Frosty Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3!

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For those of you on T-Mobile Galaxy S3 and tired of waiting for the official T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update, wait no more, just install Frosty Jelly Bean ROM, this one is pretty solid, pretty much is going to be nearly identical to what you will get eventually.

Also the Frosty Jelly Bean has some cool stuff added like Galaxy Note 2 Gallery and Camera app, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you are the impatient-type like myself, go ahead, knock yourself out with Frosty Jelly Bean ROM and let me know how it worked out for you!


Download Frosty Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3
Credits – XDA <—– Donate to Developer if you like this ROM!

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125 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Teathering does not work on these leaks. It only works on AOKP romss

  2. _____homz says:

    how’s the battery life for this rom?

  3. christian says:

    Working smooth…MAx hopefully you can find a workaround for tethering..tried android tether unsuccesfully

  4. Adam says:

    hi guys
    finaly rom with wifi calling .works well for me in t mobile galaxys 3
    thank you

  5. stephen says:

    Do i have to come from stock to install this?… currently im running a nightly from cm10?…
    the reason why i ask is because i tried installing from cm10 and it aborted install…

    • Serentene says:

      Try installing the T-mobile Redrum rom beforehand. Since, it’s based on stock firnware. I had the same problem with the Tuchmi rom, coming from Rogers stock, until I tried Redrum first.

  6. ujjwal says:

    Gallery says I have 120 pics, but I can see just black rectangles on the thumbnail and just dark screen when I click on Pics, Its a serious bug. Restarted my phone many times, now I will try to factory reset and hopefully it works

    • Sam says:

      I’m having that same problem with my pix… did the factory reset work for you or did you find a fix???

      • ujjwal says:

        Yes, Factory reset worked for me.
        I found one exta glitch
        even if it is put on back light turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity, it doesnt turn off at all.
        I had my phone 40 % left when I went to bed, somebody texted me and the light came on. It didnt go off whole night and i was down to 5%. would be very unlucky if you are somewhere camping and trying to save your battery.

      • ujjwal says:

        by the way, factory reset doesnt delete your pics.

        • Sam says:

          Ok so I should do the factory reset and then install the jelly bean rom??? will i have to root my phone again? And what about the light staying on after receiving a txt?



          • Sam says:

            Ok I did the factory reset and all is good!!! Thx for your help and input!!!

            • Sam says:

              ujjwal I have a question for you.. I tried to do the OTA update but when it reboots it says something about an invalit signiture and do I want to installed untrusted zip file or something like that… Have you ran across that?


              • ujjwal says:

                I have got the ota update but i cant install it because of some error. I just hit clear notifications and it goes, doesnt bother me until I restart the phone. But After using it for about a week, I decided to go back to stock rom and intall the official OTA update. I dont know if its just me or its same for you too, but my phone drains battery like crazy. I have stopped all the sync and everything, but battery doesnt last.
                my phone has crashed couple of times. have you encountered it too?
                and like i said in my previous comment, how is you back light working ? and even if I put it in auto, it doesnt change the brightness when I am outside the house or in the dark. its the same.

                • djintrigue808 says:

                  Are you guys talking about the update through the OTA Updater app or an update from Samsung? I put that feature in the rom to help notify others of new updates of the ROM. You can find the newest release here.

                  • Sam says:

                    Yup I tried to update it through OTA… Am I suppose to use Goomanager??? and how do I learn how to create my own ROM??? Is that a hard thing to learn?


                  • Sam says:

                    How do I install the Note 2 camera and gallery zip files to go with the Jellybean v1 ROM? I’m still learning.


                  • Sam says:

                    How do I install the Note 2 camera and gallery zip files to go with the Jellybean v2 ROM? I’m still learning.


                • Sam says:

                  Actually my back light works and my battery lasted about 8 hours yesterday my first full day of use… How did you get the official OTA update??? And is it just as good as this one? I love the gallery and also the new camera settings… What does the “Official” one have or doesn’t have? Thx Oh and do I have to do anything different if I were togo back to the official Jelly Bean ROM??? How do I read the ROM to make my own changes??? Light for instance… I can take pictures while on the phone with this JB but I couldn’t at first with ICS… Thx

                • brendan says:

                  dont do the OTA update. it sucks

                • Ramel says:

                  Download Manually from XDA and you will be fine. The update fixes allot of the bugs on this forumn.

  7. Danny says:

    The only thing that I can tell wrong on this one can be that when you’re listening to something on the music player, and you get a notification, it brings the volume on what you’re listening to way down and you have to take out the earphones and put them back in. I know its a bug, but does anyone have some third party fixes?

  8. Carlo says:

    Hey Max, I bought the GS3 last week literally after watching the iPhone 5 presentation, I was deciding between switching to a different carrier to get the iPhone 5 or stick to T-Mobile and upgrade to S3 (even with people’s complaints against this company, it’s worked great for me – plus my bills is extremely low with them). My Google Nexus was stolen on May, and my next eligible upgrade was July… I couldn’t be more proud that I managed to stay alive using a regular flip phone for nearly 2 months! Haha. But now I love the S3, and after 24 hours of using the stock ROM, I started digging and rooted it. And it’s all thanks to your guides, thank you. I will also be relying on your guides onward the future, so advanced many thank yous.

    I was running on your ROM (HighOnDroid ROM) and it’s been an excellent thing before I upgraded to this. It’s a solid build with expected issues, you asked for a list, and I’m here to do just that.

    -Gallery doesn’t work when I try to change the wallpaper from the Home Screen menu.
    -Tether doesn’t work like everyone else reported.
    -Extensive battery drain. It started to heat up today and my battery swooped down from 97% to 76% in about an hour.
    -It can start to to lag during said battery heating.

    Awesome things:
    -First T-Mobile Jelly Bean ROM I played with that showed great promises.
    -Wi-fi calling, hooray.
    -Responsive when acting normal.

  9. 459815942 says:

    Hey max. How did u get the screen turn off animatuon??

  10. Omar says:

    Hi, Max, I was using the last ROM you recommended CM10 M1 and it was great ROM, but I decided to give this Frosty Jelly bean a try and after I flashed my phone got stuck on the SAMSUNG logo and nothing else.
    I had to reflash the CM10 M1 ROM and is working fine as before, but what I am doing wrong?
    I want to flash this Frosty ROM but I can’t get my phone to boot, I am missing something here?
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • CSharpner says:

      I’ve got the exact same issue! Except I can’t flash anything. I have no way to put the phone in a mode to flash ANYTHING.

      Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. As of now, it’s effectively bricked.

  11. dingqiang says:

    Which S3 T999 have Chinese

  12. Sergio1 says:

    Hey I need help I really messed up my phone after I flashed this rom I restored my apps and at one point I pulled out the battery when it was restarting.. anyways it doesnt connect to data anymore I tried 3 different roms and same thing. Do I just need a new kernel or is it something with the phone itself? Please help

    • P-Nutty says:

      Try flashing a new radio. DON’T PULL THE BATTERY WHEN YOU DO THIS.
      Also, make sure the radio is the correct one for your carrier and OS.

  13. Ilya Borisov says:

    any idea on a verizon jellybean stock rom update???

  14. Evan Chau says:

    ROM works great. Only problem is after you perform the OTA Update, app like email & exchange services stop and crash. This only happens occasionally but hopefully it’ll be fixed in a later update.

  15. mustafa says:

    That happend to me too but I realized because I didnt fix permissons at the end. So wen I installed the rom and clear the catch and davik or w.e its called you have to fix permissions and then reboot that’s what I did and it worked

  16. Sam says:

    Max I can’t see my videos and the OTA won’t update either… I can see my videos though. Thx

  17. windy says:

    Hey max .hard for me to decide between frosty jelly bean and aokp
    I just want speed and stability .give your opinion will you
    Thank you

  18. ElCoolJay says:

    I dont if any one has played with this yet but in the camera when u try to use share shot the camera app crashes…..not a big for me cuz I never used the feature due to no I ne else around me had the S3 but definitely needs a fix due sharing is HUGE with the phone.

  19. tenshadowsun says:

    Max, from works great so far. I use tethering a lot. Today, t mobile sent a text regarding the tethering. :
    Free T-Mobile Msg: To prevent future Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (Tethering) access from being blocked, add Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service here.

    What can I do?

  20. ElCoolJay says:

    Another issue ibhave found is the sound from the headphones are tiny and weak.

  21. Van says:

    after flashing the updated v1 version of frosty my computer wont recognize my phone. has anyone else had this problem

  22. _____homz says:

    Hey Max,

    Does this rom support init.d? I tried the internal memory switch hacks with this rom but it didn’t work, same goes with 4.0.4 stock rom version.

  23. Player90247 says:

    After 2 full days running v1, this JB ROM has been very stable and fast. One recommendation is to remove Awesome Beats and Flash DSP Manager (there is a download link in the XDA thread).

    • djintrigue808 says:

      I know a lot of you likes DSP manager better than awesome beats so I will input DSP manager in v2. glad a lot of you like my ROM and thank you max for this review

  24. Jmoney says:

    IF your camera is not working make sure you wipe to factory settings before you install rom from sd card. that is the best way to fix it *I used it myself*

  25. gabe lozano says:

    Why max do u think there is anyway to incorporate your app 2 sd hack and if there is also a way to get some way around the WiFi weather with this frosty jb Rom I love it and it works great but I’d it had those tw/o things with it to me there wwould bring one of the best hands down

  26. gabe lozano says:

    Hey Max, do u think there is anyway to incorporate your app 2 sd hack, and if there is also a way to get some way around the WiFi teather with this frosty jb Rom? I love it, and it works great but if it had those two things with it. To me this would be one of the best hands down.

  27. G says:

    Hi Max and djintrigue808 and all can I instal this buty on mi old galaxy S2 (curently Juggernaut ROM 5.0)and love it
    WiFi call is mast – so if it is pasible ?
    thank for all You work I dig it all !!

    GS2 Tmo t989
    GS3 Tmo T999 and I9300 giving to my famly member ( no 4G ?)

    • djintrigue808 says:

      I’m not too sure what the question was lol but please don’t install this on any other phone besides the Tmobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999. I (Neither will Max) be responsible for any damage you do to your device.

  28. G says:

    djintrigue808 thanks for quick response ? is ther fix for visual voice ?

  29. G says:

    Hi djintrigue808 again E mail crash ? and cant setup new only Gmail works thanks for super work

  30. nicholas says:

    Are the bugs going to be fixed and is there video of you installing the Rom….I get stuck where the phone shows Samsung then shuts off….what am I doing wrong

  31. Imortal Dragon says:

    I just flashed to rom to my s3 and got an OTA updater message. Should i do the updater or will it mess something up.

    • Sam says:

      I tried to updat using the OTA but it didn’t work so I just cleared the message and didn’t worry about it anymore… I hear you have to use Roomanager to update your ROM but i’m not really sure. But don’t use the OTA…

      Here is a link from djintrigue808 you may want to check out…

  32. Windy says:

    Good afternoon . any news about the aokp build 4
    I’ve been on frosty jelly bean for a week now and is pretty stable and fast it hit 6162 on cuadrant

  33. joe says:

    Will this work on 4.0.4 T999UVLG1 just want to make sure not to brick the phone as I do not know about these different ROMs.

  34. Windy says:

    I recieved an update notification from ota updater with the frosty jelly bean v2 any clue how to flash it ?

  35. windy says:

    I tryed but didn’t know how to flash it. I foud it in the xda developer page I flashed it the same way I did the v1
    Is perfect so far im loving it , no blue flashes , no problem with the music and Google now works even better;
    Just feels like is under clock bunches of guys doing a great job out there. Thank you all.

  36. Stanley says:

    Um can some one help me?
    when i update FrostyJB_4.1.1-v2 with clockwork, then i reboot it, it gets stuck on the Samsung Galaxy s3 logo
    what am i doing wrong?
    SGH-T999 on build FrostyJB_4.1.1-M2

    • windy says:

      Did the same to me I rebooted again and work
      Make sure you don’t skip any step cleaning the partition and the dablik cache before and after instaling rom and fix permition as well .good luck

      • Stanley says:

        windy thanks for your feed back but this is what i did
        1) i did the full wipe (factory wipe) with partition and the dablik cache before and after installing ROM and fix permission.
        2) i waited 10 minutes for reboot and it never did rebooted. it got stuck. and when i try to reboot again it still gets stuck.

        • Max says:

          Not sure on the V2, I haven’t tried it yet. Go back to M2 for now if V2 isn’t working.

          • Stanley says:

            Alright thanks Max.
            Can i also try a updated Clockwork?

            • Stanley says:

              Never mind its for a different version

              • Stanley says:

                Sorry to bother again but my phone wont even let me start M2 of Jelly Bean what is going on? it gets stuck like V2

                • djintrigue808 says:

                  Are you wiping data/factory reset? Everyone who is having trouble installing follow these directions.

                  1. Reboot to recovery
                  2. Wipe data/factory reset
                  3. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
                  4. Install Frosty Jellybean
                  5. Wipe cache and dalvik
                  6. Fix permissions
                  7. Reboot and wait 2 – 5 mins (Don’t touch anything!)
                  8. Reboot and enjoy!

                  • CSharpner says:

                    This isn’t possible. When holding down the up/down volume buttons while rebooting, gives a screen like this:

                    KRAIT INFO

                    Panic caller : smc_debug_clock_crash_key*0x0/0xb4


                    That is in tiny, tiny print in the upper left corner of the screen.

                    In the middle of the screen is an Android icon with a speech bubble with what looks like a circular wait icon in it (but not animated) and large text to the right of the icon saying:

                    POWER REST or
                    UPLOAD MODE

                    I presumed it might be in Odin mode, so I ran Odin on my PC and tried to send the stock ROM, but all I got was this after only a few seconds:

                    Enter CS for MD5..
                    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
                    Please wait..
                    T989UVLE1_T989TMBLE1_T989UVLE1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
                    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
                    Leave CS..
                    Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..
                    File analysis..
                    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

                    PLEASE HELP! I’m effectively bricked! πŸ™

  37. Omid says:

    Internet call settings are missing from my call settings they were there when I was on ICS, anyone know how to fix??

  38. djintrigue808 says:

    Are you wiping data/factory reset? Everyone who is having trouble installing follow these directions.

    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. Wipe data/factory reset
    3. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
    4. Install Frosty Jellybean
    5. Wipe cache and dalvik
    6. Fix permissions
    7. Reboot and wait 2 – 5 mins (Don’t touch anything!)
    8. Reboot and enjoy!

    • Stanley says:

      its step 7 and 8 i think my phone is having issues with i reboot and let it sit there for 5-10 minutes. then i reboot again? by recovery or the power button?

      • Stanley says:

        it worked yesterday but when i tryed to update to V2 and it did not work i tryed to go back to M2 it let me yesterday. I followed your steps and it still wont let me.
        I guess I soft bricked my S3. (Moving back to ICS 4.0.4 using Odin V3.07)

      • djintrigue808 says:

        Reboot out of cwm recovery and into the rom. Just a regular reboot.

  39. Stanley says:

    This is what is weird For M2 TWO days before:
    1. I Went to CWM Recovery
    2. Wiped Data/Factory
    3. Wiped Both Cache and Dalvik
    4. Reboot from CWM
    And it worked i did not need to go to Fix permissions. It’s weird that it worked before and now it can’t.

  40. Stanley says:

    Well until i can find a solution i’m going to revert back to “ICS 4.0.4”

  41. windy says:

    I had no problem flashing the rom but I used rom manager and download the zip from my galaxy s3 it self .I had to reboot twice ; then I worked fine.

  42. Stanley says:

    My phone is being retarted i think Odin is the only way working is there any Jelly Bean with Odin?

  43. Jesse says:

    I am having trouble downloading Jelly Bean i did all the steps and reboot out of cwm waited for 5 mins and then rebooted again but the screen gets stuck on the boot logo

  44. Ahmed says:

    what would you recommend in doing if flashed rom in low battery and now wont charge passed 10% and wiping battery stats did nothing?

  45. Sam says:

    djintrigue808 or Max… How do I install the Note 2 Gallery & Camera Flashable zip on to the FrostyJB_4.1.1-v2 ROM? I love that gallery and wanted to know how to get it back being that I just installed the FrostyJB_4.1.1-v2 ROM.. Thx guys for all of your help and expertise…

  46. Sam says:

    If I wanted to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gallery but wanted to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 camera can that be done by combining the Note 2 and Galaxy s3 .apk into one zip??? Thx

  47. Windy says:

    Guys frosty jelly bean v3 is uot there I working fine!

  48. Douglas says:

    Can you do free wifi tethering with this rom?

  49. Emmanuel says:

    hey max i have done your rooting instructions and clockworkmod superuser and it all works i just just installed the frosty jellybean. when i first messed with it it was having issues but then it game me an OTA update once the update was done it works beautiful, there is one bug i found so far. when you reboot the phone or when you log into facebook it immediately vibrates and says unfortunately email stopped working. it doesnt bother me too much because i use the gmail mail. the other question i have for you is why cant you transfer apps and games to the sd card?

  50. Jason says:

    Max, are you familiar with Superwipe? I ran it and it did something to my partitions where it makes any folders that have “.” in them invisible if I’m trying to view them on my computer. If I am looking at them on my phone and tell the explorer to show hidden files, I can see them. Someone told me that I can use Android Commander to see and transfer files, but that’s not quite the same. Do you know of a way to fix it back to the way it was? I like seeing my folders on my computer; easier to maneuver. I tried to use Odin to flash back to stock, but it didn’t work. I may try it again… Any ideas?

    On another note, is it possible that when you are reviewing ROMS that either you mention whether or not a ROM is using the 4G icons only or if it’s switching back and forth between H+ and 3G or maybe leave WIFI off so that we can see it in video? πŸ™‚ I guess I’m a bit OCD about that kind of stuff and I only want a ROM that shows 4G (except if I go into a non-4G area).


    • Max says:

      Not sure on Superwipe, I haven’t tried it yet sorry. You can try unrooting your phone, that should get everything formatted and wiped but do make a backup of your internal storage.

      Yes I can leave wifi off also. πŸ™‚

      • Windy says:

        Hey guys im trying to download v4.
        What’s a full wipe ????

        • Jason says:

          A full wipe is when you do a data wipe, cache, and dalvik cache. If you go into ClockWorkMod (CWM), data is just above cache and dalvik is under the ‘advanced’ tab. Many times, if you are just updating to a newer version of a ROM, you will just do a cache and dalvik wipe (if at all-the developer should tell you what needs to happen).

          I would do a back up (nandroid via Rom Manager) or at a minimum use titanium backup. I like to take my backup from the CWM folder and put it on my external SD card because when flashing a new ROM and after a data wipe, you may lose it (because by default, it backs up on the internal SD. If there is some data that you want to keep, it’s always a nice idea to either move it to your external SD card or to your computer. These movements can be done via a file explorer app (File Expert, Astro, Andro Explorer, Root Explorer, etc.) Good luck.

  51. Windy says:

    Ok thank you didn’t know then im good. I though it was another step I was missing. Lol

  52. Mustafa says:

    OTA updater wont let me update to V4. says MD5 error idk what to do any help would be nice thanks.

    • Windy says:

      Use easy downloader and do not use the first link on the xda page.use the one below it , once you click it the easy downloader app shoud pop up and download it.
      V4 rocks , is darn fast im loving it

  53. Emmanuel says:

    I try to update to jellybean v4 via ota cuz it pops on my notification. Once its done it says error everytime you install a new update for your rom you got to delete data and cache?
    Could you post a link to download it through xda developers I cant find it

    • Windy says:

      Go to the page , click tmobil galaxy s3 roms then find the rom you like select read the full article and click xda in credit .it will take you there.
      I. Always go that way couse max post video showing every thing you need to know.

  54. Mustafa says:

    V4’s music qualities so much better i think. V5 has no bass

  55. Douglas says:

    Hey Max,

    No more high on android roms? The sound on this rom need works. I need a better rom.

  56. Demitrias says:

    i need to be able to use hotspot.. how do i fix the fact that it wont let me use it.
    when i had cm10 it was built in.. now its gone.. i would have to change my data package to pay for it… please help i need to fix this ASAP.

  57. Marco says:

    Im being using the this rom for 5 days already and no problems with anything even all my sensor work just fine. Only the next day after I install it, it drain my battery so fast that i couldn’t keep up with it. But then that same night i put it in the charger with the phone off and after that no problems except that my wifi tether app is no working, im being trying to run it today all day but no luck. Any idea how to fix that problem Max, that was the main reason why i rooted it. I don’t wanna pay my phone provider for that service. plis help ….

  58. Marco says:

    Im using wifi tether for rooted phones thats the same one i use since i root it .. and is not working …. now what … Max plis help

  59. Sandeep says:


    You rock !!! Thanks for all the hardwork and the ROMs. Everything works as expected and to perfection.


  60. halfofdave says:

    Thanks a million! Works great!

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