Axis ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/MetroPCS/USCellular/Cricket]

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I’ve been guilty of flashing too many custom ROMs this week(again!) and simply couldn’t find a good ROM I could recommend until I stumbled onto the Axis ROM.

Too many custom ROMs these days offer too many similar features and of course, those custom ROMs that stand out above the rest we like to feature on our website.

Axis ROM, is one of those. I have been actually been following this multi-carrier ROM for awhile but the latest version really impresses me as it runs flawless on the 4 major U.S. networks I’ve tested with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Galaxy S3s. Of course, the ROM extends further to support even MetroPCS, US Cellular, and Cricket.

What’s really great about this ROM?

Axis ROM brings a very minimalistic, clean look to its slightly-revamped TouchWiz UX while providing some UI customizations through its “Axis Tweaks” allowing you to tweak the interface, lockscreen, status bar, and more.

The coolest feature on this ROM is the transition animation, which you can choose from many different animations during its AROMA installer.

Some other notable features include Multi-window enabled for app apps, custom V6 supercharger settings, battery calibration library, full Snapdragon hardware rendering, hacked hotspot, call/message blocking, Smart Stay/Rotation, 23 customizable quick toggles, advanced power menu, extended camera settings, init.d support, and some more.

Overall, I do really like the UI change-up along with great performance/battery life. So, if you are looking for a nice UI change-up with loaded features, check out the Axis ROM this week(end) and do let me know how it goes for you!


Download Axis ROM (same file for all carriers)

Credits – XDAdonate to the developer of this ROM of hit “Thanks” on XDA if you like it, thanks!

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121 Responses

  1. Roudan001 says:

    I’ll try it, hopefully no bugs

  2. Will says:

    WIFI nor hotspot work! Sprint S3.

  3. Patrick says:

    This is a cool rom …. Everything works on my Verizon s3

    • joey says:

      Are you Able to send or receive mms?

    • George says:

      hey patrick how long did it take yours to install

      • Patrick says:

        Around like seven minutes

        • digitalDEMON says:

          Installed on my T999 jus fine but than noticed my 64gb card wasn’t readable…did ya have the same issue? Thanks and wicked site!

          • digitalDEMON888 says:

            Hey….ended up trying instead of Developers pick a Custom install…did stock kernal and now all seems to work! Messaging and 64gb read…transition hit or miss! Pretty slick rom either way …loving it as much as Hyperdrive…wicked

    • Steve says:


      Is everything still working smoothly?
      I have the Verizon S3 also, and am trying to determine which ROM is best. I have already flashed quite a few, some I just didnt care for, others the battery life sucked, and with one I had no camera.

      Please let me know of any issues you may have had.


  4. Patrick says:

    Yup I’m able to send & received messages

  5. decotra says:

    My data isn’t working for sprint. I did the developer bundle one

  6. decotra says:

    Too bad the data wouldn’t work for me and I can’t change the apn… don’t know how 🙁 ill go back to jellybean

  7. Travis says:

    My messaging won’t open when running this ROM installed as developers choice. If I install it as the naked version then I have messaging. Any suggestions how to fix this?

  8. Paul Gadebusch, III says:

    Sprint S3 Phone ok but no data. Can’t get it to stay on CDMA. CDMA is selected but it keeps trying to access LTE. That makes it no deal. I have tried several different installation scenarios but no go. If someone knows how to get it to work with Sprint it looks good. Glad I made a backup of my working ROM

  9. AJ says:

    The Google Play Store keeps crashing on me. Is there anyway I can fix it? I tried restoring it and not adding my account, and I also tried downloading the latest version of the play store still no luck.

  10. Mrcollegeman says:

    What Gapps do we use or is it already installed with the ROM?

  11. nate says:

    The room seems to romantic fine for attention s3. I have only one issue, I restored restored with titanium and now I cannot see any of my accounts. They are there but not visible. Any ideas?

  12. kdot341 says:

    This rom is great but my battery life is terrible now any fix for this? (At&t gs3)

  13. Viper_rt1996 says:

    WIFI Does not work on Sprint
    Requires a cache cleanup everytime unit reboots to get past the boot loader screen.

  14. joey says:

    i cant send or receive mms. sms works fine but mms gets stuck on sending than errors out after about 5 minutes.
    im on verizon s3. everything else works great. but sadly i had to go back to jellybeans rom. since i cant live without mms

  15. Mrcollegeman says:

    How do I get the side menu like in the video?

    From Galaxy AT&T S3

  16. skateoroma says:

    Installed verizon variant, phone hangs on reboot, been 15 minutes now. Used ziggy kernel, shouldn’t take this long. Any ideas?

  17. Izzatullo says:

    Does this ROM, have a multilnguage (russian language)?

  18. young eno says:

    Installed this ROM (sprint S3) and it goes thru the whole installation but then get stuck on reboot…Ny ideas why this is happening? Back to hyperdrive I go till then.

  19. AlphaNeo says:

    I cant even get the rom to boot (sprint)
    Anybody have any suggestions?

  20. ASJ says:

    Tired to load this 6 times without success. Can’t get it to boot past intro screen (the word ‘Trinity’ with a female android character?). Any ideas as to what’s wrong or how to fix?

  21. Will says:

    I had the issue of it not booting the first time, so when I loaded again, I made sure I did the wipe/factory reset 5xs along with everything else. (Sprint) But with the rom not having wifi or hotspot, I went back to the M.O.A.R. rom.

    • jon says:

      Had the same thing happen with mine. (Sprint) couldn’t get Wi-Fi to work. Just flashed a diff kernel and its working flawlessly.

  22. ASJ says:

    Tried to wipe 5xs as well (T-Mobile). Still no success.

  23. lou says:

    Everything is working fine, I did developer option, I just have to use CDMA not lte, but I still get 4000Kbps on Sprint

  24. jason says:

    installed and working flawlessly! great ROM with many features! at&t s3!

    • jason says:

      ok.. so after a bit of use i notice that some UI features tend to stop working.. wifi stopped working.. rebooted and fixed it.. now the status bar.. battery, time, carrier etc.. has stopped.. seems like a retsart fixes the bugs. i just dont want to spend a lot of time restarting to fix bugs lol.. im gonna use a bit longer.. see how it does.

  25. Joe says:

    Ok, found some issues that need attention. I did a clean install for Sprint, took all the defaults and this is my results of trying to setup beyond installation:
    Overall a pretty decent rom. Most of the issues others are having with messaging, wifi, etc I am not having. Seems stable with good battery life, but the setup after installation has a few exceptions. I would like to stay with this but may go back to my previous rom as I had no issues with it at all.
    Problems that can be consistantly seen after every clean install, cleaning the dev, cache, etc:
    1. Cannot get rid of the Spidyman stuff from the Multi Window. This stuff makes it impossible to see in bright lights so give me an option to have spidy or not.
    2. Settings, Lockscreen, Lock Screen options, weather when clicked crashes setup.
    3. Settings, Lockscreen, Lock Screen options, Clock, when clicked crashes setup.
    4. When adding contacts via sync, will only copy about 300 of the 650 contacts making it impossible to know whats missing. Using “Restore” backup does seem to work ok so this may be a mute item.
    5. Cannot customize the clock on the Quick Panel. Because some of the settings features are not working not sure if this is the reason.

    If I cant get rid of Spidy from the Mulit Window, then this ROM will have to go also. Not very professional. I can stand the peeing on boot as rare anyone will see it and it does make me smile so that can stay!

    If you try to customize the screens it also crashes out.


    • Joe says:

      Please ignore my previous post above……I posted this info to the wrong ROM….. Sorry!

      • Jon says:

        If you’re referring to the Peoples Rom. If you go to the xda website for that rom you can download a zip file to have a transparent multiwinodw or the stock multiwindow. I agree that spidey stuff is annoying.

  26. tim says:

    max i need your help asap. i began to install axis on my sprint gs3 and it seemed to work fine.the installation completed and it started to reboot but then turned off. now it wont turn on.i hit the power button and the sprint boot image pops and then my previous roms boot image pops up then it goes black but when this happens, if its dark, the screen looks like its on but in the light the screen looks like its off.i can still go into odin mode. please help

    • Darryn says:

      im not sure if you fixed it yet but the same thing happened to me so i just put it into odin mode connected to my pc and reflashed the stock samsung file and re rooted after that

  27. Nash-one says:

    Tmobile GS3
    Working Perfect…
    Wish I knew how to install CM10 themes,….

  28. Dante says:

    Hey does Anyone know how to get the 4g lte signal for verizon. I installed the rom cleanly wipe factory reset, wipe cache, and dalvik cache as well. is this something with the rom to save battery or?? Please let me know thank you in advance.

  29. sam says:

    Do I need to factory reset if I wanna flash a different kernel or switch to the axis theme?

  30. Alex says:

    Hi Mike! Just a question, if I install this ROM, it will work with any carrier? I’m from Mexico, it would work with any carrier over here? My LTE is the i747, but here we’ve Telcel, Movistar and some others. Thanks in advance 😉

    • Max says:

      Yup should work, just change APN.

      • Ricardo says:

        si funciona, yo tengo el s3 lte de telcel, al principio se va a congelar en la pantalla de samsung, inicia en recovery y dale wipe, yo lo hice dos veces y funcionó. ahora el pedo es desactivat el autocorrector del teclado.

        is there a way to deactive the keyboard corrector?, it’s such a pain in the balls

        • Alex Garduño says:

          El problema para mi es sólo q lo compre en telcel y ahora lo quiero usar con movistar pero me pide un codigo… wtf?!

          • Ricardo says:

            Ah carnal, es que lo que necesitas es ‘liberarlo’, no rootearlo o flashearlo. Sinceramente desconosco el proceso, pero googlea ‘unlock s3 sgh-i747’, quizás encuentres algo. Un saludo

      • Alex Garduño says:

        Thanks for your reply Max. But I’ ve put a movistar SIM and it ask me for a code. If I put a Telcel SIM it works. How can I unlock it for using it with Movistar? Or how can I change the respective apn for making it work?

  31. Hipolito Ruiz says:

    I was excited when I saw this ROM. It seems like a perfect cross between AOSP and touchwiz. Unfortunately when I tried installing this onto my sprint GS3 it appeared as if it installed ok; but it never rebooted. It powered on and it froze on a black screen. (I did the data/factory reset, cache wipe davilk wipe) I tried installing it with the developer recommendation and custom install, neither worked. (I ended up restoring my backup file.)

    • Daman Hind says:

      I am having the same issue when installing this ROM as well on the Sprint Galaxy S3. The installation went fine, however when the S3 rebooted, I got the ‘Samsung’ logo but then a purely black screen. I waited about 5-10mins to see if it maybe was taking a while because it was the first time booting up. Still no luck though. I’ve tried data/factory reset and wipe davlik cache several times and still the phone is stuck after the ‘Samsung’ logo. So I’ve ended up just restoring my backup. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on fixing this issue or have ran into this issue before?

  32. spotty says:

    installed one time and it not only runs flawlessly but it also Flys. I am getting a great performance boost with this room. I love it.

  33. spotty says:

    Sprint, by the way.

  34. Michael H says:

    Installed this rom for sprint s3 and works almost perfect!
    Only problem I have is receiving picture messages.

    Any solutions?

    • Chuck Gwilliam says:

      Does anyone have the solution about receiving / sending mms pictures? This is on Sprint. Other than this the install was perfect and is running great after several hours.

  35. AlphaNeo says:

    So I finally got this rom to boot (sprint) not quite sure what I did exactly. .but here it goes..
    1. Download KT747 Kernel (ktoonz) dated 5-31-13
    2. Originally I was coming from an aokp rom (jellybam) and it was not working so I flashed a different rom
    3. Then I wiped it 7 times using twrp 2.5 recovery and proceeded to flash this Axis rom
    4. Did an extra wipe in the aroma installer then ran installation as desired..unchecked the reboot box which took me back to recovery and I flashed “KT747 Kernel” “dated 5-3-13” (ktoonz)
    5. Booted right up with working wifi and all.

  36. fred says:

    Hi max,
    I’m running axis on my i535 sgs3 and have a few bugs. The camera app does not work just says failed when I try to open it. I have reflashed several times using different kernels with the same outcome. Also the backup assistant does not work either. Are you guys aware of these and is there going to be updates any time soon? Great work by the way. This rom is great other then that.

  37. Glenn says:

    hey Max will this rom work for wind mobile in canada

  38. Fleuf says:

    Is it possible to switch back to the stock sound settings instead of the other option listed when installing initially within the actual ROM?

  39. terock81 says:

    I hate these new roms. They always have so many bugs..

  40. Sam says:

    I have this ROM installed on US AT&T Galaxy S3. Sometimes when I boot phone I get a message saying activating…., it does this for several minutes and then message says activation failed. After that it does fine. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and what the activation is about. Other than that I really like this ROM. I’ve only had it installed for 1 day, if I find anything else I will check back it.

  41. edward says:

    ok I installed this rom and it rebooted fine. it updated the apps then after that phone rebooted again
    loads up but now its stuck on the Samsung sign . my backlight works and it will not go into recovery mode what could the probem be? is my phone bricked plz say no NEED HELP ASAP

    • Hipolito Ruiz says:

      First make sure you either have another rom zip file or a backup file. If you don’t no worries I give you a solution.
      Try holding down the volume up, power and center button all at the same time for about ten seconds. Once it turns off, quickly let go of the buttons and repress and hold all three buttons again. When you see the screen turn on let go of the power button BUT KEEP holding onto the volume up and center button. You should boot into recovery. From there wipe data/factory, wipe cache and go wipe dalvik cache. Sorry if I mispelled dalvik. (You’ll find the dalvik cache in advanced section if your using clockwork mod recovery.) Then install your backup or install a zip file of another rom if you have one.
      If you don’t have any other rom files or backups just take out you sd card, connect it to a computer and download then transfer another rom file onto it. Put it back in your phone reboot and install like normal. If you don’t see you sd card file at first look for the option to reboot recovery. That should fix it.
      I wouldn’t recommend this if possible but if I get a really bad freeze I take out the battery put it back in and try to reboot it that way.
      I hope that helped. Let me know.

  42. hoang says:

    really need help i think i might have bricked my phone installing this rom stuck at 50% during instal? for over 3 hours now need help on fixing this problem plz!!

    • AlphaNeo says:

      Just pull the battery….wipe again and try installing again. it froze on me a few’s the installer not bricked

  43. Ricardo says:

    is there a way to deactivate the keyboard corrector, it’s such a pain in the balls.

  44. Jonathan says:

    What keyboard does the ROM use

  45. fred says:

    Hi max.
    Another bug I have found is the cameras do not work. They say failed when opened. Is there a cam zip we can use. I’m on a sch-i535 and mostly everything else works.

  46. Chris says:

    Hey max, im haveing a real problem with this Rom, wich is sad cause i like it alot, but every time i try to access my Voice Mail, it says it cant connect. Please Help!

  47. Daman Hind says:

    I am having the same issue when installing this ROM as well on the Sprint Galaxy S3. The installation went fine, however when the S3 rebooted, I got the ‘Samsung’ logo but then a purely black screen. I waited about 5-10mins to see if it maybe was taking a while because it was the first time booting up. Still no luck. I’ve tried data/factory reset and wipe davlik cache several times and still the phone is stuck after the ‘Samsung’ logo. So I’ve ended up just restoring my backup. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on fixing this issue or have ran into this issue before?

    • young eno says:

      Download KT747 updated 5/31/13 kernel, flash the rom, then in check the reboot, boot back into recovery then flash the kt747 kernel. Everything should work perfectly. (I haven’t tried any mms so I’m not sure if that will work) but wifi and my data is working fine. Won’t comment on battery life yet, I’ve only been on this rom for a day.

  48. JM3 says:

    Tried flasshing this rom and it just hangs on start up. When I try to go back to flash another rom it tells me my phone is not rooted. Luckily i flashed my previous rom but wondering what is going on. I would like to give this rom a try

    • Nash says:

      Want a good ROM. Try out slimbean… You’ll never go back to anything else…. I was sick of trying theses ROMs that always have issues .. You can thank me later

  49. David Wong says:

    Anyone having a problems mounting their ext sdcard? I on the developer’s pick for T-Mo and I’m using a sdxc 64gb ext sd. Everything works fine on RLS19 but the ext sd won’t mount on 20 and 21.

    • Victorious Vesper says:

      Using Verizon developer pick and can’t get it to load my 64gb sd card. It only says it’s safe to Remove. Anyone know a fix???

  50. Dino says:

    i really need some help… this rom is great and all but my battery life is horrible. the reason is the zero wake lag is enabled and it drains 70% of my battery… what is the easiest way to disable zero wake lag?

  51. Argrithmag says:

    Love your site! I’ve been following it for a while. One suggestion: Could you put the android os version number that these roms are running under? I installed another rom (I’m going to flash this one shortly) thinking I would be on 4.2.2 but it was 4.2.1

    Thanks again!

  52. MilesDerp says:

    I have tried this on my Sprint S3 4-5 times, every time it will not even make it to the boot logo. Before each install I have wiped cache, davik cache, factory reset 3 times, to no avail. Any ideas? could it be possibly the recovery I am using? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, I would love to use this ROM. Also, Thanks for all the videos on cool new roms, I hope we get a really nice one soon

  53. Juan says:

    This rom works great for me, havent had problems with anything. But battery life sucks compared to other roms. I need to charge everyday after lunch to make sure I get through the day.

  54. Darian says:

    Hello people of the rooting world… i need help. Everything in this rom works for me (SPRINT) except my contacts crash every now and then…and help? One minute all my contacts are their and next their gone. Please anyone have any suggesting or anything that i could try thatll be great..thx

  55. david says:

    The only problem I’ve found on at&t s3 is not able to take screen shots or send video through email. Other than those 2 problems all seems to be working. Any advice on getting g those to work would be appreciated.

  56. Tweexter says:

    As of yesterday I’m not getting issues updating or installing new apps from Play Store. Says “Package file is invalid” on a little popup in the store. Anyone else?

  57. fred. says:

    Is there a new kernel avalible to work with the up to date firmware?

  58. Roberto says:

    I just installed it 3 days ago, so far it works good on TMO, the only thing it’s I’m not able to get LTE connection, does anyone has LTE working?

  59. pearl says:

    Will this work for i9300 ???

  60. MZLink says:

    Kool ROM, but I Can’t text or receive any texts

  61. Matt says:

    Installed this for my AT&T GS3, everything seems to work except for my sd card. It keeps saying it’s safe to remove it, it never mounts. I backed up the data, formatted it to exFat and inserted, sam thing. Do I have to format it to a certain format? Anyone else with the same issue?

    • Max says:

      Try FAT32

      • Matt says:

        Thanks, yes I had just gotten it to work on FAT32 earlier today but forgot I commented on here. I just couldn’t remember at first what format I need until I finally found it somewhere. Wish Windows made it easier to format to FAT32.

  62. Matt says:

    After 1 day, this rom seems to eat the battery pretty fast. Noticed the phone was awake 13 hours with the screen on only for 1.5 hours leaving 12% battery after unplugged for 15 hours. Going to have to install the better battery app to see whats causing wakelocks. But otherwise I like it, any one else having battery issues?

  63. Henry C. says:

    Did anyone know why Smart Screen and Smart Stay do not work after installing Jelly Bean 4.2.2? Anyone can provide a solution. Thx.

  64. Richard says:

    I loaded Axis on my ATT GalaxyS3 SGH-I747. Only problem is that I have lost my texting ability. It just turns off after about 3 seconds. Can anyone help?

  65. tory george says:

    This ROM was working perfectly on t999…
    My favorite feature was the native hotspot hack, which worked flawlessly up until a few days ago…

    Now all the sudden, all I get when I ramp up wifi tether (trevmod) is that stupid T-Mobile page along me if I want to add mobile hotspot…

    So I’m going back to jelly bam ROM where I have to use hideman VPN + modded WiFi tether

    Probably done kind of weird update T-Mobile did…?

    • Max says:

      Try looking into T-mobile wifi tether APN and change APN to that while tethering, that should fix that issue. But I forget what that APN is, you should be able to find it easily though on XDA.

  66. tory george says:

    Does anyone know of a non touch wiz ROM that has native hotspot hack?

  67. tim says:

    does anyone know how to take screen shots? I tried pressing volume down and power but no luck.

  68. abz says:

    Max I left a comment previously as a reply to someone with the related issue n how he fixed it…. Mine still the same… Stuck on Samsung logo
    Anyway I found out some else.
    I decided to just delete everything from my phone’s memo since the zips are on the ext sd n I got an error saying Android_secured!… Could this b preventing me from installing the rom successfully again like the first 4x.. N if so…. What do I do to fix it????.. PLEASE REPLYYYYY!!!! I’m sick of this retarded HTC windows crappy phone -_-,

  69. trav says:

    Ok max need help . I tried the illusion romantic 4.2.2. But it had to many problem so I flashed back to this one now it says storage is low and I keep getting a error 920 message while updating and downloading apps in play play store . I did fix permissions and wipe but sstill no luck anyway to fix this thanks n advance

  70. EHoward says:

    is there a rom out that has the feature to remove people out of pics like the s4? im on att s3

  71. EHoward says:

    also will i be able to do a ext2 internal sd swap with this rom? could a good one be suggested pls

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