HighOnAndroid ROM for U.S. Galaxy S3! [SGH-I747][SCH-I535][SPH-L710][SGH-T999]

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So, I finally built the HighOnAndroid ROM for all U.S. Galaxy S3s including the AT&T SGH-I747, Verizon SCH-I535, Sprint SPH-L710, and T-Mobile SGH-T999. My plan is to start slow and perhaps add 3 new features every week. Anyways, currently these ROMs are all based off stock, gives you jelly bean animations, Google Now, and some other additional features you might like over stock.

Next version I am planning to add some better toggles, working Google Wallet, and more. Please feel free to suggest and let me know what you think, thanks!

See HighOnAndroid ROM Page for Downloads and Details.

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76 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Call recording, other launchers (nova ect)….have titanium backup and wifi tether app built in. Themes. Hope that helps!!!

  2. Neville Solomon says:

    Wow I really like that Google voice version of S-voice! That seems to be the thing I really want. I don’t understand roms, but Is there anyway I can get an app like that where I can use Google voice and have it do functions like that but not change my rom? I like using Nova launcher.

    • Max says:

      you can flash this in recovery:


      • Neville Solomon says:

        Thanks, I’m not exactly sure how to work this hacking thing right, but I know how to put apk files on my phone and install them… Is it possible for me to just extract the apk file and install it on my phone on it’s own?

        How to I “flash” (dont know what it means) the whole thing on my phone without disrupting any other functions like nova launcher? I rooted my phone btw if that helps anything

        • Evan says:

          Read through this website. Use the tabs up top to guide you in the right direction. Read before you ask. More often than not the answers are already here.

      • Craszh says:

        Hi Max,

        Will this download work on galaxy note i717 rooted with official ics rom you putted out? I too start to like google now after I saw your video on galaxy note 10.1 with trainwreck rom.

  3. sam says:

    scrollable wallpaper!

  4. Lain says:

    I love the idea of making the toggles blue so you should make the battery blue to match!

  5. _____homz says:

    Great rom man! Can you include overclocking and a completely stock rom without carrier bloatware.. And i hope they could apply the internal memory hack on US galaxy s3 models. Thanks!

  6. Emmanuel says:

    You are too cool Max!!

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Please leave in apps and show us how to remove it. It’s not convenient that way.

  8. Emmanuel says:

    There’s going to be variations in suggestions. Overall I prefer the stock layout and color options…It’s nice. Please try to leave that intact as much as possible. HIGH ON ANDROID ALL NIGHT LONG ! !

  9. Spencer says:


    Loving the ROM so far. Been following you for quite some time and its about damn time you made a ROM lol!

    Themes, Nova launcher being the default, some AOKP-like customizations including LED and toggles, and all bloatware gone such as VZ Navigator.
    Also, the annoying wifi thing on the notification bar… you know what I’m talking about (only the Verizon one has it)
    Stuff to keep:
    TouchWiz gestures that make this phone so intuitive. I like the Vanilla Android settings and launcher style (I use Nova Launcher Prime), but I do love the TouchWiz gestures, which is why I’ve been sticking to stock ROMs vs. CM10 or AOKP

  10. Emmanuel says:

    I use root explorer to change the app names of apps I don’t want to run, that way that don’t run in the back ground. I simply add a number 1 to the .apk ending. If I ever want to use the app again I erase the file name back from 1. The conversation recorder would be awesome. If you change the green color option for when the toggles are on, can you allow an option to go back to the green…that’s more appropriate for “on” I think. Thanks.

  11. Emmanuel says:

    When in Google Now, I can’t back out using the back button. I have to use the home button to exit…is that normal?

  12. Emmanuel says:

    When though it’s Android 4.0.4 flash player won’t show up in the android market after installing…is that expected?

  13. Daniel honzik says:

    What about the US Cellular S3 (SCH-R530U)…Here is the love for one of the best carrier that doesn’t screw you in the price of their plan

  14. Douglas says:

    How can I get my songs which is in the sdcard to show up on the music player?

  15. Spencer says:

    Hey there Max,

    As I’m sure you know, there is now a way to unlock the Verizon bootloader! Can it be flashed over the HighOnAndroid ROM without messing anything up?
    I’m just curious because your rom is my current daily driver.


  16. Shannon says:

    I would like to have custom icons, a torch toggle would be amazing and the ability to change the colors like the ics blue in the status bar or other colors. And thanks for doing this! I love that you are basing it on stock rom. I’m a noob and like touch wiz. I just want more options based off what’s there.

  17. Jonathan C says:

    I noticed when I double tap the home button Google voice dialer shows up. Is there a way to go back to s voice or change it from just a voice dialer?

  18. HelloMan says:

    Could you please add CRT OFF EFFECT?!!!
    That looks cool!

  19. shad says:

    can i install the at&t rom on the tmobile s3

  20. Shannon says:

    Yes, the CRT effect when turning off screen and I forgot to request emojis be added to stock messaging app so we don’t have to use third party apps. Thanks again!

  21. Stephen says:

    Battery life is improved and even charging while under use seems much better.

  22. Reboot says:

    I love that you are creating this ROM. I have installed dozens of roms on my GS2 but chose to stay stock on my GS3 until JB comes out officially. I don’t think this ROM is only for noobs. It can be for anyone looking for a close to stock experience (ex: I love the stock Samsung camera, dialer, calendar and contacts apps).


  23. JP says:

    Max you really out did yourself. This Rom is awesome you have some skill can’t wait to see version 2. Just tweet or email about it when it up.

  24. giovanni says:

    crt animation, improved battery, maybe more customizable notifications (like different colored LED), music controls from lockscreen, keep 4g (i got aokp milestone 6 for vzw and i only get 3g since doing so), and keep bluetooth working (since i rooted and got aokp milestone 6, it’s no longer working), and also maybe change the icons (some of the stock icons are kind of ugly; like messaging icon for example). Thanks!

  25. Tenson says:

    Is possible to have HighOnAndroid ROM Chinese Supported language pack or somthing? i been trying to sent SMS with Chinese. but no luck on Showing it right…

  26. rfb813 says:

    Max, it looks like the next update in the Stock will be UCALH1. Will you be updating the base for this version?

    • rfb813 says:

      Wow things are moving fast. Now it looks as if the I9300 version of the SIII will be getting JellyBean by the end of August. It will probably not be long before we see this on the US versions. However since the hardware is so different I don’t know if they can port the Roms as easlily as with the SII.
      I tried another Rom today the Nexus Mod UX. nOt bad but I came back to yours. You should look at it though for your fans.

  27. ralph says:

    hey max, flashed your rom last night this is very nice super smooth.and prety fast .would like to no if this rom can be themed .i like most of the ideas ive read on what us noobs would like to have in the next versions. by freezing unwanted bloat with t.b. is this a good way to remove bloatware from our phone or is this kinda cheap fix?..thanks for all your work on the 1747 s3 . first time rooted and this is my first rom ..freakin awsome bro…

  28. PartyNY says:

    Hi, Max, Just to let you know. There is a minor bug in changing language in google now voice settings. Once you change it from English to another it get’s impossible to change it back to English without hard reset. Please check it out and try to fix it. Cheers from NY.

  29. eLDuRo says:

    Max this ROM is awesome I love it so far, I was wondering if you have plans on changing the lock screen on this ROM where it can be just like the stock Jelly Bean lock screen? I suggest removing all the bloatware on the ROM other than that keep it up the good work! =)

  30. Ajay says:

    Max, I have a AT&T version of S3 phone. i rooted the phone installed the rom manager and installed the HighONAndroid rom using the rom manager. I erased all data, cache, basically followed all the instructions. But when the system booted, it booted into the At&T version of the ROM as if it was a clean re install. What might have gone wrong. I got the screen which showed it was installing HighOnAndroid. But nothing changed. help?

  31. Ilya Borisov says:

    I’m having trouble connecting to 4g lte and by that I mean it hasn’t connected to 4G.. maybe it’s my settings can somebody please help??3G is good but I want 4G

    • Lewis says:

      I had a similar issue, im on tmobiles t999 and i only got edge even when i reset. so i just reflashed the rom and the problem was solved. i dont think you even have to wipe data. maybe just dalvik

  32. Danny says:

    I downloaded already and everything. Now i know you said that you left all the bloatware, but do we still have the option to delete them? I dont want to flash it until that is available. thank you

  33. Brady says:

    I’ve updated to this Rom and I’m really liking it! Thanks for all the hard work. I’m new to T-Mobile with my S3 and Bluetooth tethering is very important for me so I can tether at work where WiFi is banned. I can’t find tethering manager in TB to freeze nor the apk in system/app.

    What do you recommend for enabling this feature? It isn’t available in the default tethering location.


  34. Neftali says:

    I tried flashing this Rom to my t999 but after I installed it I got stuck on the Samsung galaxy s3 logo. I did factory reset and cleared cache and dalvik. I’m wondering what my problem was? Corrupted download maybe?

  35. jesse guzman jr says:

    ditto on all except when opining my google wallet it says not supported ,unfortunately,google wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network i believe it is in the ota update any suggestions

  36. Ken says:

    How’s the battery performance on this ROM? Thanks.

  37. Shaun says:

    Max, loving this ROM! Does anyone know why I am not having any sports teams or scores show up in Google Now? Even when the Steelers were playing last night it would not display anything, it is saying my only team is the “Rays” for some reason and I did not search for them. My other question would be if there will be a smooth transition from this ROM to Jelly Bean once it is available? Thanks again

  38. Ralph says:

    Max notice that u can’t resize stock whether widget anymore. Is there a quick fix?

  39. rfb813 says:

    Max, v0.2 is out for the Verizon SIII. When will it be out for the GSM versions?

  40. Neftali says:

    I read a comment from him in the Verizon post that he will bring them out This week.

  41. Willie PR says:

    Just wanted to share these beautiful expressions of Steve Wozniak with you guys…jaja….. Ouch! That’s got to hurt, especially given the fact that Apple’s co-founder had mentioned in an interview a few months ago that he preferred Android over iOS from a couple of points of view and that he wished the iPhone could do all the things his Android did.

  42. shadrick simms says:

    i always like your work and help along with clear audio an video for us to learn . all i ask is there a way you can make the sprint’s rom to have free wifi tether w/o having to download a thing to use it…..keep high on android

  43. James says:

    Max…please add function to turn on LED light with the volume button. Also, in front camera mode…using the home button as the shutter. Thanks

  44. Kyron Jones says:

    Im new to all of this and have read over your site for hours. I have the root and the v.02 high on android working on my sprint s3 SPH-L710. and with a lil playing have it working quite nicely accept my 4g is not on the top toggles and my phone is not getting the 4g connection that i have come to love with this phone. is there somthing i am missing that im to clueless to see? Help!

  45. joey says:

    really love highonandroid but for sum reason i couldnt find my back up i saved in titanium backup and i couldnt find any of the other roms i had loaded on there through cwm app but could only see it in cwm recovery other that that i guess i could complain that it loaded so fast i didnt get to see all of my custom boot animation but i think ill b ok

  46. Jay says:

    Hey Max
    i just installed your 0.3 version on my att s3 really like it. it works awesome. I really like the boot animation and the stock look..
    After some time of installtion Device Management Started downlosding something and now it telling me that there is an update to the software i think this is an update from samsung. Should i update it or not ?
    And can you please add some apps to this rom…
    Awesome beats
    Call recording
    i would really appreciate ur help.
    thanks U rocksss

  47. Tony says:

    Hi Max…Awesome ROM!!
    Is there a reason why when using my S3 to scan a NFC tag, I get a window that pops up say “About to connect to Browser. Continue?” . Can I disable that feature?

  48. Charlie says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for the great rom, can’t wait for the new one!

    Any idea why my storage – total space is now only 8.00GB?
    It’s a 16GB i535, verified on the paperwork and the back of the device.

    Still sees my SD card as separate 12.05GB total space too. So I unmounted ExtSD it just to see if my eyes were messing with me. Nope, phone only shows 8GB total space now.
    Only other thing I did since I noticed was pay version of Titanium Backup.

    Any ideas on how to check what’s going on, hardware or otherwise?

  49. Evan says:

    I love this ROM I have been using it for months now, any word on when we can look forward to HighOnAndroid Rom v0.4

  50. Garry says:

    this rom makes my battery hot alot. and the battery life is bad too. i have to charge it 3 times a day, i like notification bar, anything i should do max to improve my battery life.

  51. Rodney says:

    Hello Max,

    Awesome ROM! I’m sure some of these have already been said, but here are some of my suggestions;
    -something similar to liquid splasher
    -custom themes
    -all the emojis built in w/ out the use of a third party app
    -Status bar mods
    -flashlight from the lock screen /w home button

    Awesome work! Thanks for this site Max.

  52. Marco says:

    I was wondering if your ROM affects all the “motion” commands that come with the S3, such as the double tap to top, tilt to zoom, and so on. It would be very nice if you could keep these in your ROM. Great work by the way.

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