Sac23 ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710!

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For those of you with Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, check out Sac23 ROM. A brand new, fresh ROM that just birthed, the Sac23 ROM features many enhancements over stock including transparent multi-window tab, Note 2 Camera/Gallery, and sound is noticeably louder for everything as it has been tweaked. Personally, this ROM seems very fast, very loud, and got some of the tweaks I am looking for without changing too much from stock.

Also, you can expect some great battery life and performance out of this ROM. Try it out for this week and let me know what you think.


Download Sac23 ROM

Credits – XDA

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40 Responses

  1. knuckles609 says:

    does wifi tether work for this rom?

  2. tommy says:

    hey i was just wondering do u know of a rom that has the multi tasking on the tmobile, and if not do u have any idea why its taking so long when almost all carriers do have the mod from the note2? even the samsung galaxy s2!…any clues

  3. werner says:

    it’s been awhile since the last rom thnxs bro

  4. Matthew says:

    it will not upload on my Sprint GS3. Also i have a dead android in mod recovery. what can i do to fix that ??

  5. Brian Jean Pierre says:

    I like the rom but multiwindow is not working at all even after a full wipe

  6. Wesley says:

    multi window not working

  7. an nguyen says:

    multi window does not work, crashes every time. Data not working at all, unable to update profile or prl. only works using wifi. battery life was upstanding, used it from 12 to 7 today and it when from full down to only 76%. that’s damn impressive. please fix the data.

  8. knuckles609 says:

    Multi window not working sidebar not working running low brightness Nd no apps running charged battery first run took it off checked temperature amd this rom is making my phone run at 107 degrees farenheight thats instant death for a human just think about the android smh theres nothing really imoressibe about the rom the boot screen is glitchy and the ink thing on the lockscreen is cool everything else looks pretty stock. Someone make a ios rom or something lol

  9. terrel says:

    Everything runs great except multiwindow function. Also swype seems very innacurate

  10. Gio says:

    When trying to use the multi window option I get an error that say….
    Unfortunately, com.sec. flashbarservices has stopped….
    Any solutions

  11. Joe says:

    I’m not receiving 99% of my incoming text messages. I get one random one here and there. Is anyone else having this problem? If so is there a solution?

    Also I have to answer a phone call then hit the number one on my touchpad to actually answer the call. Is there a fix for this as well?

    Thank you,

  12. Laszlo says:

    Sorry, but this rom is unusable. Is this a nightly?

  13. MartinJ says:

    Yeah, I’m just gonna forget this ROM ever existed. The dead Android (hilarious animation) says the file is bad and aborts the installation in CWM.

    Thus far, I haven’t come across anything that had everything working and I liked better than stock. CM10 was ok, but I like all the TouchWiz widgets and it works pretty smoothly after debloating it from the crap that I don’t want/need.

    • glenn says:

      did you try the wicked sensations rom.. best one ive used.. it hasnt crashed yet.. ive been running it for about a month now.. only thing is facebook force closes sometimes..

  14. derik says:

    Thanks for the updates max! Unfortunately this ROM is crap.
    The multi window doesn’t work.
    I’m sticking with killjoy for now…that seems to be the best

  15. knappy023 says:

    Not sure what everyone else is doing on thier installs…. I had zero issues flashing in clockwork recovery. Not sure why someone was trying to flash gapps either??? I have had some issue with the sidebar widget, but to me that is useless anyway, I like a nice clean home screen. Wifi teather is preloaded with this rom and after reconfiguring to the GS3 is working great…

    I have been running this ROM sense max published it without any issues at all. After running CM10 for almost a month I am liking this much better…. It is very fast as Max mentioned. In my opinion its a pretty solid stockish rom.

    • David says:

      I have to agree with you.
      After mistakenly trying to instal Gapps lol ( to much red wine)
      It is by far the fastest and most stable ROM
      I have tried yet and the sidebar issue really isn’t
      that serious at all…
      WiFi Tether is working for me with Sprint Galaxy s3

  16. RC says:

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

    This ROM truly has potential; I really liked setting everything up however once I left my home it stopped working. The phone cannot access any network data, no GPS, nada a damn thing!

    Am I doing something wrong? I attempted to update my profile but it does not find a network to connect to.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction and help me get this ROM to work?

  17. JerryP says:

    The DL link here is V2

    On XDA it’s up to V4 but this is the V4 changelog;

    – revert back to stock phone (removes call recording icon)
    – revert back to stock camera for now
    – and double tap opens 4 choices even google now (thanks eschelon)
    – added no compressed mms ( thanks freeza)
    – added RemoveExchangeSecurity in stock mail app
    – and resuced sound
    – added torch on lockscreen (thanks grusomewolf ) ( this is enabled in settings/lockscreen settings)

    This does not seem desirable.

  18. Kembric says:

    Sidebar works fine on my s3, just just on the 1st use i had to press and hold the back button for about 15sec. Thank max

  19. kirk says:

    silly question I realize, but does anyone know if this rom or any other for that matter gets around the SD card and file structure issue ?

  20. Paul Gadebusch, III says:

    Could not install. It would hang during the first boot. Thankfully I backed up the existing rom and could get running again. Tried several times, with an with wiping. Same non- start. Looked interesting but I really do NEED my phone to work. Maybe next iteration.

  21. david says:

    Have they updated this rom yet

  22. Damion says:

    Max, thanks for all the Android goodness! Question, do I need gapps on Sac23 ROM? Thanks.

    • Max says:

      not required for this rom no.

      • Damion says:

        Max, thanks for the answer on gapps. I had trouble with this Sac23 rom. I flashed last night
        and went to bed while phone was connected to wifi. it worked fine but when I left for work this morning, could not get my 3G data connection to work. Not sure why but I had to restore back to my previous back up. Also, I would like to see a video on the CM10.1 4.2.1 JB rom. Do you know when you might make a video?? Thanks again.

  23. David Rudolph says:

    I’ve found a pretty nice combo using Sac23 v.3 and installing DSP manager ICS zip along with it
    You get an amazing ROM and the incredible sound of the
    DSP app along with a working WiFi tether!
    Really love this ROM but I am a little confused about what’s
    going on with the v.6 release. It shows up as a ” 9300″ in
    settings so I assume its a port from 9300 series but many problems
    mostly with TouchWiz not playing nice…
    on my sph-l710 hence going back to v3

  24. Mark says:

    Max rom works great except the multi side bar. I get force close. I did a bench test got 5400. When do you think they will come out with a working side bar. Thank you for information about roms.

  25. Fabian says:

    I want to install this rom, instead of moving my camera pictures to my sd card I uploaded them to Google doubt cloud storage, I want to know if I factory reset, will those files in Google drive still be there and I’ll be able to restore them to my phone memory

  26. cha says:

    multi-window function does not work. everytime i try to drag an iteam from the sidebar, it get a force close

  27. Dan says:

    Is this your rom? I am looking for any other external link to dl. The bandwidth is crappy.

  28. Kevin says:

    I recently started using this ROM, and now my phone is telling me that there is an update available to the Android software. I’m assuming that it would be unwise to use this OTA update with a rooted phone. Is there any way to turn off this notification, so it is not constantly telling me I have an update available?

    Also, multi-window view will not work with this ROM on my phone. It freezes and says has stopped. Any ideas?

  29. JerryP says:

    I’m using Chemistry Rom with multi-window and it works OK but I started getting the OTA update notification this morning. I did a nandroid backup just to be safe and an extra app+data backup with Titanium just to be safer. It turned out it wasn’t necessary.
    What I did was accepted the update. The phone went into recovery and it tried to install the update but then had a problem and asked me if I wanted to continue anyhow (I don’t remember the exact error message). I had a choice and I picked cancel. I restarted the phone and haven’t seen the OTA update notification since.

  30. Philip says:

    Every time I open the camera app, it says that the camera has failed. Did anyone else have this issue?

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