Wicked Sensations ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710! [Android 4.1.2][Multi-Window]

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For this week’s Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 ROM of the week, check out the latest Jelly Bean version of Wicked Sensations ROM.

UPDATE: See updated version 4.1 of Wicked Sensations ROM instead by CLICKING HERE!!!

Based on the latest Android 4.1.2 Sprint firmware, the Wicked Sensations ROM brings you one of the best themes for your Sprint GS3.

Inside you will find a fully themed ROM including 2 themed launchers, you can choose between TouchWiz or Apex launcher.

Other notable features include AOSP MMS/E-Mail/Calendar apps, Multi-Window enabled for all apps using Multi-window control app, and custom wallpapers from Wicked Sensations Team.

If this is something you may be interested in, try it out this week and do let me know what you think!


Download Wicked Sensations ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks! Also, PlayStore 4.0.25 is out now, you can install it now!

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33 Responses

  1. matt h says:

    Max the video got removed from YouTube. I love wicked ROMs but I’d like to check out your review first.

  2. Mike Battistoni says:

    I have a sprint galaxy s3 running wicked sensations rom and im trying to hook it up with my new allshare cast dongle but it wont work. i heard you have to be on a stock rom but is there a way around this because i love this rom.

  3. Tim says:

    guess youtube banned your account again eh max? FUKing YOUTUBE.

  4. matt h says:

    Cool thank u. Also do u or anyone know where I can get the note 2 camera zip to install on this ROM that’s all it lacks for me to use it as my daily driver. If not I’ll stick with Goodness.

  5. matthew says:

    I want to see video but it just directs me to download??

  6. Will says:

    Hope the 4g works, if not thats a “no go”

  7. yukito says:

    so? 4g work or it doesnt??

  8. jim says:

    I had a older version of this rom and now with the improvements I would like to try it again, but would like to know about 4g, seen conflicting answers. and would like the note 2 camera , can I download and install that camera on this rom?.. thanks

    • Will says:

      I was able to load the note II camera, but I never got 4g. I updated PRL over wifi and tried it on 3g as well, but was never able to get 4g.

  9. Deon says:

    For some reason I cannot download roms from your site anymore. My phobe keeps saying that it failed? This is my 5 time, then I flashed a rom on my phone thinking maybe there was something wrong with the rom I was using and it still does not work?

  10. Deon says:

    I think I know what the problem is.. I have been flashing 4.2 roms with old CWM software.. Does anyone know where I can get the lasted CWM from?? Or how can I fix my sdcard. It know has a bunch of sub folders it says “sdcard/0/0/0”.. Please help me out. thanks.

  11. Dennis says:

    Hey i’m using this rom but i want the boot animation from “The People’s Rom”, the one with Android pissing on apple. Can someone give me the zip that would work on this Rom please? thanks

  12. Kevin says:

    Hey Max ! i unfortunaly i hardbricked my gs3 is there anything that i can do from my house to fix it ? and can i send it to samsung if i still have my 1 year warranty ??

    • Pete says:

      you need it jtagged. You will have to mail it out. There are two places that I know.
      the other has a service on ebay for $26.00. I should know I had it done with the guy on ebay. He was fast & cheap. Everything is better now.

  13. Pete says:

    anyone know how to get the wifi tether working? I can not get it working on my Sprint S3. I tried to change device to S3 & auto, and it reads upload & download traffic. None of my devices seem to see the wifi.

  14. Dennis says:

    Hey I’m trying to get that NEW boot animation off the People’s Rom with droid pissing on Apple, not the old one. I’m using this wicked sensation rom. Anybody got a link to that boot animation zip? The one on rom toolbox is the old version, i want the 4d looking one lol

  15. fr8r says:

    If anyone has noticed that the inverted Play Store updates automatically to Googles newest version (removing the inverted version) there’s a fix:

    • fr8r says:

      Previous link didn’t work – here it is:

  16. Dustin says:

    I just installed this on my Sprint Galaxy S3…..Installs very smooth and trouble free………This Rom is so sick, you just have to try it…….The Themes and lock screens are awesome

  17. Albert Lujan says:

    I have run an older version of wicked sensations and this one is the best for me. I like how it is smooth and just a fan of W.S. all together. I have had it for about 2 months and it is great. It does everything I like. Wish there was a rom for my S4 as well.


  18. Peter says:

    have a sprint galaxy s3 running wicked sensations ROM so far the best that I have used.


  19. Pedro E. says:

    have a sprint galaxy s3 running wicked sensations ROM so far the best that I have used. Everything in the ROM works just fine. such as Sprint LTE 4G & 3G works fine…


  20. Pedro E. says:

    I have a sprint galaxy s3 running wicked sensations ROM so far the best that I have used. Everything in the ROM works just fine. such as Sprint LTE 4G & 3G works fineā€¦


  21. fr8r says:

    “Dazed” at Team Venum has done an outstanding job with this ROM – solid in every respect! Plus, with Kuban updater its so much more! I will be driving this one for a long long time! Kudo’s to the very talented Dazed!

    I’m not in anyway connected to him – but recommend that people donate when they really appreciate a ROM…

  22. Daniel says:

    Wickedsensations……. *ffen awesome… just one thing lacking
    The call recorder for the dialer.. then it would be the ultimate rom
    In the world . Kuban updater…. wow way to go rules…… The only
    Rom I could find with call recorder is the goodness reborn which also rocks the house
    Almost as good as creations Kuban updater kills all the threads and really rocks.
    I’m a noob here but I’m almost done creating my rom.. 4 kernels
    In which when you flash the rom you can switch between the 4kernels.the Roms called fire & ice . kernel name is
    He’ll fire. I’ll update it to the Android forum. It also is 4.2.2+

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