Synergy ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3!

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For those of you who want multi-window working, Synergy Team has just released Synergy ROM now available for flashing on all U.S./Canadian dual-core Galaxy S3s.

There’s a new version, CLICK HERE to see latest version of Synergy ROM!

Upon my testing, the Sprint and Verizon versions are flawless whereas I was having some problems with network signals and rotation (opposite).

For fixing rotation, you can simply flash a different kernel like KTweaker kernel for AT&T and T-Mobile variants (See download link below).

I think because this ROM is ported from Verizon CDMA phone, it is having a bit of trouble with network on AT&T and T-Mobile, which are GSM networks.

Neverthless, even if you don’t use this ROM as daily driver, you can try it out to see what the fuss is all about with multi-window on the Galaxy S3 and I am sure network issues will be fixed up real soon.


Download Synergy ROm for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3

Download KTweaker kernel for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Credits – Synergy ROM , KTweaker AT&T, KTweaker T-Mobile

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