How to Root Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535!

For those of you who want to root your Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535, here’s how to do it using ODIN.  You will need a Windows computer for this root method, I will have another guide soon with a Mac and Linux, you can sign up for our e-mail newsletter if you want to be alerted when that’s available.


Step 1. Turn off your Verizon Galaxy S3.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds.

Step 2. When you see the warning screen, hit the Volume Up button.

Step 3. When you see “Downloading” mode, connect a micro-USB cable from your Verizon Galaxy S3 to your computer.

Step 4. Download the rooted Stock ROM and ODIN, then unzip both zip files:
(UPDATE: Use the VRBLK3 for rooting latest)

Download Stock ROM with Root (This is for older software versions)
Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root (Use this one!!!)
Download ODIN

Step 5. Next go ahead and run the ODIN program by double-clicking on odin3 v1.85.exe.

You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a random number.  If you don’t, download and install Samsung Kies then unplug/plug your Galaxy S3.  You should now see it.

Step 6. Next DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the PDA button and choose the file stock.vzw_root66.tar then hit “Start”.

Step 7. This will basically install a stock rooted ROM on your Verizon Galaxy S3 with root.  It should take about 10-15 minutes.  Once done, you will see “PASS!” green box and your phone will reset.

Step 8. Once rebooted, you will be rooted with Superuser app in your app drawer!

Step 9. You can run any rooted apps to verify Superuser root powers!

Step 10. If you want to install custom ROMs, you can download and install ROM Manager from the Play Store.

Step 11. Next choose “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.

Step 12. Choose “Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon)”.

Step 13. Any time you want to get into ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “Reboot into Recovery”.

That’s it!  If you have any problems, please leave your comments below!

Credits – XDA <—- Please donate to these guys not me, I just make video tutorials!

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404 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Nice Video Tutorials. It only took me 10 mins to finish without any issues!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Marc says:

    OK So after rooting the Galaxy S3 from Verizon, Are there any available roms for that model or is root all we get. I see there are a few cool ones that look to function great. But will any of them work on the Verizon SCH-I535?

    Thanks for an amazing tutorial and great site.

    • Max says:

      There’s a couple ROMs but I would wait at least couple more days until the devs get bugs/kinks worked out. But if you want to still flash, go to XDA forums.

  3. Albert says:

    Hello, Max
    Thanks for ur videos u make look everything easy.
    so 1 question what app should we used for hot spot I try wifi tether but is not working.
    for the verizon galaxy s3

    • Max says:

      Sprint method should work, I will verify later today but try this in the meanwhile:

      • Seth Davis says:

        Use foxfi for a free hotspot I haven’t rooted my galaxy s3 yet waiting to see if Verizon or Samsung will give us a unlocked boot loader but foxfi works great with no root

  4. aaron says:

    great write up and video i didnt have any problems!

    one question tho how do you go about removing this? not that i want to but just in case something happens with my phone…

    • Max says:

      Run SuperSU and there’s a menu for “unroot” that’s it if you didn’t install ClockworkMod recovery. OR you can also unroot, which I should have a guide up soon.

  5. H.G. Dragonwells says:

    Thank you very much for kindly teaching how to root s3!! This is the first time to root my device and it was great. I did have a little hiccup to flash clockworkrecovery through the Rom manager, but it eventually worked after rebooting. Also, a bit of laggyness and wifi malfunction showed, but they were also disappeared after rebooting. Again thank you very much for your great instruction!

  6. Alex says:

    Can’t wait for my s3 had to pre order and I’m still waiting on it! Will be rooting ASAP, thanks for your post!

  7. Fred says:

    Max Great job!!!! didn’t think we would get a root!!!!
    fred please please put me on you email list, i didn’t see the link make it more visible please.


  8. websterzx10r1 says:

    Thank for this video. I have done numerous phones be4 but the SG3 is new and i been reading trying to figure a way to get this done for i am not ADB friendly. I know i will have to learn it if i am doing what i am doing but once again thank u your a much needed guy on the scene.

  9. Al Mora says:

    First, I would like say thanks for your site. I rooted my phone just fine using the your method. Now that is rooted, I installed WiFi tetherfrom the google playstore but the app will not send the signal for my laptop to use my 4G internet connection. Do you know why that is? Or is there any other app. you recommend better? Please advise. Thanks.

  10. Greg says:

    Thank You For The Video, And i Only Have One Question
    When The New Update Comes Out(Jelly Bean) can i just update with my phone rooted or will i have to wait till the new root is out ? -Verizon Galaxy S3

  11. BRuce says:


    Do we need to on install busybox my first Sammy I’m from Motoland

    PS Awesome Video

  12. Harry says:

    Will rooting the phone still allow me to receive OTA Verizon updates such as JellyBean?

      • Harry says:

        Googled this topic a bit and read that you will not receive OTA’s with a custom recovery. If correct, I would not install CWM.
        Where can I find a file to unroot to Verizon stock, if needed.
        Thanks. Great video.

        • Max says:

          You can pull recovery.img from a stock ROM and install via ODIN or CWM. I will have instructions on that soon but I am a bit behind with a lot of crap happening to my life. But will get it update it soon and if you ever need it, you just need to send me an “EMERGENCY” email and I will help u out.

          • Harry says:

            after a week, like the phone.
            am really intterested in getting JB, with GV Now.
            know that verizon takes forever to upgrade.
            will the locked bootloader prevent dev’s from developing a flashable rom?
            should I just get the galaxy nexus?
            please your thoughts.


  13. john says:

    i am excited for rooting my verizon galaxy s3 im just wondering if for whatever reason something goes wrong in the process will taking out the battery stop the process?

  14. Wizard Prang says:

    Rooted fine… but now none of the widgets will update.

    • Wizard Prang says:

      Disregard… a reboot fixed it.

      Also used Titanium Backup to freeze the FWupdate app, which should hopefully block OTA updates that will break root.

  15. Ben says:

    I’m getting a light blue box in Odin – not a yellow one. Is that correct?

  16. Lib says:

    Max, I’ve rooted my phone but S3 won’t let me put apps on my 32gb sd card, supposeably it need to be partitioned. Don’t know how, can you help? Lib

  17. john says:

    how can u activate that phone without a sim card,or skip it ….. i send a phone to a friend where they dont have verizon ! Thank u

  18. Dan says:

    Thank you for the S3 Rooting video. Now how do I go about unrooting the Verizon Samsung S3? What do you recommend when Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) becomes available OTA? Do you recommend unrooting first? your recommendations are appreciated!!

  19. justin says:

    where is the mac/osx version bro!?

    been waiting days for it!!

  20. Sabi says:

    Hi Guys. It may sound stupid but mine does not want to boot into download mode. Of course I’m pushing all three buttons. Any suggestions?

  21. Sabi says:

    Yeah, I was not holding them long enough. When it vibrates I let them go right away… Now it ok.

    Thank you

  22. Sabi says:

    Max. Do you have info. on unlocking the phone ( make it SIM card independent )?

  23. websterzx10r1 says:

    Hey max i rooted using this method. I am still stock with superuser and Rom mangaer installed. I would like to return back to stock for i don’t see any advantages of being rooted at the moment. Rom’s are dry at the moment. Any help will be much appreciated. This phone is awesome out the box.

  24. Chris says:


    I’m trying to back up and save the data to ext sdcard in CWM Recovery, but I can’t find ext sdcard folder in anywhere in recovery mode.
    I did mount/storage –> Mount ext sdcard, but still no success.
    Also, it will not save the backup data to ext sdcard.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Johnny says:

    any info when you would have root method for mac? Dont have a windows pc available. Thanks

    • Max says:

      Heimdall does not support U.S. versions of GS3, either use a Windows computer OR use VMWare to run Windows on Mac OSX.

  26. Brandon says:

    Why does Kies take so long to install? or is that just me?

  27. Jake says:

    If I root with this method will any data be erased?

  28. Sum says:

    I have windows 7 enterprise and the MTP driver keeps failing to install and thus I can not mount my phone to access any files on the SD card or Root it. I have tried the driver from samsung still doesnt work…

    • Sum says:

      I have windows 7 enterprise and the MTP driver keeps failing to install and thus I can not mount my phone to access any files on the SD card or Root it. I have tried the driver from samsung still doesnt work… Verizon S3 version

    • Seth says:

      Make sure your usb debugging is turned on in your developer options in settings

  29. Confused Noob to Android says:

    How do I unroot it in case my phone gets shot and I need to send it back.

  30. KoolKidd says:

    Hey max, when I download Odin and try to open it it crashes. A box will come up with foreign letters with an “ok” button. Once I press ok nothing comes up. Do you suggest I try on another computer?

  31. Bootstraps3412 says:

    Odin has been stuck at ‘boot.img’ for about 15 min. Should I be worried?

  32. Thomas says:

    how long does it take?

  33. JBAD says:

    I really appreciate all of your help. I am a friend for life now. If you need anything I am one you can count in to participate. I don’t see a donate page. But I think you should have one up. I will donate happily, just as long as your quality is as it currently stands. WOW!!! You are a Genius!!!!! At least in my book.

    Guys/Girls, becareful that is more than 800kb, which is the one I installed and it cause different issues. 4G coming in and out to 3G and then most times not working at all. Plus it put an image not standard in the boot loader screen of a symbol of a physical lock and it boot up first.

    Until my best BUD 4Life. Helped me out and I was worried. But he pulled me out to safety.

    G3Root to the end.
    Thank you,

  34. James says:

    Hey, i have a question, everytime i try to boot into recovery with rom manager it reboots and goes to the part where it says booting recovery. After that it just stops and stays at a black screen. I flashed the correct model through rom manager so i know that is not the problem. Should i try uninstalling rom manager and then re installing it? I don’t know what the problem is but i just want to, fix it so i can install custom roms.

  35. James says:

    Nevermind, i just needed to re install rom manager and re flash to fix this.

  36. Craig says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the Verizon Galaxy S3 I535 but when I went Odin 3 v1.85 and the drivers installed i got the highlighted ID:COM box but instead of showing the COM14 I saw in your video i saw COM5 and i was wondering if i had a newer update or if it was ok to root my phone?

  37. Tristan says:

    Hi Max,

    If I update to 4.1 after i have rooted my phone, will it erase root? And if it does replace it, would i be able to return my phone without anyone knowing it was rooted?

    • Max says:

      no most custom ROMs come with root:

      Yes you can unroot anytime:

  38. Richard K says:

    Any help on unlocking Verizon S3 – SCH-i535. I am outside the USA but bought phone from Verizon. I need to use it on another carrier. Any reply at all would help. I have asked this question on various forums and have not received a response. Any help on unlock status of the Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535 would be tremendously appreciated. Otherwise I am unable to use my new phone. Thanks!!

    • Kara says:

      You can’t do that through Verizon, it’s the cdma carrier/network it won’t let you use any verizon phone to go another carrier, At&t, t-mobile phones you can do that, since they are GSM, is also what they use in say Europe, therefor you can only use a Gsm radio phone there, it will accept any sim card. Cdma phones you simply can’t put any sim card in it, only verizons. If someone managed to break the lock on a cdma phone, your phone would be useless, functions just won’t work b/c they are not on a Gsm network.

  39. chad386 says:

    n00b here. Max, thank you for a great site. Root Process went fine. Getting an error message on attempting backup through clockmodrecovery, though. Either the error, or it just hangs at the first step, “backing up boot image” and does nothing. I gave it 10 minutes at that step, is that long enough?

    Don’t want to proceed to custom ROM install until I can backup.

    • Max says:

      Hmmm that’s weird, are u using ROM Manager?

      • chad386 says:

        Hi Max,

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was using ROM manager. I formatted my SD card, and the backup proceeded. ???

        But I am running Bean’s custom ROM now. It’s awesome, but I downloaded the one you had in your review of it. v3.1 or something. I notice that he’s already on build 8. Any reason to upgrade since I can basically see no flaws at all with the one I’m on? it’s super fast.

        • Max says:

          That new build is actually a different rom bu the same developer ibwould stay on this one if u like it. I like it better too.

  40. teorodz says:

    Where do I download stock rooted rom and Odin?

  41. tjlow629 says:

    ok… i’ve tried to get my verizon s3 to go into download mode, about a dozen times now and no luck. just keeps booting up like normal. i am definitely holding the vol DOWN button, home button, and power button after even pulling out the battery for 15 seconds… nothing. is there an alternate way? or is there some other step that i’m missing?

  42. Seth says:

    Hey max check this out I don’t have a mac or use linux. But this is great news for us VZW S3 owners

  43. chad386 says:

    nice, thank you. It is flawless & stupid fast, so I’ll stick with it. you are doing a great, great thing here. ppl need to understand android is all about openness. Imagine if Microsoft shipped windows without admin privileges.

  44. James says:

    Hi Max,
    Just rooted my Verizon S3 with your video. Worked flawlessly. I also installed ROM Manager and ran “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.” If I need to, will I still be able to unroot it? Thanks for all the great work and info.

  45. caleb says:

    Ohh my god. Max, please help me. My computer scewed up and it scewed up my firmwaree? It says connect to kies but when I do, it doesnt find my phone!!:( What did I do? Please reply

  46. Jimmy D says:

    I have a Verizon Galaxy s3. Max love the video and please send me the updates.

    Question for you, If I root & flash to another rom, will I lose the 100 applications I have installed now, my contacts and pictures??? will I need to re install each one?


    • Max says:

      You won’t lose anything when you root it but when you flash another ROM yes if you do a factory reset. You can use GMail for contacts and Titanium Backup app for apps. Photos/videos aren’t affected.

  47. LT says:

    Odin for some reason stops at NON-HLOS.bin I would then unplug and try again but still stops a the same spot. Any suggestions?

    • LT says:

      when i unplug the phone and try to restart it it says “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.”

  48. Shan says:


    Thank for the rooting how to video. It worked nice only took 10min. But now my battery is draining fast. I look under battery stats and during no cell phone usage at night or during the day, It is showing Andriod system 90% and cell phone standy by time only 9%. Infact these should be excatly reversed, since I am not using my cell phone for calls during that time.

    • Max says:

      try draining battery all the way then re-charge full and see if it happens, usually that goes away after full powercycle if it does happen.

  49. levi says:

    It does not work. do you need a sim at first?

  50. fjryder says:

    max-i rooted my verizon galaxy s3 following your video. when i finished, a floating message appeared on my screen. in bright yellow translucent letters. when i go into settings or choose an app, the message disappears only to return when i open back to one of the home screens. all functions of the phone seems to work fine, including phone, 4g, but the message persists. does not appear to affect phone performance. the message states:

    H/W: I535.10
    RF CAL DATE : 2012.07.02
    SMD:01P, PBA: 04P
    TSK: OX06

    and at bottom:
    a message flashed and disappeard. it warned that i was in factory mode.

    i tried the unroot method. the message persisted.
    i tried re-rooting. the message persists.

    any ideas?

  51. mike says:

    I am stuck here…. the program isn’t frozen it just hasnt finished in a half an hour…

    I am not worried but what do i do if it just stays here?


  52. mainebox says:

    I have a verizon ( big mistake) galaxy s3 I am having trouble rooting it.

  53. matt says:

    do you have a guide for the s3(verizon) rooting on mac?

  54. Dave says:

    If I do this, does this mean I can put a European SIM card in the phone and it will work?

  55. Chris says:

    Is there a way to Root using mac? I have been searching but i am unable to find a way to root.

  56. peter says:

    I am trying to root but I cant get that yellow box digits. I have samsung kies was pre installed. I have using usb 2.0 how sure how I can get it to work. Thanks

    • Max says:

      try turning off Kies. Re-install these USB drivers if you still have trouble:

      • peter says:

        Thanks this worked perfectly. Wondering now how can I remove all the junk apps that came with my phone? If I install the ROM you made v.3 would that take care of the crap apps? Thanks for you help.

  57. Charlie says:

    Noob here, thanks, worked great! I wonder if some people are having problems because they didn’t enable USB debugging first in the developer options. I even Allowed mock locations and then in security, allow unknown sources. Rooted!
    Once rooted, there is a REALLY easy way to unlock the bootloader called EZ Unlock, available on the PlayStore. Took about 10 seconds.

  58. Philip G says:

    I used Odin and it passed. Upon reboot, it is just the verizon logo and doesn’t boot up all the way into the phone screen. Any suggestion? How long does it take to boot up after it passes in Odin? I took the battery out and reinserted already. It’s been 10 minutes of the Verizon rainbow circle logo and nothing else. Help… 🙂

  59. Ronald says:

    hey max
    the vid looks great but i cant even get past the first part lol
    i hold down the volume down and the center button , then the power button
    but it doesnt give me the desired screen it just turns on the phone regularly
    a i just stupid or is there somthing else going on
    thank you!!

  60. Philip G says:

    I did a factory rest and it booted up just fine. Rooted and everything! Thanks again!

  61. teck says:

    thank you simple easy… and the unroot is just as easy so again i thank you for making my nightshifts so much faster with wireless controllers

  62. Whodatman says:

    Worked like a charm, thanks so much!

    Used Odin 3.07… the box wasn’t yellow, it was light blue.

  63. apharrside says:

    Hey man I used this video and everything seemed to go fine but now my phone keeps restarting and freezing then restarting again. Please help I can’t even use my phone now. Thanks.

  64. Ronald says:

    hey max
    ive had a rooted phone for a week
    and my verizon galaxy s3 said it had an update so i updated it
    and now it seems to be unrooted because i cant update superuser and my rom mananger wont reboot into recovery
    another thing
    im trying to root it again but the down volume key and center button and power button will not work
    and when i start up the phone it shows samsung and underneath theres is a lock tht is unloced and it sais custom , could the update from verizon have prevented my phone from being rooted?

  65. Mahek says:

    Hi! The Root worked great on my Verizon galaxy S3, but also just incase for future use, how can i unroot?

  66. BobbySox says:

    I can’t get the buttons thing to work. I have I535VRLG1 and I tried with the phone off several times and with the phone on several times. Any suggestions?

  67. Dean says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for the vid! Great tuturial.. I’m a week old android user now who was a solid iphone guy since day 1.
    I’m having a problem when running the “Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery” and choosing Verizon Galaxy S3. It says, “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!”.. Any idea how to get past this?

    • Dean says:

      ok..i figured it out..had to give the superuser permission to the clockwork mod recovery app and then it worked fine..
      So what is next? do I just pick a rom and flash? where can I get instructions on “what is next” after the instructions on this page?
      Thanks again!

      • Max says:

        Yes just download a rom and use ROM manager to flash new ROM, and also make a BACKUP ROM of your current stock ROM beforehand. Also, make sure you unlock bootloader before installing new ROM.

        See Verizon GS3 here:

  68. Pat says:

    Thanks for this great tut. Reco Odin3.4? Your link is to v1.85 Just checking b-4 I root.
    Thanks again.

  69. Pat says:

    Thanks. Didn’t read much on this thread about bricking. Not familiar w/ the S3 but get the impression its tough to brick as long as you use your setup and steps above.

    Your method work for the SHC i535 model?

    Thanks in advance.

  70. Pat says:

    Shit, I’m an idiot. i535 is noted in the description.

    Sorry bout the stupid version question

  71. SD says:

    As long as you don’t mess with trying different kernels with different ROM’s you’ll have no bricks I’ve had about 3 boot loop issues and 1 soft brick playing with different kernels so I quit that real quick

  72. cocoton809 says:

    is there any way to bypass Verizon activation screen

  73. Leon says:

    Great description, easy to go thru. One issue I am having is that after doing all this, all was good and I had root access, but now a week later I completely lost root. I’m running thru this all again but not sure what would of caused the change. Any thoughts?

    • Leon says:

      Also, when i boot up now, right before the default bootup splash screen i get a screen that says Samsung at the top then Custom at the bottom with an Unlock logo. Is this normal?

      As I typed this the phone finished the Odin piece and booted to a new screen with an Android in the middle and then went to Android updating…is that normal?

      sorry for so much at once.

  74. Michael Curtis says:

    Someone Please help!!!! I dont think i unzipped the stock rom correctly! and it wont let me unzip it. I dont know what to do my phone is saying firmware upgrade encountered. Help please!!!!!!!!!

  75. Dave says:


    I watched your video and rooted my galaxy s3 from Verizon. Everything worked perfectly. The issue I’m having is there is an OTA update from Verizon that wants to be installed on my phone. It’s about 30 mb. I installed it the first time and it removed root access from my phone. Is there a way to bypass this update? I keep on deferring. I also have CWM installed. Any help would be great. Keep up the good work.

  76. Leon says:

    Anyone know if my S3 is encrypted if flashing a rom will cause issues between flashing and being encrypted?

  77. Dave says:

    I don’t know why, but when I unzip the file…it doesn’t end up being a single .tar file. It ends up being almost 4 different files and none of them are .tar files.

  78. STEVE says:


    • STEVE says:

      Never mind I didn’t have my bootloader unlocked

      • cassie says:

        im having the same did you get it to go away. but i got it when i rebooted in recovery mode???

        • Leon says:

          To resolve the issue you have to re-root the phone via Odin. Turn phone off, open Odin, Boot phone via holding Volume Down, Main Button, and Power Button. Once you get the Android symbol plug the phone into computer. Rerun the Odin process to gain root access.

          Once the phone has booted up and looks like the stock Android OS, ensure you have Jelly Been 4.1.1, and then download the app Ez-Unlock…this will allow you to Unlock the Bootloader with one click. Then back up your Current Rom, and flash a new ROM.

          Hope that helps!!

  79. Don says:

    How do you download the 2 files needed, ODIN and stock rom with root. The only thing i get from link is crap freeware zip program!!!!

    • Max says:

      Look for the download link between the ads.

      • Tyler says:

        I can download the odin file but not the stock rom VRBLK3 please help.

        • Leon says:

          You have to click the link, scroll to bottom, wait for timer, then there is a window in which you have to enter they key word given. You also need to be specific as to your issue. We can’t read minds.

          • Tyler says:

            I scroll down watch the video, then type in thecode and click download and it just reloads the page. I’m using Google Chrome.

            • Tyler says:

              Nvm finnaly downloaded but thanks for this.

              • Tyler says:

                Ok now I rooted it and it worked but now it keeps saying unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped. unfortunately, the process android.process.gapps has stopped. unfortunately, the process has stopped and I cant do anything because after I press ok it just keeps popping back up.

                • Jared says:

                  same here. its because your technically flashing a rom on top of another without clearing cache and data.. if you factory reset and redo the root process it should work fine. or you could just flash a custom rom. synergy works great, but make sure you unlock bootloader before you flash cwm. im having issues with booting the phone.. hoping redoing root will work like posted above.

                  • mac says:

                    i am having the same issue. i am trying to get rom manager loaded from playstore but everytime i get playstore up i get all the process messages have stopped and playstore shuts down. any ideas how to get rom manager so i can try to flash a custom rom

  80. ricky says:

    I used to have the AT&T S3 and used this site to root and ROM with no problem. Now I have the Verizon S3. I’ve deleted everything from the at&t days on my computer, re-downloaded KIES, and downloaded Odin through this Verizon page and can’t seem to get the yellow highlighted box to show up.

    It shouldn’t be anything with my computer as I have used this site and it’s downloads before when I had the AT&T version.

    Any advice?

    • Max says:

      Did you try plugging into another USB port?

      • ricky says:

        Yeah, I’ve tried all 3… and the only other computer I have here at the house is a WackBook 😉

        I’ll have to try at work when I have a chance.

      • Lib says:

        Hey Max, As I was watching your video when you were changing your broken screen i downloaded rom 2.0 and my phone got stuck on
        Odin mode
        Product Name: SCH-1535
        Costom Binary Dowload: No
        Current Binary: Samsung Offical
        System Status: Custom
        Quaqumm Secureboot: Enable
        It’s stuck please help. Thank You

        • Max says:

          Try reflashing the file. What is rom 2.0 u r referring to?

          • Lib says:

            Sorry, I was trying to install rom v.0.2 for my verizon galaxy S3, did’nt mean to put rom 2.0. And you said (Try it out and let me know what you think! Well I tried it out and now my phone hasn’t been working for the last 3 days. Any suggestings would be great. Thank You, from Lib

            (Here’s a quick update on HighOnAndroid ROM v.0.2 for your Verizon Galaxy S3, now comes with custom bootanimation support, native wifi hotspot working out of the box, 15 quick toggles, and more)

  81. Connor says:

    How do I root my s3 sch-i535 using osx?

  82. Kevin says:

    hi max,

    i’m trying to root my vz s3. when i hold down the pwr, center button, vol dwn, my phone simply launches. it doesnt take me to “download” mode to allow me to root. any suggestions?

  83. Kevin says:

    after rooting phone, i dont have super user app in apps. what can i do?

  84. Josh says:


    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    This is what i get at the nearly the end of the Odin process and i just get a red FAIL! in the little box not sure exactly what to try?

  85. Dan says:

    Hey i was curious if there was any possible way to get a boot manager and install 2 OS systems on my GS3. Such as IOS 5 and Stock Android with root. If you have every heard of this or think you may know a direction to point me could you please let me know. Thanks -Dan

  86. Kevin says:

    hi max. sorry to bother you.
    what zip program do you use? also, when i unzip stock.vzw_root66.tar i get like 4 or 5 files. what am i doing wrong? your help is greatly appreciated.

  87. john says:

    Does this method still work for verizon galaxy s3 us ?

    • Leon says:

      Yes, I have the VZ GS3…odd thing for me is first time I ran thru the steps, it worked perfect and then after a week I lost root access. So I then ran it again and regained rooted and lost it again after my phone ran an update. Then Rooted again and have not lost root since.

  88. Alex says:

    Does this method work while using windpws xp? I have a mac with windows running in bootcamp.

  89. Raul says:

    Can I use this root method your is there a newer one just got mine looking for the best easiest way thank you

    • Max says:

      yes should work, also you can use the script method here:

      I’ve included script for Windows/Mac/Linux in there.

  90. Brian says:

    Hey man I’ve been really excited to root my device but just a few questions before i do. I have the verizon version of the Galaxy S3. When I root I plan to use CM 10 M1, i only plan to use this until Samsung releases jelly bean. When I fully unroot does that wipe all my data? Also, when I unroot will I be able to just update to 4.1 jelly bean using their update system like a normal unrooted device or is there a catch?

    P.s. I do know about locking the bootloader. Please reply soon because i would really like to root my device

    • Leon says:

      Brian, I also have the Verizon version and I ran the root process with no issues. It does not wipe your phone. When you Flash a ROM it will wipe your data though.

      Just follow the steps here and you will be fine, make sure you start with the phone unplugged and you won’t have any issues.

      • Brian says:

        Thanks man! Just one question: What should I do when the official OTA jelly bean updates gets pushed to my phone? I plan to be running CM 10 but what what should i do to be able to update to jellybean stock? By that i mean when it comes out i want to update it unrooted

  91. jon says:

    Whenever I try to check for an update, I get this message. Unfortunately, the process has stopped. And then it just backs out. Anyone know how to fix this? I was able to do the OTA, and after that is when I started getting this message. I never unlocked my bootloaded, but used ODIN to gain root. Any help would be appreciated

  92. Brian says:

    I just have one question before rooting and flashing CM 10.When the official Jellybean comes out how would I go about updating it? Should I unroot and update? Or do i just have to be on the stock rom to be able to update and not lose root? Any help would be appreciated thanks

  93. Brian says:

    How come the stockvzw file isn’t a. Tar for me? Instead it shows up as a zip. And how come when i open pda in odin to find the .tar if went into another user on the computer??? Please help!

  94. Kris says:

    Max, this is an awesome tutorial. I really don’t watch anyone else because of how overly complicated they are. Do you have an unroot method for I535 GS3? I notice you do have one for the International version, but I am certain that doesn’t work for this phone since it is so much different with locked bootloader.

  95. andrew says:

    I keep trying to open odin and it just pops up for a second then shuts down immediately. What am I doing wrong?

  96. Casey says:

    So I started the process & then it stopped. I took out the battery but nothing. Any ideas?

  97. Leon says:

    Anyone else running into an issue with the Verizon S3? I am rooted and all is great as far as Root access goes, but when i check for Software updates get the following error:
    “Unfortunately, the process has been stopped.”
    Has anyone else seen this? Know how to fix this?

  98. Alicia says:

    im having a hard time downloading odin and stock

    • Casey says:

      the website has a couple of different downloads on each page. Use the one that says 5 seconds until download and then counts down.

  99. Alicia says:

    the stock rom site seems to be busy. this known to happen?

  100. Alicia says:

    OK got the tar file downloaded but it won’t open

  101. Chris says:

    Step 1 turns my phone on normally. I’ve tried it over 10 times. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

  102. Sam says:

    Will this method still work if i update my GSIII to 4.2 Jellybean?

  103. Beau Rivers says:

    I have done this on my bionic but when I unzip these files it comes up as roms not rar files . what am I doing wrong

  104. Chris says:

    I am stuck using Odin v1.85 @ SetupConnection..
    i have installed the Samsung USB drivers…not sure why I am unable to progress from here…

  105. Tyler says:

    my S3 wont get off of the boot screen that says “4G LTE Verizon”. the screen just keeps flashing…

  106. Sai says:

    I can’t get the yellow ID to show up for my Verizon Galaxy S3! Help!

    I’ve tried installing Kies, installing the USB driver alone, uninstalling Kies, nothing I do seems to work! The S3 is on the “Downloading… Do not turn off target!!” screen, and I don’t see what else I can do…

    Please advise!

  107. Leon says:

    Anyone have a problem downloading the Stock file? I download it and it completes and says the zip file is empty. I use to download it and have no problem.

  108. Mike says:

    Hi – Thanks for the tutorial! I’m a little concerned because I never got the screen you show in your picture below step #9. Should I be worried?

  109. Chris says:

    Just finished got a pass from odin and on the reboot my phone is stuck on the 4G LTE screen HELP!

  110. Greg says:

    I did not go through your method of rooting. Does it take into account the jellybean update or do I have to do what is in my previous question.

    • Chad says:

      I just tried to use this to root my newly updated Jellybean phone, and it all went well until it was rebooting it got stuck on the 4G LTE screen. I had to put it in recovery mode and wipe all my data and factory reset. I think we will have to wait awhile for somebody to figure out how to root this.

      • Greg says:

        I used this and it worked great.

        what is the downfall of running the stock rom rooted with the TWRP bootloader? Should I load the factory bootloader back on??

        Help from MAX needed

      • George says:

        Same thing stuck in 4G LTE screen.
        But i didn’t install Recovery What do i do?

      • Leon says:

        My phone was rooted with this method (prior to Jelly Bean release) And I had CM10 on it. Then I updated the CM10 and lost all my contacts so I tried to roll back to a previous CM update and got stuck at the Bootloader like you. Then I flashed/wiped back to Factory and it was working fine. I updated to Jelly Bean ran root and got stuck again. Wiped back to Factory and now It is also stuck at the boot loader screen! Any answers yet?

  111. Brent says:

    Does this work with the verizon update to jelly bean?

  112. Greg says:

    The one that I posted does ^^^^^

  113. Utsav says:

    After rooting, i rebooted my verizon gs3 and now it says,
    “System software not authorized by verizon wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest verizon wireless store for help”…….Also on the top left corner, it says “Secure fail: Kernel”.
    I do not know what to do to fix this. Please help me.

    • Kevin says:

      I’ve had this before. Usually you’ll get this if youre rooted with a custom ROM but your bootloader is locked. Go into download mode and then unroot and you should be fine. You can reroot.

      • Utsav Patel says:

        Thanks….I appreciate it….it worked.

        I also had one more question. I figured out how to install custom ROM and Google apps, but for some reason, for all cyanogen mod versions, my GS3 i535 gets stuck into boot loop. The cyanogen mod logo keeps on showing and nothing happens. Do you think my phone needs a different type of mod???

        • Kevin says:

          im not a techie but i dont think so. before the 4.1.1 OTA on the i535, i was able to flash CM10 stable w/o a problem. nice rom. if youre in a bootloop, try pwr down then pwr up again. not sure if thatll solve problem but worth a shot.

          did u root the i535 with 4.1.1 ota? if so, do you have a link you can share? any problems rooting the i535 with 4.1.1 ota?

          • Utsav says:

            Thanks for the advice. I couldn’t get the stable CM10 working, but i was able to use CM10-M2. But it produced lot of errors; like the keyboard service didn’t work, Google search was not working, things crashing here and there.
            I also tries the AOPK build 5 for i535, which was a little better but still with errors and bugs. Not very stable.

            Yeah, I am also not a techie with cell phones at-least. In-fact this was my first time rooting a phone. I was able to successful root my i535 by using the steps on this page. So rooting was fairly easy to me.

            The problem is finding a good and beautiful OS for my phone. The fundamental problem with Cyanogen and Aopk is they are not as beautiful. Also my Samsung GS3 feels like Nexus. I don’t want my phone to loose its identity….lol

            If you know other good OS for GS3, please do tell me.

            • Jared says:

              make sure before you flash a rom that you wipe cache, data, and dalvic cache. if not you can cause boot loop and errors.

    • Leon says:

      I have only seen this happen with my phone flashing a Rom without unlocking the bootloader. Try booting it back up holding Volume Down, Home Button, and Power button till you see the warning screen again, and rerun the process making sure to use this file if you are not already: “Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root (Use this one!!!).”

      If all else fails and you are completely stuck and there is no “Critical” data on your phone, you can always Hold Volume Up, Home Button, and Power button to get to the Android Menu and there is an option to restore back to Factory settings…here is a link to how to do it if that didn’t make sense.

  114. Tim Pineau says:

    Okay so I did all this to a T and i still am having issues. I’m rooted and have superU but every time i go to “reboot into recovery” it sends me to a screen with a triangle with an exclamation point in it. with, in red, on the top left corner saying “secure fail: KEARNEL” and in blue “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help. ” My phone also is a pain in the ass because it refuses to go into stock recovery. up volume, power, home. it only worked once when i unrooted and since i was in a boot loop i had to get there by going ODIN, volume down, then try to get into stock recovery. Feels like im doing something wrong or my phone is just not willing to run custom roms lol. Some help please?

    • Tim Pineau says:

      so to clearify i rooted and had this issue. so i unrooted, did the factory reset. So i was fully stock. Didnt do anything i went straight to rooting, passed, and im still having these problems.

  115. Isaac Martinez says:

    I’m having the same issues, i’m thinking its the new update. It just tells me “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.” If you know how to fix this or figure it out let me know please max!

  116. Tim Pineau says:

    I think that this came out before the software update. I ended up using this method.
    the video is!
    Worked great took me 15 minutes. Max’s took me 10 minutes but i had those minor problems. idk why they occurred but i just moved on and tried a different method. Now im rooted and running CM10 flawlessly. Good luck.

    • James M says:

      This is driving me crazy, because I have not found a rooting guide that is more current than my phone.
      The article proclaims how safe and easy it is, but then the comments take all that away. I realize it’s a bit of an arms race, but I really just need a proper guide for rooting a Verizon I535 that came with 4.1.1 already installed, less than a week old. I can’t be the only one.

      • Leon says:

        James, this Guide is the best. It works just fine if you use the right file. The creator originally did this before Verizon updated the S3 to Jelly Bean. So there is one file for that and then Jelly Bean was released OTA by Verizon/Samsung and the Creator of this guild put out the new file to use. In the documentation above you see the below two options. Just make sure you use VRBLK3 and you will be fine! If you want to Flash a ROM after you ROOT, then you will need to unlock your Bootloader first, or you will have to rerun this process again.

        Download Stock ROM with Root (This is for older software versions)
        Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root (Use this one!!!)

        • James M says:

          Okay, thanks Leon. your post is the first I’ve seen that tries to address the issue of a phone that is newer than the rooting instructions.

  117. Brooks says:

    okay so i downloaded odin and the stock but the stock isnt showing up when i press PDA. any suggestions?

  118. Eddie Ill says:

    It’s not moving from the 4GLTE start-up screen, what should i do?

  119. Leon says:

    Do you have any recommendations on a Wireless Tether app that works with the Rooted S3? I use to use “Wireless Tether for Root Users” with my Droid X and it worked great. I installed it with my Rooted S3 running Jelly Bean and it runs, but it doesn’t appear to be visible with my laptop.

  120. Pedro P says:

    Do you have to unlock bootloader prior to rooting? i successfully rooted, however when trying to create a backup in cwm.. i got a verizon message stating to take to nearest store. i pressed power button and it started boot cycling, after holding 3 buttons again i managed to re-root and phone is working again. still dont want to risk running into that again.

    • Leon says:

      From my experience, I have ran into the bootloader issue only when Flashing a new Rom after rooting. I rooted just fine with out unlocking the Bootloader. After you Root get EZ-Unlock app and it’s a one click unlock or lock.

  121. Nate says:

    I am sorry if this was already answered: When I root my S3 will absolutely none of my information (apps, txts, pics) get deleted? or is it like a factory reset? Thanks!

  122. George says:

    Can you please email this file: GalaxyS3/SGH-1535/ I’m having a problem downloading it.

  123. Ryan C says:

    Hi max, one question i have for you is do i need to unlock my boot loader if i just am rooting. Before, i was running CM10 on my gs3 and originally had my bootloader unlocked and locked it. I think I was in a softbrick I when i turned on the phone i was in a boot loop. I was lucky enough because my friend owns a verizon store and just got a used one from a guy that he is very good friends with please answer both my questions.
    Thanks for the help

  124. AJ Napier says:

    Is this still current? Dont want to try and flash old firmware and mess up

  125. Renee J says:


    I have already customized my phone a lot with various launchers and widgets. I also have it synced with all my other devices – all the andriod devices have the same customization and sync to web for home network. So I have them all in a state that I like BUT….I decided I have to root now as the pre-installed bloatware is just taking up too much memory and I am constantly having to kill things as the memory hits 90+ % and I can’t disable them.

    I have not done this before but am assuming I will be wiping out my phone. So my question is, can you suggest a backup app (pre-root) that will also backup settings, preferences, icons, widgets, placement, etc, etc? Is there such a thing?

    Thanks – RJ

  126. Mik says:

    Rooting galaxy s3…taking longer than usual about 25-30min now…any suggestions?

  127. azam says:

    i did everything but when i am trying to install clockworkmod on my phone it says the model number of my phone i535 does not have an officially supported clockworkmod recovery yet.have you installed a clockworkmod based recovery manually?
    so i want to know what should i do next to finish my rooting so then i can flash my rom next.

    • Leon says:

      You are probably already rooted if you have done everything that is here. But Clockworkmod will let you flash ROMs that are for the S3…I had the CM version and did their nightly updates but one of them killed my phone so I had to wipe and start over so I decided not to use the CM and now just use the rooted stock version. You have to get the ROM’s and side load them from my experience.

  128. Mat says:

    Thanks for the guide. I rooted the phone fine. Question though. I did this and also clashed Clockwork Mod and it flashed OK. I went to use it to back up my rom. Whether I reboot from inside the Rom Mgr App or shut it off and use home, power, and Vol Up, my phone gets locked. What I mean by this is when the phone boots, I get the screen where it says Samsung, then underneath Samsung I have a unlocked padlock and it says custom. Then the next screen I get an exclamaton point where it says that there was unauthorized software and I need to bring it by a Verizon Store. Lucky enough, I can flash the rooted stock rom over again in Odin and I am back in business…..can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • Leon says:

      You are getting this because you have not unlocked the boot loader. To unlock the bootloader you need to find the application EZ-unlock. it use to be on the Google store, but it is no longer there. You have to find it on the internet side load it.

  129. jason says:

    Hi. I am still pretty new to rooting my phone. I used the method here for 4.1 .1 and it works great. Today I received the on the air update for 4.1 .2 . I lost my root and I tried to re use this method and it failed. The phone just started acting crazy. I re downloaded the update and it straightened the phone out. How can I get my root back ?
    Thank you

    • Leon says:

      Opps put that in wrong place…If you are using the Download titled “Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root” that is only for 4.1.1. Max does not seem to be updating this site anymore so any update beyond that will not work. Hopefully he is just working on a way to Root the 4.1.2, but that is highly unlikely.

      Your best bet if you want root again would be to flash back to stock and update it to 4.1.1 then root again.

  130. Leon says:

    If you are using the Download titled “Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root” that is only for 4.1.1. Max does not seem to be updating this site anymore so any update beyond that will not work. Hopefully he is just working on a way to Root the 4.1.2, but that is highly unlikely.

    Your best bet if you want root again would be to flash back to stock and update it to 4.1.1 then root again.

  131. jason says:

    Thank you for the reply. I will have to research how to do what you said above.
    Thank you

  132. Mat says:

    Mine still retained root after the update. When the update was installing Clockwork Mod prompted me that my bootloader was unlocked and I had root. I do not recall how the prompts were worded but clockwork mod I guess adjusted things so root was maintained as well as the bootloader being unlocked. When the phone booted up fully, it said the update was unsuccessful, but under about phone it says I am running 4.1.2. It also says my software is up to date when I check for new updates. Maybe I just had good luck but mine seems to be on the up and up after the update.

  133. jason says:

    I think one of my mistakes is that I did not install clockwork mod. When I click on SU now it says that there is not a binary installed.

  134. Lee says:

    ok i am using 4.1.1 which file do i need to download to root. i have Odin and i cant download the VRBLK3 becasue of what you said above. Which one should i download?

    • Leon says:

      Click “Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root”

      then wait a 30seconds and you will see a section titled at Download Here. There is an image below that that you have to type in a keyword that is in the image. You will then get the download.

  135. Lee says:


    i followed this guide to a T and installed ROM manager and clockwork.

    after i finish installing clockwork my device restarted and a smasung screen came on and with a picture of a lock, unclocked. then anotehr sceen comes up that says in the upright corner in red, secure fail:kernel

    at the bottom it says system software not authorized by verizon wireless has been found on your phone. please turn off phone and go to a verizon wireless store.

    please help. not sure what happened or what to do.

    • Lee says:

      update i lied: what actually casued it to lock up was when i was in the program ROM manager, i clicked backup current ROM. it asked for a name and i clicked ok. Then the screen goes blank and reboots back to the see verizone wirelss store. i was able to get around it by putting phone in install software mode, but instead of hitting up on volume i hit down and it boots back into the devices fine. but for some reason this app causes it to lock the phone.

      any ideas, it was recomended that i back up the ROM prior to installing the Liquid smooth 4.2.2 ROM.

  136. Leon says:

    My guess is that you did not Unlock the Bootloader. If you do not unlock the bootloader when you flash a ROM it will do that. All you have to do is rerun the Odin with the download from here. Then once it boots up with Root you need to install a program called EZ-Unlock. EZ Unlock use to be on the Google Play Store but is not longer there. You can find it on the internet somewhere. not sure where. Then you can side load it install it and unlock the bootloader. Once unlocked, flash till your hearts content and back up your data.

  137. Mat says:

    Leon says:
    March 4, 2013 at 4:45 pm
    You are getting this because you have not unlocked the boot loader. To unlock the bootloader you need to find the application EZ-unlock. it use to be on the Google store, but it is no longer there. You have to find it on the internet side load it.

  138. Danielle says:

    I might be completely over looking it. But the downloads you have to install after connecting to the USB where do you download them from? Or do they pop up automatically? Sorry, never done this before. Thanks!

    • Leon says:

      You first need to install Odin before you plug in the USB. Also need to download the Rooted ROM. (See Step 4 and you see the below 3. )

      Download Stock ROM with Root (This is for older software versions)
      Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root (Use this one!!!)
      Download ODIN

      The second one (VRBLK3) is for 4.1.1.

      Launch ODIN, plugin USB, then follow instructions as to where to put the file you get in the VRBLK3 download.

      • Danielle says:

        Okay, I see it now. Thanks so much! Hope it works out.

        • Danielle says:

          Okay, everything thing worked great until it finished to installation or whaterever. The box was green and said PASS when it finished and then it rebooted. When it turned back on it said “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” I did everything like it said. What happened?

          • Brandon says:

            i have “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” also, along with “,” “Exchange services.” How can i fix this?

  139. jason says:

    Anyone hear of a fix for 4.1.2?

  140. Leon says:

    HA the irony….I am here helping others with issues, and over night my phone updated and bricked this morning because of it. Now I gotta rerun Odin and hope not to get the update again.

    • Mat says:

      Same thing happened to me….I thought I was in the clear, and I ended up having to a factory reset. Just a quick question, dont know if you know the answer……I am going to flash CM 10 to my S3. That ROM doesnt change the kernal or the radios does it? I am getting conflicting methods on what needs to be done to flash that ROM. I was under the impression once you flash clockwork mod and unlock the boot loader, you just flash the ROM and the Gapps along with your formats.

      • Leon says:

        You shouldn’t of had to go to Factory reset. If you rerun Odin with the rooted stock that is here you would be fine.

        I had CM 10 on my phone at one point in time, and I would update the nightly updates that they posted and one ended up bricking my phone so I never went back to them as I had to factory reset and I lost all my pictures and stuff that was not backed up. Now I am just satisfied with the Stock ROM Rooted as I use the BlackMart app to get any app I really need.

        I don’t think CM 10 changes the kernal and radio, but don’t quote me on that. I heard paranoid’s newest released ROM is pretty sweet. I saw a video on it and it was nice.

        • Mat says:

          I did reboot with ODIN, but the system got into a acore crash loop that it would never recover from. The factory reset fixed it and it still maintained root.

  141. Hojun Kim says:

    I rooted my GS3 and it keeps bringing up android.process.acore has stopped working and stuff like that. How can I fix it?

    • David H says:

      I’m having the same problem. Happened after the Verizon OTA update.

      • Orlando says:

        I had the same trouble. I reset to factory and it didn’t do that anymore.
        I then tried to apply Clockwork Mod and when i rebooted into boot loader i got a security statement saying my phone is locked and to take it to a verizon store 🙁
        Ran the Odi rom again and it worked this time… Thoughts?

  142. BL says:

    Worked great! I had to download and install Kies though. If you need to install Kies, make sure your phone isn’t plugged into your PC while installing. Otherwise install will no complete. Was taking FOREVER to install Kies. I unplugged my fone from USB and install resumed. Thanks again! I love root!

  143. jason says:

    I got mine out of the acore loop my downloading the update again. I still do not have my root back. I emailed Max and he said he would try and have a fix up soon. BL what version of android did you root? Was it 4.1.1 or 4.1.2?

  144. Earl says:

    I had the same trouble Jason had and i noticed that my android version said 4.1.1 after following root instructions and i had done the update before so before following the rooting instructions the version was 4.1.2. I reinstalled update and would also be interested in the solution Max provides Jason.

  145. says:

    I tried doing an OTA update to 4.1.2 today after using this rooting method and during the update in Clockwork it said something about the being unsigned, and asked if I wanted to continue with the unsigned update anyway, I said “yes”, it spit out some other error and didn’t update. So I rebooted and nothing got screwed up. I had tried to save my root with OTA RootKeeper ( just in case beforehand, and used it to unroot first, so maybe that’s what saved it from getting screwed up. Think I’m going to try re-flashing the stock recovery and then see if the OTA will take, and then re-add root with RootKeeper.

  146. mrhigh says:

    I too had the same trouble as Jason. The android.process.acore crash loop can be resolved by reinstalling the 4.1.2 update from verizon. Still don’t have root though. Any news on a fix Max?

  147. Spfireman42 says:

    Hi Guys,

    i updated my phone to 4.1.2 then rooted. was having some wierd message during boot saying detected non verizon software and to take to a vzw store. i was able to bypass this by booting into update mode then exiting. it would then boot fine. afterwards i noticed that it was very slow slow and i could not for the life of me get GPS. i also noticed that when i rooted, it did not wipe my device. I also can not update any apps through google play. i get an error message. So what i would like to do is start over from a fresh install with no apps.

    anyone direct me how to do this please.

    • Leon says:

      Couple options:
      Re-run Odin and root phone back to 4.1.1 and keep dodging the 4.1.2 update till there is a root fix for this. (BTW, Rooting will not wipe your phone. Flashing a ROM will.)
      Turn off your Verizon Galaxy S3. Then hold up Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds. You will get the option to wipe the device back to factory. This will wipe out all your data.

      • Spfireman42 says:

        Hi Leon, thanks for the quick response. If go back to 4.1.1, will my phone still be rooted or unrooted? Thing is, i use my phone a lot for free wifi teether.

        FYI i tried step 2 and all it did was put me in download mode and if i continued to hold the buttons, it just restarts.

        • Leon says:

          Yes if you rerun Odin with the 4.1.1 root file you will have root access. That’s where I am with my phone.

          If you choose the second option I gave you I made a mistake. It’s volume up not volume down.

        • Spfireman42 says:

          so if i do option 2 first, the root with 4.1.1 i will have a clean slate rooted phone.

          where do i get 4.1.1,LOL

          • Leon says:

            No no..I gave two options.
            Option 1. gives your root access with version 4.1.1 with root.
            Option 2. will wipe your device, return it to factory stock (same as the day you bought, none of your data).

            Until someone roots 4.1.2 these are your only options. I don’t think Max is keep up this site anymore so we may have to find another site to get this done. Although someone did say they emailed him and he said he was working on it. Not sure on how much of that is believable since Max has not said two words in here January 6th.

            • Spfireman42 says:

              gotcha. do you know where to get 4.1.1

              • Leon says:

                yes it is on this page. Scroll up to the top and find where the link says “Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root (Use this one!!!)”

                click that, scroll down, wait a couple seconds as there will be a window you have to type some letters in to prove you are human and it will start your download.

              • Spfireman42 says:

                great. i also want to totally erase the phone. should that be done before or after. and how should i do that.

  148. revized says:

    i535 , after installing VZW_I535VRBLK3_nowipe , had weird problems, lots of Force closes, so i just (after unlocking bootloader) used cwm to factory reset/ data wipe then booted fine, then after flashing from internal sd got stuck on galaxy s3 loading screen , so i flashed it from external sd and it worked, except the weirdest thing, immediately said battery was low, although it was fully charged, and then i went to click wifi-only and i cant turn wifi on? any ideas?

    as a side note when i went to swipe the unlock screen for the first few times it looked like as though anywhere i touched the screen was like crazy inverted blue color!

    • revized says:

      update : used my sprint s3 battery and seems to work fine, although wifi still doesnt turn on, and when ever i swipe the unlock screen it turn crazy blue for a second, upon looking at max video i noticed the phone on his right did the same thing, if i hold my finger on the screen it pushs out a kinda cool blue color in that area is ok but the whole screen blue flash when unlocking isnt.

      any ideads to get wifi to click on?

      • revized says:

        wifi is not working(like you didnt already i think i gots to run another rom although i really wanted to get this one after watching max`s review. but…..
        1.)inserted my 64gb sandisk sd card then notice at top says remove sd card, so i when to settings and clicked on storage and after wit no sd card installed its fine but with sd card inserted after a few seconds i get a strange white box that says alert with a upside down triange with a exclamation point “saying sorry we ran into a problem.etc call 800-922-0204 error code 1000”
        2.)after a reboot the very first time i click the stock dialer and click the button to dail the number it frezzes for a second and then shows a force close “advanceds has stopped” then the dialer continues with the call and doesnt do it again.

        my setting on this i535 i flashed is for pageplus so i set it to nv_only and i get 3g only

  149. ender1 says:

    hey, THis will be my 3rd root. But What I want to know is How does the blutooth work after rooting. My last phone droid 2=CM9, it worked for playing music only. With my curent job I need it to work for answering calls to. Can someone please let me know if works. I just got the S3 and I’m tired of waiting to root this beast.Thanks for the great work.

  150. Kevin Merrill says:

    Question….the instruction say to use ‘ stock.vzw_root66.tar’, but the two rooted ROMs for download don’t seem to match this file name. I have a stock Verizon S3 (SCH-1535) running 4.1.2. Which tar file should I be rooting with??

    Thanks in Advance.

  151. mrhigh says:

    In my experience, 4.1.2 will break if you try to use these roots. The last root posted will work for 4.1.1.

  152. G7Baker says:

    Hey Max i got a question will this work on the 4.1.2 Verizon S3? i tried to root yesturday and kept getting failed.I read that i have to unlock bootloader first. What is the safest way to do that???

    • Leon says:

      Others have said that it caused issues with them too for 4.1.2.
      To unlock the Bootload, you have to be rooted first, then find a program called E-Z Unlock (not on the market anymore you will have to side load it after downloading it from a website that still has the install file).

  153. John Bryan says:

    It may be worth noting in this article that Kies should NOT be open during this process. Odin kept failing over and over until I read on another website that Kies needs to be closed.

  154. Sean says:

    I did everything mentioned in your video, installed the VRBLK and when phone rebooted I get multiple error messages. One of which says android.process.acore and the other one says Causes my phone to have this pop up almost every few minutes and lags phone, any suggestions!?

  155. Brandon says:

    Hi Max
    I just purchased a new out of box Verizon SCH. i used Root66.tar not seeing the VRBLK3. Not sure if this is my problem. I followed your steps, received PASS and Success 1. Upon reboot i couldnt get past the boot screen with the rainbow circle. I saw a couple of posts here with the same problem but no replies with solutions. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    I used Odin3 c3.04

  156. Greg says:

    So I just go my verizon s3 in. It is not activated yet and am looking for a quick response as to whether I should wait to root or if i can do it now. I am also curious about the updated android. I have 4.1.2 I would like to have 4.2.2 any and all information on this would be fantastic. Thanks.

    • G7Baker says:

      Hey buddy you can go ahead and root it before you activate it but you have to unlock your bootloader and im not sure how. Only Verizon S3 has a looked bootlader. And if you do want 4.2.2 than you will lose your ability to use multiwindow and other touchwiz functions. 4.2.2 are Aosp Roms they are good and you have different feature than touchwiz but i prefer Touchwiz Roms.

  157. Brad says:

    Wow, I tried this, now I can’t contact my loved ones because my phone is bricked…. awesome, thanks for the great info. Maybe you could include enough information to prevent such cases from happening. I get “unfortunately (many things) has stopped” constantly and cannot open anything or do anything except turn the thing off. I can’t even find any support out there on the internet after 3 hours of intense searching.

    • Brad says:

      I’ve used odin to flash like 6 images supposedly stock images, mostly rooted. Some no wipe, others not… nothing works. Every time it loads, if it even gets past the 4glte screen, it just constantly gives me “unfortunately has stopped” “email has stopped’ “touch wiz has stopped” etc etc etc….. I can’t find the solution for this either… I’m still searching but damn why can’t I find a proper solution for this? Even the guys posted before me that they cannot find a solution… Please do something!

      • Leon says:

        One thing, you should of read this thread a little more. You probably had 4.1.2 on your phone which will not work with this method here…

        You can always Flash your Phone back to stock by Turning it off…then holding volume UP, Home button, and Power button. this will give you an option to reset to to Factory.

      • gadgetdaddy says:

        go into recovery and do factory wipe, and clear cache and reboot.
        THAT will solve all your apps doing Force Closed or from crashing.

        • Brad says:

          Oh yeah i fixed it and posted exactly how to do it with a link to the guide i did use. The moderator of these replies didn’t allow it to show, though, sorry.

  158. Brad says:

    So, where is the 4.1.2 guide, or image…?

  159. Curtis says:

    My verizon S3 keeps saying fail in odin is there something that i’m doing wrong?

  160. gina says:

    i followed all the instructions and got a green pass however after my galaxy s3 reset it would not let me do anything. i received message saying android.process.acore has stopped,android process media has stopped,email has stopped my phone wont do anything now. HELP!!!

  161. Brad says:

    When that happened to mine, i found that i was able to click ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, and somehow between all those clicks reached the phone settings and then “back up and reset”, and then “factory data reset”

    this brought the phone back to like new and everything worked fine.

    then I went into settings and then “about phone” to discover my android version of 4.1.2

    then i did a lot of careful searching for a guide on how to root a verizon 4.1.2

    carefully picked the guide i thought was the most reliable and followed it.

    then i did a proper backup then finally installed a rom

    now i’m running with a great rom and enjoying the phones many new features

    Sorry i don’t have the link, i posted it here but the moderator didn’t allow it to post, or deleted it or something.

    hope this helps!

  162. Brad says:

    Oh, and some people were saying to boot into recovery mode to do the factory reset from there.

    this may be much easier to do

    should be able to get to your recovery by holding the volume up, home, and power buttons all at the same time… if it doesn’t work just look up a guide on how to boot to recovery

    good luck!

  163. Brad says:

    This isn’t exactly the OP’s fault. The VZW devs are throwing a stick in our wheel because it causes them to have to deal with people who break their phones doing this kind of thing.

    Although the OP could start the guide by having you check out your android version and confirming the versions that his guide will actually work with.

  164. Jason says:

    I had the same problem with the process acore stopped. I did the ota update again and it went away. I have now learned the way to root 4.1.2. I found an easy tutorial on xda developers website. It worked great and not problems. Just follow the directions. Just do a search for it and make sure to use the part for 4.1.2. Good luck as it fixed my issue. Props to the guys at xda for the tutorial.

    • Jean says:

      Hey Jason can you post a link to that tutorial. There’s a ton on XDA and it’s hard to figure out which one to use.

  165. brad w says:

    is this still the best and latest way to root a new verizon galaxy s3. All my grand daughter wants is root so she can use titanium to freeze apps.
    her phone
    model: i535
    android version 4.1.2
    baseband version i535vrblmd3
    kernal 3.0.31-1121237

    thank you kindly

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    I believe this is among the such a lot important info for me.
    And i’m satisfied reading your article. However should observation on few common things, The website style is ideal, the articles is in reality great : D. Just right process, cheers

  167. says:

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!

  168. Quincy says:

    So i followed the steps carefully did everything right my phone rooted just fine. But when i flash clockwork mod recovery my phone locks me out and says i have unauthorized content on my phone and i need to go to verizpn for help. Well i just re root my phone and its fixed. But i cant install any roms now without clockwork. Is there another way?

    • leon says:

      You did everything right up till you flashed…you did not unlock the bootloader. You need an app to unlock the boot loader. With root access you can side load an app (put the install on the phone thru USB), but you have to find the install for it on the internet. The app I used is called EZ Unlock. Once you install this app, then open it and click unlock, you can flash till your hearts content!

  169. Adrian says:

    I followed the video. I did this before but on my new S3 its stuck on the 4gLTE but it still flashes as if its loading. Its been doing this for about half hour. Odin passed. What should I do. Please elp. Its running 4.1.2

  170. davis says:

    How to root if you currently have 4.1.2 (note: you will end up with a rooted 4.1.1, NOT 4.1.2)

    I don’t care about having 4.1.2, I just wanted to root my phone. When I did the above method, I got the “unfortunately process (every.process.imaginable) has stopped” messages and I freaked out.

    Do a hard reset (volume UP, home, power …. select wipe data/factory reset). Turn it back on. You should have a rooted 4.1.1 version installed. Downloaded root checker to check.

  171. kaarthikesh says:

    will this method work with 4.1.2 version of verizon galaxy s3??

  172. Stef says:

    Hey Max,

    I downloaded everything listed and followed the steps to a “T”. Once I get to the step where I click “PDA”, and select the “stock.tar”, to press “Start”. It doesn’t do anything, and the “stock.tar” file never fills in the line next to “PDA”. This is where my rooting process comes to an end………..

    If your able to help, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  173. derrik says:

    my phone wont turn on like the colors that flash when its booting up just flash for hours…….
    this is after root.

    • leon says:

      Do you know what version of Android you had? If you originally had 4.1.2 this process will not work for you. And if you update after rooting to 4.1.1 it will also brick the phone and require the process to be rerun.

  174. Dianne says:

    I’m not getting the yellow box in ODIN. I’ve read through almost all of the notes above to see others having the same problem. I’m not sure how to “turn off” kies. It’s not set up in my phone yet. Using the version of ODIN you recommend. Turned off the USB Debugging, tried different USB ports on my computer, etc.

    Verizon, sch-i535, 4.1.2…

    Any ideas?

  175. Navi says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for uploading the video instructions. After rooting the phone, I am having issues connecting to the internet with my mobile network. I have T Mobile, under APNs there’s nothing listed and I changed network mode to GSM/UMTS but it still doesn’t seem to work. I have data access thru T Mobile so that’s out of the story. I need help, please respond!

  176. mac says:

    when connecting phone to odin i do not get the yellow window i get a blue window.

  177. John says:

    I rooted my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 on Android 4.1.2 using your method, and after it was completed… all of my processes would not work. It would take at least 5 mins for my phone to fully reboot, and when I would try to swipe screens or open an app, it would freeze for 15 secs and give me about 7 pop-ups saying that different processes had stopped, rendering the phone useless at that point. So I had to factory reset it to get everything back in working condition. Can you explain why this happened and another possible way to root it again, successfully? Thanks.

    • John says:

      Hello?? Anyone?

    • Noah says:

      The very same thing happened to me and I’m not sure how to factory reset the device. Can you help?

    • Todd Fance says:

      First off, I hope you have everything backed. All you have to do is restart by pulling out battery, you then press power button, volume up and home button. This should bring you to stock recovery. From here do a factory reset and a cache wipe. Reboot your phone and your phone should be back at stock settings again.

      • Todd Fance says:

        Once you are done going back to stock,Use this tool. If you are already rooted go to option 2 in the program to load the insecure Aboot. Then you can install your recovery in option 3.
        Make sure you have USB Debugging enabled first.

  178. Mike says:

    I used this method, Odin ran through without problems, but now when I restart my phone, all of the core apps are failing and I can’t use the phone at all. How can I fix it?

  179. Chris says:

    I downloaded this, Download Stock ROM VRBLK3 with Root to try and root my phone but it comes up as a Compressed(zipped) folder and if I try to extract it says it is invalid. I don’t know what to do please help me out.

  180. Jesus says:

    Hey I keep getting errors when i use the new rooting method should I use the old rooting file ?
    Like i cant open up anything

  181. mario says:

    I need your help like to pay for your service

  182. Adam Cragun says:

    Hi, I have watch a lot of videos and have not came across one video or form on the internet that explains my situation with my phone. I have the vz galaxy s3 and I have rooted it but when i go to open the boot loader screen I get the bricked screen saying I need to take my device to a vz shop. At the top it shows error Kernel. I have never been able to upload a custom rom only rooted stock roms. Could i posibbly use Odin to upload the custom rom Bean stock? Please help!!!!!

  183. NVDon says:

    Wow, I should have read ALL OF COMMENTS before I followed this process!!!

    I am also stuck with essentially a dead phone. I get almost continuous process stopped pop-ups and other than being able to verify that the phone was, in fact, rooted, nothing else of any use seems to run. I even have errors saying it is having problems loading widgets on the screen.

    Guess I am going to have to do a complete reset and start all over again…

    Nope, I’m not a happy camper after following the instructions to the letter and using the latest ROM
    (root66_VZW_I535VRBLK3_nowipe.tar.md5). Sadly, this has been my first experience trying to root my phone and it has not been a good one at all!

    Interestingly, we have heard nothing from the author of this page (Max?) for a long time now. Perhaps he should post something to let us know what is going on…

  184. John says:

    Still waiting on a reply, Max. You have A LOT of people upset that they used the method YOU provided and have had nothing but issues, including myself. It’s been long enough for you to reply. Speak up!!

  185. Justin says:

    I did this and now my phone is constantly freezing. Keeps bringing errors that a media process has stopped, email has stopped, etc. What do I do?

  186. Fluffe says:

    I want to install tmobile stock rom and modem on my SCH-I535, is it Possible? i want to be able to run T-mobile/Windmobile sim card on the phone.

  187. John says:

    MAX!! There are A LOT of angry people that used your method of rooting and have had nothing but problems with it, and you cannot got on any longer ignoring the masses. I used your method and luckily was able to revert back to stock to get my phone working again. However, my SDM keep freezing and closing every single time I check for software updates. I would really appreciate it if you would answer back and fix all of our issues.

  188. Peter says:

    hi. i just finished but am getting errors. i tried rebooting but still get the following:
    android process.acore has stopped
    android has stopped
    google process.gapps has stopped
    email process has stopped and it keeps playing some music in a loop.
    can you please assist?

  189. Julie says:

    If you try this method on a sch-i535 running 4.3 kit kat you will soft brick your phone. Refer to to debrick your phone.

  190. ray arvizu says:

    I would like to know the correct procedure to root a gs3 Verizon model. Running 4.3

  191. fred says:

    Hi max. Great work on your site man, thanks for keeping this platform alive. hey also the links for the download are not working. Can you refresh them please. Thanks again.

  192. Romar says:

    hey, i followed all the instructions, but my gs3 says it is not authorized by verizon and it wont start up. can you help me? i have android 4.3

  193. Clyde says:

    What’s up everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this website, and article
    is truly fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting such articles.

  194. fred says:

    Hi max. Great work on here. Im on Verizon 4.3 and was wondering if theres a way to root and unlock the bootloader yet or if I can odin back to a earlier version then root and unlock? Thanks.

  195. Anastasia says:

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  198. Sanchit says:

    hey! so i try to start the task but as soon as the process startsafter few seconds it says FAIL… so what do i do?

  199. Haseeb says:

    Can I use this method on Gs3 SCH-I535 4.3??

  200. Stamp says:

    Within about 15 minutes of this idea occurring to me in the first place, I had a
    custom stamp ordered and in progress.

  201. Ilenia says:


    can i use this in GS3 4.3? THNX

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