Goodness Reborn ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3! [Multi-Window][Photo Sphere/Note 2 Camera]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for the Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, check out the latest version of Goodness Reborn ROM!

Packed with custom blue theme and some fantastic window transition animations (see video), the Goodness Reborn will bring some real “goodness” to your life.

You can expect some great performance (without any overclocking) and benefit from its transparent multi-window (enabled for all apps), Android 4.2. PhotoSphere camera, and Note 2 camera.

For UI customizations, you will find Goodness settings that allow you to customize your quick toggles, battery bar, ink effects, sms pop-up settings, scrolling wallpaper, rotating launcher, and more.

There’s even blocking mode so your phone doesn’t ring or vibrate while you sleep or perhaps during an important meeting. Also, you will find Xposed App Settings (See tutorial on that here), and LMT Pie launcher on board (see tutorial on LMT Pie Launcher here).

For lockscreen, you will be able to switch between Acer Cloud, Galaxy S3 Ripple, Blackberry 10, LG Optimus, Rotary, HTC Sense 4.0, and AOSP with 5 targets.

Certainly, this ROM deserves the name Goodness Reborn. So, if you have a Sprint Galaxy S3, give it a twirl this week(end) and let me know how it goes.


Download Goodness Reborn ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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42 Responses

  1. oscar says:

    so to flash rom do i have to flash the MB1 firmwaremodemAIO first and then the rom right?

  2. mike says:

    I live in a horrible cell area, would that modem help with reception ?

  3. turnbasenerd says:

    Photosphere and multiwindow work great. This rom is a good daily driver

  4. Thatplayboy says:

    This rom is great thank you for posting and your review. Im having one issue. It will not let connect to either camera. Its saying warning. Im using touch wiz.. im gonna try on the apex and see it will let me.. do u have any suggestions?

  5. Thatplayboy says:

    I just tried the apex launcher and its a no go. It says camera failed.

  6. chris hall says:

    so can i flash this using cwm?

  7. chris hall says:

    i tried flashing everthing went fine i got confermation that the rom was sucsessfully installed. but when i rebooted it just stayed on the boot image. im running cm 10.1 nitlies anyone can help me would be great. do i need to flash a different kernal??????? help.

  8. Matthew says:

    the framework settings are not working on my sprint gs3. Max said he a tutorial on the pie settings and one on the framework. Is there one on how to use gestures. that seems like a cool option and would like to know how to work these settings. If anyone could help that would be great. send any link to

  9. Behrooz Ramesh says:

    After about a minute into the loading process of any of the 4-5 ROMs compatible with GS3 SPH-L710 Sprint that I have tried, I get the error message, “Signature Verification Failed.” Could anyone please help? Thanks!

  10. Behrooz Ramesh says:

    When I reboot my GS3 in recovery, the list of actions that I may choose from does not include “Backup/Restore.” In the absence of this facility, how would you backup your ROM before installing a custom ROM? Please help. Thanks.

  11. Will says:

    Great rom, only this is the wi-fi tether doesnt work. I have changed the encryption, changed the SSID, even tried to restore my old one, but it tells me I dont have the wi-fi data plan for sprint. So I will be reverting back to my old one 🙂

    • Beck says:

      Tethering has been working fine on mine. I too must have a rom installed where tethering is working and consistant. Maybe try reflashing??? I would give it a shot as I am quite certain you would really enjoy this rom.

  12. Matthew says:

    swype does not work on this rom. anyone have any ideas ??

  13. alex says:

    Hey max this is a great rom but I notice some things one I don’t get the slo-mo with the camera and also when I installed the rom the music player would let me pay and skip songs by just saying stop play next you know what I mean but now I can’t find those functions anymore.

  14. edgar says:

    hey max, i having trouble with this rom . i dont think it downloasd completely and when i tried to copy to my sd card it wont let me. when i finally did, i try to flash it and it didnt work i got a dead android guy well it looked like a broken android that read file didnt load, any ideas . please help thanks

  15. Twan Mr. Blaze says:

    Loving this rom so far, it has touch wiz, and the galaxy cam and gallery, wifi tether, the themeing is just right and not overbearing and its a stable rom. i couldnt ask for much more.

  16. Terrel says:

    I really want to like this rom but i’ve been having problems since i installed it. First time i hit touch wiz as my home launcher and got caught in a repeating loop causing me to reinstall. On the second go around it seems to nearly freeze when i reboot. Other than that everything else works but the jellybomb rom seems to be more stable

  17. Behrooz says:

    Could anyone please help me recover from the error message “Signature Verification Failed” when installing a ROM on rooted GS3 SPH-L710 Sprint? Thanks!

  18. Mark Visser says:

    Hey max…

    I’m following your blog for 2 years now and i like what your doing…
    I recently switched from s2 to s3 mini…

    Do you have anny s3 mini roms?

    Keep up the good work
    Greetz from Holland

  19. G says:

    My internet is not connecting? Is there a solution to get that working.

  20. terry says:

    will this rom work on international s3 anybody now tia

    • spotty says:

      If you install a international rom on a u.s. phone it will brick it. I dont see why it wouldnt be the same the other way around. The hardware between the two phones is different so when you flash the wrong software, the hardware doesnt understand it…… equals no video no boot sequence no charging bricked…. Only flash for your model.

  21. Gaddy1983 says:

    I have been using weekly roms as they have come out. This once does it all. I like the big phone graphics. I turn of the touch screen so it goes right back to where I was by hitting menu key. Wifi Tether works. I did do a clean install. After backing up to external sdcard I porcedded wiping data and factory reset, wiped both caches several times along the way and once installed, removed the battery to reboot. It may be overkill but it worked.

  22. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings I’m trying to download goodness reborn rom but i’ve notice it doesn’t has the zip download sequence .is there anyway to download goodness reborn other than goodness jb ? Or there’s a link that I can get much appropriate

  23. Matthew says:

    I have had a problem with the jellybean camera today. Anyone else have a problem with it?

    • jesse says:

      Yes! I wonder why?? Had to wipe n reinstall… Camera works again but the limit for MMS feature on record mode doesn’t work… I’m doing without it cuz I like this ROM but wish it would work

  24. rocko says:

    are you serious this is not better than anyone. yea it has apps that are cool but man figure that out yourself cuz this stalls to much and its not 4.2.2 . LUCKILY i backed up my LIQUID SMOOTH. Now testing the peoples rom…

  25. gabriel says:

    Does this rom works for a boost s3 that come from sprint

  26. carlos says:

    Goodness the best roms ever bro i got everything customize..if u got any question add me on google still running goodness 9.0.4 cause i love it

  27. Gaddy1983 says:

    I really like this Rom. I don’t have to have every conceivable tweak. It just has to work. I can tether using the TrevE mod, I like the phone buttons are slightly bigger than most roms ( I have big sloppy fingers).
    It is customizable enough with the lock and home screen to have it look and work in a way that is easy for me to get to the icons I use most. I like being able to stack icons (like all camera stuff together- both cameras work.). All Google stuff stacked, Utilities stacked that way I have just a few icons on my desktop (it has a picture of me feeding my granddaughter) and can access LOTS of tools.
    Each week I backup, try the new rom being shown and with a few days come back to Goodness 9.04.

  28. Grady says:

    This rom is great it adds a couple launchers and doesn’t
    Change the interface of the phone it keeps everything exactly
    Were you had it before with your stock rom. Has alot of upgrades and works very prime

  29. tofu says:

    I’ve been getting a prompt to install a system update but it keeps failing. Then it comes back a few days later. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

  30. tek says:

    Just flashed this ROM, looks great. The main reason I did it because my fiancé has a gs3 also and her OTA updates I guess added multi window. I saw it one day from her pull down menu. So I thought it was time for a new ROM, especially since freegs3 hadn’t been updated in awhile.. Well with this ROM I see the WiFi GPS Sound Bluetooth toggle ect from my top pull down…. But on my old Rom I used to be able to slide the brightness down from there, and I also had a toggle for the flash light and screen time out.

    After messing around with it awhile I went in to Setting/Display/QuickPanelSettings..I see under widget buttons a LED Flashlight, and a brightness, even though its not a slider, they are checked but don’t appear when I pull down the panel. I even moved the Flash light toggle before the WiFi in widget order. But no luck..
    Im sure its something simple im over looking.

  31. tek says:

    ah nm! figured it was something simple.. Toggle Mod option in 3Minit settings needed to be checked.

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