Free GS3 ROM for Rooted Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [Best ROM][Jelly Bean Animations]

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Looking for a great custom ROM for your rooted Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 that’s stable and also gives you a TON of options?

Well, I think I found the one, the Free GS3 ROM brings you the first Aroma installer to the Sprint Galaxy S3 with a ton of options you can choose during installation, one of my favorites being the 6×5 launcher and app drawer so I can put more apps.

Other than that, there’s a ton of awesome features like Jelly Bean animations which makes your GS3 much faster when switching between apps.

If you want to stay near stock but faster performance and better battery life, Free GS3 ROM is the way to go, I guarantee it!


Download Free GS3 ROM

Credits – XDA

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53 Responses

  1. Daitokuji says:

    If all the Galaxy S3 phones in the US are the same why doesn’t this rom work on any other carrier except Sprint?

  2. Jayjaydaking says:

    @Max hey how’s it going bro..
    Idk how this works or what not but I usually just do it for my phones but I have a full jelly bean ROM 4.1.1 almost everything works except LTE but the market fix works.. Google now.. and I added a couple perks like beats audio & iPhone emoji icon modded (so no more empty boxes you’ll see them). I’m not finished its based on the first port of CM10 which was horrible.. but I was wondering if you were interested in flashing and reviewing??

  3. Tim says:

    Hey max….u tried the strongsteve blue odexed rom yet? Qbking recommended it and ive been using it for a couple days now and am quite impressed. Great battery life and no touchwiz….comes with nova launcher….check it out .

  4. Benito says:

    Is this better than the Blazer Rom???

    • Ezzy says:

      Yes it is better than Blazer!!
      I just installed it, haven’t fully tested the battery life yet(so far very good) but is a really good ROM
      I flashed the LF8 Update that Max put up yesterday and got everything updated to the most recent updates … flashed this ROM and got more toggles. You can add or remove the ones you want from the drop down bar. A couple different options on blocking unwanted calls or texts and more.

  5. John says:

    Do you guys know of a rom thats like the wicked sensations for the epic 4g touch, except for the SPH-L710?

  6. Jay says:

    What was up near the end of that video?
    The part where you swore and it cut off.
    I mean I’m just wondering if it was like a joke, or an unintended accident that got through editing.
    Anyway just curious, best wishes for your mother!

  7. Mike says:

    So Ive been running this ROM for a few days now and I really like it…. despite that I cant use “Lightflow” with Touchwiz without bugs….anyhow…Im having an issue trying to select a different Device vibrate pattern found in: Settimgs>>>>Sound>>>>Ringtone and Notification>>>>Device Vibration
    In here we have the option of selecting different vibration patterns…but for some reason when I select one it will only play the pattern “basic call”(long solid vibration)… I’ve even created my own and it still only plays that one pattern….does anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Clark says:

    Which modem should I use when prompted?

  9. Anthony says:

    Is there anyway to unlock the sprint hotspot yet? The Wifi Tether app doesn’t really work that well with the GSIII

  10. Anthony says:

    Is there any way to unlock the Sprint Hotspot yet? The free Wifi Tether app doesn’t work that well with the GSIII

    • Max says:

      There’s a hack somewhere but wifi tether app works really well for me here, much better than Sprint hotspot.

      • Cris says:

        The hack is the following:

        Go to WiFi Tether. Go to Settings. Click MSS clamping, and click Routing Fix so they’re both on.

        That’s it.

        Try it.

  11. Brian says:

    Hey Max! I was a regular on your HTCEvoHacks website for my EVO 3D and had no idea you had a website for the GS3. Sweet!

  12. Arides10 says:

    Hi Max, I downloaded this ROM and tried to install it but I got an error o.o it tries to verify the update package and fails.

    • Arides10 says:

      got any ideas on what might have gone wrong?

      • Arides10 says:

        I got the ROM to work and install properly set up everything and it was all great until i had to stop the auto correct. when you go into settings->language and input. the settings app crashes 0.0 is anyone else having the problem or know of a way to fix it?

        • Max says:

          Not sure on this, did you do a factory reset when installing?

          • L.J.Raw says:

            What ROM will allow me to connect my ps3 controller to my GS3? I had the Blazer ROM but the battery life was not all that great. So, I was looking for a ROM that would not force me to have to re-download apps, but would allow me to connect my ps3 controller and will still have most of the stock functions. I am already rooted.

  13. gerald says:

    how can I get 5 rows/columns on my s3

  14. Brian says:

    Hey Max,

    Any chance you could do a review of freeza’s ROM and compare it to FreeGS3?


  15. Cliff says:

    I rooted my Sprint Galaxy S3 and then successfully installed this ROM. I have L710VPLEN, Kernal 3.0.8-906128-user, Build number FreeGS2 v0.0.7.

    Everything works fine except the stock camera which crashes the entire device when I take a picture. THe only way to restart is to remove the battery after this happens. I tried one more camera app, called Pudding Camera, same result!

    Please advise.


    • Maykel says:

      Hi Cliff, I have a question about your issue, are you using a different battery than the one your phone came with? I an extended battery for 3800mAh and it does the exact same thing, try taking a picture without using the flash and see if it also shuts off. Mine only shuts off when the flash is used and when the battery percentage is about below 70% does this sound familiar at all?

  16. Mike says:

    Im using this ROM as well with no issues….I too have sprint…u should post any issue on the XDA Site for the developer to help

  17. mikeyl101 says:

    Hi. I noticed the voice to text button on the text input keyboard screen is gone since i installed this rom and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it back. This Rom is waaay faster and cooler than stock, but the voice to text worked great. anyone know how I can get it back? I’ve tried tweeking the text input options, but to no avail. Thanks!

  18. Michael W. says:

    Is overclocking possible with the Free GS3 ROM?

  19. Michael W. says:

    BTW, this is a great ROM. It still looks like stock rom but with extra features. For now I like that eventhough as I look through the apps I see a bunch that I’ll never use. Thanks Max for the recommendation.

  20. Kevin M. says:

    Love this ROM. One thing I didn’t know was the “leave original Home button” or “Home button hack”? option. I chose the hack, assuming it would be an improvement. I haven’t noticed any difference, except that double clicking the home button doesn’t open s-voice anymore. Any suggestions? Reflash?

    Thanks, all

  21. Dave says:

    1 – How have you stopped OTA updates? (Sprint GS3)
    2 – Someone said that a custom ROM automatically won’t get OTA updates – True or False?

    I love this website! Thanks for all the work!

    • Max says:

      1. You can use Titanium Backup app (free on Play Store) then select “Backup/Restore”, find “S.D.M. 1.0″ and uninstall it.

      2. Yes and no, it depends if developer removed the OTA update notifications or not.

      • Dave says:

        Perfect thanks Max – I’ll try it. Do you recall which custom ROM’s here don’t allow OTA?

        • Max says:

          not sure…

          • Dave says:

            I just rooted and then couldn’t find SDM 1.0 anywhere – searched with Root Explorer. Now when I do a boot into CWM instead of CWM I get the Green Android picture with the blue menu. What should I do to get CWM back?

            • Dave says:

              After a day of messing with this Rom Manager was the only tool that effectively flashed CWM so it was normal again. Because I couldn’t boot into anything.

              Then how to stop Sam Updates.. Still an open question (stay tuned).

  22. meanmini1 says:

    i have the 0.2.0 version. have there been any updates to this rom lately? does this rom have an ota update built in?

  23. Adrian says:

    I love this rom but I can’t get t the wifi tether to work and I tried the suggestions and comments

  24. Raul says:

    Try this. Go to settings then setup method. Change to netd-ndc (master) instead of auto.

  25. Thadd says:

    Ok after flashing this ROM it had me go through this setup before flashing the actual ROM. After flashing the ROM i had an icon in my notification tray that said something about my SIM card not being inserted. so i restored my stock ROM and try and enable my data and it tells me to insert my SIM card. I don’t know what to do. I dont even use a SIM card. I’m on Sprint. Does anyone have and solution to this or has gone through the same problem and know a fix? Thank you

  26. Sergio says:

    I got the same problem as Thadd… I flashed this ROM and once it booted it keeps asking me to insert a SIM card, which is impossible since I have a Sprint Galaxy S3. Does anybody know of a fix?

  27. McKenzie says:

    Find him on the xda site…that video is an old video…and the files are probably outdated… I’m using and updated version of that ROM and I didn’t get of the issue u guys have….just be sure to follow the instructions step by step

  28. antoine norris says:

    So has anyone had any luck with the please insert sim alert?? This is truly annoying.

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