App2ExtSD – How to Save Apps to External MicroSD for U.S./Canadian Galaxy S3!

This is a hack that that allows you to swap internal storage with your external SD card so you can increase your app data storage.

All credits go to original i9300 App2ExtSD Hack by mattiadj. I simply hacked it to work with U.S. versions and also I’ve added code so it will disable this feature when you don’t have a microSD card inserted (app storage will default to internal when no microSD card is inserted).

E.g. If you have 16GB internal storage on Galaxy S3, you can install this witih a 64GB microSD card and swap the storage and get 64GB on your app storage instead of 16GB.

Before you can use this, you will need:
1) Rooted Galaxy S3 (SCH-I535/SPH-L710/SGH-T999/SCH-I747) or also Canadian versions too (i747m, etc…etc…)
2) A ROM/kernel with init.d support!
3) I’ve only tested this with TouchWiz-based ROMs, so it should work on stock ROMs and any TouchWiz-based ROMs, not sure on CM9 or CM10.
4) You must use the FAT32 or EXTFAT zip file below, depending on what format your microSD Card is in! (e.g. if you have a FAT32 microSD card, use FAT32)

v0.2 One script works for both FAT32 or EXTFAT.
v0.1 Added script to only enable when microSD inserted.

To get this working, downloadna dn simply flash the zip files in your CWM Recovery:

Download for v0.2



Q: The script isn’t working for me, I think my ROM doesn’t support init.d!
A: You can also use Script Manager from the Play Store, find the file /system/etc/init.d/11extsd2internalsd and enable “root” and “boot” on any rooted phone.
Q:How to disable this?
A:If for some reason you are having trouble, simply delete /system/etc/init.d/11extsd2internalsd.
if you leave your microSD card out during boot (then re-insert it after), your phone will work as normal (internal storage used for app data).

Q: What if my ROM doesn’t support it, will it mess up my phone?
A: No, if your ROM doesn’t support init.d scripts, the script will simply not run and nothing will happen.

Q: Will it mess up my microSD card if I don’t know it’s a FAT32 or EXTFAT and try this?
A: No, it will simply not work if your microSD card is not in FAT32 or EXTFAT format.

Q: How do I know my microSD card is FAT32 or EXTFAT?
A: If you have a microSD card adapter, insert into your computer and do right-click and “properties” for Windows. For Mac or Linux, it should be similar, try googling it.

Here’s a quick video demo:

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78 Responses

  1. _____homz says:

    Where is the tutorial man?

    • _____homz says:

      Got it max… If i recalled it’s like 2 weeks ago i asked you about this memory hack then here you are just like that, wish come true man… Thanks!

      • Max says:

        well I decided to focus more on hacks, instead of ROMs, roms are getting a bit boring lately, besides, I am building roms so…

        • _____homz says:

          Great job man! Another favor if it wouldn’t be too much to ask,ahehehe… Can you make a jedi mind trick custom rom but this time it’s for t-mobile s3 model? That speed blown me away man, Thanks as always!

        • cocoton809 says:

          how to baypass the activation screen on verizon gs3 thanks

  2. Me says:

    Do we have to delete data to install this or just the cache?

    • Max says:

      no need to delete anything, just need to copy over your internal storage to microSD OR use Titanium backup to back and restore apps. You can boot into normal mode with the sdcard out, backup, then restore after a reboot with sdcard in(which boots u into app2sd mode).

  3. Robert says:

    Max great app !!! I have rooted my I747 from rogers, BUT I am still on stock rom. Can I use this app on stock rom ? Do I need to flash/format the sd card to do this ?
    Is there a video or tutorial ?


  4. clinton says:

    hey im wondering if u have instruction or a video on how to root a SGH-I747M galaxy s3 on macbook (dont have bootcamp atm 🙁 ) ? this is the Canadian BELL version of the galaxy s3
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. xavier says:

    had a problem with the hack it does work but every timd i take a pic , it does not load on gallery it appears as a black blank pic..i try to open it and it says unable to load….any ideas…

    • salvador perez says:

      my freind the camara is working just great, did you watch the vedeo max did?
      there you could find your answer for your question. just open your camara go setting and change to phone . did you dig?

      • jeff says:

        didnt see the thing about the phone and I’m having the same issue with the camera. It’s not able to load the photo. What exactly should i do?

  6. salvador perez says:

    I just install it on my galaxy S3 at&t stock Rom, but it seem , that is not working…
    does it sopprt?
    I waitting for the 3.0v for at&t.. thank you

  7. Melear says:

    Hey Max thanks for th heads up,unfortunately this hack does not work on CM10.For anyone interested going from AOKP to CM10 works great no issues every thing works great including 4G,Max if you can get this hack to work on CM & AOKP that would be great.Any one looking for a great Launcher try TSF Shell.

    Sent from Telus SGH-747
    Running Jellybean CM10

  8. Derek says:

    This hack is glitchy… My camera is not working at all with this…. Is there any way to reverse this without wiping/reflashing?

    • salvador perez says:

      my freind the camara is working just great, did you watch the vedeo max did?
      there you could find your answer for your question. just open your camara go setting and change to phone . did you dig?

    • Max says:

      see Q&A:
      Q:How to disable this?
      A:If for some reason you are having trouble, simply delete /system/etc/init.d/11extsd2internalsd.
      if you leave your microSD card out during boot (then re-insert it after), your phone will work as normal (internal storage used for app data).

  9. ralph says:

    max is there away to toggle app2sd so can choose were u want storage to v.o3 awesome battey life …im on stock kernal do u recomend installing your kernal.will it make performance even better? never installed a kernal. thanks

  10. Andrew says:

    Hi Max,

    Can’t get this to work on Verizon SG3 using either CleanRom 2.0 or Beans version 10, both of which support init.d. Can you make any suggestions? When I tried it on either one I could only see the external card, the internal card vanished.

    • Max says:

      Try using Script Manager if it’s not working. I know the one on CleanROM isn’t processing init.d correctly so that’s probably why.

  11. Niegel says:

    Hope this gets to work with CM10 M1 soon!

  12. cocoton809 says:

    how to baypass activacion screen gs3 verizon

  13. Kris says:

    Hi Max,
    Thank you again for all you hard work!!!

    I have a SGS3 at&t SGH-i747
    rooted while I was on ICS 4.0.3, now updated to 4.0.4 i747UCLH9
    btw, I rooted using the US/Canadian method you showed us, thank u again!

    Will this method of saving apps to the ext SD work on my phone??
    I can’t seem to find /system/etc/init.d/11extsd2internalsd
    I did however download GalaxyS3ATT/app2SD/ which I’m sure is the file I need, I havent unzipped…just waiting to hear from you before I do something wrong.

    My only problem(if in fact it is a problem) is I rooted using GalaxyS3RootUSCanada
    I noticed that the zip has US_ZEDOMAXv0.2

    Will this or should this work with my version of root and my version of the SGS3??

    Please advise when u have a minute, cant wait to try this out.

    All my best,


    • Max says:

      I did reply to your email?

      • Kris says:

        Hi Max,

        Thank you for the quick reply, I emailed you with this exactly:

        Where do i get the correct script/file to save into my phone so that I can run script manager??

        Maybe I already have it, I downloaded the following zips to my pc:






        which of the above zips is the correct file that I should save into my phone?

        keep in mind I rooted using GalaxyS3RootUSCanada

        please advise when u have a moment…

        Thank you as always,

  14. Bolexle says:

    I used this on my phone, and while it worked properly and in the storage section is shows my internal storage as being larger, when I install an app it still installs on the actual internal storage. I still get an error saying the phone is full even when my sd card has 30 gigs more room remaining.

  15. fern says:

    Max I did everything format sd card and script and nothing change also reboot my phone twice

  16. Fern says:

    Yes I did yesterday

  17. Henry says:

    I followed all the instructions and watched the videos multiple times I couldn’t get it to work I’m on stock ics T-Mobile version when I.try running it on smanager I get a “busy box not found” .. I don’t know what I’m Doing what I’m doing wrong any help would be appreciated you can also email me

  18. Larry says:

    This doesn’t seem to work on Paranoid rom and I love paranoid rom. I hope you can update it for JB.
    Thanks Max

  19. Larry says:

    Thanks Max..I know when you update it it will be cool. You have the best site in the Android world.

  20. ryan says:

    Please get this working for the CM10M2 please!?

  21. amirti9 says:

    hi which jb you use for install app2extsd or jb for which country you use?

  22. neons1 says:

    Max i try to install this file11extsd2internalsd_gs3_fat32orextfat_US_ZEDOMAXv0.2 for my s3 sgh-i747 att us and does not let me install. I watch your video how to this and follow your way to install it but wont install please help thanks.

  23. neons1 says:

    Max i try to install this file11extsd2internalsd_gs3_fat32orextfat_US_ZEDOMAXv0.2 for my s3 sgh-i747 att us and does not let me install. I watch your video how to this and follow your way to install it but wont install please help thanks.
    s3 sgh-i747 att us
    android 4.0.4 root

  24. A Guzzy says:

    Did this on stock T-Mo S3, rooted with Init.d enabled. The file gets put in the ETC directory, but nothing happens. I don’t see any change.

  25. peter says:

    great work!!!!!! i rooted my at&t gs3 from your videos & have flashed almost all the roms you have on your site.. thank you. i think like the auto dealers need to,all you devs should get together and just build one good one. seems everyone has some kind of issues. not so much issues but for me, being able to customize everything like status bar, system themes and themes in general. i want an all red phone but cant seem to find anyone of the roms that can do all of it. and now with this extsdtointernalsd it says my external which is actually my internal is damaged instead of the external being damaged. i know its all a work in progress but i tell you im now going to back up all my apps which i have probably spent over $300 on. yes i have tried alot of them. and just start over. your rom seems to be the best so far and its still in infants stage. paranoid has great ability as cm10 to do system themes, but paranoid has an issue that i hear from everyone that i talk to one the phone they hear their own voice repeating back to them. any way you could incorporate the cm10 system custom themes..that would be great!!!!! tsf shell is cool but very limited on customizations.if i wanted to learn how to do all this where would be a good place to start. like building roms.
    1 more suggestion to most of the posters here……. just watch his awesome videos and tutorials they will have all the answers to all the questions that are posted. thank you again for all your great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where do i donate to your cause?

  26. peter says:

    Is there a version of this for the GN2?


  27. Andrew says:

    Hi, I am getting about 12 GB for both internal and ext storage. I have a 32 GB card. Any ideas why this is happening and also how to make your script work. I used the script manager method.

    Thanks in a advance.

    • Andrew says:

      by the way i have a metropcs GS3 SCH-R530M, USA phone. does that matter?

      • Andrew says:

        got it to load the script now, it says 29 GB for ext and about 12 for internal but NOW, i am installing apps and games and it still installs to 12 Gig internal mem, any ideas on this?

        • Andrew says:

          by they way, you should mention that they need BUSYBOX installed to make it work.

          • Andrew says:

            Max, So basically, as soon as i install an app or game it gets installed on my SD mem (which was my internal) but when i restart my phone it gets changed and goes to my internal mem (which is my SD card). This is what i want but IS THERE ANY WAY to have it show the real mem RIGHT AWAY instead of having to restart my phone to show it?


          • aviking says:

            Wicked thanks for the heads up.

            I would have to agree that you need to mention this cause without BUSYBOX it isn’t going to work.

  28. Francisco says:

    RAETS782K 13 minutes ago

    I did this and it worked but my gameloft and rockstar games wouldnt load even after i put the data in the sd card,,,Also after restarting the phone my internal got set back to defualt????

  29. Sam says:

    Follow the instructions to the T and it worked wonderfully; however, after about three days the camera began acting up and not saving the photos or videos to any storage device. Also, everytime I would reboot the phone all of my notification sounds would default back to original mp3s. Absolutely annoying. Needless to say, the majority of my user defined settings were floating back to their default settings. Again, annoying.

    Any idea on what I may have jacked up or should have moved to the actual Ext SD once the script was implemented? I did format the 64gb card to extFat before the script was ran through SM by the way.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  30. Seth says:

    Seeing as the new Samsung Galaxy Axiom is supposed to be a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Mini, I thought I give this a shot. It worked straight away, registering the microSD as the internal memory. Hopefully there will be no issues! =D

  31. wally18324 says:

    Max, I followed directions to a T for my Sprint Galaxy s3 and lost all pics in Gallery. When I try to install them it says onsufficient space. Running stock rooted rom. I have a 64 gb card. Before the application total space in device memory total space 11.95 GB, SD card 59.46 GB. After applyong the App, when I open Gallery it saysnot enough space. Am I doing something incorrect. Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

    • Randy says:

      I had that problem and it wound up being an app causing the hack to act up . I love this app so it pained me to delete it .ROM Toolbox was causing my problem. It would say insert SD card to use camera and my galleries wouldn’t work along with many other memory problems. But now everything is working perfectly. I’m sure there are other programs that could cause the same issue

  32. Ben says:

    Hey Max, great tutorial, the problem I’m having is that even though the 64gb sd card shows as being the internal card in the settings, any file manager app that shows the memory still says that the 64gb is external. Also, I noticed that when i install the app, it seems to install on booth cards. Any ideas how to fix this?

  33. Unk says:

    Hey Max, first of all, thanks for all your hard work…Max,I did the hack, but now my 64gb sd card reads 12.05 gb ? please help, thanks…Note I reformatted sd card(exFat), on pc it reads 64gb..Any suggestions ?

  34. Heisnetpoc says:

    Hey , I was just wondering what custom ROMs support init.d , Cause I tried doing this method when I flashed to GalaxyModUniversal and I couldn’t find the file anywhere.

  35. Jaime says:

    Does this work on the liquidsmooth 4.2.2 rom? I have a sprint galaxy s3 flashed to Boost mobile running LiquidSmooth 4.2.2 stable . I downloaded the zip file and tried to install it with TWRP but it failed…

  36. wolfen says:

    Help please I downloaded S manager and ap2sd but when I look for the init.d file I don’t see it I’m running TPR on the GS3 with AGAT kernel, and I’m so pissed right now at the thing telling me there’s not enough space I’m about to “upgrade” back to my Epic and smash this GSIII with a hammer

  37. Owen says:

    Does this work with CM10.1?

  38. Karalis says:

    for the rest of the S3 what is the solution for ext. SD space?
    I have tried I must this but although it seems installed nothing really happens.
    All after reboot are the same as before installation of zip

    Thank you very much in advance!

  39. sochai says:

    Hi Max…
    Is this hack working with GT-i9300?

  40. htc one x+ цени says:

    What’s up to every single one, it’s really a nice for me to visit
    this web site, it includes precious Information.

  41. Olaugh says:

    Doesn’t work on MOAR Rom or The Peoples Rom, I pretty frustrated with this… I tried both ways, with CWM and with Script Manager. And the kernel I’m using has init.d support. Can someone tell me what Roms this hack works with…? I have a Sph-L710 and the kernel Max provides doesnt have the Sprint version…

  42. Kyle Damron says:

    Will this work on AT&T S4?

  43. Wayne says:

    Hi. It didn’t work for me. Followed the instructions and watched the video. I even try clicking on Run in Script Manager but gives me error” mounting /dev/block/vold/179:97 no file or directory”. Have 64gb sdhc formatted to FAT32. Any help is appreciated.

    • guzz11 says:

      Wayne, not sure but I think a 64GB card needs to be formatted as EXTFAT not Fat32. And also, make sure BUSYBOX is installed on your phone. Its free from Play store.

  44. richard says:

    The download link is not working. I enter the captcha phrase and it either reloads the captcha or says unavailable…
    Any ideas? I’ve tried different computers, different locations, even tried to download directly to my phone…

  45. Tyson Wicke says:

    You put your close friends information for shipping address.

  46. jorge uribe says:

    Hi bro! Can i do this with the slim bean rom for the t999??? Or do you know how can I do this with that ROM… Please help!!

  47. jorge uribe says:

    Hi bro! Can i do this with the slim bean rom for the t999??? Or do you know how can I do this with that ROM… Please help!! Man!!

  48. says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It iin truth used to bbe a enjoyment accfount it.
    Glance advanced to far delivered agreeable from you!
    However, hhow could we keep in touch?

  49. Melaine says:

    It’s going to be finish of mine day, however before
    end I am reading this wonderful article to improve my know-how.

  50. Manoj Chathuranga says:

    Please, advice how to move application on internal memory to external sd card of my samsung there any application for tab3.

  51. Carlos Guevara says:

    does anyone know if i can do thi on my xperia z

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