JellyBomb ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [Best ROM]

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Without a doubt, if you are looking for the “best ROM” on the Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L710 that’s TouchWiz-based, you can’t go wrong with the latest JellyBomb ROM v14. With the latest version 14, you can expect a fully-working multi-window (also enabled for all apps), Photo Sphere Android 4.2 camera, Note 2 camera, a ton of audio-enhancing apps, a ton of tweaking including overclocking up to 2.1Ghz, and even some more.

Of course, JellyBomb ROM does come with some serious “blue” theming, if blue isn’t your color, that might be the only thing I can think of that could stop you from flashing this ROM.

So, if you have a Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 and you haven’t tried the JellyBomb ROM yet, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download JellyBomb ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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45 Responses

  1. Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

    I like almost everything about this, the settings make sense, the tether works and it is fast. However, can I change the blue background. I have one app where the blue background is the same as the print and it disappears. There is no setting in the app to change the font color. Can I do it in at the rom level?

    • Chris Cinelli says:

      I agree, the blue is annoying. Thats the only thing that makes me hesitant to download it.

      • Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

        I have realized that blue is the new white. On the app I mentioned I kept requesting a white screen and all was blue. Seem that whatever would ordinarily be a white screen is now blue. (Would have been white screen with blue font but with jellyBomb was blue screen with blue font- VERY hard to read.) Out of desperation I reset to the only other choice which was a black screen. And wadaya know. Black screen with blue font. I can use it. With that understanding I can configure as needed to make it workable. Now I like it alot more.

  2. Hector says:

    Is this rom 4.2.2?

    • Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

      4.11. I wonder what the advantage of 4.22 over 4.11 would be. if any… really. This ROM works right out of the box. tethering and all. I like that best of all.

      • GuILtY718 says:

        4.2.2. isn’t anything special. What we want and need is that Premium Suite update to finally get to the US versions.

  3. Esteban says:

    Can i install it in my SGH-I747 aT&T? Thanks

  4. Max says:

    I flashed the rom but I don’t know how to use the dual app/ or having my screen split ?
    I’ve been trying everything but still can’t figuere it out..
    Please help

    • Paul Gadebusch, III says:

      Long press the back button and the menu on the left side will appear with a list of apps. the menu bar can be moved like the task bar in windows by grabbing the nub with a long press and then moving it.
      Drag one icon from the bar into the screen to open it,drag a second and it will open splitting the screen. I hope this helps.

  5. turnbasenerd says:

    I really wanted to like this one. I ran it for 4 hours but too much blue, made my head hurt. If you don’t mind it though its pretty awesome.

  6. Carlton says:

    Been using this rom for the past couple days, I REALLY wish i could just have default coloring and this rom. The blue is just annoying.

  7. Martin Valenzuela says:

    So far, ROM is flawless. Any way to change the Blue in the Notification drop down menu? And the blue guy in the backgrounds settings?

  8. Alpha Neo says:

    Man I thought I was the only one annoyed by the blue being every where..its cool in some places like for phone and contacts and even on the playstore but im get a blue overdose..and that blue bomb guy it annoying and so is the flashing Jellybomb domination at the bottom of notification bar..but truly is a good rom with tons of settings

  9. leo says:

    @Paul The smart network option seems to remain sticky even after i un-check the option. The network still behaves as if it’s on smart network that is: The network is only available when the screen is turned on. Please help

    • leo says:

      Found the option to alleviate this issue in JellyBombed battery saver. I essentially turned off the DS battery saver option and my network returned to normal

  10. cha says:

    rom doesnt work

  11. charity says:

    tried to flash this ROM but it kept getting stuck in the jellybomb boot loop. i tried flashing it twice and it still doesnt work. it actually soft bricked my phone, i had to restore from my nandroid backup. i downloaded version 14.0.0. did i do something wrong?

    I am using the US version sprint galaxy s3 LH-710. does it work for this version?

    • Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

      I have been able to get past those hiccoughs with following using CWM 6.023 recovery.
      Setup = Download Rom, Download Gaps, Download Superuser (just in case), Backup system (to external SD if possible).

      In recovery mode
      Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik cache, reboot into recovery and repeat all three wipes again. It is overkill but always seems to work in the end.
      Install Rom, Install Gapp, Wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik, Remove battery from phone, Wait 30 seconds replace battery, restart into recovery, wipe both cached again and the reboot system.
      I know there are redundant steps but I don’t know which I can eliminate successfully. I find if the rom does not install after all this then it never will. It is not me, it is the ROM and I either restore my working backup or start over with another ROM

    • glenn says:

      Gotta do a factory reset/wipe. Then wipe dalvich,and cache. To change some of the blue . Download morphology.can’t get rid of all blue. But some, and replace it with a variety of different colors to choose from.

  12. cha says:

    this rom still will not flash. ive even updated CWM via rom manager. any suggestions?

  13. T says:

    ok so Mobile network isn’t working and a ton of things are continuing to force close. I’ve wiped data plenty of times along with the caches…. Anyone got ideas? Other people seem to have it working so I am not giving up yet! (And I agree with many other people about the blue overboard…. It’s pretty ridiculous, it’s not attractive when you make everything blue. And the notifications seem cluttered. Just my input though). If anyone knows how to fix it, that would be awesome.

    • Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

      I had the same problem.
      1. System setting – JellyBomb Battery Saver (under JB Perrfomance tweaks) OFF can be accessed by the pull down bar also. It starts by default. can be stopped or just turned off
      2. system settings – activate this phone.

      I might have done other things but the was only useful if I was not going to use the phone for a while or was on wifi.

  14. leo says:

    Hi Paul, does the latest sprint ota update break this rom?

    • Brian says:

      Hey Leo, did you ever figure this out? I’m curious about this as well. Thanks.

      • leo says:

        Yupe it does, the ota crashes when it attempts to complete the upgrade. However after wiping dalvik and rebooting the phone everything goes back to normal.

  15. Nick says:

    There’s no “clear” button for the notifications roll-down menu that I’m seeing. Also, for the life of me, I can’t find a tutorial on how to disable the system OTA update notifcations. These are really the two things nagging me the most. The blue I can deal with because of all the functionality that comes with this ROM but the other 2 things are making me debate whether to switch over to something else. Any help would be great.

    • Paul Gadebusch (Gaddy) says:

      The ‘Clear’ is an Icon at the top that looks like 3 steps, on mine it is the topmost on the extreme right. Just to the left of it looks like 3 slider bars and it brings up the settings.
      I don’t get at OTA popup and I don’t know why. Not that I want it.
      I am looking for a setting to keep my screen live longer when I am on the phone. I am charging often and have an extended battery so battery life is not my biggest issue. I am hoping I can set it to stay on for the phone but not the rest of the time. I also have a app that kills the screen if I have to set it to always on.

  16. ray ray says:

    I unchecked ripple and after installing beats on my gs3 sprint version my phone reboots after loading the home screen

  17. Jo Clyde says:

    Hi all,

    I installed this rom on my Sprint galaxy s3 and every time I connect my otg adapter and powered USB external drive, it no longer mounts and my phone reboots with two vibrations unless I disconnect. Any ideas?

  18. Hector Hernandez says:

    Is there any way to restore my apps after I unroot my phone?

  19. Robert Jeffries says:

    Hey everyone,
    So basically i’ve been using this rom for about a week. But I noticed that the bottom of my phone where it charges at seems to get to get hot. Could it be voltage on Ktweaker? I never messed with it. The only thing I touched was the CPU, the min is 384 and max is 1512. Let me know if I did something wrong. Thanks!

  20. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings iI’ve just install jellybomb rom it’s smooth fast very stocked , however there’s one issue when galaxy s3 sprint goes into sleep mode or coming out of sleep mode s3 shows no signal 3g nor 4g now that’s difficult when using WiFi hotsop. Anyone having this issue and is there’s a fix!

  21. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings i’ve just install jellybomb rom it’s smooth fast very stocked , however there’s one issue when galaxy s3 sprint goes into sleep mode or coming out of sleep mode s3 shows no signal 3g nor 4g now that’s difficult when using WiFi hotspot. Anyone having this issue and is there’s a fix!

    • keiston says:

      I am tired of the exact same problem the only solution I came up with was to switch from lte/cdma to just cdma…it works but no lte and no media pics

  22. Juan says:

    Hey Jo Clyde I use to have an issue like that with my Nexus 7 and what I learned was you had to open program first and then insert your OTG. If you havent tried that yet, give it a shot. Good luck.

  23. Utkarsh Bhimte says:

    Does it works on international s3..??!

  24. Dennis says:

    Can someone give me the lastest kernel for this rom? i have the sprint gs3

  25. John Corcione says:

    I really like the ROM but none of the sound enhancements work except the native samsung player sound enhancements. I want to use some of the sound enhancements from the new rom. like the dolby or beats audio or any other of the xplode sound enhancements as well. also how do you keep from having ALL the apps from installing from your google play account it’s quite annoying when u are going thru the new setup after flashing the jellybomb goodness you get alot of doubling up of apps already included with the ROM or from what ever samsung has… on other annoyance is that everything is in a blue colored font. when reading emails or looking at the settings when you pull the slide bar down is that you can’t see anything with the JellyBomb logo obscuring the view at the bottom of the screen. Just some of my observations. Going to try the Goodness reborn ROM next.

  26. kelvin says:

    hey i followed every step and when installing this rom i get a dead android halfway through instalation? there a link someone can provide how i can fix this.

  27. daniel rojas says:

    after installing JellyBomb JB ver 14.0.0 on my s3 from sprint, i cant install another rom in my phone. can you please help me.

  28. daniel rojas says:

    after installing JellyBomb JB ver 14.0.0 on my s3 from sprint. i cant find how to install another rom in my phone. can you please help me

  29. carmen says:

    After installing the ROM the cameras do not work. I am using the S3 SPH-l710 for Virgin Mobile. Please advise

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