Synergy Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon/Sprint Galaxy S3! [Multi-Window]

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For those of you with Verizon or Sprint Galaxy S3, your long journey is over! No longer do you have to wait for multi-window, Synergy ROM now has ported multi-window feature to Verizon Galaxy S3 by XDA user eschelon. And also that ROM has been port to Sprint by XDA user Sac23.

Other than the most awesome multi-window (working for all apps), the Synergy ROM also comes loaded with other nifty features.

For the Verizon original version, the Synergy ROM comes with Note 2 camera/gallery, Android 4.1.1, 15 toggles, and lots of performance enhancements.

What are you waiting for? If you have been longing for multi-window on your Verizon/Sprint Galaxy S3, do jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the future today!


Download Synergy ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3

Download Synergy ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3

Credits – Original ROM, Sprint port <--- Donate to these developers if you like this ROM, thx!

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51 Responses

  1. Tae says:

    Is it possible to port the sprint version of this ROM to att and still have it be fully functional?? Because art is slacking on good ROMs

  2. alex says:

    I loved the ability to have multiple windows, but it is far from being great. It slows down my s3 like no ones business. It also makes my phone over heat like crazy. Cool rom, but not for everyday use.

  3. MikeR says:

    Max,Do you need to flash GAPPS with this ROM?

  4. ilya says:

    I did not do a data wipe, and I don’t have multiwindow option? I’m not sure, could it be because I didnt do a data wipe? Because my previous rom was a VRBLK3, I felt no need to wipe data.

  5. beto says:

    i flashed this rom and now im stuck in boot. cant get into recovery either. all i can do is pull the battery. please help im using the verizon version

  6. tofu says:

    Looks sweet but I’m on killjoy on my sprint s3 and it has pretty much then same features. But with pop up browser instead of multi window. And I can tell you, I use my phone at work a lot and I never use the pop up browser. Multi window seems kind of pointless to me.

  7. ilya says:

    Okayy.. slight problem.. when restoring my stuff through titanium backup, I restart my phone, and after startup I have no multi window feature?? What the heck?

  8. Leo says:

    Works almost flawlessly for me. Was a bit slow after initial install but after wiping the cache again the overall performance improved. The only issue that i’m currently experiencing is the gps does not seem to be able to lock on to my location(using sprint version of rom). Any ideas?

  9. Mr mart says:

    Just wanted to know if there was a way to change the apps in the tab for multi window?

  10. Jon says:

    I cannot get the google wallet to work with this rom. Any ideas?

  11. james says:

    This is a good rom. It’s responsive/fast/reliable. If the battery life weren’t the worst I’ve had on any rom on the s3 I would keep using it.

    • Mark says:

      I find my battery rate to be the same as CM10 (which is very good). This Rom is awesome only problem I’ve had is with long texts failing. I use phone all day and pretty hard – great job devs!

  12. Quintyn says:

    This rom is awesome, everything works, data, emails, sms, and able to download and update apps, but I have this one game that will not work. Its called Fun Run, all my other games work except this one. I tried reinstalling, updated java, adobe air and still wont work. Any ideas???

  13. Shelly B. says:

    Synergy Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon/Sprint Galaxy S3! [Multi-Window], tell why is the Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 is running Model number SCH-I535,a Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 on it? Plus it freeze up on the lock screen and on most of the apps.

  14. Randy says:

    This rom is great everything is working on my verizon gs3 and its fast and smooth even with the multi window.i wish i could take a screen shot . My phone scores 6374 using quadrant standard and system tuner pro running in the multi window so i could see what my cpu was doing . I did have the govener set to performance ,still pretty darn fast thanks

  15. will says:

    It’s an ok rom. Doesn’t go well with Sprint. VM doesn’t work. ..gps is so so..a lot of apps force close. ..CM 10 still the best rom out there in my Book.

  16. pete says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the downloads not working properly?

  17. Randy says:

    App2extSD works with this ROM as well

  18. fred says:

    can we get a file or such for multi-window-which you were so excided to get for this new liquit smooth rom????????

  19. Anthony says:

    Anyone have problems sending with sending texts that are more than 150 characters long? It fails out instantly when trying to send it

    • Mark says:

      Yes it has been happening to me – everytime. I’ve tried rebooting, hitting resend, forward message. It just immediately fails, like it doesn’t even try to send it.

  20. eyan says:

    Yes I have goes negative over 140 instead of page breaks

  21. Arthur says:

    Anyone on this rom have google wallet workin?

  22. Maplewood says:

    Following the link for VZW Synergy and flashing that rom puts 4.2.1 — no multi-window — on my S3.
    Did I miss something?

  23. GSR says:

    After flashing a new rom almsot every day for the past 2 months i this i can finally settle down. Been running this ROM as a daily since it came out and its definitely the best ROM I’ve used so far. I can squueze out over 3 hours of screen on time over the course of 24h and still have over 20% battery left. I’m sure I could go longer if i didnt watch an hour+ of YouTube every day. Multi window is a whole new level compared to the pop up browser which is next to useless. Just remember to go into system-bin- and rename qosmgr. to qsmgr.bak and your battery life will be amazing

  24. garrett says:

    Anyone having issues with the camera force closing? The photo sphere camera works but the stock camera closes all the time.

  25. Werner says:

    Is just me or this Rom Doesn’t support 64 micro Sd cards

  26. gerald says:

    The sprint voicemail does not work and it will not sync with the system. Im being told that this is due to the model change from l to what this rom changes it to…535 I think. If some one know how to fix this please let me know.

  27. Ronald Knapp says:

    Has anyone had an issue with the location service on Verizon gs3? If so, is there a fix or work around? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  28. mattlock says:

    guys wipe data, cache partition, dalvik cache 3 times! then install. the only thing that didn’t Wrk was long text messages. but that’s a small price to pay for note 2 features fully functional! I can still send up to 100 words and anything longer I’ll just call you lol

  29. craig says:

    Hay maxx ausome rom the only issue that i have with this is that the wifi is not working !! It seems to be pretty fast i got a 5700 benchmake score when i first download it then it dropped to 3900 after i installed my apps but i am going to install he papa tool to get rid of bloat ware.. So i have to questions how do i fix the wifi issue and can i install a custom keneral ?? Thanks Craig

  30. Joe says:

    This ROM caused my GS3 to freeze on the lockscreen and I had to end up doing a factory data reset. Kinda sucked. Multi view is cool but my battery was really suffering. I used setcpu to underclock when screen was off but I was using at least 10% per hour with minimal usage. Might try out Jelly Beans.

  31. craig says:

    This is the only rom I flashed the only issue I have is wifi battery life is doning well when u flash always do a factor data wipe cash wipe develic cash wipe ….. or how ever u spell it thats how I do it no problems whatso ever… I tried the papa tool wich is supposed to get rid of all bloat ware and samunsung apps but it seems to not work…

  32. says:

    I personally was initially exploring for recommendations for my own website
    and noticed your post, “Synergy Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon/Sprint Galaxy S3!

    [Multi-Window] | Galaxy S3 Root”, will you care in the event I
    really apply several of ur ideas? Thank you -Oscar

  33. Aaron says:

    I installed this ROM and it wont let me turn on WiFi. How should i fix this?

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