How to Wifi Tether Free on Rooted Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710!

For those of you who want to wifi tether free on your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, here’s how to do it easily on any rooted Sprint Galaxy S3.  (Also works on T-Mobile and most Android devices with ICS)

Step 1. Download Wifi Tether for Root Users (Android Wifi Tether App) App from Play Store and run it.

Step 2. Next choose “Change Device-Profile” in Settings.

Step 3. Choose “Generic ICS”.

Step 4. Next you can set your SSID and wifi encryption if you want to.

Step 5. Use your computer or another computer to connect to your Sprint Galaxy S3.

Step 6. Profit and enjoy.

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32 Responses

  1. MB says:

    Works better for me when I change it to Galaxy Nexus(CDMA/LTE). Computer won’t find it on Generic ICS.

  2. iomega311 says:

    I rooted mine, but the wireless tether app does not work at all. I have tried multiple device profiles with no luck. I am on stock rom. Also tried foxfi with no luck either.

    • Max says:

      Hmmm not sure, it should work fine as shown in my video, try again and if you have trouble, post your log errors from Android Wifi Tether app.

  3. Paul says:

    Im having the same problem as Iomega, phone is rooted but wifi tether still don’t work. I have tried every tether app and nothing. I think sprint has found a way to keep it lock even after rooting. My next step is to try a different kernal, my understanding is that this would unlock the tethering. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Max says:

      Make sure wifi mode is not set to adhoc.

      • lakejx says:

        Helppppp i cant connect to my sprint galaxy 3 wifi hotspot… i rooted it about 3 days ago and tried to use wifi tether for root users but it doesnt work… i followed the steps for use the app there is no errors log it just doesnt let my lap connect to the network… i also tried using foxfi and barnacle apps
        and the same problem

        • Max says:

          try a custom ROM then.

          • lakejx says:

            finally i got it….
            1. root the phone
            2. install a custom rom (i installed free gs3 rom from sonic)
            3. install wifi tether for root users
            4. on settings change device profile to generic ics
            5. on setup method select netd (master)
            6. enable wifi encryption
            it worked for me in that way

  4. Anonimo says:

    im having the same problem, phone rooted i tried with foxfi, barnacle, open garden and wifi tether for root users and none of them work…. my computer detects the network from my galaxy but i just cant connect to it… there is no log errors… do you think sprint blocked any way to free tethering?

  5. paul says:

    I figured it out I think. I tried the WiFi tether and select galaxy Lexus profile. It workswell for the most part but every so often I get a weird message and I quote ” what the hell, your phone is trying time take over your WiFi connection”. Then it kicks me off. I just have to restart it again. Just to give further detail, I have a galaxy s3 rooted with a custom Rom. So my prognosis is Sprint has so kind of kernel that attempts to block WiFi even when rooted.

    • David says:

      Turn off sprint connection optimizer under mobile networks in settings. Sprint connection optimizer turns on wifi periodically to scan for the best connection. Every time it turns on wifi, it kicks off wifi tethering.

  6. Anonimo says:

    Since i got the sprint galaxy s3 (two weeks ago) i got 2 security updates… maybe thats why…. probably there is no way to get free wifi tether on sprint galaxy with the lastest updates… i rooted the phone and i tried with every app for tethering and nothing works . The apps star but the phone does not let other devices connect to it. Sprint want us to pay for that (20)

    • David says:

      There is a solution to this problem. TrevE hacked the wifi tethering to work with Android 4.1.1. Here is the link to the writeup:

  7. Dan says:

    Mine works periodically on the Galaxy Nexus CDMA option. But fails usually with in 5 min and i have to try several times for it to reconnect. Quite frustrating. Used on my old evo all the time with no issue at all.

  8. Jorge says:

    hey max, i recently rooted my sprint s3. Ever since I rooted my phone, i noticed a major drop in my signal. i already called sprint and they keep having me do the prl updates. Any help?

  9. npbenigni says:

    Not working on the new Sprint OTA with 4.1.1 Kernel version 3.0.31-329968. Please let me know when there is a fix. Thanks. A donating customer.

    • David says:

      There is a solution to the problem of wifi tethering not working on the Galaxy S3. TrevE hacked the wifi tethering to work with Android 4.1.1. Here is the link to the writeup:

  10. dj says:

    Used this same method for my T-Mobile s3 rooted stock Rom but since the jelly bean update yesterday it no longer works. Help please.

  11. Richard Richardson says:

    If you keep getting the “what the hell” notification, its prob the fact that wifi keeps turning on by itself. To turn this off go to Settings>More Settings> Mobile Networks. There should be something like ‘Connection Optimizer’. Turn that off. Otherwise it turns Wifi on every once on a while.

  12. npbenigni says:

    That would be great if tether was working. Subsequently, it is not. Problems on ics Sprint SPH-L710. See previous post. Stock Rooted Kernel.

  13. npbenigni says:

    I meant jelly bean.

  14. tjnoel says:

    I have the sprint s3 and rooted it three times returning to stock for 2 sys updates. I’m on 4.1.1. The first two times the recommended tether app and settings worked fine. This last Samsung update doesn’t allow the tether to work. I checked the status and there are no fails and su user has granted the app access but still nothing. I attempted to un-root, delete su user zip file as well as un installing tether and titanium backup to start from scratch twice and still it doesn’t work. Any chance the new update is interfering?

  15. cody says:

    i am getting the same issue can’t seem to get tether to work and am using 4.1.1 jelly bean.

  16. David says:

    There is a solution to the Galaxy S3 wifi tethering problem. TrevE hacked the wifi tethering to work with Android 4.1.1. Here is the link to the writeup:

  17. cody says:

    the version on the app market doesn’t work on my s3 but if you go to the Wi-Fi tether site and download V 3.3 pre 1 it seems to be working fine so far.

  18. bmdiz says:

    Downloaded and installed WiFi Tether for Root Users 3.3-pre1 works like a charm with stock ROM. From following link:
    Connected phone and copied and pasted it to my sdcard. Unplugged from computer, open file from My Files, extSdCard, selected wifi_tether_v3_3-pre1.apk and installed. Make sure under security settings check the box for Unknown sources prior to install. If not, phone will prompt you to this setting.

    Device-Profile: Samsung Galaxy S3
    Setup-Method: Auto
    Enable WiFi-Encryption: Checked
    Change Passphrase: – put in a pw
    Change SSID: – What ever you like
    Change Channel: Channel 1
    Enable Access-Control: Checked

  19. npbenigni says:

    Version 3.3 pre1
    Change Device-Profile to Galaxy S III
    Send Netd Max Client Cmd – Checked
    Enable Wifi Encryption – Checked
    Change Passphrase
    Change SSID
    Wifi-driver reload – Checked
    Keep Alive – Connection Check – Checked

    P.S. You can Enable Access Control if you want.

  20. David Crowell says:

    I used this app for everything on 4.1.2 jb but can’t seem to get it to work on 4.3 rom please help me figure this out

  21. mike c says:

    ok i have tried every wifi tether app/program out there and no matter what i do i can not get it to work, here is what i have Boost/Sprint samsung galaxy s3 SPH-L710,,, android version 4.4.2,,,, Kernel version 3.4.0-2970378,,, baseband version L710PUCNJ3, my phone is rooted, i dont think i have a custom rom, because i could never get my phone to get past the stock bootloader, so i am unable to install a zip from recovery. Please help me, everytime i install and try to run everything out there i get this msg “What the Hell!, your phone takes back the wifi-interface, immediate tethering-shutdown NOW!” i have gone into setting and shut off the connections optimizer and i am still getting that, or if i try to use the hotspot button built in i get the “you are not subscribed” error, what am i doing wrong????

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