Jedi Invasion ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3! [SGH-i747/SGH-T999][Best ROM]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Jedi Invasion ROM version 5 for your AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S3 by XDA user Ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here).

I think Jedi Invasion ROM is probably one of the most stable stock-like ROMs out there right now with features you definitely need over stock.

Some notable features on the latest version include Deviant kernel (Also by ROM developer Ptmr3) with overclocking up to 1.988Ghz, Sony Bravia engine 2, Awesome Beats, higher volume mod, 5×5 TouchWiz launcher, customizable 23 toggles, Gmail 4.2, and lots of performance/ram/battery tweaks.

Although multi-window is actually here for some custom ROMs, I haven’t found them stable enough to run on my AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S3 yet. So I keep coming back to this ROM, Jedi Invasion, which I think will be the best ROM until someone is able to come up with a multi-window ROM that’s stable.

If you haven’t tried Jedi Invasion ROM yet, definitely give it a test drive this weekend and let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Invasion ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download Jedi Invasion ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Credits – XDA <--- Don't forget to donate to the developer ptmr3 if you like this ROM, thx!

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66 Responses

  1. jon wall says:

    Do I have to wipe my data if I have the last version of jedi invasion

  2. Damage says:

    Hmmm… The SynergyRom r326 that was just released has very stable multi-windows. Kernel, however, needs to be replaced with a different TouchWiz based Kernel (Running Faux Kernel with it and so far, so good). Give it a try.

  3. JuneBugg says:

    I just flashed this rom, and its fast & stable I like it. The SynergyRom is good and with the update on xda multiwindow works and I flashed ktoonz kernel and overclocked it . It was gud and fast but battery life wasnt as good as Wicked Rom 7.

  4. Jim says:

    does the jedi invasion 5 does it have init.d Support?? Please answer

  5. Jim says:

    do you know what i like about this web site? no one ever answer any questions… this rom I installed before and now I know why I didnt like it you can not install a sd card.. what good is this rom

  6. Mark says:

    I factory reset and wiped chaches and was still getting random reboots. Was fast while it worked, shame. And right Jim lol

  7. nate says:

    This is a nice update from the last one. So far so good! Very stable and fast. Gs3 att

  8. Daniel says:

    Except that this ROM has serious issues with external SD cards…as in they won’t even mount. Additionally the developer won’t be releasing any new updates besides kernal additions.

    It’s nice to have a non-bloated Jelly Bean TouchWiz ROM, but no external SD card support means it might as well not exist.

  9. Ebad says:

    Will this rom work with my canadian gs3 model i747m.. Pleas reply ?

    • Mark says:

      This ROM is perfect. I have used it on Canadian i747m without any glitches. I’ve testing everything, text messaging, whatsapp, browsers, etc. and in different languages. Works beautifully. As with all the 4.1.1 ROMs, even the original ROMs, Skype doesn’t work properly with video conferencing. But if you are still contemplating on this ROM, don’t, this is one of the best ROMs that have almost 100% of the original features that came from factory. I just install Nova Launcher and makes everything so much nicer! And it’s free!

  10. almofari says:

    I found that accessing speed dial settings makes the contact application to stop working when you try to add a contact to the list. Also, when I use swype (continuous input) a minimal flick appears on the keyboard

  11. seshu says:

    This is a awesome ROM. I have been using this for att s3 and it is running flawlessly so far so. I tried several other roms but none beat this ROM.
    Thank you guys for such a wonderful rom.

  12. Douglas Lavery says:

    I flashed the rom last night (2/01/2013) and have been in heaven ever since. What surprised me was that all my installed apps (~100) remained and were functional – I didn’t restore 1 backup! The new sound is awesome, like all the other improvements. Benchmarks jumped up the scale and I haven’t even over-clocked yet! Try it…

  13. Abdel says:

    Hey guys do u know if this rom supports multi window?

  14. windy says:

    Really fast.just got 7029 running quadrant standar, but theme is not pretty at all
    Went back to jelly bean wicked my #1

  15. S3 says:

    Do you have tmobile vers yet ?

    • windy says:

      Yes. I flashed it on my tmobil gs3 .I love the darth stalker and the wicked v6 better
      Got to love the stock launcher with the blue keyboard

  16. maikol07 says:

    Does it have wifi calling for tmobile?

  17. Howard says:

    Reboot to recovery mode, click advance then fix Permissions then reboot system. Ur contacts will be fixed.

  18. Chad says:

    I like this ROM so far, but i do have two issues with it. It is constantly popping up an error message saying that the email has stopped working, and when i try to set the overclock on my processor it never saves it and it goes right back to the default. Anyone have any suggestions?? Please email me if you do Thanks in advance

  19. Dan says:

    I’m having problem to connect to the Allshare Cast Gongle with this rom. The Allshare Cast coonection will automatically ended as soon as the connection established. Working perfectly with t-mobile’s stock rom. Is there anyway to fix it?

  20. seshu says:

    Do anyone have multi-window feature working on this ROM? I tried today and i always get FlashBarService has stopped. I tried dalvik cache wipe, fix permissions etc… but the issue remains.

    Anyone have ideas how to fix this?

  21. seshu says:

    appreciate your help if someone tell me what needed to get multiwindow works on this ROM?
    Seen a post in XDA that Developer already announced no more updates….

  22. Brian says:

    Not seeing “LTE” in the notification bar…is there a toggle or something or is the 4G suppose to be all-encompassing? I’d hate to lose LTE functionality….

  23. Terry says:

    Just press and hold your back button.
    Should get a tab on left side of screen.
    Touch tab and you should be able to scroll through all your installed apps.
    Think this is what they call the multi window 🙂

  24. Raymond says:

    Does anyone know is the free Wi-Fi tether works on this rom?

  25. Raymond says:

    Does anyone know is the free Wi-Fi tether works on this rom? I hope it will work.

  26. Leon Lamothe says:

    I cannot open my contacts… it says Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working!!

    also, the phone does not seem to save any of the settings i do in the CPU CONTROL app… im trying to downclock a bit because i find my phone is getting too hot… any tips??

  27. lee says:

    i have one problem with this rom. after shutting down myphone and turning it back on. the screen went blink black. even tho the screen touches still works. you can hear sounds and open apps. but you cant’ see anything.. had to restore my illusion rom back on.

  28. Jason says:

    Can’t download

  29. windy says:

    Does anyone has a link working to get the slim bean gaps for the new rom ?

  30. Steve says:

    Does anyone know how to change or remove the Jedi invasion text on the lockscreen and the “deviant development” text at the bottom of the notification drawer?

  31. Adam says:

    i downloaded the files but how do i install im using rom manager to do it from SD card

  32. Tyler says:

    I ran this ROM for a few days. It was good to not have bloatware and stuff…
    I don’t think I had any problems with the external sd card, and that’s probably because I formatted it as fat32 when it wouldn’t work with AOKP. It was also great that I could overclock. Still a shame that DS games can’t run smoothly still even with overclock.
    BEATS is useless to me. It just makes everything sound terrible, probably because it was designed for Beats headphones, and I have Bose AE2 headphones. It’s better if I just use Poweramp.
    Also I hated that I couldn’t open a certain app from the Play store (namely, Dragonvale). It was just a mess of glitches and a black screen and it wouldn’t run.
    Well…back to stock, only for the time being.

  33. Tyler says:

    Oh, and when you go into contacts on the phone app, it force closes.

    • cj15917 says:

      i restarted my phone and it all picked up…had the same force close. Saw somewhere on youtube that sometimes it takes up to an hour for the contacts to show up..but they get there.

  34. mrchow says:

    hey man great site, I’ve been following your stuff since i got my htc g2 awhile back. Anyways, I recently flashed this jedi invasion rom to my s3, everything is great except my gallery won’t open because it says i don’t have enough memory. What is odd is that I have memory both internally and on my sd card, also my music players won’t detect my music(which was on my sdcard). Oddly enough, the walkman app that came with jedi rom does detect my music… I am not sure if this happened because I originally used the internal/sd card memory swap script that you provided in my previous rom, although thats just a guess. Any help would be great, thanks!

  35. TaDiGs Ditches says:

    installed on my AT&T GS3 and get no contacts and google services fail.. i love the look and feel of the rom

  36. cj15917 says:

    is there a way to disable the slideout tray on the left side of the homepage?

  37. jaspersnip says:

    I keep getting the “unfortunately, contacts has stopped” and im not able to open contacts anymore. I’ve tried fixing permissions but still no dice. Anyone have a fix?

  38. sad guy says:

    Every time I try to use the multi windows. It dosnt work and I get a. Unfortinatly has stopped. Anyone know how to fix

    S3 1747

  39. Raymond says:

    Great Rom. only one thing I found. WeChat 4.5 doesn’t work on this Rom.

  40. marco says:

    im having throuble hearing other people when they
    call me

  41. cj15917 says:

    i cannot get gps to find me when using this rom…i switch to aokp and it spots me instantly…this one never locates

  42. johnnyp14 says:

    Tried flashing this for my ATT S3 the other day. It drains my battery like crazy. Came from stock ROM. In standby, it drains 1% every 2-4min. With screen on, it drains about 30sec-1min.

    Any suggestions??

    • johnnyp14 says:

      I tried removing the battery, clearing cache, etc., and nothing seemed to work. I forgot to plug my phone in for a few hours and it completely died. Charged it, and now it seems to have ‘fixed’ the issue.

  43. Hockeytown says:

    My GPS does work on this ROM, how can I get it working again?

    • cj15917 says:

      i had the same problem and noone responded so im assuming there’s no fix. I went back to aokp and the gps finds me instantly. Also went to stock touchwiz and the gps didnt work on there either :/

  44. james says:

    OK so I flashed Jedi invasion but my s3 is getting kinda hot really fast and even when I’m not using it. Also even after doing a facortory wipe nothing got deleted it still says I got only 3gb left when it should be 12

  45. Maximus says:

    Loaded rom, loving it! My contacts would crash upon opening, I disabled wifi calling under settings and now my contacts open ok. Question though, the rom I downloaded shows as version 4, not version 5. Did i miss something?Other than that loving this rom the most. Using At&t sgh-i747.

    • Maximus says:

      I also noticed the first time I charged my phone fully the screen came on stating full charge and stayed on. This was in the middle of night, when I woke up my phone had a overheating message up and phone about cooked itself. Charging during the day now.

  46. Axel says:

    Been using this rom for like a month on my Att S3 and works fine so far, the only problem im having is that it overclock’s it self don’t know whats wrong and awsome beats does not work, but other than that i luv this rom..:-):-):-)

  47. whiteboydb says:

    does anyone got a fix for the contacts crashing when you open it? i mean like everytime it crashes someone please help

  48. ak says:

    Can jedi run on 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 or does it have to stay on 4.1.1 and if so how do I upgrade to 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 without soft bricking my att galaxy s3 sgh i747

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