Synergy ROM r484 for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon]

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Here’s a quick update on the latest Synergy ROM revision 484 for Galaxy S3, available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or Canadian dual-core S3s. The latest version comes with a new “floating multi-window titlebar” controls (if you don’t want floating windows), TreveE wifi tether updated with MAC spoofing option, and Ziggy kernel working for T-Mobile users (finally!).

There’s also a new logic to detect your carrier during installation so it should be a lot easier to install for all carriers.

Other than that, there’s a bunch of fixes you will not want to miss out on.

If you need two cameras (PhotoSphere + Note 2 camera), multi-window enabled for all apps plus floating multi-window, and overclocking up to 1.9Ghz, definitely check out Synergy ROM and do let me know what you think!

See previous Synergy ROM overview here.


Download Synergy ROM r484 for Galaxy S3 (same file for all carriers)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM of hit "Thanks" button if you like it, thanks!

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146 Responses

  1. Erick says:

    cant get data to work on Verizon

    • Max says:

      No data at all???

      • Juan says:

        I cant get DATA on my AT&T. It installed all these Verizon apps. I have a legit AT&T sim and can make calls but no AT&T DATA….. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

        • JerryP says:

          You might try a different PRL. I use Sprint PRLs and the one that really made my data constant was 24013. You’ll have to do your own search for AT&T. I assume you tried updating your PRL? I don’t do that becasue it breaks my installed PRL but once upon a time it worked (before Sprint fixed the towers – go figure).

  2. Nick says:

    can’t get data to work on at&t or Canadien

  3. Chris Cinelli says:

    With this rom installed will I be able to activate it under a new phone number? I am going to upgrade and give my phone to my brother and im curious if I have to go back to stock before he can activate it.


    • Max says:

      For which carrier? Most likely if you are switching numbers you can use the online system for sprint, no need to activate with your phone (unless you bought the phone) and most likely won’t work anyways. For verizon and other carriers, all you need to do is swap sim card and its switched, no activation required.

  4. Joe says:

    I don’t see the notification bar anymore after installing this rom. Nor do I see the toggles. Is there a setting I missed??

  5. birddog says:

    Have they fixed the landscape rotation? It has been reversed…. at least on my i747

  6. mike harder says:

    got data on the last version but landscape issues.. this version gave me no data and the landscape still doesnt work properly… thanks anyway… flashing back to darthstalker rom. Google it I quite enjoy it

  7. ADEN says:

    I really looking forward to downloading this Rom.
    Was wondering, does synergy rom gives you the option of having
    The navigation bar on the screen just like with paranoid android?
    I am looking for a Rom that has multi windows with navigation bar.

    Thank you.

  8. Chris Cinelli says:

    I am able to get Multi Window to work but I cant get floating window to work. The top of each window just has the optino to flip or make it the entire screen. Is there something I need to do to adjust that?

  9. Velo Ryder GS3 att says:

    Activation issues…….Flashed after a full wipe. Also could not get Activation. Device kept searching. Chose ATT version and tried both full bloatware and recommended zip versions. Same activation issue with both. This is on an i747. Had to restore. back to my JellyBam rom. Any thoughts/suggestions on why people are having activation issues?

  10. Josh says:

    Maxx,Does MMS works now? because last built I just couldn’t download any pictures and also I was wondering how can I get a copy for my rooted stock Rom, Sadly I didn’t make a back up, if I install stock recovery and go to settings for factory reset, will I lose root? Nice work keep it up.

  11. James V says:

    Ok I’m new to all this I didn’t back up original ROM is there any way of recovering it and this new update do I install over the existing r443 or do I do a clean wipe and install?
    Phone: AT&T i747

  12. Pushpa says:

    Im just checking if this rom’s tethering clinet can dodge Tmobile? Please reply me

  13. Dave Goelz says:

    Is there anyway to shut of the damn screen rotation during the lock screen? This is very frustrating! In the older version I was prompted to turn that option on or off during setup. I did not see that option this time around on the install. Any help would be great! To be clear I’m talking about when I 1st grab my phone out of my pocket and hit the side button to turn the screen on to the lock screen and its upside down or sideways… Which is very annoying. Thank you!

    • Max says:

      no fix for that one but i find it actually useful since it rotates correctly the way you hold it but for non-lockscreen you can turn off auto-rotation.

    • iBeatHookrs says:

      Lockscreen rotation is an option in the Aroma installer. Go back into recovery, do a dirty flash of the rom, and in the aroma installer look for the option of enabling/disabling the lock screen rotation. Hope this helps

  14. Will says:

    Cannot Update PRL or Profile. No 4G for Sprint version! 🙁

  15. david says:

    installed version 484 update to my verizon samsung s3 works great. had issues with verizon apps on version 443 but with the update all works fine. Thanks Max YOU ROCK!!!!

  16. Nick says:

    i have a s3 i9300 i really want this rom because of the flow multi etc, is there a alternative or should i try this one?
    thx in advance

  17. James says:

    does app to sd card hack work for this rom ? cause im using cm nigltiles and i read it doesnt support it so was looking for another rom that does

  18. c2g1980 says:

    Do any of the good ROMs work for US Cellular? I can never get everything working when I convert a ROM over.

  19. sana says:

    does email work because the previous synergy rom my built in email never opened

  20. Emir says:

    does anyone have a fix for the clipboard
    att i747

  21. Brandon says:

    Interesting about the unable to update profile or prl on sprint, with no 4G working either??? Only reason I got this ROM was for TrevE Mod WiFi. THAT works great, but I havent tried it on 4G yet, no 4G where I live……If this is the case, thats LAME!

    Also, Voicemail doesn’t work on Sprint version either. Unable to see any visual voice mail or even get a notification that I HAVE a vm. Any suggestions? Any suggestions for a ROM that works with Sprint 4G, has voice mail working and a good WiFi Tether?

    • Will says:

      Sry, there’s not a Rom that will give you both. There Wicked Sensations has working VVM, but no 4G. ChubbzSacs Synergy Rom has working 4G but no VVM. I have been using HulloMail for VVM and it works great. I have tried all the Sprint Roms for at least a week and have not been able to get 4G or update the profiles or PRL except for ChubbzSacs.

      • Brandon says:

        Can you please post the link to this? Id like to try it out, seems like you have had success and you like it? I tried to find it on xda but no luck (too lazy to thread hunt). Please let me know! Thanks

        • Will says:

          Hey bro, go here and try this rom. MOAR ROM for Sprint/Verizon Galaxy S3!
          You want to go to the link for the 4.0 version tho that’s listed in the comments. It is BETA and everything works on Sprint. 4G, VVM, Wifi, email, etc.

    • c2g1980 says:

      Try The Goodness Reborn ROM version 9.0.4, (not the latest). It’s the best ROM I’ve used & tether vvm, Google Wallet all work. I don’t live in a sprint 4g area but I used a converter file to get it to work on US Cellular and 4g worked.

    • CaptainCurt says:

      The peoples rom will give you everything your looking for. It works great for me… 4g,vvm, wifi, prl/profile updates etc…. The only thing that bothers me about this rom is when I attach or share a picture via any app, the gallery takes forever sometimes to load photos. That’s my only complaint.

  22. Mo says:

    Hey Max…thanks for all you do !
    When i download the file you have for r484 it downloads as an unzipped filed. i’m using a sprint phone…i am rooted and on the factory rom. i tried compressing it myself then putting it onto my internal memory then when i try to flash it after factory wipe…cache wipe…dalvik wipe, i get installation aborted. any input?

    thanks in advance. or if anyone else can tell me what im doing wrong.

  23. alexb says:

    I need help figuring out the freezing problem . The rom works good but my phone just randomly freezes every for like 5-10sec sec and its very annoying, it also reboots ranfomly. Please help I’m really new to this because I just switched from iPhone. . Thanks

  24. Will says:

    Hey Max I need help installing the synergy rom r484 on the AT&T GS3 everytime I do it, it comes out as Sprint. I even unrooted the phone and rooted it again did everything step by step. The phone is rooted and the rom installed but it shows up as Sprint also Im trying to fix the rotation can you tell me how to get the right kernel Thanks.

    • Colin says:

      I had this same issue. I installed the ROM and it works, but I also have landscape reversed.
      This link may help you. When I looked at my phone, the build.prop said it was d2att so it couldn’t solve my problem.

  25. jason says:

    im getting an error “Signature verification failed”.. tried it 2 times. gonna re-download the zip and try again.

  26. David says:

    The T-Mobile version is silky smoothing, love it! #Thanks

  27. korey says:

    Cant get 4g signal on tmobile s3, signal keeps switching from 3g to h+

  28. David says:

    On T-Mobile with the galaxy s3 the h+ signal is the same as 4G, trust me you didn’t lose a radio!

  29. David says:

    One thing I see that’s not working is the S Voice app it’s giving that No Network Connection message. Oh well I’ll use Google Now.

  30. Ryan says:

    If I wanna try this coming from aokp mr1 milestone, would it be okay to back up to external sd, try synergy and if I don’t like it do a restore? I know I have to do a factory reset, and wipe cahes. I have heard some things about going from one type of rom to another. Help from anyone would be great. Thanks for all you do Max! Great site!

  31. fred leff says:

    long time admirer of yours, why can the video just play as it used to? Why do we have to downld it like a rom. A pain in the but, can you change that please, we all love the help and videos, we understand we have to downld the roms but the videos too?????

  32. Fatkid says:

    No Voice prompt on S Voice even when I have the the setting enabled is there an internal setting I have to change in order to make it work?

  33. Emir says:

    does anyone have a fix for the clipboard
    att i747

  34. Taha Hasan says:

    Okay so I updated it to this one but the thing is now my wifi and data isn’t working on T-mobile idek why. Like I was using the r443 version i think, the one before this one and it was alright, as I was loosing wifi signals on that one too, so I planned to switch to this one as max said wifi works fine on this one for t mobile but now there’s like no wifi or data :/ I need some help on how to fix it. I installed it on the recommended synergy settings in aroma installer but nothing is working now!! I need help ASAP!

  35. zay says:

    I installed this rom on my sprint gs3, and I DO NOT see the multi window. Also, when I restored my apps I DO NOT see any of them in my apps list.

  36. john says:

    MMS messaging not working on outgoing. Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

  37. abraham says:

    the mms dont work on the att g3

  38. Damion Miller says:

    Max, thanks for all the great ROMs man!! Awesome!! I have flashed the latest r484 Synergy rom on my Sprint GS3 and I can’t get data, or it is weak, like 1X. Also can’t update PRL, update Profile, or anything like that. I’ve been having issues with weak to no signal were I work. I’m roaming all day long and it kills my batt, so I was talking to Sprint on Thursday and they sent activation command to my phone. It screwed it all up. Had to wipe and reflash. r443 was working fine. Please help if you can. Thanks!!


    • Will says:

      Hi Damion, for Sprint this Rom will only work on CMDA. If you have your phone set to CMDA/LTE/EVDO… you will not have data. This Rom also doesn’t allow you to update the prl or the profile. In other words no 4G.

  39. Zay says:

    Update, I redid the flash, and even though I cannot access the multi window from the home screen (the little thingamjiggy on the side), I can do it when I open an app from the little icons on the top. I am also able to see my apps now. Thanks for a nice ROM and the review.

  40. Nick says:

    Even though i select t-mobile during the install, it still ends up showing my device as SGS3 – I535? If I continue with it I have data issues. What am I doing wrong?

  41. Zay says:

    I am getting 4G on mine…..well I see the 4G icon in the status bar.

  42. Tony says:

    The rom works flawlessly on T-mo, until I turned on tethering. It would connect to my laptop, but it’ll take me to that T-mobiles gotcha page and it would prompt me to upgrade my service.

  43. JerryP says:

    Does this just work with a dirty flash?

    • silent_swag says:

      dirty flash will result to brick

      • JerryP says:

        It turned out to be one of the choices and I did it. I worked for me but it broke my root and busybox so I had to recreate those. Naturally to do a dirty flash you need to wipe cache, dalvik and system and then I had to reinstall a couple of times but now everything is great. Sprint GS3.

  44. Gary says:

    Cant get 4g on mine after this install.. was able to get it on older versions

  45. walt says:

    Synergy ROM r484 for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon] It does not work with a galaxy s3 flashed to boost

  46. Alex Oller says:

    Guys, the hyperdrive ROM offers all of the features this ROM
    Offers but its faster and more stable. Works flawlessly with all
    Three variants: sprint Att T-Mobile and it even includes most
    Of the new apps from galaxy s4 and Note 2 – give it a try:

  47. aing says:

    Updated two days ago on i747, canadian
    -The ROM seems very unstable, applications are constantly failing
    -Some calls aren’t connecting for some reason :/
    -4G LTE isn’t connecting
    -a notification which says “Preparing Network…” won’t go away, probably the reason for the data, and calls
    -the icons (wifi, data, gps, etc.) in the notifications slider keep changing sizes (very annoying after a while)
    -play store isn’t opening, but I think everyone’s having that problem
    -turning on device from from sleep is very very laggy
    -the phone failed to turn on from sleep once. I had to take the battery out to hard boot again
    the ROM has great features though, but I think I’m going back to the last update because most of the bugs aren’t present

    • Max says:

      It seems like you didn’t disable Activation during install, that could be causing the rest of the problems, try reinstalling and disable activation in AROMA installer.

  48. silent_swag says:

    works fine on my tmo gs3

    wipe data/cache
    wipe davlik
    flash and enjoy

    best rom ever thanks MAX cheers bro

  49. russell says:

    How do you get wifi to work i cant seem to get it to work

  50. Will says:

    Hi Max,

    I did full wipe and installed on the ATT version, and its stuck on the galaxy s3 bootup screen. i tried rebooting into recovery, but it didnt work. any suggestions are appreciated.

  51. Mark says:

    I also have no data at all on my verizon GS3. Anyone figure out how to get it? Do I just need to re-flash? I did a clean install also…

    • Mark says:

      I re-installed and this time had success… Both installs I totally wiped internal card but second try I selected a few more options under custom install – my verizon and samsung acct stuff. Don’t know if these changes had anything to do with the success on second try or if first install was just bad.

      • Mark says:

        Having a hell of a time with this Rom. Woke up this morning and went to work and once again no data. I re-installed once again (3rd time) and it came back working until reboot then no data again but after another reboot data came back. Not sure what’s up with this, may have to try a different Rom …

  52. mark says:

    contact – event – date field not working

  53. Juan Montero says:

    I’ve been trying to install this rom but everytime I click install on the aroma installer it only gets to — checking GS3 /system filesystems for errors 18.00% and that’s it I did a full wipe data everything does not seem to get past 18.00%. I also redownloaded the rom and I’m still having the same problem. Buy the way it a tmobile t999
    So can anyone give some advise on this please. Thanks in advance

    • JerryP says:

      Is it possible you didn’t wait long enough? I know the first time I flashed it I told it to fsck it took-for-ever. I almost gave up. I also put in the optimizing DB tools and the boot took-for-ever so I reflashed it without. I really likeed the ROM. Unfortunately my problem is getting vvm to work so I restored my nandroid. I want to try it again Saturday when I have time to figure it out.

      • juan montero says:

        I figured it out I had to use Odin and flash back to stock then flash this rom and its works perfectly fine im using it right now nice and smooth I like it. Thanks for the reoly though.

  54. Damion Miller says:

    Max, Thanks for all your hard work. The info you offer on your videos is really helpful to me. I have a small problem with Synergy Rom though. I clean flashed the latest r484 update and I could not update PRL or my data Profile on my Sprint SPH-L710. I also could not fun activation which, I have been running MOAR for about a week and I can update PRL and Profile just fine. Any thoughts? Thanks


  55. jana says:

    i dont have PhotoSphere + Note 2 camera in the rom? plz help!

  56. Steve says:

    I’ve tried this and the Hyperdrive (which I view as similar build) on previous version. I’m not sure if it’s based on Verizon base or not but seemed buggy and had performance issue. It would freeze from time to time, slow data connection, lose network until reboot, won’t release memory after closing app, etc. One thing I’ve noticed though is that you must be on AT&T base rom before flashing this in order to get all the settings right. And I have not tried reflashing. It has a lot of features I like but I needed a stable daily runner and this wasn’t it. I’m currently running TheDevilsReject v7 and it is amazing when it comes to stability and battery life (seriously, I was in 4hr call and only used 20%. Playing a game for 2hrs used 25%). However, I might retry this rom (or Hyperdrive) with reflashing at least 3 times.

  57. 3bood says:

    i tried installing the ROM last night….
    after going throw the process ….the phone stayed on the boot screen for more than 8 hours and i was never able to boot the phone with the new OS.
    did i miss anything,?????

    • JerryP says:

      I think you would have to describe “the process” you went through for someone to be able to tell if you missed anything. Did you do a wipe/factory reset? Did you wipe cache and delvik and system if you dirty flashed? Maybe you need to do what juan needed to do in an earlier post. Hard to tell.

      • 3bood says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        what i meant with the process is the setup steps ( the installer).
        trying it now again and this time with a complete factory reset.

        Should it take that long though???

  58. 3bood says:

    so i downloaded it ….installed it…..GOD DAMN I LOVE IT…..

    Thanks to all.

  59. sky says:

    In this ROM , there’s no APN setting, it’s dark shaded so you can input your apn for t-mo, att, verzon, or sprint.
    Can you use data for this phone? or just call & text only ROM?

  60. thehockeyguru says:

    In the list of installers, it has ATT, Bell Canada, Rogers Canada, etc. I’m with Telus, which one would I pick?

  61. jayson says:

    Hi to all gs3 att. I just want to suggest using the r420 version because that realease is so stable and does not have any problem with 4g lte data. The only thing yhat I did with is flashed a different kernel I used the att tmo faux kernel because the kerenel that came with it makes it take long to go out of sleep or wake up the phone from sleep. Just a suggestion anyways!! CHEERS TO TEAM SYNERGY FOR THESE AWSOM ROMS.

  62. Tao de Landaburu says:

    The 4g isn’t working on tmobile gs3. Only 3G works. Please help

    • Max says:

      that’s normal, you still get 4G though, check your about phone in settings, this ROM doesn’t have 4G icon for HSPA+ only 4G LTE for 4G LTE.

  63. freddavis says:

    Love this rom.
    How can I add my own boot animation? Anyone know how?

  64. mfpg says:

    no obtengo señal de datos de la telefonia celular.

    dont get data signal of line telephonic

    for me dont work please help me.

    im sorry i dont speak english. i peak Spanish.


  65. rajbalaji says:

    synergy rom supports micromax a110 r not?????
    if not means how to get this rom for micromax a110…
    plz reply me i want this rom…its pretty gud

  66. jkash09 says:

    Hey Max I have a issue with the new synergy rom 420 it wont open my original mail app any help??

  67. datboiplayamade says:

    am i the only one who has the problems with enabling wifi on this rom on t verizon s3 been all over the net uninstalled and re installed about ten times same results

    • Brent says:

      I’ve been having the same problems as well. Data is fine but I’m not able to enable wifi. I’ve also had problems successfully wiping the data from the internal SD card. Not sure where to go.

  68. Randell Crees says:

    I have installed the newest Synergy ROM (r484). When a new version comes out can it be updated or will it be a whole new install?

  69. xunholyx says:

    Good morning Max. I watched your installation instruction for the r420, and you stated that you didn’t need to do a wipe when installing using AROMA. Would this be the case when installing r484 when coming from stock on Telus i747m? I’ve always done a full wipe when installing other roms (I keep going back to stock because I haven’t found a rom that I would use as a daily driver), but if I can put this on without wiping it would be easier than backing up my contacts and such. I’m kinda lazy.

    • xunholyx says:

      Forget it. I just realized you didn’t wipe because you were re-installing the same ROM. I’m a little hung over today. :/ Thanks for all you do Max.

  70. Sumit Sam says:

    I installed this rom for tmobile and everything works except for the network. Its just saying “preparing network” on the notification bar but I am not getting any signal.

  71. Krishna says:

    Hi Max –Mine is Samsung S3 with AT&T (SGH-I747).after installing synery r484 my device model is showing as SPH-L710 .I’m not sure why ? By the way my phone is working fine ..

    What model/version ROM should I download if I want someother ROM after sometime ?

    Thanks Much !

  72. Confused T-Mobile User says:

    I really like this ROM, but mobile data is not working for me (T-Mobile, SGH-T999). It’s intermittent and unreliable. I see posts where others are mentioning selecting a phone model/version during install. I didn’t see this as I was going through the install process. Am I missing something? The download said it was the same for all phone variants. It appears that my phone thinks it’s a Sprint phone now and mobile data doesn’t work. I did all wipes that are recommened and I installed it a second time slecting the activation bypass, to no avail. Oh well, looking at Liquid Smooth now…

  73. ed says:

    Having problems with all share n dnla after I reinstalled and my voicemail isn’t working any help

  74. edSee says:

    Unfortunately im having the same issues as other att (i747) users. I did the factory reset, wiped both caches, then flashed the rom two different times. The first time I did the heavy install all was good except the reversed window rotation. After doing research found out about the ktweaker fix and that problem was solved then I realized I had no mobile data. Tried selecting the carrier but my options were not the same as on your video Max. I had no APNs to choose from either. Neither time I flashed it did I get an option to choose att.
    After flashing it thinks my phone is Sprint as it model as 710. Makes me think the 484 rom I used is not exactly the same one you used Max.

    • Krishna says:

      Mine is ATT & Samsung s3 (SGH-I747) ..After installing this ROM my cellphone model was 710 & I had to edit build.prop to fix this


      • edSee says:

        Hi, Krishna. I have the exact same problem. How do I edit the file? What program do I use to do this? Thanks for the reply!

        • Krishna says:

          I use “ROM Toolbox Lite” for editing
          Open ROM Toolbox Lite –> go to Perfomcance Tab –> Editor

  75. edSee says:

    Or do I edit the file somehow after I flash the phone?

    • Krishna says:

      I use “ROM Toolbox Lite” (it is Free in Google play) for editing
      Open ROM Toolbox Lite –> go to Perfomcance Tab –> Editor


      Restart your phone .

  76. Rudy says:

    Warning: Camera failed? Seems it’s bugged on a bit of roms for me, does work on WickedSensations rom; not on this one, nor jellybam. Any ideas why? I love this rom, Camera is the only downside i have on it :(.

  77. WiredFuzzy says:

    Does anyone know if this rom works after upgrading to the new 4.1.2 ota samsung vrblmd3 stock rom, I know the kernel and other stuff have changed with the ota update, and I can’t afford any problems I can’t repair over night.

    • xunholyx says:

      A ROM is a ROM. They won’t both be running at the same time. Be sure to ALWAYS make a nandroid backup to externalSD and you will be golden. Go ahead and flash it.

  78. balaji says:

    Is this rom supports in micromax a110?plz reply

  79. Andrew says:

    I am a noob… I followed your steps to root, backup, and install a new rom. I decided to try and restore my backup, but there was no MD5 file so it did not work. Some careless mistakes later and I tried reflashing SynergyRom and this time my phone was flashed as a Sprint phone instead of a T-Mobile phone–any ideas what went wrong?

  80. Greg says:

    Backed up and whiped to try out this ROM, but received the FC of the app,, at start up. Tried the ‘Contacts Fix zip’ to hopefully fix the problem, but no go.

    Gone back to Max’s ‘High On Android’ ROM to find the phone still not able to send/receive voice calls. What’s up with that?! I’ve read all the threads here concerning Synergy. Do I really have to odined back to stock?? Booo!

    Does anyone know how to read a logcat file? I was hoping to pinpoint the issue. Everything else works, but I can’t use it as a phone…ironically. I would initiate a call, and it goes straight to the ‘call ended’ message.
    I did inquire about this issue on the xda forums but with little luck:
    [Q] (Synergy ROM) Phone app still not working. Providing logcats

    Can anyone confirm the APN settings? Maybe they were changed on me, no?
    I did notice there is ‘differences’ in the APN type setting with many Rogers subscribers:
    APN – ltemobile.apn
    Proxy –
    Port –
    Passwors –
    MMSC –
    MMS – proxy
    MMS – Port 80
    MMS protocol – Wap 2.0
    MCC – 302
    MNC – 720
    Aythentication type –
    APN type – either “*” or “internet + mms” (However, I see mine as the following: default,supl,mms)

    I got a sinking feeling when I read this posting. Not really the same issue, but discouraging when no one gave any response at all. [Q] Rogers Phone, Rogers SIM, Bell Networks????? Help!! Serious problem

    I hearing whispers that the ktweaker kernel will bring success??
    Is this a properties issue? (ie. d2att, ATT, etc.)
    Someone, please throw a hint my way…it’s been over a week now working on this.
    I should be looking for a job instead. 🙂


    S3 I747M (Canadian with Rogers carrier)

    • Greg says:

      You know what? Tried Synergy r484 again, and this time I got my phone working. However, data service was dropping and could turn on wifi at all. A few minutes ago, I installed synergy’s previous revision, r420. Things appear to be working so far. I got phone, data, and wifi. I followed Jason’s suggestion posted back in May:
      jayson says:
      May 12, 2013 at 1:19 pm
      “…r420 version because that realease is so stable and does not have any problem with 4g lte data.”

      The other difference is that I chose to not use the Ziggy kernel with this latest install and instead stuck with a stock kernel. I am considering flashing in the ktweaker kernel.

      Still an unemployed computer programmer by the way. 🙂


      S3 I747M (Canadian variant with Rogers carrier)

  81. Steven says:

    Does anyone else’s phone randomly reboot while using this ROM?

  82. Bsaucier0810 says:

    Does this include gapps or do I need to flash it as well?

    • Bsaucier0810 says:

      Nvm I can’t even get it to flash..finds update package starts to open update package then fails sayings it can’t open it downloaded multiple times using comp and phone but same results..baseband is on md4

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