Wicked Sensations ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3!

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For those of you looking for highly themed ROM, check out Wicked Sensations ROM for your Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.  Based off the latest official Jelly Bean firmware, the Wicked Sensation brings you the best of Jelly Bean and custom theming.

Notable features on Wicked Sensations ROM also include themed Apex launcher or TouchWiz launcher, battery mod, Android 4.2 Keyboard/GMail, bloacked ads, and camera enabling while on call.

Looks like a pretty solid ROM, give it a try this week and let me know what you think!


Download Wicked Sensations ROM

Credits – XDA

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21 Responses

  1. Maykel says:

    I flashed this Rom about a week and a half ago and I really love it, It’s by far the most stable rom I’ve tried. It it comes with visual voicemail which many other roms did not have. I use an extended battery with 4500mAh and it really lasts for a while. I definitely noticed this rom allows it to hold much more charge. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work for me is the 360 degree sphere view on the gallery, it works well while taking the picture but when I go view it, it won’t allow me to view it in a 360 degree, not sure if it’s been fixed or not.
    One suggestion/question: is there a way to add a screen lock mod to this rom, one that looks just like the one from AOKP with the different choice of apps at lockscreen in a circle. I would really love that and that would basically make everything be 100% perfect for me

  2. Roger Jr. says:

    Can I flash right over a stock sprint Jelly bean rom?? Or do i have to do a factory reset??

  3. Obie says:

    So far no problems. Great work! Favorite rom for now!

  4. Albert says:

    I have been using this ROM for a few days now. I was trying to do the Kuban Updater but it run then a message comes up that I have the wrong MD5 is the wrong one.
    Any ideas?


  5. Frank says:

    wifi teather doesn’t work

  6. paul evo says:

    I love this rom and can live without the wireless tether but my google search keeps forcing close.

  7. ozzie says:

    This ROM is hot I’ve been running CM 10 m2 for several weeks now and I just flash this romand this particular rom seems to run smoother and with tons of customizations I would recommend definitely giving this ROM a try solid ROM no crashes as of yet or features seem to work perfectly
    and flawless

  8. Matthew says:

    This is my first and (only rom so far) downloaded. I really like it, mostly for the ability to remove unwanted pre-loaded apps. UI is great, toggle icons are very and cool well designed. However I have one big complaint, the voice commands on my camera and music player are missing. I liked the ability to say “capture” “smile” and have the camera respond. We just had an update to this rom and it was not in it. but hey it is one KICK A rom.
    BTW this website for the GS3 is a great resource for roots and roms. I look forward to more roms .

  9. glenn says:

    juat downloaded this rom. and I can say I love it already.. had cynogen 10. this is by far a better rom. thank you team venom.. keep up good work.

  10. Batman2101 says:

    Best rom i have tried… love the way im able to customize a few thing on this rom. And it super fast… the only problem i had was the Wifi Tether but after a whole month of trying and messing with it i was able to make the Wifi tether works perfectly…

    • glenn says:

      how did you get the tether to work?

      • Batman2101 says:

        Wifi tether for root user. If you get if from play store you need to find an update for it… play store has 3.2 pre1 beta.. need to find 3.3 pre2 beta… left device profile and setup method to auto… check this boxes “Fallback Tether”, “Send Netd Max Client Cmd”, “Wifi Driver Reload 1”, “MSS Clamping” and “Routing Fix”…. your S3 might go crazy and haywire at first crashing and messing up and restart itself and enter a boot loop… if it does take ur battery off for a minute then try again…

      • laras says:

        Simple open wifi tether/settings/change device profile.
        it works for me with no other settings moved simple android tether

  11. pete says:

    This is the best Rom out, go over to XDA and get the V 1.3. The room is stock but has so many possible mods it’s silly. WiFi and tether work. You can install note 2 gallery. You use Quban updater found in the apps to install mods, just follow directions…..flash the zips manually in CWM recovery, don’t hit reboot and install.
    I will be using this ROM for some time. Awesome!!! Good job “Team Venom”. Excellent!!!

    • glenn says:

      ive been running this rom since it came out.. ive flashed and tried many other roms. but keep coming back to this one. its a almost flawless rom. if dazednconfused could put multi window into it it would be hands down the absolute best rom out. oh heck even without multi it is the best rom out.. running version 2.1.

  12. glenn says:

    Downloaded 1.3 update.. Then it says md5 file dont match..any suggestions?

    • glenn says:

      i just bypassed this update and went straight to 2.1. had a couple issues. wiped and rebooted and works flawlessly again. also if you change your lockscreen to aoskp lock screen go in and remove ripple effect or your phone will freeze up constantly. thanks dazednconfused and team venum for one kickass rom.

  13. jimmy says:

    Is the LJ7 modem/firmware download in the kuban updater faster than what is included in the wicked rom?

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