The People’s ROM v3.16 for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710!

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For this week’s Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710, check out The People’s ROM version 3.16. The latest version of The People’s ROM comes with the latest firmware MD4 update from Sprint and also adds hacked Sprint Hotspot app for native wifi tethering.

For kernel, The People’s ROM now provides 3 kernel choices between stock, Ktoonsez (my favorite), and Agat kernels. If you are going to install Ktoonsez or Agat kernel, MAKE SURE YOUR MICROSD IS IN FAT32 FORMAT otherwise you may lose data on your microSD. If you use KToonsez kernel, you will be able to use its KTweaker app to overclock your phone up to 2.1Ghz and also undervolt for best performance and battery life. I do suggest overclocking around 1.7 to 1.8Ghz for optimal performance and battery life.

Also latest version keeps your device status to “normal” and some more added lockscreens.

Other notable features include text/call blocking, camera shutter sound option, loud volume MOD, multi-window enabled for all apps, long-press menu kill app MOD, pop-up browser, Android 4.2 Photo Sphere camera, and some more.

Definitely, The People’s ROM is one of my favorite ROMs for the Sprint Galaxy S3, if you haven’t tried the latest version give it a twirl this week(end) and do let me know how it went!


Download The People’s ROM v3.16

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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33 Responses

  1. JerryP says:

    Dirty flashed this last night. Everything works great. I especially like the Sprint Hotspot working (but I do sincerely appreciate having used TrevE Mod hotspot before). Had to immediately get rid of the pirate in contacts and plan to get rid of the kiddie boot screen (pissing on Apple – sheesh) later today but aside from that this ROM is awesome and so far it looks like battery life will be exceptional.

    • Curt Ingram says:

      I luv that boot animation lol. I was on the fence about trying this before you said that.

      • JerryP says:

        I showed it to all my iOS friends before changing. Now they are working out a way to get back at me (running joke). I guess I just don’t like Apple enough to see it every time I boot especially in a professional environment. Now if it were Windows….

  2. tofu says:

    when i click the download link it brings up 3 different ones…..what is thew difference in the three???

  3. turnbasenerd says:

    Photosphere force closes

  4. Tofuman says:

    Yea, I have the same issue I’m going to download a few different rooms with photosphere and rape the gallery.apk out of Em and see if I can get any to work…

  5. JerryP says:

    3.17 is out now. Go to xda to get it.

  6. young eno says:

    Mine won’t overclock to 2.1 our anything higher than 1.5. Why is that?

  7. Victor Wu says:

    I notice the phone freezes when you have an app open for a long time in horizontal orientation without activity, such as paused youtube, WeChat, etc. I had to reboot the phone to get it back to normal.

  8. roni says:

    I flashed the rom, the mjellybomb domination appears then screen goes blank (black). I have to hold a press power twice to shut it off and restart… anyone know what I’m doing wrong??

  9. Tofuman says:

    Anyone know how to get lockscreen widgets? This rom would be perfect if we could get that working… Thanks in advance.


    • Max says:

      Only available for Android 4.2.1 and up.

      • Tofuman says:

        Ah, thanks max. figured that was the case. Btw all, ver 3.17 fixes the Photosphere force close issue. Also if you dont like the spiderman dropdown, check the xda thread and it has a .zip file to install that gets rid of it.

  10. Erik says:

    I installed this ROM n i liked it…
    but there was some issues with it…

    I was just watching a video on my phone (landscape mode) and i accidentally hit the power button.. My phone was frozen so i just turned it off and turn it back on…
    Then it happen once more… :l

    so i’m uninstalling this ROM.

  11. Veritas says:

    Hey so one question:

    Running v3.17 but I occasionally notice my phone shuts down/locks up and I have to reboot it? Clean flash after upgrading from 3.14. any ideas?

  12. Joe says:

    Ok, found some issues that need attention. I did a clean install for Sprint, took all the defaults and this is my results of trying to setup beyond installation:
    Overall a pretty decent rom. Most of the issues others are having with messaging, wifi, etc I am not having. Seems stable with good battery life, but the setup after installation has a few exceptions. I would like to stay with this but may go back to my previous rom as I had no issues with it at all.
    Problems that can be consistantly seen after every clean install, cleaning the dev, cache, etc:
    1. Cannot get rid of the Spidyman stuff from the Multi Window. This stuff makes it impossible to see in bright lights so give me an option to have spidy or not.
    2. Settings, Lockscreen, Lock Screen options, weather when clicked crashes setup.
    3. Settings, Lockscreen, Lock Screen options, Clock, when clicked crashes setup.
    4. When adding contacts via sync, will only copy about 300 of the 650 contacts making it impossible to know whats missing. Using “Restore” backup does seem to work ok so this may be a mute item.
    5. Cannot customize the clock on the Quick Panel. Because some of the settings features are not working not sure if this is the reason.

    If I cant get rid of Spidy from the Mulit Window, then this ROM will have to go also. Not very professional. I can stand the peeing on boot as rare anyone will see it and it does make me smile so that can stay!

    If you try to customize the screens it also crashes out.


    • JerryP says:

      If you go here, I think the second post has a flash to get rid of the spider tab. Next (or maybe first) you want to make sure you are using 3.17. If fixes a lot of issue (that I never had but…). You can also find a flash called to get that out of your contacts and you can get a zip to replace the bootnimation too and the spidey pulldown. I don’t remember where I found all of these but if I (ul) found them it’s got to be pretty easy. The community on xda is incredibly helpful.

  13. Ray Ramirez says:

    Great ROM. Hacked hotspot is working perfectly. I recently changed the home screen wallpaper but can’t re-install the original one. Can anyone tell my how to do this ? Thanks in advance.

  14. Edwin says:

    Is it normal for it to stay stuck on intsall. It has been over 10 minutes now and still stuff. Can I take out the battery?

  15. Hipolito Ruiz says:

    Rom works flawlessly for me. The only thing is that multi window doesn’t work for all my apps. I tried rebooting after install. No dice.

    • JerryP says:

      It doesn’t do all apps. I think Synergy did/does but for me the ROM itself was sketchy. TPR is pretty solid and I don’t use multi-windows anyhow.

  16. mike says:

    I love this rom but I switched out sd cards and now it won’t mount please help!!!!

  17. royce says:

    I installed this and my webroot security is saying there are Trojans in the torch and quickpanel sections. download webroot and scan your phone. let me know what you think. thanks

  18. Craig says:

    ROM is near flawless – but the one flaw I’ve found so far is HUGE. For whatever reason I cannot install Google Authenticator which is a really big problem for me since I use two factor authentication on everything.

  19. jesus says:

    my phone freezes alot when i have auto rotation on i have to turn off auto rotation
    can anyone help

  20. not Mario says:

    I love this rom. Will there be an update any time soon? I am currently running v 3.17.

  21. johnny says:

    Hey max just wondering if I can do a system update on my rooted agat rom from 4.1.2 to 4.3 … it keeps dropping pop up to install updatr now or later
    Thanks keep those update comimg

  22. Ty says:

    Is there a way to disable ad-blocking?

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