How to Backup and Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy S3!

So, you rooted your Galaxy S3 and you want to install custom ROMs? Or maybe just want to get rid of bloatware?

Well, let me tell you that BEFORE you do any of that, you should make a backup ROM using the ClockworkMod Recovery.


Backing up a ROM backups up literally everything including the ROM, kernel, settings, and apps. The only thing that’s not backed up is the contents of your internal storage and microSD card such as personal photos and videos.

Having a backup ROM makes it easy to restore your phone when something goes wrong. And if you haven’t backed up your ROM at least once, we HIGHLY ADVISE you to do it NOW.

Step 1. We will first reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery on your rooted Galaxy S3, choose “backup and storage”.

Step 3. You will have an option to “backup” or “backup to internal storage”.  The first option will backup to your microSD card while the latter to the internal storage.

All your backups get stored in ClockworkMod/backup directory in your microSD or internal storage.  You can always move these files to your computer’s hard disk or even cloud if you don’t want your backups to take up space after you backup.  Backup ROMs usually are near 500-1000MB.

So, go ahead and choose “backup” or “backup to internal storage”.

Step 4. Your rooted Galaxy S3 should now be backing up.  Backing up ROM takes 5-10 minutes so go ahead and get your cup of coffee and come back.

Step 5. To restore ROM, simply use the same “backup and restore” menu then choose “restore” or “restore from internal sdcard” depending on where you backed up your ROM.

Step 6. Once you choose restore, you will have the option to choose the backup folder, which are saved with the timestamp.  You can always change the name of these backup folders to something more memorable using File Manager app or ES File Explorer app.

That was easy right?

So, don’t delay and make a backup ROM if you just rooted your phone, you will thank me later and save yourself time and headache when things go wrong.

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160 Responses

  1. Wallz says:

    Hey man I love your videos. I just rooted my phone thanks to you but I can’t make a backup.
    When I hold Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons I have a different menu ‘Android system recovery ‘.
    Do you have any idea how I can fix it ?

    ps: Sorry for my english

    • Max says:

      Try rerooting recovery should be there.

      • Wallz says:

        I already did it twice and it changed nothing. Is it because my phone is not running with a stock firmware ?

        • Max says:

          Not sure but try again and make sure u did not get any errors it seems to me recovery probably was never flashed. Do u see success sign at end like in the video?

          • Wallz says:

            I did it a third time, this what I get According to Titanium Backup my phone is rooted but I still can’t access to the back menu. In the menu I have only 5 choices. Reboot/apply update/wipe data/wipe cache/apply update from cache

          • Wallz says:

            I did it a third time, I have exactly the same log in Odin with the success sign. According to Titanium Backup my phone is rooted but I still can’t access to the back menu. In the menu I have only 5 choices. Reboot/apply update/wipe data/wipe cache/apply update from cache

            • Max says:

              well it’s rooted then at least, dunno what’s up with the recovery. Try it again tomorrow.

              • Bhavin says:

                I had similar problem but i downloaded cf root v6.4.tar official link here :
       (download link given at the bottom of the second post) just load v 6.4 instead of the one given here by max and it should solve your problems. BTW GR8 work max… thanks a lot for the everything you’ve put up here on the site! cheers!

                • Hen says:

                  U Just saved my weekend!
                  thanks Bhavin! =]

                  • norman says:

                    I have the same problem, but I can’t seem to flash v. 6.4 from odin. I tried to just click pda and then the .tar file. After I click start however, it says failed and I have to flash the stock .tar file to restore my phone back to normal. I tried twice and the same thing happened. Any ideas on how I can get the backup and storage to show up?

                • drastic says:

                  @Bhavin thanks man the link worked great.
                  @max kudos for the simple rooting instruction. liked your vids and subscirbed. thanks again

            • mark says:

              i had the same issue and i used twrp instead, which gave all of the options and works great. I also used rom tool box pro instead of cwm

      • Terryna says:

        I am having the same issue. The main problem is that the android recovery menu doesn’t have either backup/restore or install from sd card in the list. It does have install from external source and that lists the android rom, but when i click on it, it says install sd card. So I have no clue how to reroot it. I am at the step where I just wiped data/factory. Please help!

    • ken says:

      I have a problem with my APN. I have a Samsung SIII T999 from T-mobile. I’m using a Solavei Sim. The phone works great but it will not text pictures. I can email pictures but no texting pictures. I look at my APN’s ant the T-mobile APN can not be edited or deleted and it is set as default even tho I made a new APN for Solavei and it is checked it will still not send pictures. I have talked to unlock people and they say the phone is unlocked. I have even paid for a code that did not work for the unlock. Have you ever heard of this and will rooting let me delete the T-mobile APN? I tried to root the phone but your site just kept having me download stuff that had nothing to do with rooting. Can you help me? Thanks, ken

  2. kevin says:

    Yeah same thing has happened to me any solutions?

  3. kevin says:

    So just do the rooting from scratch again right?

  4. kevin says:

    Okay will update on how it goes =]

  5. kevin says:

    Okay found this issue I think during ur vid on the rooting of the phone from 3:43 it shows the clockworkmod recovery symbol however on my one it appears for a fraction of a second and is replaced by the android dude with a rotating crystal around his stomach area does that help?

    • MkM says:

      make sure you’ve followed step 10 in this guide :-

  6. kevin says:

    Alright found the solution chinfire’s new cf root v6.3 just download that and flash in odin (follow zedomaxes or chainfire’s steps)

  7. Eoin says:

    When I try and restore to my backup I get an error saying

    MD5 mismatch!

    Is there any way I will be able to go back to my previous backup which was the touchwhiz launcher?

  8. Litan says:

    Hi Max,

    Your videos are extremely useful.

    One question regarding backup – Are you familiar with any apps or methods to backup the phone’s home screens (including shortcuts to contact etc.)?



    • Max says:

      If you want to back home screen stuff, you can try backing up the touchwiz launcher with titanium backup app or use a 3rd party launcher app like Apex or Nova launchers.

  9. Ben says:

    Hi Max, can you give me instructions how to make a MD5 backup of my current firmware so i can flash it back anytime. Is it possible? And is flashing a stock firmware going to remove Company Modded Logos on the Unit default files?


  10. Reg says:

    Max my friend didnt backup so now he needs Canada Telus S3 SGH-i747 factory rom…can you help??

  11. Stephane says:

    When I installed your MOD my 4G turned 3G and never came back.

    Any idea why?

  12. Jayson says:

    hi max. where can I find my rom back up? is it on the system folder?

  13. Vitaly says:

    Hi guys I got a problem I mistakenly have deleted my original ROM on my internal sd card ( on the phone memory) I tried to recover it but no luck, is that mean I lost my OEM ROM forever???


  14. Thinh says:

    When I’m in CWM Recovery and select the “Backup & Restore” option, I only see 3 choices, 1) Backup 2) Restore 3) Advance Restore. I don’t see the option to backup or restore to internal storage and when I did a nandroid backup then connected to my PC to browse the files, I see the backup in my internal phone storage and not my sd card. How can I fix this?

    • Max says:

      Do you have i9300? Did you use root method on this site? If not, just re-flash using the root method on this site, it will get you the one with internal storage option. If you do have U.S. version, you might have followed the older root guide which doesn’t have it so use the latest version and get it also.

      • Thinh says:

        Thanks, I do have a T-Mobile version so that’s probably why. Do I have to unroot and re-root or can I just use the new method on top of my current one?

        • Max says:

          No need to unroot, follow this guide and just install recovery using ODIN:

          That should give you the additional internal storage option.

  15. Blippo says:

    I’m a noob in rooting and so on, coming from iphone to sgs3 gt-i9300. I have rooted my sgs3 and now I want to backup my stock rom and then install a custom rom. In your guide here when you backup then you restore the same backup. I must do the same or I can just reboot the system after I do the backup? Thanks and excuse me for the noob question. And congrats for your work!

  16. Nick Little says:

    Hi, I just rooted successfully on my GT-19300. I have the same problem when I try to backup, there is no back up option listed, only clear cache etc.

  17. maplewood says:

    Try as I might the “three button” start (vol down, Home, Power) isn’t bringing up the Warning screen. It simply boots as normal.

    Model SCH-1535
    Version 4.0.4
    Kernel 3.0.8-618049-user

  18. Shr says:

    For people entering “Android system recovery ” use the latest CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 n root with odin n your good to go! 😀 Thanks a lot Max!! Awesome rooting method and backing up rom! Thanks a ton! 😀

  19. Jacky Cheung says:

    My S3 is SGH-I747M
    I have Rooted the phone by your
    I guess it’s success becz I saw the SuperSU.
    Right now Im trying to Back Up before I go to ROM it.
    In the CWM I haven’t see the CF-1.3 on my phone.
    Is it a problem?
    Thank you

  20. John says:

    when I hold down volume up, home and power button my phone just restarts. I tried multiple times but I can’t get into ClockworkMod. Could this be because of the samsung updates? If so how do I remove them?

  21. Jacky Cheung says:

    1.I dont understand wt is CWM Touch and CWM….
    2.In the ROM Manager from Play Store I can’t find my phone on the list.
    3. What is GMS??
    4. Usually the CWM update is a .image file not the .tar, what can I do for it?
    Thank you

    • Max says:

      CWM Touch is touch version of CWM. Which GS3 do you have? I don’t know what GMS is?

      You can install .tar files using ODIN.

  22. JAY-YAK says:

    thanks for the vid !

  23. KorkyOtt says:

    Hello Max
    I have successfully rooted my phone, installed Titanium backup and performed a ROM backup and restore
    all complete with no errors. I also completed a full backup and deleted one application and restored it using
    Titanium. Your videos are very good at explaining all of this. Now that I’m comfortable at knowing how to
    recover my system in the event failure I will be moving forward trying new ROM(s).
    I have found one error that I would like to share with everyone. I did my first system / ROM backup using
    ClockworkMod and the time stamp on the backup file is 1970-02- However I did it today at
    2012-08- Have you seen this before. If you need any other info from me please let me know.

    • Max says:

      Sometimes CWM acts up, should still restore fine though.

    • DaFooKila says:

      I just came across this earlier today (or yesterday for all the people with diurnal circadian rhythms) while i was building my “droid army” for work. This week i’m deploying 8 Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G’s to our management staff.
      Using Odin i was able to flash the rooted tar file 3 devices at a time (1 for each usb port on my laptop).
      Then i replaced the rooted kernal tar with a CWM recovery tar file and again I flashed all 8 devices in succession.
      Then i did a nandroid back up for each device and realized I only really needed one of these 8 nandroid back ups. In fact I prefer only one “stock” restore point to back up from. So of the 8 Nandroids I moved to my PC desktop, I only chose one to clone and serve as the original, working back up for our management team.
      It was in selecting the nandroid copy to clone that I noticed something peculiar in how the back up folders are named. Not only that, not all of the back folders were the same size. Specifically it was the size of the “data.ext4” winRAR archive within that varied.
      My hypothesis is that maybe the descrepancies result from me not waiting long enough after the first boot coming from a full wipe (dalvik cache, partition cache, user data).
      Why a full wipe if all 8 Blazes were brand new from the box? Because 3 of them had an earlier baseband and build. I did the update myself not using kies or OTA.
      Another 3 devices I had prematurely added google accounts to. It’s more efficient to work on one Blaze device and then clone the back up to the other 7. To make it less confusing on me I decided to simply do full wipes on ALL of them. So I know they all started off the same before I had went into CWM recovery and made individual Nandroids for each. I even reset the flash counters so they would all be equal.
      The only thing I can think of is me not giving each droid 10 to 15 minutes to boot the first boot before I interrupted to make a Nandroid back up. Its my understanding that when a ROM is installed from a full wipe that it needs the extra time to build the Dalvik cache/partions, etc.
      I’m thinking the wierds dates are stronlgy correllated to the size of the back up. The naming of the folder and the size of its content (data.ext4) I think boil down to how soon the Nandroid backup was made after a full wipe.
      I experienced the same thing 2 weeks ago with the first back up I made on my AT&T I717 Note soon after installing the Only One ICS ROM.

  24. gbdrywall says:

    i folled the guide to root my us cellular s3 all went well but in rom manager i can not see my phone model listed.what to do?thanks for the guide.

  25. Manikrishnan Narasimhan says:


  26. JJ says:

    i cannot do a backup, it boots in stock recovery also i get the message in CWMManager this version of cwmman should be used with cf-cwm v1.1 or newer is appears you are running a different recovery. various features have been disabled

    Model : GT-I9300
    PDA : I9300XXBLH1

    • Max says:

      boot in CWM manually.

    • UrbanHybrid says:

      Yo. I enjoy your videos and I rooted my T999. I made a back up of my stock ROM and its running great. I have bounced between AOKP and CM10 but I’m having an issue. When I run file expert app.The sdcard is there, all it says is internal memory. It used to say ext sdcard and internal sdcard. That’s on both custom ROMs.

  27. mark says:

    Hi Max,
    Question: If i Root s3 then make a backup a: does the root change the baseband ? also when i install other Roms will some of these change the baseband ? I tried to install RR JB 3.0.6 and it changed the baseband so my phone wouldn’t work as in you couldn’t hear anyone on a call, so i tried a restore to the stock rom i saved after Root and the baseband didnt change and the phone still wouldn’t work, i had to Unroot and start over again. Now i have unrooted with a stock rom the base band has changed again and the phone works.
    I want to Root again and do a back up but im worried it will happen again.
    Can you help with this please

    • Max says:

      Rooting doesn’t change baseband but installing some custom ROMs may change baseband. I haven’t had that kind of problems, usually basebands are compatible across most GS3s (on i9300), you might also want to double-check it’s not happening on stock ROM and that it’s not a defect.

  28. Francesco says:

    Hi Max, thanks again for your precious help and videos, I have CWM Recovery v6.0.1.0 and it has slightly different options in the “backup and restore” menu:

    – backup
    – restore
    – advanced restore
    – free nandroid space
    – backup to external sdcard
    – restore from external sdcard
    – advanced restore from external sdcard
    – delete from external sdcard

    So it looks the right option name has changed to “backup to external sdcard” while plain “backup” saves on internal storage?

    Then I have another problem, CWM seems to be unable to mount my SD, maybe because it is a new 64GB SDXC? The system is ok with it, but CWM can’t mount the new format yet. Googling around “SDXC CWM” it seems to be a known issue.

  29. Fred says:

    Hi Max,

    Just a question on Titanium Backup. If I backup my apps (games like NOVA etc. that are almost 2gb) with Titanium and flash a custom ROM on, how do I go about restoring the apps I want back? Also if I backup those apps will I be given the option of backing up to my external SD card?

  30. Adam says:

    For those of you having issues with getting into ClockworkMod Recovery, just use ROM manager to backup… When it is finished performing the backup it will ask if you want to disable the stock recovery, once this is done it allows you to get into ClockworkMod Recovery with the method described above.

  31. Paolo says:

    Excuse me, I tried step 1 but CSC not ClockWorkMod comes out.

  32. Benny Lo says:

    how do u take screenshots after installing this ROM??

  33. Jose says:

    hey love the site.
    i have just completed backing up my stock rom before i start trying out different roms…worked great. i did notice that it skipped to things. first thing it says,
    no /sdcard/ .android_secure found. skipping backing up cache
    …and the second,
    no sd-ext found. skipping backing up of sd-ext.
    now so far i notice no issues with my phone however im not certain if this can be an issue in the future. any recommendations.

  34. aeb says:

    heyyy please i need your help i rooted my galaxy s3 and did back uo using rom toolbox but yesterday i did change the font style using rom toolbox and the phone after that didnt work how can get restore the phone

    • Max says:

      Don’t use rom toolbox for changing fonts, I hear many people soft bricking their phones by doing that, you can try doing a factory reset in CWM recovery, you will lose all ur settings/apps though.

  35. mdfariborz says:

    thanks for useful site i read your feed every day.
    i have a question about back up i use skyscpe that have medical resource that i must down load evry time i restore my backup taken in recovery internet very slow and 200 mb download is very hard for me.please help me what i must do that i can backup from resource
    thanks a lot

  36. gb says:

    i am able to reboot into clockwork mod recovery but only after i re-root/use odin. is there a way i can reboot into cwm without having to do that? should i load v 6.4 instead of the .tar you provided like bhavin said?

  37. Russell Nordquist says:

    Hey Max I just want to thank you for all the great tips and tricks. I rooted my phone today using your instructions. I’ve been researching it a bit before i decided to root my phone and i have to say you and your video’s convinced me. You seem to be the most knowledgable about this sort of thing and i felt safe using your advice. I cant wait to try new rom’s. I backed up my stock rom and I’m ready to go. thanks again and can’t wait for more video’s and emails. By the way my girlfriend got rid of her apple phone and switched to android she is now high on android..

  38. peajul says:

    Hey, Max…

    First off, thanks for the vids–very cool and totally useful for the android novice like myself. I had a question, though–have you had issues mounting the external SD storage via CWM (or any recovery tool, for that matter)? It seems like taking backups can only be done to the internal storage and not external. Does it have something to do with how the vold.fstab is configured such that CWM can’t recognize /mnt/extsdcard? Any ideas here? Its kinda a pain to not be able to mount external storage, and I figured it was worth asking. Thanks!

  39. kevin says:

    hi max.
    quick question: i’ve root my sch-i535 vz s3 successfully. im now trying to back up my rom as suggested. when i hold the vol up, home, pwr buttons nothing happens. it doesnt go into cwm or anything. any suggestions? your help is appreciated

  40. Adam says:

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that it’s sketchy to backup apps and restore them from ROM to ROM. I use Titanium Backup for all apps + system data…is that a bad idea?? If so, what should I do to continue to backup apps + system data that I update from ROM to ROM? Also, should I do nandroid backups of every ROM that I successfully flash before moving on to a new ROM? I’m currently running Cyanogenmod 10 M2 and LOVE IT!!!!

  41. hasan says:

    hi, i have a canadian galaxy s3 variant, but on a lesser known prepaid carrier called Wind. My model number is SGH-T999v. I thought it would be the same as t-mobile because the model number for that is very similar, however i’m not sure. I rooted my s3 successfully thanks to you, but i don’t have clockwork mod when i push volume up, home/center, and lock buttons, instead i have some other menu called android system recovery. Rom manager doesnt work for me and ive tried the manual way through odin, and using the tmobile.tar file, but it didn’t work. I am trying to install cyanogenmod 10 m2, and i cant find the correct format for that either. Is it just the tmobile one or what? I’m new to rooting and stuff so please take it easy on me. Thank you

  42. Faisal says:

    hey max,

    Here is my problem I have the 4.0.4 rooted and when I enter to the clockworkmod there isn’t a backup and restore option I only get 5 options:
    – reboot system now
    – apply update from external srorage
    – wipe data/factory reset
    – wipe cache prtition
    – apply update from cache
    how do I backup it
    In addition I wanted to thank you for your websites and youtube channels they’ve been very helpful.

  43. KobusK says:

    My phone won’t boot into ClockWorkMod Recovery after I hold VolumeUP + Home + Power. It either just reboots normally or it boots into some Android Recovery thing. The point is I can’t make a backup of my ROM. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? I also tried pressing VolumeDown rather than Up, but it didn’t make any difference.

  44. mike says:

    Trying to figure all this out before I root my S3. will I need to format my phone to install a Rom (4.1 jelly bean) is this the reason for the back up to sd card? Is this how I will get my apps back.


  45. Marshall says:

    Hey! So I rooted my T-Mobile Galaxy S3 using my MacBook Pro using the guide you gave on this site for rooting using MacOSX. Everything worked great. Installed SuperSU and Titanium Backup and am showing full root privileges. I wanted to back everything up before I start making any tweeks to my phone, and is appears everyone says to use ClockwordMod Recovery. But I can’t seem to find a guide ANYWHERE abotu how to get it onto my phone via MacOSX. It looks like when you root using Windows, all of the root packages come with ClockwordMod Recovery. But for Mac, I can;t tell if it did or not. Holding the power button, vol. up, and center button does not bring me into ClockwordMod Recovery mode. It only reboots my phone. Can you please explain how to get ClockwordMod going for my T-Mobile S3 that I rooted using MacOSX? Thank you in advance!

  46. sam says:

    hey Max the backup button is not there

  47. Matthew says:

    will the clockworkmod recovery app do the job ?

  48. Justin says:

    Okay… I immediately regret this decision…

    Upon holding the power, home, and volume up buttons, my phone has bricked. I can’t get it to do anything. It’s stuck in the off position.

    The only life I can get out of the phone is when I remove the battery and plug the phone in, the LED goes red for a brief moment. Please help.

    • Justin says:

      I have found my problem. You should say in the video that anyone other than Verizon must not do the bootloader unlock or it will brick their phone. The description on the app says so, but I was confused.

      Of course, I’m new to this.

  49. Jacob says:

    I did a complete full restore and wipe and immediately made a backup before I even booted so I could have a super fresh stock rom backup. Is it possible to make a flashable zip file from the created backup folder? Would it work to just pack whole thing into a zip?

  50. ryno281 says:

    so i didnt backup my phone before i installed another rom(cm10), is there a way i can get still have a backup of my phone before installed the rom? i just want to do this so i can install a diff rom

  51. Pawan Kayth says:

    Hi Max

    I am really a noob in android. Although i rooted my mobile through your easy steps but doesn’t backup my rom. (well i doesn’t know what is rom that time, just watched your video from youtube. i rooted my mobile because i want to use firewall) After that i’ve installed too many games & apps. I have 16gb of internal memory. but only 2.4gb free, all internal data is of apps & games. (No Personal Docs, music, movies etc) so if backup my rom now.. how much big my rom file will be.

    Thanks in advance..
    sorry for my english..
    really want to hear from you

  52. IZHAR says:

    Hi Max,
    when I tried to recover my phone from backup. i am getting MD5 mismatch. I saved my backup copy on sdcard. can you let me know how can i recover my phone.

    Thanks in advance

  53. Maria says:

    It wouldnt let me reboot into clockwork mod recovery so i clicked on that option in the app and my phone turned off and wont turn back on again now! i tried pressing the power button, plugging it in and even taking the battery out and putting it back in again but it wont turn back on please help!

  54. cody says:

    rooted my phone went to go back into clock work but it boots into android system recovery how do i fix this because i need to make a recovery before i do anything else it saved my butt when i rooted my evo 3d???

  55. Nate says:

    Thanks for your website. Love the information. What kind of camera are you using to make your videos?

  56. Javid says:

    when i back-up it returns with an error. the error is: “error while making a backup image of /data”. can anyone help me please?

  57. abhinav says:

    max ur videos are very helpfull.
    i have recently rooted my s3 internationa, but when i try to run cwm recovery using vol up , home and power button it goes into android system recovery , i have even done manual installation but it does the sam ething plz help.

  58. Sharath says:

    I rooted my phone and took a backup of my previous rom and installed a custom rom[liqiud smooth rom] as i faced problem with the custom rom i tried restoring my older room now the problem is my older rom is not getting restored

  59. jimmyk says:

    I’ve rooted my s3 and finally got CWM recovery locked in. Made a backup of my original rom , flashed slimbean and gapps. then attempted to restore. and failed. I can find the backup in my internal storage; however all attemps to restore it in CWM R. fail with “cant find file” error. Tried restore. restore from internal and advanced restore from internal/ Same error. Sprint G s3 any suggestions ?

  60. geo says:

    I love your videos man !
    CONGRATS for the nice work. Good and thorough explanations, so thanks a lot !

  61. fred leff says:

    after i’ve done a backup, i connect my phone to my computer and move my backups to a dir on my usb backup drive. I have a dir for each phone and then rom and then nandroid for that phone and i put those backups there to clean room and if i want to go back to a certain rom i can put it back in clockmod/backups and then restore it back on my phone, i make sure i do it while i have a good working rom on my phone so i can get to my directories.
    thanks for the great help.

  62. fred leff says:

    i have had problems over time not being able to restore the nandroid backups. I go to the restore and pick the restore and it just reboots to restore in 3 seconds. what causes. I find it seems to hold them in better shape when i do it from rom manager. What was i doing wrong????

  63. Doug says:

    I installed the custom ROM but when I rebooted my phone I can’t access the store or apps foot even Google to setup my account to get my contacts… Please help…

    • Doug says:

      I rooted and I worked I installed the AOKP firmware for the att one and it worked fine just I don’t have any google stuff no way to put my apps back on or anything

  64. lyLe says:

    My cousin accidentally deleted my back up and now i want to go back to the old version of SAMSUNG GS3 ROM any ideas?

    Thanks & More Power!

  65. Brent says:

    I previously rooted my I535 S3 and made a backup of my original ROM prior to loading Synergy ROM. I attempted to wipe the phone using CWM and it ran for over 2 hours and appeared to lock up in the process. I went back and attempted to restore the original ROM but it also hangs (been running over 2+ hours).

    Any suggestions?

  66. Lew says:

    Hello, Have rooted lots of phones and just rooted my S3. I am trying to follow the procedure above starting with the volume up-home button-power button routine. After about 6-8 seconds the screen goes black but no matter how long I hold the buttons, it never goes into recovery. When I let the buttons go, I get a normal bootup. One time I let go of the power button and I got into a menu, but there was no backup/restore option.

    I know I have root as SU works fine as does Titanium backup.

    Does the sequence in which the three buttons are pushed matter?

    Does one of the buttons need to be released before the others?

    Something is causing it not to work properly.

    I have even checked the clock and held them for 8, 10, 12, and 15 seconds and it remains black until I release them and still goes back into a normal boot. I just can’t get to the recovery screen where I get the options you say I should get?

    Help please.


  67. Justin says:

    I believe this method no longer works for 4.1.1 and 4.1.2

  68. ScottW says:

    Thanks Max, the root and backup tutorial was spot on, only problem I was having was Windows not seeing the S3. Today I plugged in, got confirmation and was off running.

    Regarding backup and restore, can I use this option to go back and forth between different roms? Are purchased apps and games also saved by CWM?

  69. sheldon says:

    i just installed cyanogenmod 10.2 and i accidently did a factory reset before installing the zip…but now i want to go back to my old touchwiz…how can i do it…
    pls reply

  70. xunholyx says:

    You can find the stock firmware at ~ Just make sure you choose the right model and region.

  71. Robert says:

    How it going?
    I am trying to recover to my original ROM that I backed up but when I attempt to recover, it keeps telling me the Md5 sums are invalid or mismatch. After failing to recover the original ROM I figured I would just re-install Infamous…. Now infamous keeps freezing, it keeps remembering all my old settings, but I want the original…. Help! I dont want to be paying for a phone that I can’t use.


    • xunholyx says:

      Did you do a full wipe when you flashed?

    • xunholyx says:

      It sounds like you didn’t. You should always wipe data/factory reset before you flash (after first making a backup of course), wipe cache partition, and wipe dalvik cache under advanced. The only settings that should be saved are whatever is saved by google when you restore your apps.

    • Robert says:

      I didn’t your right! I ended up clearing, and installing a new ROM from the Ext. SD card.
      I have back ups of the original stock ROM, I wasn’t able to restore it due to a “MD5 mismatch”? How can I correct that?

      Thanks for the help guys. I’m still trying to figure out this stuff, but it’s fun.

      • xunholyx says:

        It is fun! Even when I hard bricked my s3, the first thing I did when I got it back is root and flash a ROM. There are a couple of ways to fix that. Google “md5 mismatch” and you’ll find a way to do it that is easiest for you.

      • xunholyx says:

        You could also start fresh by flashing the stock firmware.

      • Robert says:

        I did just that. I flashed the original firm ware, rooted again and i’m looking for another ROM to flash. So far I have used Infamous and Dandroid. Looking for more. Thanks for the help!

  72. sytoles says:

    Hi Max, I did the root thingy and everything went well, but when i Boot up to CWM based recovery and try to backup the stock FW to my internal storage , its says’cant mount backup path” , what should I do??

  73. JoeBe says:

    When I try to restore my backup I get an MD5 mismatch! error how do i fix this?

  74. JoeBe says:

    Hey Max! If you change the rom on an s3 and you are under a 2 year contract can you still text and use mobile data on the new rom that is installed?

  75. andy says:

    When trying to restore from my backup I saved before flashing to a new rom, I receive a message stating: Error while restoring /data! Am I doing something wrong? I launch clockworkmod recovery, select backup and restore, restore, then select the backup file. The program goes through several items while restoring data then shows no items for a few seconds and comes up with the error message.

  76. diego says:

    hey max,
    i saved the backup in the internal memory installed the new rom following instructions to the t. it worked no prblem… but how do i restore? im in cwm but it sais there are no files found… any idea why?

  77. didier says:

    por favor me gustaría hicieran vídeos en español para las personas de habla hispana….
    su pagina es fácil de traducir con golee pero los vídeos ?????
    gracias sus aportes son muy útiles.

  78. Sam P says:

    Hi Max,

    I successfully rooted my International S3 using your tutorial for rooting with OSX. I tried backing up like on this page but it failed saying something like “error while backing up /system.” I guessed it was because I only have 700mb free space on my internal card, where I tried to backup.

    Now I’m on an infinite boot with the Samsung logo. any suggestions? please help 🙁

  79. wayne says:

    I just tried installing “cm-12.1-20150406-UNOFFICIAL-i9300” on my GT-i9305 but told me the file was (bad)

    So i tried a restore so then now the phone loads and then a repeated amount of windows stating “certain” apps could not start.

    Anyone here have some advise on how to fix this problem?

  80. Vee says:

    hey max big ban of your channel. i have a question tho when you make a back up, will you have to restore it right then to go back to your rom during the next reboot or can you just back up and reboot thanks in advance

  81. mac says:

    Hi. I backed up my CM13 onto sdcard. I then tried to restore it. It said it succeeded, but the phone only boots to ClockworkMod Recovery. Reinstalling the ROM worked.

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