CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! [Also work for SGH-I747]

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So, you want to get rid of every TouchWiz UI on your newly rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999?

You can get a “full” Galaxy Nexus Google experience by installing CM9 ICS ROM of your T-Mobile Galaxy S3. (This ROM also is compatible with AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 but you will get HSPA+ only instead of 4G LTE.)

Although CM9 ICS ROM is still a “nightly”, meaning it’s not a CyanogenMod-certified “stable” version, in my experience it’s still a solid performer you can use as your daily driver (as it’s my daily driver on my T-Mobile Galaxy S3).

One problem I encountered after installing this ROM was slightly buggy camera but after couple reboots, the problem has gone away and both my camera and camcorder seems to work fine.

Another problem I encountered was with Play Store not connecting but this also went away after re-install Gapps (Google apps) and should go away also with time as sometimes Google servers need to register your phone again with Play Store.

Other than that, this ROM seems to run pretty nicely with USB mount working also flawlessly. Of course, with any CM9/AOKP ROMs, you will lose Kies USB but you can always use Kies Air (available on Play Store) to make up for it.

Give this ROM a go, I think you will like it and let me know what you think!


Download CM9 ICS ROM
Download Gapps

Credits – XDA

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60 Responses

  1. kiss says:

    what happen ???it doesn’t work!!!

  2. Oosocraze says:

    I noticed for cm9 and cm10 that after I flash it. The network icon says 3G instead of 4g or occasionally it will say “H”. Is there a reason this is happening?

  3. Oosocraze says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply! You’re awesome

  4. etb87 says:

    I cannot find tmobiles cwm recovery from ROM manager like you showed on this video. I see in XDA that
    some people link to cwm recoveries for different phones but there is a touch version and a non touch version. which is better or less buggy for CM9 or 10? How do I get the PC downloaded CWM recovery onto the phone once it is downloaded?

    • Max says:

      Did you update your ROM Manager? It should be there.

      • etb87 says:

        Yes, I uninstalled rom manager and then reinstall, I didn’t see an update though.
        I also tried purchasing the premium version. Tmobile just isn’t there For rom manager on my phone t999. Att is only one. Is it hard to just bypass rom manager and flash the correct cwm recovery? I just don’t know how to do it except for doing it the first time during rooting process described on this Site.

        • Max says:

          You can use the AT&T version also it’s compatible with Tmo.

          • etb87 says:

            I updated with the att version of cwm recovery. Then decided to flash with cm10 and got status 7 error. aborted. I went back to aokp for now….

            • Max says:

              sorry u probably do need Tmo version for CM10.

              • Danny says:

                I’ve been waiting for a couple days now, and Rom Manager still does not have Tmobile Galaxy S3. i know you said to wait a day or two, and still nothing. I’m willing to flash it with AT&T model, but the same problem persists. Can’t flash any other rom.

                Would you recommend the app ROM Toolbox? It seems to do a lot as well as installing roms. Needed to be flash with Rom Manager though.

                I really just want a ROM that I’m able to change out if I don’t like it. I feel like since AOKP “locked” me into using it and nothing else, i don’t really want to use it.

  5. cesar says:

    Is anyone else experiencing slowed 4g? (H).

    I’m getting less than 1 Mbps. Other than that it’s a great rom.

  6. Terry says:

    Tried to flash cyanogenmod 9 for the at&t galaxy s3 sgh-i747 on my Bell sgh-i747 phone and received a Status 7 error. Incompatible?
    Also purchased Rom Manager Premium and S3 phones not listed.
    Any idea why not?

    • Max says:

      Download the free version of ROM Manager, you will see option for Galaxy S3 AT&T, install that then install ROM, voila! Happy rootin’

  7. Terry says:

    Have uninstalled my Premium Rom Manager and installed free Rom Manager but there is no option for Galaxy S3 AT&T.
    What am I missing Max?
    Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • Terry says:

      Option for Galaxy S3 AT&T.
      Is that supposed to be in the Phone Model list or where?

      • etb87 says:

        I think I have figured this out! I had the same problem, except I couldn’t find Tmobile on Rom Manager. I eventually suspected that it was AOKP rom found on this site that was preventing me from finding it in Rom Manager. I did a restore of Nandroid backup I made from when I was still on Redrum and when I checked Rom Manager again, Tmobile was there. What Rom are you currently running?

        • Max says:

          Oh that’s probably IT! *facepalm* If you are running AOKP, make sure to re-install stock ROM or Touchwiz based ROM.

  8. Terry says:

    Flashed stock Bell rom.
    rooted the phone .
    Still no S3 in free or premium edition.
    Any other suggestions?

  9. Terry says:

    Also when tried to install CM9 ICS ROM manually, I get error status 7. 🙂

    • Max says:

      It happens because ROM Manager does not recognize CM9/CM10 ROMs or Canadian GS3s.

      • Terry says:

        Found and installed Samsung GS3 QCom ToolKit
        Installed the Touch CWM from the kit and rebooted
        Installed the CM9 and CM10 Roms with no problems

        • Ivan says:

          Hey Terry,

          I’m having the exact same problems, do you mind telling me how you were able to overcome this? I just downloaded the toolkit…

  10. Terry says:

    Hi Ivan
    There is no update to the Toolkit so type “NO” to check for update.
    Type in the number of your phone service. Mine is Bell so I typed the number “8” and hit the return key.
    Typed in “5” (Flash Custom Recovery) as I am Bell and my phone is I747M.
    Takes you to to Odin download mode .
    Click PDA and browse to the toolkit directory.(Samsung Galaxy S3 QCom ToolKit)
    One of the sub-directories is called Recovery and in that sub-directory is the file
    Click on the file and then click start.
    Make sure that you have usb debugging turned on. Settings>Developer Options and that you have the S3 drivers installed on your computer.
    Also before you start the toolkit, you have your usb cable connecting your phone with your computer.(PC)
    After Touch CWM is flashed, you should now be able to install the CM9 and 10 roms from the “Install Zip from SD Card” in Recovery mode with no problems.
    Also make sure the roms you wish to install are on the internal sdcard as there is no option for the ext sdcard with the Touch. (for me anyways)
    Good luck
    Let me know how it goes Ivan.

  11. Ivan says:

    Hey Terry,

    Thanks a lot!! those steps worked perfectly, now all i have to do to install any other roms is just boot and install from zip??

    Also the Cyanogen mod 9 keeps getting stuck on the page with the little android monster with the blue lights going, its been on this for about 5 minutes now… is this normal? is it safe to reboot the phone or did something go wrong??


    • Terry says:

      Learning curve for me Ivan. Been a Crackberry fan all my life but decided to try Android a few months ago and have not looked back.
      As a newbie, I hard bricked my S3 in the first few days after I tried to flash a fantastic rom that was meant for the international version and not our North American model.
      Taught me a lesson! Read the Instructions more than once!
      Purchased a usb jig off ebay in case I got myself into soft brick problems.
      Worth its weight in gold and only around $5.
      Has saved my butt a few times since my hard brick.
      Love my SGS3!!!

  12. Jason says:

    Hey Max, looks like we are not getting the ‘stable’ version of CM9, but I noticed that there is (presumably) an updated Nightly that was posted on their site. It has an uploaded date of 8/8/12 in case you wanted to test it out. I may test it out this weekend. I like some of the stuff that Touchwiz offers but I use Go Launcher and I think I can get the other functionalities back.

    • Max says:

      let me know how it goes, I would like to know too.

      • Jason says:

        I decided to take the plunge and so far so good. I can say that I am happy that I now see “internal storage” and “SD Card.” I had a different camera app that would by default, record to my memory card, but with stock GSIII, it recorded to the internal SD card. CM9 moves it back to my external card. However, I still can’t use Apps2SD. I use SwiftKey as my keyboard of choice and I noticed that it would hang up a few times until I rebooted it a couple of times. I had to reinstall Gapps a 2nd time before the Play store would behave properly. I am able to use Aniboot to install a different boot animation now. I didn’t worry about doing a Nandroid backup because I already had two from last week (plus I had a couple of other ROMs ready to go should I need them) and I did a Titanium backup of my system and apps. Titanium Pro makes switching ROMs super easy, taking out the frustration of having to re-setup everything. It even brings in my Amazon apps, which is nice. I didn’t have an issue with the camera at all (touch to take a picture works just fine). I have Camerazoom FX, so I can do burst through there should I need it. I like Camerazoom FX also because I can take a picture by just touching anywhere on the screen (not just the shutter button), plus I can set it up to take a picture by using the volume up/down button. Seems fast and stable and I plan to keep using it through the weekend to see if I like it. My main gripe with all of them (except the redruM one) is that they lost the 4G icon. If I could have the 4G icon back, I would probably choose this one or the GS3Free one. Do you know how to add the 4G icon back? I can’t seem to find anything that is straightforward.

        Thanks for all you do Max.

        • Max says:

          Not sure on the 4G icon, do you see H+ instead? They are same things.

          • Jason says:

            I do get the H+ sometimes, but I see more 3G than H+… It rarely flips to H+ while I’m not on the internet and even when I’m on the internet, it doesn’t stick to H+, whereas stock would stay on 4G more often. By the way, I couldn’t use ROM Manager (Premium) to install it (maybe the free version would’ve worked), so I just booted into recovery to install it. Think you will try the updated CM9?

            • Max says:

              Yes will post this weekend!

              • Jason says:

                Hey Max, I figured out the 4G. I went back to the redruM ROM and while I was there, I copied the systemui.apk from system/app/systemui.apk. Then I pasted it to the SD Card so I would have access to it later. Then I loaded the GS3Free ROM. Went into the system/app/ location and renamed the existing systemui.apk to systemui.apk.backup and left it there. Went back to the sd card and copied the redruM systemui.apk and pasted it into the system/app/ location. Voila, it now gives me the 4G icon. I did lose some of the quick launch items from the notification bar, but I didn’t really use them anyway (ie the flashlight). Not sure if it works on other unrelated ROMs. Maybe u can get post this in your other sections for other people.

  13. Ro says:

    Which ROM is the best on the battery life for Tmo S3 T999?

    Which ROM is the best on the Speed of processor for Tmo S3 T999?

    Together, which ROM is the best on the battery life and better on the speed?
    Cuz I think for S2 T989 Juggernaut ROM was the best for both the battery and the speed, Wasn’t it?

  14. Ken says:

    Hi Max,

    Do you lose Wi-Fi calling with CM9?

  15. Ro says:

    Hello Max,
    I did follow your tutorial , but somehow after install, it’s CM9 boot up animation was keep running.
    In your video I see it only last for like 10-20 seconds and “Android is Upgrading” message pops up, but mine doesnt show and I only see boot up animation for like 20 minutes.
    Do you have any idea what i can do?
    Always Thnks

    • Max says:

      try a fresh reinstall sometimes it takes couple tries to get it booting right.

      • Ro says:

        Ok, Thank you for the reply. now it works and I tried CM10 for about 2hrs and using Wicked Rom Blue. Since you didn’t reply on my question about the battery life and the speed on T999, I think after my own experience I decided to stay with the Blue one. It’s very stable and now I really like it. After underclocked it to 1.35 Ghz it’s battery life is pretty decent and speed is not bad at all.
        The reasson I like Blue one is that sometimes When I the battery level seems like low on battery or like alert message, so as other notifications too. That gets too much of my attention, so I like cool blue if they ‘re identically same and I like the Cool color blue.^
        I’ll keep this for now til better battery and speed Rom comes out.
        I’ll look for The HighOnAndroid ROM ZOOM, that you are making.

  16. Ken says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the video. I got CM9 & CM10 flashed. However, It seems like my cellular reception is not as strong as before. (Getting a few dropped calls & having trouble sending pictures via text). I went to SETTING > MOBILE NETWORKS > NETWORK MODE but only see two options (LTE/GSM and GSM. I do not see HPSA as an option anymore.

    Is this what’s causing weaker signal? is there something I can do to strengthen the signal or get back HPSA?


  17. maloti says:

    is this rom can unlock timobile galaxy s3 t999 ?? coz mine is locked and i cant use my sim card please help !!!!!!!!

  18. Anthony says:

    hey max im stuck man. i have an at&t galaxys3 and have clockwork mod and stuff. i tried to install the cm10 but keep getting an aborted message. what do i do?

    • Max says:

      I have installation instructions on the latter part of video here for CM10:

  19. casey hawkins says:

    Is there a fix of any kind yet for the tmo s3 signal strength issue

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