Photo Sphere Camera on Rooted Galaxy S3!

For those of you rooted Galaxy S3 users running an AOSP ROM like CM10, AOKP, or LiquidSmooth, you can now get the Android 4.2 photo sphere camera on your phone!

UPDATE: I only recommend it on AOSP ROMs but many users have reported working fine on Touchwiz Jelly Bean ROMs, you can try it just make a backup ROM then you have nothing to lose.  (Users have reported working fine on ROMs like FrostyJB and JellyWiz.)

Here’s a demo photo of Photo Sphere:

(Click on photo to see in original size)

Before you install it, I highly recommend you to MAKE A BACKUP ROM!  Also, when using this camera, make sure to hit the screen once to focus otherwise you will get a FC and have to reboot your phone.  Otherwise it works perfect.

Download: (Flash in CWM Recovery or TWRP!)

Download Photo Sphere Camera Mod

Credits – XDA

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34 Responses

  1. CarlosM103 says:

    i must’ve done something wrong 🙁 I have CM10 M2, and it didn’t work on my SGS3. any suggestions?

  2. George says:

    After taking photos they don’t save

  3. marcel says:

    Is there a way to save picture sto the sd card on cm 10 m2

  4. Anjaneya says:

    Will it work with Fox Hound v1.4.3 ?

  5. Deven says:

    Hey Max, I fucking love you! Hahaha anyways,

    This works FLAWLESSLY on my LiquidSmooth JB ROM for my I747!!(:

  6. nate says:

    DUDE! This camera is nuts. Its working great for me. Att gs3 cm10 m2

    • Deven28 says:

      God I know!! When max said he was playing with it all day, I didn’t think it looked that fun. But holy hell was I wrong hahaha!

  7. Carlos says:

    am i supposed to have two camera icons, i can take the entire picture but i don’t have the option to stop it like you did on your video. any suggestions.

    • deven28 says:

      Twittwo icon, yes. One is this tock camera. And to stop it, you just tap this square icon in the place you normAlly tap on the screen to take a photo. Did I understand your question correctly?

  8. deven28 says:

    Two icons** sorry, I’m typing on my note.

  9. Chris Cinelli says:

    I have this working and can take the photos. After the finish rendering I do not show the option to view the photo in sphere mode. Any suggestions. The Zip installed us 1 app for the camera.

  10. Michael Salce says:

    I install the app works great but the only problem pic don’t save
    … I’m using blackjelly v0.9.1

  11. Juls says:

    I have a slight problem.

    I recently downloaded the AOKP M1 ROM from this site. I tried it out and then downloaded this camera app. Worked fine.

    Here is the problem. I just downloaded and installed CM10 M2 and now there’s only this camera app and not the one featured in your video for the CM10 M2 ROM.

    Anything I did wrong?

  12. Mike says:

    This worked fine on stock jellybean with a root.
    Thanks for posting.

    • Alex says:

      I took your suggestion and TRIED to do load the gapps-jb-4.2.1-light-20121130-signed onto a stock 4.1.1 for my GS3 L710 and it did not work. Not only could I not find an updated camera, but I also lost the ability to find anything in Google Play. It had an error for searching.

      Going to try to load CM10 for 4.1 then try the gapps-jb-4.2.1-light-20121130-signed again.

  13. Dave Miller says:

    Hi Max and guys,

    I have an international Galaxy S3 running Ultima5.1 ROM and have installed Photosphere via your zip file and flashed it.

    However, every time I open the app and select the Photosphere mode, and try to Align the dot, nothing happens even when I leave it in the alignment circle for 1 minute!

    Also for some reason I keep getting the “Unfortunately Exchange Services has stopped running”.

    I’ve spent hours on XDA forum etc to fix the Photosphere and get it working, and seem to have tried everything but to no avail.

    Can ANYONE help? This is driving me absolutely nuts and I really want the Photosphere camera to work!

    Thank in advance,


  14. Justin says:

    I actually already had the force close problem with the 4.1 camera. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  15. Luke says:

    well, can i install photosphere on a stock, rooted, galaxy s3 ?

  16. garrett taguchi says:

    when i take a photosphere, the images are not properly aligned. any suggestions?

  17. Scott says:

    What are the chances Photo Sphere Camera running on a stock JB Galaxy S3 from Verizon or a Custom Rom that looks similar to Verizons stock JB any time soon?

  18. StevePiel says:

    How do you get the app to store the pictures on to the ExtSD card? I don’t see a setting for that anywhere… :-/

  19. Juan Delacruz says:

    Why do I have 2 camera I don’t like that how can I fix that?

  20. Josh says:

    this works great on my S3! my friend has a samsung galaxy S2 and i was wondering if this could work on his phone?

  21. Ravideep says:

    Hi max does this camera work with rooted Note 2 on official MIUI rom.

  22. SIr Alex says:

    Hi can someone please tell me how to download the file? everytime i click on the link appears a download page it says wait 5 seconds ,but after 5 seconds I dont see any link . another question wich rom is better aokp?? or liquidsmotth???

  23. Martin says:

    Installed on rooted stock Sprint S3 and it is working great. Now it is usable for very still environments, but trying to capture a person running around will get you some interesting images.

  24. Hiro says:

    Hi Max. First of all, thank you for all your tutorials & tips on how to root Galaxy S3. I love your site and come here often to check for any news from you.

    I currently use Synergy Rom R484 but would like to use JellyBam, LiquidSmooth, Carbon or AOKP 4.2.2 versions. However, only thing it’s holding me back is Photo Sphere and Picasa gallery. I tried this pages, zip file on recent 4.2.2 Jellybam and AOKP but on both of ROMS, camera freezes after you takes a regular shot with photosphere camera. After that both built in and this zip file camera will complain “Cannot connect to Camera.” Do you know of any 4.2.2 ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 that supports Photo Sphere and Picasa gallery?

    I would greatly appreciate your input.

  25. Nabil says:

    works great on s3 i9300 running ms team HD 12.1 rom

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