How to Install ClockworkMod(CWM) Recovery on Galaxy S3!

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Here’s how to install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on any Galaxy S3 including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and GT-i9300. (Also use AT&T if you have Canadian GS3.)

I know some of you on Canadian users were having trouble using ROM Manager to install CWM Recovery to install CM10 ROM so this will allow you to manually install the official ClockworkMod Recovery manually via ODIN.

Download ODIN:

Download ODIN
Download CWM Recovery:

Download CWM Recovery for AT&T Galaxy S3 (or Candadian GS3 with model number i747m)

Download CWM Recovery for Sprint Galaxy S3

Download CWM Recovery for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Download CWM Recovery for U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3

Download CWM Recovery for Verizon Galaxy S3

Download CWM Recovery for International Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Q: I don’t see my phone model listed!
A: No worries, you probably have a custom ROM that confused ROM Manager OR Canadian version which isn’t detected by ROM Manager, just install manually!

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95 Responses

  1. osman says:

    if you are already rooted.. do u have to unroot in order to do this?

  2. Sim says:

    I’ve use this method but still can’t see my canadian (or AT&T) model inside rom manager.
    I’m able to reboot into recovery using rom manager (Displaying ClockworMod recovery

    I’ve tried reinstalling rom manager without sucess

    Any idea ?

  3. Stan Lesley says:

    how come it goes back to regular recovery after reboot???? how do u make it stick?>

    • Adam DIckison says:

      I’m having the same issue as Stan. I’ve followed a few different guides and it never fails that CWM gets overwritten by stock recovery if I allow the phone to boot all the way into Android. Anybody out there know how to stop that from happening?

    • Max says:

      After rooting, erase /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ using ES File Explorer with Root and Write enabled. That will make CWM stick.

      • Rodney says:

        Hey I have a galaxy s3 tmobile phone, and ive tried deleting the system/recovery-from-boot.p and it says that its a read only file and wont allow me to delete it, any help? please and thank you.

        • Max says:

          Enable root and mount.

          • wumifab says:

            hi Max, Thanks for the gr8 work so far.
            pls hi flashed your HighOnAdroid rom for Verizon SG3 it worked but i got a problem. the phone has been unlocked to allow other carrier sim card but when i flash your rom, it was trying to verify sim card if it is a Verizon sim. because it it not verizon, it fail to initialise the phone…meaning i could not get to home screen. what do i do to bypass the Verizon verification/authorisation section. Please help …..

            Thanks Max

      • kris says:

        where do i enable root and write

      • kris says:

        I cant find those files

  4. Songyan Hou says:

    For some reason samsung kies(drivers) stopped working for me. it used to work. im very confused. please answer.

  5. Stan Lesley says:

    I had this same issue with maintaing clockwork to stick……finally got it to work.. once you flash it in odin unplug usb than remove battery, put battery back in and press volume up home and power at the same time to go into clockwork mode… delete partition cashe and dalvik cashe than reboot…..not recovery reboot.

    ive undone this and redone it several times to make sure no fluke but actually working… using sprints samsung galaxy s3……all the best.

  6. don says:

    I’m having problems with my phone, a sprint gs3 Sph-L710 running with stock Rom. I must have accidentally updated the phone, my android firmware version is now 4.0.4. The WiFi tether doesn’t broadcast anymore but titanium back up runs just fine. How can I fix this, unfortunately I’m a noob with this. Also my internet is incredibly slow, almost a minute or so to load a page. I would really appreciate any help, thank you.

  7. stan lesley says:

    flash max`s stock rom. than flash clockwork by max. simple as pie mate.

    .4 H.O.A. version can you please make optional selection for apps2sd. also perhaps add, phone recorder, more speedily overclock ability? also i suggest for trademarking add your High on Android logo in boot loader image. lookin forward to your reply been following and learning from you with many friends and family ive introduced to you for quite some time…….all the best.

    • Max says:

      Yes I will soon but I haven’t had time to update, I’ve spent whole day today answering people but it seems like it’s a never-ending process.

  8. stan lesley says:

    also youtube downloader on next version would be quite nice.

  9. don says:

    Okay thanks I’ll try that out

  10. don says:

    Where can I find them?

  11. juan says:

    first off, thank you max for your posts and help, ive liked all your vids like you asked. but i’m having difficulty with my canadian s3 sgh-1747m. i rooted it with your odin video, which was easy so thanks. now i’m trying to use this to flash cwm to be able to install cyanogen mod or another rom. thing is i deleted those two files with es file and i turned the auto reboot off and then i even tried stans advice and wiped the dalvik and partitions and rebooted. nothing. it still asks me to flash cwm. what other things can i safely try?

    • juan says:

      ***the phone was updated to 4.0.4

    • juan says:

      ok new problem, rom manager actually doesnt give me a galaxy s3 option, does this mean i should just flash a different cwm instead of at&t?

      • Max says:

        Just use this method to flash CWM, flash the i717 version for your i747m:

        • JM says:

          I too have problem getting CWM to stick on my Canadian i747m. After flashing with odin and reboot, I cannot find those 2 files using ES file explorer.
          Tried Stan Lesley way:
          “I had this same issue with maintaing clockwork to stick……finally got it to work.. once you flash it in odin unplug usb than remove battery, put battery back in and press volume up home and power at the same time to go into clockwork mode… delete partition cashe and dalvik cashe than reboot…..not recovery reboot.”
          But it won’t let me reboot into clockwork mode after battery pull, just the regular reboot. I can get into clockwork mode using ROM Manager’s recovery reboot thou.

        • Juan says:

          So when I’ve flashed Cwm and I go into rom manager I can choose the at&the galaxy note as my model?

            • Juan says:

              Thanks! One more thing, when I do that and I go to install a rom does that mean I choose one for a galaxy note? Or I still choose my galaxy s3 i747 model?

              • Max says:

                choose for i747!

              • JM says:

                Juan, did you get CWM to stick? The only way i can get into CWM recovery is using ROM Manager to reboot.

                • Juan says:

                  Ya I deleted those two files. Once rooted just es file explorer. There’s two setting you have to change within es to do that. It’ll ask you root permissions

                  • JM says:

                    OK, I actually can get to CWM recovery from reboot, but I just didn’t press the buttons right so it went to stock recovery. What I’m suppose to do was to press Vol UP + Power + Home and then let go Power after it rebooted while still holding Vol UP + Home buttons. Before I was holding all 3 and it just boots into stock recovery every time. Sorry guys for the confusions, and THANKS for all the help guys…Juan and MAX.

                    • Madhur says:

                      I deleted the 2 files as mentioned.
                      But that is not helping my device to stick to CWM on reboot.
                      Then tried JM’s method of leaving the power button also, but am not able to get the CWM to stick.
                      Have rooted the phone running 4.0.4 android and am stumped.

                  • KRIS says:

                    what setting do i have to change and where are the two files. I cant find. I enabled root explorer and mount file system but still cant find the files

  12. Mando says:

    Please help!

    I rooted, installed CM10 M1 with no problems. Recently tried to install the Jellybean leak, but went into the “boot loop”, i think. Can only get into stock recovery. tried using this video but still stuck on boot loop??

    can anyone out there help?

  13. Mando says:

    As i was about to try that Odin does not have the yellow box anymore?

  14. Mando says:

    omg, looks like i got it! cyanogen boot animation….and I’m back…geezus, thanks alot for your videos, Max!

    anyway i can donate!??? you saved my butt

  15. Hani Niez says:

    hey max, whenever i try booting into download mode on my i9300, it will just boot normally instead of going into download mode. help please!!

  16. Steven says:

    I have a canadian sgs3, but it is the T999V model from Videotron… shouldn’t I download the tmobile recovery file instead of the att version ??

    • Max says:

      Yes use Tmo version for T999V.

      • Steven says:

        ok, used the tmo version.. so now My recovery is cwm .. that’s nice, however this rom manager app doesn’t know it, and closest in phone list is the tmobile galaxy s2

        so I have to flash the first custom (non-recovery) rom manually (Odin/recovery) and then rom manager will only be useful AFTER for future rom changes??

        we are talking about rom manager from the market right? does it need to be premium to work?

        • Max says:

          Yes you can use free version, once is flashed you can use ROM Manager, you don’t need to reflash.

          • Steven says:

            no I can’t.. My phone is not in the list.. it seems canadian phones are blocked

            at least until first custom rom is flashed, by some other method

            so as I said above, if can’t use rom mgr to flash first rom, why bother using it at all

            • Max says:

              You don’t need to flash it anymore once you install it manually.

              • Steven says:

                are we talking about the same thing, lol ?

                I meant that I will have to use Odin, or boot into My cwm recovery mode .. and flash a custom rom manually

                if using Odin, then via download mode and pda, file will probably be a tar

                if using recovery mode, then via install zip from sd card, file will be a zip

                once I have done this and am running a custom rom, THEN, possibly, rom manager would show My phone in its list and allow Me to download and flash other custom roms

                correct? right track? completely wrong? lol

                btw you can email if preferred:

  17. Songyan Hou says:

    HELP! i did this. and now when i try to turn it on. it vibrates for a sec. and shows the samsung logo. then it just turns black again. PLEASE HELP ME

    • Mando says:

      start over using this video and make sure auto boot is unchecked in odin. Then hopefully you have a back up or a rom saved in your memory somewhere.

      Relax, there should be a fix somehow….just take it slow.

  18. rolou lua says:

    i already rooted my phone before and already have older cwm recovery version…can i do this to update and replace the older version on my gt-i9300?

  19. aaron says:

    HI MAX

    • emmanuel says:

      when your are on the samsung logo try to get into the stock recovery mode then do wipe data/factory reset it worked for me. i had the same issue. reboot after then it should work. then you can do the official update to jelly bean trough OTA

  20. Jeffrey Blechman says:

    I CAN”T INSTALL CWR >( !!! Odin is telling my I FAILED in RED letters.

    I’m out of options and very concerned I bricked my phone.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • emmanuel says:

      did you make sure you downloaded odin v1.85?
      did you make sure you downloaded the proper stock rom for tmobile phone?
      if you are stuck on the samsung logo. get to the stock recovery mode. press volume up center and power button i believe you let go of the power button after it vibrates and it should go in ,do wipe data/factory reset thats exactly what i did. and i just updated to official jellybean

  21. Daniel says:

    Do i need root for this, my S3 is not rooted?
    Does this install of CWM Recovery will root my phone?

  22. Marcus says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Max! I am new to the Android world and your videos are extremely helpful. I was having the issue with not being able to get into the ClockworkMod and the manual process worked! Thanks again!!!

  23. devin says:

    whats a good jellybean rom to download cause im new to all this and worried about even putting cwm on phone

    • Steven says:

      depends on whether you what you want …
      the sgs3 runs in touchwiz samsung environment .. then there is AOSP “pure” android (google) as can be seen on nexus phones …
      roms like Frosty and XquiziT xD are touchwiz based
      roms like CM10, AOKP, LiquidSmooth are AOSP based

      the links at the top of this site’s page can take you to a list of (some of the) roms for your model

  24. james says:

    i did exactly what you said but for some reason i still see the android system recovery screen

  25. Richard Bruce-Kotey says:

    Hi Max,
    I have galaxy s3 T-Mobile SGH-T999 running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    I was trying to root it with Odin3_v3.07 using clockworkmod.tar in the PDA check.
    I got the PASS !
    Now every time I try to get my s3 into recovery mode…..(Volume button UP+centre button+ power button, releasing the power button when phone starts to reboot), it ends up in the Android System Recovery mode with it menu, and the robot falls down with a RED triangle on it. I cant get any further to achieve my goal to root it.

    Can you, please, help me on this? Will flashing CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.tar in Odin work to get me rooted?


  26. mike says:

    how do I install this with a MAC?

  27. Kenn says:

    I have a GS3 on verizon and I have been trying to flash CWM on it from both ROM manager and the manual. When I flash it from ROM manager and then try to reboot in CWM recovery all it just says System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help. When I try to flash it manually it says it fails in odin and still wont let me boot into CWM Recovery. My phone is Rooted and I have granted ROM Manager SU access.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  28. Cameron says:

    I have T-Mobile GS3 T-999. I did get CWM to stick after deleting files suggested by maxx. Trying to prepare to flash Liquid Smooth Android 4.2.2 Rom. Backed up using Titanium & CWM. Issue is that for some reason my computer will no longer register my S3. I receive error message “Hardware Id Missing, Windows cannot identify the device plugged into the SAMSUNG Mobile USB composite device.” Installed Kies/Drivers in preparation to root androids. I have had NO problems rooting S2 & S3 or flashing CWM (aside from getting it to stick) up until this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Rob says:

    I’ve downloaded the T-Mobile file but when I extract the folder, the .tar file isn’t in it like you showed in the video.

  30. Rohan says:

    Hey Max,
    So i had so major issues with the Telus version SGH-i747 the cwm recovery would not stick. So in order to get it to stick once you flash with ODIN donot check auto reboot you immediatly go into recovery mode the you have to now delete cache partition and cache dalvik than reboot…..not recovery reboot. Once that is completed and you have rebooted you can now get in to CWM anytime. Jason and Rohan approve this method for Telus sghi747m

  31. salas says:

    gracias .max. por el tuturial me sirvio de mucho pude echar a andar mi s3 i9300

  32. LCS says:

    I have the AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 4.1.1 and I used ODIN V3.07 to root it with Clockwork Mod, intending to then get CyanogenMod. Somehow, I used an older version of CWM and CyanogenMod wont play nice with it. I can’t use the Google Playstore to obtain the premium version of the updated version of CWM, my G3 doesnt like that (no OTA updates) and trying to install the newer version using the ODIN method I used initially…it just takes so long (upwards of 20 minutes, I tried 3 diff times) I have to assume there’s an error so I just give up on it. Do I have to unroot the phone and begin again?

  33. Lalo says:

    i have problems to extract TmobileGS3CWM6.0.1.2.rar, when extracting the file tells me this leyend

    C:\TmobileGS3CWM6.0.1.2.tar: file read error C:\TmobileGS3CWM6.0.1.2.tar

    and only extract “recovery.img” file

    what i can do ?

  34. Pure Drive GT says:

    I would really be happy if you could make a video on how to fake flash / temporarily flash a custom recovery. I know it is possible for the i9100 but I’m not sure if it can also be done on the i9300.

  35. Deep says:

    please upload tar files. im stuck please help

  36. Sean says:

    This is my fisrt time rooting i have just rooted it and im with rogers in canada and want to get a custom rom i need help and step by step to do this please help iam new to this and i need the clockworkmod and dont know if this will work i downloaded the at&t thing but it only gave me the recovery disk file not the tar file please HELP!!

  37. Sean says:

    Like is it possible Please Help me

  38. gili says:

    Hi, having many many issues.
    I’ve rooted my phone according to your instructions and it went smoothly.
    Then I went on to backup my rom on CWM and my apps on Titanium backup.
    I then installed Carbon rom.
    Now – I have no browser on my phone, no way of connecting my phone to my computer in order to maybe installing a different rom.
    Also no incoming calls, etc etc
    Trying to restore my previous rom, I go to Clockworkmod/backup and restore/restore from internal sdcard as that is where I backed up my previous rom, but the notice I get is ‘couldn’t open directory, no files found’. Gulp.

  39. Ramón Enrique Robles Silva says:

    Can I use mobile odin to install this on my gt-i9300. Thanks bro….

  40. New user says:

    So I installed Clockwork Mod onto my s3 sprint.
    I put the Rom zip and Gaaps zip onto my SD card but when i go into recovery and click on install zip from SD, it only shows my internal storage instead of external.
    What do I do. I need access to my external SD.

  41. ChrisP says:

    Hey Max,

    I tried unrooting my Sprint S3, got all the to reboot, now stuck on SAMSUNG screen.

    I cannot access either vol up/down while holding power button. So I cant factory reset.

    Any suggestions ?

  42. Gerardo Sanchez says:

    Hey Max, thank so much for everything I need some help, i need to take back my phone for replacement i already did the proper unroot but i net to get rid of CWM dont you happend to have a backup of the recovery-from-root.p and files so i can get back the android recovery 3e?

  43. Sean says:

    For some reason whenever i flash a custom rom on my Verizon Galaxy S3, after I do the whole process and reboot my phone will always say something along the lines of this software is not approved by Verizon, and to go to the nearest store. Whenever this happens i just flash the stock firmware and it goes away but i have no idea why it happens. Anyone have solutions?

  44. Brandyn Guerrero says:

    Hey man I already pre-rooted a sprint gs3 sph-L710 (I did odin and put the .tar file and it passed) now I go into recovery and it just go into stock recovery. I re-did odin and still nothing. Any suggestions. Thank you for you time and patients.

  45. omar says:

    hi max, my gs3 i9300 is stuck on samsung logo. i used odin to flash rom but it fails. it said no pit partition. please help.

  46. omar says:

    all the roms that i download fails. help !!!!!!

  47. I9305 says:

    What should I download for the I9305 LTE?

  48. Noor says:

    I need to install cm11 rom with kitkat. but i need a cwm version or higher. can you please email me a tar file for this. I am unable to find one.


  49. mark says:

    the download doesn’t work it just keeps directing me to join something which i don’t want to do. whats up with that?

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