HyperDrive ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Cellular/MetroPCS/Cricket]

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For those of you who want some great themes (Galaxy S4, HTC Sense, Xperia Z, or AOSP) along with multi-window (enabled for all apps using Multi-Window control app), and lots of customization, check out the latest version of HyperDrive ROM. Also, the ROM offers complete customization of theme using Mophology (similar to MOAR ROM) if you want.

We checked out this ROM about 2 months ago and it was working great on my Verizon S3. Well, the latest version I tested works flawless now for all the carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. It should also work great on US Cellular, MetroPCS, and Cricket although you will have to be the guinea pig since I don’t have those phones.

HyperDrive ROM is probably one of the best multi-carrier ROMs out there (along with Synergy ROM) that brings you the latest features with everything working out of the box.

For data, 4G LTE and HSPA+ works perfect out of the box for all carriers so you should have no problems with that.

Other notable features include Screen-off Playback YouTube app (choose custom installation in AROMA), TWO cameras (you can choose PhotoSphere Android 4.2 camera with either Galaxy S3 or Note 2 camera), audio mods (Awesome Beats v5, Mega Bass Audio, Ac!d Audio v7, or Viper 4 Audio), louder volume MOD, Galaxy S4 apps(including keyboard, S translator, S-Voice), and some more.

This ROM is full packed, you can turn your Galaxy S3 into an Xperia Z, HTC One, or Galaxy S4 while enjoying full multi-window. E.g. If you install Xperia Z theme, it’s like having a Sony Xperia Z with Multi-Window.

I can’t even list all of the features on this ROM but that’s just the tip of the iceberg so definitely give it a twhirl this week(end) and do let me know how it went. Don’t forget to list the model number of your Galaxy S3 when asking for help!


Download HyperDrive ROM for Galaxy S3 (For all AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Celluar/MetroPCS/Cricket)

If you have Canadian S3, match the first 6 letters of your model number to AT&T SGH-i747 or T-Mobile SGH-T999 and install AT&T or T-Mobile.

See latter part of video overview of installation instructions!

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer SBreen94 or hit the "Thanks" button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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92 Responses

  1. Bob B says:

    Thanks Bro, can’t wait to give it a whirl………..

  2. PabloS3 says:

    installing that junk 🙂

  3. manny says:

    Is there floating keyboard while in multiwindow?

  4. Alliance says:

    Hi ! This ROM have a multilanguage ???

  5. randy says:

    does this rom need gaaps?, if so which one

  6. randy says:


  7. tdm says:

    It has many glitchssss like translation program, iheart radio. It has many conflicts.

  8. batman2101 says:

    No service on sph-l710 sprint gs3… updated prl and profile but still no service it says service has failed and stopped working

    • Batman2101 says:

      Got it to work but no 4g Lte… Just CDMA works

      • Decotra says:

        Make sure you delete all data and cache. read the instructions when you first start to flash the rom. i had to restart like three times then got it right. mine works just fine

    • Ivan says:

      It sucks to because u text an it fails no worth on sprint I glad you can prl and profile update cause it was no where to be found on my phone

  9. Darien says:

    Honestly this is one of the best ROMs out there when it comes to customization. But I had a few problems with mine. It comes with the note 2 camera and the 4.2 photosphere camera, although the picture function worked, the video did not work on either camera, it froze every time. Second, I could not get picture mail. My phone lit up like it was receiving a message but when i looked at my messages I didn’t have anything. Obviously those are two pretty major things that need to work on a phone. Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if this is just the ROM

  10. George2 says:

    good rom only problem with the verizon version wireless hotspot not working

  11. Andretti Machiavelli says:

    It freezes and won’t let me download when I enter the security code.

  12. Patrick says:

    Does anyone know if the Wifi Hotspot works on this rom?

  13. ian says:

    Data is working but cant send text or make phone calls and activation keeps failing on At&t anyone else have this problem. I use thousands of text

    • steve says:

      I have the same problem , activation i fix it . just call 611 for one minute , thats all , after that playstore star working , text message , not working at all …. i had to restore to stock rom

    • Toby says:

      I have this problem on RLS13 and RLS14. I flashed the ATT LTE FIX and after a few reboots no sms again. Any one have a working permanent fix? I have found if you turn airplane mode on then off, everything works until reboot.

  14. ian says:

    Never mind I guess you just have to let it sit for a while I installed a few times.. the key is multiple reboots sorry about that so far good rom I will use for a few days and give my thoughts. Thanks Sbreen94

  15. PabloS3 says:

    tethering problem, will show network but computers will not connect to it. how to fix? what kernel can i use?


  16. Yolo139 says:

    Nice ROM, lots of customization. BUT ITS HUGE. Wish it was packaged based on carrier.

  17. Raymond Chan says:

    This Rom is so Slow and Lag……..

  18. windy says:

    Battery life so bad.I’m going back to jelly bean rom build 15 the coolest of all !!!!

  19. Ramnath says:

    Really good customizable options but too slow and lags. Keeps freezing all the time. Cannot use even 2 aps at the same time, so multi-window seems kinda a waste here! Really disappointed!

  20. Darien says:

    To all the people who say this rom is slow: Mine runs just fine. Multi-window works great and everything runs smoothly. Maybe you guys should go into developer options and lower the animations or turn them off.

  21. JTaylor says:

    it’s kinda frustrating that you can’t install more dictionaries

  22. Buddy A. says:

    This might be small to most but as much as I like this rom I have one issue. Where the hail is the screenshot option..? I can’t find it anywhere in the settings and it isn’t in the power menu nor can you swipe your hand over. If someone has found it let me know please and thanks.

    • Buddy A. says:

      Disregard this message. It was the swiping of the palm I guess mines was to big for the phone. This will take getting use to as I’ve always had it on the power button but it is what it is… Wish they had a option to switch it. Oh well…

  23. Buddy A. says:

    On the flip when I switch from JellyBam to this even tho I used Titanium Backup it didn’t read any of the files or back ups which suck because I lost all of my stuff but it is what it is… Comes with the terrority

  24. khader yehya says:

    I installed this Rom a couple of days ago and it works awesome with my verizon s3. thanks man keep up the good work and keep an eye out for Key Lime Pie!

  25. nate says:

    Super bad ass rom! Im surprised that it is as fast as it is running on the stock kernel (I747). If tou are having problems with this rom, try reading the instructions first. Make sure to wipe cache and data, and dont try a dirty install. Havent been able to rest 4g. My area doesnt pick it up very well. Another great one from the deviant crew

  26. mike says:

    Thanks I finally found a rom worth changing so far havnt seen any bugs spank you gently

  27. Fatkid27 says:

    Can’t get my contacts back I used Titanium Backup everything else works great any help would be greatly appreciated.
    ATT SGH-I747

  28. uriel says:

    I got this rom for cricket and the only problem I have with it is the camara. PLease help me, I will appreciate it
    ; )

  29. Frank says:

    can you post some videos on custom kernels? s3 i747

  30. Adam says:

    REALLY wanna try Hyperdrive on my Verizon i535 S3 but neither of the two download links are working worth a darn. Should take 16 hours….. 🙂 Anyone got a solid link?

    – Adam

  31. Frank says:

    link is working. keep trying

  32. cruz says:

    Everything works except for my playstore help please i am using a i747m for rogers and installed using the AT&T

  33. Sam says:

    WARNING, when I installed this rom under the xperia settings, I got a BOOT LOOP, UGH, but I was still able to get into download mode, flash stock, re root, and now im hesitant on re flashing this rom. Dont get me wrong, when your sick of samsungs touchwiz or googles asop/ cyanogen style roms this is just the dopest of the dope. I recommend going through the longest install options, then after install then re do the aroma wizard and put only what you want on, you can either have a lot of crap or a lightweight system. Sticking with illusion for now for battery and performance. But i will FOR SURE re flash this once its more stable 🙂

  34. David says:

    WIFI Tether is not working for the metro version either which I use a lot that is my only gripe

  35. Franco says:

    All, please follow the recomendations of deleting the Dalvik 3 times, delete the Cache 3 times and Delete all data/Factory reset 3 times. I tried once and ofcourse did not work. Then stopped and did all the deletes 3 times. After that I reflashed and it worked ok. Only thing pending is HotSpot. This is a good ROM. good with battery also. God bless you all !!!

  36. Jon says:

    Cannot get wallet to work. Sits at “Setting up wallet. This may take up to 5 minutes.” Then throws an error that wallet has stopped working.

  37. Alex says:

    Text messaging is not working. The APN settings are incorrect but I can’t change them. Any suggestions?

  38. whiteboydb says:

    i bricked my galaxy sgh i747 using this i think 🙁 screen black, i no its not ur fault im just upset cuz i just got the phone after years with a cheap flip

  39. TQ says:

    The battery life on this is not great. Should have known when the ROM page makes a point to mention that battery problems are user’s fault not theirs. I followed the instructions and wiped thrice and did everything they asked but the battery still went from 75% at 11pm at night to completely off when i woke up at 7.

    It didnt make it through the day without being plugged in twice to the car for an hour either

    • whiteboydb says:

      so i might try to buy a new battery? i got a usb jig comin n mail but when i plug in phone red led light pops up for a sec then goes black. u think its batterary or bricked?

  40. Tweexter says:

    Anyone have any luck with Wifi tether programs or the stock hotspot app?

    • Jon says:

      Having trouble with that as well. However if if I install apex launcher I can use the trev mod no problem. The mobile hotspot is recognized but will not connect. This rom also like to freeze on boot up.

  41. Adam says:

    Yikes! I love this ROM but tethering is going to be a deal breaker for me quick if it doesn’t get fixed. I’m on Verizon with the i535. S-Translator doesn’t seem to be working for me at all either.. kicks me out. Ideas?

    What “S4” style ROMS with multi-windows, etc DO have a working tether?


  42. Buddy A. says:

    Great rom I like all the things that you can do with it BUT there’s one major flaw that I have re-a curing. The phone will randomly freeze up in landscape mode (Sideways) and I am not able to unlock it or do anything to it. After taking the battery out when it reboots it goes right back to that screen and I am still not able to do anything with it. It stays like that until I erase the cache and dalvik cache files( Actually doing this for about the 5th time today as I type this) that the phone will go back to normal until randomly within 1-3hrs it will do it again. I have already tried multiple hard resets as well as installing the rom naked afterwards and installing things as if it’s a bring new phone and it’s the same result. Other than that the rom is great but that is a lot to go through.

  43. Bigluva79 says:

    Contacts is screwy. I got wrong labels for my telephone numbers ie it says work fax instead of mobile for all contacts. The labels for events wont let me input a custom label. I wiped everything 3x’s and rebooted 3x’s. No luck.

    My reception is terrible now. Had excellent reception in same spot before flash. HELP PLEASE

    Sprint Galaxy S III SPH-L710

  44. daniel says:

    when watching videos online the player doesn’t work you can only download , cant instant watch

  45. Jarim says:

    This has been the most stable ROM on my T999 and I’ve had it going for around a month now. Usually, I end up changing ROMs after a week or two, but this one is a keeper. Everything works smoothly.

    One thing I learned is that GO Keyboard doesn’t want to work with this ROM and will make it flicker and freeze up (at least it did for me).

  46. Dan says:

    I cant get camcorder to work. Can someone send me the link to fix it please.

  47. Adam B says:

    i tried it out for my Sprint gs3 for about 2 weeks now. it started out fine but eventually started getting really hot (109degrees), freezing up nd auto-rebooting. i read that many people had issues with the MMS and video recording. MMS worked fine for me but the recording kept force closing. its a nice ROM but needs work, too many bugs for daily usage. it eventually went outta wack.

  48. jorge says:

    install this rom today very easy no problem thank you

  49. Brandon says:

    Lte works on att. But mms only works on hspa+. Tried multiple time deleting cache and dalvik but still doesnt work right.

  50. Ken says:

    So far I really love this rom. Flashed it two days ago on my AT&T G3 and all is working good except for MMS. I can’t receive picture messages. Is there a fix for this anywhere? Thanks.

  51. Fatkid says:

    Hey Max
    I have a question it might be dumb to some but what’s the difference between RLS12 & RLS13 I’m running SLR13 and have a lot of apps stops my brother is using SLR12 and rarely has stops I’m thinking about using the SLR12 what do you think?
    ATT SGH-I747

  52. Matrox says:

    Hey Max,
    I just installed this ROM and after the reboot it went thru the iniital boot animation and then just went black. Not sure what the problem is but now I can’t access my CWM or anything. I’ve tried taking the battery out & rebooting it several times & it just seems like its in a reboot loop. Please help cause I selected the correct phone during the ROM install process. I’m sure what can I can or need to do to get back to reflash it or just back to normal. Thanks.

  53. king says:

    This rom will Not install for some reason tips on have to make it work

  54. Ricky says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. There is no Wifi Calling under Settings > Wireless & Network > More Settings > ????

  55. dave says:

    When I flash this Rom to my at&t galaxy sigh i747 why does it change the name of the make of the phone like it doesnt say sigh i747 anymore??

  56. jorge says:

    cant receive picture please fix

  57. KJ says:

    Hey Max,
    Great review on this ROM. I have 3 issues however… I’m running this on the Sprint SPH-L710 and have installed and uninstalled several times per instructions, performed necessary wipes 3x… but problems persist. 1) no voicemail – neither sprint VVM nor pressing and holding 1 or the voicemail icon on dial pad bring me to voicemail. I have to dial my own number multiple times daily to see if I have any messages as I don’t receive any notifications that I have voicemails waiting. 2) No camcorder in either the AOSP 4.2 camera or the note 2 camera, and 3) No hotspot connectivity. I love the versatility of this rom, but as many others have noted, it should be bundled by carrier instead of one massive file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  58. Kevin says:

    Hey Max i need instructions on how i should install it for boost mobile like the camera isnt working at all! i need help soon because the phone inst even my its my friends it works flawless on my sprint gs3 i would appreciate the help

  59. Wayne says:

    I think this is a great ROM i’ve just had a few issues that i’ve noticed . Ok the first one is i can’t seem to get the tether to work with my samsung tablet. Also i’ve noticed that i can’t send picture of video through messaging. Just get stuck sending and never does anything. I haven’t had time to look for solutions myself yet but thought i should inform you of this.

  60. Fleuf says:

    MMS Not work0ing, and now I can’t play any videos through the youtube app or even through a browser…
    Also tried the updated version of this RLS14 and then almost every app crashed :/
    Running this on T-Mobile T-999

  61. Marcelo says:

    Hey Max, I need help! when trying to format and install this rom, the formatting stops half way through and it freezes. After restarting I am still able to install the new rom but for some reason I cannot complete the format leaving old files still in the memory of the phone.

  62. Bryan says:

    Just an FYI – Release 14 is out for Hyperdrive found over at XDA, and it is by far the best ROM I have ever flashed! The same customization as in all Hyperdrives, but everything works really well, and the battery life is the best in any ROM I have ever flashed. According to Better Battery Stats; only loses around 1.8 – 3.3 per hr. Best I’ve ever seen!

  63. Aaron says:

    I have been running rls14 for a few weeks its the best rom iv flashed for my s3 so far! For the people who are having issues its because your not following directions right..

  64. mandeep says:

    my camera is not working !!!! plz help me !!!!

  65. CASEY BEZDEK says:


  66. Plastek_Shark says:

    So I downloaded the .zip file…but when I try to copy it to my phone it will just sit there saying copying but not doing anything. I tried using Tera Copy, but I get a “Target Folder not available \card or \phone. Depending on which storage I try to save it on. I then tried a SamsungS3Recovery.zip and that transferred just fine, as do all other files. Any idea as to what is going on? O.o

  67. Rudy says:

    Was wondering if there is a 4.2.2 version of this for the tmobile S3. the 4.1 that it comes with drains battery quickly even with cpu sleeper. i just like the Sony Xperia theme lol its awesome. Great job to all

  68. Karan madhavi says:

    this rom working on galaxy s3 i9300???

  69. Karan madhavi says:

    this rom working on galaxy s3 i9300???
    plz plz help me !!

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