How to Connect Galaxy S3 on Mac OSX as a Disk Drive!

Can’t connect your Galaxy S3 to your Mac OSX computer as a disk drive?

Well, there’s a simple solution to that, just install Android File Transfer program for Mac OSX.

Also make sure you put your phone into Camera PTP Mode and you should now be able to see both internal storage and microSD card of your Galaxy S3 on your Mac OSX!

Download Android File Transfer Program

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31 Responses

  1. Juan Luis says:

    Thanks a lot this was very useful.

  2. Vinny says:

    My T-Mobile SGS3 Pebble Blue with 32 GB of int. storage is on it’s way. Will thiis method and the same recovery also work in the T-Mobile version. They both are HSPA+ without LTE so I was thinking maybe the two will work fine together. Will you also be getting the other SGS3 from the other Carriers. That is allot of phones and must get very expensive. Your videos are the best and very easy to follow. Great Job. I have told many Android phone owners about your site and they are following along.

  3. alf33 says:

    Hi guys and thanks for your help,

    Everything works fine until I go to the extSdCard.
    Every time I develop one folder the application displays this pop up:
    “If your device’s screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your screen, and then reconnect the USB cable.”
    Of course my device’s screen is not locked.
    Any idea to get rid of this issue?



    • zouhair says:

      same here.. can’t access my micro SD card.. keep giving me same message.. unlock screen .. and its not locked…… pleaseeeeee help..

    • Bryan says:

      If you haven’t yet fixed this, or for anyone else having this issue, I had this same problem when I added a folder containing a video off of a windows computer to the SD card. I was able to fix this by moving the video to the DCIM and then deleting the folder, allowing Android File Transfer to open perfectly. This should work, but if you have problems still, move the file completely off of the phone.

  4. Leo says:

    I have connected my G3 to my mac before but now when i tried again it doesn’t work.
    I followed all the steps you gave and even went as far as uninstalling the antivirus i had on it.
    Please help…

  5. matt c says:

    this process worked, and maybe since i rooted my phone, i can no longer pick up the phone with file transfer. kies works fine in mtp but i can’t get anything in ptp.
    how can i remedy this to connect to my phone?

  6. Mohammed says:

    I’ve installed the program, put my phone into PTP mode and still won’t recognize my phone. What’s the next step?

    • Max says:

      try using AirDroid from Play Store and connect wireless for temp fix.

      • Mike J says:

        Hey Max, I have a small issue with my I9300. Since I rooted it i cannot access the PTP or MTP mode, which means when i plug the usb cable i don’ get prompted to choose between the two modes and cannot access my phone’s memory on android transfer. I already tried the wipes and the hard reset and still can’t get it to work. Please Help!


        • Max says:

          I don’t think that’s root related as it doesn’t touch anything, do you have another cable/computer to test with?

          • Mike J says:

            Yes, I tried with another cable, and the only thing it does is charge the phone. But still no MTP or PTP prompt as it used to. Do you think there’s any chance i can modify something in the root files? I looked everywhere online and couldn’t find any thread about this.

  7. Bedo says:

    Hi Max,
    i have aproblem connecting my galaxy s3 to the mac using android file transfer
    i have amessage on my mac saying : (please connect your android device with a usb cable to get started)
    although it is already connected
    what do you suggest ?

  8. Stan Lesley says:

    Awesome material mate…..

    I`m a relative noob to all this…..So.. I`m interested to know once you first root your Samsung galaxy S3 sph-L10 how come Rom tools pro dont work in installing custom boots, themes and r eoms? im totally loss why i have to everytime download off the computer than use odin to install everything when these socalled rom apps suppose to do it? loookin forward to your reply..

  9. percy says:

    my s3 doesn’t wanna connect as a disk drive……it only shows up as a preview…..please help!!!!

  10. Frank Monroy says:

    After AT&T UPDATE (galaxy s3) i can’t connect to my mac. Anyone have any ideas?

    • David Pavel says:

      I just got an AT&T GS3. I did an update as soon as i got it and I cannot connect to my Mac either.

      This stinks because I really wanted to root it, and the Heimdall-frontend won’t work either (I think because of this issue)

  11. Mattias says:

    You really should update the Android File Transfer Program version you link to. I never got it to work with my Galaxy S3. Like many here says, I just got the message “please connect your android device with a usb cable to get started”.

    After downloading the Android File Transfer Program from it’s official website, it works perfect! The only thing it is complaining about is if the screen is locked when starting the application. Just unplug the phone, unlock it, and re-plug it into your Mac and it will work.

    Link to the official site of Android File Transfer Program :

    • Doug says:

      It used to work for me on 10.6.8…for some reason it stopped working..maybe after i downloaded and started using Kies? Anyhow, I will try and unistall all versions of Android File transfer and reinstalling the new version, also looking and installing the samsung drivers and see if this works….

    • Renato says:

      It’s works for me… thanks mattias to Mattias Step…

      the funny think is.. not working at PTP.. unplug then re-plug it then switch to MPT.. Voila… the windows comes up….

      Mac osx 10.6.8…

  12. Lane says:

    This is a well known issue in the commmunity that it doesn’t work. ESPECIALLY on Lion or Mountain Lion….it’s a mac thing and someone needs to write a new usb kext or something. Air Droid is best wireless solution for now.

  13. James M says:

    This is not a solution. It’s not even a workaround, it’s a whole separate workflow.

    I need my phone to mount as a block device, so that I can simply rsync to the SD card, just like any other removable drive, and just like the Android phones I have had in the past. If I had known about this issue in advance, I would never have bought the Samsung. Kies, Airdroid, AFT, are all nice tools and all, but the problem of not being able to mount the phone as a drive is fundamental and is a total dealbreaker for me. I can’t believe it got through a single round of quality control, let alone accessibility for disabled users, with this huge of a problem.

  14. gaby says:

    I cant seem to get mine to go in to CWM mode after holding vol up, power and home button. On 4.1.2. Really stuck.. please help

  15. casey says:


    i cant get my phone to apply zip from sdcard it doesnt give me the option to apply the CWM zip
    what is the solution to this….please help

  16. tvt says:

    is there a way to sim unlock an S3 running android 4.3 using the same modem downgrade method as used to unlock a note 2

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