Wicked Sensations ROM v4.1 for Galaxy S3! [Sprint/AT&T]

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For this week’s Sprint and AT&T S3 ROM of the week, check out the latest version of Wicked Sensations ROM. One of my favorite ROMs on the Sprint GS3 is now also available on AT&T SG3 users.

Based on latest MD4 Sprint firmware, the latest version 4.1 comes with Blu Kuban Updater app that allows you to fully customize your ROM including your battery/signal/status bar icons, pulldown images, themes, dialer, and way more. I am beginning to see more ROM developers use this Blu Kuban Updater app and it’s becoming more useful than re-running the whole AROMA installer to change stuff. (Blu Kuban Updater app not available for AT&T version sorry!)

Multi-window has been enabled for all apps with a blue Android icon as your multi-view tab, another favorite feature on this ROM that I really like.

For apps, you will find hacked hotspot app (for free wifi tether), themed Apex launcher (if you want AOSP look), VPN Client, Keyboard switchers, Home Switcher, Pop-up browser, and Premium Suite which includes Paper Artist, Page Buddy, and more.

Overall, you will find a very nicely themed ROM all in blue with everything running nice and smooth out of the box.

If you don’t like the default blue, there’s also a choice of Anakonda (orange) or pink theme you can swap out with the Blu Kuban updater app.

Other notables features include 25 custom wallpapers, volume-skip MOD, and ad blocking, custom fonts, camera enabled during call, and lots of inverted apps including Google Plus.

Certainly, Wicked Sensations is one of the best ROMs out there for Sprint Galaxy S3, now also available for AT&T. So, definitely give it a go if you haven’t tried the latest version and let me know what you think!


Download Wicked Sensations ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747

Download Wicked Sensations ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Credits – AT&T(ported), Sprint(original developer) <—donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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33 Responses

  1. James says:

    Will this rom work with my i747 in Canada? Bell is my provider.


    • Kaflex says:

      James check out http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2286350

    • Terry Shekalo says:

      I ran the previous version on my I747M and I loved the rom.
      Am downloading this new rom now.
      Should also work just great with our phones.
      Also suggest trying the JellyBam 8.0 rom .
      Works great too! 🙂

  2. Kaflex says:

    Love this ROM!!!!!!!! I flash 2 or 3 roms a week but seem to always come back to this one. Even though the kuban updater is there, you could still get all the mods plus different themes.

  3. Mrhackman says:

    I have a question I am running Rootbox V.4.0.1 and I done a back up for later so when I wanted to go back to it I could. But my question is I flashed this Rom using Team Recovery when it reboots it goes to the boot screen and you see the blue man like it is getting ready to start but then it does nothing at all it disappears. And before I installed this I deleted the Dalvik Cache, System and Cache and nothing what went wrong?

  4. Albert Lujan says:

    Again Kuban is the great ROM maker,,,
    I up graded from the 3.1 to this one and its the best.

    Love it,

  5. Kevin Oneal says:

    Hi, I love this rom! I don’t want to change it… but the Kuban Updater doesn’t work for me….
    I’m on a AT&T S3, I’ve flashed the rom a couple of times to see if the issue is fixed, but it doesn’t do anything.
    I’ve wiped everything, cache, dalvik even data…

    The rom runs smoothly, it’s just the Kuban updater app, it opens, it says that permission is granted. Then a screen pops up saying ” A mobile connection is not advised. Would you like to continue anyway? ” and I press no, it closes the app, but when I press yes, it freezes and pops a msg saying that it stopped working.. can anyone help me?


    • Tom says:

      As stated above^^ (Blu Kuban Updater app not available for AT&T version sorry!)

      I was worried too, just have to read carefully. Maybe a fix will come out soon for us at&t users.

  6. steve castro says:

    Great rom, just one big problem… no mms.. not working sending pic or videos on msg.
    So if somebody have the same problem or know how to fix it please
    Working on att galaxy s3

  7. Tanner says:

    Same here, no data. Using A&TT download. Telus is my carrier.

  8. Jeff says:

    I figured out the SMS problem for AT&T. Pull up your text messaging and select settings then select mobile carrier network and UNSELECT the “I am on the USA T-Mobile”. This fixed my issues and hope it will fix yours!! Let me know how it works out for everyone!!!

    • steve castro says:

      I pull out my msg… no such a thing like i am on t-mobile… under settings
      Nothing at all

      • Jeff says:

        your right. sorry. I had downloaded chomp sms ( i like it better than the standard sms) and that is the directions for chomp.

  9. Alex says:

    is there anyway to make it so it doesn’t shut the data off as soon as you lock your phone??

  10. Rich Rickards says:

    I have a sprint with Wicked Sensations 3.1 and would like to know if I have to still wipe the phone, or can I just open the zip file?

    Any suggestions?

  11. Yohance says:

    Absolutely love this ROM…just one issue…battery life on my Sprint S3 is HORRIBLE now. Is anyone else having this issue?

  12. Randell Crees says:

    Does anyone have fix for mms on galaxy S3 ATT. I love this ROM but have to have MMS

  13. Bryan says:

    Got worried for a second when after the boot logo dissapeared and nothing was happening. Then a minute or two later a screen popped up and said “Wicked is upgrading…” so just a FYI to those out there to be a bit patient when starting it up, it may take a few minutes.

  14. Hans says:

    Amazing ROM I’m running Sprint’s SPH-L710 and everything works great!!! MMS, SMS, and 4G. And the battery life is great!! One thing though is sometimes in the middle of a download Kuban Updater will stop the download but the progress bar will still be up, just frozen, so you have to clear it from memory and use your file manager to delete the incomplete download and and then try again. Other than that very stable, snappy, highly customizable ROM!!!

  15. Steven says:

    Really love this ROM. Only major problem is the RAM. Only ~800? Why’s it so low?

  16. Hans says:

    Whenever I try to go into the kuban updater it says “error has occured” and I can’t use any of the customizations! Andy advice?

  17. Gary says:

    Does anyone know if there is a rom similar to this one for the galaxy s2 for att?

  18. Ralph says:

    LOVE the ROM,but camera is NOT working!! HELP!

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