redruM ROM for Rooted T-Mobile/AT&T/Sprint Galaxy S3! [SGH-T999][SGH-I747][SPH-L710]

I know a lot of you have been waiting eagerly for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROMs and well, here’s my first T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROM I’ve tried (and not that many out there right now) and glad to say I can recommend this one over the stock ROM. The redruM ROM also works on AT&T Galaxy S3 according to the author (in fact works for any Galaxy S3 with SIM but DO NOT TRY ON GT-i9300!!!). Also there’s a ported Sprint version you can try if you have a Sprint Galaxy S3.

The redruM’s key features include bloatware-free (no weird bloatware popping up and wasting your time when you unlock your phone), 1.2GB of free memory upon fresh install, AwesomeBeats, Audio Enhancing Hack, and should definitely give you slight edge over stock ROM in performance and better battery life.

It’s not for everyone but for those of you who just want root and get rid of bloatware (plus audio enhancements), this ROM is a GO and certified.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Download for T-Mobile and AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 and SGH-I747

Download for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-D710

How to Install ROM on Galaxy S3

(If you have trouble getting into ClockworkMod Recovery, let go of the power button when your phone resets but keep holding down Volume Up and Home button)

Credits – XDA

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70 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    Hey Max, does it work on international Galaxy S3’s?

  2. Hbone says:

    Just flashed this rom to my unlocked AT&T i747. It works fine. It shows up as 3G when I normally get 4G but speed test shows 7MB Down but only 500kb Up. I can not pull down the notification bar, nor are there any notifications showing up there. For the hell of it I tried TMos wifi calling! No go! I got a SIMM error. The good news is the Tmo Hot Spot Wifi works great. All my apps and data were safe after flashing. This a Tmo ROM inside an AT&T world. Fun for an hour now I’ll be restoring to stock and wait for a better suit for the i747.
    UPDATE: After uploading photos the notification started working!

  3. Emmanuel says:

    This guy posted you video put didn’t give any credit to you. You should put some logo’s or something on your vids.

  4. csharpner says:

    Glad to see some T999 ROMs showing up! I’m really liking the features in the Samsung stock ROM though, so rooting + deleting bloatware while keeping the Samsung ROM (and its unique features) is probably what I’ll keep until Jelly Bean ROMs start showing up, unless some of the yet to be released ROMs start having some really nice features.

  5. Leo says:

    hello i’m new to a android phone, just got the ATT galaxy s3 yesterday. if i want to remove all the stock app, i just need to root my phone right?

    • Max says:

      You can use Titanium Backup app but your phone may be “borked” if you remove certain stock apps.

      • Legend says:

        I just used titanium backup and was able to successfully delete all the at&t crap. No issues here. Won’t let you delete Chaton. The rest feel free to delete. Thanks Max! Any new Roms for the i747?

  6. Ken says:

    Hey Max

    Do you think you could recommend more and more us galaxy s3 tmobile at&t and sprint ROMS as they come out? I used your guide to root my at&t galaxy s3 and it was a lot simpler than I thought! Thanks!

    Again, could you do this for me? Thanks!
    (Great site, by the way)

  7. Travis says:

    Installed on my ATT S3 and lost data signal…no 3g or 4g signal came and I let it sit for like 20 min thinking it would catch and never did.

  8. Adrian says:

    Installed the ROM last night on T999, it was a breeze to install and although it removes most bloatware, it delete the most important bloatware and causing me to lose all my contacts sync from T-mobile but luckily i can re-DL the app. For the BEAT app, i find it somewhat useful. You cant barely tell the difference when you enable something on even tho i use $200+ headphones. overall for me its a 6/10

  9. JoeL says:

    Will flashing this rom unlock the T-mobile t999? I am trying to unlock my t999 for AT&T sim. Thanks

  10. Hollywoodj5500 says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile Version. Thank you for ur web Site n ur videos they r great.

  11. hardev says:

    hey max, i edited some system file to install google now on my galaxy s3 i747 .when i rebooted it does not start after shoeing the galaxy s 3 logo..please how to solve this problem ..please

  12. Rick Navarro says:

    Max, I installed this on myT-999 and it seems to work great. Can you help to get the wifi tether working?

  13. john says:

    unbelievable change in earphones with beats software ….amazing …..thnks everybody who worked on it

  14. Danny says:

    Having play with this ROM for a few days, it is almost perfect. The sound is amazing. At first I had trouble playing mp3 files from the computer. I had to convert mp3 files to mp3 files and that seemed to work (idk what happened there). The other thing i would like to point out or if anyone has any advice, the information ticker. The news wont show up. When i try to go into the settings for the ticker, it will not open. I sit there for quite some time. I reboot the phone and nothing.

    • Danny says:

      Another update to my last post. Is anyone else having trouble with the music? I will be listening to anything audio (pandora, google music, podcasts) and when i get a call, it pauses the audio. great. When i get off the phone. The music resumes, but no audio comes out. I have to manually take out the jack and put it back in.

  15. confuzzled says:

    Is this the only rom i can install on my Rogers sgh-i747? Im very new to android, but i hate stock.
    ive had it less than a week and dont want to brick it just yet. I like the Omega rom idea, but ive seen that some have had issues.

    Because im on rogers, should i be looking for the sprint roms?


    • submachine0 says:

      see my post below, it seems to be the only alternative for now. doesn’t feel very stock, but it’s no AOKP [drools in anticipation].

      • submachine0 says:

        actually wait that’s for the ATT. i’m not sure how you should proceed but a debloated ROM + Trebuchet may give you the kind of thing you’re looking for if it exists for whatever carrier equivalent you need.

  16. Robert says:

    Hi all any one having poor reception and 4g speed with this rom?

  17. Fabio Santos says:

    i am having problems sending mms messages. regular texts are fine.. can you pleas help.. i am on ATT 🙁

  18. Mustafa says:

    I lost all my contacts after i flashed this. i have them all saved on mobilelife but they wont transfer back to the phone i been trying for like 5 hours now…its really frustrating.

  19. Kembric says:

    hi, i have a sprint s3, when i got it on the 3rd of july it made me do a undata. so when i tryed to root my s3 on july 7,it wont let me got to ClockworkMod Recovery it only goes to android system recovery. my phone info: model number SPH-L710. ANDROID VERSION 4.0.4, BASEBAND VERSION L710VPLF9, KERNEL VERSION 3.0.8-618049-USER. THANKS for anyhelp.

    • Max says:

      If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot. To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN, then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN. Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away.

  20. Kembric says:

    Thanks alot Max. Your r the King.

  21. submachine0 says:

    hey not sure if this belongs here but there’s a stock ROM debloated and stuff available, linked below, for anyone who’s itching to get rid of the weird junk. also i flashed the Trebuchet Launcher APK (cw9 stock launcher) and it’s much cleaner. seems pretty light. I got the APK from my tablet, most of the online links were 404s so i gave up after about 10 of them but it’s gotta be out there somewhere. this links to a forum thread about the ROM:

  22. Adrian says:

    another ROM coming soon?

  23. Cordero G says:

    wats the best rom for the galaxy s3

  24. TK says:

    Any new ROMS for AT&T ?

  25. Steve H says:

    WiFi has stopped working it wort turn on any ideas as time why?

  26. uoY_redruM says:

    Hey Max,

    First off, thank you for the kind review 🙂 I just saw this a few minutes ago by chance and decided to say thank you.

    I’d also like to invite you to try my latest ROM for T-Mobile (FreeGS3 Release 5) which can be found on XDA. I have done MANY mods and spent much much more time on that ROM then I did this one. This is a nice stable debloated ROM, but it was never meant to be more then that.

    I think you’ll rather enjoy FreeGS3 and it’s features.

    Thank you again for your review!

    uoY_redruM, XDA

    • Max says:

      Oh nice, I am using Free GS3 on my Sprint already works awesome! will def. try it out bud, keep up the great WORK!

    • iamvoodoo says:

      hey guys, i actually signed up with XDA a few days ago, just bought my Tmoble Galaxy s3, ive seen your mods and roms before redum and i do like them alot: however this being a brand new phone, with full insurance and warraty i havent found anything on restoreing stock rom as im trying to make sure i can revert before i root, also ive run the cynogen mods before (on my hd2) and enjoyed them but am very interested to see your (freeGS3 release 5) i guess my 2 main q’s are can i get it back to stock for warranty and how? 2 what are the important functionallity differences between your mod and the cynogen……..trying to get all the info i can before i make my decison

      • Max says:

        See faq! Its all there. 😉

        • Stephen M says:

          Hey Max
          I’m using the Galaxy S3 SGH T999 here in Zambia, Africa. Three questions:1. Is it possible to update it to with the Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware (I9300XXDLH4_I9300OXADLH4_I9300XXLH1)?
          2. My last phone was a Galaxy SII, the data signal could read H+, however on the SIII it only reads 3G, am I missing out something here?
          3. I noticed the radio is missing from the apps, is this common to all?

          Please advise.

          • Max says:

            No, if you have T999, you can only install T999 ROMs!

            Are you getting H+ on stock ROM or custom?

            Not sure on FM radio lookin’ into it.

  27. Jason says:

    Hey Max, I am running the redruM’s FreeGS3 Release 6 now, plus a theme called CIHD Release 6 (I asked him to do a version that didn’t have a curse word in the pulldown when you are clearing a message–I can send you the link if you want it). You may want to check it out. It’s blue, but the pulldown bar includes the “S” that looks like Samsung’s “S.” The quick launch icons are super fancy, the keypad (number pad) is themed/fancy, along with a host of other themes. I tried the wicked blue one, but it’s not as nicely themed (IMO). I don’t remember checking for themes on the wicked ROM, but if they do have some good ones, maybe I will look at installing wicked again. FreeGS3 also comes with an auto-update option that’ll be included in the final version (I don’t think this is the final version of 6).

  28. Terryna says:

    I am VERY new to rooting and rom’s, so that said, the main reason I am doing this is that I want to use my T-Mobile Galaxy SIII as a hotspot. I have added a new APN, tried installing WICKED rom and and a high on android rom and they all default to using the t-mobile hotspot that you must subscribe to. Any help guys & gals for a clueless grammie???

    • Max says:

      use wifi tether app for rooted users much better than native hotspot app and also my next version of highonandroid rom should come with it hacked.

      • terryna says:

        I got the notice of a new rom thru high on android but due to the battery issue, I would rather wait. Can u notify me when an update is available that will resolve my hotspot issue?

    • Jason says:

      FoxFi is another one that is supposedly pretty good and it doesn’t require root (though we are all likely rooted if we are reading this) :). Good luck.

  29. FIRAT says:

    hi Max,

    How are you?

    I have question for you, i dont like att apk in my s3.

    How can i delete all att apk?


  30. Parma says:

    Hi Max,
    Its great to have such a website for Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 T999 model with new ROMs.
    I recently purchased A SGH-T999 Samsung Galaxy S3, but am quite surprised to understand why the FM RADIO App is not included in the T-Mobile version.And I learnt through wesite searchin that the app is only available on the International version of Samsung Galaxy S3 model GT-I9300.
    But since I use F M radio very often I would like you to suggest me which ROM is appropriate to install which has FM Radio App included with it bro.
    Please help me with this issue very soon dear.
    Thanks bro & nice work.Keep it up 4ANDROID LOVERS Max.

  31. Paul says:

    What custom rom would you recommend for someone who mainly just wants stability, wireless tethering and the real spell check that comes stock with ICS, the kind that highlights mispelled words in red?

  32. shamrock says:

    From my understanding, T-Mobile’s GS3 includes CarrierIQ. Does this ROM remove it?

  33. marat says:

    Hi whats the best way to get rid of all the bloat wear i have on Tmobile S3 is there a program that will allow me to uninstall this software thank you. My phone is rooted.

    • Jason says:

      Go here and read about how to freeze, uninstall, etc. I think Titanium Backup has a way to freeze apps too. Hope this helps.

  34. whotakesallmynames says:

    I ordered my Sprint GS3 off Amazon last week and I activated it on Tuesday 8/22/2013. I spent twelve hours today trying to root it.

    This morning I tried rooting it with just Odin, some one-click method I found, and failed due to “can’t mount sd card” error in recovery. Two subsequent rooting methods I tried failed with the same error message. I searched google and read forums for hours. I found some threads where people had similar problems with encrypted phones, but I verified mine isn’t encrypted. (Thank goodness I decided to keep searching instead of trying to use Odin to push a factory reset. What a waste of time that would’ve been.) Then I found the thread where some devs had uploaded a few trial image files to push with adb, but I was unsuccessful there of course because I hadn’t gained root access (su not found).

    Finally I found a post in a forum from a guy who had precisely the same situation as myself, and he’d successfully rooted a new SG3 via the Samsung GS3 Toolkit. I tried that method and it worked.

    I don’t know why that worked when the other methods (including this one) failed. I’m a super noob, so I have absolutely no insight. Maybe some of yall have some ideas as to why the toolkit method is the only way to gain root access on these newer S3’s. Hopefully tutorials can be amended to include that information. It sure did take a lot of searching and reading for me to figure out! *whew*

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