GalaxyMOD ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon][Multi-window]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out GalaxyMOD ROM for your AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, MetroPCS, or USCellular. (For Canadian GS3, you can use AT&T or T-Mobile)

I’ve been actually following this ROM for awhile now and I think it’s finally ready for prime time.

First, the GalaxyMOD ROM brings multi-window with all apps enabled. And yes, for those of you with AT&T or T-Mobile, you can enjoy full multi-window on your phone (also latest Synergy has multi-window for AT&T/T-Mobile too).

There’s just one ROM file to install on the GalaxyMOD ROM for all the variants with an AROMA installer that you can choose your carrier during install. There is one bug on the ROM that you must address when you first install it, you have to disable the “Galaxy S3 Ripple” (change to another lockscreen) and also the ripple effect otherwise you will end up in a lock during second boot causing a soft brick. *VERY IMPORTANT!!!*

But other than that minor workaround, the GalaxyMOD ROM is rather fast, lightweight and brings a ton of features that you will enjoy including 23 toggles, overclocking up to 1.9Ghz, 5×6 TouchWiz launcher, custom UI, and more.

So, check it out for this week’s ROM of the week if you have a dual-core Galaxy S3 and do let me know how it fared for your GS3!


Download GalaxyMOD ROM (for all dual-core GS3)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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81 Responses

  1. Ebad says:

    Hey max I want to try it out on canadian gs3 and I want to know one thing where is the link for At&t rom so that I can download it and give it a try…
    Will be waiting

  2. Howard says:

    Does emoji includes in the options???

  3. fabian says:

    Hey Max currently im on liquidsmooth rom i want to try this rom out do i just wipefactory data then install this?

  4. john says:

    Does this Rom come with the note 2 keyboard with the numbers at
    the top

  5. john says:

    What does it mean to change the lock screen. . From swipe. .I understand to turn off ripple. .

  6. kashif says:

    someone willing to explain aroma installer and where to get it etc?

  7. Jon says:

    Wi-Fi does not work, installed multiple times.

  8. fred says:

    could someone put a link to a good kernal wih this rom for verizon? THanks!!!!!
    also where is the best place to look for kernals and what is he diff between touch and ASOP?

  9. Joe says:

    Hey Max, it looks like I soft bricked my TMO S3. I installed it without a problem but noticed the battery juice being sucked up like crazy so I downloaded the option to change to blue and when I went to reboot it locked up with the Samsung logo.
    How do I get out of this lock. Please answer me asap, I’m going out of town this weekend.
    Thanks, Joe.

    • Joe says:

      I got it figured out…………somebody else in another forum suggested I do a factory reset and that fixed it.

  10. Mahmoud says:

    Hi folks. I installed this Rom yesterday and my playstore is not working. I can’t download any app on my phone. I really like this ROM. Can you help me please?

  11. Eman says:

    after installing this Rom for some reason all my files in my internal sdcard are now hidden i can see them in clockworkrecovery but the phone doesnt scan them. does anyone know how i can retireve thses files it contains my titanium backup files and files from previous apps . please help thanks

    • Eddie says:

      you should go to titanium backup, go to preferences, look for the option of where the backups are located, select the auto-detect feature, click whole device and click use this location when found.
      that should work, if not you can simply move the files over to the new folder it made.

  12. jan rivera says:

    this rom freezes my phone and I have to reboot but still not working in my GS3 i747. I change the rom for the jedi invasion work but the LTE does not turn. what is the problem. someone also freezes the phone with this rom?

  13. ilya says:

    Anyone else having problems with phone and contacts crashing?? I can’t even open my phone option to call.

  14. Jason says:

    Downloaded this rom on AT&T S3.. Everything works good, took of ripple effect just like max said. But I’m having trouble with messaging stock app… I can receive text, but can make them. Rebooted, still nothing.. Any suggestions? Anyone else having this issue? Thanks

  15. Luis says:

    I installed this ROM today and I can’t get hspa+ to work on my TMO GS3. My data stays on edge. I tried to mess with the data setting and all I get is Edge 2G. Anyone run into this issue? If no fix I’ll go back to Jedi Invasion. I love the look and function but I NEED at least 3G. Especially for tethering.

  16. Joe says:

    Hey Max,
    If my battery is draining way too fast and my phone gets too hot, which kernal should I flash. Please send me a link to the best kernal replacement option. Thanks, you’re the best dude.

  17. fabian says:

    phone and contacts keep crashing help please

  18. Luis says:

    After flashing this ROM my HSPA+ will not work. It stays on 2G Edge. I have even restored back to stock ROM and even unrooted it and did a factory reset. Still my phone stays on Edge no matter where I go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • jakeinator21 says:

      This is a common problem with current multi-window roms. You need to flash a custom kernel in order to get your data back. Faux kernel worked for me. It also helped a ton with battery life.

  19. Adams says:

    Is there anybody that has this ROM running ok? I’m seeing nothing but problems. Usually would get a couple of words of praise.

    • Joe says:

      Absolutely no one…………I gave up since Max is in hideout. Not answering any questions re this rom. But, I found an absolute gem of a rom……….I’ve always liked Wicked Roms and version 8 in Developers does not dissappoint. GREAT battery. Try it out.

      • Tyler says:

        Wicked ROMs, huh? It doesn’t seem like it has multi-view/window. Does it? I might consider it if it does. Plus Photosphere like Synergy does.
        (BTW, Max is “in hideout”? What?)

        • jakeinator21 says:

          Wicked rom is the best. It’s super stable, super fast, and has super great battery life. It’s not as customizeable as some of the other roms out there, but it is a super stable rom. Really well supported by the dev as well.

          • jakeinator21 says:

            Wicked doesn’t have multi-window and probably never will. Though if it ever does, you know dang well it will work flawlessly. It does do photo sphere though. Gives you an option during install to use either the galaxy note 2 or nexus 4 camera and gallery apps in place of the stock s3 ones.

  20. fabian says:

    fix the contacts problem now my internet doesnt work

    • juan montero says:

      How did you fix the contacts problem I can’t seem to go to my contacts or make any phone
      Calls or text please help

  21. scott says:

    max first of all the website is badass i check it almost daily!
    i just flashed the GalaxyMOD ROM on my sprint gs3 i got it running but i cant get any service or log in to my Google account it just crashes on me and takes me back to the settings menu.
    is there anything i can do to get this resolved? or do you have any tips/tricks i can do to slay this dragon?

  22. Hashem says:

    I’m getting an server error whenever I open google play store on this rom. Any suggestions?

  23. Ray says:

    Havent seen one good thing about this rom so far. Seems like once you get one thing working another one starts messing up!. i really want the multiwindow on my att s3! any updates on this rom yet?

  24. HT says:

    Phone and contacts are not working. I keep getting the Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped working message. I’m using AT&T GS3. Any help would be appreciated.

  25. fred says:

    i am not getting email although it says that the servers are setup correctly, i get gmail,but not my other accounts??? and i let the phone sit as you said

  26. john says:

    Does this Rom have the note 2 keyboard..with the numbers across the top..

  27. Rk says:

    Doesn’t even load after quite a few tries, it just stays stuck in an eternal loop

  28. robr11 says:

    I love, love, love the installation process. I also like the look of the rom. However, it FC’s when I try to open my contacts. I could get around that, but when I install apps it doesn’t show them on my home page or on my list of apps. At that point, I had to jettison.

  29. Tyler says:

    Flashed it…but even after disabling ripple and changing the lock screen, and then rebooting, it gets stuck on the lock screen and shows it sideways no matter what.
    SynergyROM works just fine though… Running it right now.

    AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747

  30. T says:

    Mobile networking isn’t working for Sprint…. Other than that I like it, fast and smooth.

    • T says:

      anyone know a fix?

      • jakeinator21 says:

        You have to flash a custom kernel. I used faux kernel and I got my data back, plus better battery life. Try different ones out and see if anything happens. Just make sure they are for your carrier and device. You might want to check out the xda-developers forum on this cuz tons of people have had this issue and could help you out.

  31. Jayydoggy says:

    Hey guys just get the new and update version on jelly bam. 6.5. Runs like a champ.. Answers all your problems

  32. IOEFJ says:


  33. IOEFJ says:

    lawl jk. put it in cdma instead of cdma/lte and it works. tanks doe

  34. dieseldogg says:

    I love the ROM !!! But where’s the T-Mobile WiFi calling? I have extremely poor reception at my house so unfortunately I must now uninstall…. Is there an apk for WiFi calling?? If there is could you please direct me to it, or show a little love to us T-Mobile users in shotty signal areas, next time around..
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work

  35. Ray says:

    i flashed this rom and everything was working fine. until i restored my back up from titanium.when the restore is almost finished i get the “unfortunately gapps. not working or something” i was previously on aokp 4.2.2. i tried downloading and flashing the 4.1.2 gapps which say is backward compatible with 4.1.1. still didnt work. this rom is running on 4.1.1. ive wiped almost 10 time snow because everytime i forget to disable the stupid ripple effect and stuck in the soft brick. are any oof you guys with titanium back up having this issue as well or know how to fix??

    • Ray says:

      i gave up on this rom! i got everything loaded bu tthen internet contacts not working! ugh i really wanted multi window but cant sacrifice the essentials to have it..back to aokp! no issues with that whatsoever

  36. jake says:

    Absolutely love this rom but…my service goes in and out as well as my data and also I can only send messages periodically!! Sucks beacuse its a very nice rom but without data and service its no good. Please help me if you have any ideas whats causing it. Its AT&T.

  37. Charles says:

    Work Great… The contact crash but i install another application for that… All other thing works very well.
    I will use this for now rom!


  38. pat says:

    When the phone switch’s to Lte I can’t send message or call

  39. Luis says:

    Not sure what happened when I flash this ROM but I could not get my HSPA+ to work. I tried reflashing. Restored back to stock. Factory reset. Nothing fixed it. My phone stayed on edge. Had to exchange my phone. I love the ROM. Its fast and clean and everything works except the HSPA+ or HSPA. Hope a patch comes soon for this one fixing that issue.

    • jakeinator21 says:

      Tons of people have had the same problem. The common fix around the community is to flash a custom kernel. Faux kernel worked for me. Got data back, plus greatly improved battery life.

      • Luis says:

        I installed ktkernal but that didnt work. I already switched out my phone under warranty. If I try another ROM and run into that issue I’ll try a custom kernal like faux kernal.

  40. Hector says:

    WiFi doesn’t work!

  41. Joe says:

    67 complaints about this ROM and counting…………it doesn’t work. Max should remove it from his site. I’m dissappointed in you Max……………not even answering our concerns.


  42. Solid Link says:

    Rom works great except for draining the battery really fast. switching roms
    Galaxy s3 tmobile

  43. Deven says:

    Does anyone recommend this as a daily driver?

  44. Rico says:

    FOR AT&T
    If your contacts or phone force close flash this.
    If you data or texts mess up flash this
    Use Ktweaker kernel and you should be straight

  45. FIRAT says:

    Hi, Max

    How u doing?

    i have problem abt my micro sd card. I rooted my at@t s3 and use jedi rom but phone s cant see or removed sd card. I did it format 2 times but happened again.

    How can fix it?


  46. joe a says:

    I flashed this rom on my verizon gs3 and it seems to be working perfectly except when I download an app it isnt added to my multiview sidebar? Does anyone know why?

  47. Alex says:

    Flashed the rom to my verizon gs3 everything works until i restart the phone. I keep getting FC on all my apps. i wiped everything before install and tried all kernels without success. maybe its just me…

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