Synergy ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3!

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For those of you who want multi-window working, Synergy Team has just released Synergy ROM now available for flashing on all U.S./Canadian dual-core Galaxy S3s.

There’s a new version, CLICK HERE to see latest version of Synergy ROM!

Upon my testing, the Sprint and Verizon versions are flawless whereas I was having some problems with network signals and rotation (opposite).

For fixing rotation, you can simply flash a different kernel like KTweaker kernel for AT&T and T-Mobile variants (See download link below).

I think because this ROM is ported from Verizon CDMA phone, it is having a bit of trouble with network on AT&T and T-Mobile, which are GSM networks.

Neverthless, even if you don’t use this ROM as daily driver, you can try it out to see what the fuss is all about with multi-window on the Galaxy S3 and I am sure network issues will be fixed up real soon.


Download Synergy ROm for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3

Download KTweaker kernel for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Credits – Synergy ROM , KTweaker AT&T, KTweaker T-Mobile

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65 Responses

  1. Arthur says:

    I will just wait until the come out with a more stable version.

  2. George says:

    Hey Max I have the S3 for T-Mobile I’m not sure which settings I need to choose any ideas.

  3. JP Pullens says:

    not working for me t-mobile just isn’t poping up have to go back to what I was using.

  4. josh says:

    Where the multi window settings located?

  5. Michael A says:

    Really great, everything works perfectly, .. just did some small personal changes as the transition animation speed, add DSPManager the system and flash the kernel KT747 … was the best I’ve installed so far, with more features and graphical effects that fit my personal taste ..

  6. joel says:

    not working for me T-mobile

  7. Roger Rosales Jr. says:

    Do I have to do a full swipe??? Factory reset??

  8. Day says:

    Multiview seems to not be working when I flashed this rom to my att&t phone. Is there like an option to turn it on?

  9. me says:

    Unbelievably unstabe..

  10. Emir says:

    I am having trouble with battery life with this rom is anyone else

    • deven28 says:

      Too soon for me to tell, but ill let you know if I have issues with battery life.

      • Emir says:

        I think the problem is that the rom has so many background applications running so inturn it heats up my phone (gs3 i747) can you look and see if this rom takes up alot of your RAM as well

        • Deven (me) says:

          I looked, and it does take up a large amount of RAM. This rom has a lot more of a stock feel to it than I originally anticipated. I switched back to CM10.

    • Ronald Knapp says:

      I have trouble with battery life also. The way I figured around this is using setcpu app. Set profiles to when your screen is off set the cpu speed to very low. Hope this kinda helps.

  11. Will says:

    I have this on my Sprint S3 and the VM does not work, no 4G, no google talk…its a little unstable, but still not better then CM 10 in my book.

  12. Jay says:

    I’ve tried all the roms you got and this one is the most stable. I recommend flashing this rom from your external sd card and let the installation wipe the phone. I was stuck on a boot loop at first but after flashing from the sd card this rom works better than all the others.

    • Arthur says:

      Hey Jay how can I download this rom to my card? I am on cm10 stable I can’t get to sd card. Will I have to flash back to my 4.0.4 stock rooted rom with root and download it to the sd card that way.

  13. Leo says:

    4g and gps not working on sprint version. Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue?

    • Will says:

      havent gotten the 4G to work yet. But to get the GPS to work, go to settings>Location Settings> Click the box for VZW location services… then reboot. This worked for me

  14. Emir says:

    This rom is to unstable in my opinion the galaxy note gallery takes to long to load as well i will wait on next update

  15. George2 says:

    can i install the ktweak kernel on the verizonwireless gs3

  16. Ronald Knapp says:

    I have the Verizon s3 loaded with synergy rom. I am having issues with the location services and gps. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix or work around? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Michael A says:

    My steps that got this Rom running smooth on at&t i747

    1. Download Rom and latest KT747 Kernel-TW-JB-ATT-01-09-2013
    2. Wipe system, factory reset, and cache and dalvik cache in twrp.
    3. Install and reboot..
    5. After initial setup is done reboot into recovery and flash the KT747 Kernel downloaded in step 1, wype cache/dalvi, fix Permissions, reboot.
    6. In network settings select your correct apn if it didn’t automatically select it.
    7. KTweaker.apk got rid of the lag. I changed the max to 1.6ghz and min the 384mhz. In governor /scheduler options I used ondemand and cfq, set options on boot .
    8. Use a root file manager and rename /system/bin/qosmgr to qosmgr.bak
    9. Reboot and enjoy.

    • Charlie says:

      Verizon here.
      First and foremost, Lag sucks. BUT there are enough upgrades in this rom though to make me want to fix it.
      It did upon rom flash I believe upgrade the Kernel to 3.0.31-294793 ziggy@tardis #011913… not sure if this kernel is causing some of the lag, not to mention it seems that the display hardware acceleration is disabled. The other stuff I can live with… Can anybody help?

    • Jason O says:

      This was my first attempt at installing a custom rom on my AT&T s3. Followed your steps and had no problems. It was laggy at first but after changing the KTweaker settings it feels faster and more smooth than the official jelly bean. Very happy with it so far. Thanks!!!

      • Wilcox says:

        Thinking of Flashing this, just a little worried about stability. What all did you change in KTweaker? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • Emir says:

      did this setup give you good battery life

      • Jason o says:

        Battery seems to be pretty good. I was searching forums all day yesterday and was pretty impressed. I am having some problems with 4G. Right now I’m back n forth from 3G/H+. Still seams fast tho. Wish this rom had the side swipe zoom. I really liked having that on the official 4.1.1

    • Steven Snell says:

      thanks 4 the info i flashed the kernel after the rom both with mobile odin, wiped, data then got all my stuff back apps music pictures, etc and i set governor and cfq and now my at&t galaxy s3 is totally pimped out i love everything about this rom, i owe you big time michael a

  18. Michael A says:

    Flash the ziggy kernel (z471-VERIZON-SGS3-JB-010213-1714) and Setcpu app. Change the max to 1.6ghz and min the 324mhz. In governor /scheduler options ondemand and row. Check set at boot option.

  19. nate says:

    I did all the usual stuff like wipe, flash…and the rom seemed pretty good. Multi view was more like an app switcher, I never got 2 windows open at the same time (but I’ve never used multi view so…) Networking seemed good but started dropping randomly. Not bad though! Cant wait for the next version.

  20. Cmesa says:

    I am running this rom all ok with Movistar mexico with an unlocked att G3. but when I dial *611 it redirect me to verizon customer service + 1 …. any one knows how to change this? thanks

  21. Adrien says:

    Cant wait for the stable “synergy ROM”

    Not to comfortable, after reading the comments.

    running:Samsung GS3 Liquid ROM, love it

  22. MissPunx says:

    Ok i got the Samsung galaxy s3 SGH-I747M Rogers (canada)
    I wanna be really sure that is gonna work and dont brick my phone
    Before flash and .. did i absolutely need to flash kernel and what is use for ?

  23. Claudio says:

    HELP ME! this room have the portuguese language on android options?? i buy the t-mobile sgh t999 and no have the portuguese.. whats the best room for T999 with the portuguese Brazil language? HELP!!

  24. Ariel says:

    Very unstable rom. Did not like it whatsoever

  25. Anthony says:

    Can I disable multi window on this rom? If so would you help me do so im testing out battery life differences

  26. Alex Oller says:

    Hello guys, any update on this rom for the problem with Galaxy SIII T-Mobile SGH-T999 with the Wi-Fi not working? I’ve tried over and over to install this rom, really love it other than that problem with the Wi-Fi, I’d like to know if anyone has heard of a fix or if there’s a new version that fixed this bug. Thanks! Great work by the way.

  27. Alex Oller says:

    Alright, after doing a bit of research I finally got this working on the T-Mobile Galaxy SIII 🙂


    STEP 1:

    Do not flash the ziggy kernel as it won’t work for the Wi-Fi and other network settings on the SGH-T999, instead get a hold of the latest copy of the KT-747 kernel, download link here:

    STEP 2: (The following is copied from “Michael A” steps to install on AT&T phones, just follow these steps as they will be the same for the T-Mobile)

    1 – Download Rom and latest KT747 kernel** (Use link above for the kernel in our case)
    Latest Synergy ROM here, as of 01/31/2013:
    2- Wipe system/factory reset, wipe cache and dalvik cache in clockworkmode recovery.

    3- Install and reboot.
    4- After initial setup is done, (at this point you won’t have Wi-Fi or network settings correctly until you flash the kernel) boot into recovery one more time and flash the KT-747 kernel you downloaded in step 1. After install is done, wipe cache, wipe dalvik, fix permissions and then reboot.

    5- Wait until setup finishes upgrading the kernel and then you’ll be booted into the new Android OS. Your network settings should be all fine now, Wi-Fi is fixed and everything should work fine.

    6- Adjust KTweaker according to your likings, in my case it works fine with min 384mhz and max at 1.5ghz, governor/scheduler options on demand and cfq, set options on boot. No lags everything works smoothly.

    7- Use a root file manager and rename /system/bin/qosmgr to qosmgr.bak (This will give you a longer battery life)

    8- Reboot and enjoy your newly installed Droid OS with Multi-Window, new camera and gallery and Jelly Bean goodies .

    Big shoutouts to the SYNERGY team for this great rom, and to Michael A for his steps and everybody else involved in this project. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

    I’m in love with my Galaxy S3 again. Thanks guys!

    • eduardo says:

      hola disculpa yo carge la rom a mi celular galaxy s3 t-mobile sgh-t999 y funciona bien pero tengo problemas con la rotacion de la pantalla gira al reves mepodrias ayudar???? gracias

  28. Alex Oller says:

    I published a fix for the above issue and got deleted? What’s up with that moderators?

  29. Nick says:

    If you get a custom kernal and adjust the api settings, can this be used as a daily driver?

  30. Alex Oller says:

    @Nick – Absolutely, I was running Darth Stalker prior to this which is also pretty great, except no multi-window support. I am running this one now as a daily driver and I’m happy to report that I haven’t encountered any issues with it. Very stable, fast and long battery life.

  31. excessive81 says:

    this rom is awesome as far as looks goes. is anyone aware of a stable rom that looks like this one and has landscape. I dont really care about multiview but i love the look and function (when not bogged down) of the rom. Also i never get my pic text messages with it

  32. turnbasenerd says:

    Anyone else’s MMS stop working. Sprint version, wiped cache/dalvik cache/factory reset before flashing. Then prl update. Everything else works great though. Nice job

  33. excessive81 says:

    yes i can not get or recieve text with pix. if could fix this i be pretty happy. is a little slow responding but i think a new kernal will fix that. this is by far my favorite rom if can address this issue

  34. hdmando says:

    Any fix on sending MMS?

  35. JC says:

    Getting several errors on boot SGH-T999. has stopped
    sprextension has stopped

    If any of you guys have fixed this I would greatly appereciated if you gave me some inputs, will probably install a more stable rom in the meantime.

    I followed Alex Oller’s steps BTW.


  36. Khizar N. says:

    I got Synergy for my At&t i747 I like it but the data/network is not working at all i tried everything can someone please help me

  37. zo says:

    I need help my phone is stuck on hand free activation and plus is says not connection. I’m on sprint sph L710

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