CM10 ROM STABLE for Rooted Galaxy S3! [Android 4.1.2][AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Cellular/MetroPCS]

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For those of you hardcore CyanogenMOD fans, CM10 ROM “STABLE” is here for your rooted Galaxy S3!  If you have a U.S. or Canadian Galaxy S3 (AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile/US Cellular/Metro PCS/Rogers/Etc) you are in luck as you can try the latest CM10 ROM that comes with the latest Android 4.1.2 and lots of goodies you will not regret flashing.

UPDATE: Nov. 13th 2012 – CM10 “STABLE” just released!

First and foremost, you can adjust the homescreen and your app drawer easily to fit many more apps on top of being able to make folders easily by dragging and droppin’ them.

For grid size in Homescreen settings, I recommend about 6×7 for the maximum apps you can fit nicely.

You can also take advantage of the fact that you can enable widget resize for all widgets.  Normally, a Facebook widget isn’t resizable but with CM10 ROM I am able to resize it against my phone’s will.  (I am your MASTER PHONE!)

For lock screen, you will find a bunch of creative options including weather/calendar widgets and up to 4 shortcuts of your choice.

My lockscreen looks the way it should, weather instant and my calendar for the next whole week being pulled from my GMail calendar automatically.

There’s also an interesting “slide to control brightness” feature, I find it handy and cool.

With “Brightness control” ON, you can easily change the brightness of you screen at any time by sliding the top part of your phone on the notification drawer.

Also, you can enable and customize Power widget in Notification drawer settings.  This is basically customizable toggles on your notification drawer.  You have endless combinations of toggles to choose/customize from, very neat.

I put in an LTE toggle and even added media buttons so I can easily switch to 3G or turn off my Pandora/Music app easily.  FYI, the LTE toggle works well for switching from 4G LTE to 3G but not vice-versa.

If you have trouble getting back to 4G LTE after using the toggle button, simply choose “LTE/CDMA/EvDo” in Mobile network settings for 4G LTE Verizon or AT&T.  AT&T should say “LTE/GSM/HSPA” instead.

You can also customize the hardware keys to your liking.

The biggest change with M2 is the Display menu, you have more options like “Automatic backlight”, “Notification Light”, and even “Battery Light”.

“Notification Light” setting is my favorite of them all, you can have different LED colors for all of your apps, easily customizable by color and duration of LED.

And if you are worried about burst mode in CM10, with M2 you do have that option!

Lastly but not least, Android 4.1.2 brings you landscape mode for your homescreen and lockscreens.  With CM10 M2, you can take it to a new level and view your homescreen/lockscreen in every angle possible.

Overall, many improvements have impressed me on the new CM10 M2.  Many bugs you may have complained may be totally gone or improved vastly with the new version so if you are a CyanogenMod fan, flash this latest stable M2 and let me know what you think.  I think you will like it a LOT.


Download CM10 STABLE for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download CM10 STALBE for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Download CM10 STABLE for Sprint Galaxy S3

Download CM10 STABLE for Verizon Galaxy S3

Download CM10 STABLE for US Cellular Galaxy S3

Download CM10 STABLE for MetroPCS Galaxy S3

Download Gapps 4.2 for ALL Galaxy S3
Download Gapps 4.1.2 for ALL Galaxy S3

To install, make sure you have a CWM Recovery (if you don’t, install using ROM Manager or use manual install method) first.  Then re-boot into recovery, do wipe data/factory reset (no need if you are coming from CM10 ROM btw), install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot.

*Note – There’s two Gapps, one for Android 4.2 or Android 4.1.2, you can use either.

Credits – AT&TTmoSprintVerizon


Q: I can’t install ROM, I am getting Status 7 error in CWM!
A: See install notes above!

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493 Responses

  1. J says:

    I flashed M2 as soon as it came out and after 1 full day of use, I couldn’t help but notice that my battery was running a lot hotter than it had been the prior month of running M1. Unfortunately, this provoked me to research and now I gave to admit, Max, that I’m guilty of infedelity and found myself having an affair with a differnt kind of jellybean. Now I find myself no longer loving CM10 as much as I used to. My new love and drug of choice is AOKP jellybean 4.1.2. Whew!!! This rom rocks and left CM10 in the dust, hardcore. I guess monogamy never really was my game. Lol. Sorry. AT&T+AOKP=an all new high on Android
    Happy hacking and have a great day.

    • Mando says:

      I’m running M2 since day one, too. Battery working fine for me

    • Mark says:

      Which AOKP 4.1.2 ROM are you referring to? I’m really interested. After reading all the comments for this CM10 M2, Liquid ROM, etc, I’m still reluctant to try these ROMs…. Please let me know.

      • J says:

        Task650&koontez AOKP for At&t. They have been working with the cynogen team to build this ROM.

        • J says:

          Oops. I meant Task650&ktoonsez. All of the links including the newest Gapps zip are all on XDA. The latest build, #5, has a stock over clock kernel. It has my phone runnung at 1620 MHz and its flawless with awesome battery life. Also, the customization possibilities are endless. You definitely want to make sure to NOT let titanium restore any system settings and apps. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the pink boot animation, even though the design is cool. There is an option in settings to abort the boot animation or apply another design. Pretty amazing jellybean ROM. Highly recommended.

    • Amit says:

      Any one facing issue with camera crash ?

  2. Mando says:

    This ROM is beast! Wifi tether is built in! Haven’t been able to get lock slides to work or face unlock, but I’ll try re flashing if I decide I have to have those options.

    Highly recommended!

  3. g35boi says:

    I followed all the instructions To install, make sure you have a CWM Recovery (if you don’t, install using ROM Manager or use manual install method) first. Then re-boot into recovery, do wipe data/factory reset (no need if you are coming from CM10 ROM btw), install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot., but I’m stuck on the CyanogenMod reboot screen for about 5 minutes now… What did I do wrong?

  4. Mike says:

    Max sup, question my dude….. Is there any issues with sound on M2 ? I could not use M1 cause I lost youtube play back and a few other sound issues….

    • Max says:

      no issues here.

      • zapsurf says:

        Turn volume down to vibrate then back to Max again. Same thing happened to me….

      • Eric says:

        I love this rom… Resizing of widgets and home screen is the bees knees. BUT…. I find d myself still in search of the LOCAL SEARCH FUNCTION of pre apple lawsuit! I absolutely need this function! I hate that I feel like I need to get an iphone to get this searchability Inside all my programs and apps on my phone. Please let me know what rom could work for the universal search function.

  5. Cesar says:

    i keep getting SD card damaged try reformatting it. when i do it just says unmounting card and just stays like that. I even reformatted it on my computer and its showing up so i dont think its the card. any idea?

    • shojus says:

      Is it formatted in Fat32? Cause if it’s not than that’s probably why your getting that error…?

      • shojus says:

        I mean what size card are you running?

        • Cesar says:

          its exFAT and its 64gb

          • shojus says:

            You might want to try and backup the contents of your 64gb card onto your computer and download a FREE 3rd party program so that you can reformat your card to Fat32 format and then put your contents that you saved onto your computer and copy it back and try it then and see if you get that error…

            • Cesar says:

              great it worked thanks a ton

            • maykel says:

              Hello Ceasar. I’ve been trying different Roms lately trying to figure out one I like the most. This was exactly the same problem I had and I realized it happened when I flashed and wiped data to factory while the card was on. it happened every time. what I did was I used my old phone (evo) and formatted my card using that phone, then I took out the card and put it back into the S3 and that seemed to work, However that means that you will need to delete your data.

  6. Erikwu says:

    Hi max .
    I m with the canadian rogers sgh-i747, so i should go with CM10 M2 for AT&T Galaxy S3 … right?

  7. g35boi says:

    I’m having problems with my Wireless Tethering not working… Is anyone else having the same problem. It said, “Tethering started with errors, please check log.” Any suggestions to fix it… I have try going into settings, change device-profile, then selecting a different file like Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) and it does not work… Thank you in advance for your help…

  8. Roger Rosales says:

    I installed it earlier and for some reason the facebook app wouldnt install was given me
    Error code 21 or 24

  9. Roger Rosales says:

    When i try to install facebook app it wont work i get error code 21?? Im using
    A sprint samsung s3 phone…

  10. g says:

    Is WiFi calling works ?

  11. Roger Jr. says:

    Can anybody help me with this problem i keep getting “unknown error code during application install -24”?? what did i do wrong??

  12. Sam R says:

    I installed this rom, but forgot to install gapps. I tried to go into recovery to install it, but I can’t boot into it. Help?

  13. Mach10 says:

    I’ve tried everything to install this onto my telus S3, I keep getting error 7…. wiped/fact/cache everything, it just wont install …

  14. Robert Freeman says:

    I have tried to use cm9 and cm 10 m1 and EVERY time I install it [use wipe and dalvik and factory reset before, wipe cache after but before reboot] and I keep getting the android.acore crash. also the contacts doesnt work or at least then I do a titanium backup restore they dont work and mms doesnt work. the acore crash is very frustrating. can I NOT restore my apps and settings using titanium backup? is there another way to restore my settings? or does this have nothing to do with restored backups? really like the look and feel of the rom but not if its going to trash my phone everytime. its unusable. right now odexed blue is my daily driver but I want jelly bean.

    • Mando says:

      Do a fresh M2 install, but when you restore from titanium, either do not restore system data or if you do make sure the migration option is checked.

  15. Josh says:

    I updated to cm10 m2. I finally was able to install SwiftKey. I have only two issues. I noticed that on my status bar the signal reads 4G instead of 4LTE. My other problem is when I am talking on the phone and I hit the speaker phone button it sounds really low. I checked the volume settings but I can seem to fix the issue. Hopefully someone could help me. Thanks

    • cesar says:

      I have this same problem it just shows 4g not lte not sure if I’m getting LTE speeds

      • Josh says:

        I haven’t noticed a decrease in speed but that is a good question. Does the speaker phone volume seem low to you?

        • cesar says:

          At first I had no sound at all but I turned off the safety sound thing for when you connect headphones and then the sound came back on. Sounds like before with stock don’t notice a difference

        • cesar says:

          OK so I figured it out. When your in a 4g area you get a H or H+ on your signal bar. When your in a 4gLTE area it will say 4g. And I just spoke to someone on the phone with speaker phone and I do notice that the sound is low even with full volume.

    • Taner Kanbir says:

      Yes This Rom really has some problems with sound. It is now exactly the same problem you have but when I put my earphones other party cannot hear anything. When I put it on speaker while talking other side barely hears me.
      I just wanted to share. I guess best roms are the ones based on stock roms!

  16. Steve H says:

    Hey max are there any custom kernels that can be put on this rom without bricking the phone?

  17. Nick says:

    Nice rom Max! Have been using cm 10 M1 and switching back to HOA 3. Anyway to add-on the stock wallpaper (the nesw/stock live wallpaper that was on the original) back on HOA? I see Topic Wall is there, Yahho news widget, what else do I need to make that work on HOA 3? What am I doing wrong? Is there away? Thanks… 🙂

  18. scadagawd says:

    I am on Telus and was wondering which version of the file I should download? Thanks.

  19. Josh says:

    Hey Max….. can you help with the speaker phone problem. It sounds really low once I updated to cm10 M2.

    • Mando says:

      You probably just need to re flash the ROM. Speaker phone is working perfectly for me.

      Like Max has said before, sometimes second times a charm…

      • Josh says:

        I’m new at this whole rooting and roms. What would I have to do to re flash the rom

        • Mando says:

          The exact same thing you did to flash/install M2.

          Basically, just do it again

          • cesar says:

            If I reflash do I lose all my apps and setting or will it just install over it don’t want to rearrange my icons all over again and stuff

            • Mando says:

              You can try and flash without doing the factory reset, which won’t erase settings and apps, but if the problem persists you will need to try again with the factory reset. You can back up your apps and settings with Titanium Backup just make sure to have the “migration” option checked under preferences. Some people have had less problems when backing up only apps and not system data, however, you will have to rearrange your apps. I think it’s worth your time doing a clean wipe though. This ROM hasn’t given me any issues.

  20. Spen G. Will says:

    Hi max..I have the GS3 Verizon version and wanted to ask on this rom is there anyway to get the video player from tough wiz (picture in picture) and also S-Beam function..(touching 2 GS3’s together and pushing pictures,apps, ect.. to the other phone) to work on this rom?

    • Mando says:

      You may want to check out the xda threads. Looks like there isn’t any support for integration of TW features with CM ROMs.

      • Spen G. Will says:

        Ok Mando, thanks…I like the jelly bean features but like some of the touch wiz functions…Can Max create a rom that intergrates the roms…Paranoid rom is some what of an intergration but cant do the video player (picture in picture) and also S-Beam function.

        • Mando says:

          Check out his high on android Roms. I haven’t had a chance to use them myself, only because CM10 has been so good to me, but they are TW based with cool little JB features here and there.

  21. jonathan says:

    Thanks for this. A bit of a kick in the ass for me for not following instructions to update to CWM 6. I got the status 7 message when trying to install CM10 M2 until I did this.

    Thanks again.

    • Courtney says:

      That’s the video, for others wondering. Worked for me to pass Status 7 aborted ROM installs!

  22. zapsurf says:

    Have tried both the liquid smooth and the M2 and I think battery is much better on liquid smooth. Otherwise much better than M1

  23. MMH says:

    Well, Max, can the I9307 which is the phone from rogers use any one of those roms? If yes, please tell me which one it is! Cuz I really wanna to try out the 4.1.2 system now since it seems so coooooooooooooooooooool!

  24. jonathan says:

    A bit of feedback from my experience with this ROM.
    Day 1:
    Initial thoughts before installing this: Pessimistic. I do not like the fact that I will no longer have Samsung apps (not looking for flac here, I really enjoy them, it’s a personal preference) and motion controls.

    First impression: Having low standards allowed me to approach this with more scrutiny. Very glad I did this because I didn’t get my hopes up. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the first few minutes.

    -Stock Jelly Bean is much better than stock ICS.
    -The Phone app is much better than I expected, a few small changes they made improved it dramatically over stock ICS.
    -Real Google Now (as opposed to hacked GNow on stock GS3) integrates much more nicely with the notification tray.
    -Camera app actually seems to not too bad, more to follow after I have used it a few more times in real situations. However I have lost all Samsung specific shoot modes (photo buddy share, etc), but I didn’t use those anyways.
    -Still not happy with the Google Calendar app. Very disappointing. Looking for an alternative.
    -I used Go Backup Pro to restore all my apps and settings, so setup was 20 mins max. All my settings in apps were saved. This is not a +1 for CM10, more for flashing roms in general, much easier with this app.
    -Transitions between apps is super fast and smooth. Very impressive. Very very fast.
    -Notification pull down is very nice.
    -Lock screen very cool. Calendar items and weather displayed.

  25. Benny says:

    Did they fixed the 160 sms character limit? Did they fixed the MMS issue where if u sent multiple pictures it would display downloading and never download the picrures?

  26. Philip says:

    Installed this rom for my T-Moible, anyone know how can I get the T-Moible Wifi Calling?

  27. zapsurf says:

    Im still having issues w/ the home button not waking the phone w/o multiple taps. Anyone else?

    • J says:

      Yes and I have always had that problem. But it still isn’t a deal breaker for me. I have the same problem on AOKP. I’m sure its one of the things that qualifies as buggy and keeps it as an “experimental”. As long as everything else keeps working, I would guess, “they”, are getting closer to a more stable release, with every other bug fix. Hang in there, my friend. Its coming.

    • Mando says:

      Not here, working fine

    • DanielG says:

      Yup same problem home button not waking phone on first try! Sucks but love this ROM

  28. Pablo says:

    Hi all, bit of a noob here, but I managed to get this rom installed properly or so I think. The rom is outstanding, fast and functional. The one problem I’ve been having (with other roms as well, all which i believe to be jelly bean based) is the camera. On the surface it seems fine, and I can take a bunch of pictures but then when I go to view them in the gallery, the arent there. Nothing ever saves from the camera app. And if I go to the video camera, and press record, the whole app crashes. Everything else seems a-okay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Pablo says:

      btw, if it matters I’m using a Verizon S3. Thanks again.

      • Juan says:

        try changing the storage option for the camera. That could be it but not sure

        • Mark says:

          I’m having same problem… camera takes pic but can’t see it in gallery or camera app. I don’t see anything in the settings to change a storage location either. Third party camera app works fine. Anyone know how to setup the default camera on 4.1.2 so you can view your pics?

          • Pablo says:

            Yea I had to resort to a third party app as well, I really like the rom, and I’ve trying multiple flashes, multiple ways. The third party app I have is great for stills but I still lack video function. If anyone can point me or Mark in the right direction I’d certainly appreciate it.

            Thanks again.

  29. Yusuf says:

    Hi Max, Hi everybody.

    CM10 has some kind of file format issue. I cant see my divx videos in this ROM. Not even with any Mx player, BS Player etc… I cant even see them with any file manager. I just wanted to take the attention on this.

    Regards! , Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  30. michael says:

    does this rom still have the motions

  31. Juan says:

    Hey I just installed this rom for my GS3 Verizon, and there is no google play app or really any apps. I tried downloading them from the web from google directly but no luck. I would say it will download to my device but nothing ever happens. I have tried to download TB to see if it would download and it doesn’t. I tried the M1 version and the same thing happened to me. Anyone have the same problem? any idea as to why this is happening to me?

  32. Raul says:

    Great ROM! I love it! The themes of the playstore put the whipped cream on it.

  33. oz says:

    i just flashed CM10 but i kinda miss the touch wiz( i no i no) and the screen shot function is not working but other than great right rom super fast and tons of tweaks u can do . but is it me or does it feel simple or plan ,im new to flashing and stuff would like some feed back how high on android v3 compared to cm10?

    • Mando says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t used HOA, but I can tell you that, at first, I thought I would miss TW, but I stuck with CM10 and haven’t looked back! Try using different themes maybe that will help spice it up for you.

      As for screen shots use volume down + power button.

  34. angel says:

    I install this rom CM10M2 EVERYTHING crashes or stop reponding any rim with 4.1.2 no good on my galaxy s3 sprint why…

    • oz says:

      well first i use twrp to install cm 10 m2 . before i installed it i did a nano-back up ,then a factory rest, wiped the cache( both of them) then i install cm 10 m2 after that another factory rest and wide the cache again install was flawless

      • angel says:

        Yes thats the one i use twrp i wipe both cache and davilk and factory reset then. I install rom n after i install the Gapps but when o boot up it saids google manager stop working speech to text stop working etc all of it crash after crash after crash how come… i have install it with cwm twrp the only one left is amo ra recover can anyone point to the tar file to install it in. Odin mobile pro plz….

  35. swapnil says:

    hey max how can install GAPPS…?

  36. Suntorytime says:

    This is the first CM ROM I’ve installed on my T999 and am very happy with it. I found these instructions (from TeamChopsticks) to work really well when installing:

    You need to be on CM Recovery for this.
    1.) Reboot into recovery.
    2.) Wipe data/factory reset.
    3.) Format /system (mounts and storage->format /system).
    4.) Install the zip files in this order: radio zip, then CM10 zip, and finally install the gapps zip
    (I grabbed the UVLI8 modem from here: )
    5.) Reboot. Let it sit for a few minutes after the first boot. Be patient.

  37. swapnil says:

    but when i install this rom …first i do wope/factory reset and when i selesct a install zip form sd card then havving error to install rom like a “status 7” and installation abborted in my at&t s3….whatcan i do….

  38. Brian says:

    Having some major problems here max. i started the whole process with my gs3 on verizon running on 4.0.4. my device is already rooted and i downloaded the correct files from the link above. I followed your instruction and rebooted into recovery using CWM and after I wipe all data and go back to factory, and when i try to install either of the files provided, it gives me an error saying “failed to verify whole-file signature”. it does not let me install either one and it ends up being an “un-rooted” device, leaving me back at square 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  39. J says:

    Open up ROM manager and hit the very first button that says ” flash clockwork recovery”. Then you will be up to date.

    • J says:

      Oops. This message was for swapnil.

      • swapnil says:

        thnxs a lot …. installed succesfully rom

        • Mando says:

          Phew, that was a tough one 😉

          • J says:

            Hey Mando. I don’t recall anyone “here” asking for “your” opinion.
            I’m in the mindset, myself, that if I’m not ready to figure out all problems and recovery methods, then I have no business flashing my phone. But, I can tell, that is not the general consensus, here. But since there are those of us that choose to be educated, and there is also “those of us” that like to help, when we can, I enjoy doing it. Since nobody “chose” to chime in and help that brother, I took it upon myself. I’m sorry if I disagree with the fact that this action gives you permission to chime in like a deuche bag. But that comment was totally unnecessary and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way. So, please, stop acting like a pissed off iPhone user and get back to reality. Its way more fun being “high on Android”. Just let it be.

            • Mando says:

              Lol… That was meant as a joke. Because WE guided him through a relatively long process. Look at you getting worked up over nothing.

              Well guys I’m off to enjoy my Friday night! Take care and stay safe?!

              • J says:

                Sorry man. The comment just looked a bit condescending from my perspective. I’m really not all that worked up as much as I was confused at where you were going with that. No hard feelings, tho. I must admit, some of the questions and posts that I see here are extremely trivial and elementary. I know all we can do is laugh and help everybody we can to make android #1. Stay high on Android Jellybean.

                • Mando says:

                  cool, man. I’m a straight up noob, myself, and I know Max can’t even begin to get to a fraction of the questions he receives so I try to help out where I can with what I can.

  40. David says:

    Awesome ROM. I’m loving it so far. But for some reason my iMac won’t recognize my S3 anymore. I do have Android File Transfer installed and it was working fine when I was on stock. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  41. jeremy says:

    how to get to my file folder i can’t find it not where ?

  42. jeremy says:

    how you get to my file folder ? i transfer some apk file in my phone sd card but i can’t find the myfile folder anywhere?

  43. Jason says:

    If anyone is on T-Mobile and don’t like the 3G/E data icons, you can use an app called Omega. I was shocked that it switched it to 4G/H. Pro allows you to choose a JB theme as well. That’s been my main gripe for not keeping CM10. There was nothing in stock that I couldn’t live without.

  44. Will says:

    I have a Verizon carrier GS3 and recently flashed this CM10 M2 rom. Everything is working great but I noticed my notification doesn’t work. I enable custom lights and have set to their individual colors for each apps. When I go to test the light using the “test” option it works fine but when the real app has notification it will not light up

  45. BRIAN says:

    Hey max Im having an issue with flashing my phone. Nothing seems to work. Everyime I flash CWM and get the 6. Whatever, I hit the reboot into recovery and so I wipe data and factory reset and install the gapps and the regular file for the Verizon phone. Once I have done that I wipe cache and reboot. As soon as I reboot it gives me the message saying Verizon wireless doesn’t support the system software or whatever it says. I have literally tried everything. It ends up being a soft brick and have to go through the whole Odin process again and again. Please help!

  46. Michael says:

    So I did a quick ctrl+f for “3g” to see if anyone has the same problem I’m having atm and I didn’t find anything. That being said, everything was working fine last night when I flashed to CM10 M2. Today I saw that on my lock screen the weather was in metric, so I went to the setting and unchecked the box. On the lock screen the temperature was still displayed in metric so I figured a quick reboot might do the trick. When my phone rebooted (Sprint GS3) I had no data connection. I simply reverted back to my original backup so that isn’t the issue. I would like to know if anyone else has had a problem with their data connection simply not working. Wi-Fi works fine and it was fine up until the reboot. I rebooted multiple times and still had no data. I tried CM10 M1 when that was first released and had the same data issue and I was hoping it was resolved in this build. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.

    tl;dr No data connection on Sprint GS3 when running CM10 M2, help

    • Mando says:

      I haven’t had issues with data on M1, M2 or the 10/14 nightly.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution, but have you tried re flashing the ROM? I know I’ve seen the xda threads bring up that issue though.

      • Michael says:

        I re-flashed, rebooted, messed with some settings, rebooted again, and so far so good. If the problem returns I’ll post here about it.

      • Michael says:

        Phone froze while I was editing notification light settings. I had to pull out my battery and now once again, no data connection. This sucks 🙁

        • Mando says:

          That’s odd. I haven’t had any major issues like that.

          Did you wipe and factory reset?

          Maybe try flashing the 10/14 or even the 10/17 nightly ( ). I haven’t had any trouble with any of those, either. I’m running 10/17 now.

          • Michael says:

            I check “Wipe Data and Cache” and “Wipe Dalvik Cache” when I flash to M2. This may sound noob-ish but when am I supposed to factory reset? Before I flash, or after?

            • Mando says:

              Off the top of my head I want to say after you install the rom, and before the cache wipes. But I normally flash manually with Rom manager, sounds like you might be using a diferent method. Best thing to do is follow Max’s steps in the M1install video.

              Thats whats so awesome about yhis site. The noob proof vids!

              • Michael says:

                I use ROM Manager as well to install, but I never saw an option for factory reset. I’ll take another look at the M1 video though (even though I’ve watched it over 6 times when I had this problem with M1) and report back and let you know if anything has changed.

                • Mando says:

                  In other words, in Rom manager use the second option “reboot into recovery”. Then the firs step is to wipe data factory reset

              • J says:

                You definitely want to do the “wipe data/factory reset” BEFORE you flash the new ROM. Then, BEFORE you reboot, do a “wipe cache portion” and “wipe dalvik cache”. Then reboot system. If you wipe data/factory reset after you flash the ROM, you just completely nullified the flash. Try again.

            • J says:

              You will Definitely want to do the “wipe data/factory reset” BEFORE you flash the new ROM. Then, BEFORE you a reboot, do a “wipe cache partion” and “wipe dalvik cache”. Then reboot system. If you wipe data/factory reset after you flash the ROM, you just completely nullified the flash. Try again.

          • Michael says:

            I’m replying here simply because the comment box keeps getting smaller and smaller. I said I’d report back and here I am, and I’m happy to say so far so good! I don’t know what the problem was but so far the ROM has been working great! *crosses fingers*

        • oz says:

          they any luck with that issue your having would like to know before i flash back to cm10 m2

  47. lionel says:

    I flashed this Rom yesterday and I checked my apps and playstore aint in there any help plz

  48. MWaV says:

    There are 2 files. does it matter which one to download for the ROM?

  49. Markm7 says:

    NFC disabled and no option to save camera pictures to SDcard! NOT ready for Prime time! Recover to my Stock ScottsRom ICS with Google Wallet, 15 toggle widget in Notifications, 3 in 1 reboot, Samsung boot logo w/ no boot sound.

  50. Dave says:

    How do you add different apps to the swipe unlock screen menu? I want to add facebook, twitter, and possibly just going into the dialer directly.

  51. JT says:

    Just loaded M2 last night on my Verizon GS3. Love it–but same issue as M1–in-call volume is REALLY loud and can’t be turned down much at all. Can’t this be fixed? It’s a showstopper for me since I work in a quiet office.

    • Dave says:

      So I’ve been running into this problem as well. So far NO ONE has come up with a viable fix for this problem. I don’t know why in call volume settings can’t be changes when you’re not in a call…you should be able to do this. But what I do is actually press the volume rocker up or down. When the volume bar shows on your screen just move it with your finger to be louder or quieter. By leaving it at which ever level you see fit the volume should be fixed (normal levels)
      I really wish there would be a solution for this. VERIZON SUCKS!

      • JT says:

        Dave, I tried what you said and it doesn’t work for me, it never gets low at all. My ear drums get blasted every time I’m on a call. I wish this could be fixed. I’m going back to the stock for this reason, otherwise this ROM rocks! Very disappointed that the volume doesn’t function normally.

        • Mando says:

          It’s supposed to be fixed on the latest CM10 nightly. I’m using it now and so far so good.

          Go to settings… About phone… CM updates… Search for latest nightly and download.

          IMPORTANT – you must have CWM Recovery flashed on your phone. It will take care of the rest. This process is so easy it feels like cheating.

  52. MeMyselfAndroid says:

    I’m stuck in bootloader mode. How do I get out of it? (I’ve tried many a methods and to no avail) 🙁

    • Mando says:

      bootloader mode??

      • J says:

        I had that issue, this weekend and had to use Odin to restore the stock ROM. I just googled it and max has a video on how to do it. It worked and ended up working out for the better on my phone. I lost all information back to “out of the box” new feel. So re-rooting it right away and installing AOSP shows that I have freed up 4.5 gigs of folders and junk that ics apps that I was messing with left on my phone before actually learning about ROMs. It was definitely a good learning experience and thanks to max for the video. The link for the stock ROM is on that video page. Good luck. You will enjoy having an S3 even more once you get it going.

  53. Bjay says:

    Is there a way to install the SGN2 camera on the GS3 with a CM10 Rom?

  54. paul says:

    so.. am i able to reinstall my old data? i was running highonandriod0.3 and trying moving to cm10. but when i reinstall my old data it wont boot…

    • Paul says:

      anybody? ……………………………………………………………

      • oz says:

        u mit have to reflash the phone and when u back up ( are u using titanium back up? ) i believe u can only restore the apps from the play store not the system app because u would be installing some of the touch wiz system data and that will make the phone do all kinds of fun glitchy crashes if im not wrong, i did the same thing and restore all apps and data as well as all system data but i was on a jelly bean rom with touch wiz hence all the crashes

  55. elyugi says:

    Any cm rom rc the main proccessor why is these any idea or help…i do cache dalvik wipe and factory reset

  56. Slug says:

    Anyone know how to take screenshots with this? Holding down power button and home doesnt work..

  57. Slug says:

    Thanks! Has anyone been having issues with GPS & Geolocation not working?

    • Luis says:

      I have… My GPS doesnt seem to find my location

      • Slug says:

        It works for Google maps and navigation but it doesn’t work for weather widgets and the lock screen widget.

      • Slug says:

        Anyone having this issue try restarting your device a once or twice. This worked for me. When i rebooted i got a permission that popped up asking if i wanted to allow other apps to use my location. Also you may want to make sure Google maps is installed, not sure if that makes a difference but i installed it after my first reboot.

        I can now say, this is my favorite ROM.

  58. Luis says:

    i found a weird bug… when im playing music and i go to my gallery, the music player crashes… im also having issues with my GPS for some reason, other than that, ROM is super fast, and smooth

  59. Spen G. Will says:

    Hi Max, I know this has nothing to do with the Cm10 rom,..I jut installed the High on Android v 0.3..I like the Rom but there is one app that does not work completely..I use The Weather Toggle Widget app for my Flip clock on my home screen. It works but the Forecast does not appear. My Beans Rom that I got from your site works and that app works fine. What is the difference?? I want to use the High on Android Rom, but I want to know if you can help me get the Weather Toggle widget working??

  60. quintin says:

    I’m guessing we lose all the motion features

  61. MrKQQL says:

    I’m having some serious issues witi Wifi on CM10 M2… M1 worked just fine.. wifi wont turn on.. if it doesnt then it wont turn off.. very unstable..

    anyone else having this issue? ON S3 for AT&T I747.

    • Mando says:

      I think i had that issue once on Sprint, after messing with wifi tether. I don’t recall if I rebooted or flashed w/o wiping. But it fixed the problem.

  62. Jason says:

    Hi everyone. I have a galaxy s3 that is rooted. I’m with a provider in Montreal Canada called Videotron. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if any of these versions of CM10 ROM M2 would be safe to install on my phone. Any help would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks.

  63. Omar Morales Luna says:

    So Cyanogenmod 10 M2 was working perfectly for about a week…

    But now im having battery problems, it wont seem to charge past 70% and it charges 5 times slower (about 4- 5% per hour) any ideas what i can do? or why this is happening? This just happened from last night to this morning. I changed ROMs to liquidsmooth, and it still took half hour to go up 1%, now im back on CM 10.

  64. ElKompaAndres says:

    just rooted my phone(first time-ex iphone guy) and this is the first rom i install. i love how smooth and faster it is then the stock touchwiz. two issues i noticed were that the home button sometimes does not work , i have to tap it a couple of times or use the power button to wake. the second is my bluetooth not connecting properly with my car or other devices, takes a couple times to try and pair them. other wise everything is awesome. and the battery life seems to last longer! nice!

  65. oz says:

    i would like a few of the samsung touch wiz apps can u install any of them on a cm 10 m2 rom ? thanks in advance

    • J says:

      Since jellybean is relatively new, there aren’t a lot capos for it yet. I have been using various apps in the play store on JB for over a month now. Some are quirky and some don’t work, but for the mist part, most of the apps I have tried seem to work just fine. Go ahead and try the apps you want. If one doesn’t work, just uninstall it.

    • J says:

      Since jellybean is relatively new, there aren’t a lot of apps for it yet. I have been using various apps in the play store on JB for over a month now. Some are quirky and some don’t work, but for the most part, most of the apps I have tried seem to work just fine. Go ahead and try the apps you want. If one doesn’t work, just uninstall it.

  66. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    Is this ROM also for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300 compatible?

  67. sherwin says:

    I just rooted my T-Mobile s3 and I notice on the browser that it won’t play any flash. I tried to look at the market for the adobe flash 11 and it says not compatible with the device. Any idea on how to fix this max? Ty.

    • J says:

      Google flash 11.1.for android. You will find a link to download flash.apk. get app installer from play store. Open up App installer and scroll to where your flash file is and select it. It will install. It works on the stock browser and firefox but not on dolphin. Chrome doesn’t have a setting for it in the menu but I have seen it work with chrome. I this k it started working with Chrome after a reboot. But it worked on stock browser and Firefox right away. Good luck.

  68. John says:

    updated 4.1.2 on my T-mobile SGH-T999, i noticed mobile network type is H (HSPA) instead of 4G. Is this right?

    • J says:

      Go to play store and get an app called “speed test”. Run it on your network, not WiFi, and see what kind of speeds you get. 4g should give you speeds in the 5 digits. H is less than 1000 and H+ is in the 3to 5000 range.

    • Aziz says:

      T-mobile does NOT have a 4G (LTE) network. That have HSPA+ which they market as 4G. So in a sense you should only see H on your T-Mobile phone.

  69. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    Have you such a ROM for international Galaxy S3 GT-19300?
    Thank you very much for the awsome page and the free ROMs!
    I am very happy that I found this page!

  70. Josh says:

    Not happy with this rom at all…had M1 and it was great…flashed to M2 and the UI seems to be more laggy. I have a VZW S3. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    • Josh says:

      reset my live wallpaper. seems to have done the trick…must have been a weird glitch after flashing but all is well again! Back to buttery smoothness

  71. Will says:

    I’m having a major problem. When I did an nightly update via the rom’s updater I could not get any data connection after. I even tried my backed up rom(which everything worked) Need help!

  72. angel s says:

    Max iReally like your videos i try installing cm10m2 but once phone boots up google mail crashes can restore contacts color are messed up evwrything its really mesaed uo i cant use it it crashes and phones turns off by it self any ideas why please help mw max…

  73. drrico says:

    PLEASE help how do you change the storage of pics/videos from phone to external sd.

  74. NeoGuy says:

    cant get alarm or other timer to sound alarm just Vibrate tried different setting and alarms but could not get it to sound.
    Please help

  75. Z says:

    Hello Max,
    Just wondering if you have figured out how to use native WiFi tetherthing on CM10? I tried using soft tap from xda forums but phone stays in boot load

    Thanks for your time and response.

  76. Mandi says:

    Had the same problem. Try toggling sound volume up and down. Worked for me.

  77. NeoGuy says:

    Thanks for all your help got problem solved

  78. Emmanuel says:

    Hey Max is there no application monitor for cm 10?
    Also is there no flash player on cm10?
    I like it a lot but frosty jellybean had all this good thing I backed it up I might go Back to it in case this don’t have a remedy

  79. Firat says:

    hi, Max…

    i can’t setup CM10 rom M2 on my att phone?it said me installation aborted… i cant understand why? pls help me?


    • oz says:

      i belive if the file is not a md5 authentic file it will fail to install , just uncheck md5 in the recovery and u should be fine let me know if it works

  80. oz says:

    looks like no new ROM of the week

  81. oz says:

    looks like no new ROM of the week looking to try a new rom

  82. jack says:

    can this rom still use those S features?

    • Pael says:

      No, S Features will not be available. As someone mentioned above, those rely heavily on Samsung’s framework so they won’t work.

  83. Fr8r says:

    Thanks for this outstanding website!

    Ok – this ROM is the best! I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks. Works great – has excellent customizations. BUT…. There is something that I can’t figure out…

    When I reboot the phone – I often get random icons added to the home page. Always 1 at a time – never 2. I’ll delete the shortcut, then if I reboot again, a different random icon is placed on my home page. I just keep deleting the shortcuts and the phone works. I went in Play and unchecked the box “auto-add widgets” but that doesn’t change anything.

    Any guesses what is causing this?

    • David Shipp says:

      I thought I’d post what I did to get past the random icons showing up on home page – I kept deleting the icons on every new boot. Then about 8 or 10 reboots later it added the icon I wanted. So I left it. Then for the other open spot I rebooted again and again, deleting icons I didn’t want and when one I wanted there showed up I stopped deleting them. So now – several days later – those 2 icons are still on the home page. I’m not sure why it was doing this on boot ups, but now its stable.

  84. Romain says:

    Wats the difference BTW this and AOKP, which has better features and battery life

  85. Syxguns says:

    Hey Max!
    I was wondering a couple of things that maybe you or someone else could help me out with.

    1) Creating folders. With the original S3 ROM when I was in apps I could select the left button and have an “Edit” option where I could create a folder. This way I could create a folder called, “Games” and then place all of my games in that folder. I do not have the same option available with this ROM or the AOKP Jelly Bean ROM. Is there a way to do this?

    2) I was wondering if there was a way to add “Dial Usage” to the “Power Control” widget? I use Wi-Fi the majority of the time, and only turn on Data when Wi-Fi is not available. Currently I created a shortcut for it, but I’m really hoping for something better.

    3) So far the ROM’s that I’ve used are not nearly as nice as the stock ROM minus the bloat. Any suggestions on better ROM’s? If I wouldn’t have deleted my stock rom, I would have just stayed with it. Personally I’m not happy with CyanogenMod, or Jelly Bean. They are missing many of my favorite aspects of the original ROM.

    Thanks for anyone that can help me out.

  86. Carlos says:

    I just hold the power button til it gives me the option

    • Syxguns says:

      Thanks for the information Carlos! However, there were a lot of things about this ROM and a couple of others that I tried that did not leave me satisfied. I ended up flashing MIUI, and love it! Unfortunately it does not have a camera on it, so I’m in the process of searching for something to work. I found one on XDA, but it caused my phone to not boot, so I had to re-flash the ROM again. I’ll leave this ROM alone! I love the MIUI, and think that I’ll stick with it.

  87. Carlos says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for about two weeks but I’ve never used the nightlies, does Titanium Backup take the place of backup option in recovery mode? And this ROM is great. No problems so far.

  88. Chris says:

    I just flashed CM 10 M2, and it was awesome. But the problem I am having is that I am stuck on is, how do I sign back into my Gmail account so I can import all of my contacts and such? Also how do I get the Google Play Store again?

    This is my first time rooting and first android phone.

    • Dee says:

      You’re supposed to flash the Gapps zip.

      • Chris says:

        I’m using the Rom Manager to run the rom. So how do I flash the gapps through Rom Manager?

        Do I flash the gapps right after the rom is installed?

        • Dee says:

          Yes, boot into CWMR, and then just install the zip from your sd card and reboot.

          • Chris says:

            Ok ill try that. Thank you. And that Gapps will load all of my apps? But what about my contacts and signing in with my gmail?

            • Dee says:

              Follow the two other steps Mando said. Once you’ve done that, when your phone boots, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Gmail account. Follow the steps and your contacts will be back. You’ll also have the play store there.

        • Mando says:

          Using ROM Manager, I like to boot into recovery. Install the gapps zip, wipe cache and dalvik. No need to factory reset.

          • Chris says:

            Ok great. Thank you everyone. I will let you know if it works.

            • Mando says:

              Once you’re good to go you can update CM ota style using their updater to the latest nightly. Currently, I’m on the 11/1 nightly and it’s running smoother and cleaner than CM M2! Plus, it’s so freaking easy to update!!

            • Chris says:

              Ok I installed gapps and I got the google play store working and signed into that. But my contacts were not installed onto my phone as well. How do I get those? I thought I had set up on my gmail account that it backs up all of my contacts that I enter into my phone.

  89. Cordero G says:

    hay man im having real trouble with this rom i cant get my phone to connect with me usb at all after installing this rom please help

  90. Pael says:

    I’m having an issue whereby if I’m in a call, my dialpad doesn’t work. Not necessarily a big deal until you call your voicemail and want to delete a message. Or if you call an 800 number and end up with a touchtone menu that you have to navigate. Has anyone else run across this issue?

    Also having the same volume issue that everyone else is having whereby it’s SUPER loud on calls. Adjusting volume to full max and back down seems to help but wondering if anyone has a good fix for this?

    • Mando says:

      Those are no longer issues in the latest nightly.

      • Pael says:

        Thanks! I’ll give the latest nightly a download and give it a try.

      • Pael says:

        Installed latest nightly (11/4) which fixed the sound issue but not the dialpad issue. Is anyone else seeing that issue? Surely I’m not the only one? When I press numbers while on a phone call it does nothing.

        • Mando says:

          I’m not sure that I’ve seen it mentioned, however, it did happen to me once back on M1. But it hasn’t happened ever since. Did you do a clean install?

          • Pael says:

            I didn’t on the nightly. I’d never installed a nightly before so I wasn’t entirely sure what the process was. Is there some better way of bringing back apps/settings than titanium? It took me a few weeks to get things just the way I want them.

  91. Tiny says:

    So I’m having this weird issue when I switched apps. The screen does a strange effect when switching to a app I have running in the background. Any ideas about how to fix it?

    • Dee says:

      Does your screen flicker between transitions?

      • Tiny says:

        Kind of. It’s hard to describe. It’s like piece of what I’m switching to is in each corner of the screen and they come together as it switches to the app. I’m running nova launcher and thought it might be that but it still does it.

        • Dee says:

          Yeah I had that issue when I switched to the nightly builds. With CM10 M2 I didn’t have that issue so I switched back to it. Are you running a nightly build by any chance?

  92. Dee says:

    Yeah I had that issue when I switched to the nightly builds. With CM10 M2 I didn’t have that issue so I switched back to it. Are you running a nightly build by any chance?

  93. Mando says:

    I had that issue up until the nightly from several days ago. Currently on 11/7 and everything is working fine, including screen flicker.

  94. Carlos says:

    been running this CM10 M2 for a few weeks already, i’ve not had any problems with it, besides it freezes, but not often. actually rarely… but i figure i would let you guys know that it does. I use Apex Launcher just for the extra transitions to make it look different than everybody elses. I just flashed the sphere camera on it but for some reason it doesn’t save the picture …

  95. David says:

    Hey guys, been using this ROM and have had no issues so far. Would it be safe to upgrade to the latest nightly for CM10 from M2? Like if I upgrade from Settings>About Phone> CyanogenMod Updates?

    • Mando says:

      Absolutely. Just make sure to have twrp or cwm recovery. You’ll be amazed how easy it is.

    • Pael says:

      I agree with Mando. Installing the nightly is seamless. It doesn’t wipe anything so all your settings, etc. will remain.

      • Omar Morales Luna says:

        Hi there im still a little new to rooting, but ive been running CM 10 M2 for a month now and im curious to know how to upgrade to the nightlies.
        So my questions are
        Do i need to back up my APPS with Titanium backup?
        And once i download it, do i just flash it like i would any other ROM?
        (any additional steps as well?)
        any help would be appreciated, thanks!

        • Syxguns says:

          Quote from Omar: “Do i need to back up my APPS with Titanium backup?”

          Titanium Backup will save all of your apps and most all of your phone settings. I think the paid for version is worth it. Here is a site that can give you a little more information:

          If you do not already have it, I would suggest at least the free version of ROM Manager. Be sure to make a backup of your current ROM when you use it, and it is rare, but there has been a time or two when I would still have to manually do the Flash of a new ROM.

          QUOTE 2: “And once i download it, do i just flash it like i would any other ROM?”

          I assume that you are asking about Titanium Backup. It is downloaded to your device from the Play Store.

        • Mando says:

          It’s a good idea to do a back up. Check Max’s videos it will walk you through it. However, if you’re simply upgrading to the nightly, it isn’t necessary. BUT I would do a back up.

          It is also recommended to only backup apps and not system data when using titanium back up. You could do both, but make sure to have the migration option checked off before restoring.

          OK, so flashing nightly. First, have clockwork mod recovery flashed on your phone. Max, of course, has a video if you don’t have it yet. Then go to settings -> about phone -> CM updates. Search for latest nightly. They are titled in yyyymmdd format. Download it and follow the instructions. Once it’s downloaded, it should take one or two clicks and you’re done. That easy.

          • Omar Morales Luna says:

            Amazing! thanks for your help!
            now there is one tiny little issue that i thought the nightly would fix. i hate to be bother but my notification sounds aren’t working correctly.
            Example: I use the CM 10 jelly bean sms app (the green smiley one it comes with) my sms ringtone is the “Stone” sound and to test it i send myself a text and as long as im open to that same thread of texts it will make the notification sound when i receive it, however if i close out of the app or lock my phone the phone just vibrates when i receive notifications but no sound. Ive already played with the settings, everything checks out, but any ideas what could be wrong?
            once again thanks.

            • Mando says:

              I thought that was fixed, by now. In any case, try toggling your notification sound. From your main screen, press the volume up button then expand the menu that pops up. Next, slide the notification sound down then back up. That has been a fix in the past.

              If that does not work, try flashing over again in manual recovery. No need to data reset. But do clear cache and dalvik.

              Hope that helps.

  96. Brian says:

    does anybody also experience slight lag on the homescreen? fixed in CM 10 M3? This is bothering me and really want to go back to stock now because of this

  97. Dee says:

    hey max.. quick question. ive had this rom flashed on my phone for a while and absolutely love it. i flashed it on my brothers phone and he loves it too. but the sms wont send texts that are more than one segment long. is this a common issue or how can i fix this?

    • mando says:

      Fwiw, I’m on 11/11 and SMS works. But, I haven’t had problems with it on any previous builds.

      It does seem to be a known issue for a few people on xda. But the fix has only been temporary as every time you flash, a new code/script/hack, whichever its called, needs to be made.

      I assume you could try multiple nightly’s and see which works?

  98. Jose Martinez says:

    does this support init.d for the sd card hack or at least link2sd

  99. Cesar says:

    will you be getting the HTC One X + im going to switch to that phone

  100. pete says:

    could i still get s memo and samsung apps ? affter flashing this room

  101. Jordan says:

    Just flashed to CM10 last night and for the most part everything seems to be running great!
    A few problems i have
    the contacts app will force close before it even opens.
    Mail will force close
    and i keep getting an error that says exchange services force close.
    I think thats because i used to have an exchange mail account on my phone before the flash.
    I did cache wipes and all the steps , step by step.
    Anybody have any insight on this?

    • Jordan says:

      I ended up re flashing the ROM again, and everything works just fine again. I have no idea what happened. but it works just fine now.
      Thanks for the awesome ROM
      Great first time experience rooting.
      LOVE CM10

  102. Skip says:

    I installed CM10 M2 about a month ago and its running fine by me. Does anyone know if this newer stable version has any tweaks that will make this new version worth grabbing in a new install?

  103. Pete says:

    Thankyou skip !! but I m not coming from stock room I coming from freegsm3v6 thochwis
    I thankyou man

  104. adrian says:

    Hello this rom is awesome I really liked it but its not working with miscro sd card it says damaged sd reformat so I did then it says damaged sd cannot mount so I figured it doesnt recognizes 64 gb micro sd so I put my 8gb in there worked for a couple minutes and samething happened

    • Skip says:

      Same thing happened to my 64gb sd. I bought 2 additional 64’s and then realized that the chip was fine when in my PC.

      Try this. Try formatting the chip with Ridgecrops FAT32 formatter. It made the recognizable on my phone. Anyone want a 64gb class 10 chip? haha

  105. Mike says:

    What about facebook contact sync? It’s not syncing everything up any longer…and there isn’t a facebook sync application available either…any suggestions?

    Thank you

  106. Brandt says:

    Tried it liked it but still cant use it because and it might or might not be just LA but still having a prblem with 3g when in lte/cdma/evdo mod. The 3g signal goes away Works fine in cdma only mode but when i turn on the lte switch 4g doesn’t work. any suggestions? ;(

  107. Andrew says:

    i’m having a problem with nfc. When i click to turn it on. it stops and wont let me change it off or on

  108. Alex says:

    Which gapps do we use?

  109. samir attalah says:

    I noticed my download & upload speed drop dramatically after flashing this rom. Any suggestion(s)? I restarted the phone and the speed is the same. For example, it takes 1 min to download 3 MB app from app store??? BTW, rooted stock rom is faster. UI is not bad though. Keep up the great work.

  110. Jesse S. says:

    Is anyone else having problems getting the google play store to run i installed the 4.2 and the 4.1.2 at different times and when i try to open them it says server error.

  111. Rocky D says:

    Hi, i flashed the “Stable” Version onto my S3, and it runs awesome. But the only problem i am having is that when i open the stock camera or any other camera app, it says “Cannot connect to camera”. What is the problem? I looked in Settings under Application Manager, and scrolled to “All” and the camera app does not even show up in the list! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Mando says:

      Depending what Rom you’re coming from there might be something interfering. Try a reboot. If it persists do a clean install (factory reset/wipe).

      • Rocky D says:

        Well I was on AOKP before this rom. but when I was flashing this rom I made sure I wiped the /system folder along with a wipe data factory reset.

      • Rocky says:

        I also came from AOKP, but I’ve tried a factory reset/wipe, wiped the cache, dalvik cache and did a reflash of this rom and the gallery locks up after taking 3 pictures then leads to the “Cannot connect to camera” error. At that point I have to reboot… any ideas?

        • samir attalah says:

          Per vid, u have to flash the 2nd file gapp 4.1.2 or 4.2 (either one is fine). Wipe cache and restart phone

        • Mando says:

          Do not use 4.2 gapps at this time

          • Rocky says:

            It happens with either 4.1 or 4.2 though

            • Mando says:

              You have to completely delete any gapps from your phone. Then download the 7/26 gapps. The link is in the M1 tutorial. Finally do a clean install of your Rom and 7/26 gapps.

              • Chet says:

                Has anyone tried this? Does it solve the camera issue? I have the same issue. Coming from the stock ROM to CM10, using gapps 4.2, white At&t i747. I get the issue after taking just one picture… galary freezes, later i see “Cannot connect to Camera”.

                The rest of the rom seems great!

                I also seem to be having shorter battery life, but that could just be my battery.

                • Mando says:

                  Should work. It fixed my problem.

                  • Chet says:

                    Just to clarify, you do not have the camera issue? You have the i747? You are using M2, but you used the gapps version 7/26 (corresponds to M1)? Also, I’m not seeing the M1 tutorial or the 7/26 version of gapps. Is it still on this site?

                    • Chet says:

                      found the 7/26 gapps, I’m dumb, sorry.

                    • Mando says:

                      I’m using Sprint. Just remember you won’t have the fancy new features until cm crew releases 10.1. So did you get it fixed??

                    • Chet says:

                      Mando asked, “did i get it fixed?” Cannot respond to that comment so i will respond here. Yes and No, here is what i found.

                      Yes it is fixed because with CM10 M2, and gapps 4.1, I have a camera app which works. I will explain more below.

                      No because still have a camera app which does not work, and I’m not totally happy with the fix because after using gapps 4.2, I’d rather not use 4.1. I’d rather deal with the camera crash* (*crash detailed below)

                      This is what I did: I cleared everything, all user data, then installed CM10 M2. At this point I played around a bit before installing gapps 4.1. I noticed two camera apps; “” and “” the “” worked as expected with no issues and the “ crashed*. I then installed gapps 4.1 and nothing changed regarding the camera, both apps still there and acting the same.

                      I then installed gapps 4.2 over the 4.1 (should have cleaned it first, but was lazy). At this point only the “” camera/gallery app was installed, meaning the working app was gone.

                      *crash = The camera/gallery freezes after taking a still picture. Video recording works fine, panorama works fine. Sphere works fine. taking a picture while recording a video works fine. I have a hunch that it has something to do with the autofocus graphic (wish i could turn it off for troubleshooting). It freezes just after taking a picture, the picture never makes it into the gallery, only an all black-grayish image is stored. for the record this is an i747 phone.

                      next questions would be, how can i get the older version back on after installing gapps 4.2? If i cannot, i’ll just take pictures from within a video.

                      Other observations: It appears the instructional video on this page was created with gapps 4.1. On my phone, the disabling of LTE and 2g/3g does not work, it has no affect. I believe this is due to the phone version (Att i747) as all of my previous attempts to disable LTE have also failed. I think the hardware might not support it.

                    • Mando says:

                      I don’t understand why, but it seems you can’t have both gapps on your phone simultaneously and have either camera work correctly. It looks like to have the original camera work, it has to be the only gapps on your phone. Right now 4.2 is going to crash regardless. Ive reverted back to 4.1 while the CM crew gets CM10.1 up.

                      As for your second question, i dont have a clue. sorry, no LTE here

  112. danny says:

    i followed the steps on how to load the rom but im stuck in the boot screen. Any on whats going on?

  113. danny says:

    yes i did how do i find it

  114. Kevin says:

    Hi, I just downloaded the CM10 Stable and there seems to be problems with the camera. I have to restart my phone every time for the camera to work..

  115. tmobile guy says:

    Max i flash every rom you put out i try them out now the wicked ics rom is the only one that hasnt given me any bugs at all i flashed this new cm10 version and it works perfect!!! except for one thing any time i play video from my sd card longer then 20 mins it automatically reboots phone everytime but other then that works perfectly any suggestions or reason why this is happening. FYI i did re intall and wipe cache factory reset still same problem.????

  116. scadagawd says:

    got an issue after install with access to external SD card on the S3. Any thoughts?

  117. alex says:

    Trying new cm 10 rom Canada not working. Everything else good so far.

  118. jake bacon says:

    Where is the next video showing how to delete the 2 files so the CWM will stick??????

  119. danny says:

    got everything to work but cant get my apps to load from titanium backup pro.

    • Pael says:

      I’ve found the best way to restore from Titanium is to do app only and then once that’s done circle back around with data only. I haven’t had any issues restoring old apps with Titanium to this rom.

  120. Josh F says:

    Hey Guys,

    So i’m having an issue with the install on my Verizon GS3. I’m fully rooted and bootloader unlocked, I wipe data/factory reset, and then i try to install the .zip, it says:
    “E: can’t open /external_sd/Cyanogenmod ROM/
    Installation aborted.”

    I’ve re downloaded the .zip file several different times, but every time i try to flash it, that same error shows up.

    Any suggestions? Could it have anything to do with the file being on my external SD?

  121. Slugler says:

    For some reason this ROM wont send messages that are 2 messages long or more…Anyone else experience thing?

  122. Cid says:

    Hi Max, my question… This rom has radio app?

  123. Adrian says:

    i can’t get wifi to work on my att gs3 any idea how to make it work?

  124. VonAchen says:

    stable version is much better, thx max…did anyone use the auto update in settings, I did so far so good. Ima noon but for future ref…should I wipe to install new versions or is it koo now days to just to use the settings update

  125. cesar says:

    alguna persona escribe al español??? gracias

  126. cesar says:

    alguien podria decir como se instala??? tengo instalada la blackjelly..gracias

  127. Quintin Bradford says:

    Can nightly updates be installed over the new stable version. I was running nightly with little issues and did clean install with the new stable but notice now that after ending calls the phone freezes or freezes randomly black screen and the buttons light up at the bottom and I end up having to restart the phone. Anyone having this issue or know how to fix it. Using tmobile version

  128. Giancarlo says:

    On my Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile when i download the CM10 for tmobile and try to flash it on CWM i get the following error:

    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “d2tmo” II getpro(“”) == “d2tmo”
    E: Error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted

    Can anyone help me?

  129. Raul says:

    I’m having camera issues. I flash the Rom and the camera is there and working then I start to download and install my apps and then I tap on the camera app and it says app not installed other than that great Rom. Please help cause I’m looseing root on touchwiz overtime I update to jellybean. Thanks.

  130. luke says:

    Hi I have a T mobile Galaxy S3 but i also have i mac, i downloaded odin mobile to make things easier but when i downloaded this file it was just a file, no .zip no .tar ; so I wondered if maybe since i have a mac the download is just not compatible or something? Like with windows files and all that.
    so it would be cool if you could help me out because im kinda frustrated my phones been rooted for a week now and everything went wrong from then, still no custom ROM.

  131. Wilfredo pagan says:

    Is anybody having over heating problems?

  132. Steve says:

    I have an AT&T GS3 and recently installed the CM10. So far I am very happy with it.
    I have noticed some issues with the bluetooth however. I am using it with the bluetooth system in the car (BMW). I notice that it periodically disconnects and reconnects. Also, with the stock Samsung software, I could see the contact photo on the car’s navigation screen when making or receiving a call, with CM10 I have lost that feature. When the phone was new, I also did not have that feature, however after the OTA update, the feature was available. I assume it is related to some bluetooth phonebook access profile.

    Does anyone know of a solution to these bluetooth issues? Thanks!

    • Freddie says:

      I’ve been a thread since the stable released. I had to switch to another rom, because no fixes are announced. My issue, as with many others, is when playing music through my car, the bass is lost. When I make a phone call and hang up, the volume comes back. I use this everyday so this became unbearable. I’ve heard nothing about it being fixed yet.

  133. Wilfredo pagan says:

    Its been a few days since i installed it but now the camera is not working. What can i do?

    • Raul says:

      Install play store for jellybean on xdadev forum. The regular ICS gapps somehow erases the camera app. I just found out after 8 days on this ROM.

  134. murtaza says:

    is thiscm 10 4.1.2 rom available for international s3

  135. i535 says:

    camera can’t work .SD card problem?how to fix it out..I can let it saved picture in SD card..It just can’t work/..

  136. Adam says:

    Anyone know how to rearrange the home screen pages? The old menu button option of “edit page” while on the home screen is gone, so I am not sure how to do it. Also, in the video, it shows a “homescreen” setting within the settings. I don’t have that in mine. Any ideas?


  137. Nick says:

    Hey all,
    I flashed this ROM but the camera is messed up. Whenever you take a picture, if you do not tap to focus, the camera and gallery stop responding. When you reopen the camera, it says “cannot connect to camera” until you reboot the phone :/

    • Mando says:

      That is a known bug when using 4.2 gapps. If that is what you’re using, switch back to 4.1.

      • Judah says:

        I have the same problem. I tried 4.2 and now 4.1 (gapps-jb-20121012-4.1.2-JZO54K) but the problem is the same. Whenever I take a picture without first focusing I get FC with Gallery not responding and then I need to restart phone before I can try the camera again.

        • Mando says:

          Erase all gapps from your sd. Download the gapps from the xda CyanogenMod nightly original post. I believe it’s from 7/26. Re flash Rom and gapps.

          It worked for me when I tried getting away from 4.2, but I did a clean install. Try a dirty flash first though.

          • Judah says:

            Mando, I have been searching all over for a fix and this did it! I tried a clean install with gapps from 8/2 (earliest listed in “previous versions” folder) thinking that’s close enough to 7/26. When that didn’t work I found the 7/26 post, tried a dirty flash, didn’t work. Started clean and now I got a camera!
            Thanks man!

  138. Strider says:

    Did one one on SGH-T999 with CM10 got any problem with thier camera ?

  139. Joe says:

    I am using rom black jelly v0.9.1 version 4.1.1 for a AT&T US model. I am completely new to Android so i have 2 questions about this…

    1. Battery seems to drain extremely fast. Anyone know why?

    2. I dont have LTE option. I did go into settings- mobile networks but there isnt an option for LTE. What do i do??

  140. John says:

    Joe I am on art battery drain in three hours of my regular use which is a lot and its on the second lowest performance and camera is messrd up bit all other camera functions work great battery anyone else i747 att
    I loved the srenity

  141. Joe says:


    How do you change the performance?

  142. Adam says:

    Here is what I have noticed that is different from the video description:

    1. My LTE doesn’t work, and the options I get in the “Preferred network mode” is “LTE/GSM/CDMA”, which is different than what Max describes and shows.

    2. I cannot resize widgets (tried the Facebook one)

    As for the camera problem everyone is having, I have gApps 4.2, and am not sure how to go to 4.1. It looks like I have to wipe the entire phone and reinstall the ROM, then gApps. Is that right? Seems like a pain to do that.

  143. J3kil says:

    Hi ,

    I install this ROM with Rom manager and i got some many bugs like the Wifi disable by himself and I can’t connect my phone to my computer i try the debogage mode but it doesn’t work.
    Please Help me

    • Raul says:

      Did you make a backup ROM. If so just go back and download cm10 from this thread.

      • J3kil says:

        No i didn’t make a Backup rom

        • Raul says:

          If you can still get into recovery. Download a touchwiz ROM from this website into you computer then manually put into the micro SD card. You might need an adapter to place the SD card on computer the place it back on the phone and flash it. After that make a backup erase that ROM the download zedomax version of cm 10. But you need a. Or just download it straight into your phone if you have unlimited data plan. Good luck.

  144. Nash one says:

    UNSTABLE !!!…
    The camera wont work at all.
    The gallery doesnt show pictures in SD card and crashes.
    Google play store gives me errors.

    I flashed both 4.1 & 4.2 Gapps and same shit. Im coming from stock on my tmobile sght999.
    This Rom would be awsome if it would just work. Back to stock where it all works !

  145. pkim says:

    How do I take a screenshot with the cm10 ROM. In stock s3 I just palm swipe and it takes screenshot.

  146. Tom says:

    I flashed the rom, all works great but gmail doesn’t work very well neither does google voice. It doesn’t sync and I don’t get notifications correctly. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix for it.

  147. Scott Mitts says:

    There is no Google store app after I downloaded?

  148. kevin says:

    Im running the leaked jelly bean for verizon on my galaxy if i wanted to flash cm10 do i have to go back to stock ICS then flash cm or can i flash with leaked JB? its rooted and unlocked

  149. Skully Haam says:

    Will the multi screen feature ever be available on this rom.. I LOVE you guys, but the multi screen feature will bring this ROM closer to perfect!

  150. VonAchen says:

    Anyone having GPS issues? It takes forever to lock on and looses signal frequently. Also gollogix a GPS app won’t work it says the GPS isn’t configured right…. previous experiences with vehicle Navy have been amazing with android phones but horrible with this one

    • Mark W says:

      What phone do you have?? I’ve been asking the same thing. Anyone else besides us having GPS issues? I wiped EVERYTHING, started from square 1 on my i535 and GPS only locked on the first day or two, now never.

  151. jimsond says:

    does the cn10 have App2ExtSD in it?

  152. g35boi says:

    Is anyone having problems with the NFC? I have not been about to use the NFC on a rooted phone. I have 2 friends S3 that are not rooted and they are able to use the NFC to transfer pictures and playlist. Can this issue be fixed? Thank you in advance…

  153. g35boi says:

    What’s the difference between Gapps 4.1.2 or 4.2 when install this ROM?

  154. JSR33 says:

    the GPS wont connect and after a while of using this ROM when i open the camera app is says ” camera cannot connect” any patches anyone knows of to fix this?

  155. steve says:

    hey need help noob here i flash cm 10 m2 on too my new verizon gs3 i have root access and confirmed that i downloaded the right rom for verizons gs3 and everything went fine but when i rooted the phone i got an error saying this software is not verizon approved software. What might be the problem. Thanks in advance love the site learned tons of stuff

    • Nick says:

      The Verizon one has a locked bootloader… if it is not unlocked it will not let you boot into a custom ROM. It will also give you that message

      • ozzie says:

        hey thanks this is oz i recommended i told my brother in law to check out this site and he told me of the issue he had is there any way to unlock the boot loader for Verizon gs3
        any help will be much appreciated

  156. William says:

    I was going to install CM10 M2 but after having read all the replies about all the problems people are having I think I will wait………………

  157. jose says:

    Does this rom support the sd card hack?

  158. werner says:

    I had serious connectivity 3G n 4G problems with this Rom everything works but sucks “stable yeahh right”

  159. Asterios says:

    Hey Max,
    Firstly, thanks very much for all your help and the research you’ve done for the Gs3. Your site has helped me immensely! I installed CM10 M2 with 4.2 Gapps and I like it except for the following –
    1: camera and gallery FC
    2: Battery dies VERY quickly and gets VERY hot
    Is there any way to fix this? This ROM would be awesome otherwise!

    • chet says:

      I have i747.
      The first day I installed it my battery went dead overnight. Think it was because the gallery app was in the crashed state and I did not reboot. After this first day, my battery is better on this ROM.
      I just avoid the gallery crash.
      I agree the solution to the camera issue is to stick with grappa 4.1, but is it just me or is there a big improvement with 4.2, the swype keyboard alone is a huge improvement.

      • Asterios says:

        Hey Chet, thanks for the reply!
        Here’s what I did –
        1 factory reset/wiped data
        2 reinstalled cm10 m2
        3 installed gapps 4.1
        4 wiped cache again per instructions up top on this page.
        Now, I have two galleries and two cameras. Not sure what happened haha. The battery is still pretty hot though.

        • Asterios says:

          Perhaps there’s a way to completely uninstall 4.2 gapps and I didn’t do it… Hmmm

          • Mando says:

            I think you need to completely erase the 4.2 file from your phone.

            • Asterios says:

              Alright, gotcha. How do I do that? Sorry to bother you guys! I’m not sure how to do it exactly.

              • Mando says:

                Go into your file manager and find where you downloaded it to and just delete it. Usually it’ll go into your internal sd on your “download” folder. Don’t forget to download gapps 4.1 I’ve had the best luck with the file from the m1 post.

                • Asterios says:

                  The zip file? I did delete that. The first time I installed CM10 M2, I did it with Gapps 4.2. After having problems, I deleted the 4.2 zip file from my phones storage and replaced it with the 4.1 Gapps. I went into recovery, wiped/factory reset, wiped cache, reinstalled CM10 M2 freshly, installed 4.1 Gapps, and wiped cache again. Then I booted the phone and went through the setup process again only to find that it had two cameras and galleries now. So, I’ve deleted the 4.2 Gapps zip from my phones storage, reinstalled the rom and 4.1 Gapps, but still have two of each.

  160. VonAchen says:

    The fix is to not use 4.2 gapps go back to 4.1.2

  161. Joe says:

    Anyone else have an issue with the home button? When my phone is asleep i have to double tap the home button to wake the phone up. Works fine with everything else.

    • VonAchen says:

      I don’t know how to fix it but yes I have the same problem and sometimes double tap still will not wake it up

      • Asterios says:

        Yeah I’ve had the problem a couple times. About five minutes ago, the phone didn’t wake up at all. Had to pull the battery. This Rom would be SO awesome without these bugs!

  162. Steve says:

    I have been using this CM10 continuously for the past two weeks, and in general have been very impressed.
    Unfortunately, I think I am going to have to flash back to the standard software version due to some show stoppers. I have listed my issues below in priority order.

    1. (CRITICAL) I cannot roam on data networks. I travel frequently, and often outside of USA and AT&T coverage. I am currently abroad, and although I can make and receive voice calls, the data network does not connect.

    2. (HIGH) I am experiencing Bluetooth intermittent disconnection problems. Sometimes even mid call it will disconnect from the bluetooth headset.

    3. (MEDIUM) Google voice text messaging and voice mail application does not properly sync. Frequently, I can see old messages still in the in box that have been previously deleted.

    4. (MEDIUM) I cannot set the network mode preference for GSM / WCDMA … although I can choose that option, it always immediately reverts back to the preference of LTE / GSM / WCDMA.

    5. (LOW) The standard software had the feature for syncing contact photo with the phone address book over bluetooth. That feature does not appear to be part of CM10.

    Interestingly enough, I do not experience any of the camera issues or power issues, that others have reported.

    I hope this feedback is useful to the group and I look forward to an updated version of CM10 that I can use again.

    • Chet says:

      i think issues 1 and 4 might be related. And i think issue number 4 may be due to you’re sim card. I have the same issue on my i747. I can only get 4G LTE (even if it says 4G i think it’s still on LTE, i’m consistantly getting download speeds of 10MB +). I think this is because we have 4g LTE sim cards, but it’s just a hunch at this time. I might ask Att if there are any other sim card options. Being stuck on LTE just kills my battery, i have no need for data that fast, 3g would be fine for me for 99% of my usage.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for your response Chet!
        I am flashing back to stock now to see if it is indeed experienced there too.
        I know with my prior device (Motorola Atrix 4G) I could always access data network while traveling…. but I did have to change to the newer micro SIM card when I upgraded to the GS3. … I will report my findings shortly on this.
        thanks again!

        • Steve says:

          I can confirm that after downgrading to STOCK from CM10… I can now roam on the data network.

          I am not sure how to test the preferences for LTE or GSM with stock rom though… not sure if it has the user options to select this.

          • Steve says:

            Well I thought the international roaming was working properly on the stock software but I may be incorrect.

            1. When I flash back to root69_ATT_I747UCALG1 – International roaming and 4G seems to work… but only during the time period that the phone is looking for the OTA update. If I cancel the update the data network drops.

            2. After updating to the I747UCALH9_OTA – the I have no ability to connect to the mobile data network while international roaming.

            3. CM10-RC1 … No mobile data while International roaming
            4. Liquid Smooth RC9 .. No mobile data while International roaming

            I am wondering now if this could be a provisioning problem ? With my prior device (Atrix 4G), i never had an issue like this. I assumed that the provisioning of my plans were carried over.. but I now need to check that.

  163. Asterios says:

    Hello again! I’ve encountered another issue. My bluetooth music quality is drastically reduced with this ROM and the DSP manager doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not having bluetooth connectivity issues at the moment, it’s just crappy quality. It’s sounds almost like I’m listening to music over the phone, if you know what I mean. I went from high on android to cm10 m2 on a Verizon phone.

  164. Arthur says:

    Hey guys downloaded the cm10 rom having problem downloading attachments on my emails is there an app that can download attachments I have tried 2 or three still don’t work. Please if someone can help I will greatly appreciate it.

  165. Gravytrn says:

    I’m currently trying to install the CM10 ROM on my Verizon S3. I’ve been on the screen with the android with the blue “ball” rolling around for about 25 min now. I’m really new to this whole rooting thing. I’m trying to install it using ROM manager. Any thoughts on what to do? Thanks.

  166. Lucky says:

    Hey guys my picture messaging doesnt work and it kinda pisses me off! I can’t send picture messages or recieve them. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Mando says:

      Breathe in there buddy. It seems to be a problem with networks in certain areas as the issue is said to be fixed in a way to benefit the majority. In any case, use GOsms to retrieve pics.

  167. Vincent says:

    Is anyone having camera problem ? I always get “can’t connect to camera”.

  168. Wesley says:

    i keep getting installation aborted after following instructions everytime. What do i do?

  169. Alex says:

    Is anybody elses phone getting really hot? This would be a GREAT rom otherwise

  170. Mando says:

    Nope. Try re flash

  171. Jack says:

    This rom is absolutely not stable and is not a suitable “daily use rom”. The camera doesn’t work most of the time, apps that utilize the camera (i.e paypal) crash frequently, calls come in very choppy and noisy at random times, and some days my battery life hits the deck for no apparent reason. This rom is hella cool though, and I was really hoping it would work. However, for now, this rom isn’t where it needs to be. way to buggy.

  172. Ibrar says:

    Ironically way less stable than M1. Actually had almost not hiccups with M1.
    Some Issues I’ve noticed

    -Gets hot.
    -Crashes & reboots on certain apps run together.
    -Camera issues of course. Going into gallery causes the freeze for me.
    -Whatapps errors.
    Might just go back the M1

  173. Tim says:

    Hey guys I recently tried out CM10 and didn’t feel it was for me, but I did like that effect where when I press the power button the screen would shut off like a camera shutter. Is there any way to get that on my wicked v6 galaxy s3?

  174. Joe says:

    2 questions…

    1. How can i edit my contacts info? I have them being synced to yahoo and gmail.
    2. How can i get my calendar to display all my events from gmail and yahoo including birthdays???

  175. Raul says:

    I like this rom everything worked well for mebut the deal breaker for me was the reception or signal strength it is not as good as touchwiz. If they could fix that problem it would be a great rom.

    • Mando says:

      Reception should be the same. It’s only displayed differently. If you compare the db under settings it will be the same. Assuming you’re using the same radio.

  176. Joe says:


    I download the offical jellybean 4.1.1 over KIES and had to obviously unroot my phone etc…. I use a mac, I want to go back to CM10 instead of the offical release but i cant root my phone anymore, i guess its because I’m on jellybean??? Please HELP

  177. Charles Norton says:

    I have noticed on almost every rom except Anakonda and Freegs3 that if you like game like NES SNES GBA all the emulators will give you a black screen and you only hear the game sounds, if ya hit the menu button you can see the games but not when playing the screen is black. I’ve tried all the roms available and they all have this problem except 2 or 3 of them

  178. Tim says:

    Hey guys when I updated to CM10 M2 my Galaxy S3 can no longer sync my facebook contacts to my address book (the “people” app). When I was using Wicked V6 ICS it would sync no problem. Is there any way to get my facebook to sync like on ICS?

  179. Josh says:

    I keep getting status error 7 with CM10. I can install AOKP no problem but not CM10. Maybe i’m missing something but above it says “see install notes” and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Sorry, but i’m new to flashing and droids in general so I am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  180. Mike says:

    Does this come with the split screen view that the Note 2 has?

  181. Tim says:

    Hey is anyone else having a problem with waking up the device? Sometimes when I home button to wake up the device it won’t respond until i press it a couple more times. Sometimes it’ll wake up on the first press but most of the time it doesn’t. Any know the problem?

  182. rick says:

    sorry noob question.

    i just rooted my phone today all good, installed cwm…
    now i wanna install this rom.. do i download the att version since my phone is a telus phone (sgh-i747m)???
    im just not sure… thats the only reason why i havent done it yet.


  183. Ken says: need the ATT version

  184. Ken says:

    Hey guys, I have a Telus i747m.. Ive trying installing this a hundred times with the correct gapps, but when I boot up, I can’t access google play.. It says Server error.. I can browse the net but when I try to open the google search it says connection error.. This must be a gapps problem but ive trying reinstalling, deleting the caches, even deleting the app data and Im out of ideas. Any clues??
    Galaxy s3, Telus, i747m

  185. Daniel L says:

    Long story short. Got it, like it. Has sim unlock, can it used? Also, will it have multi-windows update? Thx, Verizon sch-535 user.

  186. Kabir says:

    I just got my S3, I rooted and proceeded to load the CM10 rom. After some time using the CM10 it seems like the screen resolution was not as good as with the stock rom. Also speed wise it stumbled through panes like my old evo4g, nothing as smooth as with the stock rom. I have used CM7 on a number of device and I remember it being pretty crappy in terms of battery life, CM10 didnt seem any better on the S3. Has anyone found anything better than CM10? I’m looking for something as solid as the EVO4g Classic rom.

  187. Joe says:

    Is it better to run the CM10 stable or Cyanogen nightlies? How often do they update stable editions??

    • Paul says:


      The stable release is always the safe bet. I usually check the changelog for the nightlies before deciding if I want to risk updating. I have been updating every few days and haven’t run into any major issues up until the 10.1 release.

      I updated to the first 10.1 nightly and learned the hard way that there is a huge bug that is causing people to lose all data connectivity. I went through 2 days of fixes, including manually injecting my IMEI that was somehow lost in the process, and I finally have everything running using the latest pre-10.1 nightly (10-20121216-NIGHTLY-d2att).

      • MartinJ says:

        There is also a huge bug that hard bricks your phone… I was flashing the nightlies every handful of days and just hard bricked my phone… I was able to flash CWM Recovery one time and when I tried to restore one of my several backups, it told me I have no backups. So from there, I tried to go into Download mode using ODIN… which says it “passed!”… but now I can’t go into Recovery OR Download mode….

  188. Syxguns says:

    Joe and Kabir,

    Everyone has different ROMS that they like, so your questions are difficult to answer. CM10 is one of the more stable ROMS and is very popular, but I only used it for a day. I wanted more than CM10 was giving me. I flashed a few different ROMS until I fell in love with MIUI. I have not seen a ROM that tops what I currently have on my phone for me personally, but I’m always on the lookout.

  189. RedOctober says:

    i switched from iphone 4s to the s3 2 months ago and i love the s3. After messing with a couple roms, to me, this is absolutely THE BEST ROM out there! i love everything about it!!!! i cant stop wakeing it just to put it back to sleep!!! =)

  190. MyersAllen says:

    I am not getting the launcher setting when I go to settings. Under Interface, only lock screen, themes, and systems are showing. Did I do something wrong or do I need to do something?

  191. Adrian says:

    Installed this ROM lastnight, everything went smooth. But for some reason my camera doesn’t work, any ideas?

  192. Pael says:

    After putting on the latest stable release my phone doesn’t make it past Activating. I did a full wipe when I installed the stable release. Any ideas? I’ve tried re-installing 3 times, wiping each time, to no avail.

    • Pael says:

      Figured I’d answer my own question. I found this on another forum: You may get stuck at the point where your phone is trying to activate! No big deal…wait it out and after it lets you into your phone, go to settings, more, mobile networks, and change your CDMA subscription from NV to RUIM/SIM and reboot…after your phone has rebooted, you will have service and mobile data!!!

  193. Pael says:

    I’m running 10.0.0 stable and when I’m on a call the dialpad doesn’t work. I did a clean install a number of times. Has anyone else run across this issue?

    • Pael says:

      Figured I’d answer my own question again for the benefit of anyone else who may have the same problem. After doing some more testing I found that this was only occurring when I was calling my voicemail. I had set my voicemail number to include pauses and automatically input my password and take me to my messages. After changing my number back to defaults (without the pauses, etc.) things are working fine. So the problem looks to only happen if you have a custom number with pauses, etc. in it.

  194. Jerry says:

    Unrooting now from CM10. I’m with Rogers (Canadian) and LTE does not work with cm10. I’ve read tons of other posts about this problem as well. Please let me know if you hear of a solution. =]

  195. Mark K says:

    Anybody any idea why the GSM does not show as an option? Only CDMA (verizon phone)

    If I flash the ROM immediately after recovering/restoring the factory Jelly Bean Rom from verizon, I get GSM, but if I flash it again, or after another custom rom.. no GSM




  196. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know if this rom has built in permission controls for Apps?

  197. Sandro says:

    I am finding this less stable than M1 in some critical areas:

    1. Phone App
    1a. Phone calls sometimes transmit voice as a mechanical sounding garbled mush – sorry it is difficult to explain in exact terms. Suffice it to say that the sound quality is worse than poor. This problem will persist until the phone is restarted.
    1b. When using the T9 feature to find contacts in order to make a call, often times the app will not load the contact. To mitigate this, I have to leave the app (by hitting the home button) then return to it.
    2. Notification bar graphics issue:
    Sometimes (i have not been able to pin down what triggers this), upon pulling the notification bar down, the screen will flicker/strobe.

    • Sandro says:

      Note for flickering graphics issue in notification bar: I am using Nova Launcher. I will test to see if disabling nova launcher makes a difference.

  198. MartinJ says:

    Bummer. Tried this out when Max posted it, but had too many issues with things not working correctly (camera, browser, Apollo). I’ve been flashing the latest nightlies every few days and always have more or less the same issues. I really liked the CM ROMs on my HTC EVO OG, but on the Sprint GS3 they don’t seem to work so well for me… If only I could help…

  199. Hendrik says:

    Hey Max, will this work on android 4.1.1? I’m using the SGH-T999.

  200. Aldi says:

    Great ROM. My daily driver but, is anybody else having connectivity issues with 3G or Bluetooth? It seems to lose 3G after I move a couple miles in a car, bike etc. but after I get to a new location I have to re-boot to get any data signal. Suggestions?

  201. OJ says:

    have a problem with my at&t S3. I updated to the latest CM10 Rom and when I installed the Gapps back again the S3 starts showing an error message. I did re-install the Rom but suddenly the Smartphone didn’t response back any more. What can you tell me the about this issue to put my S3 up and running.

  202. Ken says:

    Max, thanks so much for all your videos and tutorials.

    However, installing google apps 4.2 with CM10 causes the camera to freeze. I tried google apps 4.1.2 and so far I have no problems. I thought you should know, so you can make the correction in your instructions

    • Pael says:

      Same thing happened to me. In my case the only thing that locked the camera was when I took a “normal” picture. When I take photosphere and panoramic pictures they work fine. I liked the photosphere so my solution was to install another camera app for “general” picture taking (I chose CameraZoom FX). I only use the stock camera for Photosphere and panoramic photos.

  203. Walter says:

    on my S3 wont run… i install the rom then the gapps and NOTHING… i dont know why…

  204. orlando says:


  205. Sarat says:

    hi…i had bought this phone and brought it to India (unlocked it)…
    if i install this ROM will i have any network issues…..???
    The network bandwidth in india is
    2G – 900/1800 MHz
    3G – 2100 MHz….

    Plz reply soon…..

  206. Gertjan says:

    What about the worldwide version of the Samsung Galaxy S3?

  207. George says:

    Hey after flashing this i got an update to 4.2.1, i did that so far so good, i flash 4.2 gapps, EVERYTHING force closes on me, why???

  208. David says:

    Im having problems connecting to my internet and wifi after a simple reboot of my phone. The only that works is if i factory reset my phone… would anyone help me please. I have the t-mobile galaxy s3 and installed the most recent cm10.1 nightly 20130224

  209. Jeff says:

    I have this ROM up and running (1st ROM) so I’m new to custom roms. I’ve back up all of my rom’s on Rom Manager however my problem is when I go to the Google Play Store to install Rom Manager in CM10 to let me put my apps back it say’s that it is already installed on the phone and won’t let me install it. This holds true for all the apps I have already installed on the phone under the stock ICS. I’ve tried wiping the cache and that didn’t work what do I need to do to let me put ROM Manager back on?

  210. Alex Perera says:

    Whats the best ROM for battery life?

  211. me says:

    Max , help me , my google voice is not workin’ i press on it , it pop up and then close app .

  212. Sarat says:

    max plz help…y am i not able to transfer files using wifi direct…..

    • Max says:

      Try Fast File Transfer:

  213. Jeff says:


    I have this ROM up and running (1st ROM) so I’m new to custom roms. I’ve back up all of my rom’s on Rom Manager however my problem is when I go to the Google Play Store to install Rom Manager in CM10 to let me put my apps back it say’s that it is already installed on the phone and won’t let me install it. This holds true for all the apps I have already installed on the phone under the stock ICS. I’ve tried wiping the cache and that didn’t work what do I need to do to let me put ROM Manager back on?

  214. Kevin says:


    I downloaded this ROM and recently switched to CM 10.1 and it is running great on my phone. One of the only negatives about this ROM is that I no longer have some of the Samsung Apps that I previously did. Is there a way to reinstall apps like Allshare, Group play, and Kies?

  1. November 18, 2012

    […] on Metro's S3 The S3 has a pretty large community and I'm pretty simplistic. This page: CM10 ROM STABLE for Rooted Galaxy S3! [Android 4.1.2][AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Cellular/M… Has a link for CM10 but when I download it it says verizon on the file name. The question to end […]

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