JellyBlazed Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [v0.3]

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For this week, check out the JellyBlazed Jelly Bean ROM for your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.  Based off the latest Sprint leak, the JellyBlazed ROM brings you the best of latest Jelly Bean leak with optimizations to improve speed and battery life on your phone.

If you want a more stock-like Jelly Bean experience (without the additives), this can be a great ROM for you.  Also, if you want more customized Jelly Bean ROM, try the JellyBomb  ROM.

Update – Version 0.3

Updated to newest base LJ7
This is soooo slick and smooth now
Everything from previous builds
Disabled Scrolling Cache
Take pictures with vol+/vol-
Added option to disable screen on when txt recieved
Added various other settings
Hot boot is now working thanks to josh


Download JellyBlazed ROM

Credits – XDA

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13 Responses

  1. Donnie says:

    Hey Max,
    Thanks for posting this Rom, I’ve been following Blazers roms for a while now and he does a really good job at keeping it like stock but faster and better! I’ve tried some of the more custom jellybean roms such as CM10 or AOKP, love the options, but at the same time I didn’t feel like it had a S3 anymore! I love the jelly blazed rom, I can definitely see improvements in my phone’s capabilities! I’d recommend this rom to those who are like me and want to keep it almost stock…. Only thing I wish is that would like to change the sprint opening animation! Thanks Max, I love following your reviews for the sprint S3!

  2. Bonte says:

    Installed perfectly, looks like the ROM does not include SuperUser. I tried to install the one for ICS, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a special that I must install from CWM in order to have root with this ROM?


    • Bonte says:

      I was able to resolve it, I got confused by the – the SU app is SuperSU, not SuperUser. Once I installed that from the market, root was working perfectly fine. Good rom so far, thanks for sharing!

  3. Roger Jr. says:

    Wifi tethering aint working on this rom??

    • Bonte says:

      Doesn’t appear to be. The WiFi Tether author was informed and he suggested trying the Beta, to which I did and was not successful. I’m sure it will be fixed at some point, for now I’m going to keep enjoying this rom.

  4. werner says:

    No tether why for that same reason i had to stop using the leaked version and jelly bomb Max help us :'(

  5. rom30 says:

    I have a question here. I have the sprint GS3 on boost mobile, if I flash any of these ROM will it remove the Boost mobile configuration? If so Any way of updating when jelly beans comes out without loosing the boost mobile configuration?

  6. werner says:

    No rom30 the only thing that u can loose is your root access but if u use this app call voodoo OTA before u update theres no problem i used n works

  7. oz says:

    looks like no new ROM of the week

  8. Franco says:

    I have experienced shortened battery life. Actually it consumed the battery in about 4 1/2 hours.
    Any ideas?
    I had to roll back Jelly Bean Beta

  9. Paul says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks as always for demonstrating the ROM, I really appreciate your reviews. Can you weigh in on the camera problems and the associated fixes? On my Sprint GS3 the camera app would freeze when trying to use the flash in JellyBlaze version 0.2. I updated to ver 0.3, and now the camera app wont even open. I saw some updates on the XDA thread, but there are more than 1. Was wondering what you thought.


  10. Brandt says:

    Camera is force closing so I went back to that stock JB any suggestions.

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