Leaked Official Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710!

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The big Galaxy S3 news of the week? Leaked official Jelly Bean ROM is now available for your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710. No, this isn’t just another port from another Galaxy S3 but a real leak from Sprint. I’ve been using it for most of the day and the battery life is pretty good with almost everything working out of the box. I do see one thing wrong, that the sound is a bit lower than usual but other than that, it’s a pretty solid ROM you can use as daily driver.

This version is a leaked version with root so you can flash it in CWM Recovery. So, don’t wait, if you have a Sprint Galaxy S3, backup your current ROM and try this leaked Jelly Bean to enjoy the future already. We suspect official version is not too far away also so until then you can get your hands on with this leak and be happy.


Download Leaked Official Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3, Mirror

Credits – XDA

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45 Responses

  1. oz says:

    i tried installing the leak jelly bean rom from your site which i love by the way lol , and it fails every time bin at it for hours now dont know what else to do or try plz some feed back i need jelly bean in my life lol

  2. Frreshnic101 says:

    Are you running on stock kernel? If yes, wipe cashe and dalvik cache then install new rom.

    • oz says:

      i did i was rooted and flash the the stock sph-l710 rom so i could get the ota update for sprint but its fails very time so i said to hell with ota when i saw there was a leaked jelly bean out and nothing when every i try it , it says verification failed ive tried every thing i know and bin looking in to xda and you tube for videos for help but its a bust

  3. Frreshnic101 says:

    Sound like you have lost the root features. Download ‘root checker basic’ from the play store and run it to see if yoh still have root. If not ghen root again and the n flash the jelly bean rom

  4. oz says:

    god i feel like such a noob

  5. oz says:

    i have super user rights

  6. oz says:

    i got it thank you guys so much u rock love this site . jelly bean baby ive learn some much in the last two weeks from this site cant thank u enough if theres any thing i could do to help u guys back hit a brother up oh ps clockwork wasnt working for me i used team win to install dont know if that helps but thanks again looking forward to learning more from u guys

  7. Frreshnic101 says:

    Great! Enjoy those jelly bean and don’t t forget to put a tumbs up on the video for our guy at A’ndroid root. Org’

  8. Eric says:

    YESSSS!!!! its about time!!
    flashed it over Free GS3 (Team Sonic) and it went smoothly.
    Haven’t found any problems yet.

  9. William Tavares says:

    I tried the new Official Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint S3 and I like High on Android V3 better.

    I dont like the lack of options on the drag down menu screen on the new JB ROM, Also I dont want to have to wipe my device to factory just to get Contacts to work, because at this point it isn’t working, thats ok though, I can expect this from a new ROM, which is why I am commenting here hoping that some of these minor issues can get fixed soon.

    I am hoping for a High on Android Jelly Bean Rom soon.

    Thank you to all of the people making these options and software available to all of us little poeple who dont know how to make it our selves. You are all the best.


  10. Mando says:

    Does this file need to be unzipped first? Sorry, noob, here…

  11. oz says:

    But if i was u i wouldnt flash that rom the contacts app is not working and crash it will not let u install any new contacts on top of that when or if u flash the stock rom back to your hand set the messaging app on the stock rom is not working either as well as the system update tab in the setting of the stock SPH-710 ROM IS MISSING fyi

  12. Mando says:

    Hey Max,

    I’ve been looking up that xda thread where the leak was posted. Seems they’ve done a bunch of improvememts in the past couple days. any way you can post an updated link? and maybe, your thoughts on it?

    I find your site much more user friendly.

    Thanks for all your work!

  13. gerald says:

    Does anyone know how to get the contacts to work. It will not allow you to add any new ones to your directory It crashes when it is time to do so.

    • Mando says:

      Adding new contacts is working fine for me.

      My first go ’round with this ROM seemed nearly flawless. I tried flashing a new ROM, had difficulties, and reinstalled CM10 once more. Second time I had minor issues, but reboots, re-installing with wipes, and force stopping has fixed nearly all my issues. Only real issue now is call volume doesnt always adjust to my inputs, not a deal breaker.

      My best suggestion is to try reinstalling the ROM or wait till they come out with the next monthly build.

  14. Frreshnic101 says:

    Hey Guys
    I have been using the Sprint JB Leak ROM since it’s released and everything seems to be working for me with no crashes or glitches. So if you are looking to install this ROM maybe you may want to follow these steps… First you need to backup all your apps, calls logs, SMS, contacts (Super Backup or Titanium Backup – Play Store). Then do a clean install – factory reset, wipe cache and Dalvik Cache. Install and restore all your backup items and enjoy.
    This install will take care of your contacts issues. Thanks to all the developers who are working hard out there to make this possible for us…Thank you Guys

    • Mando says:

      Thanks for the info!

      Did you have to unzip the file? I tried flashing it straight from the download but i got a scary boot loop.

      Also, when you used titanium backup, did you restore only apps or apps + system settings?


      • maykel says:

        did you save the file in the external sd card? I noticed when it is saved on the external sd card, it will do the loop boot, make sure it is in the internal memory, then try again, hope that helps.

  15. Frreshnic101 says:

    Make sure to have an updated CWM installed and only restore your apps (not the system setting).

  16. Frreshnic101 says:

    Do not unzip the file

  17. Frreshnic101 says:

    Here is a link for the updated CWM http://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager

  18. Aaron says:

    If my s3 has cm10 do I need to factory reset my phone before putting jelly bean on it or can I just download from recovery and clear cashe

  19. Rob says:

    I really like this ROM cause it’s the most stable out of any that I’ve tried already.
    No broken features as far as I know. However, the biggest annoyance right now is the fact that every time I reset my phone I have to constantly turn off the option to keep wi-fi on while sleeping.
    When I’m not on wi-fi I don’t need it on and when it’s set to “Always” it seems to drain my battery faster. I hope there’s a fix for that in the future.

  20. LANMAN says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. I installed Syndicate rom thanks to you but wanted to ask questions. I’m not a phone techy guy but with your connections, I wanted to know if it were possible to design a rom with several of the attributes from several of the roms? It seems like this rom has this great feature or that rom has that great feature but not one rom seems to combine all the stuff to make one ultimate rom! Like CM!), BAD ASS rom with wifi but the amazing camara features are gone! syndicate has awesome beats but no wifi! etc etc… I would like a rom with all the jellybean feel, open wifi, all the factory camera feel, impeccable battery life,lightening fast speed, all the cool stuff that comes with cm10,syndicate/HOA etc! Am I asking for the impossible?

  21. Roger Rosales says:

    Installed leaked Jelly bean rom and now my android wifi tethering aint working anymore?? any suggestions?

  22. Werner salinas says:

    Bro this Rom is awesome is was able to install d adobe flash app n works fine. The only issue is that I had to turn my phone twice because d screen turned black I don’t know if was cuz d apps but anyway I had to pull out the battery to used again. and Dude can u fix the tethering problem I did try but is not working Thnxs

  23. Louis says:

    What are your guys thoughts on this ROM compared to the CM10 M1 ROM?

  24. werner says:

    This Rom kicks ass Luis why is better than cm for me is the camara filters n to be able to use all d Samsung apps sharing etc is priceless d down side is d tethering

  25. unrooted user says:

    done update. must upgread for s3.so far so good

  26. gerald says:

    Van anyone tell me how to gt the wifi tether working on this rom

  27. oz says:

    has any one had a problem with this ROM freezing or getting a black screen and if so has anyone found a way to fix that Ive ran the jb ROM as well as the cm 10 m2 ROM and i miss some of the touch wiz stuff but i cant get the jb ROM to stop crashing its crashes once or twice a day and i have to pull the battery out a reboot , then its good for a few hours but consistently crash once or twice a day and feed back would be great or can i install some stock rom apps on to cm 10 m2 ?

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