Synergy ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3! [STABLE][Multi-Window][Android 4.1.2]

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Synergy Team has just released their “r420” release of their Synergy ROM. The latest version of Synergy ROM comes upgrade with Android 4.1.2 base, and works for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon out of the box (test by myself). This is probably the best multi-carrier ROM for the dual-core Galaxy S3s right now and Synergy Team has finally done it, made a ROM that works for all 4 major carriers with 2 cameras (Android 4.2 PhotoSphere and Note 2 camera with Slow Motion/Time Lapse) working flawless and transparent multi-window bar enabled for all apps.

For Sprint or Verizon users, this might not sound like a big deal but for AT&T and T-Mobile users, I think this is a great deal considering there’s not that many ROMs with multi-window support working flawless out of the box.

The latest version also adds floating point keyboard for multi-window (just like Note 2), volume key shutter, 23 Lidroid Quick toggles, and more.

I am very impressed with the latest Synergy ROM and if you haven’t tried Synergy ROM r420, definitely give it a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Syngery ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3 (same file for all carriers, see latter part of video for installation instructions)


Credits – XDAdonate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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119 Responses

  1. tony says:

    yeah I downloaded it thursday night and put it on friday.. had a few bugs but think it was the ziggy kernal(go figure)….I redid it today and put the stock kernel back on and it is running great no problems so far here…..

  2. joehen says:

    Same file for all carriers even though when u click on the Link up top and it takes u to the download page it only says Verizon

  3. paul says:

    will this work on galaxy s3 rooted I747 running android I747MVLLH1 4.1.1 kernel 3.0.31-144999 with bell ?

  4. joehen says:

    Thanks max ur a genius

  5. Daniel says:

    Hey max I have a work phone and I need to encrypt the device none of the roms that you posted is able to do encryption, can you explain me why?

    • Deven28 says:

      You should just be able to encrypt your device in the security menu. Try going into Settings > Security > Encryption. Keep in mind you won’t be able to decrypt without performing a factory data reset. Hope this helps!

  6. tony says:

    It might mine is

  7. david says:

    my email not working synergy ROM T-Mobile

  8. Keith says:

    I installed latest rom, but my e-mail kept closing. I don’t know what I did wrong. If someone know who to fix the e-mail issue, it will be great. I love this rom more than CM10 so far. Thanks

  9. joe hen says:

    Ya my lockscreen is weird when i goto open my phone its on my homepage then quickly goes to lockscreen

  10. joe hen says:

    Ya my lockscreen is really buggy and cant even go into is fine though

  11. Kam says:

    Im having the Email problem too, and I REALLY need that for work. Rom seems kinda laggy as well. Doesnt seem too “Stable” to me. Having the 2 cameras and multiwindow is awesome though. Wish this other stuff was not buggy.

  12. De says:

    Hi, can someone please tell me why isn’t my multiwindow transparent?

  13. Mike R says:

    I kinda want to give this rom a try, but I feel like multi Window is kinda just hype. I’m running liquid smooth 4.2.2 and the interface is Sooo nice. Maybe when there is a stable 4 2 2 with multi Window. Plus I like aosp alot more than touchJizz

  14. will says:

    Everything works except for 4g. Gotta have that .. sprint Samsung s3

  15. Paul says:


    After I have installed synergy for my t-mobile s3, the auto-rotation is wacky. Like when i turn my screen horizontally the screen appear to be upsidedown. How do I fix this?


  16. tony says:

    I just used a app in play store called adaptive rotation lock it works good

  17. inder says:

    Hey max. Am stuck with 3g on my t mobile. How do I fix it. Thanks

  18. Eric Griffin says:

    No wi-fi on T-mobile makes it a no-go for me

  19. Zo says:

    My email and Google wallet is not working

    • Hockeytown says:

      Email was one of the main this not working for me… clicking the email app flashed a red boarder and then nothing.

  20. derk says:

    cannot add apn… help!!

  21. joe hen says:

    They have to put out another update like a fixer version for email and lockscreen

  22. Ebad says:

    Hey Max, Can I try this rom on my s3 i747m?

  23. Jaime says:

    it worked for a few hours then i dont know what happened i lost service? not sure if its a bug or i did something wrong.. i flashed it right and everything i have the tmo version of the s3

  24. paul says:

    stuck on the andriod screen.. do i need to wipe everything?

  25. danielp says:

    i cant get pass the sim activation,can someone help please.

  26. fred says:

    email is not opening not google but otther, also, can you give me a link for setcpu?

  27. William Agudelo says:

    Hello Max,
    I’ve downloaded the SYNERGY ROM r420 and installed it in my SG3 i747M. It seems to be working fine but when I check settings, about device in Model number it reads: SPH-L710.
    Where can I download the rom for my i747M????
    Thank you,

  28. reggie johnson says:

    Can send or recieve picture mail. Is there a fix

  29. joe hen says:

    Ya my model number l710 also. So does that mean now if i change roms i have to download a rom for l710 or the i747 which i have for at&t.???

  30. cj15917 says:

    So it flips upside down when going into landscape.the sphere cam doesnt work because of it. U cant add apn without an app.How can the word stable be put on this rom when major things are effed up?

    • dave says:

      so true….these 2 things are the only probs i have so far.

      • cj15917 says:

        i ended up finding a market app that would let me put an apn in..but the screen rotation thing is a nono for me…cant watch a movie in landscape unless ur laying upside down lol. Just wondering how during the the whole review of the rom noone flipped their phone to the side :0. I wanted this because dual cam is a nice thing..but until that stuffs fixed its back to aokp for me.

  31. William says:

    After installing SYNERGY ROM r420 on my SG3 1747M my SD Card stopped working. It’s dead. My pone says to mount sd card, but card is there. It just does not recognize it or something.

    • William says:

      I went back to stock rom on my i747M and my SD Card is working again. AIso, under settings, about device it now shows my i747M. I guess there are still some bugs that need to be fixed in the SYNERGY Rom. I hope they fix it, because it has a lot of interesting features which I really would like to use.

      • joe hen says:

        William what stock rom r u using and did u unroot ur phone???

        • William says:

          Yes, I unrooted my phone in order to install SYNERGY. It seems like a great rom but for my SGS3 i747M phone it was not. I really liked it but my SD Card didn’t work with SYNERGY Rom and my phones model number also changed to a different model making it imposible to download app via kies. The solotion was to install my stock rom my phone came with from Rogers and things are back to normal. Just wish they can fix SYNERGY Rom soon!

  32. joe hen says:

    Why is the model number changed after u install this rom.does anyone know or have ang ideas???

    • William says:

      The same thing happened to me making it impossible to download apps with my pc. Only with the google store on the phone.

  33. tony says:

    I believe the rom was built off of a sprint version n thats the model used to create it. William I flashed my rom without sdcard installed then put it back in n working fine

  34. juan montero says:

    has anybody found a fix for sgh-t999 wifi. for some reason its not working i cant even turn my wifi on please help.

  35. Jorge Hernandez says:

    Hey Max,

    After I have installed synergy for my t-mobile s3, the auto-rotation is wacky. Like when i turn my screen horizontally the screen appear to be upsidedown. How do I fix this?

  36. rocky says:

    A few problems with this, One for T-mobile WiFi does not work, however upon installing they gave a warning so I had to use the stock kernel, when installing everything. A few problems are with camera, for some reason the effect cartoonify does not work, I don’t have Samsung app store, s memo did not work, email does not work, fast motion kept freezing so I cleared data that fixed it. I flashed a zip file and got s memo to work. I installed a zip file and now I can have the feature on the note keyboard to let me draw and it types it when messaging browsing etc.. For email I had to download another app of app market and, I think that’s all.

  37. tony says:

    Dont think you can. And if you have problems like battery drain n using the ziggy kernel try redoing it with the stock kernel i did and it was better

  38. juan montero says:

    hey guys can some tell me if Qualcomm Secureboot: Enable means
    and if its ok or is something wrong. please get back to me thanks
    Product Name: SGH-T999
    Custom Binary Download: Yes(1 Counts)
    Current Binary: Custom
    System Status: Official
    Qualcomm Secureboot: Enable

  39. Luis says:

    Hi, someone is facing some troubles with the screen rotation? this is my only issue!! iยดm using ziggy kernel

  40. fred leff says:

    i can’t get my email to work it opens and sits on a dark screen and nothing happens


    • Michael A says:

      Those who have problems with Email, replace the app for the one in the link, they can do it with root explorer, remember set proper permissions and reboot…

  41. olias m says:

    i flashed this rom on my tmobile phone, coming from liquid smooth 4.2.2. i did everything the same way as i’ve done each time. i’m no beginner to flashing, had gs2 t898 before the gs3 and have flashed every rom you’ve had avail on both. when i tried flashing it failed saying it couldn’t open the file. i went back and did a restore from my last save and rebooted but now nothing happens. i tried pulling out the battery for a few min, but still nothing. when its plugged in i still get the battery charging icon and it disappears when i try powering on but the phone won’t turn on. i’ve never had this problem. can i flash it using odin if i cant get it to come on in recovery or download. PLEASE help!!

  42. Luis says:

    Same email problem as above..i just downloaded an email app from google play. Although i wish emailed work.

  43. William says:

    email app not working.

  44. kbro_indy says:

    No love for the ziggy kernel on d2spr (sprint-SPH-L710). Reflashed with stock kernel and everything seems to be working like a champ. Turns out this is a great rom with lots of cool features if you can get over the headaches that come along with install.

  45. Chad says:

    I think there’s a huge issue here. When you rotate it to landscape on your main page, the icons on the bottom of the grid do not display. Am I missing something here?

  46. fred leff says:

    hey Max, I am one of your oldest and biggest fans, but if you don’t answer our issues, people will just drop off using your suggested roms, especially when you say they are perfect and lots of us say we can’t get something as simple as email, *as long as the servers and such are setup corrrectly and mine are, but NO MAIL>…..HELP>

    • Chris says:

      I agree. Seems you pay no attention to these posts and after hours of fixing a run that’s “perfect” I just have to go back to an old backup.

  47. Christopher V says:

    Can not receive MMS… Once I installed Synergy ROM I was unable to receive or download MMS Picture Messages. I was able to send them just not download and view them. I am currently trying to install the old ROM I had before.

  48. reggie says:

    Mms messaging not working whats the fix rom seems great but need mms to work

  49. Giovanni says:

    Downloaded this rom and I have o say that this is the worst and most unstable rom ever. Not one person said that it worked except??? Max.

  50. Roy says:

    same upsidedown on landscape screen rotation… any fix for it?

    • Chad says:

      Yeah… That’s about the only thing I have come up with. It’s nice and annoying at the same time to have this app. I have a game that it only goes one way but with this ROM and app I get to control it so I don’t burn consistent usage into the screen.

  51. cross says:

    I downloaded and installed Synergy ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3! [STABLE][Multi-Window][Android 4.1.2].

    It works fine. I can make phone. However, data service did not work. I have to uninstall it.

  52. Chad says:

    Previous ROM (CleanROM 5.5.1) was stable and everything worked.

    Gtalk doesn’t work properly.
    SD Card Tester didn’t work (had to uninstall).
    My Data Manager crashed. (had to reinstall)
    “Email” icon has a message but it doesn’t load. (Gmail works however)
    My Verizon failed to load (installed from the original flash)
    Gallery is showing that I have 2 old albums with photo but no photos.
    Gallery is showing more albums than what is on my Google Profile
    S Memo Failes
    Sending MMS photos “Gallery” is showing as & — WTH
    MMS photos come late after the message arrives
    Multi Window only brings up the side panel

    Panaramic camera is cool though
    Torch is interesting
    Nice customization of Widget Buttons & order

    I’m sure there are many others but this is what I’ve found so far. We’d all like to have an update with issues are resolve. You know something to just “update” the ROM vs. a complete new start over ROM.

    • Chad says:

      Lockscreen sucks landscape.
      Home screen is unable to see icons on the bottom that are their in portrait

      a kind of PRO:
      Landscape Mode in Txt Message is kind of cool to have split screen so you see the message and list of messages for quick reference but extra back button is annoying to

    • Chad says:

      HUGE CON!!!
      Google Maps doesn’t work.
      –Even with GPS activated it will not pickup where you’re at.

  53. Frank says:

    I’ve used a couple of Synergy roms. In fact the last three releases. But I found something out with this latest version. After installing it. Everything was fine. A day later I installed a Anti Virus program. The program told me that my SMS text messaging was infected by a program that can use my name to send others text messages?? WTF? It also picked up the normal stuff like Drippler, Speed test, ect. But why the SMS? Not sure if I trust that. But I am kinda new. But I thought it might be worth posting.

  54. William S says:

    I have a problem of when something auto rotates itself (or manually) like YouTube or pictures the screen flips the other way each time

  55. Chad says:

    I removing this ROM!! Nothing but silly quirky that annoy me big time…mainly the rotation on the main screen. I think it’s a great ROM if you don’t mind it but I’m going to try CleanROM 6 from Those appear stable and solid.

  56. Michael A says:

    Install this rom on my SGH-i747, for me is really stable, only two app problems, but easily solved and replaced them with another rom with root explorer (SMemo, Email), all the app work correctly, the I used less I personally always do a clean install to avoid residues of previous rom, wipe all including internal memory, some people have had problems with google backup coming from different roms, I personally just keep my contacts in google.

    Regarding the kernel, Zyggy471 is very good, although I’ve always used my device and Faux123 faux123 Kernel Pro.apk Enhancement for adjustments ..

    It is a very well made rom, fast and stable, something important for me is that there is a balance between performance and battery life and Synergyr420 rom it has it.

  57. Charles Norton says:

    oK MAX i GAVE IT A run here are the problems for sprint sph-l710 ROM DOES WORK HERE ARE IT ISSUES
    #1 will not recognize emil account #2 will not update pprl #3 will not update profile. any attachments in text such as pictures will not download only the text works… So ya can get no voicemail attachments in text will be available. it seems the phone has verizon GPS not sprint Everything works but the above for sprint Galaxy s3….
    BUMMER cuz its a very good rom

  58. Charles Norton says:

    i HAVE DONE A CUSTOM AND THE BASIC INSTALL AND BOTH HAVE THE SAME RESULTS IT SEEMS TO USE THE VERISON TOWERS WHICH IS GREAT 5 BARS BUT AGAIN no email, no attachments in text, no pprl,or profile the lock screen shows sprint but it acts like it does not. again i hope synergy fixes this as its one of the best roms, im cool with them leavin the verizin radio towers but i need voice mail and attachments in text ๐Ÿ™
    AGAIM dam good ROM just has maany bug issues to be addressed ๐Ÿ™‚ PS everything else works HOT SPOT teather multi windows real BUMMER FOR ME ๐Ÿ™

  59. Pete says:

    I am having problems with my blue tooth, it will connect, but not play media. Please help.

  60. damian says:

    how do i install it ? i feel lost lol ..i need help >.<

  61. Kevin says:

    Whenever i send an iphone user emojis off sms go pro they receive squares its happened ever since i flashed this rom …. Help!! what can i do !

  62. Eric says:


    You’re Bringing Your A Game!

    Lately, I’ve put a few ROMs to the test… Honestly, I tried a couple of really buggy Roms…
    When my camera’s not working, I’m not a happy camper…

    This Rom installed smoothly the first time with a cache&delvic erase.

    Both cameras are working flawlessly! Nice!

    Actually, I don’t have Multi-view working but, I have not rebooted the phone since flashing (still syncing apps)
    Once all apps have synced and Rom Manager and Titanium have been put to use I will investigate whatever Multi-view issues may be present; Past experience tells me that, more than likely, a reboot will, in essence, solve this issue by itself.

    Max, I (we) really appreciate the test drives you put these Roms through before giving them your approval… There are hundreds of Roms if not thousands… Which ones work? Which ones are stable? Specifically, which ones work for which carriers? And what flaws? If any should we prepare ourselves for? These are the million dollar questions that YOU take the time and trouble to riddle away. THANKS!!!

    For Noobs like me, flashing Roms is hours of fun (only when) things go well (even marginally well)
    Imagine the dismay one feels when they have spent large volumes of their time attempting to get a usable result from a ROM that has major flaws… Most of us don’t have to imagine – We know!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m looking forward to AOKP MR1 Build 6 (when all the goodies are working 4.2 is slippery smooth)

    I hope that you continue to bless the way for us – for a long time to come, Brother!


  63. spotty says:

    Wow, I really diskike this Rom. After using cool custumized roms this one is just so plain jane that I couldn’t get it off my phone fast enough. Everything may work but the vanilla packaging really made me think I had justpicked up a new phone from the store and turned it on for the first time. Currently running Goodness rom and loving the awesome keypad and icons and stuff. Sorry…

  64. Emre says:

    Hey guys I got some issues with the ROM my I have I747 at&t everything look cool they woking with some bugs buts its not big deail. My screen rotation wokring wrong when I hold phone right side my screen rotation doing vice versa please reply me quickly because i need to use phone ฤฑ dont wanna go back to stock:(

  65. joe says:

    ktweaker fixed my rotation problem

  66. david says:

    email to replace

  67. Chi says:

    I have just install the Synergy ROM r420 for AT&T on my S3 i747m for use in Canada Fido network. And for the must part is fine but I have one problems with screen rotation. When in landscape the image is upside down. Dose any know of a fix?

    • joe says:

      Flash the “ktweaker kernal” with CWM or TWRP and see if that helps. it fixed my rotation problem. I’m on the ATT version also.I found it at xda website.

  68. phillq says:

    hey Max… is there anyway to get my voicemail working on my sprint phone? I downloaded and installed synrgy r420… its awesome but i cant send big text messages and i also cannot get my voicemail to work. btw love ur vids

  69. Nino says:

    I am loving this Rom, but I just noticed that I cannot sms pics or receive them. I am on Sprint…can anyone help?

    • Will says:

      It is a nice rom, but you would have to have 4G in order to send or receive and guess what? Theres not way to update the PRL so you can have 4G. This is the reason I removed it.

  70. David Randolph says:

    The latest version r421 fixed all my problems! My email works fine now and other fixes.

  71. Hector says:

    Does this rom work with the MB1 firmware?

  72. Ray Ramirez says:

    Installed this ROM and the only problem so far is that I can’t open any photos received in the Messaging program. Any body else with this problem ? How can it be fixed ?

  73. Asif says:

    Hey Max
    Will this rom bring wifi calling on AT&T gs3 using on tmobile network (sim)
    If not which one you suggest

    Thank you

  74. jasonncc says:

    Hi max,,
    I just put this rom on my sgh-t999, but when i went to the setting. the model number change to sph-l710.
    I want to know ,i can still use the sgh-t999 to my phone, or i should use sph-l710 one. pls answer me!

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