CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999!

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For those of you who want Jelly Bean on your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999, you can actually try the “preview” version of CM10, which actually works quite well out of the box.

The CM10 Jelly Bean ROM brings you almost 90% of functionality on your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 except stuff like Netflix/Hulu not working. Otherwise, everything else works fairly well (even camera/camcorder) and considering this is “super beta”, it looks pretty good.

Now, I still don’t recommend it as a daily driver but for those of you who want to experience the future now and Jelly Bean performance, go ahead and make a backup of your current ROM and try this ROM out.

You will need to use ROM Manager to flash the latest ClockworkMod Recovery (make sure to choose Galaxy S3 T-Mobile!!!) then install it either by manually or using ROM Manager.

*Note – This ROM IS compatible also with AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 (also any Canadian models starting with that model number) but you will lose 4G LTE.

Let me know how this ROM works for you!


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Credits – XDA

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59 Responses

  1. RayLebron says:

    Just wanted to thank you on sharing all this great info. I’ve really learned a lot ob this site and wanted to show my gratitude. Continue the awesome job and many thanks, again.

  2. Joe Rosales says:

    I installed the jellybean rom on my phone everything seems to be ok except my google now. When I ask a question its like it detects it cause you see the squigley bars but then the button stays red and keeps jumping as if im talking but I’m not.So thats it it gets stuck there.Any advice?

  3. Joe Rosales says:

    Figured it out I went into settings in google now and installed language pack now works GREAT! 🙂

  4. Emmanuel Biney-Anim says:

    Thanks man! You are awesome. Two questions, how long does the logo take to go off? Mine has been going almost 5 minutes now (first install). Also, is it ok that it is the CM9 logo?

  5. oosocraze says:

    Anyone else having issues with battery? I’ve only been using it moderately for about an hour, and I’m down to 79 percent. :\. When I check my battery stats, it says 60 percent of my battery is being used by my display, even though I have it set to the lowest brightness. Might just switch to cm9.

  6. becareful says:

    Just a word of warning, some people are losing IMEI by flashing roms (not just CM10, but CM9 and other roms) and no one is yet sure why only some are experiencing this and/or what’s causing it. Only speculations on why it might be lost. Currently, there is no (proven) method of backing up IMEI and restoring it on the USA variants of S3 because it appears not to be stored on EFS

  7. Kevin says:

    No, unrooting does not fix the IMEI problem but there is speculation that you can do a full efs backup with some kind of option that will save your IMEI with it.I don’t fully understand it but check the XDA forum and you will find your answer. On that more I really suspect there is some kind of user error at least influencing it because many people are going fine installing tons of ROMs with no issues. I’ve flashed a few and has no issues.

    • Max says:

      I would say it’s user error, there’s not much to be going wrong unless you did something stupid like flash sprint rom on tmobile or vice versa.

      Sometimes people do funny things like format system partitions or data using CWM, that is certainly going to cause problems, just stick with factory reset.

      And those articles I believe don’t mention those user errors.

  8. etb87 says:

    Should I attempt to get the correct cwm recovery using alternative to rom manager? Because rom manager does not show Tmobile samsung galaxy s3. Do I use terminal emulator, adb or odin? Confused and wishing I had jelly bean.

    • Max says:

      Are you using ROM Manager Pro? If so, try the free version instead, you should be able to see TMo.

      • etb87 says:

        No, free version is what I use

        • Max says:

          It should work, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version or try uninstalling/installing it again.

          • etb87 says:

            I restored into an old redrom nandroid using cwm because I suspected the AOKP rom to be the problem regarding finding tmobile in rom manager. The issue was resolved right after I restored back to redrum v4. I went to rom manager and clicked the tmobile gs3 cwm and it looked like it “did something” I am hoping that means that I can now flash CM10??? About to try….

  9. d z says:

    i did the reflash and the logo is on for like 10mins. i tried clearing the cache to no avail. way should i do now? i tried restarting it too.


  10. d z says:

    after playing with it for a day, here are the “bugs” that worth noting:
    1 – battery seems to drain faster (not much, but enough for me to notice the difference from ICS).
    2 – no eye detection like ICS had. I looked fro it in the settings and couldn’t find anything.
    3 – brightness control problems – when brightness is set to auto and you step outside into daylight, the brightness does not go 100% for some season (i can manually set it to 100%). there are also a bunch of backlight configurations to mess with, but i can’t come up with a satisfying configuration.
    4 – little things like number of unread messages and emails is not displayed over the app icons not eh dock (only in the drawer these are displayed); also, if you exit from email app and the emails were in a “combined view”, next time you open the app, the emails showing are from only one account.
    Does anyone know a way to remedy any of these problems – especially battery and brightness (maybe the two are connected), please post up.

    Thank you for the instructions guys

    • d z says:

      so it looks like the battery is a bit better now. originally i set all 3 of my email accounts to sync every 5 mins. i set it to 2hrs now and the battery is holding stronger. other issues are still unresolved.
      Max. have you encountered any of the mentioned above?


      • Max says:

        Yes you are not going to get a lot of TouchWiz features as eye thingee and also the ROM is still in works, there are bugs, not perfect yet.

  11. d z says:

    oh and one more thing, all my contacts that don’t have the number 1 at the beginning of the phone number won’t dial unless i put a 1 in front. kinda annoying lol

  12. Toan Truong says:

    Is this ROM is complete or still fixing and add more feature
    does it have CRT animaion ??

  13. rob says:

    I was running the wicked rom. Tried to install cm10 and kept getting an update error message? Flashed back to wiwicked fine though…..I’m confused.

  14. fishguts says:

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I’ll say it anyways; CM10 is on ROM manager nightlies and is running awesome, you should check it out and review it (T999). I run it on my phone as a DD and just flash the nightlies as they come.


    • Max says:

      Netflix and camera working?

      • fishgutz says:

        Jellybro by Euroskank
        Original posting is here:

        I’ve had no problems with the camera app so far, and I’ve taken plenty of pictures and recorded some video. Zero shutter lag, panorama, take pictures while recording, all work well. Burst shot is missing in stock camera. As for Netflix, well my trial expired almost a year ago and never bothered to sign back up. I’ll find someone with an account to help me test it, if necessary. This is for the T-Mobile version, I haven’t been able to try any other versions yet. I imagine they all have the same issues though.

  15. Rob says:

    That worked! It installed no problem. I’m running it as a DD as well. No major issues for me minus google voice and the google search bar not working. A couple things I missed from the touchwiz UI (screenshot/batt percentage in top bar)…BUT you gotta give some to get some. Nothing that can’t be replaced or worked around. Thanks for the quick reply Max. I love the site and how simply you explain things! Any thoughts on the easiest/best way to stay up to date when updates version of the rom are release? Also, how can I go about getting the google now voice search? Maybe that wasn’t shown in this video but I thought it was….I noticed it was not included in the rom install (nor google apps which I’ve already flashed)

    • Max says:

      You can use the XDA link in threads to check for updates. I am usually a bit slower and I only post ROMs after using it for at least half a day. I don’t upload all of the ROMs because some of them really suck (to be honest) but even then, I do miss a few good ones. You can try XDA for google now, I will also post here if I can find it.

  16. Rob says:

    Just rewatched the vid…your google toolbar/voice seems to work but mine doesn’t hmmmmm…any suggestions?

  17. rob says:

    Maybe I will try another install. I flashed from wicked without resetting. cleared the caches, disabled/enabled the google app, reinstalled g apps, reooted numerous times. When i touch the toolbar or mic it shows the white backdrop with red google letters for a split second and then i get “unfortunately google search has stopped” …weird

  18. Rob says:

    Just did a factory data reset/cache wipe, fresh install of CM10 (8-6-12 release), fresh install of gapps and google search bar/voice is still not working. Not that It really matters, I use swype beta keyboard so all my voice control still works fine right through my keyboard….just driving me nuts because I cant figure it out!! lol Maybe I have something conflicting installed ….idk. I’m not trying to bug you with all my issues just figured the posts may help avoid duplicate questions for people who may be having the same issue as me!

  19. Will says:

    When will the build be out of beta version?

  20. tushar bulsara says:

    where can i get the latest build?? CM10 (8-6-12 release) or later?

  21. random says:

    tried this on my att galaxy s 3 and it aborted i had to reflash my current rom any suggestions?

    • Max says:

      You need to re-flash CWM from ROM Manager to install CM10, see here:

  22. tushar bulsara says:

    i am using the 8/10/12 release as my daily driver and i love it. no problems. smooth as butter.
    battery life is great as well.
    finally getting the pure JB experience on this beast of a phone.

  23. Ro says:

    Hello Max It’s RAW again ^
    I know your off on friday night to sunday , so I’ll just install this ROM til i get the answer on the best ROM for T999
    Let me try it and leave a review for it. cuz even I unclocked to 1350000 for Wicked ROM Red, still the battery life wasn’t that good as Juggernaut for T989…. maybe I was expectin too much ..

  24. KC says:

    Max, I got stuck at Edge after flashing cm10. My IMEI says 0.

    What is the best course of action? Please help. Thanks

  25. Sam says:

    I just flashed CM10 to my SGH-T999. I am on T-Mobile and I only getting 3G/H+. Also, there doesn’t seem to be wifi calling. From what I have read so far, it is not available on this ROM. My battery also seems to be draining quickly and charging slowly. I turned off sync, and it is still a problem. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  26. Johnny Wen says:

    how to uninstall Jelly Bean for Tmobile?

    • Max says:

      Restore your ROM if you made a backup if you didn’t you will need to unroot:

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