Frankenstein’s KillJoy ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [V2.1]

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For Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, check out Frankenstein’s KillJoy Jelly Bean ROM.

Some notable features include super-debloatation, blocked ads, 4-in-1 reboot, AGAT kernel, single core when screen off, volume skip mod, and some more.

If you are looking for a custom ROM with 99% of Samsung bloatware removed, check out this ROM and let me know what you think!

Version 2.1:

  • Added modded SecSettings – THANKS rompnit
  • Enable aosp lock in settings
  • Enable clock mod in settings
  • Custom Frankenstein carrier
  • Added support for morphology mods
  • Added pop-up browser back
  • Added SILKUI addon


Download Frankenstein’s KillJoy ROM

Download Removed Apps (If you want the bloatware back, flash this also.)

Credits – XDA

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44 Responses

  1. ahmed says:

    is this for gt- i9300 ??/

  2. doug says:

    How do I install this rom I downloaded it straight to my phone What steps do i need to take. also how do I install the cm10 m2 stable I have that downloaded as well but dont really know how to install them new to this thanks for the help

  3. george says:

    How do you use stock widgets with this ROM like regular Samsung time with weather and alarm clock… I don’t have weather widget at all and alarm clock won’t show up on home screen for some reason..?

  4. pete says:

    Pretty nice rom, but seems to be a real RAM hog. Average is 1.05 gb, even with ram manager in use. Did score 5454 on quadrant though. Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.

  5. Brian says:

    anybody know if the wifi tether app works on this rom. using cm10 and it works like a charm. thanks.

  6. Will says:

    The wifi tether does not work on this rom! Still with CM10!

  7. Trent says:

    I figured out the WiFi tether only works if you have an open connection. Something about the encryption causes it not to work.

  8. Daniel says:

    Wi-Fi Tether works for me with or without Encryption

  9. Charles Norton says:

    I have noticed on almost every rom except Anakonda and Freegs3 that if you like game like NES SNES GBA all the emulators will give you a black screen and you only hear the game sounds, if ya hit the menu button you can see the games but not when playing the screen is black. I’ve tried all the roms available and they all have this problem except 2 or 3 of them

  10. Kevin Urubek says:

    Dose any body know if the app2sd works on this rom

  11. kirk says:

    Can anyone point me to the SPH-L710 ROOT-ing instructions?

  12. Raul says:

    Great ROM but I have issues with signal.

  13. Oscar says:

    Great ROM but Apex which is standard(and I actually like next to Launcher Pro) keeps crashing and yet its fast but freezes up constantly

  14. Alex says:

    Anyone figure out how to make the home button wake up the phone instead of having to use the side power button?

  15. ozzie says:

    No new rom of the week

  16. Spencer says:

    Max thanks for all your info and rom reviews. Been using this rom since you reviewed it. Even installed 4.2 camera and note 2 gallery. Works great.

    I wanted to update gmail app from play store but when i do it says to uninstall previous app and try again. (Package file was not signed correctly). Anyone know a fix? I’ve uninstalled with app manager & titanium backup.

  17. Kabir says:

    I love this rom! Great response moving through the panes. However has anyone tried called a 3 digit number? 211,311,611,or 911? I tried several times to dial 611 and it would force close the contacts app. Any ideas on solutions?

    • pete says:

      Not sure on other numbers but in order to dial 611 (Sprint) you have to have Sprint zone installed. Took me 2 hours to figure that, still feel a little dumb about that. I’m sure there’s another way to fix it but I got bored trying to figure it out so I just went back to stock Rom (root).

  18. Kabir says:

    I noticed over the holiday that whenever I tried to send a text to more than one recipient the text app would close.

  19. tofu says:

    This ROM comes with what looks like a modified version of WiFi tether called Frankenstein tether. Works perfectly. only problem I have is not being able to wake the phone with the home button. Minor problem. But itsstill aannoying. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • gs3rooter says:

      Using File Manager (free download from play store), navigate to system/usr/keylayout. Long press on sec_keys.kl set all permissions to R/W. Open in text editor, Add WAKE next to HOME like the other items, save and exit. reboot.

      • tofu says:

        Thanks so much. Using just the power button was really getting annoying. Now I have to remember that I am even able to use the home button to wake. Lol!

      • Spencer says:

        This didn’t work for me. I use a different file manager but was able to do everything you said and still won’t wake with my home button.

  20. Spencer says:

    Yes i did. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep playing with it.

  21. Tofu says:

    This rom is fantastic. Just allowing people to know. I flash new roms all the time and I always come back to the good olé killjoy.

  22. tofum4n says:

    ok guys. i recently had an issue with updating the supersu application. it would say that the package was not signed and could not proceed…yada yada…the version this rom ships with is .97, the latest version is 1.04…and because of some issues. i wanted to update. but could not. but after some playing around i figured it out. now i ask you guys to go to your app drawer and see if supersu is in there, if not it will be under manage applications in settings. and i think u will find that u have the .97 same as i did. if you do. let me know. if you dont, let me know. and if you want to update it to the latest version. ill tell you how.


    • Kabir says:

      Have you posted your method for updating the SU app in any forums? If not can you post it here for the rest of us to see?

      • Tofum4n says:

        No I have not posted it anywhere. My method is to use file manager. Then turn on root explorer. Go to system/app and then delete the super super.apk. Then flash the one that came with Odin tool in CWM. Then reboot. You will have a new supersu. Then go into it. Then to settings. Then tap reinstall in Google play. It will then clean up and uninstall. Then go to to Google play and download supersu. Boom…. Latest version achieved.

  23. Adam RB says:

    I’ve had this ROM for quite a while (prob 4-5 months) I really enjoyed it, generally everything worked fine.
    BUT, a few weeks now my phone has been rebooting randomly, mostly on phone calls (not all calls but too many for my taste). Its pretty annoying now and gunna swap a new ROM with newer features.

    Great ROM, except for the random rebooting. Otherwise i highly recommend for clean and daily use.

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