CM10 M1 ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Cellular]

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This week’s big news is that CM10 (CyanogenMod10) ROM version “M1” is out for your AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular Galaxy S3.

What is “M1”?  Basically it’s an acronym for more or less “milestone stable” version of CM10.  You can expect pretty much everything working out of the box with full functionality.   Based on my testing, it seems indeed the best version of CM10 out yet and probably a good time to use it as a daily driver.

Of course, this CM10 ROM isn’t for everyone but for those of you who detest TouchWiz and want to turn your phone into a Galaxy Nexus (but 10 times faster).  There will be further improvements (of course) but these are “official” builds and highly recommend to give it a go if you haven’t tried.

Try it out and let me know how your new CM10 Jelly Bean experience goes!

Note: Installation tutorial is included in the latter part of the video above.


UPDATE: M2 is now available!

Download CM10 M2 for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download CM10 M2 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Download CM10 M2 for Sprint Galaxy S3

Download CM10 M2 for Verizon Galaxy S3

Download CM10 M2 for US Cellular Galaxy S3

M1: (Use M2 above instead, newer!)

Download CM10 M1 for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download CM10 M1 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

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294 Responses

  1. Sheek says:

    Hey Max I just updated my rom to this from an older nightly I had. For some reason everything works great except my gapps won’t work properly. Should I reflash just the gapps or is there a setting I need to do?

    • Max says:

      yes you have to reflash gapps everytime you re-install ROM.

      • kris halstead says:

        hey i am trying to download the cm10 mi rom for att on a mac is this possible it downloads in a zip file but then when i transfer it into my sd card and get into recovery mode and select the file from internal sd card the whole file doesnt show up it show the internal files of the main file so i cant choose the zip file. if this makes sense

        • Christian Adams says:

          Make sure you flash from CWM recovery. This happened to me and it’s because I was flashing from stock recovery. Also make sure the zip is in your root directory.
          I’m new to this and learning but that’s what my problem was.

      • George says:

        Hey max camera not saving photos and video recorder closes

      • George says:

        When I take a photo they not saving and video record just exit the app

    • galacticwhale says:

      Am I the only one having issues installing this ROM? Always gives me an error then says installation aborted. This is the first time I’ve ever had this issue with any CM ROM and it’s the only ROM that gives me this issue on my S3.

      Anyone have any insight into why this may be happening?

      • csharpner says:

        I installed CM10 from nightlies a couple weeks ago and during boot it never made it past the CM10 boot animation. It just animated forever. After about 15 or 20 minutes of nothing but animation, I rebooted and it kept doing it. I ended up restoring to stock ROM per instructions on this site, and ever since, my phone has been UNFLASHABLE!

        EVERY ROM fails to flash! I’m STUCK! I’ve even done a complete factory reset (which didn’t unroot, strangely) and NOTHING I can do gets me able to flash ANYTHING!

        With, I get:
        Installing update…
        assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop” “”) == “samsung/d2tmo/d2tmo:4.0.4/IMM76D/T999UVALH2:user/release-keys” || file_getprp(“/system/build.prop”. “”) == “samsung/d2tmo:44.1.1/JRO03L/T999UVDLI3:user/release-keys”
        E:Error in /sdcard/
        (Status 7)
        Installation aborted.

        I’d been running that leaked Jelly Bean ROM for some time, so I know there’s nothing wrong with it. I even re-downloaded it to be sure the local zip wasn’t corrupted.

        I’m at my wits end!

        The phone works just fine, except I can’t flash anything.

        ANY help from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated!

        • Colin1337 says:

          Mine has been doing the same exact thing, and I cant even get the stock ROM back on it. It just keeps booting of with the CM10 animation and never stops

          • csharpner says:

            Try using the instructions on this site for unrooting and restoring to stock ROM. I had to download the stock ROM from here. If that doesn’t help you, I don’t know what to do.

          • Charles De Leon says:

            I think I know what your problem is, when you are trying to “reboot system now” you have to wipe data / factory reset & wipe cache partition otherwise you will be stuck in a boot-loop.

        • Christian Adams says:

          ?hat did you use to make sure the file wasn’t corrupt. I had the same problem when I downloaded the nightlies from ROM manager. MD5 works great to make sure your zip file isn’t corrupt

  2. aidan says:

    Hi i just installed this on my tmobile s3 and i cant find playstore yet i cant add my google account, how do i solve this thanks

  3. Rob C says:

    can someone confirm if this ROM syncs your Facebook contacts correctly?

  4. don says:

    Hey Max…i tried to install several times and it keeps aborting. I followed the steps closely with no result.
    first i booted into clockwork and wiped data second i installed from internal sd and found the file for cm10 and it says install aborted and andy falls over. any help would be appreciated.

    • Demitrias says:

      Make sure that you have updated superuser or it will not install I had that,problem and I followed everything to the t.
      I have installed it now how long does it take to boot up?… Its been doing the cm opposite revolving circles for about four or five minutes now?

  5. Hector says:

    Hi! Thanks for the awesome tutorials!!! I want to know where is the Google Apps file…?

  6. Hector says:

    Also I want to know if the Camera is working right!!!

    • SteveH says:

      Thanks very much Max your the man. Only problem with this ROM is the camera does not work it freezes every time you take a picture. Do you know of a possible fix for this or does anyone for that matter?

  7. jordan says:

    Where can download Google apps

  8. Jayson says:

    hey max i tried to install this on my canadian s3 i747m, i downloaded the at&t rom but it always say that installation aborted. i currently have kyan rom installed. please i need your help. thanks.

    • Julian Finn says:

      I ran into the same problem. You have to update your CWM first. You’ll find a flashable zip here

      Once that’s done, flash the ROM as usual. Just make sure that it’s in the root directory of the phone, the newest CWM doesn’t seem to support external cards.

  9. nyyf says:

    g apps link pleas

  10. ed says:

    For those whos installations are aborting you must download the latest clockworkmod. Once I did that I had no problems with the install. This ROM is buttery smooth I can’t get enough of it

  11. 3tru says:

    Install worked like a charm!
    But hmmm, no cellular data, no phone calls, am I missing something here?

    • Brandon says:

      I get data but no 4g LTE. Pretty sure I check all the settings correctly but it seems to be stuck on 3G/H+ only.

      • 3tru says:

        Ok, so I rebooted it, and bam! 4G/LTE, works 🙂

        One thing I’ve noticed, Swiftkey 3 DOES NOT WORK on this ROM, sux ass! I really really really like Swiftkey… damn.

        Battery life greatly improved, friggin’ phone is super fast now too…

      • Brandon says:

        I created a new APN and I now get LTE speeds but only 4G symbol.

        • leo says:

          How to set the new APN? I have no lte either

          • Brandon says:

            Search Google for APN settings and your carrier. Example: Rogers 4G APN settings

            Pretty common and easy to find all over the net. In Android go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> more…> Mobile Networks> Access Point Names

        • Hugh says:

          That’s because it’s real 4G! AT&T scammed us for a year with the H+ being 4G so they had to put 4G LTE when it was real 4G. You should range from EDGE to 3G to H+ to 4G now. Do a speed test when you have 4G you’ll see a BIG difference. I hit 22mb of download. Insane.

  12. Tommy Harkins says:

    Will Sprint’s Visual Voicemail work with CM10?

  13. alex gonzalez says:

    tried to flash but no radio…didnt work

  14. Rocky Dubb says:

    Hi, this I have a Canadian Bell Galaxy S3 i747M. I installed Rom Manager from the play store. When I check on Flash ClockWorkMod and than it asks me to choose my phone from the list, and it does not show me any Galaxy S3. Only At&T Note, and and a few other Samsung and LG phones. Seeing as you say in your video that I have to flash the latest ClockWorkMod version on my device I see this as an problem. A few months ago I messed up my phone and had to send it in to samsung because I was trying to upgrade my ClockWorkMod to an newer version but non followed the wrong instructions. Please tell me how I can fix this issue and be on my way to installing the CM10 M1. Thanks!

  15. Dennis says:

    Hey Max,

    everything works fine except my SD doesn’t work on CM10. The system doesn’t show my SD card status.


  16. Jonesy23 says:

    hows the battery life on it?

  17. Jeffrey Blechman says:

    My phone is bricked>(

    First let me say thank you for posting such useful videos.

    I followed the directions very carefully but my Verizon S3 is now showing
    a yellow triangle with an exclamation saying “system software not authorized…. go to the nearest Verizon store.

    So I’m totally freasking out after spending a good hour trying to get the phone back into recovery mode.

    Pressing up vol +power and home won’t do the trick.

    I don’t know what to do?


    Thank you,

    Jeff Blechman

    • pajapcs918 says:

      need to unlock your bootloader….idk if the EZ-unlock works on the market yet but look up a previous version of it (i believe the 11 version on the internet) as for your brick….look for the stock sch-i535 (or whatever version gsIII you are using) and odin that in…i had to do this at least 5 time before i realized that my bootloader was not unlocked and looked for a less recent version

  18. Jeffrey Blechman says:

    I think I fixed this problem. Go into ODIN.

    Downloading…. Do not turn off target !!!

    This occured because my bootloader is locked?

    If so why wasn’t this mentioned on the video?

    What is the solution for a rooted US Verizon S3. Is it a tool called EZ recovery?

    Thanks :>)

  19. Jeffrey Blechman says:

    I can’t get my phone restored? Stuck in Odin Mode. Only way to restart is to take the battery out.
    I followed all directions exactly. Now I’m getting nervous after 3 hours trying to fix my phone? Any ideas please!

    • M says:

      Bricked my Verizon galaxy also. Lame. Recovered using ODIN and vzw.stock_root66.tar.

    • jake says:

      I suggest if you can get into cwm thru odin, then restore your nandroid backup. Once your phone is up and running again, try reflashing, make sure to wipe date, cache, and dalvik. If phone is still bricked, seek advice thru xda, good thing is that there always some kind of fix.

    • David says:

      your not doomed, same thing happened to me first time flashing this rom, I went into odin, reflashed stock verizon w/root and re-downloaded cm10 and Gapps, flash CWM, wipe data, cache, davlink, flash cm10, flash gapps. reboot device and hey, cm10!! you wont be disappointed at all!!

  20. Daitokuji says:

    Thanks for the update! I got it to run flawlessly! Can anyone confirm for me if this rom has WIFI calling? I don’t see it so I assume it doesn’t. And what’s the name of the program for the camera that acts like the samsung one?

  21. Daniel says:

    is there a “Download CM10 M1 for Rogers Galaxy S3”

  22. raheem a hassan says:

    hi how are i think your sprint link is broken and also i can not find this build on xda thanks alot

  23. neals says:

    Seems to be working great, but when I restored all my apps and settings using Titanium Backup, it broke Google Now. Whenever I use Google now it seems to go to regular Google search and a message pops up at the bottom of the screen that says, “Network Error. Go to your network settings and try again.” Any ideas on how I can fix this?

  24. Christopher Allen says:

    The Sprint download links to a file that doesn’t exist.

  25. TK says:

    Does this mod have the TV screen off animation?
    How do I enable it?

  26. Hugh says:

    Wow I had a modified build.prop file so Google Wallet would work, talk about messing my install up! So got it all working. Experiencing MAD screen flicker, every 3 seconds or so. Also Cam is not installed. I just updated to last night nightly build. The volume on a call is also MAD loud! Otherwise it’s a nice rom.

  27. Rocky Dubb says:

    For all those with a Canadian Rogers/Bell/Telus i747M, who cant find their phones in the Rom Manager under “Flash ClockWorkMod”. You have to manually update your ClockWorkMod to the newest version. I downloaded the .tar file from an Xda forum post. And than used Odin 3.07 and flashed it on. Than just follow the instructions in the video above after the Rom Manager bit. Cheers!

  28. Jeffrey Blechman says:

    Mr. Lee,
    While I appreciate your Video and posting. Why didn’t you warn users with a locked boot loader not to use your method. Now my phone is bricked. I’ve spent 4 hours trying to fix it. I’m not a newbie. I have a Mac and no Windows.

    So on my Mac I installed Parallels trial and Win 8 and tried Odin recovery there.
    Didn’t work. Installed Parallel tools and still not working.

    Now I’ll try VMware then Bootcamp. If anyone can help me I’d appreciate … What a nightmare.


  29. darnell says:

    You said their were two file. the googleapps…but what is the other file you said people forget to install? since you forgot to tell us what that file is. thanks

  30. tbacba says:

    Under the Verizon section of this site there is a diy on how to unbrick your phone. I have seen other sites that give instructions for using Odin on a Mac. So, if you download the stock Verizon rom from this site, and use Odin to install back to stock, you should be ok. I had the same problem you have and I was able to fix it.

  31. Hypeonetwo says:

    Hey rocky can you post a link to the version of cwm you use please ty

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      Hey sorry i just saw your message now. Below is the link but please make sure you have the i747M from Rogers/Bell/Telus ….

  32. Spencer says:

    Hey Max,

    The camera works, but it won’t save pictures. CM10 doesn’t support certain bigger SD cards to save the pics.

    Any tips on how to resolve the problem/a work around?


  33. PiNkY says:

    this rom is good but the only thing is its missing some good stuff from the stock rom like cam stuff and motion but other then that great rom Max can u add this in ur rom ???

  34. Kevin says:

    I am not getting external sound when I play music or from the internet. But my sound does work for alarms, ringtones, and when my headphones are plugged in. Anyone know how to fix this?

  35. Benny Lo says:

    how do u take screenshots after installing this ROM??

    • TLuu says:

      To take a screen shot you press volume down and power button at the same time noob! Guys this ROM is perfectly smooth and so far the best jellybean out there. Everything works perfectly so far and is awesome. I just wish it had more features like more toggle at the top built in and pinch to manage home pages also the motion stuff etc. It will make the ROM the best! Max you should make one like this with all the extras please! If you take your time like he says in the videos look over the site first and do the step by steps. Super easy flash 100% all the time! I don’t see why there are so many of you having problems(overlooking things like link to gapp link) come on take your times and watch a few time first and review before flashing people! Just my 2 cents but anyways Thanks max you are the best! Videos are always awesome! I appreciate all the hard work you do making these videos!

      • PiNkY says:

        Yes u are right about everything u said about this ROM

        • scott says:

          This Rom works, Google now is cool. But you lose a lot of cool features, task manager, some things in the camera, and it may be just my phone, but my facebook contacts wouldn’t sync. 4.1 and Google now on my current stock Rom would be nice.

          • Apharrside says:

            I’m having the same problem with the Facebook sync. Does anyone know a fix for this?

          • Justin says:

            I think you hit the nail on the head… you definitely lose a lot of cool features with this ROM. I have been working with it since Friday and it is pretty seamless so far.

            A few dings other than what Scott mentioned are that I wish it had the moving app bar at the bottom like what I had with the AOKP version for my Nexus S 4g. What i’m referring to is just like how we can scroll through multiple homepages, you were also able to do that with the quick app menu below. I may be missing something, but does this CM10 have a tweak for this option?

            Also anyone out there know about a ROM or a way to just clean out all the bloat-ware (or specific stupid samsung apps that we don’t want, but the phone won’t allow us to delete) from the stock SGSIII? I think I would rather just boost up the processor speed and get rid of bs apps for now since I believe this phone has the hardware to preform accordingly.

            • Brent says:

              Titanium backup will let you remove apps that you dont want for your stock s3. Make sure to take a back up before you go hog wild. Removing needed files will mess up your phone.

      • John says:

        Do you have any suggestions on why I don’t have LTE running CM10 M1 on a VZW GS3?

  36. Hypeonetwo says:

    Hot the home and power button at the same time for a second

  37. Marcin says:

    I just installed this rom yesterday and unfortunately I’ll go back to ultimatum rom. As for me this rom got a litle bit better but still has bugs like flicker or not responding home button when trying to unlock. I went through a lot of cm nightlies and all of them had some big issues. I also tried AOKP, it has the same issues. I cant wait when they release the stable version.

  38. Mikey McFly says:

    I have tried to install twice and have followed all the steps..I keep getting the yellow triangle that says this is not verizon approved software..what am I doing wrong??

  39. Benny Lo says:

    got the rom installed today everything works fine except for the sd card issue.. just tried to transfer songs and photos into the sd card but somehow the computer cant read all the folders in the sd card

  40. John says:

    I have the rom on Sprint GS3, is there anyway to change/add different notification shortcuts than just the 4? (wifi, bluetooth, gps, sound.

  41. derrick says:

    Hi max
    i did evewrything you said on my AT&T S3 IN THE VIDEO.My phone will not boot up it just shows the cyanogenmod logo going around and around cant get pass it please help

  42. Taz says:

    Love the ROM, but I have 1 question, how can you import the Camera from S3 to the ROM. I have done a titiaum backup and tried installing it did not work. please help

  43. Akap Oben says:

    I think the link to the Gapps file is broken. not opening on my computer

  44. Andrew says:

    So I’m using the Sprint model of this phone — Wiped data, flashed, and installed gapps after installing the CM10:M1. Latest firmware as well. Also renamed the phone through an editor to make it I9300 so that Google’s search voice feature would work correctly.

    However here are some considerable issues:

    * No setting within the CyanogenMod settings to select the back button to force close apps. Current hardware button settings assume that the phone follows the new model of Android 4.1.1 phones which have the standard three-button setups. The Samsung has the additional settings button and back button.

    * No “System Update” menu option within the System Settings menu. This is an absolute necessity! Wasn’t able to update PRL or Profile which led to poor data/cell signal (Most notably I couldn’t access the Google Play store and Google search would not return a result)

    Seeing that Android 4.1.1 is still in beta for phones (or even in general for that matter) I’ve reverted back to a backup of the original system, though still rooted. 😉 I’m a die hard fan of CM and commend them for their work, but I can’t make this a replacement until basic phone/carrier features are supported.

    • RikoMenzies says:

      I’ve been having issues with Voice Search always force-closing on me (CM10 M1) and I have the same model phone you do (SPH-L710). In fact, I’ve never had it work on any build of CM10. What do you mean you changed the phone’s name to I9300? How did that get it to work?

      • RikoMenzies says:

        I should add that I’m working off of Mac OS X. I have an old Windows computer I can use, but if there’s a method that works on OS X I’d prefer to try that first.

  45. Larry says:

    Everything on this rom works great except the battery setting in settings. It always tells me I have like 3 min 48 sec when I have a full charge. Battery lasts about 8 hrs.

    • Jorge says:

      Hi Max,
      I installed on my Sprint galxy S3 and for some reason I’ve lost all data signals. No bars. I’ve done a complete factory reset and unrooted back to full stock, but still no data signal. I can only access the internet via WiFi. I can’t make calls, text, etc. What do you think? Can you help?

  46. michael says:

    I have CM10 on my phone already i have updated it 2x from the stock rom. now.. but now my CWM look different and it does not have the advanced feature in it anymore. I dont know what to do.
    I am running 10-20120909-Unofficial-d2vzw

    Please help.

  47. chancellar says:

    Thanks for the guide although I wish the instructions were written out. Also please don’t say these instructions are for the verizon s3 and then neglect to emphasize unlocking the boot loader. I bricked my phone relying on your instructions

  48. ben estrada says:

    By far the fastest Rom I have ever flashed on any phone.Swiftkey does work,just go into setting and enable it there not through swiftkey.

  49. Bryce says:

    I have flashed with CM10 but I have no service. I have the Bell i747-M. I have tried flashing modems with no luck. I dot this yet recommend this ROM yet. If anybody figures out how to get reception. Let me know.

  50. christian says:

    Hey max one question how can i choose to connect to 4g only ?

  51. Topher says:

    Max, I just wanted to say thanks for putting up this free website with all this incredible information just there for the picking! I can’t imagine anyone putting up with the crap that you do. I’ve tried all of the different ROM’s you have available and I still come back to HighOn for my Verizon. I followed you directions exactly and it worked. Now, on the other ROM’s I tried from other websites they did not have as much information as you! So I did some research with this incredible thing called the web. You can find out just about anything on installing ROM’s. The funny thing is they all have your disclaimer ” I’m not responsible for damage done to your phone”. Come on people get real, this guy is just trying to help you so stop bitching! And if he does not answer your email in the 2 seconds after you brick your phone just do some research!

    Max thanks for everything,


  52. atticus says:

    Max… Thanks it all has worked on my SCH-I535. I started from ground zero. Rooted it, flashed synergy ICS ROM, and now JB CM10 ROM. Folks read the tutorials, listen to the videos. If something does not make sense don’t blindly flash your device.

  53. adam j says:

    dose anyone have the same problem like i have ?The wifi calling seems not working for me . Anyone know how to fix it pls thank you

  54. Frank W says:

    CM10 M1 runs almost Flawlessly on my T-Mobile SIII. I get an issue after a 5-8 hours where the trebuchet launcher stops working, and runs an error loop with that message on any home screen. The only fix I found is by clearing the apps cache which resets the home screens to default.
    Its pretty annoying, anyone else found a better fix?

    • phonetechkid says:

      Just install a red party launcher from play store. Nova launcher is probably the best

    • jason says:

      I’m having the same problem. Rebooting seems to help as a quick temporary fix, but the problem always returns. Any input would be appreciated. Other than that, this rom is awesome. Been running it so CE it’s release and love it. I would like the ability to set individual contacts custom ringtones,tho. Other than that, I’m not missing touchwiz and bloatware one bit. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

      • J says:

        UPDATE: I’ve been running this rom as my daily driver, now, since the release and I have to say, I have no desire to stop using it yet. Especially since I figured out individual contact custom ringtones. I have noticed the screen flicker and the home button unlock issue that I see others having, but a couple of extra presses and it comes to life. The screen flicker only seems to happen when I use the pull down notification bar straight from the lock screen. Neither of which are deal breakers for me. I love the new sounds and live wall papers that came with it. I also found the extra notification bar widgets that I had missed earlier.
        As far as the “Trebuchet stopped working” issue; it only seems to happen after I download an app from the play store. I just do a reboot and that gets rid of it and then I can use the app. I do the cashe wipes just make myself feel better but I don’t think they are necessary. I have no problems with sound, music playback, both online and player, and everything about the phone works perfectly. I must admit, I do miss the task manager, though. I really hope they put it in the official release. Lovin this ROM so far. Thanks! AT&T SGS3 High on Jellybean.

  55. David C says:

    Hey Max i installed mod and it works pretty nicely but theres 1 thing. when you hold home button it shows a list of all running apps, is there a way to close all apps with 1 button? and also how can i clear ram like the stock rom can? thanks!

  56. Dee says:

    Do i have to root my GS3 AT&T to get jelly bean 4.1? or just flash CM10 M1 with google apps. Can you Please let me know i am a new here i just switched from iphone to GS3.

    • Hugh says:

      You have to have root to flash any rom. Max has good how to’s on rooting.

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      Follow the video on this website that shows you how to safely root your S3, than upgrade your clockworkmod to the newest version manually, or how he does in this video above. And than flash the CM10 M1.

  57. Mike D says:

    No matter how many times I try to get it to work and follow directions exactly my VZW GS3, it keeps getting the dreaded yellow triangle telling me an unauthorized OS has been installed and I have to take it to a verizon store. Doesnt seem to work on verizon version.

  58. John says:

    Tried to install cm10 on my Canadian s3 with the sprint version firmware because it was the only one that would install, I flashed it just like the video but I couldn’t send text messages, use voicemail and the play store couldn’t load, I did the flash twice just to see if I made a mistake, what could the problem be?

  59. John says:

    Tried to install cm10 on my Canadian s3 with the sprint version firmware because it was the only one that would install, I flashed it just like the video but I couldn’t send text messages, use voicemail and the play store couldn’t load, I did the flash twice just to see if I made a mistake, what could the problem be??

  60. Jose says:

    this is my first time playing with roms. i followed everything to a T and unfortunately the process was aborted. i am using a rogers galaxy s3 and know i need to have an updated cwm recovery. first how do i find out if i have the updated one and if not where can i find it.

    • Rocky Dubb says:

  61. Dee says:

    I flesh CM10 M1 but google now is not working? How do i make it work on I747 Please help me because i flesh CM 10 M1 just for google now.

  62. troy says:

    Installed without a hitch and works very well. The only problem is when i re-flashed my cwm backup my play store won’t download any new apps. it will update just fine but but when I hit accept and download I for new apps I get a “error processing purchase (DF-BPA-90)”


  63. Mark says:

    Every time I try to copy from computer it say Phone stop working, but I can copy anything else I want can anyone help?

  64. colin says:

    just flashed cm10 M1 and i have insufficient storage. i have no apps installed at all. ive wiped every cache i cant find. wiped delvik cache from cwm followed directions to a T. read lucky patch will help but i cant even install it as a 3rd party install. any suggestions

  65. troy says:

    had to clear google framework services cache. Thanks to vijayar from xda.

  66. Dillon says:

    got past the locked verizon bootloader but now it seems stuck on activation during setup how long does this normally take or is it an issue?

    • JjangEda says:

      I was stuck too. I never managed to pass it actually. But something happened and the phone restarted or i was able to “skip” the activation. I forgot how… but you can. try figure it out.

  67. JjangEda says:

    Okay. So I’m pretty new to all this custom roms and rooting thing.
    But I’ve managed to install it correctly.
    However, here are some bugs and glitches that’s really needed to be fixed.
    1. Language settings: Korean.
    I’m Korean. Galaxy S3 is from Samsung (Korean Company). And after installing this rom, korean language is gone from the keyboard settings. I know I can go to app store to download a new one, but why should I?
    2. Sound Settings
    I”m not sure if it’s only me, but the sound setting is really weird… My ringtone rings while something else doesnt right and stuff.. The sounds work differently and a little bit more complicated than before.
    3. Internet Settings
    I’m not sure if im getting 4g or 4g lte since i’m verizon.
    4. Task manager
    Task manager comes with the galaxy s3 when you hold down the home button. But now, it’s gone. Also, there is no “remove all” application button. i hate to manually remove all apps one by one that are currently running.

    But overall, it seems good so far. I’ll have to see what more comes up .

  68. apharrside says:

    I followed all the instructions carefully and now my phone say, “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.”
    What do I do?

  69. jojomojo says:

    Icon notification is missing for emails/sms and missed calls. Is it a setting ?

  70. john says:

    need to know how i can update the version of cwm to the latest version on my s3 i747 from bell in canada, seems like it wont update so i can’t install cm10, if people know where i can find the file please let me know

    • jose says:

      i had the exact same problem with the my rogers gs3. is a great site that i found out about through this site. you do have to do a lil digging but youll find it

  71. Eldub says:

    John, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve followed everything here but I can’t seem to get clockwork recover to install via ROM Manager. The problem is the S3 AT&T Version doesn’t show up in the list of phones available. I even tried ROM Toolbox and what I think was doing it manually. None of the options seem to work properly :/

    • jason says:

      I’m on At&t and had no problems downloading this rom straight to my sgs3 and installing it CWM. I even came over from another custom rom, Aristodemos, which is now my second favorite thanks to CM10. Thanks, Max, for doing a video on this kick ass rom.

  72. Eldub says:

    Well I finally solved the Issue.

    Follow the guide here:

    I ended up installing an app called Terminal Emulator. You will need that to perform the commands required. This is so you don’t have to perform the commands via windows CMD prompt.

    Downloaded the latest .img file for Clockwork Recover Mode:

    I used this CM10 Nightly Version:

    Also make sure you download the Google Apps ZIP file that will reinstall all that good stuff.

    Once I followed the steps above and did the “reboot recovery”, it booted me into CWM Rocvery, where I was able to follow the rest of the directions from this video.

    Hope that helps other people who are stuck where ROM manager wouldn’t show the Galaxy S3 in the download list


  73. Michael W. says:

    I installed CM10-M1 for Sprint Galaxy S3 and it works great except that when I call either of my banks and try to enter my account number the automated system doesn’t register the numbers that I press. Please help (anyone)?

  74. dante says:

    This ROM is tha sh@# battery life is crazy good. My best ROM to date

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      I second that! Before i had to charge my phone atleast 3 times a day. Than i got a juice pack which extended my battery life by 5-6 hours, but ever since i installed this Rom, my juice pack now lasts 8-9 hours, and my built in battery lasts over 15 hours of non-stop usage.

  75. Robert says:

    This rom doesnt like my 64g sd card. It tells me that my sd card is damaged and needs to be reformated but when I do this it doesnt unmount. Any suggestions guys?

  76. Robert says:

    Nevermind got it. Thanks for the Video and this awesome website.

  77. emanuell says:

    i flashed this rom now everytime i start it says system software not authorized by verizon help me

  78. jjohnk says:

    I am not a big fan of touchwiz but i do like some of the apps like email, clander and txt message. Is there way i can install those apps on cm10 rom? I have those apk files and installing those files dont work. Any help would be appreciated.

  79. Mahek says:

    Hey so i forgot to do a backup on CWM, but is there a rom that i can use to just go back to ICS? stock with root on gs3 verizon.

  80. Ty says:

    Thanks, Max! Love this ROM. Your instructions worked perfectly.

    The only issue I ran into is that NFC isn’t able to be enabled from the Settings. Which sucks, because Google Wallet is one of my prime reasons for rooting.

  81. ryan says:

    I have the sprint s3, installed the ROM and gapps everything is working perfect and hell of a lot faster but 1 problem which I just noticed. No voicemail, I called my phone from another cell and left a voicemail and I end up receiving a text to call a number to listen to my voicemail bit then it says no voicemails. Again I’m on the sprint s3 and not sure if any else having the same issue plzz help

    • Vimal says:


      I’m having this same issue.. looking for a solution………..

      • Justin says:

        Same issue here, I also realized my google voice number which is linked to this phone number won’t work either.

        • Vimal says:


          Looking around it seems that there is three options

          1. Use Google Voice (which doesn’t seem functional)
          2. Some App from Play Store (tried YouMail but initial voicemail didn’t worked, and required the person calling me to enter my phone number in AGAIN, then they could leave a message). They also seem to charge for the visual vm.
          3. Get the stock voicemail package. I think its core.XXX.apk or something like that. Haven’t been able to find one for the CM10 M1 ROM though.

          I’ve only tried option 2, has anyone else seen other ways to get around this?

          • jjohnk says:

            i had the same problem. i had to manually install vtt-sprint.apk and now i have visual voicemail app and a text message also . By doing this still doesnt show red icon notification if you this on your home screen

          • Joseph says:

            I just installed this rom on my SG3 (sprint – us) and i tried these options that were listed but I did find out HulloMail that works good and haven’t had any problems with it.

  82. Mahek says:

    Where are the steps to install google wallet, i think that should be your next process. 🙂 (just a suggestion, because you really have great instructions.)

  83. mo kim says:

    will you be able to get the snotes and other samsung apps?

  84. Hector says:

    I’m having issues with the in-call volume…it is REALLY LOUD!! How can I fix this??? Please help!!!!

  85. Vincente says:

    The ROM works pretty good …but sometimes incoming and outgoing calls sounds distorted and the voice sounds like a robot.. is there anyway to fix this ?

  86. Izzy Fig says:

    Hey this looks great but im currently running HighonAndroid as my dailly because I love the app2sd fix.. Do you know if CM10 has this available?? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work

  87. Roland says:

    I install CM10 on my T-mobile galaxy s3 and it works great but I have two big issues (big for me) I cannot get my bluetooth headset to work and when I play my music cannot hear it, try a couple of different players but the same issues, cannot hear them playing only if I use headsets. I follow your video to the t and no poblem install it so I am hoping you have a fix for my two big issues.

  88. Rocky Dubb says:

    I was able to successfully flash the CyanogenMod 10 M1 from this video on my Bell i747M (Also my phone is unlocked), now my sister wants me to install this on her Wind Mobile T999V, my question is that: Do i need to unlock her bootloader before i do this or can i just install away? (Her phone is still locked to Wind Mobile). Does unlocking the phone have anything to do with bootloaders? Please let me know, as i do not want to end up bricking her phone and than having to give her mine. :(.

  89. osman says:

    I’m new to install ROMs. I jus rooted my phone using your video. It was very helpful. Thank you. For this video I am looking in ROM manager and can’t find my phone. I saw a post above where someone said that I have to manually update my ROM manager. Can you please help me with that? Thank you.

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      Search my name, you will find me posting a link to an article that shows you how to manually update your ClockWorkMod Recovery to the newest one so you can install this ROM.

      • osman says:

        hey rocky.. thanks for your help.. I referred to the video link that you posted in your early comments. I did that and was able to update CWM to 6.0.2.. what do I do once I do that.. im sorry if I’m being a noob. this is my first time install roms..

        • Rocky Dubb says:

          Hey sorry, i didnt see you replied earlier. Once you have the ClockWorkMod upgraded and isntalled. Follow the video above after he upgrades his ClockworkMod through ROM Manager. (You already did that) What he does after that is what you need to do, which basically is boot into CWM, than wipe your current OS, and flash the CM10 M1, and Gapps etc.

  90. John says:

    Don’t know if anyelse mentioned this but you have to unlock the bootloader on the VZW S3 before you flash CM10 M1


  91. ZZ says:

    Hey Max, just wanted to say what you are doing is awesome bro.

    Your tutorials are very easy to understand and on top of that you have clear video instructions. I’ve been following you for a while and no complaints. Your responses to issues are fast and you haven’t gotten angry at people when they start complaining on your website.

    Keep up the good work !

    Thank you

  92. Tom says:

    Nothing but praises here. I switched to GS3 (ATT) last Friday a complete noob. I fortunately found this awesome site, rooted the phone, and flashed to CM10. I am loving it!

    One quirk I found is the “navigate” command for google. Every time I initiate the command, it gives me the map and “navigate” button. Once pressed, it jumps to a map quest browser. Any fix on this? Or is the common Ur1d10t-error

    Thank you in advance


  93. Carlos says:

    Does cm10 M1 support the LTE network?

  94. ryan says:

    got rom working…went to reboot and the yellow “software not authorized…” tried the unroot/unbrick method..not stuck on bootload and can not reach any other menu except to odin…what happened?

    • ryan says:

      nvm got it taken care off…whew..sorry I have to “ding” this ROM because of the hassle it just put me through….going back to the high on android rom thanks!

  95. Joe says:

    Anybody know how to fix the in-call volume? It’s REALLY loud and the volume control has no effect.

  96. Josh says:

    Hey max every everything was working smooth but when my battery died I plugged my wall charger in the wall and it kept vibrating like every 3 seconds with a black screen. But when I charge my Hyperion batteries and put it in the phone it works just fine. Any Ideas?

  97. Mike says:

    Hi All,

    I am new to rooting so please forgive my ignorance. I flashed this rom and the gapps zips and the phone booted up great. I then used Titanium Backup to restore my apps and all system data. I am now experiencing a reoccurring android.process.acore has stopped working error when I try to access apps like messaging and phone. I read that this has something to do with contacts and syncing but I can’t fix it. I tried clearing the data and cache of Contacts and Messaging through the application manager but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  98. Tom says:

    Thanks for the directions everything works perfectly! Thanks again! Just one question, where and how can I check for updates for CM10 for my GSIII??

  99. Yingbu says:

    Thank you for your information! I have succeed in upgrading my system to 4.1.1 and deleting many useless apps, but in phone status it shows Mobile network type: UMTS 3. I am a user of T-Mobile 4 G, can you tell me how to solve it?

  100. Yingbu says:

    Thank you for your information! I have a problem. I am a user of T-Mobile 4G, but phone status shows Mobile network type: UMTS: 3. Could you tell me how to solve it?

  101. lopaksau says:

    I have a problem with viewing documents using this ROM. so i tried to open some doc files that are download from the browser but it didnt work. so i download the Polaris office thing. but it just cant open the file.

  102. Joe says:

    Hi Max,

    I didn’t download the “gapps” folder into my phone before I wiped everything and now my computer does not read my galaxy s3 properly when it’s connected to the computer. The computer reads my device as an optical drive, so I can’t transfer any data to move the “gapps” folder in there. What should I do?

  103. Will says:

    Hey Max, loving the rom and all the stuff you do on here, keep it up! Got one question or you or anyone else on tmobile. Everything thing is working fine that i can see, except for the Play Store, i installed the jb gaps and when i go to my play store it wont connect, through tmobile or wifi….not sure how to handle that. any advice or comments anyone?

  104. Christian says:

    I downloaded the two files. Went into recovery from ROM manager. Wiped the data, then I didn’t have the option to install from sd card. I had to reboot and lost root access. Now I’m having difficulty rooting 🙁
    I downloaded the ROM and gapps from my mobile device. What other method do you use to download the files from you link to your internal sd card?

  105. J says:

    UPDATE: I’ve been running this rom as my daily driver, now, since the release and I have to say, I have no desire to stop using it yet. Especially since I figured out individual contact custom ringtones. I have noticed the screen flicker and the home button unlock issue that I see others having, but a couple of extra presses and it comes to life. The screen flicker only seems to happen when I use the pull down notification bar straight from the lock screen. Neither of which are deal breakers for me. I love the new sounds and live wall papers that came with it. I also found the extra notification bar widgets that I had missed earlier.
    As far as the “Trebuchet stopped working” issue; it only seems to happen after I download an app from the play store. I just do a reboot and that gets rid of it and then I can use the app. I do the cashe wipes just make myself feel better but I don’t think they are necessary. I do hope I, or somebody else, can figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it, though.
    Other than that, I have no problems with sound, no problems with music playback (both online and player) Youtube and Netflix works fine, Facebook seems normal, Camera and saving pictures works like normal and everything about the phone including volume and sounds works perfectly. I must admit, I do miss the task manager, though. I really hope they put it in the official release. Lovin this ROM so far. Thanks! AT&T SGS3 High on Jellybean.

    • Rocky Dubb says:

      Those are the same issues i am having (except the play store problem), not a deal breaking for me as well. I found one thing tho. If you open the camera via the camera shortcut from the lockscreen, and than use the came and lock the screen. When you need to use the camera again UNLOCK the screen instead of rechoosing the camera shortcut! Doing so opens up multiple camera apps, and than if you take a picture it comes out all black!

    • Matt says:

      How do you save pictures to the sd card from the camera? I cannot find that option did you get a new camera app?

      • J says:

        No new camera app. The camera automatically saves it to the internal card in the gallery folder. I got a file manager app from play store that let’s me move any file or folder, that I want, to the external card.

  106. Brett says:

    Hey Max, followed all of your instructions on rooting my at&t sg3 and installing the new cm10 m1 rom…my device went from a bloated bucket of junk software from at&t and samsung to a badass lightning quick and responsive device. Thank you very much for all the great info on your da man!

  107. Yan Wang says:

    Hi max, i install CM10 rom for my S3 and i dont feel like the freamwork, how can i change it back? or can i just install another rom instead?

    • jason says:

      Restore your nandroid backup or just download and install a new rom.

      • Yan Wang says:

        thx but i failed to install a new one i use ROM manager to install the CM 10 and i use CWM recover mode to install the new rom but it stuck when reboot the phone, the rom i was trying to install was HighOnAndroid rom it stuck on the screen when reboot

      • Yan Wang says:

        Now i make it back to the original system by Kies thanks all the same

        • J says:

          I think that is because ICS roms won’t run on the Jellybean platform. If you do a nandroid back up, like Max says to do in the video before flashing Jellybean, you would have to restore back to that backup before you can install any ICS roms.

  108. abdullah says:

    Nice max just installed the cm10 on my canadian bell sg3 workking awsome so far.

  109. Mike says:

    Hey everyone,

    Install went great and I restore my apps and system data with Titanium Backup. I had the system data migration setting enabled which allowed me to access messaging, phone, etc. which would force close after I first attempt. My only problem so far is that I receive a force close when I try to access the language and keyboard settings to change my keyboard to Swype. I’ve tried to uninstall Swype, clear it’s cache and data, reinstall Swype but no luck. Any suggestions?

  110. mando says:

    just got the android.process.acore error after titanium backup restore on sprint gs3. Any ideas??

  111. robert says:

    Well my s3 wouldn’t format my SD card so I used an old galaxy s I had and tried to format and it worked.

  112. Bryce says:

    Hi Just finished installing this rom for the BELL 747M. its perfect so far. but It desnt say LTE or L at the top anymore only 4G is that the same thing as LTE?????????????????? Thanks

  113. jacob says:

    does this rom support NFC? if so i dont see where to enable it i know usually here in stock rom its under more settings but heres the settings for CM10 m1 ii see is it some where else to turn on and im just blind lol?

    • J says:

      It is in the settings/more… section. Maybe you just missed it there.

      • J says:

        …actually, I just saw your screenshot and mine looks just like yours except I have NFC under “tethering and hotspot” space. Weird. I’m on AT&T. I haven’t tested to see if it works yet. But I will tonight.

  114. Joseph says:

    I just installed CM10 and its running great on my SG3 (sprint – us). There were some features that didn’t come with this ROM that the stock did, but for how fast CM10 is running i don’t miss those other features. Only issue I’m having is Facebook is not syncing All the contacts that are listed (tried Facebook contact sync and haxsync), its only doing the existing one that i already have listed on my Google contacts. Its not a big issue, but i’d like to know if anyone has found a solution for it. Besides that, for being my first ROM I installed i am amazed at the difference what a custom ROM can do compared to the stock.

  115. Dave says:

    Do you know of a way to install Google wallet on this ROM? Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything that you do!

  116. strangm says:

    Hello!!! Awesome rom. very stable and clean! One stupid question. Is there a way to turn on the LED when charging or connected to usb? Thx Max!! Awesome website!

  117. csharpner says:

    Hey Max,

    Sorry for reposting this, but it was burried in multiple layers in replies above.

    Problem: My phone is now unflashable.

    I installed CM10 from nightlies a couple weeks ago and during boot it never made it past the CM10 boot animation. It just animated forever. After about 15 or 20 minutes of nothing but animation, I rebooted and it kept doing it. I ended up restoring to stock ROM per instructions on this site, and ever since, my phone has been UNFLASHABLE!

    EVERY ROM fails to flash! I’m STUCK! I’ve even done a complete factory reset (which didn’t unroot, strangely) and NOTHING I can do gets me able to flash ANYTHING!

    With, I get:
    Installing update…
    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop” “”) == “samsung/d2tmo/d2tmo:4.0.4/IMM76D/T999UVALH2:user/release-keys” || file_getprp(“/system/build.prop”. “”) == “samsung/d2tmo:44.1.1/JRO03L/T999UVDLI3:user/release-keys”
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    I’d been running that leaked Jelly Bean ROM for some time, so I know there’s nothing wrong with it. I even re-downloaded it to be sure the local zip wasn’t corrupted.

    I’m at my wits end!

    The phone works just fine, except I can’t flash anything.

    ANY help from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated!

  118. Mike says:

    Hey max. First off big thanks for this website and all the Info you post for free. I have a small issue tho… I need your help with. I ttried t the free gsm3 Rom, high on android… red rum etc… I constantly get severe battery drain. 10-15% an hour. Cm10 Doesn’t have this issue tho. I turn off sync GPS etc etc but still get that drain… any ideas?

  119. Haha12 says:

    I cant turn off the vibration when ever i text and i cant find the haptic feedback button its getting annoying please help

    • J says:

      I found the Haptic feedback in settings/system/notification drawer. As far as vibrating keyboard on text, I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet. If you do, please post it.

  120. Mike says:

    First off I want to say thanks for all the time and effort you put into all these tutorials, I have been a fan since my first evo 4g and with out your easy to follow vids id still be locked in stock……You put that needle in my arm and now I am addicted……..Yes sir I now “GET HIGH ON ANDROID” ( the first step is admitting it). Since I recieved my S3 I have been following your v.01,v.02,v.03 and now CM10 M1..I now reach out to you for a little assistance since I dl this rom everyhting has been working fine camera,apps,ect no 4g in my area of FL ( sucks to be me right now) but I no longer have sound in any videos I play be it from youtube, google or videos I record. My ring tones work and notifications but no other sound except those. I have tried a wipe of dalvic,catche and factory reset 3 times each along with fixing permissions in CWM befor reflashing M1 again but no luck. When I go back to stock and your v.03 everything works fine. Is there a file i am missing ? Im stuck like chuck right now . What would you suggest O wise one ?

  121. Brad says:

    I really like this ROM, but I have some major hangups with it, which are going to make me go back to ICS and TouchWiz…

    1. No ability to activate the Status LED for charging/completed charge.

    2. Text messaging is black text on white background. I much prefer the Samsung messaging program.

    3. CM10 Contacts app doesn’t allow as much editing and view styles as Samsung’s. Also, none of my Facebook contacts show up, because I don’t have a sync contacts option in Facebook now. I always used Facebook to sync my phone contacts to have their pictures.

    4. Continuing with Facebook, I cannot get the keyboard to appear on screen when I select a friend, go to their friends, and try to search by name via the bar.

    5. The clock app sucks. I love the default Samsung clock app. Most useful app ever. I can’t figure out a way to import this clock app, or the messaging or contacts app from TouchWiz to CM10

    • Joseph says:

      I had the same issue when i switched over with facebook. I tried the default procedures to sync up my fb contacts (or at least the pictures) but wouldn’t do anything. I used the app called HaxSync and that synced up my contacts (from gmail) to link up with the fb pic. It didn’t sync up a few contacts that were listed on fb that i didn’t have on gmail but eventually i manually added them.
      As far as the LED status, it does suck that it doesn’t have the status for the charging but i did like that you can have different color led status for email, fb status, text, etc.

  122. GIGObug says:

    First off, great job to everyone that contributed. I decided to use the nightly from 9/28/12 for the SGH-T999/d2TMO. I like it and can’t wait for further refinements. The tutorials are easy to follow, and the tools are easy to find. I have tried many different ROM’s, the CyanogenMod ROM’s are by far the most stable.
    To those people that are having problems: I rooted my phone a few weeks ago, when I tried to flash the CM ROM, I was getting errors too. I read the instructions again, and as it turns out I was not using the most recent version of CWM. Once I updated, wiped the memory areas, flashed and wiped again. I had no issues. I also did not use Titanium backup to restore all my apps and data, I let my gmail account restore, and finished with the last few apps that never seem to make it back on their own.

  123. TehObLiVioUs says:

    So I got this ROM and it was doing the nonstop Cyanogen mod boot animation so i thought it was messed up completely but then i went into CWM and did a factory reset thing AND it booted up sucessfully this time … however since i did the reset thing in CWM it got rid of all my settings and apps so yesterday i backed up my whole internal SD card memory (where my apps and stuff were) and copied them back on my internal after it booted up sucessfully and…. then restarted to hope any apps would be there and the apps dont seem to be there and i dont have google play app so i cant even get Titanium Backup or mybackup so i dont know how i can restore any of the apps that i know, love, and need like ofc. Google play and skype, steam, etc. so how can i get my apps and settings back ….Google play.. atleast. back in my system still using CM10 ?

    • TehObLiVioUs says:

      also might i say that I’m missing any voice apps or parts of apps like for google now.. voice toolbar on homescreen thing. there was no mic button only the search so that it also missing but if i get a restore all my apps that would probably be fixed too

  124. Mike says:

    Take a look up befor you get to the comments section on this page. Theres a list of different service providers to choose from in order to get to the CM10 DL link, first att&t then T-Mobile ,Sprint,Verizon and US Cell the next line down says ” Download Gapps for ALL Galaxy S3″ click it and save it to your sd. Boot into recovery and flash it in do a quick wipe and you should be good to go

  125. Mike says:

    That gapps file will allow you to connect your google act to your phone and you will get the play store back. Just to be safe after you flash it and befor you reboot wipe cache then go to advanced and wipe delvic. I always wipe personal data too ( personal pref).

    • TehObLiVioUs says:

      hey by the way. i got my Google play and gmail and all that nice stuff back again. now im just restoring everything else. so thanks alot (:

      • Mike says:

        No prob your welcom enjoy……… Now if only someone can give me a lil help with my sound issues I can enjoy it too lol….

        • TehObLiVioUs says:

          Lol. What sound issues when I first booted it I heard silence too but then i re-put the volume on max so i put vol down then up again… or something …… but hmm hope you get fixed too

        • TehObLiVioUs says:

          ok um … so i got it before but now titanium backup (recover) all apps and settings option thing . where you are suppose to do that and then restart device then you have all your stuff back…. well its being bad.. when i restart its not coming back

  126. Alan says:

    Does it supports the language PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)? I bought a AT&T galaxy s3 and the original ROM don´t give this option… anybody can help?

  127. Jayveon says:

    Hey max I flashed the M1 ROM onto my gs3 everything works great except I can’t hear any sound out through my speaker expect when I get a message or YouTube or music or any of that any ideas?

  128. Tim says:

    At first I couldn’t get a 4g connection, and also my sound for music would not work. So I rebooted my phone, and now I’m stuck on the activation screen. Can I please get some help?

  129. Mike says:

    Im still waiting for a resolution to my sound issues too…..Any one care to chime in a little on the topic ? Hay Tim are you on Sprint ?

  130. Dave says:

    I just wanted to warn some people that my phone is on Verizon and after this rom was installed I’ve noticed some quirks.
    1) The incall volume is SUPER loud. It almost sounds like the speaker is being maxed out. I’ve also experienced calls where people say that I’m breaking up. Only by restarting my phone does the problem get fixed.
    2) I can no longer control ISO in camera mode. Bummer. Also the auto focus seems to be kinda finicky. Sometimes it chooses to work..someones it refocuses at the last second and makes it out of focus.
    3) People have been sending me text messages and I do not receive them. I don’t know why this is. Some texts will be sent and not received while others are sent but received. Some further testing will help me come up with an answer…I hope.

    Let me know if anyone else is finding some small quirks. Also…it might just be me…but it seems that my battery life is shorter. Shorter by an hour or two actually.

    • J says:

      I have noticed the text message quirks. I found if to go into setting GS and disable the quick reply method, it works better. Also, using the quick reply box in notifications doesn’t work, either. Hope this helps

      • J says:

        I would also like to mention that my battery life has more than doubled using jellybean. I don’t disable WiFi anymore and I run on the brightest screen level. I’m running a live wallpaper, checking weather and email every 15 minutes and using internet, text and phone all day. I get up at 5:30 and unplug then I have to play videos and music to get my battery to drain enough to recharge at midnight. Outstanding battery life on AT&T. Higher on Jellybean. 🙂

  131. nubby says:

    Has anyone had any issues with wifi on this mod? Mine seems to lose connection sometimes and the whole wifi will disappear until i turn it off and back on.

    • MrKQQL says:

      Yea. I’m having the same issue as you. Wifi would connect and when screen gets locked, the wifi loses connection and then when I try to connect manually to wifi… it just greyed out and can’t enable or disable wifi after that…only open is to reboot.

  132. albert says:

    hello max
    How can I go back to the recovery if the cm10 was not succesfully installed, to go back to the back up i did.

    • J says:

      Use Rom manager or just boot into recovery then click on back up and restore or volume up/home/power buttons. You can boot into recovery in CWM or just use the power button to open up the boot menu. Those are the easiest ways.

      • J says:

        If you’re able to get the phone to turn off, you can boot into recovery by holding the volume up home and power buttons. Then its just a matter of restoring a nandroid back up. Hopefully this helps you.

  133. steve says:

    i accidentally updated the phone software yesterday, it kept prompting me to do so, and now my wifi teather app will not go over 0.9kbps sec. do i have to re-root the phone, and will i loose all my current apps’s and settings

    • J says:

      If you made a back up of your stock rom, you can restore back to that and install Cm 10 again. Use titanium back to restore your apps.

  134. Jaytee says:

    Has anyone been able to fix the loud in-call volume? This is the ONLY thing stopping me from keeping this ROM.

  135. Dave says:

    I am having bluetooth issues when trying to stream music in my car. I am currently running the CM10 M1 Rom. Every time I try to stream music it defaults to apollo and just plays the music on the handset speaker. Any ideas how to fix this issue?


  136. Tyler says:

    Well first I wanted to say thanks for everything you do. But I seem to be having an issue with activating. Every once and awhile my phone will go into activating mode after a reboot. The meid stays the same but the about phone section that states my phone number will change to a random number. I usually just hit the home button and most of the time it will keep working. Can I get any help?

  137. Mando says:

    Well the couple issues I’ve had I re flash the ROM and it fixes the problem. No factory reset, but wipe cache and dalvik. Try that…

  138. Ashmeed says:

    I’ve successfully flashed CWM onto my rogers sgh – i747m and installed cm10; however, when i turn on the phone, it gets stuck at the CygenogenMod animation. Any ideas as to why this is happening? I’ve already cleared both caches

  139. Mando says:

    Hey Max! So, I was wondering if you would be able to post a mirror download for the new M2 release today? Not sure if a mirror even helps with download speeds?

    Thanks to you I’ve been able to dip my toes into the rooting and flashing pool and I love it!

    Keep up all the great work!

  140. okb says:

    I am having issues with my auto correct on the CM10 M1 Rom.
    I am new to android, but shouldnt the autocorrect replace/correct words as you are typing (rather than having to choose from the suggested words above)?

    Can anyone help me?


  141. Mando says:

    Awesome! Thanks Max. Flashed and working great. Only bug I’ve run into is wifi tether, I’ll keep looking into it. Other than that, smooth as butter! Recommend!!

  142. i535 says:

    HI how to fix the camera can’t work thing…please I really want to use camera.the picture can not keep in the SD card..

  143. Shawn says:

    Love this ROM. One tiny thing though. The lock screen is very dim no matter what I do. When I unlock the phone the home screen is at max brightness but the lock screen is very very dim. Is there anyway of changing this that im not seeing? Thanks

  144. Chuck says:

    I have CM10 nightly build and am thinking about flashing the now stable ROM, aka CM10 M1. However, do you think this will eventually support Flash and NFC? Those are 2 pretty important capabilities that I would love to see. If not, is there another nice clean ROM out there that DOES support Flash and NFC?

  145. Mark K says:

    Anybody know why GSM is not showing on this ROM?

    If I reinstall my stock ROM, then CM10, I get GSM, however, if I install after a different custom rom, or even reinstall the same ROM then I lose the GSM option


  146. Mark says:

    when i try to copy it to my phone it says its gonna take 11 hours for some reason, and before that i get a awarning saying your device may noy be able to view this type of file what do i click, if i click skip it says 14 mins if i click yes do it then it takes 11 hours

  147. "barkeeper" says:

    Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone
    and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just
    so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is completely off topic but I had to share
    it with someone!

  148. Dominic Bernardino says:

    I haverrecently installed Cm10 on My AT&T Samsung galaxy s3 sgh-i747 with clockworkmod recovery and my camera won’t work. Any help max? Please reply.

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