Synergy ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon][Floating Multi-Window]

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Synergy Team has done it again, the latest Synergy ROM release 443 gives your AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon Galaxy S3 world’s first floating multi-window feature (not even available on Note 2)!

UPDATE: See latest version here instead!!!

This is a feature usually found on Note 10.1 or tablet ROMs for the Galaxy Note series but its a new “hybrid” multi-window feature that keeps the traditional two screen multi-window while adding the ability to have your windows float.  And yes, this supports unlimited number of windows, just like your desktop computer!

Uses for this new feature?  For example, you could be playing your favorite YouTube tracks in the background using YouTube app while multi-tasking with your browser and Google Maps.  And oh yeah, there’s Galaxy S4 S-Voice included in latest Synergy ROM.

Of course, I would like to see this feature added to the Note 2 soon (as it will work better with a bigger screen) but for now, it is available for your rooted Galaxy S3.

Also with the latest version, T-Mobile Ziggy kernel has been fixed so it should work fine now.

Other than the new floating multi-window feature, you will get all the same cool two cameras (Android 4.2 PhotoSphere and Note 2 camera with Slow Motion/Time Lapse), transparent multi-window bar, and overclocking up to 1.9Ghz when using Ziggy kernel.

If you want to give Team Synergy’s latest floating multi-window a try, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!  IT’S AWESOME!


Download Synergy ROM r443 for Galaxy S3 [For all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon]  (same file for all carriers, see latter part of video belowfor installation instructions)

For T-Mobile/T999 users, if having wifi trouble, please flash KTweaker kernel after installing ROM!

Previous Video overview of Synergy ROM with installation at end:


Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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151 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Is the latest Ziggy kernel installed during flash? If no, please provide link!

  2. paul says:

    Floating windows work awesome too. I was a bit skeptical. I thought multi Window was ambitious for the note 2, but floating actually works better than the fixed note 2 multi Window did on the s3.

    HDR mode works in this release too.

  3. WaSsAp? says:

    Hey everyone!!! I thibk its buggy over copy and paste I cant copy and paste over any texts

  4. copy & paste!!! says:

    Cannot copy and paste any texts thur internet app

  5. Terry says:

    Keeps getting stuck at optimizing data/filesystem at 90%.
    Suggestions? Full wipes done.

  6. mike says:

    My auto rotation isnt working properly.. gonna go back to my old rom if this isnt fixable. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • Spenny says:

      Sometimes there are two places in the settings to turn that feature on. I remember with a lot of the CM roms turning both of them on was manditory. I don’t quite remember where they are but search around..

    • drewnin says:

      my auto rotate is messed up too, its reversing the wrong way landscape mode is upsidedown

  7. Roy says:

    T-Mobile SGH-T999 owners beware!!!

    I went back from faulty r420 to stock, clean flashed r443 and again same problems w landscape rotation, no copy options in web browser, why dont you check on t999 before releasing those bad roms?

    • wassap says:

      I found out snergyrom they will release asap for copy and paste fixed and homescreen rotation too

      • wassap says:

        Latest release only (r443) – Copy/Paste is broken for some (not all) apps out of the box. See this post for a flashable zip to fix. Will be fixed permanently in next release:…ostcount=20158

      • Charlie says:

        So should I wait for next release then?

    • Metal says:

      I have the same landscape problem with my SGH-T999 … what that hell …. is the second time this happens ….

  8. titan says:

    hey Max..when I install didn’t give me the option of installing transparent multi-window and my apps did not get restore after the rom was install, please help

  9. Will says:

    I dont see a change for sprint. Still no 4G so you cant update PRL nor receive MMS or send them either. Not a fan of synergy

    • Clifford warner says:

      Wow, I thought I was the only one with those problems, cause I couldn’t download mms, then I flashed back to the people’s rom and it worked after that

      • Jose M says:

        This synergy rom was driving me nuts, I flashed other roms and continued to have the same auto-rotation problem, so im back at stock right now, probably until I see this fixed/updated in the synergy rom

        • Spenny says:

          Again, see if there is more than one option for auto-rotation. Sometimes there will be two places to turn it on and they both must be on. Not sure why it does that tho.. let us know

          Also, if you are having troubles with mms, google search your carriers’ APN settings. These will have to be replaced in your mobile network settings. For example, this is for Telus:

          TELUS Mobility

          Name: TELUS SP
          Port: 80
          Password: <Not set
          MMS Proxy:
          MMS Port: 80
          MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
          MCC: 302
          MNC: 220
          APN type: default,mms

        • pj says:

          i install this rom it works great on my sprint phone but whenever i send a picture the person that gets the picture says it comes from a 734-678-7693 number, when i go to ##786# click on view my number does not show up either that 734 number shows up. I try to do a profile update yet nothing happens at all

  10. Officerdon says:

    Hey all. Great rom, but with one flaw, and it probably is something I have configured wrong??! Why can I not sent more than a 2 sentence text. Anything longer that 2 or 3 lined text will not got through / send. when I cut the text down to 2 or less sentences it goes through. Anything larger, it comes back as a text error not sent? Ain’t nobody got time for that. lol!Otherwise, freaking great rom! Anyone else have that problem / or a solution?

  11. titan says:

    sms not working despite the length of the msg

  12. Michael A says:

    In my SGH-i747, the home screen does not rotate, any solution for this ..??

    • John P says:

      Hey, I have the i747 as well. I have a quick question for you, when you were installing this ROM, was there an option for the transparent multi-window bar? And, did it say that your device is the d2spr? I’m trying to install this ROM, but those 2 factors are stopping me from doing so–I’m afraid of bricking my phone.

      • Jose M says:

        I also have the i747. No, there was no option for transparent multi-window, and yes, it also said d2spr. I flashed the rom twice to try to fix an issue with it, auto-rotate, but it didnt work. everything else works great!

  13. Jimmy says:

    On T999 with T Mobile will there be a fix for ziggy kernel wifi problems?

  14. zo says:

    Mms not working on sprint plus when I sent a message everyone I text says it’s a 420 number that pop up. Is any way to change that to my number so the mms message can work?

  15. andy says:

    i Flashed 443 and I am having issues with the clipboard,that’s the issue so far.t999

  16. Nick says:

    Is this ROM good enough to use as a daily driver?

  17. The Kaiser says:

    Hey max. Had a quick question?? Do i have to do a wipe factory reset on this rom when comeing from jellybeans build 13?? Thanks a bunch

  18. Raul says:

    Data not working on sprint s3 no LTE or 3g

  19. H Dean says:

    SGH T999

    Flashed to phone and it operates on 3G not 4G – also the screen flips upside down, as with other users. There was no option for the transparent windows – in fact it did not look like the ROM in the video. Something tells me the file might not be the updated file.

  20. John P says:

    Finally tried the ROM, everything so far is good–except that screen rotation is a mess, lol. Imma try reinstalling it and check for some more bugs and whatnots. Messaging seems to work fine with me, and no problems with 4G either.

  21. Pablo says:

    great rom, but……battery lasts 5 hours top!… and no wifi.. had to the install the KTkernel to fix it…hope that gets fixed soon, id like to go back to it… but now im gonna try to the AOKP MR1 Build 6. let’s see how that works

  22. wrandy giron says:

    installed the version for my sprint samsung galaxy cannot seem to get Google Wallet to work anybody having the same problem?

  23. king says:

    Is this rom worth downloading, I’m using the T-Mobile s3

  24. Paul says:

    theres no wifi calling?

  25. Larry Davis says:

    HELP!! Do these roms not work if you are on Straight Talk? It goes through T-Mobile. I use the Wicked rom and it works ok. However, when downloading Synergy and installing, I add the Straight Talk APN, yet it won’t accept it. Can’t run internet OR wireless. BTW, when you choose Ziggy Kernel, it says wireless may not work. Thanks for all your hard work.

  26. king says:

    Guess I’m staying away from this one, lol

  27. Android TV says:

    In multi Screen the Screen flips the opposite way way so if you have it to the side on the T-Mobile version the screen goes upside down. How do you fix this MAX?

    is there going to be a release to fix this?

  28. Nash says:

    I come here just to make sure there still TONS OF BUGS with each rom thats posted. guess what? BUGS BUGS BUGS BUGS !!!!!


  29. zo says:

    I need help my phone has no signal im on sprint whenever I reboot my phone it goes straight to hands free activation

  30. roni says:

    From my experiences liquid smooth the peoples rom jellybam and jellybomb are good daily drivers. Id love to try this synergy rom but i look at all the comments and its not even worth it. Im not sure y he posts this rom more than others considering all the negative comments but ill keep watching anf waiting for a perfected update

  31. Jose says:

    Wifi direct and nfc connect to other devices but don’t transfer files. Whent back to stock rom and they work, flashed synergy rom again (factory reset, super wipe, cache,s……) don’t tranfer files.

  32. uriel says:

    My wifi doesn’t work on my tmobile what can i do to get it fix. Please help thanks.

  33. rcoky says:

    sucks, T-Mobile GS3 wifi not working still. useless. Going back to darth stalker

  34. npbenigni says:

    Sprint Galaxy S3
    MMS does not work. Tried checking and unchecking the message touchwiz restore. neither worked.

  35. Emir says:

    AT&T i747
    does anyone know why the clipboard does not work

  36. kdot341 says:

    will this rom delete any files from my phone

  37. jason says:

    using tmo t999 while in flashing did not see multi window option and after flash do not have is there any reason why

  38. officerdon says:

    Mms not sending seemed to fix itself….or just figured that the reception on this rom is worse than most. I definitely switched the settings to send during roam and don’t notify when roaming. I wonder if there is a radio update? Anyway, everything else is working perfectly. No issues with anything that has been posted. Sprint L710

    • pj says:

      i install this rom it works great on my sprint phone but whenever i send a picture the person that gets the picture says it comes from a 734-678-7693 number, when i go to ##786# click on view my number does not show up either that 734 number shows up. I try to do a profile update yet nothing happens at all. i even try a factory reset still there no luck ….. HOW IS IT YOURS IS WORKING

  39. robo says:

    how do i disable lock screen rotation after i install the rom? its kinda annoying

  40. shadi azab says:

    love the rom but how come i cant download any picture messages????
    Help Please!!!!!

    • primeau says:

      I agree, would be an awesome rom if i can send/receive mms messages. i have the L710 Sprint model. Not sure how officerdon’s started working, ive looked up and did everything. hopefully theres a patch coming soon. if not im going back to stock rom

  41. Troy says:

    i have a s3 sghi747 at&t and just rooted and installed synergy 443. downloaded from Download Synergy ROM r443 for Galaxy S3 [For all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon] (same file for all carriers, see latter part of video belowfor installation instructions) but i dont have any network, cant call text but can get on wifi kust fine HELP PLEASE

  42. James V says:

    AT&T i747
    I can’t change the number on my Voice Mail, when I change it the phone says I changed it but it reverts back to my number it wont keep the number I change it to.

  43. Peter says:

    Flashed to my T999 , the screen flips upside down, there was no option for the transparent windows (does not look anything like rom in vid. voice mail does not work. Something tells me this file was really not for tmobile as the phone model listed in about phone is SPH-L710. Now I can’t flash anything on to my phone but this rom , I have tried over and over again but nothing else will flash but this rom! I can’t even restore backup, all I get is a status 7 message and installation aborted. If anyone has any advise please help.

  44. John says:

    Hey just want to say this rom is great. . Love everything about it. . Except and there is always something but the battery life sucks. Please fix and I will donate. .

  45. Ed says:

    I like this rom the best, but I found that there is a bug when you take a picture with the low light function. An image is not captured properly. What it saves is a blank green screen when viewed. Has anyone else have b encountered this same problem?

  46. Adam says:

    This rom blows for Tmobile and might F*ck your phone. No data connection, upside down window, beware people!

  47. James says:

    How to you activate spell checker? & is anyone else getting the black screen and than app stops working?

  48. drewnin says:

    Did anyone else notice if your model number has been changed?
    I have the I747 from AT&T now my phone is coming up I710 for Sprint.

    no wonder when I was having problems with this rom, and I tried going back to stock, it wouldn’t work.
    I finally got this rom working for my phone on at&t but it took some ktweeks and settings tweeking to make it stable.

    does this mean any further rom changes I need to download sprint roms now?

  49. Satvic says:

    Stable fluent rom .. however it messed up my Voicemail number … adds extra 1 in front with no option to edit the #. Although it detected TMO hardware it still installs with Verizon settings and some junk .. can’t find the way to edit it out… have to revert back to Darthstalker, no multiwindow but at least everything else works 🙁

  50. SawDoc says:

    I flashed this one after doing a stock restore. CM 10.1 just was not my thing. After flashing this, I COULD not get my phone to work. “your phone is not yet activated…” recording. I tried with both options in the setup before flashing, but no worky. Any ideas? I’m back to stock for now.

  51. dan says:

    so i flashed this rom on my at&t s3 and now it wont even power up anymore!……..please HELP!!!

  52. pj says:

    i install this rom it works great on my sprint phone but whenever i send a picture the person that gets the picture says it comes from a 734-678-7693 number, when i go to ##786# click on view my number does not show up either that 734 number shows up. I try to do a profile update yet nothing happens at all. i even try a factory reset still there no luck ….. ANY HELP PLEASE

  53. pj says:

    i install this rom it works great on my sprint phone but whenever i send a picture the person that gets the picture says it comes from a 734-678-7693 number, when i go to ##786# click on view my number does not show up either that 734 number shows up. I try to do a profile update yet nothing happens at all. i even try a factory reset still there no luck

  54. David says:

    I am having problems receiving pictures in text and also sending messages bigger then 150 characters long both give me error ? I have Sprint S3 16g other then that I love this rom please help

    • Will says:

      You would have to be connected to 4G. Unfortunately, that will not happen because you cannot update the URL or Profile while on LTE. I even tried doing it over wifi, but no success

  55. fredavis says:

    Hi y’all . I love this rom. I have a T-Mobile T-999. I have 2 issues. 1. The problem im having is that I cant receive or send pic msgs without being on my data. 4g 3g h+ etc. 2. I have a 4g data plan and I cant seem to get my 4g to show up on my right top corner. I get 3g or that H+ symbol. Please help any info or tips on it will be greatfully appreciate, thanks

    • drewnin says:

      H+ is 4g coverage on tmobile its really HSPA+ which is in the lower 3-5M/s band of the 4g band spectrum. true 4g lte is 30-40M/s transmission. Tmobile is not lte but their phone show 4g but its not lte 4g. you get me?

  56. John says:

    I have the Canadian T999V S3, equivalent to the tmobile. Will this rom work for the canadian model? And if so, will I have to check the “activation bypass” and “use global apn” options as you do with the tmobile?
    awesome site btw!

  57. fredavis says:

    So any fixes for that pic messeging On t mobile? Cant receive or send pic msgs while on wifi.

  58. fredavis says:

    New build out. Gonna try it

  59. fredavis says:

    Wow new build 484runs good . They fixed the cut snd and psste issue. Runs a bot slow on my s3 tmovile t999 with the kernels in tje rom. Tried ziggy and stock kernels. Got 5000 -5300. Downloaded and installed ziggy kernel from here and got 5700 -5900 on Quadrant. But still no wifi msg sending or receiving.

  60. Darius says:

    Hi! I really like this rom. But i have the sprint version and for some reason when i flash this rom my internet no longer works I can make/receive phone calls andd texts but cannot connect to the internet! any suggestions?

  61. fredavis says:

    Wow new build 484 runs good . They fixed the cut snd and paste issue. Runs a bit slow on my s3 T-Mobile t999 with the kernels in the rom. Tried ziggy and stock kernels. Got 5000 -5300. Downloaded and installed ziggy kernel from here and got 5700 -5900 on Quadrant. But still no wifi msg sending or receiving. Any solutions?

  62. Taha Hasan says:

    Okay so I downloaded this rom, and I gotta admit IT IS AMAZINGG!! floating window works smoothly, I’m currently using T-mobile SGH-T999. the only thing didn’t kinda liked was this rom is lagging a lil bit!! Not a lot!! but a little bit. Is there any way to fix that lag? Is that cuz of the kernel or something? It doesn’t say a name of the kernel except for this… —> 3.0.31 – 370274 se.infra@SEP-91 #1 Idek what that means but that’s what it says, so do I have to install a new kernel or something to get rid of that lag? A reply would be much appreciated!

    ~~ Thanks and Regards!

    • fredavis says:

      Same phone. I had the same issues. But I got the att kernel from here . Fixed my problem.

    • freddavis says:

      ( download the att kernel works for tmobile

  63. Pete says:

    Any fix on the MMS not working? Sprint

  64. bp says:

    Hi I installed this rom on my T999 and it works fine, other than the messed up screen rotation and the fact that my phone thinks it’s a SPH-L710 now. How do I go about fixing this? I am unable to flash Tmobile roms on my phone now

    • Taha Hasan says: download this as max stated above it should fix your problem 🙂

    • drewnin says:

      same problem here, get the ktweek kernel and that will fix your problems, except the SPH-L710 thing.

      I have an AT&T I747 and now my phone says Sprint L710 and i can’t flash AT&T roms, I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess I have to get sprint roms now. which i don’t like because you have to tweek alot of settings to make it work flawless on the AT&T network.

      I’m just gonna stay on this build and rom, being i finally got it flawless, but too much worring about my phone before fixing everything.

      • Jose says:

        What you have is a wrong recovery. Aroma detects your recovery so if you have an At&T phone but installed a Sprint recovery the rom will get the wrong model number.

  65. fred leff says:

    where are you max?????????

  66. calvin says:

    i have a s3 i747 canadian model i flashed this rom earlier it works flawless but no signal how do i even change apn settings if theres no option to change apn settings in the rom?

  67. Fatkid27 says:

    ATT i747
    My phone was working but then it locked up rebooted when it came back on it said “Safe Mode” on the bottom of the screen and now only MMS incoming works but no outgoing & I keep getting “Unfortunately, the process com. android .phone has stopped.”
    any fixes? kinda freaky I think I may just have to go back to d2att I loved the ROM when it worked

  68. Jose M says:

    I had the same problem with this rom. I updated my recovery CWM then I flashed the latest synergy rom (r484) it fixed everything. I consider it stable. Have not had any issues with it since. but make sure you do update your recovery, or else you might have problems!

  69. edward says:

    Can you show how to install the rom? Do I need to erase anything

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