How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy S3!

So, you rooted your Galaxy S3 and you want to install custom ROMs? Or maybe just want to get rid of bloatware?

Well, let me tell you that BEFORE you do any of that, you should make a backup ROM using the ClockworkMod Recovery.


Backing up a ROM backups up literally everything including the ROM, kernel, settings, and apps. The only thing that’s not backed up is the contents of your internal storage and microSD card such as personal photos and videos.

Having a backup ROM makes it easy to restore your phone when something goes wrong. And if you haven’t backed up your ROM at least once, we HIGHLY ADVISE you to do it NOW.

Step 1. We will first reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery on your rooted Galaxy S3, choose “backup and storage”.

Step 3. You will have an option to “backup” or “backup to internal storage”.  The first option will backup to your microSD card while the latter to the internal storage.

All your backups get stored in ClockworkMod/backup directory in your microSD or internal storage.  You can always move these files to your computer’s hard disk or even cloud if you don’t want your backups to take up space after you backup.  Backup ROMs usually are near 500-1000MB.

So, go ahead and choose “backup” or “backup to internal storage”.

Step 4. Your rooted Galaxy S3 should now be backing up.  Backing up ROM takes 5-10 minutes so go ahead and get your cup of coffee and come back.

Step 5. To restore ROM, simply use the same “backup and restore” menu then choose “restore” or “restore from internal sdcard” depending on where you backed up your ROM.

Step 6. Once you choose restore, you will have the option to choose the backup folder, which are saved with the timestamp.  You can always change the name of these backup folders to something more memorable using File Manager app or ES File Explorer app.

That was easy right?

So, don’t delay and make a backup ROM if you just rooted your phone, you will thank me later and save yourself time and headache when things go wrong.

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