HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM!

Hey Galaxy S3 users!

I wanted to share a ROM I am starting to build, it’s in its infant stages(notice version 0.2) so this ROM isn’t for everyone.

I wanted to build a ROM for especially for noobs, for those of you who are just getting into the game. I do receive a ton of emails from noobs being totally disappointed after trying advanced ROMs like CM9/CM10. But those custom ROMs aren’t always meant for noobs and beginners who are just getting into Android rooting and ROMs so I wanted to build a ROM that gives you extra features without sacrificing stock ones so they can slowly transition to other great custom ROMs ou there.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions and you are a total boob and want certain features added/removed, let me know and will work on the next versions.


Click Here to See Video Overview


  • Built off Stock ROM (USB Kies and everything else works from stock)
  • App2ExtSD Hack (Save Apps to microSD) (v0.3)
  • Custom Boot Animation support
  • Wifi Tether
  • 15-toggles
  • Extended Power menu
  • Jelly Bean Boot Animations
  • Google Now
  • Speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi (3G/HSPA+ only for ATT/T-Mobile)
  • Power saving features
  • Graphic acceleration for your photos/videos
  • Deodexed/Zipaligned
  • SuperSU
  • Compatible with USB Kies
  • Some or Most Bloatware-removed (depending on carrier for v0.2)
  • More coming soon! (Let me know what you really want!)
  • I left all bloatware on for now (slowly removing one by one, please tell me which one you think absolutely isn’t needed)


AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747
v0.3 Added Init.d support for kernel and App2SD Hack
v0.2 Added Custom Boot animation support, 15-toggles and native Wifi/Bluetooth tether (thanks to Electron73!), 4-way power menu (thanks to magn2o!), and AT&T bloatware removed.

v0.1 Based off Stock UCALG1, Jelly Bean Animations, GoogleNow, speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.
T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999
v0.3 Added App2SD, allows you to store apps on External SD.(thank to Mattiadj)
v0.2 Added Custom Boot Animation Support, Extended Reboot Menu(thanks to Clark44!), 15-toggles (thanks to Electron73!), some bloatware removed.
v0.1 Based off Stock UVLEM, Jelly Bean Animations, GoogleNow, speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.
Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535

v0.3 Added Init.d support for kernel and App2SD Hack
v0.2 Added Custom Bootanimation support, Hacked native wifi tether/15 toggles blue menu (Thanks to electron73!), 4-in-1 reboot menu (Thanks to scrosler!), and init.d support with insecure kernel (thanks to scrosleragain!)  YOU MUST UNLOCK BOOTLOADER FOR VERSION 0.2 AND HIGHER FIRST!see here
– Removed some bloatware: Kindle, MyVerizon, and Yahoo widgets. Will keep removing more slowly.
v0.1 Based off Stock VRALF2, Jelly Bean Animations, GoogleNow, speed tweaks for WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.

Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710
v0.3 Based off VPALG7, added Init.d support for kernel and App2SD Hack, Google Wallet works.
v0.2 Added Custom Boot Animation Support, Extended Reboot Menu(thanks to Clark44!), 15-toggles (thanks to Electron73!), some bloatware removed.
v0.1 Based off Stock VPALEN, Jelly Bean Animations, GoogleNow, speed tweaks for WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.



Download HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747 (also works for Canadian SGH-i747M and models starting with i747)

Download HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

For T-Mobile, please make sure to install HighOnAndroid kernel (use install from sdcard option after installing ROM) to fix battery issues.
Download HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3 SGH–i535
Download HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

How to Install ROM

If you are coming from a stock ROM, you don’t need to wipe/factory reset!
If coming from any other ROM, please do wipe/factory reset!

*Note – This ROM is for NOOBs and for those of you who want to stay stock but get better performance/features over stock ROM.

P.S. I support the noobs. We were all once noobs asking the dumbest questions in the world, no there’s no such thing as a dumb question, that’s how you get smarter. Without noobs, we wouldn’t have any experts.

174 Responses

  1. amos says:

    your awesome max , your site is where i got my start into rooting then eventually into flashing roms on my epic 4g touch, keep up the great work.

  2. Jose Luis says:

    Hola Max
    Gracias x todo esto nuevo que nos traces…
    Siempre nuevas Roms.
    Gracias x tu trabajo

  3. Emmanuel says:

    I really like the features of the stock Rom, so I am hesitant to switch to jelly bean Roms. You knew just what we wanted. Where is the donate button?

  4. Ilya says:

    you said we could receive OTA updates with this rom, is that true?

  5. BradyBones says:

    Do you have plans for adding bluetooth tethering? I’m going to go with this rom, but I did love that functionality in my Cognition rom for my S1 Captivate.

    Thanks for all the hard work!!!!

  6. sebastian says:

    Ok so ive just installed it on my rogers i747 and when it booted up it shows at&t logo. I just kind of started laughing and then used titanium backup and removed bloatware.

  7. jason says:

    and i loving the idea of having the option to REMOVE unwanted apps!
    hopefully your rom has options like custom notification toggles ie brightness, airplane mode, data switch etc.
    switching to different notification colour schemes would awesome but hopefully thats optional or have a rainbow of colours to choose from.

    cpu sleeper for better battery?
    awesome beats for better sound?
    native call recording support?
    youtube with download button?

    Camera is VERY important to me as i use it everyday so im worried about flashing to another rom and losing the AWESOME camera features on the S3.

  8. giovanni says:

    how exactly does this work? will it be automatically updated every time you make changes or will we need to come back to the site to download a new zip file? thanks i really appreciate it

  9. Ilya Borisov says:

    I have a Verizon model, and it won’t connect to 4G, just 3G. Anyone else mention this problem?

    • Max says:

      you probably have a corrupt data while installing roms, try a reset under settings which will fix the issue but make a backup of ur whole internal storage as it will wipe everything. After that you can reflash roms and 4g lte should work fine it happened to me yesterday.

  10. shiv says:

    It would be nice 2 have MX Camera Mod and AwesomeBEATS and overclock

    Thanks for everything Max, so ill stay HIGHONANDROID…

  11. Ilya Borisov says:

    Is that a new Verizon update!?

  12. TehWez says:

    How do I disable the Google voice dialer double tap of the home button? I want to make it launch good now, the voice dialer is abyslmal. They’re must be a way to have the double tap launch Google now instead.

  13. NEFTALI says:

    MAX or ANY ONE please help me. Ive been wanting to flash this rom to my phone and it has failed evrytime. so i always go back to stock rom that i have backed up. except this time. its not there and i cant restore it what can i do to get my phone to work again?

  14. hakan says:

    Hi Max,

    I like your Rom very much.

    Thank you very much for all work. I like to ask you is that possible to remove stock email apps with red color an it install Nexus Jelly bean email apps with yellow color. I really hate stock email.

    Please let me know.

    Best regards,


  15. alex says:

    How come my phone mdg and toggles are not working with the v0,2 ? i have the canadian version of sgh i747m with telus mobility

  16. Ilya Borisov says:

    I just wanted to say I greatly appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. To me, this Rom is perfct and it just keeps getting better and better. I love the stock experience but with your tweaks or makes it the perfect OS. A suggestion I would make is getting beats audio.. and take your time on this. You are doing a great job with the quality and I look forward for future updates.

  17. Terrell says:

    When you say “If you are coming from a stock ROM, you don’t need to wipe/factory reset!
    If coming from any other ROM, please do wipe/factory reset!”, Kind of confused there. I just rooted my SG3 for the first time using your method shown in the video about rooting. I have not flashed any ROM yet so do I need to wipe/factory reset since I only just rooted my phone the way u did or what? Also, should I turn off the phone then boot up in recovery mode that way OR should I just reboot in to recovery using ROM manager? Thanks for all of your videos/support and being HIGH ON ANDROID!

  18. Derek says:

    I just got HighOnAndroid v0.3 flashed to my At&t I747 and it seemed like everything was going good. I mounted an external SD card and set it up to save photos to that drive. Now comes the crazy issue… I used ROM Manager to create a backup of my ROM. It seemed to work perfect, but once it reboot, I noticed that my phone has now somehow flipped the files between the internal and external memory! All of my system files and apps are not showing under /mnt/extSdCard and my picturs are showing under /mnt/sdcard!!! Any ideas what is going on here? How can I fix this. I am afraid to even unmount my sd card now. Please help!

    • Derek says:

      Sorry Max. Just realized this was intentional with that app2sd hack. I think I reverted it and removed the hack… Loving the ROM other than that! Keep up the great work!

  19. Brian says:


    Thanks again for the hard work. I have what I think is a silly noob question. I successfully flashed my first Rom, high on android. I really like it. I had to reinstall all my apps. Is that normal? Will I have to do that each time I flash a new Rom? Thanks.

  20. Keith says:

    I am trying to get rid of the Apps2SD hack on this Rom. I don’t like the way it switched the external with the internal memory. How did you end up doing it?

  21. amir says:

    hi i have a question this rom work on other operator

  22. Mike says:

    I have a canadian galaxy s3 i747m and it installed perfectly but now there is an annoying device management connecting to dm server. I’m guessing it’s because i installed the at&t version cause it says something about an update that was cancelled and it had to do with at&t. Also my swift keyboard 3 keeps saying that the language pack failed or something like that, I tried redownloading the english language pack but the download fails even on wifi.

  23. Dave says:

    I have rooted my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 535, and was wondering if your, or any ROM will unlock it to work on other networks.

    • Dave says:

      Basically asking if this ROM does a SIM unlock, so I can use a SIM from a different carrier while in Ireland. (Vodafone Data SIM).

  24. Joel Molin says:

    I must start by saying great work there guy! I Downloaded HighOnAndroidROM_SGH-i747_v0.3.zip on my new rooted Samsung S3 SGH-i747M (Rogers) Afterwards I rebooted it all went find as far as I could see with the exception that I can only hook up to a 3G signal now. Before in the same location I was always in 4G. What happened? Is there a fix? Little freaked out because I’m as green as one gets in this field. 🙂

    • Max says:

      You might want to try doing a reset in Settings, I had to do that once, this happens when your data gets corrupted while installing new ROMs. But it will erase everything on your internal storage so make a backup of everything beforehand.

  25. Tony says:

    Hey Max..

    Great work. I do have one problem. Just installed on my verizon S3, when I take a picture then try to see it it says ” cannot upload picture” and I am not able to see any photos I have taken. Where is it storing them? Am I missing a setting somewhere?” Rom is just what I was looking for. If I can solve this it will be perfect!

    • Max says:

      Try setting storage to phone and also you can format your microsd card to save to there also.

      • Tony says:

        not sure how to do that. can’t seem to find where to set this. Help would be appreciated.
        All my photos have been switched to the ext sdcard. videos are still on the internal card. Is there a way to switch the settings back? Saw2 the post above but not quite sure how to do that. The file I took since I installed the rom is on the ext card but it still wont load. I can find it, just won’t load. Ideas?

        • Max says:

          There’s a settings button in the camera while it’s running. Also you can remove the file in /etc/init.d OR you can also just leave microSD card out during boot then re-insert when done booting.

          • Tony says:

            Just removed the /int.d as you did in the Apps2 hack video. Rebooted, everything works perfect! My settings button on the camera did not give me a storage option. All is good. I put JB on my wife’s Nexus and have been wanting google now ever since. Have the nexus 7 tablet with g now so this make’s it complete. Thanks for all your hard work Max!! Will be watching for your newsletter. No Donate Button????

  26. Tony says:

    Actually it syas ” Unable to load photo”

  27. Tony says:

    Any chance of getting driving mode back in toggles?

  28. Thomas Morrow says:

    Hi Max – I’m a real Android noob. My Verizon Galaxy S3 locked up on the Droid Downloading screen while I was installing the High on Android ROM – v 0.3. No matter how I restart, I only get the Downloading screen. Any ideas?

  29. Joshua says:

    Unroot it, this happened to me with my tmobile galaxy s3. After i unrooted it, it worked great. You can reroot it after that and try flashing that rom again

  30. Benny Lo says:

    Hi, Im a noob for android. I dont know why I cannot transfer files into the internal or external memory after installing the rom. I tried kies and also dragged some songs to the phone directory. doesnt work

  31. Kris says:

    Max, I’m a noob, but figuring out fast that the only way to learn is by doing. So, I have a question about how to falsh back to stock ROM. I flashed the CM10 and thought it was pretty good; however, I miss certain things like 0 shutter lag. Camera isn’t that great on that build, so my question is how to flash back to stock. I thought I backed up my stock ROM in ROM Manager, but when I reboot into recovery I click on the clockwork mod backup and it says folder empty. Again, I’m a noob, so I eager to learn, but made this mistake. Know any way to help me get back to stock?

  32. Asir says:

    Hi, thanks for this great rom, just have some details like when u use double tap appear google voice dialer if someone know how change to svoice can share the solution?, and the google voice search just works on english cant change language. but is a great rom I love the battery administration and I using this rom and waiting for ur update vertion of jelly bean rom

  33. soc kerdad says:

    HiOh Max,
    I got OTA update pushed today and was wondering what is the best way to handle it for ?
    Galaxy S3 rooted running Highonandroid v03.

  34. Stan Lesley says:

    Max in next High on Android version can we have youtube downloader app, call recorder and some other cool goodies? also an option for disabling apps2sd would be nice….i know you can just delete a file but for uber noobs the option to choose would be great!

  35. Stan Lesley says:


    once you flash recovery zip with odin than pull battery and go straight into recovery. this is simplest method.
    also sometimes if you flash odin pull battery run clockwork than reinstall superuser zip and choose yes to allow recovery not to allow flashing previous recovery works.

  36. brobee says:

    installed by clearing cache, resetting and still having issues by not having the pull down menu?? unable to see battery, cell connection etc….any ideas?

  37. kdapaah says:

    Max, any idea why I still get update notifications after installing v0.3? By the way, this is exactly what I needed in a ROM; high powered stock – perfect! Thanks

    • Max says:

      I gotta update the ROMs soon with the updates!

      • Hi Max,

        Does the AT&T v0.3 HighOnAndroid rom also include your HighOnAndroid kernel?

        Love your ROM! Does v0.3 with it’s Added Init.d support for kernel and App2SD Hack require the battery fix that is in the stand alone jernel? I’m experiencing terrible battery life at times.
        I greatly appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.
        Can hardly wait for the updates to come.

        • Max says:

          Yup and yup but this ROM is a bit out of date, I am not developing any more roms atm as I just don’t have time for it.

  38. dylan e says:

    this rom was the first one a flash when a got my s3……..i cant flash any other roms now…..i try to flash cm10 and other…..give me the same error everytime… what wrong

  39. Michael says:

    Love the rom, quick question do i need the software update from at&t. I went to update my software and downloaded the new ota update it downloaded then went to restart phone and it started to install and halfway through it aborted and said that it could not verify the contents of package. I dont think i need the ota update but just wanted to know.

  40. Tom says:

    Where are the actual directions for installing the ROM? I’ve found the directions for rooting and I’ve done that. However, I found no actual step by step directions on how to install the ROM. What am I missing?

  41. Michael says:

    I saw on xda developers – pimp my rom, can i use it on this and it is worth it also what does it do

  42. Michael says:

    I have installed roms before and played with them. This rom is cool, i like it, cause the stock rom that is on the s3 is not really bad. But i am thinking of switching to the liquid smooth jelly bean rom. one quick question will the [MOD]App2ExtSD2 work on this. I have your high on android kernel. But i might switch to KT747 Kernel, what are your thoughts.

  43. Iwan says:

    Anyways, if you have any suggestions and you are a total boob and want certain features added/removed, let me know and will work on the next versions.

    You might wanna edit the total ‘boob’ to “noob” up there.

  44. Michael says:

    this is for the liquid smooth rom i just flashed. when i go into camera it doesnt reconize my sdcard and in settings there is not a location tag where i can store the pics to my card, it doesnt even save pictures to my phone. It takes pictures but does not save. Also i have the phone to play a song when receiving texts and certain notifications, but sometimes the song keeps playing when reply. The only way for it to get to stop is rebooting the phone. I think i need to do a data/factory reset and start over, do i ?

    • Michael says:

      about the camera issue got it working, tried several data/factory resets and both caches cleaned and a couple of reflashes, it still did not work. So i went to xda-developers.com and downloaded the samsung camera v1.63 jellybean mod. and presto the camera storing my pics works now. So if anyone has the same issue do what i did and get camera mod. I forget the link so you will have to look. Again this is for the liquid smooth jellybean rom.

  45. Michael says:

    Hey Maxx this is another question for the liquid smooth rom. Since i have liquid smooth rom RC3 on m phone but i want to flash to RC5. Do i need to to a complete wipe or can i just flash the RC5 and just wipe the caches.

  46. john says:

    yes max when i go in to cwm my back ups dont work its saying files not found i have to flash another rom kinda annoying sometimes. so i think i seen others are having this issue as well i put the files on both partitions sd and external wierd. great rom though cant wait for update att version i like touchwix based roms cm 10 is kinda dual

  47. Chris says:

    Hey Max,
    Great Rom!! I noticed when I take a picture it won’t load if I have it directed to my sd card. Works fine if using internal memory. Have you noticed this?

  48. Chris says:

    I received a replacement phone just the other day. I flashed this rom before I received the ota. How do I download the ota? I keeps asking me to download.

  49. Chris says:

    Need help with the ota update it keeps asking me to install. I keep deferring it but it’s getting annoying. I re flashed back to stock and tried to push the update, but no update on stock. How do I fix this Max?

  50. Storm says:

    Hey man, you saved my life with the solution for the Galaxy Note 10.1. So great. I have had CM9 for my GT-I9300 for SO long now and I’m a bit sick of it. To be honest, I want to go back to something that is like the original stock ROM with all the Samsung Apps that come with the phone. However, I don’t feel like taking the risk of going into JB just yet so what I’m wondering is if you have any ICS Roms for the GT-i9300?

    Anyways, thanks a lot for all your hard work! Appreciate it!

  51. Arthur says:

    Max I have finally got the courage to root my galaxy s3 and the Highonandroid ROM is my first choice to use but how do I get this ROM on my phone there is no tutorials that I have seen on the sight. Please give me step by step instructions.

  52. Joh says:

    Hey max all the comments I have previously posted about having trouble switching roms that were backed up I can officially confirm that I am a noob and am fastly getting a better thanks to maxs help he shows steps u Gotta take in detail more than then anyone on xda would after that it’s just easy I was on your computer rom for awhile but trying cm10 out m2 for three days now at first I didn’t like it no apps2sd hack and all the files are on that sdcard but I switched back to your custom stock today to backup contacts just saying thanks for the tutorials on roms and some day I might run into a problem but till then waiting on update to your rom and learning. Zedomax is the man

  53. Joh says:

    Arthur you download it the go into custom recovery cwm u have to install cwm/rom manager each time u wanna flash on stock On rom manager click flash clockwork mod recovery pick your model then boot into recovery find maxs rom file and click it u have to look in the sd card till you do it you’ll never understand what u can do in that recovery menu till u explore the it hope I helped some if u still needed it

  54. Arthur says:

    Thanks joh so once I root it and put super user and titanium backup then put ROM manager and from the rom manager I put the highonandroid ROM on my phone correct me if I’m right.

  55. Joh says:

    Yea after u do the root and have super user download rom manger cause like he says in the video the custom recovery gets rewritten over so download rom manager it will ask for su access click grant then click the top button on rom manager flash recovery pick your version and it will say downloading have his rom in a folder already the it will say rwciry something installed on then u can install the rom right from there if u have it on internal memory card. Or click reboot into the recvory believe me once u do it ull understanding will be a lot better than u thought.

  56. Carmen Tsang says:

    Thanks Max, i am using SIII from Wind Mobile Canada and my phone is working great and your rooting method is absolutely working. Now i am have one question. What two files i have to delete after rooting? I cannot find any information about it (previous you mentioned that you would update about how to remove these two files in the website but i can’t find it). Thanks you so much again

  57. Smoofy says:

    Max, you are awesome! Your sites have been a constant guide to me since I’ve been high on android. I’m learning my way around rooting and roms., but still consider myself a noob. I’m running CM10! M2 on my S3. The only thing I really miss is the camera. Is there a way to put the stock camera in CM10?? I am considering your v0.3 but I like the Cm10
    Thanks again for all your work!

  58. Arthur says:

    Joh so before I root my phone I can connect my phone to my Mac and download highonandroid to my Mac and then download it to my phones internal sd card. Then once I root add superSU, Titanium back up and rom manager I flash clowork mod recovery to back up my stock rom and apps then enter into recovery go to my internal sd and download the highonandroid to my phone then reboot my phone and highonandroid rom will be on my phone. Please correct me if I’m wrong. PS do I have to do a data wipe and cash wipe before I add highonandroid or since I have a stock rom and highonandroid doesn’t remove stock apps do I just download it.

  59. Arthur says:

    Hey Max is your Highonandroid ROM on ROM Manager’s list of ROMS?

  60. John says:

    Hey max what rom u currently like or which is your favorite style. Also my power button is getting to be really tight when I push it in it doesn’t wanna pop out this happen to u when ever.

  61. jon says:

    Hi I have the verizon galaxy s3. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any ROM that keeps the cool s3 functions, like camera, smart alert, etc. but also has the crt animation. I’m running cm10 right now and I really like it, but I miss those things

  62. John says:

    On white attt i747

  63. Mark says:


    I can’t delete the file for the App2sd hack. It says it can’t be deleted. I am using ex file explorer with root enabled. Any suggestions.

    Thank you and great rom.


  64. florad77 says:

    Hey Max
    Does the AT&T HighOnAndroid rom download also include your HighOnAndroid kernel?
    And what file do i have to delete to remove the App2SD hack?

  65. cjarzaga says:

    I was wondering if you can add folders to this rom. also i lost my stock gs3 rom for verizon and need a backup. do you know where i can get one. one more thing the galaxy note gallery would be a nice addon. thanks

  66. Arthur says:

    He max are u gonna update the highonandroid rom with the 4.2 jellybean features?

    • Derek H says:

      +1… I am definately interested in getting the features in highonandroid with the new jelly bean update. I am most interested in keeping the built in hotspot mainly. Any plans on this Max?

  67. Michael says:

    This looks perfect for me! My only question is does it support WiFi calling on T-Mo? This is a mission critical feature for me. Thanks for a great page packed with info for us NOOBs!

  68. Griff says:

    When will this rom Jelly Bean?

  69. Bryant L says:

    Hi Max,

    I flashed with v0.3. It is working great. I have issue here, it shows H+ instead of AT&T original 4G icon. How can I get the AT&T original 4G icon back just as stock rom.


  70. Tevs says:

    What version of android are these?

  71. Adrian says:

    So I downloaded Highonlife rom and in my settings it still shows that I’m running on 4.0.4. Also, a software update pop ups I click download and then it requires that I restart my phone but when it takes me to the recovery mode and from then I click reboot now. After that it says that the update has been interrupted. What should I do?

  72. John says:

    Adrian you should stop trying to update it there is no over the air on this rom that will go away don’t look for updates on the rom.

  73. Adrian says:

    Ok I figured that out, thanks for the reply. If I want the full JB update I just have to install a different ROM correct?

  74. John says:

    Yea if your looking for a touch wiz ROM try the serenity port that max has posted found that ROM to be very good but if your new to this just make sure you follow the steps very easy and flash your ROM for your model.also just to let you know max ROM is the most stable rooted ROM I used but had to move on now I use serenity and cynagen I recommend the serenity ROM if u like touch wiz.

  75. Adrian says:

    Will check that out soon. This is the first time that I have ever rooted a phone, so I think it’s a good idea for me to get used to this noob Rom first before I move on. But for future reference every time that I want to change my Rom I have to back up every with titanium backup and then wipe the old Rom inn recovery mode and install the new Rom from the zip file right? I think I have that down right. Once again I appreciate the feedback!

  76. John says:

    Basically do you use xda developers. Well eventually u will if u don’t it gives us support a d adv ice on ROMs and there not as nice as Max put it that way. Anyways since I was once a noon I like to take time to help others out but on xda do a lot of reading. Anyways basically always have a backup made of your rooted ROM and tad bit of info max ROM is tied into your external SD so that became a little bit of an issue making the switch when I was a noob

  77. John says:

    So let’s say when you wanna transfer titanium backup have that backed up to the cloud Google drive drop box one of them. Cause I couldn’t figure how to transfer but yea the extended memory is nice. Anyway yea when u are using a ROM back it up oftently like once a week or two then delete old backup if ya don’t ya lose shit put it that way updates,, text messages yea. And have your ROM backed meaning the one your on right now. Let’s just say my stock is backed up but I can’t get into it yea don’t know shit happens.

  78. John says:

    Yea backup ROM then wipe data then cache and advanced dalvik cache go to YouTube watch Joe Levi pocket now power user edition there’s like 7 lessons. Then flash zip/ROM and it’ll just go from there good sources very important with the ROM hope I helped watch the series pocket now.com explained a lot of what every thing is used for.

  79. Kwame says:

    Help! Just flashed the tmobile rom and now my phone is stuck on the boot animation!

    • Kwame says:

      Problem solved! Had to factory reset, though I thought because I was going from a stock rom I didn’t need to wipe the phone.

  80. Gabriel says:

    Hello max. Nice rom for noobs. How can I switch the network mode(2G/HSPA mode)(2G/HSPA/LTE mode)? I can’t seem to find that menu in the mobile network option. I’m using an unlocked S3 i747m.

  81. Carey says:

    Hi Max…thanks for the website…I’m learning a lot.
    I had successfully loaded TasteOfBeans on my VZW S3 and getting Rogers phone service in Canada. But I wanted to follow the steps to make it a “World Sim Phone”, so I loaded the HighOnAndroid rom, my phone hangs on the activating phone…any ideas? I’ve tried putting the VZW sim back in, but it stops and says contact support. It will not boot up fully.

    I can get too Odin mode, but not CWM. Should I use Odin to go back to the factory rom, root it and then try HoA one more time?

    Is TasteOfBeans based on TouchWiz?

    Thanks again

  82. Skip says:

    I have been thinking about putting a custom on, my AT&T S3. I was wondering, if you were going to do a debloated version of your Rom? I am running 4.1.1 now and just want to customize it more.

  83. Skip says:

    I have been thinking about putting a custom on, my AT&T S3. I was wondering, if you were going to do a debloated version of your Rom? I am running 4.1.1 now and just want to customize it more. Oh, thank you for, such a wonderful website and all the help you are doing for, us noobs. 🙂

  84. mike says:

    really like this rom how about adding a jellybean type gallery ?

  85. Oscar says:

    Hi Max, i just finished installing Highfor android on my Sprint prone, but after i rebooted it just showed the nice animation and gets stuck with it. what can i do? Thanks

    • Kwame says:

      Had the same problem. Went back to recovery and did a re-install, but did a wipe/factory reset, which I didn’t do the first time because the instructions said it wasn’t necessary if coming from a stock rom. Anyway, that fixed it.

  86. Timothy says:

    Does the Tmobile rom have free wifi hotspot tether? it looks like the native tethering is the tmobile tether which costs money.

  87. Ramses j says:

    Keep your good work nice job works on my S3 att flawlessly

  88. Omar says:

    Great work! quick question, I’ve rooted as per your instructions and it worked great! I downloaded Titanium back up and backed up, downloaded your ROM and saved it to my phone. I used a ROM manager to upload the ROM and it rebooted after downloading to my phone (Galaxy S3 I747 Canada). Its on the start up page where the Android zaps the apple logo, how long is it supposed to stay there?

  89. Kurt says:

    So i downloaded the latest version and its 4.0 ICS. I want to update to 4.1 Jelly Bean. Can i do this?

    The notes state “Built off Stock ROM (USB Kies and everything else works from stock)” however Kies wouldnt allow for update to Jelly Bean 4.1 Anyone else having this issue???

  90. FIRAT says:

    Hi, Max

    I tried install but my phone said me aborted install.. i cant undestand what is wrong with me?

    Please help me , how to install highonandroid rom…

  91. Erik says:

    Is it possible to use all share cast, I’ve been trying to figure out how, but I’ve been unsuccessful

  92. lunarsound says:

    when can this be available for i9300? i havnt been able to get wifi tether to work, its been months now. ive tried many different ways and cant seem to find any custom roms that support my device which has a working wifi tether

  93. lunarsound says:

    im also on 4.2.1

  94. John says:

    Dude that is an ice cream sandwich Rom if your on stock 42·1 go I can’t help sounds like your in wrong thread xda development and zedomax this Rom shows New Rom s for the i9300 that I wish I could get. How and when did you root.

  95. John says:

    Correct edit.FOR above post. this is a July Rom there are tons of nice ROMs for I9300 I wish I had that variant but I have US go to xda development site they will help you find ROMs for that model. I don’t know t the whole unlocked concept flashing ROMs though but it appears they have one thread for that variant.

  96. Mark says:

    Anything for SCH-530U (UScelular g3)

  97. Kevin says:

    You should add beats audio, ktweaker, and the galaxy note book 2 keyboard

  98. jeremiah says:

    Hey man, I’m a noob of sorts. I flashed the rom to my t999 phone and it went smooth, so I decided to try to flash the kernel which you suggested to get better battery stats, but the kernel flash failed. Needles to say, my phone is completely bricked. Can you inform me as to what I did wrong? My phone wont turn on or anything. I wiped cache/dalvik and the other option under wipw cache. Please email me and try to help me digure out what I did wrong. Thank you in advance.

  99. Angelo says:

    Add multi screen

  100. hey max!! great thing ya got going on here! im so glad I found this website,im new to android and rooting,but after spending a weekend,reading everything on here and watching your youtube videos,i was able to root my galaxy s3 with ease and flash the liquid smooth rom with no problem at all!!! keep up the good work!!

  101. PhoneFanaics says:

    Max, Please add the note 2 camera and gallery.Also the S4 weather widget. And he Biggest thing during installation add the options if like lockscreens / launchers/ and themes/. Like During installation another option could be Touchwiz or Aosp. And Being able to change the grid size in touch wiz. This would be me new favorite rom if these changes were made.

  102. Natalie says:

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  103. Izzy says:

    Get Max, any plans on updating this ROM? I used it almost religiously when you first released it and then started trying all the new ones with ICS , all the way to new ones with 4.2.2. But im back on this one again because its always been smooth and problem free plus the app2extsd hack is so necessary now. So any plans on making an update that also has app2extsd if possible?

  104. Izzy says:

    Sorry I meant hey max, not get max lol

  105. trevor hopkins says:

    is it possible to install the tmobile version on my unlocked at&t s3 so i can get wifi calling?

  106. duke12345 says:

    can i install this rom with odin or is the same process as custom roms??

  107. anthony says:

    Is there a file to download for U.S Cellular s3 r530 phone? I’m new to rooting a friend told me to get hyperdrive rom but I have no idea what to do. I seen en this posting and figured I need to start from the beginning.

  108. Brian says:

    I installed the Rom andim loving it. However im running into a problem with the available memory on my phone. Its the 16GB version on sprint. When i go to the storage menu its only showing that i have 7.39Gb available. It shows the same for my external card which is right because its only an 8Gb micro sd. i unmounted the external card and removed it and now it shows i still have a total of 7.39Gb with nothing available. When i pull it on my lap top the ext sd and the internal sd have the exact same files. Any ideas what the issue could be or how i can fix this issue?

  109. humam says:

    Dear Max,

    I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S3 T-999 I am using your ROM and it work well (thanks for that) except for the 4G. I have read a thread on here saying that I should clear cache and factory reset, I have tried that already (3 times) and it still doesn’t work. In the beginning I had an issue with the system deleting my content but I think this issue has been resolved. One more thing, why is my battery life draining very fast and charging very slow. And thanks for everything.

  110. This post is truly a nice one it helps new net visitors, who
    are wishing for blogging.

  111. humam says:


    I’m still having problems with the ROM, it started deleting content from my apps again. I really do appreciate everything you are doing, but I really need your help on this one, if I don’t hear from you by the end of today I’m just gonna have to put back my stock ROM and just call it quits. (BTW I got the battery life good)

  112. giovanni perez says:

    hey max i really like your work and reviews on youtube.. always following you… and id like to try your rom but i dont see a metropcs version of your rom, just wanted to know if we have support lol youre the best and always will be!!!

  113. Minecraft download Minecraft 1.2.5 exe password

  114. Stanton says:

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  116. Angeline says:

    I believe everything said was actually very reasonable.
    But, what about this? what if you composed a catchier title?
    I ain’t saying your information isn’t good., however suppose you added a post title that grabbed folk’s attention?
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  117. It’s really a cool and useful piece of info. I’m glad that
    you shared this useful info with us. Please
    stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  118. jorge says:

    Hi I need help i think the I hard bricked my Samsung galaxy s3 at&t I try everything I use the jig please help
    me please tank you

  119. bobby says:

    Forgive me, I am the text-book definition of NOOB!
    When I go to the HOA ROM GS3 SGH-I747 (noobs) there are three versions that all have the same date. Do I grab all 3 or version 3 or other?

  1. October 5, 2012

    […] with regard to all this that this ROM would be good for me to start with. Here is a link to it HighOnAndroid Galaxy S3 ROM! | Galaxy S3 Root. It gets rid of some bloatware and gives me the main Jelly Bean stuff I'm interested in. […]

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