How to Unroot Galaxy S3 i9300!

So you want to unroot your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300?  This unroot method will get you back “completely back to stock” with no trace of rooting.  If you are unrooting your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 for warranty, go ahead and follow the instructions below as no one will be ever to tell you’ve rooted your phone.

For T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T989, please see How to Unroot T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T989!

For AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747, please see How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747!

Step 1. First, you will need to go to and download your desired Galaxy S3 stock ROM.  Use the “Region” to find out which Galaxy S3 stock ROM you need and go ahead and download it.

*Note – ALL Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 stock ROMs are compatible with all Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 so you can always re-flash correct one if you flash the wrong one.

Step 2. Once you download the correct stock ROM for your country, go ahead and unzip the zip file.  You should find a file that ends in “tar.md5”.  This is the stock ROM file you will want to copy over to your Galaxy S3.  Go ahead and copy the file over.  If you have trouble copying the file because it’s so large, you can try using a micro-SD card and a micro-SD card to SD adapter.

Step 3. You will also need to download Mobile ODIN, Triangle Away app, and Mobile ODIN Kernel pack for i9300.  You can find these below:

Get Mobile ODIN
Get Mobile ODIN FlashKernel for i9300 here
Get Triangle Away app here

Step 4. Once  downloaded, copy the APK files to your Galaxy S3 and install them up using My Files app.

Step 5. You might have to make sure “Unknown sources” is checked on to install these apps.

Step 6. Once all 3 apps have been install, go ahead and run the Triangle Away app first.  This will reset your binary count back to ZERO so no one will be able to tell you’ve ever rooted your phone before.   Choose “Reset flash counter” to reset counter.

Step 7. Re-open Triangle Away app and you will notice binary count has been resetted to zero.

Step 8. Next, go ahead and open Mobile ODIN and choose “Open file …” then choose the “tar.md5” stock ROM file you copied over earlier.

Step 9. Choose “Flash firmware”.

Step 10. Make sure to check for MD5 as this is CRUCIAL.  Once that’s done, your phone will automatically start unrooting back to a stock ROM.

Step 11. Once done flashing stock ROM, your Galaxy S3 will reboot into Android stock recovery then reboot.

Step 12. Once your phone reboots, you should find yourself on a completely stock Galaxy S3.  Your personal settings and apps are still there and if you want to remove them or if you are having trouble after unrooting, you can do a factory reset.

Reboot into stock Android recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 13. Once in Android stock recovery, choose “wipe data/factory reset”.

Step 14. Choose “Yes”.

Step 15. Reboot and you will find yourself with the welcome sign just like you saw when you first got your Galaxy S3.  Congratulations!  You’ve successfully unrooted your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300!

Method is identical for other Galaxy S3s except the files.

For AT&T SGH-i747, Sprint SPH-L710, and T-Mobile SGH-T999, just find stock ROMs for your model and also get the Mobile ODIN FlashKernel for your device but the instructions are the same.

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207 Responses

  1. Kousk says:

    Will this method reset my binary count?

    • Max says:

      yes will reset it to zero back to completely stock.

      • armin says:

        hie max.tnx 4 your help,anyway i flash stock recovery,i recieved an ota update 75mg,i download it,but when my phone restart for update,it goes to recovery but and start to apply the update. suddenly the update process in 30% stop,and my phone restart and pop up message say that: “unfotunately cant update” i try 5 or 6 times but i recieved that message.why?please answer mister max,im waiting 4 your brilliant so so tnx.

      • ashley says:

        How long should step 10 take because my phone just keeps repeating the screen with the blue droid. its been doing that for about 10 minutes now. still waiting for it to reboot into stock android. Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. armin says:

    hie .i want to unroot my s3 for ota updates,i use triangle away and my cunter in download mode return to 0 an normal,my rom is stockrom,then i reset factory my device and in status my device status turn to normal from modified.i turn on my wifi an ota update is availabe.i download.but when i press install botton dvice restatt an in recovery mode i recieve error cant install update.please help please

    • Boon says:

      Purely by doing a factory reset will not unroot the S3, hence this step is a must to do it, right?

        • armin says:

          heeeeeeeeeelp.pleassssssss,im traying to find my stock recovery to replace the costum recovery i flashed to my sgs3,because i recieve an ota update and im sure the stock recovery or original recovery of my device can instal that ota update package,so hlp me please guide me to find my stock recovery or a solution to switch between my stock recovery and costum clock mode recovery.please device model is GT I9300.pleasssssse

          • Max says:

            You can extract recovery.img from i9300 unrooting files and tar it, then flash in ODIN. I should have a tutorial soon on this if you want to wait a bit.

            • armin says:

              I tried to do this method and download I9300XXALE9_I9300OJVALE9_I9300XXLE8_HOME.tar.md5 .so you mean i should extract this tar.md5 file and get the stock recovery img.and how can i tar that recovery img file ?help me max

              • Max says:

                rename tar.md5 as .tar then extract boot.img.

                • armin says:

                  i extract that an get recovery.img i and tar it,but odin cant flash it.and why i should extract boot.img,i need stock recovery

                  • Max says:

                    what’s the error message in ODIN?

                    • armin says:

                      when i try to flash it whit odin odin cant flash it and no action,and when i disconnect the device odin respond and said failed.i tray to flash it whit any odin versions but the result was same,also i tried to flash the recovery.img (i mean flash img file itself no tar file)whit terminal emulator whith this command su dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 and terminal flashed it but my recovery was the same tuch version,can u bring me the stock recovery tar file of galaxy s3 gt i9300?please max please,its my email adress help me

                    • Max says:

                      Try ODIN again, it will work, make sure you don’t use a USB hub or try different USB port. If they don’t work, try another computer.

                    • armin says:

                      when i try to flash it whit odin odin cant flash it and no action,and when i disconnect the device odin respond and said failed.i tray to flash it whit any odin versions but the result was same,also i tried to flash the recovery.img (i mean flash img file itself no tar file)whit terminal emulator whith this command su dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 and terminal flashed it but my recovery was the same tuch version,can u bring me the stock recovery tar file of galaxy s3 gt i9300?please max please help me

                    • armin says:

                      hie max.tnx 4 your help,i flash stock recovery,i recieved an ota update 75mg,i download it,but when my phone restart for update,it goes to recovery but and start to apply the update. suddenly the update process in 30% stop,and my phone restart and pop up message say that: “unfotunately cant update” i try 5 or 6 times but i recieved that message.why?please answer mister max,im waiting 4 your brilliant so so tnx.

                • armin says:

                  please helpmax im stock please.

                  • Max says:

                    Not exactly sure if you are completely stock.

                    • armin says:

                      hie max.tnx 4 your hlp,i flash stock recovery,i recieved an ota update 75mg,i download it,but when my phone restart for update,it goes to recovery but and start to apply the update. suddenly the update process in 30% stop,and my phone restart and pop up message say that: “unfotunately cant update” i try 5 or 6 times but i recieved that message.why?please answer mister max,im waiting 4 your brilliant so so tnx.

  3. Kayron says:

    Excellent guide once again, Max! Kudos for your hard work and dedication.

  4. Abhi says:

    Hey, is there a un-root method for Tmobile Galaxy s3?

  5. Emmanuel says:

    It might be a good idea to specify that this tutorial only with the international version, as the T mobile version region is not found.

  6. xunil says:


    Since I want to get updates for my S3 I decided to unroot it first. I follow the tutorial and try to install Triangle Away. But it says it needs an extra application to work. I let it download the package, after that Triangle Away opens. But it can’t get my phone’s status and when I try to reset counter it warns me about it could brick my phone. So, is this normal? Is it safe to reset anyway. Btw, whenever I try to start Triangle Away, it re-downloads the extra package.


  7. mark lee says:

    Hi Max,

    Does this method work for the at&t galaxy s3? I hear some people saying this only works for the international version. I was fine the root however, I tried to remove at&t bloatware and instead ended up removing my samsung widgets. Is there a way to remove at&t bloatware. Can you please do a video on that. Thanks!

    • Mark Lee says:

      Also, How can i restore my samsung widgets (I need the stock widgets back.. thought i was deleting at&t bloatware). Please help!

  8. JoeL says:

    Mobile odin v2.45 and Triangle away v1.51 are not working on T-mobile T999. saying incompatible device. What do you suggest?? Thanks

  9. Nels says:

    i forgot to do back up when flashing custom kernel, if i want to unroot and reset counter with this steps and flash stock rom from samsung update. will i get back to stock kernel + stock rom?

  10. serd says:


    • serd says:

      so, everytime i wanna unroot, i need to flash stock firmware? even if i just rooted my phones, and ROM, kernel, and the firmware remain the stock one? why i need to flash stock firmware while im already have that?

      btw, i need to unroot, in order to get updates of firmware-via OTA..

  11. Poshkus says:

    why when i run triangle and pressing to reset and it reeboots into screen where i need press volume up button for reset, and when rebooting it still counting for me / many thanks

  12. Neeraj says:


    I did reset the counter successfully and flashed the stock firmware, still i am not getting the OTA updates available for my country. I have flashed firmware for my country only. Haven’t done the Data wipe/Factory reset though.
    Can you please help me out.


    • Max says:

      You can always flash updates via unroot.

      • Neeraj says:

        But will i be able to get OTA updates which i am not getting curently. Will a factory reset do the job? Please help, i am felling screwed! 🙁

        • Neeraj says:

          Even the factory reset didn’t helped. Still not getting the latest OTA update. 🙁
          However once accidently the update was detected but it’s not showing now.

          • Max says:

            You can unroot bud:

            • Neeraj says:

              I already have unrooted my device in order to get the new OTA update but didn’t helped. However i got that once coincidentally but now its not showing.

  13. Ricardi says:

    Hi, i have rooted my Sg3 with heimdall software i used .pit file, can you tell me how can unroot know, because i need to send my phone to Samsung and i can not.
    Thank you in advance

  14. Nels says:

    Max, Can you post guide how to flash counter if using any custom kernel?

    I read that Siyah Kernel support Triangle away but I don’t what steps and precaution i should take.

    Greatly appreciate if you can do this. i dont want to go back to fully stock just to reset my flash counter.

    Flashing using CMW increase binary counter? or just via PC ODIN will increase binary counter?

    Thank you

  15. Jon says:

    I can’t seem to find the correct ROM at the link you provided.

    I’m running the international Galaxy S3 on AT&T in the United States. Which rom do I need to download?

    Much appreciated! Love the site and helpful videos!

    • Jon says:

      Could anyone help me out here? See above post…need to know which ROM I need to download.

      Thanks in advance!!


  16. Randy Ching says:

    Hi Max…can i just use pc odin to unroot like Galaxy Note unroot method? Thank…

  17. xunil says:

    I rooted my Galaxy S3 via your root explanation:
    Now, I tried to unroot it as explained here. After choosing tar.md5 file and hitting “Flash firmware” my phone rebooted and hang there. Now, I can not boot it anymore. When I try to drop recovery I see CWM recovery instead of stock one. What Can I do now? Does “Wipe data/factory reset” work in this condition?

    Any help will be appriciated, thanks.

    • Max says:

      Yes that will fix.

      • xunil says:

        Thanks for the quick reply Max. Instead of a factory reset what if i try to flash the stock rom via Odin on a Windows machine? I read some problems about flashing on Linux and right now I have only Linux on my machine. So, I did not try flashing with Linux for not messing more.

        • Max says:

          Yes try using Windows machine, my recommendation for unroot because stock ROM files are HUGE, and very complicated on Linux too many things can go wrong.

          • xunil says:

            Thank you again Max. I successfully turned to stock rom via Odin. Now, I have a question. If I want to root my phone again, should I use the same package you gave us? Or is there any update for ClockworkMod Recovery?

  18. Phil says:

    Hi there,
    After i installed TriangleAway, I opened it. The current status is “Status cannot be determined, we need to reboot into a special bootmode! What should i do? I unrooted my phone but actually didnt change ROM or anything else. Maybe thats the reason?

  19. Mogen says:

    I have to send my phone away for warranty issues, so I have to unroot my phone.
    As software gets updated when in a workshop, is it possible to use my already backed up CWM image to get the phone as it was when rooted?
    Hate to do ALL that stuff over again :/ It is so personal now 😛

    Can Titanium Backup also do the trick maybe?

  20. G says:

    Hi Max your doing grand thing and I dont know enof words in english to expres
    We as comunity to help you intro questions and to buildup knowlig for all
    I have 2
    1, Can you install diferent contry stok Rom on you sg3 fex german vodafon -to englands tmobile
    2. Can we create table for karnel -rom compadibility and adventiges or dis

    Thanks to you and all comunity


  21. Max says:

    armin i dont recommend the updates unless u have a really good reason to that update doesnt update much actually anyways.

  22. Lewis F says:

    Hi! I’ve just used your method to unroot my phone, but 2 things haven’t seemed to work…
    1. when I went in to Triangle Away and reset the counter, when I went back in it couldn’t give me a status
    2. when I re flashed to a stock rom, the SuperSU app stayed behind and I can’t seem to remove it

    Is that ok on Triangle Away and is there anyway of removing supersu without doing a factory reset?

    Thanks from Lewis

    • Max says:

      Make sure you run Triangle Away app while you are still rooted. For SuperSu just run it then under Settings hit the unroot button, that’s it!

      • Lewis F says:

        I did run it whilst rooted and that’s what happened. I decided to do a factory reset and it ended up removing supersu that way

  23. Amjad says:

    Hi max i had exactly the same issue as ‘Lewis F’

    Hi! I’ve just used your method to unroot my phone, but 2 things haven’t seemed to work…
    1. when I went in to Triangle Away and reset the counter, when I went back in it couldn’t give me a status
    2. when I re flashed to a stock rom, the SuperSU app stayed behind and I can’t seem to remove it

    Is that ok on Triangle Away and is there anyway of removing supersu without doing a factory reset?

    Thanks from Lewis

    I openned SU and when to settings and choosed UNROOT completely and it actually unrooted my device.

    Still i am facing one issue, which is MOBILE ODEON and i can’t remove it and it keeps running at the back , even though if i stop and disable it from the services, it is still visible in applications and i can’t uninstall it.

    Also the screen which we get by pressing down,main button and power button, where we can see the samsung and official written and binary count =no, on top of it i can see ODEON is written , can you tell me how to get rid of that please.

    any help wil be very much appreciated.



    • Amjad says:

      this ODEON is written in RED Actually on top.

      what can be the reason?? did i missed something…

      everything else went fine, but also it is not updating the rom as well i have realized when my friend had received new update 2days back.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      OK here’s what I did. First I did the triangle away app to reset the binary count, then I went to Superuser settings and did unroot. Keep in mind, this DOES NOT UNROOT your phone. It only removes the SU, which is weird because SU app is the main thing that drives root, just like Cydia on iOS (ex-iPhone user lol). Then you have to follow Max’s instructions for MobileOdin and open the file you downloaded from Samsung updates website, and run it. This will unroot the phone, but for some reason the device status stays as modified, which will prevent Samsung updates. Now you have to do a factory reset by holding UPVOLUME+POWER+HOMEBUTTON, and select data wipe/factory reset . You will lose all of your data. It worked for me. The phone is set as new, I did lose my call logs, messages, settings, apps but I actually wanted to redo it anyway lol.

  24. saad says:

    hi max… thanks for all your amazing tutorials, i have rooted my S3 (internnationnal version) by following your steps but i noticed after that that my phone become a little laggy so i want to unroot it. the problem is i don’t have yet a microSD card in where i can backup my data, so i ask you if this method for unrooting will erase them or not.

    i appreciate your help.
    best regards

  25. Asrar Ahmed says:

    Hey Max, the unroot process worked. I can’t run the applications that requires the root permissions, but I still have the Superuser application, and the Device Status is still “modified”, hence I can’t get OTA updates from Samsung. What should I do to get rid of it? i really don’t wanna factory reset it i have so many things setup on the phone lol. thanks

    • Max says:

      You have to re-root. I don’t recommend OTA updates.

      • Asrar Ahmed says:

        Ya I did the re-root then did the unroot again, but the same problem. I went ahead and did the factory reset after unrooting, the device status went back to “Normal”, and not “Modified”, so I guess after doing this unroot process, you HAVE to do a factory reset. And for the Superuser application to go away, just like you said to someone above in the comments, you have to go to Superuser settings and select “prepare for unroot”. I just wanna hold back on until a perfect Jelly Bean ROM comes out. AOSP JellyBean for I9300 had its problems.

  26. amjad says:

    @asrar ahmad

    glad that ur issue is resolved. no one spoke abt ‘device status ‘ for sure and it is not mentioned in video either about it.

    if you read others comments n u solve ur issue keep the heart of mentioning their name than saying ‘someone else commented’.

    no harsh feelings but u should respect evryone here not just the one who post the video.

    anywys hv fun. 🙂

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      Yea it was Max’s comments that helped me. The reason I wanted to make sure the device status is “normal” is because when I connect my phone to Kies on computer, it’s not letting me sync my music and other stuff. and you can’t get the Samsung updates if the status is modified, although there updates don’t do much.

  27. amjad says:

    yes you are right about procedure. thats what max told us in video to do factory reset (recommended)it was same issue with me that i rooted n still superuser was there n unrooted superuser soft .i just realized it was replied by max but i had done it already.

    thanks for time buddy for posting valueable comments. tc

  28. umar says:

    hi max
    is it possible to unroot s 3 with the method as we use for s 2. i mean with computer odin? what is the benefit of using mobile odin?

    • Max says:

      ODIN works fine, I posted Mobile ODIN for people without access to a computer or have a Mac or Linux but I prefer using ODIN.

  29. kelvin burgos says:

    good afternoon friend help please .. my 9300 GT I s3 galaxy is unlocked for any carrier. and update the Samsung is not my country Venezuela. which firmware should I download for Unroot ….?? graciad

  30. Harsha says:

    Thanxz max.. It really works perfect as you’ve shown. Two thumbs UP!

  31. sky says:

    my s3 baseband version is I9300DDLF3. wHICH STOCK ROM DO I DOWNLOAD

  32. sky says:

    my s3 baseband version is I9300DDLF3. wHICH STOCK ROM DO I DOWNLOAD

  33. This is not my name. says:

    THANK YOU for helping me unroot. Certain apps would not work on a rooted droid which made me sad 🙁

    As a note to others, my phone (and those apps) would not recognise itself as unrooted until I did a factory reset. Just make sure you backup your message/contacts on google/samsung first.


  34. Flavio says:

    Hi man, I really appreciate this site, it helped me so much to first root then unroot my I9300.. post some more ROM reviews if you can I love them!

  35. Michelle says:

    Excellent tutorial I followed every step but I still have Mobile odin and Supersu on my samsung galaxy s3 after Step 13. Can you explain what is going wrong? And how to uninstall.

    Thank you in advance,

  36. CheeLap says:

    Hi, i was trying so hard to download Samsung_Firmware_GT-I9300_XME_I9300XXBLG1_Android_4_0_4 from the website, but the download failed half way every time… is there any ways that i can fully download the firmware? Thanks

  37. Mike says:

    Hey sir.

    I’m afraid i might have fucked up, my phone just keeps rebooting and showing the image when it’s flashing.
    Have i turned my phone into a useless brick?? 🙁

  38. Ben says:

    These download links for stock firmware are useless, the normal download link downloads about 10% in an hour then fails and the torrent link is downloading from another user at 10kB/s and says it will take over a day to complete, does anyone have the complete torrent they can seed for a while for me?

  39. Ronnie says:

    I want to unroot because there is a new JB firmware soon.
    I unrooted with superSU and it seemed the phone is unrooted.
    1. Is this a good or bad way to unroot. I’ve used stockroom. I will root again later so it’s ok some apps are still there. SuperSU did get removed.

    2. Will the phone get unrooted while flashing new ffirmware in kies? Yesterday my phone was rooted and I succeed to flash a update through kies and suddenly CWM was gone and root checker said no root

  40. MARK says:

    Hi Max need help mate got S3 i rooted it and all worked fine , modem firmware was XLG2 i tried to onstall RR jellybean 3.0.6 as i had on my S2 and it didnt work so i restored back to the Stock backup i made… problem now is every thing works but the phone it calls out and people can call me but cant hear anything the firmware on the phone now is19300xxlf5 could this be the problem ??


  41. MARK says:

    Hey Max sorry i meant Baseband how can i change it and where can i get it please


  42. Iwan says:

    Hey, If i were to update to jellybean , will I get to revert back to stock ICS?

  43. shahazad says:

    please advice a stockrom for my S3 the ones above cannot be extracted using winzip…its urgentt plzz

  44. karan says:

    Hi max…plz help my s3 shows has failed to respond this flashes sometime ….

  45. PutchPT says:

    Hello, im new to android and root/unroot/customRom stuff and i bought a S3. I followed instructions where to root it (success) and also installed custom roms (backup the original one) from xda website (success in a certain way) and now i would like to unroot it. The thing is i get “Error establishing a database connection” when i try to enter the samsung update site provided in the article from my phone or my PC, so is the site or serve down or its a problem from my end? Also i downloaded from xda website an international version of stock rom but i dont know if it will be good for me because of the country (portugal), or the country doesnt matter only the region!?
    One other question i would like to ask is about dangers installing custom, is there something you can tell me that i should worry about before trying a new rom? (sorry to ask you about others roms here, its just because i cant post in xda forum, dunno why yet).
    Oh, by the way gratz on your good articles max and vids here. Nice job, I SALUTE YOU!!! 🙂

  46. Varun says:

    hey max,

    do i need to flash the stock rom while unrooting even if im running just a rooted stock rom?

    keep up the good work =)

  47. Karkuro says:

    Hello, after unrooting my phone, my native Messages (SMS) application crashes every time. Do you know how to fix that ?


    • Grover says:

      I am having the same issue and it has been the same with two stock roms I download from Sam Mobile. I am not sure if it is because of me leaving “Inject Odin and SuperSU” ticked whilst flashing the stock rom as I still wanted the device to stay rooted but have the stock rom. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  48. James says:

    I followed the instructions but after installation I don’t get a connection to my mobile network. Just see a circle with line through it where the network bars icon usually is. Any ideas ?

  49. Uvoguine says:

    I tried this but it did not work. When rebooting my phone displays the first screen (Samsung GT-I9300 or Samsung Galaxy SIII, don’t remember) but then I’ve a black screen.

    I chose the last BTU ROM using ICS.

  50. TomNoob says:

    Followed the instructions right up to step 13 and then instead of choosing ‘wipe data’ I chose ‘reboot’ now my phone will only boot up to the samsung splash screen and I have no idea what to do! PLEASE please help, I’m in desperate need to get this back to stock and am really worried!

  51. Eldad says:

    My phone is factory unlock, will the unroot and flashing the newest firmware from the sites you mentioned will lock him to that country ?
    I bought the phone on eBay so I don’t know what was the original rom on it.
    Please help,

  52. Jack says:

    Superuser access is need , but could not be acquired. Are you rooted and did you give permission.

    I get this error and cant do anything

    please help

  53. Deepak says:

    I followed all the procedures, and unticked the inject odin & SuperSU.
    Still my stock message app is crashing…
    Please advice.. Did you face this issue?

  54. Alex says:

    Hi guys,

    Can someone show me where to download the stock rom for GS3 Wind Mobile version? I’d like to unroot my phone, but I don’t know how to proceed if I don’t have it. Is the T-mobile stock rom alright to use on my version?


  55. vatsy says:

    hi sry i am getting an ” unfortunately , messaging has stopped. ”

    what to do now plz say sry i m really worried 🙁 i ll cry plz reply

    i just unrooted n it happned 🙁

  56. Aileen says:

    Hi Max..After I unroot. Manual Mode is blinking. My Phone is not opening. What Shall I do? Thanks

  57. Paulo says:

    Max after i unroot my phone is stuck on the samsung boot logo!!whit the blue led blinking!!!what should i do??
    Help please

  58. jeremiah says:

    i cant change my dock icons can u pls help!!!!!!!

    • Max says:

      try a factory reset but make sure make a backup of internal and everything as that will most likely erase everything on your internal.

  59. jeremiah says:

    i cant change my dock icons can u pls help!!!!!!!

  60. Sharif says:

    Hey Max, i followed your link to samsung to get stock rom.
    they have it listed but there is no link to download it. what can i do???

    Stock ROM for my phone is VAU

  61. ivo says:

    i fcked up something and it keeps staying on samsung boot logo.
    I have successfully reset binary counter to 0.
    Will I be able to send it back to a place where I bought it with warranty so they can fix it?
    Or they will be able to see that it is rooted phone and they will send it back to me?

  62. sepz says:

    Just did everything like in the video, but after flashing with mobile odin i still got Custom Binary Download to 1 counts and System Status to Custom. Just Current Binary is set to Samsung official. How can i get System Status to Official too?

  63. achuhin says:

    Hi the device status of my unit is “Modified”, i think this is causing the problem in the OTA and kies updates. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  64. jo says:

    hey max..please please help me!!..after mobile oden finshed checking MD5 oden keeps turning on and off i removed my battery..and then i installed the battery back but mobile oden keeps flashing the screen on and off..what should i do? pleeeeeease help!!!!

  65. Adrien Angeldust says:

    Hi I wanted to install the OTA I received on rooted i9300. Installed the Triangle Away and did reset the counter. Then using the mobile Odin I successfully reflashed to stock. Note that I did not performed factory wipe because of all apps and settings I have in phone.

    After this i tried to install the update I received via OTA but it said it failed and that i have to use the Kies. I downloaded Kies and updated the device successfully to JellyBean. But when I look into the status it still shows me modified and everytime I check for available updates via phone it says it cannot be done because the device has been modified. If I enter the manual ODIN download with volume down+home+power it says that I am using the official. Is there any way how to rid of this system modified status ?

    • Max says:

      If you unroot back to totally stock ROM, it will get rid of it. Or also if you are on stock ROM, just remove root.

      • Adrien Angeldust says:

        Hi Max,

        I went completely step by step through the guide here except the final step of reseting the phone. It’s already unrooted by now. Used the stock ROM downloaded from samsung-pdates and performed this via mobile ODIN. Is then the final step of factory wipe necessary for changing the status from Modified to Normal ?

        • Adrien Angeldust says:

          Hi Max,

          I did the factory reset/wipe and it now shows correct Status as Normal instead of Modified. It might be handy to add this info into your guide that if you don’t perform the factory reset/wipe it doesn’t switch from Modified to Normal and one is unable to receive any OTA because of this.

  66. cihanleanne says:

    thanks buddy great just needed to sent it of warranty

  67. Jared says:

    Max, I tried to open the SuperSU but it shows a log saying that I have no SU binary installed and it can’t install for me. What should I do?

  68. Nam says:

    Hey Max, I tried opening Triangle Away and Mobile ODIN but my system said “SuperUser access is needed, but could not be acquired. Are you rooted and did you give permission?” So I’m thinking my phone is not rooted so it’s alright but I can’t download any updates – “Your software has been modified. Software updates are not available.” And my Custom Binary Download has 2 Counts. I was a noob and had no idea what I was doing, please help!!! I have a T-Mobile SGH-T999 Version 4.1.1 Kernel Ver. 3.0.31-370274

  69. whisper18 says:

    i trid to root my phone but its wents wrong now i cant even open my phone its broke how can i fix it pleas help me

  70. Predaarshan V.Chandran says:

    hi max! will my personal stuffs like images and contacts be restored after i unroot and wipe out data factory??

  71. eric says:


    It took me 12am-5am but i managed to get a broken rooted/new Chinese S3 unrooted and put on a european stock. Thank you.

  72. prashanth says:

    Hi Max,

    I followed the steps mentioned by you. My phone is stuck with samsung logo, when it was trying to reboot for the first time after flashing. 🙁
    Please help me.


  73. Sergio says:

    Hey max followed this step by step but the superuser app is still there & mobile ODIN too.

  74. efrain duenas says:

    Hi Max Please HELP!!!
    I know is the last day of the year but Please!!! i need HELP!!!
    I installed CM10 on my I9300 and accidentally installed GAPPS for sprint version 🙁 After the phone rebooted It only says ” Unfortunately Setup wizard has stopped” and it doesn’t let me go to settings or any app. It only keeps on saying that message and everytime I hit Ok it comes back.
    I’ve tried rebooting in recovery mode to restore my previous backups but none of them show, it only says there is no files found when I try to restore.
    I’m working on a Mac and I wonder If I can unroot the phone and install the stock firmware with Heimdall..
    I’m also downloading parallels to perhaps use Odin.
    I’m in a foreign country (Ecuador) and the internet speed is very slow. so It will take me forever to download all these stuff ( parallels, Windows..etc)

    Please anybody that can help I will be very grateful and in debt forever!!!
    Please reply as soon as you can!

    • efrain duenas says:

      I fixed the Hard brick…
      Downloaded Windows in my mac..
      Downloaded the stock firmware from the samsung webpage for the I9300..
      Downloaded the GS3 drivers for windows…
      Downloaded ODIN..
      Put the phone on Download mode..
      Open Odin
      Check PDA, choose the stock downloaded firmware..

      It takes 15 seconds..
      You’ll be back to stock.

  75. Sashankps says:

    Hey max.. I’ like your blogs and videos.
    So here it is… I rooted my s3..and stuck on to stock rom… I used triangle away
    . So there’s an “unroot” option in superSU … And I will factory reset it in Cwm and after that.. Will it ne ebough
    For me to claim warranty,? since I’m having charging issues! OR do I have to flash stock rom?
    Kindly reply,

  76. mrsd says:

    i have rooted my phone i9300. downloaded a app called font changer *root* . and all sudden my phone switched off on its on and my phone is stuck in the boot logo ” Samsung ” . is there anyway to get pass the logo ? or my phone is bricked ???

    • David Theodore says:

      I’m not an expert on this but if you have no better idea you could try to get to download mode and if recognised by Odin you can flash a Stock tar.md5 file. Or even better, you made a recovery right after rooting, so try to get into recovery mode and go back to that state.

  77. David Theodore says:

    Hi zedomax,

    wanted to thank you for all your work you do for android, really appreciate it. I would like to know which version of Odin you recommend. I’ve seen you using 1.85 by now I think 3.07. I tried Mobile Odin to unroot and get OTA Update for Exynos Fix but for some reason Mobile Odin would not recognise the installed Flash Kernel. So I tried to do it with Odin for Windows but I was not sure what version to use. I just used the 1.85 and everything worked fine. But one thing I noticed after is that my flash count stayed on 1 (was 1, not went from x to 1) after using Triangle Away app. I rooted with your new root method CF Root 6.4 and stuck with the Stock Rom. So I would like to know which version of Odin you recommend and if I can do something about the flash counter.

    Again thanks a lot for your work!

  78. Janick Bendtsen says:

    Hi. Will i loose CWM Recovery after unroot?

  79. Sadir Omer says:

    Hey Max, i just tried this method and i think the phone is bricked because after step 10 it just keeps on restarting… And i cant even go to download mode… What can i do?????? Pls help

  80. Sadir Omer says:

    Hey Max, i just tried this method and i think the phone is bricked because after step 10 it just keeps on restarting… And i cant even go to download mode… What can i do??????? Pls help

  81. Krunal says:

    Can this method be used if i am running a custom AOSP rom on my international Galaxy s3?

  82. Adam says:

    hey Max
    i just followed your steps to unroot my sg3 i9300 and after i clicked start flashing kernel the device restarted and stoped on samsung screen for the startup and no botton is working
    i don’t know what to do
    shall i remove the battery?

    • David Theodore says:

      Holding the Power Button for some time mostly reboots the phone then wait again, if it still doesn’t boot, pull battery and boot into Recovery, should be stock, then Wipa Data and Cache and reboot. If this doesn’t work then go to ODIN DLM and start from scratch xD Maybe download the tar.md5 file again, maybe it was faulty ;P (probably not the case)

  83. Ace says:

    Hi, Help if you can.
    since flashing ultima 9 on my phone it is stuck on the “Samsung GT-i19300” logo
    Tried flashing back to stock (also other custom ROM) using ODIN. everything works “PASS” but always gets stuck after the re-boot at the (“Samsung GT-i19300” logo) screen.
    As I can’t get past this phase I can’t install “triangle-away” in order to send my phone back to Samsung for repair,(binary count: 3, firmware :custom) do you have any suggestions?

  84. David says:

    I have followed the guide and its showing Samsung for binary status but still showing “modified” how can I change this.

  85. andrei says:

    trb sa iau romul care il avea tel inainte sau oricare?

  86. mitsulamorte says:

    at the end of the process will I loose all my data and apps?

  87. Hi I am using the International Galaxy S3 GT-19300 says:

    Hey, Just wanted some information. I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S3 international version. But I am having some trouble with it its gets stuck often. Someone told me that I had to download a different Fimware version for my phone? says there are two AP versions I9300XXEMA2 and I9300XXELLB? the first one has lots of performance issues where as the second one is bug free till now.. can anyone help me where I can find the new Firmware for my phone. thanx

    • Hi I am using the International Galaxy S3 GT-19300 says:

      o Never mind I should have checked the Samsung updates website…… If anyone wants to check which firmware version he/she has dial *#1234# and then back if you have rooted your phone and you’ll come upto a black screen showing you a couple of codes… the first should be AP:……. thats the one I am talking about

  88. Nubin Stanley says:


    I did all the steps mentioned. After i used the traingle away app, if i check in download mode, it shows that my binary counter is 0. But once i use mobile odin to put in the stock rom and after everything is done, the binary counter becomes 1 again !!!

  89. wilfredo says:

    Hi max, i did it with mobile odin and it the whole process but it stays in the samsung logo and doesnt start \ so i went back and use odin on my pc and again it finishes everything but stays in the samsung logo and never starts what can i do?

    • Max says:

      try reflashing cwm do a factory reset then unroot again. u can also use stock recovery to do factory reset but that will also wipe ur internal storage.

  90. steps to get your ex boyfriend back says:

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  91. xerox 8560mfp driver says:

    Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
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  92. Oscar says:

    I have a problem my phone does not pass the samsung galaxy s3 sceen, my phone is a GT-I9300 only rooted with stock rom. I want to unrooted but I can´t.
    Please help me!

  93. blog epozycjonowanierdm says:

    You can definitely see your skills in the work you write.

    The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say
    how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  94. Salman says:

    i had illusion rom on my S3 gt i9300 (international) . i unrooted with the stock ROM , exactly the way you described in ure Unroot galaxy video. Now it keeps replaying the Samsung Logo . I even tried through Odin on my pc… I got the Stock Rom from !

    Help me please!

  95. jacky says:

    I like your posts very much but yesterday night i wanted to unroot my samsung galaxy S3 (GT-I9300).i followed this method.everything was fine but when i clicked Flash Firmware after i checked the MD5,it didnt actually unroot my s3 but it rebooted and now it wont wont read any simcards.
    it wont notify also that there is no simcard,but will show a circle with a slash in the network bar.when i go to settings-more settings-monile networks
    they show

  96. Johnny says:

    Hallo Max
    My english is not very good hoop you understand
    Problem step 11 good but i see agen and agen the samsung logo upeers continulie
    So what can i do? hoop you ansher soon case im stuck tanks JohnnyD

  97. Shark says:


    Does unrooting like this delete all the information and data on the phone?

  98. says:

    I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  99. isketam says:

    Hello, my sg3 keep restarting after try unroot. I try hard reset but not working. Any solution?

  100. nathalie says:

    help, after the unrooting the phone keeps looping?

  101. Tellson says:

    Hi Max,
    After unrooting my S3 GT I9300 and installing a stock ROM (UK version), Kies 3 now tells me that….. ‘Your devices current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies’…..????
    I cannot sync contacts from outlook either????
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  102. mohsin says:

    Which file should i useto unroot s3 made in germany , currently on 4.1.2 , baseband version I9300XXEMG4 , Build number JZ054K.I9300XXEMG4

  103. ed says:

    hi max,
    can you please help me out?
    i have rooted galaxy s3 gt i9300 xxugna5 .
    now it does not connect to network anymore!
    everything works accept calling phonenumbers! there is no backup of the efs or what so ever. i flashed a stock rom but no succes! what can i do?
    manny thanks.
    greetz Ed.
    ps keep up the good work!

    • Max says:

      Was it working before? Did you try unrooting with stock firmware?

      • ed says:

        Hi Max,
        i have unroot the device and installed the original stock rom wich was I9300XXUGNA5_I9300TNLGNB3_I9300BOUGNB1_HOME.tar.md5
        I was out of luck this time. Flashed binary counter to 1 (for a strange reason, it wont go to zero) The problem still excists……cant connect to network! Its the first android device that gave me the creeps! I flashed dozens of roms and it worked always flawless accept for now! Anny suggestions?
        From the Netherlands i wish you all the luck and keep up the good work.
        Best regards Ed

  104. ed says:

    hi everybody….
    has anyone a sollution for the ”cant connect to network issue?”
    i’ve not the guts too flash a modem because somebody told me that it’s a dangerous action!

  105. John H says:

    Hi Max

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing here, keep it up!

    I really need help with my rooted GT-I9300 though. I flashed ParanoidAndroid about a year ago and it has served me well up until quite recently:

    I updated all my apps a few days ago and since then a few of them can no longer open and the phone is incredibly slow or non-responsive. So I was thinking of unrooting it, but after trying about a dozen times, I cant get MobileODIN to recognize the kernel that it asks for in the installation process, no matter what order I do the MobileODIN installation in.

    My TriangleAway app also does not reset the count as it did in your video.

    So I just want to know whether you have any advice pertaining to my problem or whether I should just try updating the Paranoid ROM?

    Thanks for your time and consideration, I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.

  106. json says:

    hello sir max!
    i have question. whats the first thing to do. full unroot supersu like in the top video then proceed to step 1? am i correct? or just proceed to step 1 when its still rooted? thanks cheers!

  107. John says:

    Hi, after doing all these can I update the software if there is any updates.

  108. John says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee replay fassssssssssst

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