Sprint Galaxy S3 CWM-Zippable LG8 OTA with Root! [Stock ROM]

For those of you who keep asking for OTA updates, here’s a better way to update, just install this CWM-zippable LG8 OTA with root. It will give you everything that comes with the latest LG8 OTA and root for your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.

To install, just flash it in CWM and wipe cache after installing then reboot, you should be on the latest LG8 stock ROM with root.



Download LG8 OTA Stock

Credits – XDA

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33 Responses

  1. Ezzy says:

    Hey Max!

    This update works excellent!! updated everything, even google wallet is up to speed!
    Thanks for your hard work bro!!

  2. Dan says:

    Max, i am newer to the Root process. I have the Sprint Galaxy S3. Do i go through the normal root process then use this update. If so how do i apply it? if this update has the rooting part included then, again how do i properly apply it. Thank you

    • Max says:

      Yes exactly. Update and root or root and update you can do either.

      • coop says:

        so do i add this Zip file to the phone then do the root process all over again not understanding how to “FLASH” this new software onto the phone. sorry converted iphone user

        • Max says:

          No just flash it in CWM. That’s it!

          • Victor Woodroffe says:

            Hello Max,

            Even though my Sprint GS3 is rooted, each time I attempt to install a rom using clockwork mod it brings me to the stock android recovery.

            I am forced to repeat the CWM install process so that I can load roms.

            Is there a way to completely remove the stock android recovery process, so that I can just use cwm?

            Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

            • Max says:

              You can use ROM Manager from Play Store.

            • Kurt says:

              Hi Victor,

              That caught me too. What you need to do is disable a file. You have to be rooted first. I installed CWM, pulled the battery, and got straight into CWM.

              1) Install a file manager (Root Explorer, ES file explorer with the R/W option, whatever one you like.)

              2) Navigate to /etc folder (go up to /, not /sdcard where it likes to start)

              3) There’s a file called install-recovery.sh — that’s the culprit. Rename it to install-recovery.bkp (actually you could name it whatever you liked.) You may need to flash CWM one more time.

  3. Shannon says:

    Max, I need some clarification. I am stock right now. I also am on the latest update. If I download and flash this its going to give me root access? Or is this the latest update for people already rooted? If I am already updated on stock can I flash this still just to get root or do I still need to use Odin? I don’t need roms necessarily . I just want root for wifi tether until a rom comes out that has nonstock options, jelly bean, and touch wiz. I do not want to lose the stock camera functionality.
    Sorry I am new to this thanks

  4. Dan says:

    Max, Thank you. Your work is appreciated.

  5. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the info and videos!

  6. Drew says:

    Hey Max thanks for info! But one quick question. After flashing it via CMW, you say to wipe cache. Does that mean Dalvik, or the cache partition?

  7. Kari says:

    I tried to run this using CWM and I get an error that says ‘esignature verification failed’ What does that mean?

  8. Nick says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm.

  9. Asle says:

    S-Memo Crashing any fix?

  10. CrooklynMayoKMJr says:

    I was looking for this but I have one question. My phone is rooted and I have CWM install. When I flash this on to my phone do I lose all the apps I have downloaded already? How do I get them back? (New to rooting).

  11. Jakmode says:

    no kit should just flash over all of your current apps and configs

  12. Jakmode says:

    **it** good work

  13. Jakmode says:

    Smemo fix


    no credit to me!

  14. william says:

    Hey max after I installed this Rom when I tried downloading apps it says insufficient storage even though I have 10 gigs of free space so I restored to a back up of the previous software but I still can’t install apps can someone please help

  15. oscar says:

    I have the gs3 rom installed how would i install this to update my apps. I dont want to mess up my phone if some one could give me specific intructions i have sprint galaxy s3.bi have rom manager installed.

  16. Tambourineman says:

    I think this is supposed to be useable by folks with unrooted S3’s. How do you run CWM if you are not rooted? I tried it from a booted, unrooted phone and it says I do not have superuser privileges. I pulled the battery and tried to boot into it by holding down the center button, vol up and briefly the power button and got the android recovery instead. My S3 is brand new and I have not yet let it install LG8.

  17. Tambourineman says:

    I rooted it using the root method which involves installing superuser in order to get CWM to work. For my future reference , is there a way to get CWM to work without first rooting/installing superuser?

  18. Tambourineman says:

    I flashed the file entitled “LG8-update-FULL-DeOdex.zip” which I got from the link above.

    My S3 now shows:
    Baseband version

    My build number shows

    Is this correct? Why does the baseband show LG2?

    Do I need to update my radio? Where can I find the file for that?

    • Max says:

      You can get it on XDA forums, radios are usually separate from roms but not totally required, I haven’t seen much improvement from LG2 to LG8 radio anyways.

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