Syndicate ROM for Rooted Sprint Galaxy S3! [SPH-L710][Jelly Bean Animations][Best ROM]

You know what’s HOT around the block for Android? Well, if you didn’t know it’s Jelly Bean Android OS. Although there’s no full port to any of the Galaxy S3s at the moment, many ROMs have began implementing Jelly Bean parts including the Syndicate ROM from ACS Syndicate team (I used to be part of their team last year).

The Syndicate ROM for your rooted Spring Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 comes with Jelly Bean Animations, which makes everything faster especially when you switch between apps or hit the Home button.

The difference is “magical” and you will notice it as soon as you install this ROM.

Not only that, the Syndicate ROM comes with additional cool features like Kettle Corn Kernel with boot animation support (Download any 1280×720 boot animations from and put it in your /system/media directory) and undervolted. Undervolting will give you more battery life on your Sprint Galaxy S3.

I will stop here but in my opinion, Syndicate ROM is the best ROM for your Sprint Galaxy S3 right now and why the heck would you run stock?

Try out this ROM and let me know how it goes for you!


Download Syndicate ROM

Credits – ACS Syndicate, XDA (Donate if you like this ROM to developers, they deserve it)

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43 Responses

  1. dom says:

    Does this one have WiFi tether ……. or any roms

  2. Ryan says:

    Huge fan of yours! Been watching your video’s for about a year now. Been through hell and back with you by my side with my HTC Evo 3d downgrading from Hboot 1.5 to 1.4 and trying various roms you recommend. Just flashed this rom last night and noticed a huge drop in battery life. Phone was constantly hot in my pocket. I did a nandroid back up as soon as I got root and custom recovery and after about a day of use flashed back to stock. Anyways, I didn’t do a complete wipe because I was coming from stock. I wasn’t getting any boot loops or force close errors. Just hot and battery lasted an afternoon. I don’t know if anyone else was having the same problem with this rom or it was just me.

    • Max says:

      You might want to try a different kernel if having problems with battery life, I will also have an update soon after testing out some kernels.

  3. minty says:

    My phone will not boot into the clockworkmod recovery area. it keeps sending me to the Android system recovery

    • Max says:

      Do Steps 1 thru 15 here:

      Once on custom ROM, you should have permanent recovery.

  4. Frank says:

    Same problem, HUGE drop in battery life and runs hot

  5. Benito says:

    Same issue huge drop in battery life phone last three hours on full charge before on stock lasted all day.

  6. Josh says:

    I will be the broken record and say the same thing. You can almost watch the battery go down.

  7. Benito says:

    Yeah I wonder why its doing that any ideas and it will connect to my computer for a few seconds then disconnect! Any ideas??

  8. peanutty420 says:

    battery drain is a killer …….i thought ur rom was supposed to increase battery life after a 1:30 sec phone call my battery dropped 4% flashin back to stock 🙁

    • Max says:

      You have to powercycle it to get the full battery effect, drain battery all the way then recharge. That’s normal and happens sometimes when you flash a new rom.

    • jc says:

      same here lots of battery drain. Used the phantom rom and that has good battery life. Let us know when battery issue is resolved cause the rom is fast etc just a buzzkill with the battery life thing

  9. peanutty420 says:

    best rom ive found so far is team sonics freegsm rom slight battery improvement from stock and i think it had jelly bean animations as well…..but i do love a custom boot animation….cant wait for cm10

  10. scort says:

    already hard bricked this phone once sorry for a dumb question but when i download this rom and open it i get this error box/ diagnostic messege “! C:\Users\*****\Downloads\SR11 (2).zip: Unexpected end of archive” always figured file didnt download correctly but saw it completely download shall i proceed?

    • Max says:

      You can but if the file is bad, it’s not going to install anyways. Make sure the size of the file downloaded matches the one on download page and if they are you are all good to go!

  11. amos says:

    if you ask me phatom’s blazer rom is the best ,hands down and of course all day battery life ,60% battery at 12 hrs in and butter smooth ,can’t ask for better

  12. Heath says:

    2nd that. phantom blazer rom 1.3 is sweet- after reading max’s description i was tempted to flash this. after reading the comments i’m glad i didn’t! blazer rom- sweet and stable.

  13. RJO says:

    How can we remove the custom Spalsh Screen and restore the stock one? 0.o?

  14. Kembric says:

    can you do an update after you root. my sprint s3 keep trying to update and you dont have a option to turn it updater off

  15. minty says:

    the fact that it is overclocked is destroying my battery. It needs a CPU frequency and voltage tool/app.

  16. Geremy says:

    Have you found a way to increase battery life yet? I love the rom its speedy animations look great. Screen shut off is awesome. Please help….

    • Max says:

      I am trying new kernels this week caz I really like this ROM (and I can’t let go), will have update but you can knock urself out on XDA forums.

  17. Geremy says:

    Please help with the battery life. I love the rom its so nice. Its speedy but the battery life sucks

  18. KG says:

    I had this rom for a week and yes the battery sucks because it is overclocked to 1.8…but Drain the battery , Calibrate and you should be fine.

  19. brian li says:

    huge drop in battery because kernel was overclocked to 1.8ghz and min. speed was set at 1 ghz. used nstools and set speed to min. 380mhz max 1.5 ghz. hopefully this will improve the battery life.

  20. jeffc says:

    Like the rom too gets hot and I’m having sd card problems wanted to know did u teat any kernels that worked tried siyah didn’t go well if so can u set up a link thanks greatly appreciated and wonder if the sd probs have anything to don’t with transparent status bar

  21. josh says:

    hey i have a problem with my root. when i turn my phone off i always end up going to android reovery. i have att galaxy s3

    • Max says:

      If you are rooted, use ES File Explorer, enable root and write in settings, then erase the following 2 files:
      /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/

      And flash recovery once more using ODIN like you did when you rooted your phone, now it should be permanent.

  22. Josh says:

    Can you review this rom? Its the best one I have found by far!

    Blazer rom for Sprint.

  23. Donnie says:

    I was so anxious to try this rom, but I didn’t read the comments much and wanted to just try it for myself. THIS IS A WARNING: YOUR BATTERY LIFE WILL LAST MAYBE TWO HOURS MAX IN YOUR POCKET WITH SYNDACATE ROM!!! I turned down all the settings and it still didn’t last long. I try putting it on battery saver mode and turned off all the extras like wifi and the phone got hot in my pocket and I could just watch the battery deplete. I’m sorry Max, I give something this unstable two thumbs down, and but I can see how you like the speed…. I just don’t need it if the phone won’t last me very long.

  24. Dr.Dang says:

    I have tried everything but i am unable to tether. No app on the play store allow you to tether. I think the app Sprint hot spot needs to be removed in order to tether any idea how i can do that?


  25. dexxx says:

    with this rom how can i get google now on this rom?

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