HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for Rooted Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [App2SD]

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Yey, HighOnAndroid ROM version 0.3 is out for your rooted Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710!

For this version, I’ve upgraded the OS to the latest LG8, which means you won’t get those annoying update notifications plus Google Wallet works! Also, App2SD Hack has been added, meaning if you have a microSD card inserted, it will swap the microSD card with internal storage. If you don’t want this feature, you can either leave your microSD card out during boot (then plug it in after booting) OR simply remove the file /system/etc/init.d/11extsd2internalsd using ES File Explorer with ROOT/MOUNT enabled.

For version 0.3 I am working on a new battery saving script/undervolting so watch out for that and let me know what you think of this new version!


Download HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for Sprint Galaxy S3

Credits – XDA, Official HighOnAndroid ROM Page

See Previous Versions:


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69 Responses

  1. Kyron Jones says:

    is the 4g activated on this ROM the v.02 i couldnt get my phone into 4g

    • Max says:

      yes 4g is active.

      • Chris says:

        you have lte in your area right? because this phone does not have wimax

      • Kyron Jones says:

        Before I switched from stock ROM my phone would show me the 4g icon since i switched to HOA ROM v0.2 and now v0.3 i do not get the 4g icon only 3g and my phone is definatly slower!

        • Kyron Jones says:

          Ok so i went back to my stock rom and tested my speeds and then but HOA v.03 and im at 3g speeds. how do i enable the 4g option on my phone? there is no toggle like there was for 4g.

          • Kyron Jones says:

            is there still no hope for a 4G connection or does everyone else’s phone work fine. another interesting note. i have a motorola elite silver bluetooth and when ever I hang up the phone while on the 2nd connected phone my 1st(s3) starts playing music!!! I have never had that happen before either.

          • Mark says:

            Go to settings, go to wireless network, go to mobile networks, select network mode and check lte / cdma. This makes 4g work. But update your prl and profile.

  2. Tommy Harkins says:

    A lot of the toggles are missing for version 3

  3. Tommy Harkins says:

    Sorry I flashed the ROM before I watched the video

  4. Chris Cinelli says:

    Max. would i need to factory restore if im coming from the LG8 version on the site you posted a few weeks ago?

  5. J.R. says:

    Im trying to download and keep getting this error: Something has triggered an error on your website. This is the default error page for nginx that is distributed with EPEL. It is located /usr/share/nginx/html/50x.html

    You should customize this error page for your own site or edit the error_page directive in the nginx configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.c

  6. steven says:

    hey max thx for a great rom as always your hard is appreciated but i’m having a problem with the camera in ver. 0.3 the pics wont save to memory card

  7. John says:

    Hey Max,

    Looks like something is wrong in security –> lock screen options –> information ticker. Everything locks up

    Both the news and stock do not work on my phone am i doing something wrong? It seems to almost work.

    Steven, you can change the storage for the pictures from sd card to phone and that seemed to work for me. that might technically be the sd card.

  8. Curtis says:

    Are you able to do Free WiFi Tether with this Rom???

  9. Liam says:

    Would this ROM and other spring ROMs be compatible with the US Cellular version of the s3?

  10. Zach says:

    I’m having the same issue with my camera. It takes a photo, but I’m unable to view it.

  11. Richard Garza says:

    Besides the issue with not being able to take a single shot picture, I have also noticed that when I set the phone to vibrate, it no longer vibrates for notifications or calls. I have already verified all of my sound settings to no avail.
    Can there be a fix for these two issues in the next update please?

  12. Tim Butler says:

    I want to say first that your you tube video on how to “root a Galaxy s 3 sprint” phone was very nicely done and step by step!

    However, it doesn’t shop how to down loan the actual files you want down loaded!

    I went to your website, galaxys3root.com but found only a lot of ads and one of the most confusing sites I’ve ever seen! Maybe not the worst but up there, anyway!

    The links to the specific files weren’t clear. When I finally found one that looked like it was the right name I was taken to some web-site who wanted me to download their software to get it. I down loaded one, which was apparently a down load software and opened it and couldn’t figure out how to use it!

    Now I maybe a novice in doing this rooting protocol but I’ve been using Cell/Smart phones, building CPU’s, installing drivers, applications, troubleshooting from the bios to the printer for the better part of 10 years now!

    I am still sitting here after spending a couple hours anyway, which included me writing down your step by step process, trying to figure out how to get to your specific downloads.

    I go over to xda-developers.com and they have their download links right there, no problem!!

    But I like the idea of your hack to switch the SDcard and the GS3’s internal storage, because I have over 240 apps on my cell phone and would really like to store at least half of them on my SDcard! Samsung deciding to put a minimum limited of 1GB on their internal storage was the stupidest thing they ever did, I believe. Clearly in favor of corporate and or gamer’s benefit.

    Since I don’t know if I can used the xda-developers downloads with your external internal storage hack I’m trying to decide how to proceed.
    Perhaps you can just give me a regular link(s) to the files I should download so I can just simply download the #*$?! files!??
    Thanks in advance,
    I would of written you a e-mail but couldn’t find that either.

  13. rafael says:

    hi i have a samsung galaxy s3 from sprint but my phone keeps on dropping calls is there any fix for that (phone is 100% stock) please help me thank you

  14. YOUNGBOOS786 says:

    max this rom has some issue it some times go black wont come back on the only thing you can do is remove the battery…. some times the music player skip songs midway through playing them. and the gps navigation is definately broken, as soon as you input an address it start saying gps signal lost over and oever, i did not have that issue with stock or v2 of your rom and the wifi tether does not work regardles of the setting i put it on or profile…..bring out version 4 soon i downgraded to v02 for now

    • Max says:

      Not sure what the issue is there, GPS working fine here but will look into it.

      • YOUNGBOOS786 says:


        • Max says:

          Wifi tether works fine:

          • YOUNGBOOS786 says:


            • YOUNGBOOS786 says:

              ok for everybody having the wifi tethering issue with the gs3 here is the problem done update the app the version that works on the galaxy s3 is wifi_tether_v3_1-beta12.apk you can get it at http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/downloads/detail?name=wifi_tether_v3_1-beta12.apk
              than fallow max’s video on how to set up the Wifi tethering on the s3 http://galaxys3root.com/sprint-galaxy-s3/how-to-wifi-tether-free-on-rooted-sprint-galaxy-s3-sph-l710/

  15. YOUNGBOOS786 says:

    max this rom has some issue it some times go black wont come back on the only thing you can do is remove the battery…. some times the music player skip songs midway through playing them. and the gps navigation is definitely broken, as soon as you input an address it start saying gps signal lost over and oever, i did not have that issue with stock or v2 of your rom and the wifi tether does not work regardles of the setting i put it on or profile…..bring out version 4 soon i downgraded to v02 for now

  16. Franco says:

    Hi Max,
    I had installed v0.3 and everything works well on my Galaxy S3. The exceptions I have found are:
    Pictures I have taken with v0.3 will not display. The previous pictures are there and I can see them. just the new ones taken with v0.3. Also I noticed yesterday that while using Bluetooth in my car, I could not dial from the car, I had to make the call from the phone and then continue with my conversation. Placing the call from the car wont work. Other than that, its a great ROM. Are you coming out soon with V0.4?

    • Franco says:

      Hi Max, have you been able to test the bluetooth issue? That is something I use frequently. I have to roll back to stock OS since V0.3 is not supporting it. Let me know when it is resolved so I can get back to HonA v0.?. PD. Great job!!

  17. SevenGPLuke says:

    Thanks For the rom.
    Just one problem.
    Pictures taken wont display nor save to my sd card or internal. how do i fix this?
    thanks in advance

  18. Zach says:

    I love this ROM but here are some issues/suggestions:

    When I reboot my phone I have to keep going in and turning off ‘touch sounds’ in sound settings.

    In an upgrade can you find a way to turn off the camera shutter sound when taking a photo?

    Is it possible to make a master sound control or a button to allow the volume buttons on the side control not just the phone ringer volume but the notification sound as well? I’m tired of turning the volume up on my phone and having my notification sound still be way down.

    In the contacts, is there a way to make it possible to permanently select the contacts that you can view? I don’t want to view all my Facebook friends mixed in with my gmail contacts that I’ve actually saved. I’m friends with a lot of random hotties on Facebook and don’t need to accidentally drunk text some random chica that I don’t know if I know or not. That leads down a bad path.

    • YOUNGBOOS786 says:

      the value button is and has a master control function on it once you press the value down or up click on the on the lung nut looking icon on the value bar it will display your volume for notification , speaker and phone you can adjust them as you please

  19. meanmini1 says:


    downloaded ur rom. works good. my question is when i try to do a nandroid backup thru cwm, it tells me there is an error and to report it to cwm. cwm has been updated to the latest. i tried thru rom toolbox pro and still the same issue. what can i check?

  20. wabdully says:

    hey max just put highonandroid v3 on my rogers samsung galaxy s3 .. everything works smooth .. except camera wouldnt save in sd card but it does on phone np… and i dont seem to get LTE service no more i on 3g now with stock rom i use to get LTE. and when i go under setting i cant change mobile networks either, before with stock rom i could pick hspa/cdm.. or LTE … thanx for the rom btw very cool n fast

    • Max says:

      Set storage to internal for camera (it’s in camera settings in camera app) or format your sdcard to get it working. For 4G LTE, you might need to do a factory reset in Settings (not CWM) but this will erase all of your internal storage (so make a backup beforehand), this happens sometimes when installing new ROMs, data gets corrupt.

  21. meanmini1 says:

    will any of the trinity kernels work on highonandroid?

  22. James says:

    Hi Folks,
    If I go for this, it’ll be my first ROM install, and it’s not something I want to do too often. Could you let me know your thoughts on this ROM please?
    Has anyone had any problems with 4GLTE? I use 3g/4g speed optimizer.

  23. Matt says:

    Hey Max, Great Rom

    Any fix for the information ans stock ticker on the lock screen yet?

  24. Stan Lesley says:

    TOTAL CRAP! Screwed up camera, speed and overall performance…..version 1 was ok, updates seemed to have gone downward spiraling in quality……….back to stock for me 🙁

  25. Timothy Wilcox says:

    Max, I installed this with no problem except I cannot find “Google Now”. This is the first rom I installed, did I do something wrong? Everything else seems to be working great.

  26. Tommy Harkins says:

    Anyone know how to disable the feature where it suggests stupid games, and interupts whatever you may be doing at the time? It is very irritating…

  27. stan says:

    comeon people this version is absoluteley horrendous……1 and 2 were O.K. but this no option swipe of apps2sd is total bogus……also the camera speed and overall performance is waaaay off….i did several bench mark tests running through all 3 versions and 2 runs the fastest with the least bugs. I suggest downgrading to version 2 or go with my rom CM10 fast as hell few bugs and noobs can use it nothing too complicated, hell im virtually a noob too.

    dev come on with version 4 and rid of the apps2sd or atleast give an option without comeon now taking out your microsd card or going into files and deleting something…….for a noob this could brick their phone if done wrong……especially advice in deleting system files… also add phone record youtube downloader and mabey take out more bloatware….is this possible???

  28. Chris Cinelli says:

    Max, Ive been running into more and more problems with this rom over time. Seems to keep locking up and I have to pull the battery. What is the best way to factory reset the phone at this point. And if I do that will I have to re root the phone?

    Sorry for the Noob question

    • Max says:

      I don’t think that’s ROM related probably one of your apps, I would suggest checking if one of your apps are running in the background first. You can always restore your stock ROM btw or unroot if you didn’t make a backup.

  29. Jimmy says:

    I finished installing the rom and I get an green android zapping an apple icon. It does not boot up!
    Please help!


  30. drsachin says:

    Max, will this work on my Samsung S Duos s7562 – ICS. I have a 2gb internal memory and have installed a 16 gb card.

  31. bmdiz says:

    What about updating the Android Version to 4.2? Is that possible?

  32. v3 says:

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    update you on a brand new (properly up to date) network sniffer App just like Faceniff or Wireshark for Android.

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