How to Unroot/Unbrick Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 Back to Factory!

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Here’s a video tutorial showing you how to unroot your Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 completely back to factory.

Before you unroot, you can also use Triangle Away app to reset binary count.

This will get you completely back to day one when you got your new Verizon Galaxy S3, no traces of rooting whatsoever.

Also, if you do a “factory reset” (at end of video), IT WILL COMPLETELY ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE so make a backup of your photos and videos before following this unroot method!!!


Download Verizon Galaxy S3 Stock ROM (Latest BLK3, use this!!!)

Download Verizon Galaxy S3 Stock ROM (Older ALF2, don’t use this unless you are on ALF2)

Download USB Drivers (if needed)

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85 Responses

  1. JAY-YAK says:

    whats up Max ?

    hey i was wondering on the Galaxy S3 vzw us model ,why you cant , or if you can put shortcuts on the home screens like ,i used hold on home then shortcuts then settings ,and get the shortcuts to battery use , running apps,dictionary those shortcuts ,where did those go , and if im missing how to do that can u tell me how , or tell me why they are not there anymore ? because if i use holo launcher i can use them ,so i was thinking they must be on the phone somewhere , i just cant find them in the touch wiz launcher,or find any shortcuts , my email is , never sent a message on here so dont know if u gmail me or how it gets back to me ,

    and other things i was wondering what is a high batt temp and what is a low batt temp, and what is a high cpu temp and low temp ? and how hot is tooooo hot for both ? i have the synergy rom newest 1.3 running now , i figure since u have a phone running synergy , u could tell me ,im sure it will be the same temps from version 1.2 to 1.3 , or maybe you updated to 1.3 by now lol ! and could you or are you going to do a rom review of 1.3 they changed allot o shit between the 2 ,i like it ,the jelly animations are fast ! thanks in advance !!!!!!!!sorry so many questions but , i been wondering these things for like 6 days now!

    • Max says:

      Not sure on the shortcuts. Try using Bean’s Stock ROM, a lot of custom ROMs have high temperature problem, I am still in the search for the best ROM.

  2. JAY-YAK says:

    lol funny story ,like 6 days ago i went to verizon ,i had a droid charge ,u know the 4g flagship phone that never went anywhere,lol. i had holo launcher running on it so it looked like ics and the girl at counter asked me if i rooted it ,i was like whats rooting ? lol acting dumb , so she says its something ppl do to customize their phones lol, and if u did this it voids the warranty , knowing this i said no , so my charge batt was f-ed they didnt have one ,would take 5 days to get in mail ,so i got the s3 the blue one ,and love it ! then when i was about to leave i said to her besides the charge dont have a working RIL for the ics ROM that was made for it ,she just looked at me like ,u played dumb to me so well ha ha ha ha ! then smiled n said by !

  3. Steve says:

    Well I did the unroot to remove the custom icon on bootup and it worked great! But I still have one question is their a successful root method that wont trip the custom icon at bootup, or trip if you modify (freeze/unfreeze) system apps?

    (awesome helpfull site, btw)

  4. JBAD says:

    Mad Props to the MAN in charge of this site. He gave me some serious tips to get the variant image off my brand new Galaxy S3. It was a problem for me since I am a stickler for things to be perfect for an install. Someone thought it was funny to make a ROM with a funky image inside the boot up. This pissed me off so bad!!! But My man showed me the reverse route for the problem and now I am back to the original file format and will not be rooting again for a while.

  5. jay yak says:

    what was the Boot image picture of was it of something BAD.or what ?

  6. Carlos A says:

    You save my life =)

  7. Mike Lewis says:

    Hey Max,

    I tried this a few times, trying to get back to stock after cm10, which I loved but just want to get my NFC back. Anyway, I just get stuck at the Verizon boot screen every time. Any thoughts?

  8. kwickcut says:

    i came from the original droid and the upgraded to the droid bionic so i had a good background .. today i just bought the s2 and was not aware i needed to unlock the bootloader.. i rooted the phone then made a backup and then installed cyanagenmod and when the phone rebooted i received the message that i did not have the ctock software bla ba bla.. after searching the net for over 4 hours i finally came across your site… i followed this to the tee and it worked.. YOU ARE THE MAN THANKS

  9. jon says:

    Recently i have rooted and flashed the synergy rom used it for a while then flashed the paranoid android rom which failed to flash correctly. My phone lost the ability to get into recovery which i have a restore image. i have used odin to attempt to flash any other rom and none are working. i get a continuous boot loop. well now it goes to a black screen after galaxy screen. cannot bring into recovery custom or stock. i am attempting to flash this last rom in an attempt to recover the phone to factory and possibly start over with the synergy rom. if this does not work what can i do??? i can get into the download screen but literally that is all. thanks jon please shoot me an email if you get a chance. Love the site by the way

  10. Rob says:

    How long does it normally take the phone to restart? I have been stuck on the verizon 4G flashing for about half an hour.. This is the second stock rom i have been stuck with in the same never ending bootup.

    • Mike Lewis says:

      That’s way longer than typical. On first start up it shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes even. Typically much less. I would follow the instructions from Max above, do a factory reset. I had the same problem.

    • Max says:

      Yeah i am not sure what went wrong but if you are coming from custpm rom u might have to do a factory reset be aware this might delete everything in ur internal storage. If you dont want that reflash recovery and do a factory reset using cwm recovery then re do unroot that will allow you to keep ur data in internal.

  11. Rob says:

    Is there a way to hard reset through a button combo? because as soon as i turn it on it will be in the eternity of verizon logos ha

    • Mike Lewis says:

      Are you still having the problem that you previously posted about? Are you in a boot loop? Holding power button + home key + volume down will get you into odin.

      • Rob says:

        I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to flashing (captivate, fascinate, incred 1, charge). I had paranoid android and it was damaged messing with the settings where the “trebuchet” was FC and couldnt navigate the i couldnt access cwm to reset the rom, nor open cwm from a button combo to reflash it. so i have been stuck the past few hours trying to flash stock. But i did find a diff way to flash it “” here it says to uncheck auto reboot and some other new things so i will have to hope it works!

  12. Yesh says:

    I tried this and when I try to reboot the same screen pops up, that I have a custom rom press down for restart and up for download, and also when i did this thru odin, the phone started up like normal, it didnt ask for any backup assistant info or anything like that my texts and the calls and stufff were still there, any clue on what im doing wrong?

  13. steveo says:

    I used this to restore phone but I still have the superuser after I did this it restored everything back to factory but still have superuser and when I click super user it still opens and functions I did do factory reset also any suggestions as to why it would still be there ?

    • Jason says:

      I’m wondering about this as well. I just followed the process and the superuser app is still there. Is it truly un-rooted?

      Thanks Max, great site!

      • Max says:

        you might have to do factory reset.

        • Hoppyjoker says:

          I now have the same problem. I just gave my rooted S3 to my sad. He has taken it to the local Verizon store where they did a factory reset and downloaded all of his contacts, but he still has Super SU app on the phone. How do I flash the phone to take it back to stock specifications? Please advise.

  14. Bob says:

    Thank you for your video tutorial and this great website. My question/problem is after unrooting my vzw s3 and factory resetting the phone, my messaging app keeps force closing and wont open properly. I dont have cellular access to the network because I’ve moved onto a vzw iPhone 5, but still have wifi access.

  15. Jose says:

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to respond to my question, but I desperate for help. I recently tried installing CM10. My phone is stuck at the CM boot screen. I’m wondering if I should do a factory reset or is there any other way to try and recover my phone to re-attempt an older version of cm10?

  16. Mahek says:

    Im stuck on bootloop. I tried to unroot with this method but am stuck on bootloop. Is there any fix for this? This is he same problem as Rob above.

    • Mahek says:

      Got a fix, After you do this, take out battery, then hold volume up + home Button + Power button. After you get into recovery, do a factory reset and wipe cache. This should work after wards.

    • Rob says:

      The thing that fixed my issues was in Odin uncheck, auto reboot (or something of that nature). Then re flash the stock rom. Power off the device. Then factory reset in recovery.

      Do that exact order and it will work just right

  17. Rafael says:

    Hi, Friends!
    I just got my SGH T999 hard bricked… What you recommend for me to do?
    Thank u mery much!

  18. Christian Adams says:

    I did everything like you said, now I’m stuck in a boot loop? What do I do?

  19. Christian Adams says:

    i did this and got stuck in a boot loop

    • Rob says:

      Are you flashing a custom rom or back to stock?

      it sounds dumb but check and make sure everything is for your phone, i have gotten models mixed up before you can never be to sure

  20. Brian says:

    I installed a custom boot animation. When phone loaded the screen showed the Samsung and Galaxy logos but no boot animation. And then the phone booted up but nothing on the screen. I could see the flash when turning the screen off but other than that nothing. I’ve unrooted my phone many times through this method and never had any problems but now I’m stuck on the 4G LTE boot animation and I can’t factory reset since I can’t even see my screen. Any ideas?

    • Brian says:

      Should’ve clarified that I tried this method after I realized I couldn’t see my screen which resulted in the boot animation loop.

      • Max says:

        You can install CWM Recovery and do a factory reset:

  21. Rob says:

    Reflash the stock room with Odin, uncheck auto reboot in Odin. Then after it flashes use volume up, home and power button combo to factory reset the device

  22. VICTOR says:

    Did you know the Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 cannot receive software updates while rooted (at least mine can’t) I had to unroot it, install Verizon Update then Re-root, any comments?

    • Rob says:

      Yeah its so your device doesn’t get flagged and so you don’t lose your root. Instead of giving an error it will just say “unavailable”.

  23. Hollywood says:

    Zedomax will u ale to install a sprint S3 stockRom to a E4GT phone is it possible?

  24. Christian Adams says:

    I flashed the MIUI ROM. I lost my mobile data and could not receive calls. I tried flashing another ROM (CM10) same issue could not make calls. I used the Unroot/Unbrick method in this thread and still not able to make or receive calls. Anyone else ever had this problem?

    • Rob says:

      Check your IMEI and see if it matches the box, that or the SIM is fried. Because flashing a new Rom normally resets the radio if damaged.

  25. Robert says:

    Thanks for this man I locked my bootloader yesterday and later on in the day I had to restart my phone and when I did a weird message came up saying your software isn’t official by Verizon take your phone to Verizon for help it took me about 3 hours to get it back working mainly because of the slow computer I was using but now I’m stock again but it won’t update to jellybean my buddy has a stock s3 never been rooted and got the Rota update last week what should I do and thanks so much for putting how to unbrick your phone

    • wumifab says:

      pls when you got the message “software isn’t official by Verizon take your phone to Verizon for help it” how did you fix it. i currently have thesame issue with my device. if u used any file, i wont mind a link to the files so i can download them too. i use a verizon s3

    • wumifab says:

      pls when you got the message “software isn’t official by Verizon take your phone to Verizon for help it” how did you fix it. i currently have thesame issue with my device. if u used any file, i wont mind a link to the files so i can download them too. i use a verizon s3 thanks

    • wumifab says:

      pls when you got the message “software isn’t official by Verizon take your phone to Verizon for help it” how did you fix it. i currently have thesame issue with my device. if u used any file, i wont mind a link to the files so i can download them too. i use a verizon s3 thanks

      Apologies for repeating the question.

      • Ed Butler says:

        Having same problem but only took me a few minutes to re boot but would like to know if this is fixable or going to happen again if I reboot.

  26. Troy says:

    Hey max! Thank you for all the helpful videos, you’ve helped me SK much. I was wondering if there is a way to do a complete factory reset of everything but still keep root. I want to remove all backups I have and just completely start over. How can I do that?

  27. kashif says:

    I installed a rom recently and somehow i have 4g but my phone says searching for service and won’t allow me to make calls or receive incoming calls or text. I have unistalled the rom and replaced it and did factory resets. Please help I’m stuck

  28. Mike says:

    video not working

  29. justin says:

    Hey max when i went to root my gs3 i accidentally installed the root software under the phone category on odin instead of pda. What do i do im only experiencing minor issues but id like to do it right

  30. Ed Butler says:

    Ok yes I am new to this and did Root my S3 without a problem…..until I tried to back up current rom in rom manager when my phone re booted it gave me the custom unlock symbol an the verizon statement was going to un root when I rebooted useing the down vol key home power sequence an the phone gave me a option I choose cancel an the phone booted up……is this a problem or did I cause it. Guess I ok unless phone re boots lol.
    Awesome site thanks.

  31. steve says:

    I followed the process to unroot and everything went fine except now my phone can’t find my location for anything. I was wondering if something went wrong cause it seemed everything went smoothly.

  32. zebahn says:

    Hi Max

    I rooted my phone and have been enjoying the AOKP Rom last couple of month. Thanks to you.
    I am having some signal issue and calls getting cut at my house and concluded that it was a phone issue (cause other phones in same network -verizon – didn’t have any problem)

    I am contacted Verizon and they are sending me another phone.
    I want to unroot my SCH-I535 back to factory and I have one question.

    I have flashed my radio (baseband) to I535VRBLK3
    I noticed that you have to root your devise with a rooted rom that matches the baseband.

    Do I need to find stock rom that matches the baseband in order to unroot?

    Thanks in advance~

  33. Brian says:

    Video is not working. PLEASE FIX OR RE UPLOAD. It would be greatly appreciated if you made a new root method for the Verizon Galaxy S3. I want to unroot from CM10 to Touchwiz Jellybean. PLEASE HELP

  34. Ace says:

    Hi, Help if you can.
    since flashing ultima 9 on my phone it is stuck on the “Samsung GT-i19300” logo
    Tried flashing back to stock (also other custom ROM) using ODIN. everything works “PASS” but always gets stuck after the re-boot at the (“Samsung GT-i19300” logo) screen.
    As I can’t get past this phase I can’t install “triangle-away” in order to send my phone back to Samsung for repair,(binary count: 3, firmware :custom) do you have any suggestions?
    Ps. also tried CWM. This went through the process, stuck at boot logo ( updated my binary from 1-3 🙁 )

  35. Mahek says:

    After doing this, now i cannot access recovery by pressing volume up + home + power. What can i do, it shows that i have binary count 1.

  36. Ace says:

    After an fuctUpdate of a Custom rom, my s3 got stuck at the samsung logo, which means I couldn’t get triangle away. Using Odin I could return to stock but the phone still showed custom software and binary 2 counts. After 3 days of digging through forums and trying every suggested fix. i sent the phone to samsung for repair. 3 weeks later a shocking €233 for a new mainboard. I had to bite the bullet.
    Does anybody know how (don’t say leave as stock ) I could have avoided this situation ?

  37. Luis Jaramillo says:

    good afternoon friend convert possibility exists S3 SCH-530M model, this model is in CDMA and I need to pass it as GSM operators work with GSM Venezuela

    Thanks for your time

  38. Bo says:

    I had my phone rooted. I factory reset it and then didnt have super user anymore so i rooted it again. Only this time when I tried to turn it on, it wont go past the blinking 4g lte screen. So then i unrooted it and still have the same problem. Anyone know what i did wrong? My friend said I may have bricked it, i dont even know what that means. Help

  39. Bo says:

    I had my phone rooted. I factory reset it and then didnt have super user anymore so i rooted it again. Only this time when I tried to turn it on, it wont go past the blinking 4g lte screen. So then i unrooted it and still have the same problem. Anyone know what i did wrong? My friend said I may have bricked it, i dont even know what that means. Help

  40. David S says:

    so i was trying to flash a rom like i done many times but this time my phone when dead when i restarted it now the when i connect it to my computer it shows as qualcomm qhsusb_dload, i try everything but have not noting works help!!!! 🙁

  41. Nathan says:

    You probably don’t want this type of stuff on here….but I’m going to say it anyways. Thank you so much! I was stuck on an uncooperative CM 10 and this helped so much! You’re the best!

  42. dan says:

    is this the same way to unroot a gs3 with twrp? same model

  43. sean says:

    hey max do i need to lock the bootloader before i unroot my s3 i need to send it back to verizon so don’t wanna screw it up.

  44. Zach says:

    Followed to the “T” not getting the failed message. Rebooted in recovery, wiped, works ok. Try to flash new ROM now getting the go to Verizon message. Assumed its the bootloader but EZ Unlock is not available on the play store anymore. Thoughts?

  45. Jesus says:

    Hey dude i had a problem rooting my phone on your other video and now i tried to un root it and it wont turn on or anything
    is it bricked ?!?!?!?

  46. Chris M. says:

    Can you please provide me with a link to the stock recovery for Verizon sch-i535? I saw in your video that if you unroot it does not remove custom recoveries like TWRP which I flashed to my phone. So I think I need to remove TWRP first and then unroot if I followed along correctly. Please let me know any suggestions. Thanks!

  47. Bob Sowell says:

    SO I have a big question, I have the version galaxy i535 completely updated with newest packages and I used your program to unroot my phone and it told me I had the wrong firmware on my phone and I need to contact Version now. So I tried to re root it through odin and when I run that it fails..Any ideas?
    Please Help thank you

  48. Bob Sowell says:

    Ok I figured out that problem. My problem is Verizon did and update last week on Canadian wifi, which I didn’t need considering I will never go there with this phone. But it wiped out my root and when I try to reroot my phone it tells me I have the wrong firmware, is there a new root for the Verizon sch-i535?

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