How to Unroot Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Factory!

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For those of you who need to return your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 back to Sprint Store for warranty or you just want to unbrick your Sprint Galaxy S3 for whatever reason, here’s how to do it.

Now, before you begin, know that when you do a “Factory reset” (at the end of the video), you WILL LOSE EVERYTHING on your internal storage. And also leave your microSD card out while trying this.


Download Stock ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

Mobile Odin Lite
Mobile Odin Flash Kernel for L710
TriangleAway app

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90 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    Accidentally flashed the global SGS3 rom (i9300) instead of the SPH-L710 rom. Bricked my phone. Thanks for the guide. Got the it fixed now!

    • Max says:

      That was a close one good thing u didnt hard brick as it can happen if u flash i9300 on sphl710.

      • Mike says:

        I did do this. I switch roms all the time and cant believe I did this. I was drooling over the Codenrom and didnt take the time to read that it was for the 9300. Nothing on the phone now. Cant get a light or screen and Odin wont recognize it. Any suggestions for a hard brick? Must be hard as I can get through soft bricks with no problem.

  2. Spyro says:

    That stock ROM for the sprint SGS3 worked like a champ!! I “softbricked” my SGS3 when trying to flash it with a “prerooted stock” firmware. After 2 days of looking for a solution this stock ROM saved my a**. I used the desktop version of Odin 3.07 though… Thanks again man!!

  3. Fabian says:

    after un-rooting my L170 S3 i keep getting a message on my phone that pops up saying “Touchwiz home has stopped” and it freezes my screen before doing so… then when i press ok i can go about 5 secs without it popping up again

  4. dw says:

    Max, in the video above you said you loved the ROM you had on that phone but I couldn’t understand what you said it was… Which ROM is it?

    Also, have you noticed if any of the aftermarket roms (or new JB rom) will let me use the spotify lockscreen widget? (The ICS “Samsung” Rom won’t allow Spotify lockscreen widget..)

    Many thanks for such a cool website!

  5. dw says:

    Max, stuck – I can’t find the unzipped kernal file on my phone (I don’t have an external disk). Installed the 3 apps, ran all 3, then put the MobileODIN_FlashKernel_L710-v2.0.apk in my downloads folder. When I open file in MOL it won’t see the Kernal file…

  6. alex says:

    hey max, i followed your video but while it went to flash with mobile oddin it started to boot loop and nothing else happens i dont know what to do now /:
    i would appreciate if you could reply fast…

  7. Justin says:

    Is there anyway to keep the stock ICS hoever, remove all the bloatware that samsung loads in the phone. Until there is a more stable Jellybean ROM (just unloaded CM10) I will stay as close to stock as possible because I can’t have many features of the phone failing. Also is there a way to overclock the phone without any new ROMs??

    Thanks in advance

  8. joshua bull says:

    I unrooted using this method and when trying to install the ota update i get an error message. How do i fix this? Please Help!

  9. Roderick says:

    Is there an unroot method to go with the osx method you used for those of us who have macs and want to have a way to go back if we make a mistake, want warranty service, or future ota updates?

    • Max says:

      I do recommend using ODIN, which is a tool provided straight from Samsung for unrooting purposes. Heimdall isn’t compatible with U.S. Galaxy S3s anyways and it doesn’t work well for stock firmware.

  10. Albert Lujan says:

    I was switching between rom’s and I dont what happen but all night my phone was stuck on the opening screen. I was like man I must have bricked my phone. So in watching you go through the steps on how to unroot, I noticed that there was a factory reset pre say or at least to get me to reboot Recovery. That saved me,,,,

    Thanks so much,,,

    Always Albert

  11. Dave says:

    Max, I’m learning to be a geek (but still noob). When I open Mobile Odin Lite it won’t discover “any” apk files. I can see “some” folders (not all) though…

    Thanks for all you do for genpop!

  12. Jatan says:

    Hi I recently rooted my phone and then immediately tried to restore a backup. The backup seemed to take under a minute to restore, which was really weird. So I tried to reboot my phone but my phone keeps on going blank after the Samsung Galaxy S3 Boot Screen. Any Suggestions???

  13. K.L. says:

    So I did this to a T, and when the Phone rebooted, It seems like it got stuck on the Samsung boot screen….
    soooo I pulled the battery (bc I had the phone charging while it went thru the reboot/startup, and I wasnt sure if that halted the reboot progress) and restarted. It’s been stuck on the samsung screen for almost and hr now and wont fully boot…. Help!

    PS, I also have a usb Jig if needed

  14. Jay says:

    I just finished unrooting my phone. I did the factory reset and now I getting an error. The messaging has stopped working. I don’t know what to do. Can someone give me some ideas?

  15. Barry says:

    It appears that the website that hosts the video is *gone*. Does this video exist anywhere else? Or, is there a transcript with the instructions for unrooting and restoring the factory stock ROM?


  16. Slugler says:

    How long should it take to boot up?? Mine is on the “Samsung” boot screen for like 5 minutes now..

  17. Chae says:

    Max, my s3 on sprint network was update to jb via ota. Then i rooted it but had issues so i unrooted and restore back to ic. I received all the ota updates for 4.0.4 but i am not getting the jb ota update. What do i need to do ti get ota for my s3??

  18. Wendy says:

    Can someone help me to unroot my Sprint Galaxy S3 using a Mac? I know I need Odin but that isn’t compatible. Help Please!!!

  19. Charles Pcman Norton says:

    The link for the stock rom for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Factory! just keeps looping back to the download waits 5 seconds am I doing something wrong ?????

  20. Charles Pcman Norton says:

    The link for the stock rom for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Factory! just keeps looping back to the download waits 5 seconds am I doing something wrong ?????

    also the video walkthrough is no longer working is the video and rom available somewhere else ?????

  21. g35boi says:


    Can you please put back this video on how to unroot a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3? Thank you in advance…

  22. jack says:

    Please help!!! It’s telling me “No SIM card” insert SIM card. WHAT?! Sprint doesn’t even have SIM card. PLEASE HELP!!

  23. Mindy says:

    What about unrooting a US cellular galaxy s3?? I can’t fine how to do it anywhere. Pls help.

  24. will says:

    Please help!!! It’s telling me “No SIM card” insert SIM card. WHAT?! Sprint doesn’t even have SIM card. PLEASE HELP!!

  25. wesley says:

    Mine also says “no Sim Card Found” sprint doesnt have sim card. can i get some help please!!!

  26. Charles Norton says:

    my Sprint Galaxy s3 does in fact have 16gig on phone and a 32 gig sim installed as fars as i know the SPH-L710
    has a sim slot inside where the battery is 🙂 do you have this model SPH-L710 ??????

  27. Eduardo Cruz III says:

    Help… I tried to ROOT my Sprint Galaxy SIII with your latest root method & it said FAIL. Went to restart my phone & it’s bricked. How do I unbrick my phone? I’ve tried 3 time to install the stock sph-l710 tar but still tell me FAIL. What can I do?

  28. Charles Norton says:


  29. Charles Norton says:


  30. jonathan says:

    you dont have to use android zip u can just extract the file with es explorer

  31. Bob says:

    i have tried to unroot my sph-l710 (sprint) and my device keeps power cycling back to boot screen. when i install the md5 file it states that “E:signature verification failed”. i am looking for a solution or work around. Thank you in advance.

  32. Rodney says:

    i completed the root but when i restarted i got an error that states “no sim”.
    my sprint phone doesn’t come with a sim card. what did i do wrong?

  33. eddie says:

    im trying to unroot, my sph l710 is stuck in this loop, it wont turn on all the way, but its still able to go to CWM-based recovery, and download mode, what do i do? it wont let me boot from zip, or anything, and its not reading my sd cards even if i hit mount and unmount.
    im on a mac as well, so can i unbrick this way????
    im in download mode now waiting to see how i do it

  34. Darian says:

    Hey Max, I unrooted my Sprint GS3 because of phone problems. The Unroot worked fine but after a few minutes a pop up appeared saying update ready to install. I installed the update but every few hours the update sign keeps coming back. I don’t know why? I tried reseting it but it didnt stop. Any suggestions that I can try?

    Thanks, Darian

  35. NattRak says:

    After using this method to unroot my sprint’s GS3 with Triangle Away Pro, I’m still getting a custom rom count of 1. I don’t know what step I did wrong. I tried this about 3-4 times already.


  36. Dallas J says:

    i was testing ROMs and i backed all my data on the stock ROM. i then went into the ROM and was not able to backup through titanium backup because i didnt have google play or even a browse that functioned. So i just decided to restore to stock and the backup was not there! i can do nothing with no browser or google play and i need help badly. I want to get back to factory stock, and i dont need my contacts or downloaded apps but i have no way to do so. ive wiped cache, dalvik cache, and tried to factory reset and i am out of options. please help!

    • fr8r says:

      Sounds like you may have a corrupt backup. Use Max’s method to unroot – and reflash stock sw to your phone. You don’t need Google Play or a browser to do that. You do it with Odin on your PC (connected to your phone).

  37. Sunny K says:

    I am trying to unroot my S3 back to factory. The video link is not working. I already downloaded the firmware file for Sprint S3. Can you give me some brief instructions on how I can unroot and return to stock please.

    • fr8r says:

      If you can’t get the video to work try this link (different site). I’ve used this other method before and it works flawlessly also.

  38. Malcolm Ekeh says:

    where can I get an active download for boot-stock-sprint-sph-l710.tar, soft bricked my phone just got odin to work just need that boot image and I can run Odin please help!!!!

  39. faustino says:

    iam having problem with my superuser. so i try to reset my phone factory stage. and i down load all roms and when i open the triangle one it couldn’t open. need your advise.

  40. Deon says:

    My advise to everyone stuck on the Samsung screen.. Go into recovery mode, update from zip (whatever is says). Find a old rom you had on your phone. I happen to have Goodness and another one from when I was flashing my phone. Load that one up and your phone should work fine with that ROM. After you do that, go to XDA and find a way to flash you phone back to stock. I love this site but the information is wrong. I think when he had us unzip the rom before we put it on our phone is when we messed up. My ohone is now working with Goodness Rom but I have to find out why my sd card is not reading.. Good luck everyone.. I think Im done flashing after I fix this.

    • Deon says:

      I am not a pro im just posting as I go..

      • Deon says:

        Ok, I have Goodness running but my phone still cannot recongnize my sdcard. My computer can see it but not my phone. I am now doing all the steps over again from the beginning to see if it will flash back to stock with everything working.

        • Deon says:

          Ok, I did all the steps over again (making sure to wipe all cashes) and it got off of the samgsung screen! Its on the original rom, but still does not see sdcard. I think I fixed that too though, hold on.

  41. Deon says:

    FIXED!!!!!!! It recognizes my sdcard!!! What you have to do is update you phone about 4 times. Go to Setting, system updates! Its going to be the “Samsung Updates” but do all of them to make sure your good. But after you do the Samsung Updates about 4 times it will recognizes you sdcard! You will still have to update it after that because its still not caught up to where it should be so you may have to update a few more times after that. But your phone will be good as far SDCARD!

  42. Todd says:

    When I “flash firmware” in Odin Lite everything seems to be working fine. But, my phone reboots into the same custom rom??? It looks like it tries to flash the stock rom for a split second, but when it relaunches it is back into my custom rom???

    • fr8r says:

      Reflash. Sometimes it takes 2 times. Make sure you leave the phone alone until you see “pass” in Odin. It will look like its stuck – but it IS working. Once Odin says “pass” Go into Stock Recovery and do a factory reset – then for good measure clear the cache, the reboot. Be patient while this is rebooting, because its a first time reboot – it will take about 5 minutes or more to fully come up. Then, in about 30 minutes you’ll get an over-the-air update. Accept it. You’ll be fine from there!

  43. Karan says:

    Hi Max,
    I am in a spot of trouble maybe you can help me out here…I was working on my Sprint SG3 phone which was rooted and I must have flashed a wrong kernel/rom onto what I did was I flashed the stock Sprint Samsung Rom onto it..I get the boot screen and now the device is stuck at the Sammy logo…I truly do not want to do a factory reset cause I still have data on the phone..I can reach the download mode of the device..any suggestions would be appreciated..cause I honestly do not want to loose data that can be potentially saved…again I am new to this would appreciate any help!

  44. ChrisP says:

    Hey Max,

    I tried unrooting my Sprint S3, got all the to reboot, now stuck on SAMSUNG screen.

    I cannot access either vol up/down while holding power button. So I cant factory reset.

    Any suggestions ?

  45. seth says:

    just tried to unroot my phone using above method and when completed I get the samsung logo then just a blue to white flashing led. I tried to reroot the phone the phone using the teamepic method which I did before and the result is still a blue to white flashing led. I left the auto reboot and f reset time checked when unrooting but when trying to reroot I unchecked them as that was what the instructions stated. Any help would be appreciated. Phone is galaxy s3 sprint purchased at end of november 2012. Rooting it was successful about 4 months ago using odin3 and teamepic.

    • seth says:

      Sorry I used teamepic to root and unroot the phone ;not above method here. using odin3 to flash the phone. and restored the file from the galaxy gs3 internal storage.

  46. seth says:

    If anyone can help me with the blue to white led flashing and not going beyond that point I can go in to download mode and recovery mode buy thats it.

    • sunny says:

      You can download the stock sprint rom from this website and using odin, you can flash it. Then your phone will be back to factory setting. You wont even know if your phone was ever rooted. If you want I can tell you the instructions. Its pretty simple.

      • ham says:

        i did everything step by step on this video above and my phone is stuck on the boot logo of samsung galaxy 3 i was trying to go back to factory if u could help would be greatly aprecieated man im new to all this phone was rooted for a while n was running into slight problems with the rom n had a ton of storage taken up so i was trying to clean it up a bit n then it back fired on me if u got any ideas or help i would be thankful for life

  47. seth says:

    Found stock rom for sprint galaxy s3 used odin to flash it to the phone from the laptop. It took awhile to download as it is over 700 mb and over 1 gb unziped. Used above link for rom thanks to this site. Hint go to bottom of linked page for download as first two downloads are for software you don’t need.. Did factory reset by wiping the data and cache and it works as if I bought it from sprint. Have to redownload my apps. When I connected to my gmail account from the phone all my contacts came back. Most of my pics and videos where on my flash card which I removed before doing the above process and thus are fine.

  48. AlphaNeo says:

    Thanks for the guide….excellent..worked well but after unrooting and successfully using guide, when i go into download mode it says my flash counter is 1, indicating i still flashed. I used triangle away and everything…any tips on fixing this slight issue…i dont want any traces of root after unrooting? thanks

  49. Rick says:

    Screwed up used factory reset for sprint and I have CSpire, can’t make calls or anything no network no phone.

  50. chris says:

    i may have hard bricked my sph710 plugged her into my pc and she says this under “other devices” : QHSUSB_DLOAD

    any help would be appreciated. i tried flashing a rom that was still new and the source isnt up anymore but yeah. major mess up. butif this phone is salvageable id like to make an effort to save her.
    thanks, chris

  51. Andrew Burn says:

    Hi, I was in the middle of unrooting my S3 and everything looked like it was going well. Then, after the part where the droid with the eyepatch is on the screen it went to the download screen (one with the green droid with the open front and all the blue wires) it will show the status bar at the bottom and will go about a third or quarter of the way then restart and do it over and over and I can’t get passed that. I was watching the video while doing this so I may not of seen an error message because I was paying attention to the video too, but now it is pretty much a brick because I cannot do anything with my phone. Any help?

  52. xcalibur_123 says:

    Hi I have the s3 on sprint rooted and did the 4.3 OTA update, but I want want to unroot. I wanted to flash 4.1.2 with odin but I have seen some sites that I can brick the phone doing so. Is there another way to unroot? I rooted with the method showed on your site. Reason I want to unroot is to get the MSL of my phone to do some modifications but I try to use the and it doesn’t work, some users say cause its rooted and it wont work for some reason. I also tried the aLogcat and nothing either. Any help will be appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  53. jason says:

    i have sgs3 sph l710…….im running wicked sensation mk3 vo5….android 4.3…..l710vpucmk3….will this work?

  54. Tako says:

    when i try to use triangle away app it tells me

    “could not locate hidden partition.”
    are you not running ICS?

    what does that mean and how do i fix it so i can go on with the unrooting steps

  55. J says:

    great site max keep it up.

    ok i have a problem. most recent rom i had on my phone was cyanogenmod for my galaxy s3 sprint. i decided to go back to factory per instructions on this page. everything went fine. i downloaded the files to my phone ran each application in order and the phone seem to go back to factory.

    i then proceeded to update and install the firmware. now here in lies the problem. the phone stated that it need to reboot to install/update etc… and i let it do so. but now the phone wont’ turn on at all! i’ve tried taking the battery out, pressed down on the power button with and without the battery, tried turning it on with the phone plugged in everything and anything and it just doesn’t want to turn on.

    any suggestions as to what i could do to remedy this problem or is this this it for this phone?


  56. Richard says:

    I need to know what can happen if I use the wrong l710 stock firmware on Odin3… I am trying to UNroot and I need L710VPUCNDC and I don’t see it ANYWHERE…
    What can happen, please help. I rooted my phone from this site and don’t remember if I had to use stock firmware in Odin3 or anything… Because IF I did, then I must have gotten L710VPUCNDC (which is what it says on my phone under Baseband Version AND under Build Number…. Under Baseband Version it says, “L710VPUCNDC” and under Build Number it says, “KOT49H.L710VPUCNDC”) My phone is Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 and it’s on Android Version 4.4.2 and have full root.
    Please help me as I do not want to brick my phone. What can happen if I use another Stock Firmware from L710… at-least.

  1. September 26, 2012

    […] been trying to research how to fix this and i am across the following website and instructions How to Unroot Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Factory! | …my thought is to try and put the stock rom back on this phone. would that reset the phone back […]

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