HighOnAndroid Kernel!

Here’s a kernel I wanted to share and working on. Since many were asking me about a compatible kernel for the App2ExtSD hack, here’s a kernel you can use for now.

Currently it’s a repacked stock kernel but I am planning to add some more features, any thoughts appreciated. I am thinking maybe autoroot, battery saving scripts/underclocking for future.

– Init.d support
– Custom Boot animation support
– Busybox

Coming soon:
Battery saving script

Please download the appropriate version for your software build number. (Under About)

This is a kernel ONLY for stock ROMs and TouchWiz-based ROMs, please do NOT FLASH on CM9, CM10, AOKP ROMs.

Please use ODIN for .tar files and CWM Recovery for .zip files!

Download for AT&T Galaxy S3 ALG1:
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel ALG1 TAR
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel ALG1 ZIP

Download for T-Mobile Galaxy S3:
Download for UVALEM:
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel ALEM TAR
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel ALEM ZIP

Download for UVALH2:
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel LH2 TAR
Download HighOnAndroid Kernel LH2 ZIP

Download for Sprint Galaxy S3:
Coming soon.

Download for Verizon Galaxy S3:
Coming soon

36 Responses

  1. costas says:

    Sorry for asking Max. Do I have to download and install both .tar and .zip files for the At&t i747 version and install them using odin for .tar and CWM for ZIP? Thank You so much for your hard work on resolving the 0.2 issue with the battery and providing us with a solution.

  2. ralph says:

    page is down for kernal download for att 1747 tar file and zip i cant seem to get it to come in is there another way to get the file

  3. ralph says:

    k page working now..

  4. ralph says:

    do i add kernal zip to extsd or sdcard ant special instructions on installing ?

  5. Mrbiggzz says:

    do u a this for i9300

  6. Jose says:

    Hey max cant download the kernal for AT&T says something about the page not being available.

  7. Hani Niez says:

    Is there a download for the international version?

  8. Don says:

    Max…Does the tmobile uvalh2 kernel show h+ or the 4g symbol? just curious. I love that your making your own roms and kernels now. your are the man thanks for everything! Don

  9. scott darrell says:

    Hey Max….. are you building a update for the highonandroid rom on t-mobile galaxy s3.
    because the battery drain down quick on the V.03. thank you so much…..

  10. Brandon Cryderman says:

    Rogers i747M ALH1?

  11. flo says:

    hello MAX is the best roms for sgs3 give to me an advice that you download until  it officially come out JB. thank you

  12. michael says:

    hey Man can i use siyah kernal with this rom????

  13. Abdullah says:

    HI max what rom can i use with i747mVLALH1?
    Also i tried the hack but the swap just showed sd and exsd as same size.

  14. David says:

    Can I install this kernel with the pre- existing CM10 ROM that I have already installed on my phone? Will there be any additional benefit to doing this? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you for everything that you do!

  15. stan lesley says:

    when you doin up Sprint?

  16. carlos says:

    how do i know if the kernal is installed? i went to settings and got into about divice and the kernal is the same!

  17. Florad says:

    Hey Max can I flash this on any rom or do i need to have HighOnAndroid?

    And can I flash this on my rogers i747?

    Thanks man

  18. Jayveon says:

    Hey max will these kernels still work if I’m cm10 m2? I have the att Samsung galaxy s3?

  19. Justin says:

    I have the akop ROM installed on my phone now. Can I flash this kernel then use cwm to install a ICM rom. T999. I want to put the wicked ICS ROM in but when I do I get an error and says its aborted

  20. Jorge Uribe! says:

    Can you make a kernel ir a app2extsd hack that I can use with the slim bean ROM…is it possible??

  21. Mat Tops says:

    My s3 stuck at bootloader.. and it black!! pls fix it!!!

  22. Jorge Uribe says:

    Hey man, you can see this post at the forum of XDA it works I just do it and it save me, if you have the t999 version or his variationa, this is the link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2439367
    You will need a 8 or 16 GB micro SD

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