How to Re-install Stock Recovery and Update OTA on Galaxy S3!

For those of you who want to receive OTA (over-the-air) updates and you can’t because you have a custom recovery installed during root, you can easily re-install stock recovery for your Galaxy S3.

Step 1. To, install stock recovery, simply put your phone in ODIN download mode first.  Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 5 seconds.  Then hit Volume Up when you see warning screen to enter Download Mode.

Step 2. Download and unzip ODIN:

Download ODIN

Step 3. Download stock recovery for your Galaxy S3.  MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT STOCK RECOVERY FOR YOUR GALAXY S3!!!
Download Stock Recovery:

Download Stock Recovery for International Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SGH-I717/I717M (AT&T,Canadian)

Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 (Verizon)

Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 (T-Mobile)

Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (Sprint)

Step 4. Run ODIN program, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but click on “PDA” then choose the stock recovery .tar file you downloaded and hit Start.

Step 5. Your phone will re-boot and you can now take OTA.


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174 Responses

  1. Vinny says:

    Thanks Max,
    Just what the doctor ordered. I tell everyone about your sites. You are the best.
    Now my OTA is welcomed.

    • Rick says:

      Max, I need your help please.
      Remember I installed the JB but want to go back to ICS, although I did not make a backup.
      Ok, now I found the place to get my download the Stock Recovery for the International version. I downloaded the RAR file, when I used WinRAR to extract, I get an error: “Read error in the file…”
      Help will be appreciated.

  2. Vinny says:

    I followed your instructions and everything went smoothly. Will j need to root my phone again or just flssh nee recovery? I flashef Team Winn thru GooManager, but when I tried to go into Titanium Back Up the app said it could not open because I didn’t have root. Is there something else I can do besides rerooting the phone? If i do have to reroot should i first flssh back to the stock recovery first? Then reflash my new recovery after?
    Thank you very much you have the best websites of anyone. Do you accept donations?

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the info!

    Now, once I have my OTA updated and I want to go back to CWM, do I just run ODIN and flash the CWM .tar file?

    • William says:

      Paul, did you ever find out? I’m having trouble getting CWM Recovery back on after I went back to stock recovery for an OTA update.

      • Paul says:

        William, I never got a response, but I did flash the CWM.tar file in Odin and got clockworkmod back without any issue. I have the Sprint SGS3.

  4. hackdar says:

    Thanks for your great posts. I rooted my phone following your steps in “how to root galaxy s3”.
    and now I wanted to re-install the stock Recovery.
    my question is (is it ok to reinstall the stock recovery without going through the unroot steps in your website)

    and thanks again

  5. jeff hansen says:

    Ok so not sure why but for me when I needed to reboot to get into Odin ,but I Powered off my phone then held down Volume “DOWN” (not up) , Center Home, and Power buttons together for 5 seconds. THEN I hit power UP and it went into download mode. Anyways, wasn’t sure if it worked differently on different versions or what, but I have T-999

  6. jeff hansen says:

    ****Also, now that I have reinstalled stock recovery , i flashed Clockwork Rom Manager and it still shows that your ROM does not support OTA updates. ODIN shows it “passed” when I reinstalled “T-Mobile-SGH-T999-Stock-Recovery.tar”

    Any suggestions why ROM manager shows its not allowing OTA updates on your rom ?

    Further Quote “The ROM you are using does not support OTA updates. The developer of this ROM needs to make the appropriate changes so their RMO support OTA update. Please contact the RMO developer! Please DO NOT contact ROM manager: THIS IS NOT A ROM MANAGER BUG.”

    • Max says:

      What are you trying to do? Get OTA updates or install custom ROM? I am confused.

      • jeff hansen says:

        get OTA updates. That’s why i put the stock recovery on there so I can get your OTA updates for your ROM. but when I go into ROM manager and choose OTA update it gives me the error above that i posted about your rom doesn’t allow for OTA updates. So is there another way I should be doing OTA updates ?

  7. jeff hansen says:

    Anything ?? ????

  8. kp says:

    can i do this with a mac OS X??

  9. NNNNN says:

    So once I take the OTA, I’ll have to re-root, right? If so, can I use the method posted here, or do I have to wait for new instructions..?

  10. alejandro says:

    is there a way I can do this using a Macbook air??????

  11. Shanil says:

    Hi Max, I recently got a GS3 and it has terrible battery life compared to my Galaxy Note =S . I run outta juice within 12hours or so where as my note runs one whole day easy with more power left at the end of it. I came across the following XDA thread that says a improper power profile value being the main cause for this ( So I tried editing the file as instructed, however wasn’t able to replace it since I get a read only error. If I root the phone to edit this file and unroot it again, will I still receive OTA updates from Samsung?, coz I really want to receive any future updates. But still having the edited file in place. Or is there a better fix for this battery issue?. Hope I made sense,, and Many Thanks in advance!!

    • Shanil says:

      Sorry, small mistake.. Not to unroot, If I Re-install stock recovery. Will I lose the edited power profile file?. I would like to have that while being able to receive future OTA updates. Thanks again!!

    • Max says:

      That doesn’t fix anything just fixes reporting, what ROM are u running?

      • Shanil says:

        Hi, I haven’t installed any custom ROMs, its running the stock OS. I followed ur video instructions and rooted the phone so I could edit the power drain value in ‘power_profile.xml’ which is in \system\framework\framework-res.apk\res\xml\power_profile.xml.

        According to that thread it says that “Cell standby seems to be

        1) A modem firmware failure for those who actually have bad cell standby battery life. This seems to be caused by not entering low power mode on non active connections or switching to fast/often between the power modes.

        2) The batteryprofiles.xml populates the cell idle entry with 33mA as power drain as opposed to 3mA for the S2 which has the older version of same type of hardware modem. This is absolutely retarded as the actual drain is not really that much and being reported much higher than it is.”

        As always, Thanks for your awesome work Max!! Ur advice is much appreciated!!

  12. Samuel says:

    Am I downloading stock recovery to sd card or computer. Doesn’t really specify.

  13. Suraj says:

    Would this process removes the ClockWorkMod (done using:CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.0.tar) completely?

    Is there any similar and simpler way in which I can remove super user (root) also? so that I am completely on stock (ready for OTA updates) without flashing the entire ROM (….md5 file?)

    • Suraj says:

      Would this process removes the ClockWorkMod (done using:CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.0.tar) completely?

      Is there any similar and simpler way in which I can remove superSU application (root) also? so that I am completely on stock (ready for OTA updates) without flashing the entire ROM through stock md5 file? Would “Full Unroot” option in the superSU settings work on international I9300 with removing the superSU app icon as well?

      • Max says:

        This will remove CWM. You don’t need to remove SuperSU for OTA, you just need stock recovery!

        • Suraj says:

          Thanks Max,

          I wanted to unroot my device. So I tried the following 2 options:
          1] Using with CWM recovery. This successfully removed my root but increased the binary count…so I had to go back to the TrianfleAway route again to reset it back…..

          2] After resetting the binary count and stock recovery, simply used the “Full Unroot” option from the superSU settings.. It worked fine without increasing the binary counter again…Now got back to absolute original state…

  14. Mark G says:

    Hello Max,
    Is this the ROM we need to install also for a Rogers Canadian Galaxy s3?


    • Max says:

      This is stock recovery not a ROM. Are you looking for stock ROM for Rogers? Try:

  15. Daniel says:

    The link says i717/i717M for the AT&T/Canadian recovery. I believe you mean 747.

  16. myke oxlong says:

    STEP 1… “Power off your phone then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 5 seconds.”

    CORRECTION… Hold down volume DOWN…NOT UP.. FACK

  17. myke oxlong says:

    did this and it still doesn’t do OTA update…

  18. JD says:

    I did not see this answered, but I may have missed this note. I rooted (following your guide – thanks!) to freeze some of the bloat-ware on my S3 (AT&T), and use Titanium backup; I am not running any custom ROM. I would like to update OTA and keep running stock, if possible. This option looks like what I would like to do, so I have two questions;
    (1) This method will allow OTA updates again (the one pushed this week from AT&T failed)?
    (2) This method will or will not remove root from the device?
    (3) This method will or will not erase all of my personal information? I have never had to recover anything yet, so this is all new to me.

    I apologize for the questions, I am a tyro when it comes to this due to this being my first Android device. Thanks again!

    • JD says:

      I have figured it out as to why the DL was failing at 25%.

      You need to flash this recovery to remove CCM.

      Then reinstall/un freeze any bloatware you removed.

      Then un-root with OTA Voodoo (will reroot for you).

      Run OTA update.

  19. Francesco Munafò says:

    Hello, and thanks as usual for your helping tutorials.

    I have rooted following your “How to root the Galaxy S3 on Mac Os X” tutorial.

    Now may I use the same method, with heimdal, to flash standard recovery? I mean:

    – Put device in Odin download mode
    (Power off phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 5 seconds. Then hit Volume Up when you see warning screen
    – Start heimdal
    – Click “Browse”
    – Choose same PIT file as in “How to root the Galaxy S3 on Mac Os X” tutorial (s3pit.pit)
    (apparently that gives heimdal the list of partitions on the device)
    – Click “Add”
    – Select “Recovery” in “Partition Name” menu
    – Click “Start”

    Is this correct?

    Then when OTA is done I may reflash CWM recovery using the same method and reflash ?

    • Max says:

      yes you can, just make sure you DO HAVE i9300, this isn’t for U.S. versions.

    • Francesco Munafò says:

      Ok, I can confirm I have followed the above procedure, and having installed Voodoo OTA RootKeeper, I performed 2 OTAs and restored root afterwords with no problem!

      So you have to

      0) Perform the procedure on this page with ODIN on Windows or heimdal on Mac (and Linux?)
      1) Install “Voodoo OTA RootKeeper” from the app store.
      2) Open the “Voodoo OTA RootKeeper” app, and click on “Protect root”
      2b) I also clicked on “Temp. un-root” just to be safe, but this should not be necessary

      4) Perform all available OTAs by repeating the steps:

      4a) Open Preferences of the device and click last voice (similar to “Device Info”, my system is in Italian)
      4b) Click on the first voice (“Software updates” or similar) and again click on the first voice (“Update”)
      4c) Follow instructions for OTA update until reboot
      4d) repeat again while updates are found

      5) Open the “Voodoo OTA RootKeeper” app, and click on “Restore root”
      6) If you are still root, the “Device rooted” checkbox is set

      There is no guaranty that you will keep root, but I have performed 2 OTAs with no problem. If you loose root access, you will have to root again the device as you did the first time.

  20. Andrew says:

    Hey Max,
    Love your videos and you’ve been a great help.
    I recently got my first android phone and I have just one question.
    Will this method re-lock the bootloader?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. William says:

    Used this method to get my ota update after I rooted and was successfully using SuperSU# and wifi-tether, but now I try and reinstall CWMod Recovery, and it doesn’t work. Odin says it’s successful, but when I go to recovery, it’s not CWMod, and I believe it’s stock. It doesn’t have an option to “install update from sd” but “install update from external SD”. So I copied the CWmodSU zip to the external, then tried to update, but it failed. Red text of “registration keys not recognized” or something like that. What am I doing wrong? Love your site, appreciate your help.

  22. Nick says:

    Try downloading rom manager from the play store and updating/flashing cwm through the app and at the end it will ask something along the lines of do you want to block stock recovery. Regarding trying to install from ex sd I don’t think that is a good idea but if my first method does not work you might have to check install from unknown sources under settings> security and lock screen> unknown sources.
    Good luck.

  23. EricB says:

    MY S3 already root but then i haven’t install any rom yet, still using stock rom, so i’m good with OTA update right??? i need to root my phone for tethering only …

  24. Patrick Gilbert says:

    Hey, quick question I’m from Canada and my SGS3 is with Videotron (model SGH-T999V) which is almost the same version as for T-Mobile, can I use the stock rom from T-Mobile to reinstall stock recovery?

    I was able to root following the T-Mobile method, so I assume it’ll work but I don’t want to brick my phone!


  25. Shane says:

    After doing this mine will not reboot into recovery. It just keeps doing the vibrate bump.

  26. Patrick says:

    Hey max I got a question for you.
    I have a Verizon s3 and i have the stock recovery so that i can get OTA and every time i try to go and update the software all i get is
    service unavailable
    check for system updates under settings> about device when service is available.
    i am running on 4g i have reset my phone and i just installed the stock recovery.
    do you have any idea on how to fix this?
    ps doing this to try and get jelly bean

    • Max says:

      There’s no JB update yet.

      • Patrick says:

        Sorry I guess i left something out I am in the portland area (portland is getting JB early)
        but eather way is this what my phone should say when I try to upgrade if so i am sorry i am still kinda of new when it come to rooting and troble shooting probloms on my phone

  27. Buka says:

    Hi, max. i did everything you said, and did flash the stock recovery and i can enter the android stock recovery mode as well. But still when try to install the OTA updates, it says installation aborted. PLZ HELP

  28. WS says:

    Hi Max. I rooted my AT&T Galaxy s3 (SGH-1747) following the instructions that you posted, and now I want to re-install stock recovery for OTA updates using your instructions here. But I am wondering where I can find the stock recovery for SGH-1747? Or can I just use the one for AT&T Galaxy s3 listed in the instructions (Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SGH-I717/I717M (AT&T,Canadian)) for my phone as well? Also, do I need to re-root again after doing this? I don’t know much about phones so please help! Thank you in advance!

  29. Storey79 says:

    Do you know of anyway to unlock the S3 i535 so that i can use it on tmoblie

  30. stan lesley says:

    listen after you reconfigure the d/.aaoap.php files the gimaoua datz folders will be junctioned for recovery..

    so after you get the .jar incompatible message press up rocker button with home. soon as screen blinks on and i mean immediately, PULL BATTERY! this will correct the all php and datz system errors by force defaulting.. hope this helps.

  31. Douglas says:


    Can you please make an instructional video for this?

  32. JM says:

    Thanks Max for the info here. I actually did reinstall stock recovery, but still OTA won’t install after download. So I just went ahead to Kies and update it from there, which works just fine. But after update, half of my apps don’t work and won’t reinstall either from play store. It said I don’t have enough free space which is not right as I have about 10GB of free space of my 16GB S3. So I did a factory reset and everything works fine again. Titanium Backup saved me as I have to reinstall all my apps+data. I guess once JB comes out, I’ll have to do this all over again.

    • Max says:

      You need all stock ROM/apps for OTA to work, if you changed anything OTA will fail. Unrooting will work fine without factory reset if you are upgrading but for downgrading you will need to do a factory reset before unrooting.

  33. Paul says:

    I had the same issue with my apps not working after update. What worked for me was, I had to uninstall the app, then reinstall it from my backup in Titanium Backup. After that it would let me update, if needed, in Play Store. Hope this will help foe the next update.

  34. Dave Mason says:

    Trying to do the OTA upgrade. Put stock recovery back on using above steps. Used Titanium Backup to unfreeze 2 apps. The upgrade stops at 24%. Is the next step doing a factory reset?

    • Samuel says:

      same guy as before with same problem… reinstalled all factory apps and only gets to 31% at the very most. Been looking for help for this problem for awhile. Where is the love Max

      • JM says:

        If OTA update doesn’t work, try using your computer and update with Kies. At least that’s what works for me. Make sure to have all your apps backed up with Titanium Backup thou if you have it. Otherwise, if your apps don’t work after the update (which happened to me) you’ll have a way to get it all back.

        • Dave Mason says:

          Isn’t Kies just a way to move files back and forth between a computer and the phone? I just installed Kies last night, but I have not looked at it.

          I thought I read on this site that an OTA update should work after the CWM recovery is replaced by the orginal recovery. I did that but the upgrade stops after 24%. Other that the 2 apps I froze, I do not remember making any other changes, other than having root.

          How does busybox play into this. Is there a factory busybox? I did install a busybox from Google Play.

          I have made a Titanium Backup of user data and apps. Never having tried a restore from a backup, I assume if I do load the orginal rom from this site, that Titanium backup restore should put apps and settings back. Any settings or files missing on a Titanium backup/restore in a rooted system?


          • JuanM says:

            Hi Dave have you been luck on this? have you successfully upgraded to JB using the OTA? I have the same problem, I re-installed the recovery stock but it didn’t remove the CWM, but in the download mode I can see that says Samsung binary. The OTA upgrade always stop at 31% 🙁 , can anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

            • Dave Mason says:

              Never did get the OTA to work. I used kies to install the update. The OTA announcement was still being displayed, so I froze it.

  35. Joe says:

    Thanks for all these tutorials! I rooted my S3 using your video a few months back when I first got my phone (after moving from iPhone) and now in order to get the latest OTA from AT&T (because I really wanted the brightness slider on the notification pull-down), I restored to stock rom and stock recovery using your tutorials for these, and all went without a problem. I guess I’ll leave it unrooted and stock for now so that I can get JB from AT&T, assuming it’ll be available “soon”. I appreciate the time you put into this stuff.

    • WS says:

      Joe, is your Galaxy s3′ stock recovery SGH-1747? I have Galaxy s3 using SGH-1747 from AT&T too and want to get OTA updates, so I was trying to use this video and reinstall stock recovery, but I couldn’t find the stock recovery for my phone though I could find SGH-I717/I717M (AT&T,Canadian). If you used this video for your Galaxy s3 using SGH-1747, please let me know how you did it!

      • JM says:

        That was a typo. It’s is actually SGH-i747M, not 717. So your AT&T is fine using that “i717” version which is actually i747.

        • WS says:

          Thank you JM for the information! I think the stock recovery is now back in my phone. But I still need to make sure that I can get OTA. I will try it in 10 hours because my phone won’t let me do it till then.

  36. MT says:

    I have an S3 on Verizon. Don’t have a custom rom, but did put Clockwork Mod recovery. I keep getting notified that I have an update.. I flashed the stock recovery with ODIN. It said that it was successful.

    When it tries to update the software, I am told that it didn’t go thru. I get the Android icon with a red arrow. Going into the phone setup, I am running 4.0.4 which I thought was latest, but still getting prompted for software update? Kies is reporting I have the latest software.

    The other issue is that with Rom Manager it still says I have Clockwork Mod Recovery installed despite ODIN telling me that it successfully flashed my stock recovery back.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    • JM says:

      Backup all your apps with Titanium backup first. Then you can try using Kies to see if you need to update. If so, then update it. It won’t matter what recovery you have as it will break root anyways after update. Just re-root afterwards and restore all your apps.

      • Paul says:

        This same thing is happening to me. After backing up all my apps with Titanium Backup, do I have to do a reset and then update? Last time i did the OTA update, all I had to do was flash stock recovery, and then update worked fine. This time, it fails. When I connect my phone to Kies, it says that firmware update isn’t available for my phone, so I can’t update that way.

        • JM says:

          I have a feeling when you did the OTA update, it updated partway which is why Kies thinks it’s updated. I would try factory reset and check for update again, then use Titanium Backup to restore your apps. That usually does the trick when something goes funny.

      • MT says:

        Hey JM —

        Thanks for the reply. Kies is telling me that there’s no update available, but I’m still getting the annoying daily message from VZW telling me that an OTA update is available, so I am guessing there still is one that it’s trying to install.

        I have the stock ROM just rooted and the ClockWork recovery (which I flashed back to stock) so not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  37. Don says:

    Max, thank you for all the instructions/videos.

    Finally, I got my OTA update. I believe I lost my “root” – no big deal, I’ve learn how to “root” from your instruction. However, I also lost “native tethering”. Do you have a script that enable “native tethering”? My current build is “IMM76D.I747UCALH9” (I am on AT&T).

    Thanks again!

  38. Adam says:

    Hi Max.
    Firstly thanks for all your guides they have been a great help. Also you will be glad to know I’m an X-iphone user 😉
    I went from CM10 back to stock AT&T using one of your other guides along with this guide but can’t seem to get any ota updates. The ota checker thinks I have current update. I was able to get to UCALG1 by using kies and usb but no further. I did use the built in remover factory recovery from automatically writing over cwm that was built into cmw when I first went to cm10. Anyhelp is appreciated and keep up the good work

  39. Lee says:

    Hi Max,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to just get rid of the oat notification? I uninstalled a lot of the stock Tmobile bloatware and I don’t want to go through the trouble of reinstalling all of them just to do this ota. If this isn’t possible, what would be the easiest way to install the ota given I don’t have the bloatware apps anymore (no Titanium Backup either)?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  40. Dae says:

    After I tried this, my phone won’t turn on.
    After the booting animations, im stuck in the samsung logo screen.
    Please help me!

  41. Rick says:

    Max, I need your help please.
    Remember I installed the JB but want to go back to ICS, although I did not make a backup.
    Ok, now I found the place to get my download the Stock Recovery for the International version. I downloaded the RAR file, when I used WinRAR to extract, I get an error: “Read error in the file…”
    Help will be appreciated.

  42. Falken says:

    Can I use this on the latest Jellybean ? 4.1 ?

      • Falken says:

        No it doesent work. Sorry Sam…… 🙂
        I can install it but when I try to update my device I get the message “your device has been changed, updates are no longer availeble”.
        I`ve got android 4.1 buid-number JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ2

        And my fucking Kies shit will not work on my computer. Hate that prog. 🙂
        Can you please help when you got the time ?
        Maybe there has to be made a new stock recovery ? Don`t know……

        sorry about my lousy english…. hope you understand… 🙂
        And thanks for all your work. just an amazing site 🙂 Love it…….

  43. Prasad Bankar says:

    i have installed beats audio which has changed my sound drivers (i have not taken backup)
    i guess if install stock recovery at this state it would get bricked. i am on stock rom

  44. Android_newbie says:

    Hi Max,

    I installed the stock ROM JB from Poland (based on the other page you have here) and installed the Beats Audio for Root.

    Will it be safe to install this?

    Thanks for all your great articles here 🙂

  45. Darren says:

    Hi, does it mean that re-install stock rcovery will remove root access? thanks.
    Is there any problem if i re-install stock recovery then re-root without ota update?

  46. ken says:

    So, I had erased flipbook earlier, tried downloading from play and then installing ota. received message:

    “assert failed; apply_patch_check(“/system/app/Flipbook.apk”, “BUNCH OF HEX, LOOK LIKE HASH CHECK”, “MORE HASH CHECK”)
    E:Error in /cache/
    (status 7)

    downloaded a copy of Flipbook.apk (1.8.4) and placed in /system/app folder . forced ota again and received the same error message.

    can anyone either hook me up with the proper flipbook.apk or direct me as to how to solve this?

    Pleases and thanks yous!!!

  47. Gergo says:

    Hy. I have a problem with my Samsung GS3 GT i9300 i think it”s bricked because it boot”s and remains at the samsung logo. i’m using a Mac and i would like some help. I saw i must install Heimdall 1.3.1 but what files i must put in. Please Help.

  48. AA says:

    The file links are not working – any alternate links

  49. Shanil says:

    Hi Max and everyone!
    I did this on my GS3 few months back. Recently I received the notification for the JB update, When I select update, it downloads the update, installs it and requests to reboot. After the reboot it gives an error saying the update failed. I’m still on ICS. Thereafter I tried updating through Kies. When I proceed with the update, just before the process starts it displays few warnings, one of which is “Devices that have been rooted or modified with customized software may experience a failure during the upgrade process” . Do you think its safe to proceed since the phone is on stock recovery even though its rooted. Or should I manually update using Odin.
    Many Thanks in advance!.

  50. Nitish says:

    Hey, max
    i followed each and every step you told
    now while downloading the process is stucked at near about 50% from past 1 hour
    on my phone screen says downloadinig and on odin its coming NAND Write Start!!
    nothing has changed so far, i am very worried , plz tell me what to do
    plz help

    • Nitish says:

      i disconnected and followed all the steps, ad it works like charm.
      but i still have a problem max, when i check for ota updates, it says my device has been modified. software updates are not available.
      please guide me.

  51. Kyle S. says:

    I received an update notice on my Sprint GS3 today and I believe it’s Jelly Bean (can’t be sure because info only says it is an Android software update but doesn’t say if it is in fact Jelly Bean, but I am guessing it is).
    Was wondering if I do flash the custom recovery, will I be able to download OTA and then also reroot using the root method listed on here for Sprint GS3? (I am currently rooted but wifi tether is my only laptop internet source for now so I don’t want to risk anything without having all info first)

    Also wondering if the fact that I uninstalled most of the bloatware and apps I do not use that came stock will prevent me from downloading the OTA update. Some of these posts make it sound like it will, but I want to be sure.

    You seem to know a lot Max so please help me to be fully informed about all of this before proceeding further! Thanks!!

    • ken says:

      From the sounds of it you have two options, do a full wipe and reinstalling stock Rom to receive ota updates. of course this loses root so good bye free wifi tether. since it sounds like you are already rooted and made the same mistake that I did of deleting bloatware instead of freezing it, ota will not work. ota will not work with custom recovery. If you want the stock experience but with root and custom recovery, I’m assuming you already have custom rec and root, and your best option would be to install a deoxed/rooted stock Rom. I was running one a couple weeks ago, can’t remember the name, sorry.

      • Kyle S. says:

        I am running stock ROM just with the root access gained by using Odin method. I don’t really want to change anything aside from possibly getting Jelly Bean to see what its like. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind keeping ICS and waiting but the alert about the update is getting annoying with how often it pops up. Any way to stop this from happening?

  52. ken says:

    If you have root use titanium backup to save progs and settings. Dl a stock Rom w/ root and then install, then recover apps with titanium. If you erased any bloatware ota cannot be installed, so that is most convenient method, will take maybe 30 minutes.

    • Kyle S. says:

      Could you tell me what the best/most stable stock rooted JB ROM would be? sorry for all the questions but I rather be in the know for both the future and to prevent any bricking or screwing up my phone badly. I really dig this new S3 I have (just got the upgrade to it about 6-7 days ago so its new and awesome for me so far) Thanks Ken

      • ken says:

        You’re welcome, damn Swype beta…

        • Kyle S. says:

          seems like everyone is claiming wifi tether doesnt work with the rooted JB stock roms… can you tell me how I can stop the update from showing up on me all the time? it says downloaded and ready to install, can I delete the file and tweak something so it doesnt keep saying so? the tether is my main reason for root really so without it I dont need JB just yet

          • ken says:

            I can’t confirm stock Rom, but I am posting this on my nexus 7 running 4-2 tethered to my gs3 running android 4-1-2 jelly bean (cyanogenmod 10) so I know it isn’t an issue with jb anymore. Give it a shot , if it doesn’t work you can always use the nandroid backup to get back to stock

  53. Kyle S. says:

    wait, you didn’t mention a stable JB stock rooted ROM that I should try downloading lol, sorry but I find it so tough to figure out by reading through post after post so I figure you might know already

  54. ken says:

    I posted a link for a Sprint Rom that I used… but it says my post is awaiting moderation… so, go to the links up top and select your carrier. Then scroll through the roms and look for anything that says official or stock and read up on it to see if it is what you are looking for

  55. Kyle S. says:

    damn moderation… even that is only good in moderation lol but okay, I will read up on some of them. I assume since I am rooted its just a matter of downloading .zip to sd, then using CWM to flash right? but first use titanium so i can restore apps and data?

  56. ken says:

    Use titanium to backup apps and settings. Place the rom zip on internal storage, boot into recovery, make a nandroid backup. Follow special instructions for installation of rom (some require full wipe, some don’t). Then recover apps with titanium.

  57. Kyle S. says:

    awesome… sounds easy enough. thanks a bunch man!

  58. Peter says:

    can anyone confirm if wi-fi tether app works on stock rooted jelly bean??

  59. Peter says:

    can someone confirm if wi-fi tether is working on rooted stock jelly bean?

  60. Asagrim says:

    Hi Max! Thank you very much for this awesome site. It’s so useful for us 🙂

    I wanna ask you something. I made a search but I couldn’t find an answer.

    I rooted my phone with your instructions. And I firstly made a backup of my stock Rom. And installed a custom Rom.
    I have some questions:
    1- can I still get ota updates after restoring my stock Rom and stock recovery ?
    2- after ota will I lose root ?

  61. Asagrim says:

    Hi Max! Thank you very much for this awesome site. It’s so useful for us I wanna ask you something. I made a search but I couldn’t find an answer.I rooted my phone with your instructions. And I firstly made a backup of my stock Rom. And installed a custom Rom.I have some questions:1- can I still get ota updates after restoring my stock Rom and stock recovery ?2- after ota will I lose root ?

  62. Caroline says:

    Hi Max!

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. It was very clear and easy to read. 🙂

    I just had a concern about the tar files, at least the one for the SGH-1747 model. When I tried running Odin with your tar file, it kept on crashing. However, when I downloaded a different tar file from another source, then it worked. I also noticed when I tried opening your tar file with 7-Zip, it gave me some error about trailing zeros.

    Just as an aside, but nothing too important, I noticed you have a bit of a typo: you write “Download Stock Recovery for Galaxy S3 SGH-I717/I717M (AT&T,Canadian)”. Whenever you get the chance, could you change the model number to the correct one (1747)? I figure it’ll help people with that model of phone find your page more easily with Google.

    Once again though, fantastic tutorial. Your instructions allowed me to restore my recovery back to stock! Hopefully I can get Jelly Bean now! 😀

  63. Sal says:


    I am not very savvy on android devices. My phone has CWM and I want to get rid of it. I followed your directions and such.

    Am I supposed to use the download links directly on my phone, or on my computer? I downloaded it to my phone, went into ODIN and it automatically went into a Downloading Screen. Is this supposed to happen?

  64. dan says:

    I have sgh-t999v and unrooted, re-flashed stock rom from all is well status back to normal and bin count back to yes (1) using your guide and all went great but can’t get OTA updates (it downloads and starts installing but i get the little android guy on his back with a red triangle and “!” in it) all i want to know is is the t-mobile sgh-t999 stock recovery compatible with my sgh-t999v or should i look for t999v stock recovery ?

  65. Michael says:

    Does the international stock recovery file work with the i9300T model? Everything else including rooting the phone was the same as the i9300. Please help!

  66. John says:

    I have a question: I wiped everything on my phone by mistake and now I had to use an micro SD to put a rom on it and then put it in my GS3 it worked so now, how do I get my stock GS3 back to normal? I want to stay rooted but want to run stock. Maybe load other roms later. Do I just do the Odin stock recovery or should I load the stock rom thats 690mb through CWM?

  67. james says:

    hi i rooted my galaxy s3 and currently using foxhound custom rom on the jelly bean 4.1.2 firmware. and i was wondering coz i want to install new update when it comes out and i will have to unroot how will i do that if i dont know what firmware i was on before i rooted. because i have a gt-19300 and i currently live in new zealand(but the only firmware for NZ is vodafone one and im not using voda so im confused)

  68. cars says:

    Hi, this is my first time having a rom on my phone. I want to restore my backup, but I would like some steps as to how to go about it. Like, do I need to wipe any data I have right now or not.

  69. islam ahmed says:

    hello i have a problem i want to unroot my galaxy s3 but the links above isnt working with me i cant download can you give another links please. thank you.

  70. Vanessa says:

    Hi, thanks for your detailed explanation on how to go to stock to be able to accept OTA updates. I was able to update my SCH-I535 with Verizon with the latest update.
    My question is, do I have to flash Clockwork Mode again or do I leave the Stock?

  71. Kristjan says:

    Hey Max! Will this stock recovery image still work, if I have Jelly Bean (latest OTA)? Or does Jelly Bean have different stock recovery? I want to restore stock recovery and unroot.

  72. Barinder says:

    Thank u master… i have done this, can i now update my s3 t999 to latest stock os ?,now i m running 4.04 ics stock firmware.

  73. Lincoln says:

    Hello, So i rooted my VZW S3. instantly got issues. so i unrooted. once i unrooted it put me into 4.1.1 instead of 4.1.2, so i tried to update to 4.1.2. the update keeps failing. how do i get my phone back to how it was before i tried to root?

  74. Andrew says:

    Great tutorial. Exactly what I needed to know.

  75. Martial says:

    I have a few questions;
    If I follow the above posted directions will I lose root and/or clockworkmod?
    I am using the people’s rom and plan on updating to a more recent version, can I just go straight to the newer version now instead of updating? I just want to get rid of that notification about an update.

  76. Adnan Khan says:

    What is the difference between stock recovery and official fireware? anyone?

  77. Bond says:

    I have the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Model SPH-L710 showing Android version 4.1.2. I have received the notifications for system updates available but cannot update the phone. I used to have it rooted but since then I unrooted it to try to update it. I followed your instructions – “install stock recovery, simply put your phone in ODIN download mode first. Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 5 seconds. Then hit Volume Up when you see warning screen to enter Download Mode.
    After hitting volume up, it automatically displays the message Downloading and I am not given choices to choose what to download. I let it go for several hours and nothing ever changes only keeps showing downloading and so I just restart my phone but still cannot update my phone.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (I rooted it initially to add the menu to the camera settings so that I could turn the shutter sound on/off and that is great)

  78. FerVillegas says:

    Max, sorry, but I came across a tutorial to unroot i9300 completely to be able to “re-activate” (sort of saying) the warranty, and I can’t find it now. Can you please share the link to it please?

  79. Eric D says:


    I used odin to put stock recovery back on my Samsung galaxy SIII SGH-T99 and after I did, went into system settings >About device>Software Update, when I checked for software update the message “Your device is modified. Software updates are not available. I do not have a custom rom on my phone, but do however have a custom kernel. I would like to know what needs to be done so my phone will accept OTA updates. Thank you.

  80. Eric D says:

    I used triangle away app and that worked. Was able to update to 4.1.2 afterwards. I can always re-root if need be. I am using Nova Launcher w/stock rom.

  81. Me says:

    Thanks! Worked like magic 🙂

  82. javi says:

    i just wanna know.. before i installed custom rom i made my back up of my stock android os… can i restore all my data that i just recently backed up over my custom rom? will it brick my phone? or i need to do all this procedure to get my phone into my stock recovery again?…. i just want my stock android os again .. thanks for the help

  83. riyaan mohd says:

    i am not finding my firmware i.e.,
    samsung galaxy s3 international version I9300XXEMA5
    Please Help!??.

  84. Paddy says:


    Will this work for any version of Android? Or is there any specific version of android?

    I have 4.3 in my Galaxy S3 I9300

  85. alan says:

    hi, max,
    I root my phone with the new foxhound on a GT-19300 int, did not like it ,so I went back to a stock rom,
    now I cant get any conextion to my carrier which is 3, everything else works so do you know what can be wrong, followed all the insructions to a tee, heeeeelp please

  86. Bob says:

    I was able to both root and then download and flash the OTA stock rom without issue. great site. My issue was prior to doing both I had rooted and unrooted my phone and the network/data is now not responding. SPH-720, kitkat 4.4.2. Any suggestions? Thanks

  87. Monba says:

    HELP! I installed the UCUEMJB 4.3 rom. But my at@t Galaxy s3 DON’T TURN on,download mode and recovery mode.What happening,how to fix?

  88. jason says:

    Help my phone is not working at all it does not use any led lights and when i turn it on it stops at the logo please i really need your help

  89. Dean66 says:

    Hi Max, I’m new to rooting but have had rooted phones in the past and really enjoy all the options it gives you. I believe I need a bit of help doing this my 1st time. Just wondering if the Galaxy S3 L710 for sprint stock download that’s posted @ top is what I need for my Virgin mobile phone? (I bought the phone already rooted with CyanogenMod can you tell me if the stock software is recoverable in my phone or,will I need to download the sprint stock download to recover the original software ) this should correct the problem I’m having getting into the dial program to activate my phone and be able to get back the activate phone, software & firmware update choices that are now missing, Correct? If not a little info would help a lot.
    Thanks a lot

  90. Adulsa says:

    i tried to install a custom rom on my i9300 but instead it got bricked.
    i followed ur steps and now i’ve almost recovered my phone.
    before installing the custom rom, i’d backed up my entire phone using titanium backup.
    my doubt is, now since my s3 is unrooted, how do i recover my data?
    please help.

  91. Antonio Caser says:

    No download “Stock Recovery for International Galaxy S3 GT-i9300” will ruin your phone.

    This file and garbage, is corrupted …

  1. August 23, 2012

    […] You can still get ota updates when you're not on the custom rom. Here's an simple how-to: How to Re-install Stock Recovery and Update OTA on Galaxy S3! | […]

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