/restore, wipe cache and dalvik cache, apply (firmware update) … BUT … it has no ability to run custom scripts .. which is what is needed to install roms, apps, perform specialized tasks, etc

      the cwm recovery is a compiled version that DOES run custom scripts 🙂

      2 – using your new cwm recovery, you run the custom script (packed into a zip) which simply installs the su binary into the correct system folder … and runs the superuser.apk which installs the superSu app 🙂

      so … as you can see … this has nothing to do with your current rom … data … etc

      if you flash a custom rom … which you will download just like the and run install zip from sd card in your cwm recovery … you will not have to repeat this entire procedure … because if you were able to install the rom … you HAVE cwm recovery 🙂 so after you install the rom, you simple run install zip from sd card AGAIN and point to the and inject root into your new rom 🙂

      pie 😀

  238. juan says:

    Hello Max.
    Great website very useful content #1 place for all galaxyS3 root users.
    One question, what root guide can I use to root my metro PCS sch-r530 galaxy S3 safely??
    Thank you very much!

  239. Leroy says:

    Canadian Carrier Rogers SGH-I747M it worked YAAY!! Thank You!!

  240. SM says:


    I see some comments about rooting AFTER Jelly Bean OTA update was sent — and this is what I am concerned about for the USA T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (T999) AFTER the OTA update, as the update removed (or appears to have removed) Root access.

    So these questions are directed to root AFTER the OTA Jelly Bean update was sent (and re-rooting, as I am just trying to be clear), on or about Nov 16, 2012, in the USA (Michigan).

    I am going to assume T-mobile DID NOT sent out the Jelly Bean OTA update all at once (so the exact dates my vary)

    1) Any changes to re-root from the above excellent instructions?
    2) If so, what are they (I realize you noted sometime after the above date your working it, if so, continue just wanted to leave this to confirm).
    3) I did Notice the downloaded file, the ODIN verision has changed from the above screenshots, and Instructions. Odin version is no longer Odin 1.85, but rather Odin v3.04 (and some of the Colors are different when using Odin,
    4) In odin the “F. Time” — should it be checked or not checked?

    Cheers, SM

  241. Steven says:

    as in My reply to DJ above (nov 14), this method will always work for these devices

    I don’t remember, but if the Odin setting is to reboot, I take that off because some stock rom versions re-apply stock recovery on boot

    leave reboot off.. when Odin is done with PASS, do this:
    unplug phone
    pull the battery
    put battery back in
    hold volume UP, home button, and power button
    when phone vibrates, release power button, but continue holding volume UP and home buttons
    phone should now have booted into cwm recovery
    now you can continue with the guide and install 🙂

  242. gh says:

    I get to step 11 click start and get this

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..

    And nothing happens.

  243. Nicole says:

    Yay!!That was easy and fast! Thank you so much!!!

  244. Richard says:

    Not so easy and I’m not a noob. Jail breaking my iPhone was much easier. I find android techies fail to realize the rest of the world does not eat, sleep and breath this stuff. That said I love android and will not go back to apple. I’ve owned every galaxy made and love Samsung.
    Thanks for your hard work, but it’s not that simple.

  245. mike says:

    so all i get is the recovery.img no .tar file provided. after extensive searching i cant seem to grasp creating a .tar file in windows, now i am researching ubuntu to create a .tar? all while sitting in download mode. smh. not exactly fool proof since no mention of this process was implied- or is it just me. time to help?

  246. angel says:

    hey u are the kush for my new samsung s3 thks

  247. Seaan says:

    Thanks for the reply, this is a great page and the pics are good!
    However, after the OTA Jelly Bean update, when going into Clockwork Mod recovery (CWM)


    Any ideas why (followed the process exactly)?


  248. Jeff says:

    Brilliant! Easiest rooting I’ve ever done. Thanks for outstanding and simple directions. Rooted, Unrooted, ran OTA and rooted again all in about 15 minutes.

  249. ken says:

    I have followed all steps, but there is no “RecoveryGalaxyS3USCanada.tar” as indicated in step 9. What do I do? Please help, I’m sitting in “downloading” mode with Odin3 running on computer. Don’t know what to do. Will I brick if I unplug?

  250. Mona Temchin says:

    Fantastic! Worked like a charm in my Galaxy S3 T999. I got it done in half an hour. The hardest part was getting into ClockworkMod Recovery (which kept getting overlaid by the Android stock recovery until I used your method of hitting Volume-Up and Home as the device rebooted after flashing CWM via Odin) but once I got that the rest was easy.

  251. Alex says:

    Is there a way to unlock Sprint L710 so it becomes sim-free?

  252. Clinton Brown says:

    I am a recent Iphone convertee, I have a Galaxy S III, Model number SPH-L710, Android Version 4.1.1, Baseband version L710VPBLJ7, Build number JR003L.L710VPBLJ7.

    How do I root it. Please help!

  253. kriscamp says:

    when I plug in my S3 to drop the superuser zip I can see my S3 in odin, when I unplug it and put it in odin mode it doesn’t recognize it.

  254. Mastermind says:

    I have a T-Mobile Gs3 , I really wanna use google wallet like my wife on sprint with her Gs3, Sprint allows google wallet on there network. So if I just root my phone will I be allowed to see it in the play store and install? Or is there another method to get google wallet? Thanks in advance.

  255. J-Cub says:

    I rooted on stock, then unrooted to do OTA, then after OTA I did a full restore and rooted again and when I try to use rom toolbox, I do get a SU request, but then rom toolbox tells me it failed to get root access. Rom manager didn’t give me a notice that I didn’t have root, whic it did when I truly didn’t have root. So apparently it works. Wondering if maybe it is a problem with rom toolbox itself? Anybody else having issues like this?

    • J-Cub says:

      Nvm. Apparently when I selected “GRANT” on the SU request it applied “DENY” instead. Went into SU and changed it manually. Wonder if it happened because my binary was outdated when I allowed the app root access.

  256. J-Cub says:

    Max, you freaking rock, thanks so much for this!

  257. Allan L says:

    Can I assume that I would have to unroot my S3, before installing Jelly Bean, then once the new OS is installed I can then root it again using the above procedure?

    • Steven says:

      root is irrelevant to the update

      if you are attempting to use the OTA update, you need to be on stock recovery and probably stock rom … because it will boot into recovery mode and attempt to run the that it downloaded.. which will only pass authentication in stock recovery

      if you use kies instead to update, you need to be on stock rom. the recovery won’t matter cuz kies will boot into download (odin) mode and flash the entire stock rom (.tar) that it downloaded

      in either case, you will lose root cuz it will overwrite the system partition, therefore removing the su binary

      • Steven says:

        also, using kies, it will prolly also install stock recovery

        so.. yes.. after updating your firmware, simply re-use this guide as necessary to regain cwm recovery and/or root 🙂

        btw.. there are more recent versions of cwm recovery for this device on the xda forums.. cwm is now at which uses a different kind of nandroid backup format and can do backup/restore as well as install zip from/to external sd card. not to mention there are also touch versions of cwm and twrp recoveries 🙂

  258. Cash says:

    Hello all,
    If I understand correctly, CWM is used to get ROMs that function as a different OS. I like everything about the phone as it is, but i just need root access for a couple apps. I was wondering if I could somehow just install the superuser/root files without CWM? Please let me know, thanks.

    • Steven says:

      clockworkmod is a dev .. he has developed cwm recovery (img) and cwm 10 (aosp rom) among many many others .. there is also twrp recovery (img)

      android (mobile Linux) has normal running mode, download (odin) mode, and recovery mode

      the stock recovery mode is very limited, primarily used to install ota and factory reset

      cwm and twrp recovery images add lots of power and flexibility to recovery mode: ability to create and restore nandroid backups, wipe cache and dalvik cache partitions, fix permissions and, of course, install from internal or external sd card

      it is this enhanced recovery that is used to install the file itself .. don’t unzip it, but look inside it from your zip software.. it has the su binary that goes into /system/xbin, it has the apk that contains the superSu app, and it has a script that puts the binary in the proper folder and installs the superSu from its apk as a system app

      the only way you can get root without first installing the custom recovery is to use odin to install a stock rom that has root already injected into it … which I don’t think you want since you don’t seem to want any changes to your stock rom

      I recommend you follow this guide by Max, and you will be rooted with custom recovery on stock rom in 5 minutes

      if you are Canadian tho.. you may want to wait.. cuz we are all reverting to stock rom and/or recovery this weekend in preparation for Samsung’s promised jellybean 4.1 firmware update on Monday Dec 3 😉 lol

      • Cash says:

        Hey Steven,
        So almost 5 months later, I finally rooted my phone, got some awesome apps: titanium backup, system tuner, rom toolbox, rom manager, few others, and everything works fine.

        I also tried flashing a ROM, but screwed up and had to restore to a backup. What ROM would you recommend? I’m looking at Synergy and CM10, many users have reported problems for both though.

        Thanks for all your help and advice!

  259. Cash says:

    Thanks for the quick and thorough reply. I’m in US with the AT&T s3, I will probably wait till next weekend anyway. It seems strange to me that the stock recovery is unable to install the zip file, and I feel like an app should be able to do that. It seems like this is the simplest way, though, so I’ll try it. Most likely my friend who has rooted before will end up doing it for me lol.
    Thanks again

    • Steven says:

      actually not strange at all
      boot into stock recovery (volume up + home + power) and you will see that there is no install zip option.. closest is the one used by ota updates: install

      Samsung didn’t build their recovery img to allow you to root, or install custom roms lol

      it allows them to allow you to receive firmware updates over the air.. pretty nice, pretty cool.. end of story
      recovery is not an app.. there is no os loaded while you are in it

      however, by placing the recovery.img in its own partition they made it simple and harmless to use Odin mode to push a custom recovery.img over that partition … this is much better than on the older galaxy s2 which didn’t have that separation and made the process dangerous

      you can’t hurt anything using this guide on the s3 .. just take it slow .. watch the video .. take each instruction one by one … 5 mins 🙂

      let us know how it goes.. happy rooting 🙂

      curious tho.. which apps do you want root access for??

      • Cash says:

        Ah, makes sense, I will be sure to post here when I’ve done it/screwed up lol.

        Apps I need it for:
        Avast antivirus (firewall), and Joy2Touch addon for USBBT JoyCenter (to use my Xbox 360 controller for games)

        • Steven says:

          ugh I was afraid you were gonna say that

          personally, as a programmer, I consider so-called antivirus software are the problem themself. I discourage their use and encourage education in how things work, best way to prevent “infection”

          and I seriously discourage giving these kind of apps root access!

          as for the joystick app.. why the hell would it need root?!

          root is for awesome apps like titanium backup and file explorers like es and root explorer and other KNOWN beneficial apps

          be careful which apps you grant root access, and VERY careful which apps you grant continuous root access.. always run superSu after granting access and have it forget/deny permission to apps that aren’t known, proven safe

          • Cash says:

            On the developer website, it says that the joystick app needs root in order to map touch actions to controller buttons/joysticks. I can use it with emulators just fine, but not regular android games. As for antivirus, just a precaution I guess, and I’ve always like avast on my desktop. This is my first smartphone (and therefore android) and I want to be extra careful. I even bought a triple armor case lol.

            • Steven says:

              I understand what you’re saying … but understand what I’m saying lol

              root = superuser = administrator+++ on your windoze machine

              when you grant root acess to an app .. you are essentially stripping away the layer of security that prevents destructive/malicious things …

              that triple armor case aint gonna help you if you have already opened the door, stocked the fridge and laid out a carpet of roses lol

              if you dont know exactly why an app needs root … and what it will do with it … then you should research it, ask others that have used it, and/or ask the dev … (excuse Me dev, what commands will you be issuing, exactly, that require root access)

              example … antivirus would be quarantining apps (freeze) or such … even system apps, which is stupid .. but an app like titanium has the ability to freeze an app while you test if that helps or not and titanium is used by miliions

              you have been warned … lol

              once you have root … get titanium backup … it is an awesome tool, even the free version, learn how to use it … I personally find the $6.50 for pro has already saved My ass and reduced My rebuild time a lot (after installing new rom, or recovering from a bad one)

              • Cash says:

                Your advice sounds good, I’ll make sure to be careful which apps I grant root access.

                The joystick app needs it because the phone won’t let it map touch actions to physical external buttons without root (according to developer’s website).

                Avast needs it for firewall (according to the app), although I don’t think I really need active firewall on my phone – just something to scan it monthly/after I download something. This part will work without root.

                I checked out Titanium Backup and it looks like it has a lot of useful features, will get that and learn it once I root. (It would be nice to remove the stupid AT&T copies of google/samsung apps, and backups are always useful – learned that the hard way on my desktop)

                I heard that some Canada providers are releasing Jellybean, hope AT&T comes soon. Somehow, Sprint already has it lol.

                • Steven says:

                  if you pay for the pro version of superSu, you can control permissions for each individual app.. always grant, always deny, prompt

                  android 4.2 scans side-mounted (not from play store), and possibly all newly installed apps 😉

                  yes, one of titanium’s many features is the ability to remove any app, even system apps, which it’s great for bloatware pruning

                  I just restored to stock to prep for the upgrade and used titanium (after re-rooting) to restore My user apps+data … one tap to restore all missing apps, another to de-select system apps, and one more tap to start the batch 🙂 you could restore the batch with free version too, if you don’t mind tapping ok 70x to confirm each app restore, lol

                  yes, Canadian i747m models are receiving update tonight, and the remaining Canadians on t999v model are supposed to get it tomorrow.. oooh it’s midnight.. today!! 😉

                  • Cash says:

                    What do you mean by restoring apps, does it delete them once you unroot?

                    • Steven says:

                      I was on a custom rom … I followed standard practice when switching roms to revert to stock:

                      I told titanium to backup all apps+ data
                      I booted into cwm recovery mode
                      normally I would do a nandroid backup, but there is no point since I’m going to get a baseband update
                      I wiped the cache partition and the dalvik cache partition
                      I did a factory reset which formats the cache, system and data partitions
                      then I told it to reboot.. while it booted I pressed volume down+ home so that it booted into download (Odin) mode
                      I plugged in and used Odin to flash the stock Samsung LH2 rom (1.5GB) .. 10 mins
                      then I used Odin to push cwm recovery back on
                      then I rebooted into recovery, which was cwm again, and re-rooted, and also installed My
                      then I booted normal

                      the phone was as if I had just bought it, almost

                      since it was empty except for stock Samsung bloatware.. yes .. I used titanium to restore My apps

                      altho there are important differences, each first install of a new rom is similar

              • Cash says:

                PS: Why did Max take the battery out of the phone if he unchecked auto reboot? Wouldn’t it just turn off and not restart, letting you proceed with the next step? (Also I don’t remember him taking it out in the video.)

                • Steven says:

                  interesting how your post appeared after Mine

                  if reboot is checked, when the flash of cwm recovery img is done (10mb file flashes in only a couple seconds), Odin would use the adb reboot command to tell the phone to restart

                  it would be too fast to be ready on the volume up+ home to jump into recovery mode to flash the .. by pulling the battery instead of reboot, you control the speed

  260. Dave Martinez says:

    Hey Max, On behalf of the community (-as beneficiaries of all your hard work and dedication) I want to thank you for consistently being as professional and as comprehensively thorough and supportive as humanly possible! What would we do without ya?! (oh yeah BTW, this, (of course) works/ed flawlessly for me 🙂 I (AGAIN, as always, have ROOT!) Fear not NOOB’S, Just read (and read again) and follow the instructions! Cheers!

  261. Allan L says:

    Hi Steve. Thanks for the reply. However since I am entirely new to this I am a bit confused. You stated: if you are attempting to use the OTA update, you need to be on stock recovery and probably stock rom … because it will boot into recovery mode and attempt to run the that it downloaded.. which will only pass authentication in stock recovery

    if you use kies instead to update, you need to be on stock rom. the recovery won’t matter cuz kies will boot into download (odin) mode and flash the entire stock rom (.tar) that it downloaded”

    I really don’t know what that means fully.
    My galaxy S3 is currently rooted using your method. So when Jelly Bean becomes available, do I just use Kies to update WITHOUT unrooting? I get the sense from your message above that, that is what I can do, but am not sure. Don’t know what “need to be on stock rom” is. Can you clarify? Sorry to be such a total noob.

    • Steven says:

      you are rooted using this guide here … by Max … which means you have custom recovery (cwm) and root
      and you have not installed any custom roms? you are still on stock samsung ICS 4.0.4 ?
      what is your baseband (settings, about device) ?

      • Allan L says:

        I have done absolutely nothing, but root it using your method. The About Device info gives the following:

        Model number SGH-I747M

        Android Version 4.0.4

        Baseband version I747MVLLH1

        Kernel Version 3.0.8-20120814.100513-user
        SMP PREEMPT Tue Aug 14 10:16:58 KST

        Build Number IMM76D.I747MVLALH1

        By the way.; Just 15 minutes ago I connected to Kies and and was informed that the new OS was ready to download.

        So. Do I do it while it is rooted or not?

        Thanks for everything you do.

        • Steven says:

          first of all … all credit for this guide goes to MAX as you can see at the top

          does kies say what the baseband update version is? please post
          if kies is letting you get an update … then you can take it … no prob 🙂

          who is your carrier?
          txt/call Me if you like/need.. I’m in Montreal… 514-796-2800

          • Allan L says:

            I says Current firmware version : PDA:LH1 / PHONE:LH1 / CSC:LH1 (TLS)
            Latest firmware version : PDA:LK4 / PHONE:LK4 / CSC:LK4 (TLS)

            • Steven says:

              yes … I just checked firmware site … dont see an update for telus (TLS), just for BWA and BMC (bell and someone) … build I747MVLDLK4 jellybean 4.1.1 built 11/20/2012

              interesting… tmobile update was LJA.. you’re higher lol

              see? root didnt matter with kies … go ahead and update 🙂
              then you can post here your full baseband and version and brag and do the jb easter egg lol

              • Steven says:

                nvm … yes … all the i747 versions are there now
                dammit … cmon! time for the T999V versions!! 🙂 lol

              • Allan L says:

                OK. Thanks. I’ll give it a go. Wish me luck. lol

                • Steven says:

                  lol … shouldnt need luck … just time
                  the ota is quicker, cuz its just an update
                  the kies version is better cuz it is (hopefully) the whole boot.img, recovery.img, modems, and entire system folder … could take as much as 30-45 mins to finish

                  it will download the update/rom … 2-20 mins
                  then it will de-compress the download and verify the md5 signature .. .1-10 mins

                  then it will boot phone into download (odin) mode and flash the tar.md5 … 1-10 mins

                  then it will boot phone again … normally

                  I just reverted My phone from a custom rom (FreeGS3) running jb 4.1.1 to stock videotron baseband LH2 ics 4.0.4, re-rooted, titanium is now restoring My apps

                  I’m ready for My firmware upgrade samsung!! 😀

  262. Allan L says:

    Well, the update went through. Android 4.1.1

    Baseband I747MVLDLK4

    KERNEL VERSION 3.0.21-53886

    I no longer have root, but I assume that if I follow directions as per this site I can re-root?

    • Steven says:

      congrats!! … altho you dont sound too happy, lol so how long did it take using kies?
      any pain? or as smooth as advertised? lol

      correct … since kies overwrote your recovery and system partitions .. you lost root and prolly cwm recovery … simply re-use this guide and re-root

      the latest version of cwm … … and/or the touch version … are available on xda

      • Allan L says:

        I’m happy with it OK Was hoping it was version 4.2, but that’ll come later I suppose.

        It took about 45 minutes or so with Kies. Very smooth. Went to a friend’s house for a few minutes and when I came back I had a successful install. Thanks for your kindness.

        • Steven says:

          4.2 had bugs, 4.2.1 is currently out
          with custom roms you can go as high as available

          does kies have a hard time connecting for you?

          I’m on an older pc running XP and it can take 3-10 tries to connect. as soon as the phone is plugged in, it says connecting.. but takes awhile to finally show device model, if at all

          • Allan L says:

            No. No trouble connecting with Kies. I went to the xda site but couldn’t find the latest CWM version you mentioned. On the other hand I just want a simple root for now and am content with the method above. I wouldn’t know how to install a custom rom anyway.

            • Steven says:

              suit yourself.. as soon as My baseband is upgraded to jb 4.1+ I’m going to try Wicked 2.1 rom … all custom jb roms I’ve tried have the smoothness of jb project butter, no bloatware and tweaked kernels .. faster, smoother and with battery life of 26+ hours on 1.5 hours talk time and 3+ hours screen time 🙂

  263. JUAN says:

    Does anybody knows if this root guide will work safely for a
    Metropcs sch-r530 samsung galaxy S3????
    Thank you very much!!

    • Steven says:

      that model is NOT listed at the top of this article … I would NOT recommend using the file from this guide

      • JUAN says:

        Thanks I been searching the net for a week now and nothing
        that will for my S3 I only trust this site I guess I have to wait it
        out. Thanks again

  264. jason says:

    My Canadian Galaxy S3 rooted using this guide. I just updated to Jelly Bean through Kies without unroot. After 2 hours, update was successfully and everything worked. I guess I need to reroot it but not sure if the same guide will work on jelly bean.

    • Steven says:

      yes, this same guide will work

      • jason says:

        Thanks, Seven. I will try later.
        Just curious, I found my “Root Exploer” and “root Browser” apps are still ok to browse system folders. How come? Other root apps will say “the device is not rooted yet” kind of message.
        Is that weird ?

        • Steven says:

          access to root folder (/) is not a big deal … the My Files app is designed to only show /mnt/sdcard and above

          however if you look closely, you will not that the real contents of protected folders are not showing … ie /system/data and especially /data

          it is the permissions on a folder/file that determine what the user can see
          if a folder is dr-x—— then you can see the folder, but only root can see the contents

  265. mhaist says:

    im on telus i used this guide to root.. i just tried to update OTA and it failed, im now trying KIES to see if that works,
    @steven did you reroot your updated phone yet with this guide?

    • Steven says:

      as I mentioned above, to allan I believe, ota will not work if you are on a custom (cwm) recovery … kies will work

      I returned to stock rom … then re-rooted (yes, THIS guide will ALWAYS work for our device) immediately altho with an updated version of cwm … I prefer the touch recovery 😀

      but they have not pushed the update for My model yet … T999V … so I’m still on stock ics 4.0.4 … waiting

      I’m not sure how long I can take it tho LOL … ics is crap compared to the buttery goodness of jellybean 4.1.1 which I was on with My custom rom … was using FreeGS3 R7 and XquiziT xD 40
      most custom roms bring gapps from 4.2 in .. so I was already using the awesome panorama mode in the camera and all the other cool things like expandable notifications … and I miss them already!!

  266. GaryO says:

    used this guild to root, then unroot using rogers original tar, OTA to Jelly bean yesterday, takes roughly 45mins, root it again with this guild after jelly bean. Everything works GREAT!

    Thanks Max.

  267. JR says:

    I could not re-root using the this method.
    I updated through JB Kies, now I lost my root.
    From Rogers phone.

  268. Robert says:


    My phone is rooted. The new JB just came out for the rogers network. Do I need to unroot the phone before doing the upgrade ?



    • GaryO says:

      For me, I have to unroot it, use ‘’ to unroot first, click on update software on the phone after unroot, if you haven’t update for while, there’s two update in total, when you see the 300+ MB update, that’s Jellybean. Good luck.

    • Steven says:

      have you installed any custom roms? or you are still on stock samsung ics 4.0.4 ?

      if you are on stock, the ONLY reason to un-root is to be able to use OTA updates directly from your phone … which, in My opinion, is not a good reason lol

      if you use kies … you can update without un-root or any change …
      it willl overwrite system and recovery, so you will lose cwm recovery and root (su) … after the kies update, simply re-use this guide and 5 mins later you will have cwm recovery and root back 🙂

  269. jason says:

    I rooted my Canadian Galaxy S3 ICS, then updated to Jelly Bean last night without unroot. Today I rooted it again with the same instruction. I installed superuser, also Rom manager V5.0.2.7. But when I tried to BACKUP CURRENT ROM using Rom Manager, it always asks “you must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed before continuing…”, when I click on INSTALL, it asks me to confirm phone model. But I don’t see my model of Galaxy S3 in the list, only Galaxy S3 (MetroPCS) there. what should I do or can I pick that model?

    • Steven says:

      rom manager is Not useful to canadian devices (not to any devices, imho lol)
      altho clockworkmod et al are great devs … their recovery is great and so is their rom CM 10, but rom manager is really just for noobs but more confusing than it is useful … not to mention that it doesnt recognize any canadian devices .. ie it recognizes att i747 but not i747m, recognizes tmobile t999 but not t999v

      what is it that you are trying to use rom manager to do ? cuz everything it can do, you can do yourself

      if you say backup current rom … it is simply sending adb commands to the phone to reboot into recovery and do a nandroid backup … so if thats what you want to do … boot into cwm recovery, choose backup … then either backup to sd card or backup to external sd card … and it will backup your entire phone (nandroid) into a folder clockworkmod/backup

      I highly recommend you learn how to do what it is that you want to do … and do these operations yourself, rather than try to use an app

    • Steven says:

      addendum … do NOT choose a device that is not exactly same as yours !!

      • jason says:

        hi Steven

        Thanks for your advice. I basically want to make a whole backup of phone so that I can recover in case something is wrong with the system later on after I play around.
        can Taitanium backup do this?

        • Steven says:

          setup your phone (on stock jb 4.1.1) as you like it
          then boot into (cwm) recovery and use the backup option (preferably to external sd card)
          this will make a nandroid backup … boot.img, recovery.img, plus entire system, data and cache partitions … it will take 5-10 minutes

          immediately after that … restore the backup …
          if it completes successfully, you know it is a good backup
          leave that backup on the sd card and never delete it !
          you may copy it to your pc or dropbox, etc if you like … but leave the original where it is

          now … if you screw something up … or install a rom you dont like .. or you just feel like it … you can restore that nandroid backup and revert to exactly where you are at the moment you made it

          titanium backup is awesome … but it backs up apps … user apps+data, system apps+data … not the entire phone … it comes in very handy after installing roms and bringing all your user apps back WITH their data … or … when an app jams and you have to clear its data … you can restore JUST that app’s data (to the point of the backup) or if you do a factory reset to wipe problematic settings titanium will let you restore all missing apps … be careful tho … dont restore system apps into different version roms

          I also recommend you use titanium to export your wifi settings to xml after each new wifi ap that you add … so that you can import these settings after factory reset, or into new roms

          apn backup & restore (free in play store) can be very handy …. you use it to backup your current apn’s (access points for mobile data) … and if you install custom american carrier roms … they will wipe out your apn’s in favour of american ones … which means you will have no data access (4g) … simply restore your saved apn’s and voila … data! 😀

  270. JD says:

    hey Max (or anyone with the same issue)

  271. Sami says:

    hey, I’m ready to root but I have some questions

    when I receive new updates for my GS3 can I still update my phone while it’s still rooted?

    How can I unroot if anything ever happens to my phone?


  272. William says:

    Hello! I have i747M Canadian and today we finally got jellybean 4.1.1 The problem is that google now does not talk. I have set language to US English, media volume up, speech output – always speak and nothing seems to work. It shows the information that I request even the images. All is fine! Except no voice. I have done everything people say on the android forums for google now. The only thing I did after the update was that I rooted back. Please help!

    • William says:

      Problem solved: downloaded Locale Select from app store and installed US English. My SG3 is Canadian and it comes with Canadian English. Now I am using US English and google now works great.

  273. jason says:

    After I rooted Jelly Bean a few days ago, I found “software update” in “about device” cannot get update any more. It gives me this message “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available”.

    Does that mean OTA update will not work after rooting?

    • Steven says:

      it seems samsung, or your (and other) carrier, has updated their flash counter and status checking modules … now the flash counter gets tripped when a custom kernel or recovery is loaded … these, and other things, are also changing the status to modified also.

      root itself is prolly not the cause … most prolly it is when you booted into custom (cwm) recovery to install root zip that it tripped the counter, and possibly the status … altho the status could also be based on if you removed certain stock bloatware

      is it possible ota’s wont be available as long as it says modified? yes
      do you really want ota (update only) instead of full kies/odin firmware? not really
      the only thing you really lose is that it wont check for you if there is an update available … however there are multiple ways to do that … either thru one of the many firmware sites … or thru apps like Check Fus

      if it really matters, you can take a look into using Triangle Away and/or other options mentioned on the xda forums for resetting the counter and/or status

    • Steven says:

      some people on xda have reported that once their status says “modified”, samsung-specific apps fail to play DRM content (movies, music) etc … if you have that issue also, check the forums … you may need to keep resetting counter/status for those to work until a workaround/fix is developed

  274. Stan says:

    I can’t find the file /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ using ES File Explorer my clockworkmod won’t stick what can i do??

  275. Samuel says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!! i tried this and it failed and now everytime i try to turn it on it says
    “Firmware update encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in KIES & try again.

    • Samuel says:

      Its a T-Mobile S3. i did everything u said in ur video but it didnt work!! PLease help me as soon as possible!!!

    • Steven says:

      a) if your error came from following this guide, obviously you didn’t do everything as in the video

      b) your error comes from attempting an ota update using a custom recovery, not from following this guide

      c) the last week worth of comments have already addressed your issue.. Read

      d) the error message already told you what to do

  276. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the well layed out guide. followed step by step and all went well. Was a bit nerveous rooting an android because i had just recently come from iOS were its fool-proof to jailbreak.
    Going to have much fun screwin’ around with this OS now. Thanks!!

  277. Carlos says:

    hey I just updated to stock s3 jelly bean 4.1.1 will this work on it too?

  278. Carlos says:

    well this ain’t working for JB 4.1.1, i just updated my GS3 via Samsung Kies and tried to root this way. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  279. Seany says:

    This method worked flawlessly. Thanks so much!!!
    Phone: i747m Telus Canada
    OS: was stock, then updated to 4.1.1, via Kies

  280. Álvaro Sena says:


    I updated my phone to Android Version: 4.1.1/Baseband Version: I747UCDLK3

    will work?

    Excuse my English, I used google translate. I am Brazilian.

  281. donovan says:

    Q: I keep getting stock Android recovery instead of ClockworkMod Recovery!
    A: After rooting, erase /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ using ES File Explorer with Root and Write enabled. That will make CWM stick. This is due to newer software versions overwriting your stock recovery on reboot…………..NEED A DETAILED STEP BY STEP ON HOW TO DO THIS….THANKS

    • Steven says:

      like it says.. using ES File Explorer (download the app from play store) with root and write enabled (turn on root settings in the app, and enable write permission (mount /system writable)).. what’s the problem?

  282. Russel says:

    I have the SuperSU app but I cant get into CWM (I tried pushing home/volume up/power button) and I downloaded a root validator app, it says root access works, but it says busybox binary not found and busybox applets unavailable, any ideas?

  283. Michael says:

    I followed your instructions and it worked great on my Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747M. However, my problem is that it installed ClockWorkMod and I am trying to install Cyanogenmod 10. I get an error during the install of the ROM and everybody is telling me I need a newer version of ClockWorkMod, 5.8+ I believe, but nobody is telling me how to update it. They say use ROM Manager but its useless. How can I get ClockWorkMod updated after following this guide?

    • Michael says:

      I should mention I am on the Bell network.

    • Michael says:

      Never mind. I solved my own issue for once. For those wondering, all I did was download the latest image file of ClockWorkMod ( at time of posting) and copy the recovery.img file to the root of the internal SD card. I then used the Android Terminal Emulator to complete these commands,

      $ su
      # dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
      # reboot recovery
      Rebooted into recovery mode and was running ClockWorkMod

  284. Johnny says:

    Hello everyone, im wondering has anyone confirmed if this root guide
    will work for MetroPcs samsung galaxy S3 sch-r530?
    I see that the U.S cellular samsung galaxy s3 IS the same model as metropcs. There both sch-r530
    Thanks anyone who will help me on this

  285. Billy says:

    Can i follow these steps and put this MIUI ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/i9300] on my phone

  286. Basim says:

    hey dude. i followed all your steps and everything seemed to go just fine. but when it finishes it does not install superusre. i had my samsung gs 3 rooted before and then i updated it. so it removed my root. now that im trying to re root its just not working. any ideas?

  287. george palaziol says:

    installation aborted message 🙁 after step 18

  288. barney_rebel says:

    Just rooted Telus S3 running 4.1.1. Thanks.

    Had trouble booting up into recovery mode a few times (probably not pressing up-vol, home, power) long enough. Ran Odin a twice to make sure, but now I’m good.

    Thanks a lot!

  289. yuhi says:

    i want someone to help me to do it ,i am afraid of doing the system operation ., if you want to help me ,plz send email to me ,my phone is SGH-I747M thx so much

  290. Yuhi says:

    if someone is succeed to root your phone ,plz email me thx

  291. Manny says:

    This worked for my att i747 with 4.1 but the google store doesn’t work. It says “Enable background date or quit”. I enable the data but then the app goes to a gray screen. Cant download titanium backup because of it obviously.

  292. Kael says:

    can anyone help me please?
    i cant put my phone in recovery mode
    when i turn on my s3 with volume up + center it just gets stuck at samsung galaxy sIII
    please help

  293. dzzpapi says:

    I have rooted the Wind 4.1.1 and it looks o.k.

    But when I press the system update from the device, it shows up that the device has been modified and cannot be
    upgrade anymore.

    So, when the 4.1.2 comes out, how can v solve the problems ?

    Can any body give suggestions?

    • Steven says:

      there is no problem

      if you are using a custom recovery like cwm or twrp, then your phone IS modified.

      consider it a service to consumers…
      if you were allowed to update, and you did accept an OTA update, it would fail, crash and burn when you attempt to install it ( because the OTA updates are built, and signed, to run in stock recovery

      just subscribe to rss, facebook or twitter feeds from your phone manufacturer.. Samsung Canada or Samsung USA

      I got notice from Samsung Canada on twitter that our update was coming dec 14.. so I reverted to stock as soon as I saw the update rolling out across the wire 🙂 no big deal

  294. Santis says:

    When I flash SuperUser, I get and error
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 0)
    Installation aborted

    Will try again just to see what went wrong

  295. Francisco says:

    i erased the two files with root explorer but i still get the android recovery instead of cw.
    Thanks btw finally got my S3 rooted!

  296. dzzpapi says:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your suggestion. But how can I reverted to stock. ?


  297. Gabe says:

    I think the recovery is Outdated… It every time I tried to flash a rom it gave me Error 7 Installation Aborted… I didnt know what it was, I was coming from 4.1.1 and the only way i got it to work was flashing the latest CWM from the Rom manager App…

    • Steven says:

      considering this article was written in july when cwm was at 5.5, yeah its outdated lol
      you can easily get the latest cwm ( on the xda forums, including a ‘touch’ version
      personally, I prefer twrp, also available on xda or via goo manager

  298. jeff says:

    WORKED FOR |||||||||||||||JELLYBEAN||||||||||||||||||| AFTER KIES UPDATE ………………………………………….. SO……………………………
    SAMSUNG-SGH-I747; # I like the little trick you did with the battery.

  299. pete says:

    you can verify that you have full root by downloading root apps like Titanium Backup app and opening it, you should see “Superuser request” window pop up.
    SuperSU is in apps, and in Settings. Superuser is enabled, but I did not see the “Superuser request” window pop up when i downloaded titanium backup… am I rooted?


    • pete says:

      anyone? Bueller?

      • Steven says:

        su permission is not requested simply by downloading an app.. it occurs when the app attempts to invoke a su shell or issue a command requiring permission

        also, if titanium had already been given permission by previous use of su, and you left the default of Allow for that app … superSu would/will not ask for permission again until the app changes version (assuming you have that setting on)

        if you run titanium, it will only work if root permission is granted
        and it will tell you whether root is active or not on the main (Overview) screen

  300. cody says:

    my phone is the latest update for the sprint version 4.1.1 i believe will this root method still work the same?

  301. MFC says:

    Hey Mex….

    I did root/CWM to my Rogers SGS3 1747M and now I am trying to unroot it back but it fails, tried two different PC but still getting error…any suggestion/Adv appreciated.

    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  302. James Lee says:

    This site is full of bullshit information…everything seems to only work for the site owner minus the international folks. ANy Mac users, beware that these methods only work in the videos. On several occassions i’ve tried these methods and I’m constantly referenced back to another video that leads to a dud process. The site owner only answers troubleshooting questions that he actually has answers for and leaves everyone else in the dark if they’re having trouble.

    Please don’t use this site and tell the site owner to go fuck himself for wasting our time. “GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!”

    • Steven says:

      lol hello idiot

      thousands of usa and canadian S3 owners have used this site successfully, and reported about it … but I guess you dont know how to read, nor follow instructions

      this is for pc only … there is even a link in the beginning for mac users … cuz DUH, you cant use windows applications nor methods on a crapple! cant distinguish between download links, advertising links, and wiki info? yep … must be a mac user … I hear the iphony is on sale, fanboy… might be better for you…. nice and purty… .simple enough that even grandma can use it…. see spot run … you can even jailbreak it in a single paid one-step-for-dummies operation

    • Marsel says:

      Seriously bro no need for such hatred, this method has worked for me and thousands upon thousands of other people so obviously it’s just you. Clearly MAC’s operate differently and this method is not meant for MAC’s he even says that if you read the description. Anyway Have a good one try not to hate so much.

  303. Zaheer Rizvi says:

    Any update on which files we have to delete in order to prevent the samsung recovery from coming up? Also besides clockworkmod recovery I heard about Torque Recovery? I think that’s it. Is that more stable that clockworkmod, any opinions between the two?
    Thanks for you help man, I have used your methods for two of my phones and each time your videos are spot on with what to do. Don’t listen to the hater above. Keep up the good work.

    • Steven says:

      the files are listed in the Q & A section which is just after all the steps at the top of this thread

      I think you are talking about TWRP (team win recovery project) ?
      I personally prefer, and use, twrp instead of clockworkmod (cwm)

  304. cody says:

    I deleted the two files mentioned above and still am being brought to stock recovery instead of clockwork. is there a step I’m missing after that?

    • Steven says:

      those two files are responsible for reverting to stock recovery after reboot.
      so by the time you used your root ability to delete/rename them, they had already put you back to stock recovery.

      all you have to do is repeat the process of using Odin to put cwm back onto the phone.
      you shouldn’t have to repeat installing the, but it doesn’t hurt to do so

      this time when you reboot, those two scripts won’t be able to run since you deleted/renamed them.. so cwm will stay as your recovery 🙂

      basically, especially after the jb 4.1.1 update, you have to do the process in this guide twice …
      – first time gets you root but lose cwm after boot ..
      – you use root to disable the scripts that revert to stock recovery ..
      – then repeat the process to put cwm back as custom recovery

  305. Eric Powell says:

    Hi on step 7 after I have put the zipped folder on my phone I put it in download mode but it says that there is no custom binary download. I have tried 4-5 rooting videos and I can never get passed this spot if anybody has anyway of helping that would be great and I am not going to pay for a rooting. Also in download mode my GS3 SGH-I747M will not appear on my computer only when it’s out of download mode.

  306. Leo says:

    It worked in my t999v wind phone with JB 4.1.1

    Thank you so much (:

  307. dhana says:

    I am Dani
    I have samsung SGH i747 and i downloaded your root and i sucessfully insalled and Clockwhile workMod Recovery also then it ill work fine .. after a while i thoght to take a back up then i ill press the volume up power and center it will switch off then never switch on ?pls help me
    Thanks in advance

  308. Louis says:

    Will this root work with the latest jelly bean update from att?

  309. brooks says:

    its not letting me move the superuser file into the phone. how did you do it?

  310. Troy says:

    Does anyone know a fix to step 11? I’ve downloaded and installed Kies, opened Odin, unchecked and pressed start but the green PASS does not show up.

    • Max says:

      what is the error message?

      • Steven says:

        Max!! welcome back! lol

      • Jeff says:

        Hi Max
        I’ve use the. root method above I’m successfully rooted
        But on problem after installing SuperSu booted up
        Everything was fine until i was seeing if i had Clock Work Mod
        I didnt
        What I’ve seen was the Android with his stomach open
        The triangle was red I simply held volume up- center button ( home )
        power thats when I seen the Android with his stomach
        Open need help Max please or call 239 400 0550

        What shall I do Unroot: Need unroot method to follow
        Max could you help me please send me an e-mail
        Or if its ok you can call 239-400-0550
        Or if someone see this they can help
        Thanks Max

        What should I do shall I. (Unroot the device )need Unroot method

      • Jason says:

        there is something wrong with the gravity sensor, the autorotation function was out of use, could you please tell me y? I have got my phone rooted! thanks!

  311. Doc says:

    Max, I plan on flashing my sprint s3 to straight talk after I root it. Will rooting have any affect on my flash or will I have any issues loading different roms? Also, not sure if its my connection but I get “video not found” when trying to play the rooting tutorial.

    Your tutiorials have been a life saver and I’ve spread the word! Thanks a ton!

  312. Jason C says:

    Worked perfect! thanks a lot man! im still new to all this android stuff

  313. Jeff says:

    SG3 AT&T. Used your guide successfully to root. Thank you. However I cannot make CWM stick. It always comes back to stock boot. I removed the two /system files you suggested but upon reboot I am right back to stock android boot. Any thoughts?

    BTW..thanks for the videos and tutorials………….

    • Jeff says:

      Sorry should of mentioned it’sSGH-I747, kernel 3.0.8-985684

      Build Number IMM76D.747UCALH9

    • Jeff says:

      Hey again,

      I used the step Stephen suggested on January 1st. After deleting the two system files and flashing with CWM a second time I can now successfully boot in CWM and not the standard android boot….thanks to you again for this great site!!!!


  314. Felix Tritschler says:

    Donations to where?
    Only guide which worked for me – life-saving ! !

  315. Taylor says:

    I am not getting the green PASS from ODIN. It is hanging up on recovery.img
    ODIN com is:
    ODIN log is:
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    My phone is on the “Downloading…Do not turn off target!!” screen.
    Is it safe to unplug the device? Any help is appreciated.

  316. says:

    Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any
    problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended
    up losing several weeks of hard work due to no data backup.
    Do you have any methods to stop hackers?

  317. Patrick Ip says:

    Great video and very thorough instructions.
    I was able to root my T-mobile S3 on my first try. I did find that after rooting, I was unable to check for software update for my phone. It popped up with an error message: “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available.” My phone is currently on 4.1.1. I won’t worry about update until T-mobile releases 4.2. Even then, I may still be able to update via Kies instead of OTA.

    Also I found CWM did not stick so I will have to remove those system files you mentioned in the FAQ.

  318. John says:

    Why cant i access my playstore after rooting?

    • Julia says:

      Hey, I realize this is old, but I wanted to add this because I had issues and it was driving me nuts. Check your date and time. My phone thought it was a year ago (before I got the phone) and when I reset it, it worked!

  319. Ken says:

    When I get to step 17 I don’t see “” in the list (despite putting the file on my internal memory).

  320. Robert says:

    Hi, I got to the point where I should see the yellow box. Apparently, I didn’t have Kies on my win7 pc so I downloaded it and installed it. I didn’t open it. When I unplugged my phone then plugged it back in, the yellow box still didn’t appear. What am I doing wrong?

    My phone is in purgatory right now with the “downloading… not turn off target!!” screen. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance

    • Robert says:

      Nevermind. My pc just wasn’t seeing my phone. If you don’t have kies on your computer and have to dl and install it, RUN IT FIRST before attempting to follow any of these instructions. Once I installed and ran Kies and synced everything up with my phone, it worked fine. Just shut down Kies, restart your phone, and then follow these instructions from the beginning. Took 2 minutes to root my phone once I did this. Now running CM10 and I love it. Looks and feels just like my girlfriend’s Nexus 7.

  321. Nick says:

    When I get to “Step 11. Hit the “Start” button…” the program stops. Here’s what the message says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Please help!

  322. camilo fernandez says:

    I do it in my galaxy t-999 … it works perfect?

  323. James says:

    i had to reroot my phone cause it got stuck in a bootloop , so after i did rom manager wont flash clockwork and every time i try installing cm nighlties it says installation aborted status 7 can u help me out man?

  324. Al says:

    Hi ,followed the rooting instrution to the letter but when i boot into recovery mode i get manual mode in yellow text .
    Did i miss something ??

  325. gee says:

    once you root t-mobile GS3,is it normal when you go to check for software update,it says you cant update because your phone has been modified

  326. david says:

    will this method work even if my phone is running version 4.1.1?

  327. kami says:

    i tapped my back for doing it in 5 minutes… worked like a chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmmm…thanx zedomax so very much…easiest tutorials u have which i always follow on different phones…thanx again

  328. Puvi says:

    Hey, can i root my phone if its t999v (videotron) .

  329. Puvi says:

    Hey, can i root my phone if its t999v (videotron) .