The People’s ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [Multi-Window]

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One of my favorite ROMs, The People’s ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, just got better with addition of multi-window, overclocking, and some more.


With latest The People’s ROM, you get a fully-working multi-window (enabled for all apps), choice of 3 kernels (stock, kTweaker, Agat), boot animation support, text and call blocking menu, control Home button wake on or off, long-press menu to kill apps, Wifi Tether via TrevE Wifi Tether app, multiple lockscreens, 2 camera (Android 4.2 PhotoSphere/Galaxy S3 cameras), and some more. And yes, Google Wallet works.

If you want stability of stock Sprint firmware with lots of goodies, definitely check out latest version of The People’s ROM this week(end) and let me know what you think!


Download The People’s ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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35 Responses

  1. Oscar says:

    Hey what’s the difference between both of the ROMs that are offered on the download page?

  2. Matthew says:

    is this one better than the Goodness rom. ?

  3. Fabian Osorio says:

    Goodness rom is it
    Best one so far

  4. JerryP says:

    I changed the boot animation and got rid of the android pirate from contacts. Except for that I like it better than Goodness.

    • Matthew Niemiec says:

      are you have a problem with your 4.2 camera on the goodness rom? how do you get rid android pirate from contacts?

      • JerryP says:

        There’s a zip called by “” that handled the pirate by a simple flash and “” that takes a little more work with having to decide what you want and you have to manually put it in system/bin/media as I recall. You should be able to google it to get it right. There is a whole site devoted to boot animations.

  5. Jesse from LA says:

    (stupid question i know, but would be highly appreciated if answered) Whats a kernel?

    • Jesse from LA says:

      for example this is the first rom i install with the aroma installer and it asked me wich kernel i wanted to use …. i just used the one that was already checked ??????

      • Matthew says:

        I found that the agat kernel works better for your battery. I had a problem with my battery on last peoples rom and my battery did last half a day. Put the agat kernel and would get a whole day out of it.

    • kbro_indy says:

  6. Matthew says:

    so I just flashed this rom. But it seems as if my goodness rom and this one are overlaping. lock screen and homescreen are from the goodness rom. anyone else have seen this

  7. jmann323 says:

    How do u change boot animation n stuff …???

  8. Elliott says:

    Been running this as my daily driver for a week or so GREAT ROM LOVE IT!

  9. Ryan says:

    How do I get flash player working

  10. Jose says:

    Woah!!! Amazing app! One serious question though. How can I take that boot animation of the android peeing on the apple and put in on a different ROM? (JellyBomb)

    • JerryP says:

      Just take the “”. Put it in system/bin/media as I recall of whatever device you want it. You should be able to google it to get it right. There is a whole site devoted to boot animations.

  11. Kayla says:

    love this ROM but next day after installing it kept rebooting… and wiping the cache isnt working.

    • JerryP says:

      I would try a system, cache and delvik wipe and a reinstall. It won’t affect data.
      You could also try just wiping the cache and delvik and just dirty flash over what you have there.

  12. Ryan says:

    I can’t get flash player to work

  13. Ishmix says:

    Anyone else experiencing noise with music play back? I tried reflashing the ROM with agat kernel this time instead of ktweaker but now its worse, I think. Also with both combos I’ve had issues that I can only explain like this: at random times things on my screen like to twitch or distort.

    Any help is appreciated

  14. Rob Bacon says:

    How can I change the phone. When I receive a call it ALWAYS makes choose 1 to accept call or 2 to send to voicemail……

  15. ishmix says:

    OK so I re-flashed the ROM back to KT and turned the volume mod down to 50% that solved the playback issue I was having. For the graphic flickers had already switched to KT set that to the following I/0 to cfq and the governor to ktoonservative enabled this with a ten sec delay from boot, and in the system setting under developer options I made sure to uncheck all the boxes under the Drawing tab was unchecked then I rebooted to be sure no issues since.

  16. Joe DuPont says:

    Having issues with play store and accessing the internet. I did flashes, tried to update PRL and Profile to see if that fixed the issues, but still nothing. What might you think is the problem> If I am connected to wifi it all will work. I also tried to fix permissions and that didn’t work either. Please let me know Thanks

  17. ishmix says:

    You could try to change your data type to the opposite then after the reboot back to your preferred mode or keep it if it works just the same. Warning if you dont have 4g in your area don’t bother keeping that setting it will drain your battery also turn off the optimizer.

  18. Jun Cruz says:

    hey max,

    just wanting to know what is the best custom ROM for you for everyday use, for the Galaxy S3 Sprint Variant?


    • JerryP says:

      Max seems to like them all and has lots of favorites. “Best” is impossible to determine as it’s different by opinion. I personally am using TPR 3.17. I like it although I have changed a number of things to my personal comfort level. Read this thread and xda threads, try different ROMs and then YOU can let everyone know which is “best”.

  19. Jun Cruz says:

    I will give it a shot, the people’s ROM. i am currently on Mijjazz GOODNESS REBORN ROM. pretty stable. but i am on the lookout for anything that could be better, preferably already android 4.2.2.


  20. jay says:

    I am not able to use all the apps on the multi window does anyone have an idea why not

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